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History of Ag for Our Future

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • January 31, 2021
    10:53 AM


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Before we begin I know we already had a prayer but I'd love to say one more prayer just before we start so let's pray together Heavenly Father thank You for the opportunity to study your words to study history more history I pray that your Holy Spirit will guide us give us wisdom in Jesus' name amen Now this message is actually it's cold a history of agriculture for our future and it's more of a history of agriculture than this is not us so much of a sermon or a Bible study this is more just looking at some snippets of history with in well the history of our church and now we know obviously and I recall it for agricultural conference like this we all know here who the very 1st gardener was and that was. God right God is the 1st gardener and then Adam and Eve right because it says that God planted a garden eastward in Eden right so God actually did plant and then he had his people Adam and Even And we've been doing it ever since and slowly we've gotten away with it are away from it not away with it we've gotten away from it because now it's probably like less than one percent of people who actually earn a living as farmers right to humans are doing it less right now than in any part of history but one of the aspects of agriculture that we believe when it comes to life and education is that it affects the character and let's look at this character you may have heard the saying this just kind of a human saying is a character is what you do and no one is looking I think there's some truth to that but it's also probably what you do I think it's also it may be what you do when no one is forcing you know because if nobody's forcing you to do something really your character might come out now and think about. Agriculture and character this is kind of a bad illustration of it what was Eve doing well she was a part she was a gardener she was a farmer the she was in a garden and nobody was looking right and what did she do when no one was forcing her or no one she thought was looking out God was looking and all but the Garden of Eden looked a whole lot better than that picture id view you think I could come up with some better now but so nevertheless what was she doing well when no one was forcing her when knowing was keeping her she went and she did something that she shouldn't have done and here we are today with all the suffering that is in the world but what she did when no one was forcing revealed her character you see character is kind of a revelation of who you are to the world right your character reveals who you are to the world and agriculture agriculture is a field of work where largely You don't don't have an overseer or ruler other than God agriculture is a field of work where you don't have somebody always not Ok if you're managing a farm and you have an overseer over you as a manager Ok you may have an overseer but in general there's something about agriculture that basically is a connection between us and God and learning the laws of nature all around us sir. And might it be in part that agriculture might be training in self governance we're going to talk about self governance and you may have heard that term before and maybe some of you have read this is remember this is more of a history lesson that it is not so much a sermon or a buy a Bible study will hit a few Bible verses but this is more a history lesson you may have read from Studies in Education by a Sutherland this great educational man from our history who started what school did he start yes right at the start of the Madison school and he also worked with Battle Creek there before that and notice he wrote in his book so this is a kind of a long quote from his book about Horace Mann who was a kind of a historical figure in education in the United States Horace Mann wrote one of the highest and most valuable objects to which the influences of a school can be made conducive consistent training our children to be self governing Mr Man had the following experience in dealing with students he gave the young men to understand that he looked to them to be their own police when a tutor who had resided in a gentleman's dormitory to keep order was exchange for a lady teacher Mr Mann appealed to the senior class one day after chapel service to know if they would not sufficient were not sufficiently strong in moral force to take care of the building without such supervision so he's asking these young men listen can you guys I mean wouldn't you rather have people not looking over you as young people wouldn't you rather have somebody not looking over you well if you would rather have that are you willing to stand up and saying hey look I will be my own overseer I'm not going to do crazy things I'm not going to fight to the rules but I will just choose self governance. And what ended up happening Well it says they rose to their feet simultaneously accepted the trust joyfully and confidently they kept the promise well and transmitted the spirit to their successors Mr Mann however was always on the alert to assist these self-governing students by a word of caution or by for warning them of impending trouble it was Mr man's pride and delight ever to walk after to walk through the gentlemen's hall at any hour of the day or night and to take visitors with him to convince them that a true spirit of honor and fidelity could be evoked from the young in matters of self government at one time he wrote our dormitory nearly filled with male students has no tutor or overseer in study hours it is as quiet as your house we have no rowdyism no gambling or card playing and we have nearly succeeded in exercising profanity and tobacco Now this is agony to hundreds and his point was Schools should be a place for training young people in self governance so that they learn to take responsibility of them see for themselves so that they are not always needing somebody looking over their backs they don't need an overseer Now that may remind you of a passage