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Dealing with Seditions and Insurrections Through the Law of Liberty

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 23, 2021
    8:00 AM
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Father in heaven. As our nation. And other nations around the world deal with political problems economic problems family problems health problems we're glad that you have solutions and we've come today not to just focus on the problems but also on the solutions and we ask Laura that you would bring things to our mind that could help us in our own personal life and our family life in our community and even in our nation in this world in Christ's name we pray men dealing with additions in insurrections to the loss of liberty you know I was thinking you know this is in our Cannell are talking about religious liberty and then we have a new star guest we have the press recovery yes and we have our normal church so how am I going to preach a sermon that means that all those groups and I thought God you got to help me. Any brought to my mind and elations chapter 5 because English is after 5 years a Greek word that actually translated manes this dissension and division and the root word you can see there. Is the root word of that word dissension is actually status which means sedition and insurrection I was so happy in the Bible that asked about interactive answered this is can you see why I got excited. And I was excited yet. I was excited I said wow this is talking about these very things and of course addition is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against an authority or a state or a monarch and how many of you have been involved and having seditious thoughts maybe towards not the government of the United States but again it's got very sad I know what he says but I'm not sure I want to do that and secondly a violent uprising against an authority or government. Sometimes we've had violent uprisings even against ourselves right when to say committing suicide is a rather violent uprising against yourself so we have we have something that we can study here from God's word that may help us now James Madison that's not my son that is his name James Madison 70 Smoke's that's his name James and names you have to this man and this is what he said there was a time when early after the founding of the republic that. There was essentially a lot of people talking against government and John Adams the 2nd president passed the Sedition Act that said hey look if you talk against the government we're going to put you away and they actually took all the press away they said they were fake news and they put him in jail and they said you're in jail because of what you sad and James Madison said if you keep doing this you can lose your country and he fought against the Sedition Act and then he said this We have staked our future on the ability of each of us to govern ourselves we have one done what stake our future and the ability of big government to tell us what to do so I will says no on the ability of self governance. How do you think that James Madison was an a something I know when we had kids where the 1st kid and we said then we can control her. Because we just have one or 2 of us on her that we had to kid get a little more testing because a you know one of us was gonna do with 2 and one that we had 3 kids who this was disastrous We didn't have a one on one situation anymore for kids forget about we had to invest in self governance if they were not governing themselves the whole family would go down right that way you only have to. So yet and so self governance. Edmund Burke the famous Irish Statesman had this to say men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put chains upon their appetites many women learn about your appetites this week a new start and depression recovery another words we have to be able to control our appetites put chains on I have to say this society cannot exist unless a controlling power be placed somewhere and the less of it there is with them the more there must be without. So another words you can't control yourself you need help maybe from from outward sources of course God did that with his people you know you put him in the wilderness for 40 years and put some controls and different things on the Help them but his idea was that they would have God's law written on their hearts and minds that have a controlling power in fact it wasn't just Moses who supposed to go up and get the law in Exodus 19 if you read in Deuteronomy Chapter 5 the entire people were supposed to go up. And they weren't ready so I said don't come up because it'll kill you you know that was nice of God But Moses you come up and he went he was a human just like them and you go back and forth they said to him and in Deuteronomy 5 he said all the people have a heart that they would come up the mountain another was that they would have self governance that they would have something placed within it is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of in temperature or in other words lack of self-control minds cannot be free of their past and forge their fetters Maybe that's why in America we have more people in jail than most other people in the world because people are losing control they don't have self governance now you want to go out of here set up to not go to jail. And that's the practical thing we see in Galatians chapter 5 The question is can it happen can we have self governance can men control themselves can they self govern John Adams who did you know