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Alan Seiler

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  • January 16, 2021
    6:45 PM


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Dear Father in heaven I just want to thank you for your goodness to me and Lord you know that I'm not perfect you know I have many faults but your continuous love and guidance has drawn my heart and I pray that it would continue to draw and that with the message I speak tonight it will draw others as well in your name we ask him in there is a story that I like to do when I start anything that I present I forgotten a few times but it's about one of the older kind of movies of Martin Luther where you know he goes through this whole thing he's struggling to find the Lord I can't find him I can't find him he's beating himself and basically his his his mentor comes to him and he's like you know you can't you can't find Christ and make yourself acceptable by beating your soul you know and so obviously if anyone's read the history of Martin Luther it's a very dark and despairing beginning and so his in the movie one version Ok. His his higher up says I'm going to send you to Wittenberg so that you can study the Word of God and you can teach it because you need the Word of God Little did he know that it was going to start the Reformation and in the movie Martin Luther says Father I don't know the Word of God I'm so inexperienced I'm so faulty How can I teach the Word of God if I don't know it and he's the guy who looks at him and he says we preach best what we need to learn most and in many ways I feel like that tonight where I haven't arrived but but the idea is that I see the end goal I see the point and by God's grace that comes out tonight so if you would start with me turn to Matthew chapter 6 this is a sermon on the Mount and we're going to read through starting and verse 19. And it says. Lay up not for yourselves treasures upon the earth where Ma thin stuff to corrupt and where thieves break through and steal but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where neither mof nor rust death corrupt and where thieves do not break in break through nor steal Christ is addressing here a situation that he sees in the population that he's speaking to where their confidence in their hope for this life is in their ability to lay up treasures on earth to have security and he's saying look you need a change of perspective because that's a shifting sand situation you need to lay up your treasure in heaven and he says for where your treasure is there well your heart be also. And then he says the light of the body is the eye if there then sorry this is Old English I'll get through this the light of the body is the eye if therefore that I be single the whole body shall be full of light but if I be evil My whole body shall be full of darkness if therefore the light that is in the be darkness how great is that darkness So remember we're starting off here where is people's confidence in treasures on earth and Christ wants to move them to put their confidence in treasures in heaven right so this is this is this is the set up and then we get this thing of evil right and it's interesting that if we take evil all the way back to the original situation in the Garden of Eden right we've heard the story a 1000 times right so Eve comes to the tree and she's told not to eat of it because the knowledge of evil is there but the serpent makes these lies she falls she's deceived she eats of the fruit their eyes are opened out of many and obviously the rest is a downflow history of disaster which we are the wonderful recipients of today. And so what's going on there what's going on in that dynamic and I just want to distill it for you. Evil. Is the principal the knowledge of evil is the principle that God cannot be trusted Ok so if you take the perspective in life the eye of evil right and you believe that God can't be trusted then what great darkness is there because if God can't be trusted he's your creator he's your sustainer then who becomes your sustainer who becomes your foundation which you plant your feet it's me it's me it's all on me and Christ is saying look if your eye is evil if you've taken into yourself this principle that. That I'm not trustworthy that you can't depend on me that you can't put your weight on me that puts all the weight on you and it's a great darkness and if any of you have ever been in a situation and I'm so blessed that Uncle John gave this in talk about their testimony you know the idea is that he is in this dark anxious situation with their strawberries and he can either say the Lord can't be trusted right or he can say I'm going to take a notebook and I'm going to walk up into the hills because I know my God has answers right it's that shift this is this perspective so is your eye evil do you not trust God Well great don't trust God but then you take upon yourself the entire weight no man can serve 2 masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to one in despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon think about this in a situation let's say that you're in a relationship with someone Ok practical example most of you probably are or have been or will be so this is very practical and let's say that there's something holding you there's some distrust that you have in that individual like maybe they're doing something behind your back or what what what's the potential What's the full extent that you can actually trust that individual. Very small if anything it's going to go the opposite direction especially if your your fears are justified and God saying