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In Christianity, to be alive you must be dead.



  • February 1, 2021
    9:00 AM

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Christianity is full of a lot of opposites sometimes being last this ruin the 1st and last and sometimes being alive is being dead and being dead is a lot let's make sense of this on this episode of a nurse. Coming to you from Silver Spring and welcome to. A Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues. Here's your host just in within. Sometimes indeed religion has these opposites and what Jesus says can be kind of confusing we're looking at the Book of Romans and today we are on Lesson 6 in chapter 6 we're looking at dying to live and being dead to sin and how does this work where in the studio My name is Justin came we have Sebastian John and c.q. in the studio with us and we have ordered prayer and jump into the book of Romans we want you to study with us as well go to in verse Bible where you'll see all whole new whole set of Bible studies there are newest one on The Book of Romans prayer be done by Jonathan Jonathan you're out there please pray for us. Our heads. I just want to thank you so much again for your word because it is life and it teaches us so many wonderful things about your character as we dive into today's topic or I want to pray that you will give us insights direction and many there be applications and this text for our lives individually for everyone watching us well a period your Holy Spirit will bring this things to life for us and we produce things in the name of Jesus Amen. Especially when you go to Romans Chapter 6 going from verse 5 through in search and that's the gist of the main part of Chapter 6 Ok. For if we have been united together in the likeness of his death certainly we also shall be in the likeness of his resurrection knowing this that our old man was crew. So find with him that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves of sin for he who has died has been free from sin now if we died with Christ we believe that we shall also live with him knowing that Christ having been raised from the dead dies no more death no longer has dominion over him for the death that he died he died to sin once for all but the life that he lives he lives to Gaunt Likewise you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord Ok thank you special. I don't know if this is true panic totally I heard that there are law schools out there that's the the Book of Romans not for theological content but for its logic logical consistency that's kind of setting brick by brick and we see that in chapter one we are in need of the gospel what is the Gospel chapter 2 we are all sinners chapter 3 we're all sinners no shock to God checker for that's good I got your Am who is accounted for right in this chapter 5 what Adam started Jesus ended and more and it is still going on in Chapter 6 we are in Chapter 6 right now. First question goes to you but I want to you know make a random and you guys already your adrenaline is running romance is just as an awesome book yes and there's just so many verses here in the wonderful book just just speed machine guns and that's up to I don't know if that's an American rapid fire rapid fire that's also an American thing really quickly. What are some Bible verses that come to your mind from the Book of Romans that are just your favorites and something from Chapter 6 but just from the whole book of Romans that oh you appreciate Romans is a classic text or many classic verses come from and we've been looking at the promises of God and immediate. When you look at what are some famous all time favorites from the Book of Romans we go for so you can go around the table and share my favorite subject favorite just favorites from the book I mean when we talk about romance that leave us to. Come sort of that's one of your favorite verse is I mean you said yes General Clapper thing I want to make sure everybody knows you come shorts about a lot in this last hour I was talking about that we all fall short that's where she says we should make a mistake right right all right John that will come back. To rebound Ok I don't know what you're going to what I'm not going to like about you Jonathan might actually be for a future episode Ok I'll probably you know we all look at all like Rome and say let's be real but. Really nothing can separate us from the love of Christ Ok You know that's just I can't wait to get into that Ok yeah all right very good I think you're on that episode. Special I Think I Love Chapter one The whole fact that Paul says I'm not ashamed of the gospel just by storing I feel like that that verse really just has a certain radical bend to it just to say like I am not ashamed of this especially in the context and today a lot of people are very focused on political correctness and all the DAs and you know exactly there is just defiance and I'm actually a very fine person Good Lord is working or be quiet all right. Anyway. So you could come back to give another general one another general Roman 623623 and this I actually like this one too well the wages of sin is death but I like the contrast but the gift of God is eternal. Just like What's your favorite all things work together for a good. One and in Romans $121.00 just like therefore be renewed in your mind and those are some classic verses that I like and that's true as you said Chapter 8 is a classic one Yeah but when it comes to experience the chapter 6 also takes. Into. Verses but the entire chapter really is a cohesive It was a cohesive punch together and each chapter is one where this repeated over and over and over in Chapter 6 is the word death or dying Death death dying dying dying dying dying dying dying so from the reading of what Sebastian just read from 5 through 11 is verse 5 through 11 what are some things that come out from the text immediately when you when you look at this the thing that popped out to me was having freedom from the sun because of the death experience the whole purpose of why his you know talking about it is he's trying to explain how we live now free from sin because of the death experience that we go through with Jesus Christ so really it's about it's about freedom from scratch a little deeper on that and we'll