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Dealing with Domestic Terrorism: 100-Day Bible Strategy

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 30, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Well let's just bow our heads again and ask God that was his Father in heaven busses as we delve into your world this morning and we live in interesting times when. More more people recognize their need you and are searching for you so bless their search and deepen our search and make us not only put a blessing on us today but make it's a blessing to someone else today as well Christ's name we pray Amen dealing with domestic terrorism a 100 day Bible strategy. As I was listening to the news of the last few weeks. I've heard a lot about the 1st 100 days of the presidency how McGiver heard about a wonder 100 day plan and this 100 a plan of course 1st of all started the idea was Napoleon Napoleon left the island of Alba and went back to fight on the continent and he lasted only a 100 days and then he met his Waterloo that was it and that 100 days was seen as his best try at regaining the continent and putting the government in place through military exploits and through external control and it didn't work out for him. American presidency the 1st president to adopt this idea of all the 1st 100 days was f.d.r.. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and he decided that he in fact in the 1st $100.00 days would attempt to turn things around so he passed actually. Executive orders and new legislation f.d.r. passed 76 laws in his 1st 100 days legislation that was the all time high Truman 55 and coming in number 3 was actually Donald Trump 28 was in his 1st 100 days so the top 3 initiators were those as I listened to our new president in his inaugural address he focused on a need for unity mentioning 11 times and warned of the rise of political extremism white supremacy domestic terrorism this direct quote which he said threatened this unity saying it was something that quote We must confront and we will defeat so essentially saying that there would be a war on domestic terrorism as the 1st president that has ever said that and this confrontation would be initiated he said within the 1st $100.00 days of his administration and indeed on the 3rd day in office he ordered the u.s. intelligence officials the f.b.i. the Department of Homeland Security to assess potential threats across the u.s. and develop ways to counter them so they did they released a report actually last week last Wednesday and we got the report on your cell phone some people told me they actually got the report that there was a high alert National Terrorism advisory bulletin because there's a heightened threat across the United States that will persist at least until April ideologically motivated violent extremists fueled by false narratives could continue to mobilize in cities and commit violence so. This is something that's really been taken seriously in the Capitol with the so forth thousands of troops surrounding the Capitol and state capitol building. And then a slew of executive orders to promote the new legislation that will bring people back to comfort and peace in their lives so attempting to Nalley have executive orders but then putting forward legislation or hopefully laws will be laid down to make everybody calm down so how many think this is going to work. I think going to work and many of your thinking misses this is the right approach not the 1st person to try to I mean goes back to f.d.r. goes back Truman So in this time of extreme voluntarily propose where any volatility and to where he will this work well that was an interesting arc by Rabbi Lowell That's a great get in the Our great. Rabbi Nella he said I don't think so I don't think this is going to work and notice his words he said this is that the line of the news article to unite our country we don't need policy and politicians we need theology. So the rabbi said we don't need policy in politicians at this time in our nation we need the ology we need God. You know how even noticed that politicians doing science is not really good. How we realize that politicians doing theology isn't really that good. I mean one politician held his Bible up misquoted it and then one question about what his favorite tax was he said look the Bible means a lot to me but I don't want to get into specifics. Who think maybe that's not the guy that talked about the ology. The other guy said I just read this last week my idea of self and family and community and a wider. A wider world comes straight from my religion it's not so much to get assistance for me it's not so much the Bible. What so I suppose the Bible the Beatitudes or the think a man or the tears that I've learnt it's culture we need to change the culture. I think either way you work in a political side of the aisle you work these guys do not know what they're doing with the Elegy. To unite our country I agree with the rabbi we don't need policy and the policy of compromised theologically compromise politicians in the side of the aisle we need theology we need a study of God We need things straight from God's word so it was in your Bible to Luke Chapter 24 and I want to talk to you about a time that was not unlike our time and I realize that the sermons while I put up on the Internet will give me the attention of the f.b.i. And so I just want to wait you guys because. I'm now getting into the Bible and and away from you so Luke 24 Luke 24. And by the way I did a