look you can't be you can't be back and forth with me on this you either got to trust me or you don't there is no halfway here therefore if we take put our treasure in heaven if we don't have the evil eye taking the principle upon ourself that it's God can't be trusted we take on that way to ourselves if we don't if we reject that Christ to say therefore I say to you take no thought for your life what you shall eat what you shall drink nor yet for your body what you shall put on is not the life more than Raman in the body is not the life more than meat and the body then Rayment behold the files of the air and now he's giving examples but that word that word thought obviously in the King James Version it's thought but more correct translation is a carrying to pieces feeling that's connected with anxiety Ok so it's really saying don't take anxiety or don't be anxious about these things it's not saying don't think about preparing trying to earn a living don't think about this don't think about that don't take the weight of that responsibility that anxiety that weighs you down that's something that I want to take for you that's something that you don't have to weigh upon yourselves and if you're willing I'll take it for you right. So behold the 1000 of the air verse 26 they so not obviously this is an agricultural reference obviously crisis talking to a lot of people that are involved in agriculture because you had to back then it was like probably 80 percent of the population at least behold the 1000 of the error they sow not neither do they reap neither gather into barns it your heavenly Father feed at them are you not much better than they Which of you taking thought anxiety this fear this route well I'll get to that later which of you taking thought can add one cubit to his stature and why take he thought for Rayment consider the little ease of the field he's using nature right as an analogy consider the lilies of the field. That was little just Ok I'll get back here why take you thought for a mint Consider the lilies of the field how they grow they toil not neither do they spin and yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not a raid like one of these Wherefore if God does close the grasses of the of the field which today is tomorrow and tomorrow is cast into the oven shall he not much more clothe you oh ye of little faith therefore using that example through nature of trust building right therefore take no and this is I'm going to use this Trant this this version therefore take no or be not distracted in torn in pieces as it were with anxious an unbelieving thought saying What shall we eat how shall we provide for 4 how well shall we be how shall we be provided for during the remainder of our lives for after all these things do the Gentiles seek Ok. It's interesting. That. Christ is saying look where is your trust where is your hope. Look at the nature it's testifying that you can trust in me that you can rest in me and I can take this ng Zion from you and I think all of us to a certain extent I mean I saw John crying on the stage this morning he's like my dreams in my hopes with the strawberries all of our dreams and hopes like it's not just the plant and what's the plant represents right it's your dreams your hopes of the future whatever that is for you you know you know what that feels like right when when it's like it just it just just got that much farther away a few Well year and a half ago my dad was was laid off from his job and he decided say hey let's make the pharma go and now it's like a lord I it's not just about providing for me and making a job for my sister but now that safety net is no longer there and I woke up for about 3 weeks night after night with pain in my chest anxiety attacks because it's like Lord what's going on here and basically he's like Alan either you can bear the Singhs id and it's going to crush you or you can give it to me and Alan I want to take it from you you don't have to bear this burden and it was just like Lord you know what I want I know this is going to kill me if I keep going on like this or whatever happens let your will be done because no one wants to look like a fool no one wants to look crazy or out of their mind I mean agriculture is a crazy thing and I'm not saying that agriculture is your thing I'm sure the Lord House Ways and you're in positions just like this I was talking with a friend yesterday he's a construction person and he's like brother I know exactly what you mean I have all these problems of these problems and these problems and it's just like. It's a human problem it's not just a farmer problem. Therefore take no thought saying What shall you eat or what shall you drink or with whether with all don't you love that word whether with all shall you be closed for after all these things to the Gentiles seek for your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things and then here's the here's here's the critical part and but seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you take therefore no thought or anxiety for the morrow for the Marshall take thought for the things of itself sufficient unto the day is the evil there are. And I think that's really key because we get this balance here God saying not saying don't take no thought to like think about things make your plans work your plans but you don't have to bear that exotic You don't have to bear that crushing Rypien anxiety that comes across to us that woke me up for 3 weeks in a row with pain in my chest that's something that God's willing to take from us it's a day by day experience it's like the children of Israel in the wilderness write the