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The Highest Science, Vaccination, and COVID-19

Jeffrey Harper


Jeffrey Harper

Youth Pastor at Fallbrook SDA Church in Fallbrook, CA, USA.



  • January 30, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Father I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to be present here thank you for the sunshine thank you for the snow on the mountains the reminder of your pure and perfect righteousness that you desire to give each one of us as a gift and we pray that as we open the sacred pages of scripture that you would open our hearts and minds and place in each of our hearts a deeper picture of your character of love and we pray these things in your name Amen. To these messages in title the highest science vaccination and covert 19 the highest science vaccination and covert it 19 I have some bad news Advent hope the samples have been examine and the results are conclusive. You and I each have been tested 100 percent positive. And the infection will be fatal in less drastic measures are taken you see there is a cure to this deadly virus but we must act immediately a vaccination has been made available and it must be injected right away some believe that their personal resources can inoculate them to this deadly disease but there is only one cure. My friends this dangerous. Detrimental and Dela Tory is disease is none other than the virus of sin and this contagious virus is is not airborne but heart board and sadly the infection rate is 100 percent for all humanity the Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short this virus is fatal The Bible says that the wages of sin is death but there is some good news the good news is that a vaccination has been made available and this gospel cure is administered by none other than the Great Physician Jesus Christ His death on Calvary street can provide immunity to the problem of sin he took that shot for us he was pierced for our transgressions he was crushed for our sins the punishment that brought me peace was upon him and by his wounds the Bible says we are healed and the greatest news of all is that we don't have to wait for this Gospel here it is available in abundance apply right now not in a few months but today to all ages young and old to all nationalities to all skin colors to all tribes tongues and people you and I can appropriate the benefits of Christ's healing righteousness today I invite you to turn me in your Bibles to the book of Matthew Matthew Chapter 9 and verse 35 as we study the life of this great health care worker and physician named Jesus Matthew chapter 5 and verse 35 Matthew Chapter 9 verse 35. Matthew Chapter 9 verse $35.00 the Bible says then Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing in every sickness and every disease among the people Jesus was a healer notice verse 36 but when Jesus saw all the multitude he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd friends I believe that verse 36 accurately describes Jesus's view of our world today he sees the crowds and multitude it's he sees those that are writing the capital he sees the crowds and multitude and he's moved with compassion because they're all confuse they're weary and tired from Life 2020 beat them over the head with a big stick and they're tired they're tired from what 2020 bride just yesterday I did a funeral for a precious lady named Carmen who sadly and tragically passed away from Kovi she was in her late fifty's she cut here hair right here in San Bernardino everyone loved her at her funeral yesterday afternoon people shared stories of how Carmen was a 2nd mother to them she passed away just about a month ago about 6 months ago I did a 19 year Loma Linda for a physician who ended up tragically passing away from coven he was in his early seventy's still practicing medicine thought that he had many years ahead of him and covert took his life. One of my church members 2 sisters just this last week a younger sister and older sister both passed away just a few days ago people are sick and weary and. They're scattered 2020 provided a lot to worry about and one survey of 1008 people young adults aged 18 to 3580 percent of participants reported significant depressive symptoms during the pandemic roughly 65 percent of study participants recorded increased feelings of loneliness during Kovi and the interesting thing of those studies that were done 58 percent said they increased the amount of alcohol they drank and 56 percent increased their use of drugs friends people are using the wrong vaccination there so tired and scatter that instead of going to the great physician for his healing balm there is scaping to the enemy's concoctions and a lot of people don't know you can't blame them they're weary and tired they're scattered confused they don't have a shepherd and the question is what can we do to help. Look back there in Matthew Chapter 9 Matthew Chapter 9 and notice the next 2 versus right after verse 36 when Jesus sees the multitude and he has compassion on them because they're weary and scattered verse 37 says this then he said to His disciples the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are what everyone if you therefore pray that the Lord the harvests would send out laborers into the harvest friends there are plenty of gospel cures of vaccinations available but not enough health care workers to administer them the gospel the cure is readily available but it needs more people who understand it so that they can and Minister its benefits to those who need it notice this quotation