realize a but the sermon titles have actually gotten a lot of attention in and some and I've been getting some interesting feedback. It's all positive because it's from God's word and that's where we're turning right now to Luke $24.00. Luke 24 the setting that has this Christ followers were concerned were confused and they were extremely afraid and back they were so afraid that. They had taken up hiding and started to deny knowing their leader who was pictured as a political leader and all in their midst had risked everything on their association with Christ and to be honest they even though they listened to a spiritual things were actually listening with political lens and they were thinking that he was going to get rid of political corruption he was going to get rid of all the collusion of the ruling parties he would drain the swamp and he would tear down and he would build back better they believe he would drain the swamp he would build back better and they really were injured after that in fact one time they said why don't we just go ahead and make him King right now and so he gave them a free boat boat ride to calm them down a bit but alas now at this stage it had not come to pass not only and he lost the election you might say he actually had been killed and now his very words that were spoken concerning the capital buildings you know the ones where it said tear this temple down and all right it up in 3 days those were now coming back to be used against them and it was in this kind of political climate that we pick up the story and look 24 does that sound relevant. They were being pictured as being basically interested in policy and politicians and political upheaval and in storming the capital except throw. And so they were discouraged and let's pick up a story in Luke Chapter 24 and verse 13 now it says behold 2 of them were traveling what's the word vem referring to as not those 2 Some people say as the disciples it's not the 12 disciples because these are not the 12 disciples that are a mess and this is not this is not Matthew Mark Luke and John this is clearly Opus and Cleophus was part of actually the 7 The elders or 70 disciples that were sent out to remember the 12 and then the 70 at one time Jesus sent out 72 witness and and this guy Cleo Opus was also called Alpheus and he was actually related to his wife's name was Mary he was related to. To Joseph Mary his wife Huma Joseph and Mary. And he was also the father of someone that would have gotten the attention especially at this time and in this climate he was a father of Simon the Zealot. And Simon the Zealot was a radical anti-roll minister. And if anybody had homeland security or domestic terrorists planned they would be watching Simon the Zealot and everybody in his family and these guys were traveling that day trying to get out of town you might say and they were getting out of town because not only had their guy lost the election you're being killed and now they were being pictured and they were afraid of the Jews remember that John 20 they were they were in the upper room they're afraid of the Jews and now they're getting out of town. The twelver in the upper room the 70 these guys are scaring according to Josephus zealots agree in everything with the fairest SAIC notions and they had involved all attachment to liberty they like to talk about liberty and freedom they would not have been wearing masks. And they said God was to be their only ruler and Lord and there was a special group the sick Cari or violent men they call them the violent or dagger men who would kill fellow Jews who disagree with their ideas concerning government and government policy they're the ones who would actually get in fights about masks. And vaccines the toll would indicates that the rabbis initially supported the zealots until they instigated a civil war which eventually led to the destruction of Herod's temple and that's when the rabbi said forget you and now all these groups were seen as domestic terrorists and everybody is associated in any way with them they're seen as domestic terrorist can you see the setting of Luke 24. Because remember Jesus said I will destroy the sample that is made with hands and with 3 days I will build another one another we're going to build back better that could have been his campaign and that's what they were worried about this is these guys are terrorists they're going to overdo Rome and they might overshadow also the temple and I had it coming from both ways both the religious sector and the political sector said these guys are dangerous and so that day they were heading down a road to a maze and we pick up a story and verse 13 that same day 2 of them now we know who them are traveling they have same day to a village called the mayor's which was 7 miles down here will from Jerusalem we're going downhill. I'm a taught how Malayo. They were preaching at each other about all these things and so it was as they conversed trying to convince each other and reason the world is Lodge's most that Jesus himself drew near and went with them. How many think that Jesus felt bad for his disciples now they were being pictured as domestic terrorists they were on watch lists they were afraid. And it was all because they had followed him and they didn't realize in the ways they hadn't followed him but they were trying to follow him and understood their motives it in agree with their methods but he understood their motives however God how many are fighting for the god. Knows what your heart is you