man it came every day in a double portion on Sabbath but it was to teach them to say look man does not live by but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God It's a relationship and were only promised today and quite honestly we can only live in the now that's the point and in my opinion that. That's what agriculture has the potential of facilitating for us in our experience but if agriculture is not facilitating that in your experience it's really not worth much and I know it well but think about this if we don't build a relationship with God If our hope for eternal life is not in him and we're just like growing nice food and it's a great thing for our families I hate to say it but in 150 years no one's probably going to know most of us if time should last. And what's it all for I mean our health message right what's our health message for that we might have minds that we might be able to connect in a meaningful relationship an interesting relationship with our savior that's the point it's not to just live 10 years average longer than the normal population this life is a vapor it's about relationship it's about trust it's about coming in and letting God take the ins diety from your experience and allowing him to transform your life and think about it this way sin and I believe this with all my heart sin is the natural byproduct of a break in that relationship so if we sin it's not like oh I sinned Oh I have this problem the thing is like where did I break the relationship where is God where did I lose the track let me get back to God don't take time get back as fast as you can because it's about him it's about him transforming your life and think of this way I want to I want to use the story of Abraham Abraham obviously believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness so we hear here it says Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God but your treasure and your hopes in heaven that's where they should be and his righteousness how do we see God's righteousness. Abraham believed God it was counted him for righteousness but then he disbelieved God and said I better try to do it myself right where is the responsibility God said I'm going to do it for you Abraham waited waited waited waited and sometimes the Lord houses to wait because in the waiting we build that trust but he couldn't wait any longer and Sarah said we need a kid Hagar looks available let's do this thing and Ok maybe it was a quite like that but. That's the idea Ok and then God says Look Ishmael is a great kid I'll bless him but he's not the promise I promise to do this for you and I will fulfill my promise so I was exploring Ok and then Abraham has a strange dream that he's told to sacrifice his son and we know what Hebrews when he had this dream he said that God would restore him even if he had to restore him from the dead so Abraham saying he is the child a promise God made a promise if God tells me to take his life he will resurrect him Ok And so this is this is powerful so follow me closely here they're walking up the mountain and we all know the story or at least most of us were there walking up the mountain and and I Success just father we have the fire we have the wood but where is the. Sacrifice and what does Abraham say profound words God will provide Where was his hope where was the space where was his confidence in himself any more he had crossed over his trust in his faith was in God and with that faith and belief he was able to obey what the Lord told him to do but it's all about relationship relationship relationship rest trust belief faith hope all of these things Ok Moving on here oh I will mention this so the value of Agriculture is twofold One is we understand that there is a power outside of ourselves obviously the seed these are things that are outside of our control that we we interact with but ultimately speaking they're not under our control they provide for our needs that in the big scheme of things we have a very small part to play God made the world God made the Sun God made the rain and he tells out of any I planted the garden all I'm asking you is to tend it right so in the End Point number 2 I wrote these down so I could get them right through the through the failures and disappointments we learn to place our whole dependence upon God like Abraham God will provide Ok so this is my 1st time to do this so follow me quickly to Revelation Chapter 14 Ok And we're going to make a quick run through the 3 angels messages and we're going to talk about how this applies to agriculture and hopefully you find this as exciting as I did when I read it. I don't know if this quote is true or not but I heard it and so I'm going to say it but if I'm wrong just. Deal with it. But it pricked my mind in a way that it never had pricked my mind before and supposedly someone came up to Ellen White at one point he said this person said is is is the 3 angels righteousness by faith and she says yea in verity So I'm like if if righteousness by faith this this this point God will provide Ok if it's if that's true then I should be able to find this and revelation in the 3 angels messages this might be completely new to you I don't want to you know rest scripture unnecessarily but I think there's a huge point here and hopefully you can grasp it so if you have your Bibles turn there and we're going to we're going to hammer through this and hopefully this is really exciting to you it was really eye opening to me I better do it before I build it up too much and then you're like man but anyways Ok here we go through messages if someone's in here that's not an Adventist. Bless you. I will try