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Agriculture Part of the Right Arm

John Kelly


John Kelly

Physician, Founding President of American College of Lifestyle Medicine



  • January 15, 2021
    8:15 AM


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I just want to share a little bit about my background. And experience in agriculture in have a sense of my journey with with God We all have a journey and it's going to be fun to return to d.c. to be here and share those so anyway you can see I've. You know I'm an old guy so I have a lot of I have a lot of experience done a lot of different things started off on a farm actually a tree farm. You know for those who don't know that's what they call the Temple business and my father had a had a vision for. Making a Living with trees in Appalachian So I'm from the Appalachian Mountain region I'm guess I guess I'm what you would call Scotch Irish. Anyway I don't spend a lot of time on this. Aspect of it so I have not much to share with you this this amazing topic this morning and so I ask you to please buckle up and listen fast and I'm going to move right along so let me start by asking you a question. What is the one thing the one issue at this center of the great controversy I would like to submit to you that it's about whether God can be trusted or not the gospel is not really just that God has forgiven our sins but that he loves us what they need turn only self sacrificing love and that he can be trusted to do only what is for our best good and I'm speaking to you from the heart this is this is my personal. Struggle this is my personal issue why I don't always do what God has instructed me and I don't think I'm unique. In that experience certainly Paul wrote a lot about it to his own struggle in fact Paul described himself as chief among sinners and so my desire and my design in this topical study Today's to see how agriculture and health fit into God's plan for revealing himself. And demonstrating his love so that we can really know him love him and put ourselves fully and totally in the center of his benevolent will so let's ask God to do this for us as we explore this topic if you would I'm want to just have a prayer this morning our Father in heaven Christ our Creator and redeemer Holy Spirit our comforter and teacher have mercy upon us help us see this matter is you view it Lord and want us to understand it may we gain a deeper perspective and on working the soil and how it relates to your plan to redeem us and restore all that was lost when our forefathers sinned against your will as you taught us we ask it in Jesus' name amen So my personal studies have led me to believe that agriculture and health is a vital part of the Day of Atonement of the Day of Atonement 3 angels cleansing of the sanctuary. But also that we as God's people do not yet fully grasp its role and importance in the redemption of man and resolution of the great controversy to establish some context for what I'm about to share recall that the Day of Atonement in heaven began on October in October of $844.00 recall that a very special work was done not only in the same surely in the earthly sanctuary on the typical day of atonement but also in the camp each family had did no ordinary work on that day of atonement but sat in the door of his tent afflicting his soul in a in a confessing repentance spirit making sure that his heart was right with God. Sorry I didn't I forgot So here's forgot to watch the slides so here's I'm basically sharing for what we read in Leviticus 23 and I'm not going to read these I put the scriptures on slide so that hopefully I can move a little faster instead of waiting for you to be able to look them up in your Bibles although I do you have your Bible and want to look them up that's wonderful but friends we're we're living in the most momentous part of eternity in a sense what what part of eternity will be more fraught with significance than the time in which we are living we're living at the end and the conclusion of the great controversy and so I mean everything I do everything that we do. Is in that context and it's is it doesn't frighten me it does sober me but it doesn't frighten me it actually makes me excited we are or you realize the scriptures tell us that the prophets of all the angels long to be in the time where we are they wanted to be here and part of this what a privilege what a privilege we have but it's also a sobering call call to study to prayer to contemplation that we might really be all that God wants us to be in desires to use us to do so what we have doing is no ordinary work all right well let's let's get to the meat of her topic and so that's the context for this is the study on agriculture and health in the context of the great controversy and the cleansing of the sanctuary so what is agriculture Well I believe in its purest form and deepest meaning it's what you might say working the soil to produce and maintain the products of the soil it's certainly includes growing food but doesn't it include growing non edibles as well of course we have flowers we've had a little Christina I believe is the name of this. Doing flowers as agriculture but also many I want to say to you if you go deeper I believe it's about restoring and maintaining the condition of the soil and its products as they came from the creator's perfect hand and other words to dress it and keep it when God saw that it was good there Genesis 110 so and then the other part what is help. Well I believe health is about restoring all was lost when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and suffered the consequences of becoming subject to death. Health is not simply about physical wellbeing although that is surely part of it isn't real healthy about restoring the condition in which