may a messed up but he understands what you really mean and we're around people that they make you an offender for a word. You say something you do something all the sudden bam you're this hit and they don't look at really what you meant or who you are they look at what you said and Jesus didn't do that he felt bad for his depressed and the spawn of disciples. And he needed to give them a Bible study to show them their blind spot and give them victory for the suffering that they were going through and also to protect them from being killed as the master terrorist. So he comes down and says what conversation is this verse 16 1st of all their eyes were strained they did not know him and this is very important they did not know him. Because he would have been able and complex the mission they needed to have without him being in cognito he said to them what kind of conversation is this that you have as you walk with one another in a set. And then Cleophus answered Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem have you not known the things which happened there in these days and he said what things so they said the things concerning Jesus of man was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God on the people and how the chief priest and rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and crucified him and then comes all their hopes. What they had been hoping but we were hoping past tense that it was he who was going to redeem Israel we thought that he was going to take over the political process he was going to throw off the Romans he could he could raise the dead he kid if we got in a fight he could raise the dead he could feed 5000 troops we didn't even have to have supplies we were opening this. He was going to go in there and take care of all the problems we thought we might be even storming the capital with him at this time. We thought we could take over the Congress and the Senate and the executive and the judicial and every grants but then. He let himself be killed we don't understand that it was all set up. By the way Judas was always fomenting this. Nationalism I don't see ever in your life that foments nationalism a lot of people today are fill in the same way these disciples that maybe it's a good lesson. We were hoping in other words we're hopeless now and we're scared and we're on the run we're seen as domestic terrorists why do we have to die like that we know we not I mean he could a pardon himself he could've come down off the train. Yes and certain women of our company arrived at him an astonished when they did not find his body they came saying had seen a vision of angels and said he was alive. And certain of those who were with us went to the tomb and Banna disses the woman said but him they did not see. So they're describing everything to this man who is walking with them they don't know who he is. But can you imagine being Jesus walking with them is like. A I taught them for 3 years I told them all these things I did see bt with them I did elemental p. here s t u v x. y. z z d t And now. They're telling me not to work another not even listening to women that's a big problem. I mean the work in this area. Raise your hand if you think your husband is working this or no don't do that. With Star some domestic terrorism may. So. They're not even listening to their help me. And he can't take it any more verse 25 and he says of them all foolish ones then great days cardio slow hard to believe in all that the prophets of spoken. But not the Christ who have suffered these things to enter into His glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets expounder them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself so what happens in this time of domestic terrorism what does he do to turn it around what does he do that help people he says let's go to another rally. If you then. Let's buy some flags put it on our truck. Go to the rally. You know and say that. The favorite He says let's study the Bible together. Says let's study the Bible. Oh foolish ones and slow hard not to believe in all that the prophets of Suppose that you have a blind spot the answer to the domestic terrorism issue the answer to your problems is not to be fine with a politician or a scientist it's to be found with a theological study of something you're missing and so he begins a Moses I mean I'm thinking about what's he saying in Moses he's saying you know what the thing is in Moses to talk about this right have to sin there's be some kind of animal slain in those people would be covered with the skins from that animal. That's in Genesis Chapter 3 and there'd be a sacrifice God himself would be bruised but he ultimately crushed the Dell he got to remember then Genesis Genesis I'll provide an ark for you than that brings you out of a flood he say had alluded Genesis 4816 I'll be the angel who read danger you. X. it is I have a sanctuary system that explains my plan of salvation remember that and it's built around suffering that lamb would suffer and die that turtle doves would suffer and die that ram would suffer and die that bowl would suffer and die up on into me who would come and suffer and die for you. The plan is not to sign up for some new earthly political party is to understand my system of salvation. And I'll get more deep I'll live very close to Mrs x. abilities I've just been listening to the Pentateuch. Over the last several weeks with with James and. We found some interesting stuff we found out that all the fat is the Lord's human. With