to explain as best as we move through it but but try to try to track me on the main themes don't get bogged down in the little details the main things that I'm trying to pull out here Ok here we go ready Ok and I saw another angel fly in the midst of having having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth stop everlasting Gospel What does gospel mean what's the word mean good news what is the good news that is eternal It's not just like hey I got a job today and it's going to pay me really good that's good news it's not that type of good news this is like it's always good news. And what I've come and I'll just I'll just say is that the good news is that God has taken upon himself the responsibility of the recovery of the human race and that's eternally good because that's eternally who God has ever been we lost sight of that in the Garden of Eden we distrusted our maker even though he was been eternally good to us in his thoughts towards us our thoughts of peace and not of evil to give us a future and a hope we lost sight of that humanity lost sight of that but that didn't change God he's eternally God is eternally good news and the the response that God wants to that good news is a min The Lord will provide Ok so that's the everlasting gospel so we see we saw that in the Sermon on the Mount we see that in the righteousness by faith that God wants to have the reaction of Abraham was he one he wanted Abraham's reaction to be the Lord will provide when we receive the good news of God's character and that he loves us and that he has taken upon himself the restoration of humanity he wants us to say amen. The Lord will provide and that goes more than just eternal salvation that goes with every day of our life Manna is a daily experience it's about the baseline substance over existence it's the foundation of it's the rock on which we build our house Ok and I saw Ok here and to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God because ultimately he has judgment hits love and justice combined but give Him glory but give glory to Him God deserves glory because he's good when we see someone like you on must shoot a rocket up in the air and take astronauts to the inner space International Space Station we say good for him that's quite an accomplishment God has done something far more amazing for the human race and that's why we give Him glory he's not there beating on his just say give me glory because I'm God we give Him glory because he deserves it Ok And this is to go Ok same with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him who made the heaven the earth the sea and the fountains of water referencing back to the creation story which Sabbath is a symbol of and Sabbath is a symbol of resting in the work that God has done for you. Ok Adam and Eve come on the scene they don't do any work it's the last day of the week God says Ok it's over let's rest they say what do we do he said exactly it's not what you did it's what I have done for you that's the point of the Sabbath Ok that's why it's referenced here and the good news here is that God saying the time of my judgment is come this is 844 message this is where Adventists comes into play after this time God says any time after 844 sin has run its course I'm ready to bring my people home I'm ready for the harvest to mature and to bring my people home and that's why it's good news the gospel is good news but a but a promised not realized is not necessarily good it has to be actualized in God saying to humanity time is up I'm ready to bring my people home Ok and that's the message of the judgment hour because anyone that's a farmer knows that judgment time is harvest time Ok it's a time that we look at the fruits no good I can't sell that one he's compost we're going to recycle him and there's a this this this is a good tomato this is going to a very special customer Ok so the idea is that God wants to bring in the harvest and he's excited about it judgement time is good news because it means that were near the end and that God wants to take his people home but there is a message here and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fall and it's fall in the great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the route for fornication Ok step back Babylon 1st place in the Bible where we hear Babylon is Tower of Babel What's the principle of be able if another flood comes we want to be able to preserve ourselves man trying to earn his own salvation trying to save himself. Instead of trusting in the Lord and the promise that God said he's not going to strike the earth by another flood they say we better build a tower because God can't be trusted we better try to save ourselves 2nd place where Babylon is mentioned in scripture or most notably 2nd place now he can never says is this not the great Babylon that I have build by my my in my power for my glory in my majesty while it's a lot of my eyes and then he gets struck by the Lord and it's on a vegetarian diet for 7 years and then comes to senses but the idea is that Mabille on is the focus of self salvation 3rd place in scripture or at least in prophecy where Babylon is mentioned and that's Roman Catholicism and I don't want to say anything about it about the people but the principle of Roman Catholicism is a mixture between paganism which is self salvation cloaked in Christianity in the in this is why when Martin Luther how the Reformation Mrs White says it jostled the triple crown on top of the Pope's Head and and the Papacy never held as much sway in confidence as before that time because the principle is that man 1st at that time started to understand that this