from ministry of healing page $398.00 we're told that the highest of all science is is the science of soul saving Wow the highest of all science is the science of soul saving the greatest work to which human beings can inspire to do is the work of winning men from sin to holiness the highest of all sciences. Is not just creating praise gotta vaccination to help this pandemic that we're in but the highest of all sciences that is the work of leading men to holiness the greatest work we can ever do the greatest work we can ever aspire to she says not just becoming successful in our career fulfilling our bucket list of visiting such and such a country but the greatest work we can ever aspire to is the work of injecting people with a vaccine of the Gospel and friends I want you to notice this. That witnessing and evangelism in and of themselves are not the highest of all sciences there is something else that makes them the highest of all sciences April 18th $1006.00 size of the time zone White's writes this she says the science of re Demps him is the science of all sciences this science she says is the study of the angels of all the intelligences of the unfallen worlds the science that engages the attention of our Lord and Savior the science that enters into the purpose brooded in the mind of the infinite kept in silence through times eternal the science that will be the study of God's re Dean people throughout the endless ages can someone say praise God we're to be studying the science of redemption for eternity the science every Demps in is the science of all sciences and so as we study Christ great here as we study the science of redemption that he offers his perfect righteousness in exchange that the great divine exchange it's called an exchange for our dirty rags and our filthiness were so amazed and in thrall we can't help but administer the benefits of the Gospel cure to other people that is the science of soul saving and it must be study friends it must be studied because the Gospel cure changes and saves lives is saved midges life 2 years ago in the beginning of 2019 Mitch in Port Orchard Washington walked out of his house with a noose in his pocket and a beer in his hand he had given up on his life but God having given up on his life he was ready to take his life but Jesus was ready to give his life. And on the way to carry out his plan of ending his life midges wife caught up to him and convinced him to go to the hospital while their mates entered a rehabilitation program for his alcoholism and by God's grace became sober he left that program and just a few weeks later I got a knock on the door Hi The person said My name is so and so and I from revelation of Divine Love and I want to invite you to a program that will teach you how to have victory in your life. Those 2 young people that showed up on his door had an invitation a little flyer a bullet into a revelation Bible prophecy program called revelation of Divine Love that I had the privilege of preaching import our Orchard Washington in May of 2019 Mitch ended up and attending the entire series struggled some in the middle little bit at the end we continued to study and by God's grace a few months later he was baptized and as a save the 7th they haven't is Christian the Gospel cure changes and saves lives. Andrew the disciple realized that the Gospel cure saves lives Turnus me if you will to John chapter one John chapter one and in John chapter one we read about a quiet disciple named. John chapter one were introduced to Andrew in the book of Acts the only time to enter was mention. The only time in the book of Acts that the disciple Andrew is mention is in Acts $113.00 in the group of the rest of the cycles but in the rest of the book of Acts Andrew isn't mentioned once that tells me the enter never became a prominent church leader that we know and you didn't write one of the books of the New Testament like his brother Peter did he wasn't a mark Finlay or a Doug bachelor but I guarantee you that when we get to heaven we will see those souls that Andrew minister of the Gospel cure to there will be many people in heaven because of Andrew's influence in the Gospel of John recounts the most amount of stories of anger that we have in the entire gospels the gospels don't give us much information about it and maybe that says something about Andrew's personality Andrew was a behind the scenes guy he would be back in the kitchen during the church service helping with potluck rather than up on the platform can someone say he would be manning the camera instead of in front of it he would quietly be on social media posting a video of his brother Peter preaching rather than himself and because Angel was a behind the scenes guy the gospels don't really comment much about his life except for John John later looking back in history reflects on the life of a injure and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit gives those 3 inspiring stories that I believe are worthy of our attention and study today 3 stories or Andrew administers the Gospel cure so John chapter one and starting there in verse 35 again the next day John stood with 2 of his disciples This is John the Baptist's and one of those 2 disciples is Andrew will find out. And looking at Jesus as he want John the Baptist said Behold the Lamb of God John the Baptist recognizes that he was the lesser light leading to the greater light more of him and less of me John the Baptist said verse 37 the 2 disciples of which Andrew was one heard him speak and they followed Jesus they recognized that