James and I noticed. That we decided as some people are stealing from the Lord so Genesis acts it is Libin it is the sanctuary system right the sanctuary system with all the sacrifices and as I listened to all those sacrifices again this week I was like wow God really knows how to deal with domestic terrorism because everything you think you're doing domestically to terrify others is called a sin and it can be an unintentional sand it can be an intentional sent it goes through all these categories it talks about how you learn about it later and different things you never never get away from and now seeing that sin and taking care of that sin it's not a small thing domestic issues are not a small thing Genesis acts of the so that it has numbers. The star will come out of Jacob scepter. Other words Jesus that Star of Bethlehem is foretold way back in numbers Deuteronomy Moses the 2nd given will the law when you get to accept a 3 and says I'm going to raise a prophet like you like on to Moses and apply it to Jesus everything about Moses in the book of Deuteronomy was pointed Jesus. God's people were supposed to go up the mountain and receive God's law but they sent Moses instead but Jesus went up that mountain and died for the for the law that you and I bro. How we like to have been there for this Bible study we're having is a little Bible study here but how would you like to hear Jesus do that we show you how every single verse is pointed towards me Genesis accidents where it is a numbers Deuteronomy Joshua I am Joshua wall that's my name same name is Jesus judge assigned the judge rules I'm Boaz to redeem you 1st and 2nd Samuel I'm Davida I'm David. First and 2nd Kings I'm the king a king we could go through every book how you think that you should know how to go through every book of the Bible and show Jesus from that book in the Bible. Because Jesus is the only hope and here he is coming next to them. Now as they drew near verse $28.00 to the place they were going he indicated he go further but they said no stay with us abide with this that says it's evening the day is verse but they love the Bible so they so they expanded hospitality and that was such a blessing because as they expanded their hospitality their eyes were open effect down to sit next and they're going to say wait a minute wait wait said their hands light exchanges. Can you say hallelujah they were so excited about it how many think that's what people need to see a day they don't even see Fox News they don't even see c.n.n. then you see Jesus. They said I won't bother and by the way he just vanishes what here is this book of. But you see that was the point he wanted them to see him. On the basis of. The scriptures. And it's the same thing you and I can do today he wanted to put down a paradigm to help in times of political unrest and he wanted also to gently comprehensibly tell them never get involved in Christian Nationalism again never get involved in it. Never. The only way this summer is over 32 did not our heart burn within it's when he talked to us on the road they had been great days Cardia now they have an overdrive pacing situation they had been a junction illust gaper them they had been in Veto Act Now they've been defense related. Boom Boom Genesis accidents Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy doesn't Jazz's but my heart this baby I've been coming to you averted spiritually. We rose up that very hour and return to Jerusalem they run up the hill they're gone down the hill 7 miles they run up the hill they run up the hill they find the 11 Christ is risen and they talk about what happened on the road but then notice what they did in verse 44 he said and these are the words I spoke to I was still with you that all things might be fulfilled which are written now what's he saying again in the what he's now back now with the 70 Simon a zealot all those people he's now back where he's with the the core disciples and what's happening. Then I tell these things when I was use with you that all things might be fulfilled which are written where What's he saying in the. Law of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms concerning me so now you adds in the music and the music is just helping to underline what's in the pensive by the way this isn't you know there's 5 books in the Psalms that says by the 2nd genesis has the sex in Exodus has sex in the villages that sex and numbers had a sex in Deuteronomy has a section it's all put to music. And that's the reason it is put that way and I haven't figured out a lot that's with or was supposed to do. He's going to present next week on but that's as supposed to fit together and now notice verse $45.00 verse $25.00 is key and he who is the he Jesus now again he does the same thing he opened their understanding that they Micah comprehend the Scriptures and he said thus it is written and necessary for Christ's off he goes to the whole thing he gives the same Bible study again what are we learning here what should we be doing in a time of political unrest where we might be pictured as domestic terrorists. What should we be doing. Watching reruns of Tucker Carlson. Or Anderson Cooper. What should we be doing getting into social justice issues and saying the church is built for that protest now we should be giving people Bible studies like this. Now look at let me let me just underscored as domestic terrorism a 100 day Bible strategy so this is some time in a few days into it but now go to accept the one Matthew Mark Luke John