of Scripture in Proverbs Chapter 6 verse 6 through 8 which says go to the ant thou sluggard that you lazy person right go to the ant now sluggard consider her ways and be wise which having no guide what. Overseer or ruler provides for me in the summer and gathers her food in the. Harvest Now typically when we would think of gathering a harvest we would think of Agriculture wabi Asli the ants are like planting you know seeds and like raising things up but they are harvesting and they do what they were designed to do and they don't need an overseer to force them to do it they just do what they were designed to do the strange thing about humans is that we have learned to rebel against our Creator and we don't do what we were designed to do and so we typically are overseers and we have to people have to have people looking over us we need police and to oversee society and the further we get from God The more we need overseers like police and society right the further we get from him but the educational system at least if it were after God's order should actually be something where we are trained in self government self government not going to show you 2 quotes on this remember this is more of a historical message than a Bible study but notice this quotation here it says this is a discotheque actually in the context from Christian education in the context of Agriculture and manual labor training in our schools the character must receive a proper must receive proper discipline for its fullest and noblest development so discipline is necessary in order for your character to develop Now keep that were disciplined What is the actual purpose of discipline notice this quotation here the object of discipline is the training of the child for what self government he should be taught self what reliance and what. Self control so notice the the purpose of training for all of us in life to be disciplined is to train us for self governance and teach us to be self reliant not relying on other people to take care of us some of my best friends some of my good friends in this world you may know him and the weaver he's Amish anybody know anyway ever you ever seen him before any Weaver in a family is a children I believe and those children are such a diligent workers you go to their house the parents are all right kids you need to make some food for us and those kids are there down on their knees in there they're putting wood in the in the stove so they can cook the food there for you and it is just such a beautiful thing to see and one of the young men here who was cooking at the camp meeting there he said I have never seen humans work as hard as those children almost no adults work as hard as those children they and he said the work in the work in the will cut and they will be in the kitchen and then one of them cut her hand terribly and so they had to bandage her all up and she was crying that she couldn't get back to work in the kitchen she wasn't crying that she cut her and she was crying that she couldn't keep working these children about have been taught self governance let's go for what that my wife is saying and they're some of the happiest human beings I've ever met you might be thinking that's terrible those little hard workers they're the happiest it's literally I walked out their house with my wife reading their fellowshipping with them eating in their house and I said that was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. We are told that nothing is so powerful a testimony for the Gospel as a well ordered what family and I can testify seeing that there now let's look at the cultivation of character character in agriculture in the cultivation of the soil the thoughtful worker will find that treasures this here we're talking about what hit in treasure in the cold division of the soil the thoughtful worker will find that treasures little dreamed of our opening before him the constant contact with the mystery of life as they work in the soil and the loveliness of nature as well as the tenderness called forth in ministering to these beautiful objects of God's creations to our creation tends to quicken the mind and refine and elevate the character and the lessons taught prepare the worker to deal more successfully with other minds so there's something about working with the plants or maybe even working with the animals that teaches they refine us the sensitivity we need to put with the plants to help them to grow well we can learn from that and use that with other people. So why should agricultural chaining do this is powerful. If there had been agricultural and manufacturing establishment establishments in connection with our schools devote devoting a portion of each day to mental improvement and a portion of each day to physical labor there would not know be a more elevated class of youth to come upon the stage of action to have influence in molding society the youth who would graduate such institutions would many of them call him come forth notice what would happen if you learned both agriculture or manual training and that you were getting a mental education at the same time it says that they would come forth from these institutions many of them with stability of character stability of character but it doesn't end there they would have perseverance fortitude and courage to some mount obstacles and principles that would not be swerved by wrong influence however popular is now powerful we have lost most of our schools have lost their mission we have instead just done whatever the other schools had done in society and we may be throwing a prayer every once in a while as if that is Christian education right but we were told by mixing these 2 things together it would actually make people who would not be swerved into a false ideas think about this with me for a moment think about this. One of the common things you see is that people who live in the city who have never had a growth in the city by the way people live in a city are more prone to be led astray by arguments in Sophos street than people who live in the country actually prove that to you right now check this out this is what about research on nature