mankind and the creation were created and that includes optimal physical mental and spiritual well being and we see here Genesis 131 God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good that's the description of hell and as I understand it from scriptures and in my own personal studies so I believe this the core topic agriculture and health is about dressing and keeping the soil with the purpose of redeeming mankind from the effects of Eden's fall. To speak of agriculture in the sense of food production only is to take a narrow and I would say somewhat secular perspective we need to look at agriculture is God looks at it not as a man in his fallen sinful state does and to speak of health in the sense of mere physical wellness is the take Also I believe a narrow somewhat secular perspective as well we need to look at health as as God looks at it not as fallen sinful mankind. So it is my hope and intent by God's grace to open our eyes to how God looks at working the soil. In relation to the plan of salvation and how that relates to experiencing complete health and helping our neighbors experience hell you know I think that we are as beings as human beings I believe we are too prone to looking at what we can do what what we conceive like for our careers for allies for our Like I'm of I'm a physician you may be a farmer someone here may be an accountant whatever we look at our work is and think of it almost entirely as what can I do and it's nothing I mean it is important our part is an essential but in phantasmal a small part of what we need to I want to learn to do what I want to encourage you all of us I want us to learn how to actually not think so much about what I can do but what God can and wants to do through me what he and other words. Talk about this more later talk I'm giving today but I do want to share with you that you know why would a 5050 year old guy go back to school to study medicine you know it's really stupid and a sense of I mean I was in the when I went back to school medical school at 48 I was sort of in the private peak of my career if you want to say that one and you know the thing that led me to go back to school. Is amazing to me now but at the time it was so obvious and that was it are we have been called Do you understand this we have been called to change the practice of medicine God established 7th Day Adventist health message not to survive in the middle of a secular world but to change the way we do medicine. And I had worked in Blue Cross and Blue Shield and been around health institutions long enough to know that we weren't doing a very good job of it. In the world in ma I do think that I can make a difference while I am a child of God All it takes for you to change this world is for you or me to step into God's Will unreservedly I want to be more completely and reservedly in his will I He will change the world with 12 of us and we've got a room for. Anyway I mean the one that. Humility is right it is good to be humble but it is not good to be tempted be bold but not reckless in the confidence of what God is going to do here is going to do what he has said he will do and he will use you he'll use me if not he will use someone else well that's and that was not part of the sermon but that's part of my passion. So it was not a sermon but it seems like meant so anyway. If we were to ask an ordinary person on the street to define agriculture we might be told well it's farming others others might say agronomy Well more education there maybe agribusiness like our trip Daniels Midland you know who that is our Con Agra or Monsanto I guess we all know Monsanto for a different reason but others might say well it's gardening or perhaps they might just say was growing food that's agriculture. Or might you say seriously in its deepest meaning and significance what really is agriculture What do you go for ahead. So besides the fact that it was always here it is besides the fact that it was one of God's chosen occupations for Adam and the human race you do realize that right think about it for a moment we're not talking about in a sinful state we're talking about in a in a present full state in the original design everything is good what was Adam's occupation there was I don't know but it was it was gardening it was but those words don't get to the depth of it the purpose of his occupation was actually the development of his character it was more like play in many ways than like work as we know work and anyway I mean there's so many thoughts here that if I'm like your father won't possibly. And what I really hope that you can do is if this touches you that you will spend some contemplated time thinking about this so many points to be may dislike of the little story that shared just before I came on about farms do you could you could think a long and hard time about things that were product there and that the possibilities of helping. The people in Africa and around the world thank a culture so. Here we see that the occupation that God gave Adam and Eve described right there in Genesis. And the Lord God planted a garden who planted the garden God is also a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed and out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Another thing I want to point out to us is that the tree of. The forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was present in the gardens perfect state as I understand for our free will and the great controversy we will never be unable to make a wrong choice we will simply choose not to do so heaven is not about removing our ability to send our ability to choose to sin I do agree I do believe we understand that the tree on this earth and on the other planets the forbidden fruit will be removed after that great controversy is ended That's my understanding