hacks who wrote the book of Luke. Who wrote the book of Acts. A guy so no one answer don't you. Correct Luke but notice what happens the former account I made all the Apple lists 1st one Jesus begin to do and teach all Jesus begin to do and teach until the day he was taken up so he was doing what so the day was taken up. Was he trying to get together some interaction no. He started to teach until the day he was taken up 1st to after he threw the Holy Spirit had given commandments to the apostles whom he had chosen to whom he had presented himself alive after his suffering by many infallible proofs those proofs for from where the scriptures are being seen by van during 40 days and speaking of the things pertaining to the king and guise of that's the 1st 40 days of the 100 Days. When you say hallelujah what should you be doing right now if you're dealing with fear over domestic terrorism who should you be studying with probably other believers that got sucked into Christian Nationalism they need to have a time of repentance now they probably had other issues. As these disciples did verse 4 and then assembled together he commanded them that these people never really got assembled together before notice who was there in this Assembly finally. Well ultimately who was there was basically Jesus and his brother his the brothers of Jesus and one but notice the teaching again and before we look at their lives when they were together they asked him saying Lord will you at this time restore the king and maybe this is right got you died and rose again you're to show remorse that even try to kill you are going to get up again let's sign up I've got the banners I've got the buttons I've got the buses I got the trucks I've got the flying. Lawn where you at this time no Gallagher I'm timing was off years Nagy what Jesus said said it is not for you to know times and seasons but the father is put in his own authority but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you right now you know you don't have an eye on you you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you should be witness to me in Jerusalem that's among the brothers 1st they need to hear this message affairs Jesus said He says well it's all of them and they're all Judea and then you've got to deal with your racial issues and then some area so you don't like Samaritans we've got to get over that get some real problems guys and then to the end of the earth. You've got some domestic terrorist a guy ideas yourself you would blow up Samaritans and you're worried now they're going to kill you let's talk about that you are a domestic terrorist at heart and so you need to be converted how many see what Jesus was doing here. And when he spoke in these things knew they got it he took off then they returned to Jerusalem verse 12 on the Mount called all of it which is near Jerusalem a 7 days' journey when they returned they went to the upper room where there was Saint Peter James John Andrew Philip Thomas Bartholomew Matthew James the son of Alphaeus and there was the other son of Alphaeus Simon the Zealot. Jews the son of James and they continue with one accord in prayer and supplication and Bible study wages at the say is this yes or no. And finally what has happened they got it. They came together in unity I did not hear this in the inaugural address that Bible study I heard stuff like. I just sort of stuff. The only foundation for unity is going to be a study of God's word on our knees and we must all start with the pendant to come you think that maybe the 1st 5 books of Moses would be something we could start with sense and that's what Jesus is and maybe just the Old Testament and some the they begin to come together and they were a woman cord and they chose new leaders who they could trust and that sucked them back into it Judas was God. It was an early So here's the thing in the 1st $100.00 days the 1st 50 days leading up to Pentecost it was an internal focus it was saying let's refocus on the word. And let's have a revival so we can witness. If you got sucked into the Christian astral ism if you got sucked into all those things you have probably were not ready to witness anyway. Because you were that trusting in the word. Of God That's what he said to them so this internal focus refocusing on the word ridding the Church of domestic terrorism and fighting I mean you saying that churches are actually fighting over all the things related to. What's happening right now. A fracturing. Going to give them the next that they next city the focus of the rest of Book of Acts was now not just on the church but then after that taken here now the world looked briefly and accepted 26 and verse 21 let's look there this is the 100 day plan for dealing with domestic terrorism. In the New Testament. I don't mind if the politicians try and adopt this I think it might be better than most are coming up with. We don't need policy in politicians as much as we need the ologies after the rabbis in. Acts Chapter 26 now we have this fight over Paul between Felix and Agrippa and he comes to talk to a group and what does he say to him. First one thing therefore King Agrippa I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision I declared 1st to those in Damascus and in Jerusalem throughout the region of Judea and then the Gentiles that they should repent turn to God and do work to be fitting repentance for these reasons the Jews sees me in the temple and tried to kill me. Therefore see their best the domestic terrorism one