and theology or country living and theology what its research actually show this was actually this is been tested a large study beliefs in the city versus the country the substantial study let out by 57 researchers in 20 different countries revealed that people in rural or natural environments are more likely to believe in God than city dwellers is that interesting living in the country part of it is because you're in contact with nature and when you're in contact with nature it brings to mind the create or yes or no I share with you that even the greatest skeptic on planet Earth Richard Dawkins says when he looks at the things of nature it makes him want to worship but then he thinks about the theory of evolution and he squashes his desire but yet it still makes him desire to worship but imagine if you live in the city and you never think about nature so he thinks about it because he's he thinks about biology and so forth because I think he's an evolutionary biologist so he thinks about biology he thinks about nature and it makes him think about God but imagine you think nothing about nature you never see it you're on your cell phone all day you're watching television or on the computer and you only see buildings you don't have time to think about God Now this actually proves my point better than the last one even these are beliefs city versus country this is taken from Barney you've probably heard of the Barton organization the polling group participants were asked several different questions in a poll they asked this question If your belief offends someone or hurts their feelings. Then your sorry sorry thank you for audio I appreciate we got the same thing centuries ago let me do it again so participants were asked several different questions in a poll and if your beliefs offend someone or hurt their feelings it is wrong do you agree with that statement yes or no no you all said No Now notice what they found when polling young people in the city versus young people in the country what they found is that those who reside in the city were 6 times more likely to agree with that former statement now think of what that means and I don't say this to be projects or to put people down to be insulting it's just the fact if you believe something that offends someone else it's wrong to think that through what if you believe 2 plus 2 is 4 and somebody else thinks it's 5 then you are wrong if you believe the statement to police to now is no longer 4 or what if you say so here's the thing nobody can live by this idea it's impossible if it can't it doesn't make sense think about this so if an atheist is an evolutionist then they and a Christian is a creationist then the evolutionist says oh if it offends a Christian then I have to give up evolution and the creationist if he offends the evolutionist because he believes in creation has to give up his beliefs and now neither of them believe anything yes or no that doesn't even make sense so what this is saying to us is that living in the city makes you 7 times more likely to believe something that is just irrational yes or no now I'm I don't say that's a beeper Jordi it's just simply a fact because that statement is self defeating it destroys itself yet you can see how people in a city can be more prone to believe something that is inherently wrong and so this is very serious so. Remember we're talking about history of agriculture this plaque right here at the opportunity we were over in Australia a couple years back and and this is at a school called was a school over there called Avondale right and there it Abigail you see what's went too fast this little plaque right here talks about about 500 yards east of this spot was found that furrow that was seen seen in a dream which led to the establishment of the Australasian missionary college in 894 which we now call Avondale and this school and they were led by a dream we have been led my wife and I in ministry there have been we were not always led by dreams I do a lot on nonsensical dreams but we had a time where we were in ministry together and 3 of us had the same dream and it was leading us in our ministers actually leading us away from something and we knew that God was leading us and we had this experience in the past of our church where this dream was given that 500 yards from this spot somewhere in this vicinity there was this there was a furl in the ground you may remember the story there was that furrow and out in the middle of a field just a random spot there was some dug up earth of a furrow something like 9 inches deep 6 feet long and and they looked at it and the men there in the dream there were some men standing by the furrow and they were saying all this is worthless oil they were used to the soil back in Iowa it was Iowa they were used to the soil back in Iowa and they see this you know Sandy look and soil No I call this is no good this is worthless and then and then in the dream one is standing by who says false witness has been born against this land this land will actually grow all kinds of things and then the very next day she arrives on the site and she tells people her dream and she gets there and what happens they there is this trench sitting on the middle of a field it's for a rather sitting on the middle of a field and then there's a guy standing over a gone home and this soil is worthless This is just useless and they someone that even said. Some animal from Australia they said if a bandicoot would walk across this whole farm he would have to take his lunch with him because he couldn't have any food there there's just nothing there was a bandicoot I have no idea that some kind of Australian animal you know but nevertheless this is what happened there so this school was a school like we had never seen before like we had never seen before now let's read a little bit about it here this is Avondale What was the result of their education that makes agriculture which had manual labor with the gospel and with you know typical you know educational training every term of school which we have held at Avondale has resulted in the conversion of nearly every student in the school and some terms this