that Jesus did slip up a cracker a few times with the Sedition Act and one that in fact they didn't vote him back in because he acted started acting like a king he dressed up real nice and he come upon a big carriage and stuff so this guy is acting like a king they voted him out and anybody did have a few good things to say and this is one of them and this is what he said we have no government armed with the power which is capable of contending with human past and unbridled by morality or religion our government can't do anything our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other so the founders the framers recognized that America would fall apart unless. The religious impulse religion just means a ligament a connection with God was there a little mental connection was between man and God and it couldn't be done by a pope it couldn't be done by the state so separation of church and state so they are counting on the act color a while the ekklesia the church those that AK AK means out ectopic ec they would call people out of the world and they would depend on God and they said if that's not happening with people they can't self-governed govern and this government and this constitution will be flimsy and it doesn't matter it will it will not be able to be held together how many think we're living in times like then. There is a tipping point in this country it's about 5050 and scholars say Pippen or some Harvard University says what we see right now is an authoritarian reflex and that story tearing reflex is manifested by both sides of the aisle if the Democrats get into trouble in power they get authoritarian with their ideas so they sign all kinds of executive orders bypassing the people and the Congress and the executive and the distill and they say we need an authoritarian stance or if you get someone on the Republican side no we need our executive orders will pass it will bypass it and there's pull wearily and they say this is going to last for at least 30 years I mean think you can stand it even for one more day. The job of the church is to promote liberty freedom and self-control and that's why it's essential to go to church. Amen. Because we need help how many of you think I need help. My wife a whip so rapidly. No See sees me. So let's look now in the Scriptures at glace in Chapter 5 the chapter and place in Chapter 5 Verse one it says this in the version it was for freedom that Christ set us free let's say that I gather it was for freedom that Christ set us free how many going to be free for freedom very powerful chapter now in the Old Testament we see the God of freedom setting people free from Egyptian slavery some people tell me that the Bible promoted slavery it did not I mean it's like one of the largest documents there were God is taking people out of slavery and we see him sending people from slavery. I'm a lord i God which brought the up out of the out of the house of bondage out of the land of Egypt so God brings people out of bondage he then shares what James would later call his law of liberty so he brings people out he says look you guys need not only of walk away from the gods of Egypt with all of their commandments They're all kinds they had they had so can't so many guys there are about a god or maybe you more and he summarize them in 10 Commandments and those 10 commandments were much less then the 2000 commandments from Egypt because the gospel is a great simplifier of life. The other day I was teaching a class on marriage and family and I tell my students now I could quiz you on all the genders that are mentioned I'm tender 375 or I could give you a quiz over the genders that are mentioned in Genesis one that's only 2 which quiz would you like they said we would like to go with Genesis. Then you say amen because the gospel is a great simplifier of life. Is keep going and it's a lie actually liberty now what is the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament some of you know because you can my students are but here at the church but it's actually Jeremiah $3133.34 let's read this together but this shall be the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those death say of the Lord I will put my law in their and word parts and I will write it on their hearts you can read with me so I can hear you know I'm not alone and I will be their God and they shall be my people and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying no the Lord for they still all know me from the least of them until the greatest of them says the Lord for I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sand no more can you see the governmental principle there I mean can see it another words right in the mill We have a society that no one needs to be tied anymore because they all know and what are they all know they know God's will and we can say that that would be a very good place to live and so what is leading to is this idea of self government so self government and did you notice here. That who is actually responsible for the self government what does it say what are all those boards I will lose at talking about God then ask God. I mean you say something you can't do it but God can. Guy can do it you say look I'm at the new Star program and you guys do have a lot of extra controls here tell me what to eat you get me up you do this you walk me around the loop. But when I go back home you're not you're not go with me although I want to take you with me I want to take Dr Lucas with me I want to say Dr Phil I want to take you all with me how you feel that way in a star. No you want