religious group fighting against the other. Therefore having obtained help from God To this day I stand witnessing to small and great saying No other things then those with the one. The prophets and Moses said would come Does that sound like a familiar Bible study so he does the same thing Jesus did he gives a Bible study and is given a Bible study now not just to the church now is given to the leadership of the nation let me show you what the prophet said let me tell you what Moses said let me tell you what the psalm said that Christ would suffer that he be the 1st to rise from the debt and we're proclaim light to the Jewish people and to the Gentiles. How we think that's just amazing and then he makes an appeal verse 27. Agrippa do you believe the prophets I know that you believe and then he said he was almost persuaded me to be a Christian how do you think that the witness of the church could be so powerful as even to convert politicians how we like to see that happen. It doesn't stop there folks look at Chapter $2828.00 he then is taken from the area of Jerusalem and he goes to Rome after appealing to Caesar and in chapter $28.00 in verse $23.00 notice what it says here is so when they had appointed him a day many came to him oh by the way let's go back to verse 21 they said to him we need to receive letters from Judea concerning you nor of any brother and who came reported and spoken any evil of you but we desire to hear from you what you think concerning this fact we know that it is spoken against everywhere Ok look he may think or domestic terrorist or speak against him everywhere want to know if you think so what does he do so when they appointed him a day many came to him in his lodging to who made explain and solemnly testified of the Kingdom of God the kingdom what God What should we be focusing on the government and Kingdom of who God perswading them concerning Jesus both from what it what what is he is the Law of Moses and the prophets from morning till evening and some were persuaded by the things that were spoken and some disbelieve but what was his model same model that Jesus said use him again how we can see that this is a pattern it's a pattern throughout what would happen let me ask you this as we close. You know when it misses we're going to close as another hour doesn't mean I look I mean look serious we don't study the Bible enough we're not interested or we complain about sermons Germans would go on Paul's priests until midnight when the guy died I know that he resurrected. What would happen though if we focused on a reading of the Word of God over the next $100.00 days what if we committed over the next $100.00 days to really read the whole Bible what if our 100 day plan was Ok I'm going to read all about I'm going to give that priority I'm going to get up early in the morning I'm going to read the whole Bible through with a purpose you never read the whole Bible that fast must have a purpose because you get lost but if you're asking a specific question of the Bible what is that question you need ask for you what is that question that maybe someone else in your family needs answered whatever we did it what if you read the Bible for the nation what do we do to help people that are accused of domestic terrorism when we just asked that question or what what is a question I don't I'm not going to make up your question for you but what if we did that do you think it could bring revival within the church do you think it could improve our witness in the world that's what happened here and we think that it could bring a revival in the church what if you asked people to follow you in email you'd be accountable and you've got like 10 people read the Bible through with you what's going to happen in a 100 days from now Ok Are you interested how many interested there's 31102 verses in the Bible. It's an average of about $26.00 verses per chapter so $31102.00 divided 510-3118 day $311.00 versus a day is like. What is it 4 chapters a day. And you could read the whole Bible in 100 days I'll give you a break you don't have to go through all the begats if you don't want to but there is interesting things in those big ads if you're looking for them all it's actually are 11 to 12 chapters a day for chapters 3 times a day so 11 the 12 chapter so if you read 4 chapters in the morning 4 chapters at noon 4 chapters at night you have a cover how we think this is a doable thing I'm just saying we're in a time of domestic unrest some of you are going to be seen as domestic terrorists I mean we're ready and we will be ready and we think the Bible can get you ready. Whose Word Is the Bible did God's Word get those 2 disciples ready did God's Word get the 12 ready did God's word help with Felix and Agrippa and in Rome we've seen it these very words could they help you I want to read this one of the reasons I chose this sermon title was because this is a political pundit who was working. On. A journalist and he said I need I knew I needed a change from the line of work I was in I was getting sucked in I needed a shakeup in my life I decided to make career change I want to god to be with me so I started reading the Bible I told myself I had read the whole Bible in a 100 days I put in place this guy had never read the Bible for some of you read the Bible and for the rest I put in place an accountability structure what happened this is a right trying times and stormy clouds quickly evaporated in my life. I just got a testimony from so I was this room before I came up here