go to Jonathan but freedom freedom from sin is what is that addictions is that I mean that sounds just want to get deeper into the nomenclature because some people may not understand what that means what does it mean to be free from sin. I want to give you a textile and so that's what you call it you know that that's why I think. We dive into the question of of being free from sin you also see that he says in the previous verse of chapter 6 of Chapter 6 verse 6 he says knowing this that our old man was crucified with him and that the body of sin might be done away with that we should longer be slaves Yes you have to go to be free is opposition to slavery right so slavery you're oppressed and you cannot make your own choices you're completely owned on this thing and you're always available to write what you know this body of sin that has had mastery over us what is right and what is that so you know since Adam since Adam fell you know since Adam ate the fruit and disobeyed God. Ever since then humanity has an inclination to sin and then you know in God comes and count as Adam in the garden he says I'm going to put enmity between you and the serpent so that what. God had to supernaturally put enmity because what Adam did was he allowed himself with this and Miti against God So God now had to come and supernaturally put enmity against them so any inclination that we have to do right is because God would naturally put it there you know to be said so in our natural state because of Adamson we are inclined to do the things that are wrong I love that I love that word include I'm not trying to lower the word because it's not right but it helps me understand as very clear that we are not held liable in guilt for Adam's sin we are not responsible for what did right but we do have that weakness that bent the inclination that that body of sin that we have we are made in the image not of God any more than the image of Adam and this is this is what was started in Chapter 5 we saw that as a result of Adam's sin we have this inclination there is this domino effect throughout history and all the wickedness and evil is sin yes but what is so beautiful we learn in Chapter 5 is that we have another option which is Jesus Christ and this ties right into Romans Chapter 6 because here now in this verse ever read and before and after as well Paul is doing an interesting thing he's aligning Jesus is physical experience here on earth living here dying here getting resurrected here with our spiritual walk so you have to be our spiritual path where aligns with Jesus is physical experience on Earth and because we make him our new Adam as we learn in Chapter 5 Him our our our Savior we now and because of him experience you know as it says here death to sin and resurrection to life. A life for God and and we will have you know become more and more like him in the process so it's just a beautiful alignment with God and the history of Jesus what he did in his life that he lived in really informs our spiritual walk and it's just. It's cool to go to Sebastian in a Mexico story for this about the love you says. So the the reality that Adam created right it goes both ways right the parallel of Adam's experience physically also represents our spiritual experience that's right so his mistake right spiritually right where we're in this reality in this baptism into Christ's death is exiting that reality that's right entering into Christ reality where now he's created an entrance for us through His death physically and you know now we can go through that into a new reality and no longer a slave to sin those tendencies are no longer having time dominion over me now Christ can have dominion over that was my next question and I really appreciate how do you phrase that So this body of sin which is us you know we have this inclination we have we're just you know gravitate towards the bad things and pride and sin now that we are in Christ does do those inclinations go away does that does that and then see it go away. Or do they stick around no no they stick around Yeah Ok but you don't have to be slaves to them see that's the difference in entering into that reality with Christ is that it doesn't have to reign over me which he's going to get to in chapter 6 Don't let it rain you like in your body dead to get in so it's about your mental reckoning how do you consider yourself and if you identify as I'm dead to this and I'm alive to God and I'm a present my members to him as instruments of righteousness and we have to tolerate this this inclination that been done till all the. Glorified bodies change what we call glorification but we don't have to be slaves to that not at all and praise the Lord I mean look at the song Rock of Ages right when it says be of sin the double cure Klinsmann from the guilt and power right so you have that you know through the blood through the sacrifice of Christ even in the songs that we sing we're. We're heading towards quoting the from the song that's. Actually going to you are. Going to see that coming up. I said thank you. You know you let him speak 1st so he took where I was going to let you know what I was going like when I said I was looking for textile and. In verse 6 you know the slaves are searching for 6 of us to talk about what does it mean to be dead to send that slaves off then and then verse 12 I think to which you know Sebastian just mentioned as well do not let the reign in your mortal body so like that dead being dead then really speaks to the way that you interact with this inclination that you have and what Jesus has done when we accept His sacrifice on our behalf what Jesus has done he's given us the opportunity to not do the things that we are inclined to do that I want to do and I'm inclined to do this but you don't have to you know you actually have a choice again and it's crazy to think without Jesus you don't have a choice. Bound to do those things how many of you there are really struggling with something going on and you feel like this has to rain or or you want to you don't want to miss the 2nd half of this episode so stay with us. Embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or you too while do you join us like. The handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. So welcome back so I mean this is a powerful