to leave them behind to get out of. How many years the present cover you want you want to take a hydro tank with you how many want to take Daniel home lender home I know you can leave me here but that's Ok so I'm yes so this is the whole idea. I sometimes we get a situation where we deal with some extra help that's what the church is that's what the new Star program is that's what the press recovery program is and and sometimes we get an idea when we listen to the lectures by Dr Neven Dr Goliath and and Dr Drew noble We think he has I can do all this stuff I'm going to do I'm right I'm going to do it all and guess what you might be able to do some of it but you really never can do it all for very long unless you need to have help from God. You need God's help. Which is a method and that's what he says right here says I will I will I hope how I'm going to hold him to it you said you're going to help me. And this is something that right now look for a team the spirit of the Lord this is Jesus is upon me because he's annoying me to preach the Gospel to the bore he sent me to heal the broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives and the recovery of sight to the boy and set at liberty liberty freedom those that are bruised So in other words Jesus says that's what I want to do I want to help I also have put myself at your disposal. I want to help you and we accept Jesus he brings true freedom and are alive because of the sun makes you free you will be free in deed not just in word but indeed as well can you say hello here and this is why we talk about Christianity this is why we talk about the law of God our very nation was founded with a large majority of people that believes what I'm talking about and so their government worked our nation now is not form with that many and it's getting less and less so we have more and more we have less and less structures to help us. And this is one of the reasons it's good to marinate yourself in church services assuming you know you're learning something. Now back to glistens one it was for freedom that Christ set us free Well free from what and free for what So it was for freedom that Christ set us free us not supposed to be a free for all is supposed to prefer from something and freedom for something then you say hallelujah to that and this is very interesting what were they to be freed from well it says and and Galatians have to fivers one a yoke of bondage so the galatians were under a yoke of bondage and what was that bondage the idea that physical circumcision that is that actual procedure of circumcision circuits isn't could actually save a person they could be justified through a surgical procedure how of you wish it was that easy. I mean did they take your temperature when you came in today and they took your temperature but back in the later they checked to see if you were circumcised I'm glad you came to church here today. So they would check the greeters were like it actually says they would spy out our liberty whatever freedom to be circumcised or not but they would spy it out there's a woman on the out and back Paul got so upset with them and they were so dealing with circumcision so much he said I would if you would cut yourself off. From the hurt that's pretty brutal isn't it sounds like something you might say in a hospital and so what they got so fixated on this law of circus and now by the way I mean American Academy of Pediatrics many other places in a circus is actually hygenic and actually women that are with men are circumcised they have less cervical cancer there's all kinds of things doctor now they could probably tell us about it. I'm out of my my my league there but there are some positive things that even though there are positive things to think that you're going to be saved by circumcision that was the ultimate. Distortion of how we think that's a cognitive distortion. And what you find is that these are pistols are dealing with actually cognitive distortions and they're helping whole churches come out of out of issues so that's what they were supposed to be freed from the legal Lisick idea that you could be saved by your work or by circumcision and then what were they freed for Actually they were freed for look at it with me it's for for spirit directed rightists let's look here glace in the chapter 5 if you have a Bible collations 55. 4 We need to the spirit eagerly wait for the hope of right to snus by faith not write just this by works. But right is this by they. I mean there's a big difference. Righteousness by faith of saying I'm going to do the new star principles when I go home on my own with my own strength that's right as a by works rices by faces I'm going to do the depression recovery principles when I go home by faith in God and His promises that's right this is by faith. You see the difference one of them is a fool's errand going to wear yourself out the other is saying God will actually give you something you don't have as it's it's it's the gift of faith in fact he says it says in the Bible it's the faith of Jesus so he actually even gives you the faith having said that sounds really good that's the whole idea so they were freed from legalism and they were freed for right just missed that comes by faith not rices by works the right says by faith and what does the spirit directed us to do it says walk in the spirit verse 16 walk in the spirit and you shall not so it's still the lusts of the flesh of the works of the us and that by the way is what we're dealing with when we come to a new start program depression recovery