has been the case without exception and in others there has been more not more than 2 or 3 exceptions meaning what this school was seeking to do was not only train them in manual labor in agriculture and in typical book work but their goal was that these young people would be what eternally saved not just a prayer here or there but actually seeking that these children will be saved and when they are in connection with the soil they're actually more likely to be saved. Because they're in contact with their creator on nearly a daily basis we see this there at Avondale let's go forward about Avondale it was a different school than what had been God's people in Australasia are to be moved upon by the spirit of the Lord to give sympathy Oh sorry did it again yell at me for it if I keep doing this sorry we're trying to work through computers together God's people and Australasia are to be moved upon by the spirit of the Lord to give sympathy and Means or financial support for the encouragement of many charitable and benevolent enterprises which will be the means of teaching the poor the helpless and the ignorant how to. Help Themselves notice our schools now I mean yes not all schools have to be exactly that but our schools are to teach people how to help. Themselves that's our kind of selfish doesn't it but if you can help yourself meaning if you can take care of your own finances if you can make a living you'll be better prepared to do what help other people unless you're on converted and then you just gave all the money to yourself you will help anybody if you unconverted your unconverted right but if the Lord change your heart and you have the ability to to build things if you have the ability to have a job to do something in life to be a farmer to do anything you're better able to help somebody else and this is one of the things that we are supposed to do in connection with our schools now every effort within their power must be put forth this is sorry this is from sketches from the life of Paul and I'm not going to go to the context but it just says f. every effort within their power must be put forth to avert destruction for God helps those only who help what. Themself Now this isn't talking about you get to go to heaven by helping yourself no means on earth what if what if you decided I'm just going to sit around on my couch and watch television or go on the Internet and and God will just take care of me and he will provide food for me and not only that not only will he provide it there will be somebody who will actually make it for me as I sit around doing nothing you think that's going to work out well if you have enough faith to believe in something like that now that's not even faith because the Bible tells us that if a man does not take care of the needs of his own household he is worse then infidels so we are told that God will help only those who help themselves this is probably more in the temporal matters but let's go forward speaking about Avondale and our future many recognize the fact in the community there around Avondale Corum Bonge I've had the opportunity to be there many recognise the fact that the whole community had been transformed since we were there a woman was not not of our face said to me you would not believe me if I should inform you fully in regard to the transformation that has taken place in this community as a result of you moving here you're moving here a stablish ing a school and holding these little meetings our schools were made not only to transform the lives of the children that they would give their lives to Jesus as their personal savior but also that it would transform the communities around them and that's what they were told You won't believe how much the schools impacted the community around us. This is our 1st exhibit a the Madison school but now we move on to I'm very Avondale Now we move on to the Madison school and this wonderful school in Tennessee and what do we see about this well 1st of all I'm going to tell you a little bit about something about prophecy we don't have time to study these things on detail but there's going to be something that happened in action Chapter 8 after the after action after 2 you have the Pentecost in accept 3 persecution came on the church and the church was scattered everywhere abroad that is going to happen again in the future it's called the great scattering the great scattering were to look at medicine like schools and the great scattering the class of education given at Madison schools such as will be accounted h. treasure there is that this treasure this hidden treasure of great value by those who take missionary work in foreign fields if many more other schools were receiving similar training like Madison we as a people would be a spectacle to the world to angels and to men the message would be quickly carried every country and souls now in darkness would be brought to the light if we had more schools like the Madison school schools once again to head agriculture manual training and also you know studies in the sciences and so forth if we had more schools doing that and as this students would become these kind of self-reliant individuals they would be more prepared to go be missionaries many of us don't dare to go to in the mission field because we're useless almost when it comes to practical things yes or no. I'm not saying that as an as an insult but it's true it's like if all you know how to do is write papers what are you going to go do if you if you end up in Uganda why are they waiting for papers over there know right they need help and if we don't know how to help ourselves how we can help the world you understand. So we're told if we had more schools like this what if we began to change young people in educational fields both in agriculture manual training the world would be changed by the Gospel if we could actually help them out once again we go forward it would have been pleasing to God while the Madison school has been doing its work if other schools or other such schools have been established in different parts of the Southern feel and praise the Lord there were some after that time the time assume