chapter a powerful chapter if you're just coming in listening to this then I don't know what to tell you you got to be want to do something but Chapter 6 of Romans is we're at and let's go to Chapter 15 a Chapter 6 verse 15 verse 15 and continuing on. 14 for sin shell not have don't mean in over you for you are not under law but under grace 1st 15 What then shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace certainly not do you not know that to whom you present yourself slaves to be you are that one slaves when you Bay whether of sin leading to death or obedience the 2 righteousness of God Be think that though you are you were slaves of sin yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which were delivered and having been set free from sin you became slaves of righteousness I speak in human terms because the weakness of your flesh for just as you are presented your members as slaves on the cleanest and on of lawlessness leading to more lawlessness so now present your members as slaves of righteousness for holiness and that we've been talking inclinations and tendencies and then having victory now when he brings in this new new concept of being slaves to righteousness I got last year help me out here what's going on I thought we were freed from being swayed now we're entering another corner slavery. In verse 19 he does say I speak in human terms I speak in human terms I think it's like I'm trying to help you understand the concept here so you understand that you were slave to sin because you had no choice in the matter you are inclined to behave in a certain way it's like he's saying now you can be under different modes operating where you are if you are shifting inclinations the trajectory of your actions now almost from you know tending to doing things that are wrong to tending to do things that are right. So like you say I'm trying to explain a concept to you I speak in human terms so I think so we get we can't get hung up on the human terms on the word slavery but he's talking he's still talking about inclinations that we. Really what Paul is trying to show us is there are only 2 paths in life you can either follow the path of your sinful inclination of sin and just you know we could mess or. You can say I choose God's path and the beauty of God's path is you know a slave to righteousness is a decision to live according to God's principles but that does not mean that you have no no choice or no you know you are obedient to God's law you're going to God's will but when you when we you know look at the complete context of Scripture we see that that kind of obedience is full of freedom it's you're expressing love in so many ways as you live that kind of life but I think the point is trying to make is there are some choice you have to make you know you're either with God or you're with and it seems like we are slaves regard lists of the situation but we have the ability to choose what kind of master we will whom we have so that we get to choose a new king right when you think about your life and I think about what what my life was like before Jesus and I'm thinking about these things that were ruling over my life and when you think about your former king in the context of Romans right using those human terms it's it's unimaginable that you would not choose a new king with the opportunity that's right we do the same thing with elections we do the same thing in committees we do the same thing in chairman's and C.E.O.'s it's like under this person this is what we suffer this is what we had now we want a new king right because we don't want this person to rule over us and Paul is like listen how how how would you continue in sin right because now that you're no longer under the law you're like I'm not of the condemnation I want to deal with the penalty now free why would you go back to working under that King Why would you vote the very person led you to the misery that you're in again you would obviously choose a new king and so I think this this idea that obedience is a new thing is not new right it's the same obedience we were doing before it's just choosing the new king and and. Just to continue with the with that whereas before being slaves to certain I think you do the just to stick to saying different things being slaves to then this is the kind of king where while you're being you don't have a choice in the obedience. But under God's kingdom at any point you can choose not to do what is right. And I mean that's a stark difference so although both of them are for our slavery you both in both senses you're serving one master or the other the difference is like when you're slave to certain that Master doesn't give you you don't you can't be like well I don't want to do this anymore you're stuck you know you're you're struggling with this addiction then you can't you can't get out of it no matter how much you try you're lie you catch yourself in a white lie every other day you know I mean. It's like when you are whereas when when God is the master of your life. You can be like Ok You know I kind of want to live you know in this is you can choose to live Adam and Eve chose to disobey run but they were free to make that choice you know. And they made the wrong choice they chose to become slaves to some term master would not give them the freedom to make the choice to leave. But with God we will always have the choice still to remain or to leave you know but what God does in that experience with him whereas before every inclination of my heart was evil continually God transforms me so that the inclinations of my heart tend more towards him like as I come to know him more I want to do those things that please him and the desire to do the things that would turn me away from him becomes less and less and less you know like that role diminishes over time and I want more to do what would please God you know so in that sense I guess when I was on about inclination you know so I I now have a. To serve God I have a desire to follow what he's doing and in a sense you know slavery in terms of I mean client to obey God Not that I I am incapable of disobeying him but I want to. You know if we have if you know the receivers of this letter you know they've heard all the previous chapters so it's so important that we always take things in context and