program where we come to church we're dealing with the lust of the flesh and we're doing things that are hurting hurting us physically emotionally mentally and spiritually and we need help and God says I want to give you my spirit my Holy Spirit to help you how many things that 1000 pretty good Holy Spirit Now notice what are the worst of the flesh very interesting now the works of the flesh are you can read this with me so I know you're still alive or any. Now the works of the flesh are evident which are adultery fornication and cleanliness lewdness idolatry sorcery hatred contentions jealousies outbursts of Wrath celibacy citizens heresies in the murders drug revelries and the like of which I'd tell you before hand just as I told you in the past those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God So it's not sloppy a got big guys as not say I'm saved by grace so I could be a disgrace as Sam I am saved by grace and grace not only saves me from what I did wrong but it empowers me to do what's right I'm saved from something but I'm also saved for something right my justification is fully of God My sanctification is fully of God led by the Spirit of God Can you say hallelujah and that's the same as it was in the Old Testament and in the New Testament but I was wondering because I knew I had to preach in front of people that attended the press and recovery in other places I said what when and where did he get this list where did he come up with this list to go to Walmart to go to Best Buy where did he get this did he get it to someone email of the list to him What do you think you got the list. Where you get the list from where someone said the church. He actually got it from the only Bible yet which is the Old Testament and let's look at that look at this adult All these are quotations from the Old Testament actually adultery now shall not commit doesn't right from the commandment Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife which leads to adultery fornication don't covet your neighbor's wife and cleanliness unclean meats unclean sexual practices in fact in Leviticus Chapter 1011121314158 has all these unclean things and this is why we know that God is trying to move us from things that are not helpful for our body and give us a new start in fact the ultimate new start is found in Genesis in Revelation 22 and that is fruits nuts grains investable because what are you going to have and how many think there's probably not going to be what's the name of that place. I don't know. McDonald's All right chick fil a probably not going to be like the golden arches there when you go to the Pearly Gates probably not right so so he's just trying to get us ready that doesn't mean that the scent necessarily eat meat 50 percent of some them is the need but if you it's preferred how you think you probably live longer strongly if you move away from the me move to the as your plate in a falls off you say that's Ok. So this is this is clean unclean unclean meat are especially bad for you like pigs and all these different things in fact some people think that they get these new virus strains from swine in fact it is the swine flu every year you know it's because people are eating pigs we get new flu things and we want to just cut out the biases. So and these meat markets and different things unclean lewdness you know the word it's lost Cynthia in Greek which means freedom people that are involved in lewd acts in today's society say let me alone let me have my freedom isn't that what they say but the Bible defines what freedom is they don't so lacking or in ignoring restraint in sexual conduct. And then idolatry looking at images right there can be one thing where we look at pornography or we look at images or images of God rather than God or images of our of someone of the of of a different gender that's not our spouse this is idolatry but also the flippy that says who's got is their belly can you tell when someone's god is their belly it becomes a large part of their body right moves out and see it see that they're worshipping that belly and so who's got it their belly. Next one sorcery those who conjure up spells or medium or a spiritist hatred not hate their brother These are all from the Old Testament now rebaptized in the New Testament jealousies the debate in striped jealousy is the rage of man you fast for strife and debate outburst of Wrath wrath kills the foolish man cease from member for sake read selfless ambitions heresies and seditions this is setting up something that's against If you're talking about a sense here government is saying we want this and that likes but 5 years ago 4 years it was soon as President Trump was elected they had all these protesters all throughout Washington saying that's not my president and this time when Trump you know he doesn't get back and they say stop the steal and they start saying they have their signs and they have their commandments both sides of the aisle have you have you realize that so they say look we want our president and we want his commands we don't want your president and his commands and that's what he's talking about here sedition setting up different laws and authorities and inciting things heresies It's a distance in be in the sleighs a simple man murders that's pretty obvious that when I kill and drunkenness drink no wine now I put over here on the right side so I'm not what you think those numbers are those are actually the 10 Commandments another was what Paul is doing is saying I want you to have my law. Written in your heart God wants to have his law