there was one greater than John the Baptist among them he saw in Jesus something that was attractive he recognized that Jesus could provide something that no one else could jump down a verse 41 of the 2 who heard John speak and followed him was a injury who was Andrew Oh yeah Angel was Simon Peter's brother do you see that in verse 40 Andrew Simon Peter the brother I tended George are coming in Academy 7 they have this boarding school in northern Georgia and when I entered in as a lowly freshman my older brother Daniel a esteemed Junior had been there for a couple of years and lo and behold when little Geoff shows up on campus guess what he was known to us who are you Jeff Oh yeah you're Danial Zz brother I know about being someone's brother and Andrew is known as Simon Peter's brother Simon Peter was the loud one the upfront one the preacher and Simon Peter's brother and notice verse 41 says he 1st this is Angel Andrew 1st found his own brother Simon Peter and said to him we have found the Messiah the very 1st thing that entered us the very 1st thing that we read about Andrew in the Gospels is that he is bringing his flesh and blood to Jesus. Evan hope I have a question do you have a family member that isn't walking closely with Jesus right now do you have a relative that has maybe lost their way stopped attending church or doesn't know Christ all together and I would encourage you to be like Andrew and send them a text message send them a letter in the mail send them a Facebook message or an Instagram message or pay them a visit prayer is good yes pray for your family but accompany those words with action because that's what Andrew does he doesn't just say hey I found the Messiah look at verse 42 and Andrew brought him to Jesus he physically takes him by the arm takes him an age of covert by the elbow and brings him to Jesus. I haven't met this guy I should say I haven't been with him very long Andrew says but but you got to meet him there's something incredible about him in April of this last year we conducted a virtual online revelation seminar in titled revelation of peace for the meant own church we were not sure how it was going to go I had not tried a whole lot of online of vandalism and the questions that I had would would people sign up and if they did how would we follow up with them in the world of social distancing and the pandemic we mailed out $50000.00 flyers to the community asking the question Lord will online of vandalism work. Well speaking of someone named Andrew there was a nother Andrew that lived not too far from here just a little bit that direction in Redlands his name was Andrew Gonzales and enter Gonzales received a flyer in the mailbox he was going through some challenges in his family he was in between churches at the time he was searching in the Hungry for Bible truth and the Gospel cure he wasn't too excited about this flyer that he received but last minute the Holy Spirit touches his heart and he signs up for revelation of peace and Andrew Gonzalez does not miss one night he responds to all of the appeals and I've never seen someone more excited in my life about Adventism than Andrew Gonzales It was so pumped and excited for what he was learning after studying more in depth over the summer just less than 4 months ago in October of 2020 and Gonzales was baptized of the men told him that Mr Butt and to realize after his baptism that his work had just begun he realized enter the disciple that his family had to hear this message he couldn't keep it to himself so Andrew starts spreading the gospel seeds I preached another revelation of peace series for the Arden Hills Church just a couple months ago in November and Andrew tells his entire family Listen I just went through the series you got to hear this you got to hear this message he tells them he gets 3 of his family members to sign up and 3 of his family members his niece his sister in law and his sister watch the entire series. His niece and sister in law been communicating with a palm reader in Las Vegas and they told me through Andrew that when they heard the message on State of the dead that they were convicted that Jesus has the dead sleeping in the grave and they won't wake up until the resurrection and they stop their communication with a palm reader praise God didn't make a decision for baptism but to research Andrew's sister flesh and blood sister that he had been bugging for months to receive got to listen to this check this out finally she caves to his persistence and she watches all of revelation of peace we're studying with her right now she's going to be baptized soon and to research told me this she too was impacted by the Bible truths that she was hearing and she too was impacted by the Bible truth about what happens when you die and she told me this he said Jeff for the last 25 years I had a huge burden on my back and in my mind when my mother passed away I didn't know where she went was she in hell was she in purgatory and when I heard that presentation about death I started weeping and the biggest burden that I've been carrying for the last 25 years rolled off my back praise God that Andrew wanted to share the gospel cure and administer its benefits to his family members Jesus changes lives and it all was because Andrew Gonzales couldn't keep the Gospel cure to himself Well John chapter one the the biblical end to the disciple Andrew brought his brother to Jesus but that's not the only one that he brought to Jesus told me to John chapter 6 John chapter 6. Here in John chapter 6 we read the famous story of Jesus