coming when God's people because of persecution will be scattered in many countries and those who have received an all around education will have a great advantage wherever they are the Lord reveals divine wisdom in thus leading his people to train all their faculties and capabilities for the work of disseminating the truth that powerful friends we need to learn these things once again this is many many I wasn't raised you know in the adventure console so but I know many of the young people have been I'm just gonna be honest they have been let down in our educational system severely we know we know what they should be doing and we have gotten so far now praise the Lord there are few schools that do these things and praise the Lord more and more schools are getting back to it amen and praise the Lord for at agro that is trying to help facilitate an actual curriculum to teach students these things so that we can get back to this instead of every school having to necessarily just start from total scratch you can actually have this is a part of the curriculum and so I'm excited about what is going on there but notice what we read about p.t. McGann one of the one of the founders of the Madison school long was Sutherland he said Professor McGann said at 1st we felt that the school pharmacy to large was like a No $413.00 acres or something we had planned in our own minds an ideal school. Sorry in ideal school farm which should be small but kept so clearly and orderly that it would be a model when we told Sister White her objections to the size of the farm she said that the time would come when many that are now living in the cities would need would be forced to leave in order to live the truth and that we should make the farm a place of refuge the schools these areas places in the country should be place of refuge were some of the of these could stop for a while and be taught how to make their living make a living from the soil then they would have courage to go out into the country where they could find the land make a home and educate their children in harmony with God's law remember when you move the country your kids are less likely to be led away by deluded thoughts this is what we're actually seeing from the surveys out there now it's interesting that we were told if we had more schools like Madison we would be a spectacle to the world did Madison become a spectacle to the world and we have articles from places like Reader's Digest they wrote about the Madison school because this was a school that raised their own provisions that you could go there with nearly no money and you could walk out of the school with nearly no money because there was work to do all the time and so here's an article actually speaking about the Madison school it was called a college that feeds itself by Milo Hastings and notice this quote right here in the middle it's slightly blurry but it says in the business this is in the business this guy just heard about the school he was interested he drove over there in of writing this article about in the business of educating any young person to the realities of life food is as good a thing with which to begin it is the basis food is the basic of physical basis of physical life and the basic reality of economics and existence he who has learned how to produce food for himself and others becomes an anchor man in any civilization all others are dependent upon him. It's a heavy thought isn't it never quite thought about it that way right these people are anchor these are these men are anchors of civilization these individuals right and all others are dependent upon farms and that is true this is very very true notice if you maybe heard of this little lady called Eleanor Roosevelt never heard her before who is she she was she was the president's wife right she actually had heard about this little school Madison there in Tennessee where young people were raising their own provisions raising their own food they were becoming practical and she went there and she was so amazed by she actually wrote an article about the Madison school and notice what she says this is quite powerful She says back to that she says he added that he had made a survey that they had made a survey amongst a school of a 1000 of their former graduates and not one among them had been forced to accept help either from the government or private agencies during the Great Depression what does that mean people around the nation were standing in bread lines when times became difficult and the stock market crash of 129 and out about 1000 surveyed students that had formerly gone to the Madison school not one of them ever had to wait in line why because they had learned self-reliance they had learn self-control they had learned habits of industry and because of that what happened they were able to take care of themselves in the hard times maybe you seen one of those at the it was the documentary urban danger where they were interviewing people who lived in the city during the Great Depression and then they interviewed people that lived in the country and the people in the city really get we saw our neighbors evicted we saw them thrown on the streets not knowing where they were going to live and then you had the people in the country they're like well. It was hard before the Depression it was hard during the Depression and it was hard after the Depression because farming is hard work but we always had plenty of food writing they didn't have to rely on somebody else right and we know that the times are coming again we're going when it's going to become difficult to buy or sell the previous Just prior to the time of trouble time trouble you know we flee to the mountains we let go of our possessions and so forth but prior to that time is going to be difficult to buy or sell and that's why we're told we need to raise our own provisions for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one so let's go forward I'm going to share with you some quick information you've probably heard this before study on delayed gratification you can hardly say oh yeah you can see better over here so so I'm going to if you've heard of the marshmallow