in your heart the promise he made I will I will I will I will is right here now noticed something noticed something I've just learned this over the last few months. You know usually a lot how many you're completely satisfied with life is completely says there's actually nothing that could actually be better at all. Ok sounds like to you Daniel and. Doctrinally is a sumo says by people wow how many wish you were like them that dissatisfaction right there. Dissatisfaction But this is a special will set you up for all kinds of things how many who are dissatisfied with your life so you came to depression recovery or a new server room right sometimes dissatisfaction will set us up to believe lots of things we have to be careful this is the truth. So dissatisfaction can set us up to believe lies dissatisfaction can also set us up to steal things have you met people that were dissatisfied with the life so they did some looting you don't if you don't believe that happens I can tell you some videos. This walk to the store took something that was not theirs and they thought that was Ok and people agree with them. So sometimes people will lie because they're dissatisfied some people will steal because a dissatisfied and sometimes this leads to acting out sexually because it is said have your messages says look I'm not my wife makes me sleep in another room so I can sleep with her so I'm going to do Penelope by the way wives should learn something from that Bible says no don't do that because ill temper your husband so sleep in the same room with your husband while he snores Well Ok Go with your your problem and don't follow God's orders and see what happens but on the other side of it well look I'm my wife not there so I'm going to do what comes to me and it's natural and I'm just going to do then can you see how both sides have a problem here so dissatisfaction can lead to real problems yes rather what the Bible talks about it do not withhold from one another except for a time. And mutually. Decided time where you are fasting and praying so if you see your spouse fasting and praying you agree to it or your husband knows Ok. Lighten up on the intimate schedule but talk about it and we think this is very practical. Look at we can talk about circumcision he can talk about this a man so this satisfaction least allies least the stealing leads to adultery and all to me if you start doing these things it's going to kill your relationship it's going to it's going to create anger it's going to create reate reactionary or no reactions you know it's going to create problems in a marriage. So this this is this is this is the bottom line and when this happens people start to self medicate maybe they do not repeat maybe they start drinking maybe start doing drugs and like I've said often Everybody needs to get their dopamine but they get their dopamine either in wrong places or right places and it's the same part of your brain is being stimulated or overstimulate in some cases but the big question in life is where you get your dope me look at the person next to you say where you get your dope on me. Now as a husband what do you say you get your death of me from me. You're not getting in from see right. So this is a this is the law of God actually now ultimately sometimes I look at this moment and show you this. This is the last 5 commandments. The last 5 commandments that was on that killed our son that commit adultery does on them still out on that lie before it was and that's not covered which is basically the satisfaction can you see how powerful God's law is can you see why God wants to write down your heart he doesn't want you dissatisfied he doesn't want you lying you want to tell yourself the truth you want to have nonstop c.v.t. that actually works he did it because he doesn't want you to steal time from other people with drama and we're sick of the drama. Because all of your distortions have been causing drama and you're stealing time from people with it and then he doesn't want it and he wants to have the ultimate sex life he wants you to have the ultimate into the experience for some of you it's not yet. Right for any questions about that. As doctrinally so just despair the sex the lies stealing adultery and he doesn't want you to hurt yourself he doesn't want to be angry bitter resentful which are all part of killing or killing so he doesn't want to kill you so can you say hallelujah so he doesn't want you know this is the devil side of the 10 Commandments no where on the side of the 10 Commandments is God's name mentioned it's not mentioned anywhere there so I'm beginning to believe that you only need 5 commandments because if you fear if you if you follow the 1st 5 you never would have the last 5 ever happen they will never happen and that's why we look at the at the next and this is basically what Paul is saying collations isn't he is saying walk by the Spirit have rights just as by faith that He gives all this and it's basically a depression recovery list this is a depressive recovery or a new start less I want to be satisfied with the right food so please move my cheese. I don't say who moved it moving or whatever didn't say it's w a the Bible does teach that c.s. is Ok but he's back then was not like he's now and alcohol back then was not like alcohol now it's wore off all alcohol the highest alcohol content you can have in Bible times is 14 percent but even that it says don't drink it so dissatisfaction lies stealing adultery killing and self medicating getting yourself high is where we normally are and Paul says look I want