but the point is the choice is there and the presence of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil did not make the garden evil and I'm sharing it because I believe there's room for significant in deep thought about that because I think that we we don't understand we don't realize the extent to which we have been beguiled by sin and this world we do not realize the extent to which our thinking has been manipulated and confused it's good or you can spin your entire day thinking deeply about these things or you won't be able to eat lunch or supper so I know we have to work but it is also important to take some time for deep reflective thinking about ourselves in God's will for us I find it interesting. The Although guy could speak anything into existence and he did speak plants intrigues existence and see here. We read Genesis $111.00 and God said Let the earth bring forth grass so he spoke at the herb yielding seed in the food eating fruit after his kind who see it is in itself upon the earth and it was so but that he personally planted the garden of Eden we just read that and placed Adam there. As the Spirit prosit tells us this was to be Adam's home the garden was not existing You know I don't live in my garden at least I don't think maybe I just say that well maybe I do in a way but I don't live in my garden I I go to my garden from my home usually to. Work in the garden but so what I'm trying to help me realize is that for Adam the garden was his home it is these are synonymous Isn't that interesting to think about that just a bit. And perhaps there are places in the world where a person could have a garden and it could be their home I mean using the reason I wouldn't do that as. It gets cold and wet at night and I prefer to be dry and warm. But this still is very interesting think about it why it's important think about it we often tells of our friends that about making lifestyle changes where you know. In heaven in eternity we're not going to be eating each other and not going to be eating animals either so we don't want you to have culture shock when you get to have and you just go ahead and practice being a vegetarian here it works it's much easier anyway sort of a lot of humor tongue in cheek there but the point is it is worth thinking about what life was like. In the garden so that we can have a clearer picture of what God's ideal for us is. Do I have here yes this statement about the it was not only their home it was a school the school it was a home school and a garden the garden was the Home School I mean you can't separate them and we have this council that agriculture is the a.b.c. of true education and so this was a triumph in this wonderful trying in a home school and a garden so when you're thinking about your home your school it said train your garden it can't get better than they need right you we can improve on it it's true where they're so so that's my goal is I want to approach it as closely as possible so yes indeed God is an amazing agriculturalists he not only created plants to grow from the saw but the Scripture also says that he formed man and beast from the soil Genesis 271000 of the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground breather and is not the breath of life and man became a living soul in one the 1st part of Verse 19 and out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every foul the air did you know that. This is would you not say that work in the song was agricultural So in a sense these are agricultural products you are an agricultural product. And I realize you can take these things to extreme and stretch it but but there's a believe a very useful point here and that is agriculture my friends is much broader in deeper than we have commonly conceived of and it is certainly much more than producing food for Wal-Mart and Kroger and h.e.b. it's about character it's about our very being it's about eternity you know we're still going to be doing agriculture in the earth may new it's not like Ok We're going to you guys I that you're the one of the reasons I have to do agriculture is my occupation as a physician is over basically only when I get to heaven I mean I'm not there's not going to be sick people that are going to be broken so I just be idle if I didn't have a another occupation somewhat kidding but but I it is serious that there is no need for doctors. As we know them here. If he were slight All right so. Shouldn't we then include the creation of the files in the beast along with man self as act of God the agriculturalists of course and here it's interesting I don't know if you've ever thought about this so when God And when Christ is God the Son we believe is the creative agent trying he's the one that formed you are our ancestor from the from the soil that he had created he formed Adam breather in his breaths into his nostrils the breath of life do you realize that when he created Adam he knew this was the being he was going to be incarnate he he created the being. The he knew he is God the Son was going to become one up he's one of us now you God Christ God the Son is forever the Son of Man in that and I know maybe I'm strange but I find it so interesting to contemplate that fact and think about by the one other thing I know this is boy I'm going to be in trouble here but because I'm off getting off the script but think about it a moment he isn't honest the only fair way for him to be for eternally limited to the to mankind was for him to be the one who created Man was I mean I mean when we were kids we used to there was 9 of us kids and we did a lot of dividing up things and sharing so and we had this little rule there who were divided the other one got to choose and so we did we became very expert cutting exactly in half like well anyway so little humor there