study Yeah I know a bunch of you've heard it you've probably seen the videos of it too right with a little munchkins they take 3 to 5 year olds and they put them in a laboratory they said I'm at a table and on that table you know they're sitting on a chair just a plate and a marshmallow and these kids are 3 to 5 years old and they tell the kids they say listen if you can wait I'm going to leave the room and if you can wait until I come back in the room if you don't eat the marshmallow I'll give you what. Another marshmallow you can see 2 marginals and some of the kids they were they were like they're looking and then they're like Lou they couldn't even look at it because it was just so tempting to look at the marginal right and some of the kids like they close their eyes other kids are like sniffing the marshmallow they're just tempting themselves other kids they go so far as to lick the marshmallow right there they're just tempting themselves but they didn't eat it and then what happened some of the kids couldn't even wait till the researcher was had finished their sentence they already stuck a thing in their mouth and noël ability to have delayed gratification they followed these children for 40 years 40 years and they discovered that these children who did not eat the marshmallow did better on their S.A.T.'s at the end of high school you know their college kind of entrance exam they ended up having better social skills later in life they were more successful they were less prone to being overweight what it showed is that by the age of 3 to a degree your character is already a sabotaged right so one of the greatest predictors of success in life is a child's ability to delay gratification and agriculture is a it is the art of learning delayed gratification you do not put a seed in the ground and come back in 3 minutes and there is a tree with fruit to pick from any. Most the time we graft trees anyway but that's beside the point you get the point is that you you simply don't just plain to see to get you have to wait weeks and months to finally get what you're planting it is a training course in the art of delayed gratification and taking this out of our schools has been a travesty. It has been and I'm so excited that this this. Course is being trained both for your all 3 groups whether it's those in elementary school to middle school to high school that this is actually being the design and my hope is that it will inspire people all over the place speaking of delayed gratification the Bible says and Ecclesiastes embers a better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof and the the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit we need to learn patience self-control and delayed gratification I want to share with you just a few quotes self-sustaining we are talking the schools our schools work to be self-sustaining we read write our schools we read were not made to rely upon food from the outside world they were actually to rely on the fruits grains and vegetables from their own land what if we actually did them notice what it says those who are taught to earn what they receive will more readily learn to make the most use of it and in learning to be self-reliant they are acquiring that which will not only make them self-sustaining but will enable them to help others that's what we talked about right from the get go now it goes on to say here it says many do not see the importance of having the land to cultivate and raising fruits and vegetables at their tables may be supplied with these things I am instructed to say to every family in every church God will bless you when you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling fearing lest by unwise treatment of the body you will mar the Lord's plan for you many don't see the importance many scoff at it may think it's ridiculous except then something happened the year 2020 arrived. And everybody was gardening yes or no not everybody that's an exaggeration but it seemed like it the seed companies were running out Johnny's you know everybody loves Johnny's but Johnny said hey if you're not a farmer for a while you can buy from us right so once again this showed us that this and it is a blessing to be able to buy seeds but sooner or later what if that would happen and we never would have been able to buy seeds again can you imagine what if that was it it isn't praise the Lord and hopefully we have many more years to spread the gospel to planet earth but the point is the time is coming so we need to learn self sustainability right so it goes on to say it says The Lord is showing me repeatedly you probably heard this quotation this quotation is shared all the time saying don't store up your food for the winter and let's see the quote This below to show me repeatedly that is contrary to the Bible to make any provision for our temporal wants period game over don't read them or no there's more to the quote there that we should not make any provision for temporal wants in the hall what time of trouble are we in the time of trouble that a yes or no no so is this quote directly about today it's about the time of trouble but most the time it's just talked about like that's just the end of the sentence right before you get to the time it will I saw that if the Saints had food laid up by them in the what in the field or in the what. In the fee I'm sure I did about course by them in laid out by them in or in the field in the time which I killed a lesser Ted over the law to show me repeatedly that is contrary to the Bible to make any provision for our temporal wants in the time of trouble I saw that if the Saints had food laid up by them meaning stored up in your house or in the field in the time of trouble and sword famine pestilence or on the land it would be taken from them by violent hands and strangers would reap their fields and so people said See you shouldn't store up food at all now think about this for a moment how did it even even any church whether it doesn't matter if you're a Baptist Methodist Pentecostal 7th Day Adventists in the year like 1870 and the year 1900 what did people do in winter came they had already stored up