about how distant 10 days stormy clouds evaporated from their lives. Great spiritual meanings begin to be seen I began to have strange spiritual encounters with others and they wanted to talk to me one they never had before. Noticed this I started smiling as I walked around the city and people began asking me why are you smiling. And I had to tell them I've been reading the Bible. How many think this might be get this 100 a thing I posted inspirational messages on Facebook. I took a look at where I took a d.n.a. test and found living relatives I never knew before and started to tell them about the Buffett Ok I'm not recommending that but that's what he did reading the Bible became so immersing in my mind body and spirit that I physically felt myself wanting to kneel down on the subway in prayer as I read the Bible but as a good way to read the Bible on your knees or give an accountable way I stood and said spiritually and physically balancing myself nearly everything seemed to take on a new view my life was changing I was becoming more and more spiritual more reflective I was pondering the meaning of life more and I was constantly asking myself what can I do to help others did you notice the same thing we saw in our study today 1st of all introspection and then reaching out to others. Same thing. I talked with folks on the phone I help strangers specifically looking for those who seem to need confused or just want to chat I even help people online I started giving out my phone number the words I read in the Bible were so strong so meaningful that they spoke loudly to me that it seemed like they were leaping off the page how we want the book to live. The thing about reading for that much. It starts to live you start to make connections you didn't make before it's like hearing it's reading the whole patient chart the whole Word of God everything comes together to wait a minute I need to make that decision I gotta make this decision. I had our moments Ah yes I can relate. To he says it's affected a book of so many years old can speak to someone like this in this modern world is really amazing I want to thank God for somehow giving me this idea to read the Bible cover to cover and maybe reflect a time learn a ton I absolutely feel more spiritual more happy and I've strived to put myself and my happiness secondary to the happiness of others especially now that I'm happy myself that's right I'm happy myself. I'm on a missin now to share with others $100.00 verses each day one percent of the Bible. Say what you want to say but I kind of feel like what happened to me is a modern miracle in my life my life has turned around from the way it was I feel so much better I now have meaning in my life I now have a clear mission in my love and Avoca purpose in my life. And we think this might be something and I think this might be something. They raised this about the Book of Revelation by the way email the guy I said this is such a good article email is a story in the Bible a kind of buy we read it had like 10 questions he emailed me back he says and I'm not reading as much as I did but it still has an impact on me and any battle will work I encourage you to do this immediately. And I think I might do that this is what he says about Revelation Revelation says we don't know when the world will end but it will end. I want to live every day to its fullest and continue to practice what I learned by the way he wrote out the key thing from every book that he learned he actually put down the top 100 What did they learn every day and then he put it like in his apartment so he could see it a little like sticky notes on what he did to guide his life how many think that's amazing. I hope you'll consider He writes reading the Bible too and maybe you'll experience similar feelings. In your mind as I did in mine that's the 100 day plan to deal with domestic terrorism what do you think. How many you want to sign up for the 100 day point. Of the mile out a $100.00 day breakup of the Bible and you can use it if you like let's say you just made it 50 days I mean I think that would be better than nothing. But I think if we hold each other accountable great things can happen trying to do that on this campus with the college. As well so many times we read things about the Bible but we don't read the Bible so many times we hear sermons but don't read scriptures I had to read a lot of scriptures to get ready to say. You didn't. So just remember you are in trouble. My sermon is meant to point you back to read the Scriptures I'm going to restudy what you heard and expand it. Let's pray together we live in the time of increased under a. Great player any volatility. With all kinds of. Leaders. But after a fall or while we row as they don't know where they're going. And we want to confess that and we want to say Lord we're coming to. We don't want to listen to all those words we want to listen to your words. You want to commit our lives is this simply listening to what you had to say we put you on the shelf. As a dust all over you. But you've written these letters of love. That will open and break our hearts. And not only open to break our hearts but grip our hearts to have larger hearts. Just like this man who just read the Bible from the dead. Or made it happen in my life it happened in our Lord. May we have a deeper repentance. And may we have a deeper burden 1st told. Christ they we pray. Then. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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