but he will point is. That it's fair it's all it's wonderful plan that God the Son created the beings the race which he would then be incarnate to die for sin in the great controversy so but all of this only begins to capture what's in common compassed in the work of agriculture goes deeper I believe that Scripture teaches us that working the soil is the foundational occupation as I've been sort of saying that other occupations actually essential a flow from that one calling I mean whether you're talking about mining manufacturing welding and I see we've got welding classes here sales carpentry doesn't in a sense all those things are in the support of work in the soil and. I'm not taking anything away I don't mean to take anything away from whatever occupations are represented here but my point is when you look at it it's all supporting ultimately and what is the one thing that we all need more than a than anything else the one thing that's essential is food and in fact think about this for a moment in the in the Garden of Eden they really did not have a need for clothes they had a robe of light then have a need for a home they had a garden that was their home so the one thing that they had need of was food and that was provided in abundance in the garden so there wasn't any need for Adam to be a carpenter as we know it. You know to build a home or whatever he would he dressed and kept the garden. So. So it might seem extreme that idea that just gave so just share a couple text here about that when you look at the sequence of The Creation Godzilla the earth bring forth grass and herb yielding seed after its kind the point is that he created it to be sustaining so sustaining each bringing forth after his kind and and he saw that it was very good and then we see in Genesis $128.00 And God bless them and God said unto them Be fruitful and multiply you push the earth and subdue it I think we often have forgotten to replenish St statement there and focused on the subduing and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the foul of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth so God basically gave Adam our ancestor. Our progenitor the dominion over everything that he created on the earth and the earth itself. And so Adam was to be an agriculturalist and a husband and caring for and protecting all living things. And most of them came from the soil were formed from the soil there was no death or dying. You know Adam was given his diet in Genesis 129 the animals were given a different diet actually there really was 28 and there was there wasn't the competition that I sometimes experience with the animals on my property we seem to have a contest over who's going to get the garden. Thank God I usually win with a fence or whatever it may be I've often you know that's a good time to go there but it's interesting to think about other ways of controlling large animals I enjoyed the presentation for gave on that it was beneficial. But anyway so. The garden was their home and they beautified and trained it in fact it's interesting about that I want to you to think for a moment about the interaction that Adam and Eve had with the creation and with the creatures says that they study God 2nd book it says here and patriarchs and prophets page 50 they held converse with every part of creation from the Leviathan in the deep to the insect mote in the sunbeam. They studied God 2nd book deeply and thoroughly. You know one of my favorite topics I wasn't raised as a Christian but I came to love science and mathematics and I remember how I love science it was so exciting to learn the way things worked I mean the not only the way things work but the way this universe works I still find it absolutely astounding I love chemistry and physics and so on because it helps you understand. Why this thing that I'm holding my hand does what it does how it is that I can speak towards this thing here and somehow it it vibrates the wave sound the air in the room so comes across to us as an amplified voice it's those things all are very understandable Well Adam and Eve I believe studied even deeper beyond that I can't wait I can hardly wait till I can have that kind of converse and understand God's creation creation even more deeply and I don't care who you are and what your level of interest and where your expertise is all of us are going to have that privilege we're all going to be find joy in eternity studying the things that God has done in the way he's done them so they had this wonderful occupation and experience you need Where's the clock that I should be watching the one in the room Ok I guess if I don't see one you don't either. That doesn't work doesn't. See. Ok so. Then then they send they the forbidden fruit and there's a whole you know you know there's a whole sermon and a whole study that you can go into about that process we don't that's not the point but when they. Things changed their occupation didn't change realize that God didn't change their occupation it's the nature of their occupation changed tremendously Let's see here yes and so here we see in Genesis 3. And I won't read it you're familiar with it and you can read it on the screen faster than I can but it is it changed the way things operate it and God made a God intentionally changed the nature of things says What the he cursed the ground for my sake for Adam sake for the I say so and he he gave the sentence the year that that Adam and Eve would dying they would die you see. So. You know if I were to ask an ordinary Christian today why so much labor to grow our food they might if they're from it a bible they might say it's because God cursed Brown but the full truth is that God cursed the ground for our sake we do not need to curse the Challenger that the sweat or the labor that we have to go