you to stand in liberty I want you to be free from that stuff can you say hallelujah. He's running a depression recovery program for the Galatians So I want you to have honor in your life and longevity on your father your mother that your date may be long upon the land was the Lord thy God given so sometimes the problem is that the people that we're supposed to be honorable in our lives our fathers and our mothers our teachers our professors are. Our doctors those of authority that we look to they've been dishonorable and so we think we have an excuse because there were plenty of a priest to reject God or we have an excuse because the pastor is a disaster we're going to do it we reject God we have a sinister minister and we're in a church that's bad and so but. This is why in counseling so many times we have to talk about what went on with your father or your mother let's train that out let's figure out how you can become a part of the family of God let's figure out how you can get around that let's figure out how you can either you know confront that or forgive that so that you can move on to the rest of these commandments which are wonderful because once you have that in place you now have rest you have rejuvenation Remember the Sabbath day the rest day to keep it holy 6 days out that Labor July work but the 7 days a 7 war they got in the sauna do any work down or life sun or they got out of their manservant or maidservant nor their cattle not even a camel get a rest day and so to the man service in the maidservants Now this is not American slavery S.L.'s slavery them this was servants in fact they had 7 year olds and you say oh we don't have that today that's some gal you know if we go to medical school get to pay their bill back so you get to go to the mission field for 7 years we're going to pay the government and you're in servitude believe me are you still play in student loans Ok a couple of your honest you are you're all paying because the government about the pay more back so anyway so whole rest rejuvenation then then then going backwards you know that whole all this bad roll good. Rasta rejuvenation that comes from God and then authenticity doesn't not take the name a little guy got in vain so authenticity. How many want to live in authenticity. You know the reason people don't want to live in authenticity is because they're not doing God's will I was reading Eric Snowden's book for my 1st sermon today preached a different sermon this morning on big tech and the investigative judgment and big tech and Eric's don't he he was a hammer you know Eric Snowden is he was a high i.q. i.t. guy who got into the military work for the CIA and then you begin to see in government that they were actually spying after 911 not just on the enemies of like you know the people that had perpetrated this act or potential terrorist from abroad they started to spy on people here and they start to call them potentially domestic terrorists and they collect everything if you're on Google if you're on Skype if you have g.p.s. if you have any of those things you have a dusty air that's put together on you and the government has everything on you and it goes back for 10 years and they also can trace where your phone is and whenever you get about 10000 feet which is what they say in the airport then you're off limits because you're above the u.s. airspace or whatever and they'll start tracking and downloading everything from your phone that you know that so have a happy life so they're tracking you and Eric Snowden saw this and he said this is terrible I can't live here because I have to live a place where I'm free to do what I want and nobody knows about it and so should America I mean believe this moves on to something here. How many but how many are still awake let me see you how many believe that Erick's known as Ana something here. And the reason he's on to something is because the u.s. government. It's got many godly people there but we wouldn't say we would trust them like we would trust God. And the CIA is wonderful but we don't think they have all the intelligence centralized in their brains. We think God probably has a little more centralized intelligence. Right and the Federal Bureau of Investigation We like that but they don't ever get all the facts and so we don't so we agree with snowed but now want to say we disagree with known in the sense because what you get to hide. What you get to hide and by when we say something everybody in this room that has a smartphone or anything like dead you're going to have to answer for everything on the phone that's going to come out because if you're faithful to God it's going to come out it's just like Daniel in the end of chapter 6 it's God's law versus man's law and they looked everywhere they looked at all these smartphones everything else and they couldn't find anything I don't think that you know how many of you they look at your phone and don't just do this distance do this for people in this room they would actually find nothing ever that you ever did wrong on the Internet I'm not raising my hand you never did anything wrong unit ever your whole life. On the f.b.i. net so ever how we view never ever since Let's make a little brother you all of sent the balls for the glory of God So by so the thing is you have to be ready to answer those charges and the only way you do that is you say look I sent but I confess my sins He is faithful and just a pig in my sins and because we've all right just as did you find that file to deceive that thing where I got baptized that day did you see