is not something I buy this is not something I work for but that it's a free gift and I need to come in accept it in say the Lord will provide and that that interaction that connection will transform the life Ok so the warning is is Babylon is fall in a stall and it's a broken system it doesn't work it's a fall in system. Ok and another. The phones woke up again for him and all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication The thing is that this is not just about a papal issue this is not just about a Protestant issue this is not just about a Christian issue this is about a human issue you look at all the religions of the world whether you're an atheist and you trust in materialism for eternal life which you lot Musk is getting very close to me I don't know if he's going close or not but he's started this company called neural link where basically they're going to put these wires in your head and connect to your neurotransmitters and then you can download your brain on to silicon and live forever that's a very materialist I'm crazy but it's coming I mean these people are working on the stuff on the other end it's all about like in you know coming into the special fear and reincarnation and you know we're all one with the universe and God and it's just Christianity is unique where it says the onus is not on you it's on God and you need to enter into His rest Ok so the 3rd angel followed and this gets a little bit gnarly here but we're going to read through it and we're going to come back to trust you after we'll get through this and then the then I'll be over. And the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receives the mark in his head start and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same soldiering of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name. Obviously in Adventism the belief of this is like the Sunday laws the mark of the beast and you know it's. All this kind of stuff back back away from that just for a little bit I'm not saying that that's not right but here's the idea is that the mark of the beast has more to do then with the physical keeping of the Sunday law and has more to do and has more to do with the idea of those that trust in their own ability to save themselves will receive the mark of the beast and those that say the Lord will provide will not it's a difference between Sabbath rest and in the work that the Lord has done for you and resting in the work that man has done for you we know that Constantine a little history back in 3 Levon basically the church had never even seen Sunday worship before that but remember Sunday worship comes from Sun worship where man is basically worshipping the creator and star in the creation instead of the creator it's also man's ability to change God's laws it's not a trusting relationship in the crazy thing is that we keep some people say oh you keep the Sabbath because it's legal istic Absolutely not it's the only commandment of the 10 that is explicitly contains the gospel and that's why it's been attacked because if you don't know if you're not reconstituting minded that God has done a work for you and you were to enter into that rest on a weekly reminder what happened with the I mean what do we expect there's no there's no there's no guardrails there there's no thing to to balance against you know paganism mixed with Christianity it's all man's work it just comes in there's nothing to hold it back I'm not saying it's the only thing but that's the principle so I want to think on the bigger the bigger thing here and listen to this it says here. Those that worship the beast and his image have no rest day or night when I was stressed about my farm was make this practical I was having panic attacks in the night and I was stressed during the day I didn't have rest day or night I mean and the Lord says look I'm willing to take that from you but you have to trust me right that's the principle of Agriculture to get us into the vein where this can be accomplished in our lives and if it's not accomplishing that it doesn't really serve any purpose because this life is a baby. But got but listen to this it says here here is the patience of the saints here are they which keep the commandments of God including the 6 sorry the 4th which is the principle of resting in God and when we rest in God It allows us to keep the commandments of God Ok. And have faith in or of Jesus that in and of is supplied from what I understand so well it just really says faith in Jesus but faith in Jesus those that take the confidence off of themselves this is the last day this is the patience of the Saints this is what defines the saints the people that say the Lord will provide and use the law of God as a schoolmaster to bring them back to their relationship with Christ that's the whole point of the law the law is there to show us our need of Christ and when we fail and we fall we don't try to get up and try to keep the law we say where did I lose Christ that's the point Ok and then it says and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me Write Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord stop don't say stop I'm just adding that Paul says I die daily. Keep that in mind as we continue to read here Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yea say the spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow after them it's a blessing to die to your g the mindset that it's up to you to save yourself and if you die to that in say the Lord will provide in every aspect of your life I assure you the works of the law will be filled in your life it's a promise to promise Ok and the Lord says blessed