what has been revealed to us so far is a beautiful god a god of law of God of of righteousness a God of Peace a God who has given himself for us right so and that why am I mention this is because it's very easy to say oh you know you know you're Christian you've got to do all these things but the motivation you kind of alluded to is the motivation for obedience needs to come from my relationship with God and seeing what an amazing and beautiful God He is my master to whom I'm now a slave of righteousness in a servant is not a master that I have to you know to be afraid of who's going to you know cause of the just be on my case he is for me he is loving and we're going to see more of crescendo towards Chapter 8 right but we see that the motivation for for doing what is right just is a God of love and so you know we even see this here in this chapter in verse 11 it talked about we are being made a life to God in Christ Jesus our Lord that's so positive we have to remind ourselves and this is really we have to remind ourselves as we walk through life there are temptations it's not always easy you know our sinful nature is still there right screaming at us like come on you know that's a given but we have to remind ourselves why not to do that think of Jesus and think of what he did on the cross think how beautiful it is and not just for one nice but how in the sacrifice he went through you know for you which I think is critical you know where we started off with just a question right in verse 15 What then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace so this whole idea of grace is not about. The law doesn't apply to you right but it's how you're treated when you break it so this whole idea that I'm under grace this idea What if I make a mistake this is how I'm treated my motivation is no longer that type of slavery where sin is like you get no pleasure unless you follow through but you're going to get the guilt you're going to get the shame right which he references there. In verse 22 where he says I'm sorry verse 21 what fruit did you have then in the things of which you are now ashamed so it's like you were in a situation where you were becoming you were doing things that you were shamed to be doing and sin was like that's the only pleasure going to get do the things that bring you shame verses in Christ and he's saying even if you make a mistake in do something you're ashamed of you're under grace so we're going to treat you now is to encourage you along towards righteousness to build that inclination and the joy is that you know we have the motivation of God being so beautiful and amazing and the grace to comes to us and part of that grace is I believe what we see here in verse 6 it says knowing this that our old man was crucified with him that the body might be done away with a vision that we should be no longer slaves of sin so what is talking about here is your old life including your sinful inclination and everything that Paul has to do sin is crucified with Christ Now how does crucifixion happen you cannot crucify yourself someone else has to crucify you right and so you do use this imagery a simulation separate to Paul talks about you know I've been crucified with Christ right whatever the thing is that. The someone else has is going to or is going to do it for you God is going to work in you a miracle where you are no longer a slave to sin even you putting away your self cannot be done by your so no it is extra and our needs to do that you have a choice you can try and that's legalism but you can let God you know do that work of crucifying your old self unto Jesus is trying to kill yourself spiritually. Yes absolutely and I love you know I love in verse 15 what then what then then maybe doesn't just come there 1st one of the 6 What shall we say then that comes on the heels of talking about this marvelous gift of what Jesus Christ has done for us in the light of all of that God has given to us in the light of His Grace how are we going to respond to that yes and the sad reality is for a lot of Christians and for me a lot for a long time in my Christian experience it was Ok I'm going to repent just before Jesus comes you know. I know I know Jesus loves me so I'm going to do this and then I'll say sorry after you know because I know you'll forgive me you know right but then he's saying you're missing the point you're missing the point in the Gospel exactly exactly anything that is a mis understanding of the grace of God You have not grasped to comprehend what God's grace is trying to do in your life is trying to bring you to the place where I'm not even trying to say and then the pen to the end he wants to change that in us you know I mean that is beyond our you know in the skill conceptions of what Christianity is it's not just coming to God at the end as a forgiveness vending machine God wants to change us so that we're no longer in slaves to those Let me ask the 3 of you this because every minute 3 of you here and you guys are this is this this this is awesome I'm sold. This review 3 of you sound like some q.b. see you're selling some product and I want it I want it Ok this is yours what do we have to do on a practical and I mean job and so you can't you can't even try to do it you can. Do it just kind of lay there and then like just what is it that we have to do on our end and is there anything that we can do we have 45 seconds on the clock Sebastian what can we do then answer that I'm gay. He is that we need to dwell on Jesus choose rely on she's a movie we're going to we're going to we're going to come back to this topic on our next episode because we don't have enough time but all the best your to you you've been convinced by the he's through the people just as much as convince me hey we need this we need this death experience you can do it yourself and we need to have the Lord Jesus was resurrected in his word his spirit his life and that's my prayer hopefully for all of you as well thanks so much for joining us in this in the study of Romans join us next week as we look at Romans Chapter 7 the next time you're. Good. You've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could dock or go host just to. Invest is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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