there were I in my journal I was confessing my my sense if I had a smartphone I probably every day would be confessing my sins on it as well and saying here's the promises I claimed and we think that might be good to it for the people who are reading your fall. So on our longevity rest rejuvenation at insisted you know that's the to manage his out or not take the name of the Lord I got in vain it and he says in Matthew Chapter 15 verse 8 and 9 in vain do they worship me teaching as commandments the doctrines of men so vanity is to follow my own commandments that's a seditious act. Against the government of God or act on it that's an insurrection against the government got him unity when I'm saying that's a distance for us and how many things I want to get rid of so this an insurrection against Islam so authenticity pure love don't make any graven image or any likeness of anything the one above earth in a 1000 about down myself to them or serve them this is the 2nd commandment for I've I the Lord I got I'm a jealous God visiting iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd 4th generation the hate me but showing mercy on the thousands of them that what love me and keep my commandments so this is pure love showing love to God by walking in the spirit in right to spy faith and is also giving credit to God because he says saving me from the iniquities of the fathers upon the children how many of you are sick of having a life of anger bitterness and resentment and suicidal ideation because you keep regurgitate the end recycling things that happen in your family. And this is saying I want victory over that and the 10 Commandments is a grace document because it is saying I will give you victory even though you had it for the 3rd and 4th generation this is an act of grace grace is in the 10 Commandments is what I'm trying to say these are all great still things longevity redo the nation authenticity family issues dealt with now what about the 1st Commandment was the 1st command. That had no other gods before me or I'm a jealous God doesn't help I'm I'm a lord. I am a lord i gotta brought the f. out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage So look the 1st commandment is gratitude for the fact that he got you out of a bad situation this is Grace. Grace how many want to more grace look at the law of God The so I says you love me keep my commandments this is this is the love document so gratitude and joy and then you can get most tied not just high but then your living on this side of it and you're getting most I am going to get most high not just high how you want to medicate with guys. This is it this is it and then we have add we now are summarizing collation Chapter one Verse one we have freedom from how we have freedom from messed up on that side and we have what freedom for. Hallelujah and we want to have freedom in Christ freedom in the spirit this is the picture that's given I mean it's powerful he is free for liberty liberty is used to live lives of love and service to each other for all the Lost was filled in one word even is the self love thy neighbor as thyself it says in Chapter 5 years 14 So look there's I now here's our scripture reading instead of having those fruits of the flesh we have the fruits of the spirit and watch this but the fruit the Spirit is love. So in the always there comes in 1st because you love. You are my friends indeed if you keep My commandments if you love me keep my commandments Jack Jesus said many different ways and joy. Doctrinally missing this in his remarks this morning says in the eye presence is firmly subject I have a few seconds just a little bit of joy. How you said just a little bit of joy fullness of joy is like saying Ok out here's the outer court unclean animals out there are a bunch of junk in the desert we'll move into the core that's good we got sacrifices and we got the we got you know we got the labor and then the holy place is good but it's moving from glory to glory and from joy to joy and the closer you are to God and the more of God lie you have in your heart the more joyful you are I'm going to have more joy this is a picture that is given peace great peace have a song 10165 great peace have they would love by law and nothing sell offended how many have trigger points Oh that's record me so it's Ok that I acted that way all day though I triggered me gotta take a Xanax. That triggered me getting the chocolate cake. The that triggered me gotta have to buy ice cream Oh that you're going to go watch some porn Norman great piece have they which love my life and nothing shall offend them. However this is a good. Long suffering Jesus suffered on the cross for us and then he said you take up your cross and follow me someone said Me I'm glad you I know that you're you're probably suffering still that your mother died and I am. And we're supposed to fulfill the sufferings of Christ we're not disposed to let him suffer we're supposed to go on cross for other people I'm going to pick up your cross and suffer not just focus on your suffering but suffer for Christ do something for him and why did he die in the cross he does he died for the broken law he didn't for the broken law. Right you have crucified the flesh that says and places have to fire so when we say I'm not going to do this but I am going to do that that's a form of going on the cross and some of us need to go across all the more not because we're saving ourselves but because we're seeing our Savior what he did so we want to do what he did that makes sense gentleness goodness they've Here's