what the food right they had had jars made cans and dried things stored up for the winter where they hoarding now they were having food ready for the winter because winter is cold in most parts of the United States you can't roll on the winter leisure for the further south but you get the idea so this is talking about not storing up food right now for the winter it's talking about storing up food for the time of trouble in the time of trouble if you have anything in your field what's going to happen the people are going to take it from you the time of trouble it's not going to do us any good what do we do before the time of trouble as there will come a time where God tells you personally it's time to sell your property it's time to give all your things to the Lord's work in the run of the mountains because it isn't going to do you no good. That time comes but before that there's a little time of trouble and during that time this quote is not talking about we'll see the next one that is but notice what it says here I saw that it goes on to say where was it it says then will be the time at the time of trouble then will be time the time for us to trust wholly in God and He will sustain us I saw that our bread and water will be sure at that time and that we shall not lack or suffer hunger for God is able to spread a table on your farm now for us in the wilderness so the time of trouble is the wilderness wilderness wilderness you can own your property of the point right and from what I understand and so looking at that so many times this is used to say don't store of anything for any time period but schools like Madison what do they have to do they have to store up for the winter that was just the way it was done I mean it sounds crazy but we were told not to depend upon other people for the food but we should graze that from our own soil we read here in the Advocate it says the people should learn as far as possible to depend upon the pro products that they can obtain from the soil you may have heard of this right here what do you think of when you see a b. c. and the context of Agriculture What do you think the a b. and c. of education right agriculture is to be the a b. and c. of education have you ever seen the context of that quote not just the part about a b. and c. of education period what are they going to say Notice this says Here's the beginning of it here's the part we all know working the soil is one of the best kinds of employment calling the muscles into action and resting the mind study in agricultural line should be the a.b. and c. of the education given in our schools Amen but then noticed the very next sentence notice what goes on to say this is a very this is the very 1st work that should be entered upon our school should not depend upon imported produce. For Yeah I didn't do it again thank you thank ye let me keep doing that that's helpful I appreciate it it says our schools should not depend upon imported produce for grain and vegetables and for and the fruit so essential to our health it says our youth need an education and felling trees and killing the soil as well as in literary lines isn't that strange we were to be teaching in our schools young people that they could actually grow all their food and you know how we would teach him to do that by doing it that sounds kind of crazy doesn't it could you imagine schools actually having the young people along with the teachers by the way together in a unified effort actually raising their own provisions that's fanatical isn't it it's wonderful right and it's beautiful and imagine a magic of you as a young person went to a school and you roll you raised all your own food when you went forth from that place you would have a stability of character you would have a belief that you could do something in life that you could provide for your family that you wouldn't have to depend at all times on some business to pay all your bills right you actually could leave if all else fails I know that I can raise provisions for my family. What a beautiful to our school that was part of our education not the only thing Obviously Jesus was number one we need to studies in the sciences but we should have been raising up food also so why is agriculture the a.b.s.e of education we're going to quickly run over a few things could it be that agriculture teaches us to to depend upon God for fruit there's 3 kinds of fruit that I can think of anyway number one the natural fruit our food we don't trust in others for our necessities we depend upon God but we collaborate with him in the field we become cold laborers we can to make our seeds grow you probably all experience that have you ever had a time where you planted some seeds they were coming out later new expected and you're like Oh man maybe they're not going to come out at all I've been there and you realise why I was in at this point maybe you water it you do your best but it's really up to God And so you collaborate with him number 2 number 2 is the gospel fruit another kind of fruit that we can learn from the A.B.C.'s of agricultural education is that the Gospel fruit of those we minister to we shouldn't depend on our pastor his job is to teach us to garden not to do all the guarding I'm talking about gardening for souls we are to be coal laborers and our schools are to train our young people also in going out of the community to be witnesses to the community and agriculture also helps teach us that number 3 number 3 is we should not we it's part of this fruit that we gain is the fruit of the Spirit we are dependent upon the spirit for the fruit of the Spirit but we are coal laborers meaning as we receive the fruit from the spirit we are to live out the fruit of the Spirit so friends we have this 80 b.n.c. of education to train us in the spiritual life. In the physical life when it comes to raising our own provisions and also for the fruit of the spirit I'm going to jump Forks we don't have time to go over this I'm sorry we're running late. I'm running late would be a better way of saying it but what do we see here the secret of success you may have heard this quotation is from a great book called patriarchs