into to to work the soil it's a blessing we actually should thank God for that and I'm a regular human being yes well I've got bees you know Jason me and I've got flies biting me and I've got sweat pouring off of me I know my natural reaction is one of this is wonderful. No I don't have that. But by evening I was in reflected I think thank you God thank you for this blessing. You know one place is a statement I believe she said that the glory of God is lay in the glory of man the something to that came in the exact wording but but it is maybe because you know my biggest my biggest problem there's no doubt about it before I was converted and my friends fairly freely told me later was I was pride I grew up somehow a tremendous pride I think it was probably a defense against feelings of self inadequacy but but I was oh I'm unbelievably prone to being proud. And then thank God when I was converted or was proud of what but what in the world is there about me to be proud. That is I mean not don't need to be ashamed which all children of God but pride there's no there's no place there's no rational basis for any of us to be proud Well anyway so. But it's it's for our good so what is help let's take a look at the little deeper now if we ask the ordinary person about health or a lot of these say well not being sick. Or Wellness or maybe feeling good and being strong but let's look at health in its most basic form it's deeper sigmas what is health from God's perspective so we're told that Jesus. During his ministry devoted more time to healing the sick then and to preaching and fact if you look at Luke 5 the story about the healing of the paralytic it's really clear that healing is an essential part of the gospel he says that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sin and that's what most people think the Gospel is the forgiveness of sin this is to the paralytic to rise take up your bed so that healing is an essential authentication. Of the Gospel and without it I want to suggest to you that's part of the reason the gospel seems to have so little power. The gospel is what changes the world the Gospels what I saw in the great controversy and victory by the way and and healing so you don't have to be a doctor by the way in fact being a doctor is actually oftentimes gets in the way of true healing honestly because I remember a friend of mine told me plainly she says you know we're both alive some medicine she told me plainly says you know John My biggest problem when I see a patient in the lifestyle center for the for the 1st few years was to just forget not fall into the to the routine I had been taught for so many years you know diagnosis prescription you know etc I I I had to learn to think differently than I somehow learned in my training and Anyway so healers are you us all of us in fact I would argue with you that the that a true agriculturalist is more of a healer than a conventional or secular physician So all right yes so health we are to talk about this was the state or condition in which God created not only Adam and Eve but all of creation we see I think I mean. Oh by the way that statement there surely die I understand it. Dying usual die is perhaps a more accurate translation you could study and it's very interesting so all sickness and death came from the sin of eating the forbidden fruit. And I used to think that was all sort of like theory of that was well that's a that's a generalized spiritualized this description you know they disobeyed and that led to the to God you know saying they would die I want to suggest to you the more we've learned about genetics especially epigenetics that it may be a whole lot more actually an explanation than just some description. I think you know that food has a major impact on our gene expression and it's it's not inconceivable now what we know in science that there could have literally been it was the eating of that fruit that led to a large portion or even all of the consequences whereas I used to think that was sort of you know what's the word I would use Yeah arbitrary in just a description you know like well you know but anyhow I'm I'm just suggesting to you that science is indicating a maybe more tangible and specific than we realized so we're going to hear you know the the the. A member when we 1st started trying to tame our piece of property that we had years ago I was just full of briars and things and it was very difficult to clear those fields and I wonder where they came from well here's we have this amazing statement. First Bible Commentary page 86 that the briers and thorns are the result of scenes work and not God's doing and so the point is sin brought sickness and death and so when do you agree then the true health is the reversal of sense of facts on life and on the creation so now when we consider the topic of health. Agriculture in health in this context that what we've been talking here we get a completely different perspective than we might have it at 1st before we thought about some of these things we begin to understand that working the soil as God intends is indeed the key to reversing the effects of sin reversing the effects of sin produces hell the original state of mankind and all of God's creation Now I'm not suggesting that we can restore Eden before the close of sin and the glorification I not I'm not saying that I realize we don't get back to Eden and tell the 2nd Coming and the earth may new but we are told plainly in the spirit prophecy and I believe in the Bible if we could understand it right that God's intent is for us to be as fully in harmony with His will as is possible even on this earth of sin so let's consider some practical applications Ok. And close up here. First let's remind ourselves that the crux of the great controversy is about trusting God to