because you rest in Hebrews Chapter 4 Paul says let us labor to enter into that rest our work is to stay with Christ and keep our eyes on him in the works of the law will be fulfilled in the life. And then it says here and I looked sorry and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud set one like him to the Son of man who is the Son of Man this is taken from Daniel this is referencing Daniel the Son of Man and Christ when He said I'm the son of man that was the most Strong's one of the most strong statements he could use to identify himself as the Messiah and it's being used here and I look and behold a white cloud upon the cloud one set like unto the Son of man having on his head a golden crown in his sand a sharp sickle. Christ is a reaper Christ is a farmer he's coming home and the thing is is that these 3 angels messages the principle that God is God has glory God is judge and he's just but he also has glory because he's taken upon himself the responsibility of the restoration of the human race that message must go to the entire world especially at this time because we live in the time of the end according to Daniel in the prophetic period which is the same calculations that are used to define the time when Christ came the 1st time so it's not it's not heretical to say that these things are wrong we use that people it's interesting certain Christians will say oh yeah Christ came because of prophecy he arrived right on time the same calculations that they use for that is the exact same calculations that were used by William Miller to calculate he just got the event wrong to calculate the start of the time of the end and Christ. Is saying at this time I want to come home but this message needs to go to the world the Gospel that God is good but you have to say the Lord will provide a warning against self salvation which has reminded us by Babylon also a warning that those that receive the mark of the beast that are trusting in themselves for their own salvation Ok it's not a restful thing because you're taking upon yourself a burden that only God can bear to think of Luther when he had this mindset of God He was beating himself trying to lacerate his body trying to beat his body into subjection that wasn't it was it was a relationship it wasn't something that he could do it was only something that he could receive and the idea of the blessing to those. That learn to find that rest and at this time God saying if this message is received in transforms the life of his people the harvest is ripe and he wants to come and take us home that is the mission of Agra to prepare a people through the interaction gardening will not perfect you but if it brings you to a point like we've heard from all these testimonies where you say the Lord will provide it is accomplished its goal for Humanity keep the focus I hear a lot I thought when we moved out the country we're following the bru print we're following the plan I'm going to be perfect what it did is it showed me that the problems are right here right and it's a very uncomfortable thing but it's a very needful thing and it says another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice in to him that said on the cloud thrust in the icicle and reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe and he that sound the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth in the earth was reached. The Adventist Agricultural Association is not an Agricultural Association that is happens to be run by Adventist or. I had a neat way to say this but I totally gone blank let's put it this way you can go to other conferences that have better technical experience but the point of this event is to help you see that God wants to be relevant in your life that he wants to take a burden off of your shoulders in that in this act it prepares God people to have a message that's not only compelling to them but a message that they feel compelled to share because when you have when when the burden of life is lifted off of your shoulders it transforms you and it's something that you want to share that's why I wanted to share Revelation 14 to show you that look. The big point of the entire scheme of history is God is saying I'm going to let this thing run let the weeds and the tears grow together but there's a harvest coming and there's a message up for Paris people just as the sun in the water in our tender care prepares our plans let us enter into that experience and let us have the rest that God wants us to have that's my call that's my purpose for being a part of the organization and that's my wish for each one of you tonight to find the rest that only God can provide and that you would say the Lord will provide. Dear Father in heaven we've had a blessing to vent you're so good to us Lord you have taken on so much for sponsibility as a good share kicker of your field you said what more can I do for my vineyard because you've done so much or we pray that we would have a correct vision of you we would pray that in every experience of our lives whether that's agriculture or whether that some other occupation or whether that's going to school that these principles Lord transmit all of our life it's not just about farming but Lord we pray that many people to here would be compelled to enter into the garden that may might know you may find you want a person that is trustworthy and that they might enter into the rest that you provide that only you can do this and we pray in this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you 1st if you would like to listen to more service please visit w w. 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