the pages of the saints here they keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus faithfulness lead to obedience in the context of bad stress and situations meekness come of being learned me for I am meek and lowly and you will find rest for your soul Jesus how we can see that all these phrases are showing the opposite of lawlessness and then they're showing lawfulness and one of the other gifts is what self-control this is an elegant model folks how many you think this is a wonderful depression recovery program the poll is giving to the Galatians and I would suggest to you so you say to me I don't know if I can understand the Bible or not look I'm suggesting that every single every single book in the Bible is like a new star program or the president has a program every single one is giving you the philosophy it's giving you the idea and it's actually giving you the promises that will help you and that's why I can say at the end of it against us there is what the law and. I were you sick of driving down these you know 150 yards after freeway in that novel the streets I mean a 2nd that this is a luggage Phaistos drive on the freeway but you drive down you're hitting buildings people you're going to the hospital you're getting stances how you want to get back on the freeway. This is the law of liberty. And you can actually go more rapidly and accomplish more line let there be no mistake Ephesians 210 delay in 2nd Current is underscore what actually glaciers 5 does as well and that's this for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God has ordained that we should walk and it's not our works it's God's work when you say hallelujah not our works someone told me this last week you know what I was doing fine until I started to think it was my work it was my doing and then I lost it all what agreement has the temple of God with idols for you are the temple living God as God is said and now this is that this is a stupendous amazing promise what does it say I will dwell in them how you want God as well and you I will walk in them how do you want him to walk around the loo Can you just go on for a ride and I will and they shall be my people I will be their gun it will be my people look at this powerful promise so he says I will put my lawyer when I say walk. Very powerful now the framers understood this the framers understood this we're back to the framers because we're about to leave a. Free Government was only suitable and sustainable for religious people so on Adams said there right now knows how they went on are people who recognize that there was a trans in that moral order have we talked about a transit of moral order to. Antecedent which means proceeding both the state and man made law and to cede to both the state man the law and I don't get into don't get don't fall prey to the natural law arguments like somehow that laws just in nature on and on this is antecedent in terms of God's moral law. And had the discipline to control themselves according to those enduring principles these are the framers when they're writing the constitution and we think we need to get back to the time the Constitution was written. And then they go on governments must flow up. From the people themselves how does it go up it's got to come down 1st guy's got to put it in your heart your light your mind has a God right you're Lamarr what you said to do it and then it flows up freely obeying the dictates of inwardly possessed and commonly shared moral values so what we need to do is do more depressed recovery programs more New Start programs and more church services and we think that's something we need to do so that people can actually have God's law written in their hearts and minds and things will flow off and I think it's not good enough to go process and say look I want to have everybody votes of some out of credit figure rather on the right a level Tell me what it is and I think there's a better way the better way and you're learning them better way here in the school in the church in our health programs and to control willful human beings with an infinite capacity to rationalize those moral values and they must rely on the story of the already independent of man's will is not the will of the flesh it's the will of God Not my will Jesus but that I will be done in humanity to even trust his flesh and his humanity and they must flow from a transcendent Supreme Being That's what our founders said America. Is irrelevant. Relevant Now let me just summarize I will show you this and then we're going to quit it in glaciers 5 says You 5th fallen from grace how many of you have fallen from grace in some way right because Grace is not just a justification he's also saying to get fallen from grace stand in your liberty to say hallelujah this is very simple you fall in stanza. Walk in the spirit how we've done some walking this long as we. Walk in the spirit that is says you rather well run. How you're beginning able to walk faster and maybe even running when you were able to do that before and then what carry someone else goes with 6 to restore them and bear their burdens. That's what new start is that's what the press recovery is that's what you're learning how to do here in school you're you're learning these things that by the grace of God You can stand on Liberty you can walk in the spirit you can even run and actually carry others you can deal with this editions and insurrections of your own heart through the grace of God. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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