do only what is for our best good you know until we come to trust him fully and know his very personal love for us we will struggle with selfishness and disobedience is just it's just it's a fact it's inescapable like Eve we are drawn to that which God has lovingly and wisely forbidden and like Adam we see no course but to join those we love in there since we need more than anything to realize that God always has a marvelous solution for our needs do you know that that we're told that Adam should have been. Faithful and realized God had a solution for the problem when Eve arrived with the armful of forbidden fruit it was it was not inevitable that he had to join her in that to avoid the you know he feared the loss of. Half of him and but but the temptation was was was amazingly strong and he felt so true happiness can only come from loving trusting obedience to every word that proceeded from the mouth of God We need like Robert and Michelle Solomon I share their testimony last night really really a blessing to me reaffirmed in me the commitment to decide to do only and exactly what God has asked us to do so do we trust that God's plan for a garden home school is best for us and our families. Are we willing to surrender the apparent convenience and material benefits of living in the city do we see that we cannot truly minister properly to others until we ourselves are going to be through what God has revealed to us into art and we are trying to do ministry in our own strength if someone is cleverly said we're working for God like the devil. And we do we see that failure to follow any part of God's and struction I'm sorry has any part of what God has said holds us it holds us back from developing a character for eternity you know the watching universe must know must come to know God God has committed himself he will show you refutable evidence to the watching universe that. John Kelly you the remote people are safe to save and restore to Heaven's fellowship there isn't going to be a doubt that we are safe to say and that thought motivates me personally greatly to reaffirm my commitment that I want to do today only what God wants me doing today oh Lord God. Just my heart is again I want that I want to be changed to be that type of person character so a couple more things agriculture should be the b. and c. of the home garden based education we give our children and by the way the education for eternity that our God is giving us you realize when I take myself out of the garden I make it more difficult for God to prepare my character for eternity do you do you understand he said again when I take myself out of the garden experience I make it more difficult for God to prepare my character for eternity. I study that I believe the one possible exception and I'm not convinced it's really an exception might be if I take myself out of the garden specifically to preach the gospel I do believe that that there is. We're told that with those 2 occupations that we are coworkers close call neighbors with God one isn't so winning into as in agriculture and gardening so that's why I wonder if maybe that's an exception but I but we're told she plainly tells pastors that they need to spend there is much doing His will in the garden is they are in the pulpit so so I'm not sure that's an exception I think it's not safe I'm going to stay in the garden myself. Or with the garden. So there was. How much you know this does require self-sacrifice and self-denial there's no denying that but then I want to tell you are you aware she says there are 2 lessons that almost learned there would enter Heaven's Gate self-denial and self-sacrifice and some she says goes that statement goes on to say I looked this morning and I can find some Sorry I don't have and here I go I know it well though it applies to me but she says some learning these lessons of the gentle discipline of love while others only under the hard discipline of pain and suffering so I think thank God for pain and suffering because I'm not always learning them under the gentle discipline of the Law So in short we need to adopt God's original diet and way of living in every part of our lives in ministry agriculture and learning are part of our entire eternal future so I want to close my appealing to each of us. To spend some thoughtful time I would say each week at least contemplating the relationship but tween working the soil and salvation our salvation and are helping our neighbors to be say to have for help and by 2 to listen to what I'm going to share even though I know we can't all be there but I think you'll find the presentation I'm going to give a little later this morning in a breakout session also. Useful insightful when we talk about agriculture and lifestyle centers lifestyle centers of really the right arm of. The work so thank you for your time and attention I don't think I ended up having enough time for any questions. I think the time is up I'm not mistaken if I might can I have a prayer with you. Oh Father in Heaven while other of us all are our gardener father our our our agriculturalist father are our loving creator who created this world knowing it was going to become the center of the universe when the great controversy ends in a glorious victory yes we're sad we know that many there will be those who will be lost but nonetheless the great controversy is going to end in a war under false victory and it will make God even more understandable and loved lovable if I can say that way to all of his creation created beings Lord help us to understand that you have told us agriculture is the a.b.c. the 1st part it is the 1st thing it is the occupation designed to help us to have a character or haven't and it turned We thank you and she's listening in. 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