and prophets and in this story talking about Joshua fighting with the enemies of Israel and Joshua had received the promise that God would surely overthrow the enemies of Israel yet he put forth this earnest effort as though success depended upon the armies of Israel alone he did all that human energy could do and they cried in faith for divine 8 the secret of success is the union of the divine power with human effort those who achieve the greatest results are those who are alive most implicitly upon the Almighty arm and agriculture teaches us that when we are connection with God daily with the soil with the plants as we work with them we are in connection with the Creator because nature is a voice is the voice of Christ speaking to us and our young people should be daily in contact with Christ even if they come a skeptic's being in the field may draw them nearer to Jesus in ways they never expected and just like Avondale maybe nearly all the young people will be fully converted What a beautiful thought so we see this here and you may know that we're looking we're told there's a certain kind of independence that is praiseworthy there's a bad kind too but independence of one kind is praiseworthy to desire to bear your own weight and not to eat the bread of dependence is right it is a noble generous ambition that dictates the wish to be self supporting. Industrious habits and frugality are necessary so this idea we could be training our children this is necessary for the last days because what if you're totally dependent upon people around you what if you are dependent upon a universal basic income to sustain you what if you need the government for ever to says now listen if somebody else has a handicapped and cannot do things praise the Lord we can help each other out with our taxes and to help people who need it praise the Lord I'm not I'm not talking about that but as far as in general our schools should be training healthy able bodied people to learn a noble independence so that if things get difficult because think about if things get difficult you're thinking man I'm not I might not be able get a paycheck what might you be willing to do bend your morals for a paycheck bend your morals for the mark of the beast which says you cannot buy or sell but if you have a spiritual noble independence you've been connected with nature you are less likely to be led astray by all of these things now thinking about this self government is the paramount objective we read this already the object of discipline is the training of the child for self-government this is one of the great purposes of our schools he should be taught self-reliance and self control now I want to close with this. We all probably have heard these verses there are some just very beautiful verses it's a challenge to all of us where it says improper 3 Verse 5 to 6 trust in the Lord with all dying heart and that's one of the things that agriculture helps you to do as we heard the testimony the beautiful testimony of the Di singers this morning it was they had to trust in God because they had a you know crop failure they had difficult times they had financial hardship and in those times we we turn to go and we're going to be going through difficult times will be a great scattering many of us will be spread across the world all over the globe. This cushy life that we lived prior to Cove it is not going to last forever. And we're going to something is going to happen and cause God's people just like an action at the rate to be spread to the world the same thing is going to happen in the last days but we need to learn through the simplicity of being connected through God in nature we need to learn to trust him with all of our heart to lean not unto our own understanding in all our ways we are to acknowledge Him and He will walk direct our paths so friends I want to challenge you if you're in the educational system may God leads you to be able to say I know this isn't going to happen overnight that schools are going to raise their own provisions it sounds crazy it sounds fanatical it sounds nuts but we're actually told the schools we're doing these things we would be better prepared to help the world in the last days and if we get back to these things maybe there are some young people maybe you're just finishing school maybe you're going into college and God could use you to help implement these things in the world maybe you're already older in life you do agriculture and you'd like to be in contact with the school to help maybe work with the school there are schools who could use farmers' whatever it is but if the Lord is calling you to be a part of this work with our school system. And if God is calling you to be put on your heart this year to send in money not for me I don't I don't get any of that money I mean this is not for me it is for this program for these young people I think of these young ladies who are making this this educational program for our young people and this can help facilitate this so friends of the Lord puts any of this on your heart you go forward in the steps of the Lord let us from Heavenly Father thank You for Your Love thank you for Jesus and your work I pray that you would draw each one of us nearer to you I pray that we would become people who learn to depend upon so much upon you that you become our all in all in life that is we're connected with you through nature we hear the voice of Christ speaking to us we know the primary place we hear the voice of Christ is in your word but you also created this world to be a blessing to our souls Help us Lord in all of these endeavors in our educational system in our agriculture to be a light to our communities to be a light to the world that if we ever had to move away that people would notice something has changed something is missing because we should not be there just growing food we should be there growing food to be a blessing to society and also helping out the community. Help us Lord we pray to Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like more about audio. Listen more sermons leave the w.w.w. audio or.


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