feeding the 5000 Jesus calls out of time out for lunch he asked his disciples where can bread to be brought there were no nearby Cosco those or other such things and the disciples expressed by Philip were incredulous Jesus how in the world can we feed all these people notice chapter 6 and verse 7 Philip answered Jesus chapter 6 of John verse 7 Philip answered him 200 dinar that's 200 days wages 200 days wages worth of bread is not sufficient for them that every one of them may have a little whacked 365 back then 360 days in a year well over half of the year's wages can't pay for it's impossible Philip says and while Philip is arguing and who is doing something about it while Philip is doubting and bickering with Jesus there is no way Andrew quietly slips off and notice 1st 81 of his disciples Andrew who is injured by the way oh yes Andrew Simon Peter's brother said to Jesus verse 9 there's a lad here who has 5 barley lows and 2 small fish but what are they among so many Andrew bring someone else to Jesus We don't know how he find in the obviously he's bringing this little lad to Jesus because of the food issue but I can't help but think as I study the life of Andrew that Andrew had a twinkle in his eye when he saw a little lad with that lunch and said This kid is going to be so excited to see Jesus Hey buddy I mean do you want to share your lunch with Jesus the kid is so excited as I start getting bigger he doesn't know what to say he shakes his head yes. And he brings little lad to Jesus and little at his knees are shaking looking up there at the Savior. Andrew brings a young person to Jesus friends I want to tell you something that young people are hungry for Jesus the reason I know they're hungry for Jesus is because Randy and Shantell are hungry for Jesus in November when I did the revelation of peace series at the Art of his church and we mailed out 30000 flyers to the community of Highland to 16 year old girls named Randy and should tell Chantelle received one of those flyers Shantelle actually got one 1st and she called up her cousin Randy and said hey we got to watch this series I noticed on the youtube live chat each night during my presentations that Randy and Chantelle were always there always involved always commenting I didn't really know who they were didn't know their ages it's hard to tell from online. But we had a registration system we were giving out gifts Bibles religious books steps across it cetera and I made sure that they won one of the 1st guess I had an excuse to drop one off at their house who are these people and I was so surprised when Chantelle came out. And she was a 16 year old young girl from San Bernardino That was excited about Jesus and learning about Bible truth and in 2 weeks 2 weeks friends Mark your calendars February 13th at 2 30 pm Randy and Chantelle are going to officially join God the last day movement to send them a search. And I want to invite you actually can come come to the article 5801 Arden ave 2 weeks to birth 13 day before Valentine's 2 30 pm will be outside will have an outdoor baptismal take and they say that if someone needs to it wants to stay in the atmosphere it's after they've joined that they need at least 8 friends we have more than 8 people hear them and maybe one of you can become Randy and Shantell as friends invites you favorite 13 put in your counter 2 30 pm let's give them a huge Adventists welcome and say this is a place where you can find healing young people one Jesus Andrew brought his brother to Jesus and brought a young boy to Jesus and John records and bringing someone else to Jesus in John Chapter 12 joins me to John Chapter 12. John Chapter 12. And starting in verse 20 John Chapter 12 in verse 20 the Bible says now there were certain Greeks among those who came to worship at the feast they were certain whom everyone Greeks gentiles and the fact that John says that they came to worship but not partake meant they were not converted to Judaism yet they were allowed to partake of Passover they were non jews they were foreigners they were outsiders the Jewish historian Josephus mentions that foreigners would often come to Jerusalem to worship at the Passover feast but not partake So here are these non jew foreign outsiders and notice verse $21.00 says they came to fill. Who is from the Us says Galilee and they asked Him same sir we wish to see Jesus what a beautiful expression of. Friends I believe that there is a world out there that's asking the exact same question we want to see Jesus we want to know God like Mitch there are unsatisfied of the things of this world and maybe like the last point of Luke 15 they don't know they're lost they're confused and weary and scattered they they know they need something they want to draw from a well that will never run dry they want their thirst to be quenched by the living water they want to be fed by the bread of heaven and they're crying out fill my cup low we want to see Jesus they're saying but unfortunately many of us are like Philip. Many of us myself included at times are like Philip remember Philip and John 6 the one who was arguing was going to take $200.00 days wages to feed all these people he was cautious and slow to believe well he exact exhibits the same attitude in verse 22 notice what he does verse 22 fill up came and told Andrew do you notice what Philip is doing here Philip is calling a board meeting he's calling a board meeting we need to ask the church if these people are safe we need to ask the church to make sure we have a business meeting to make sure that these people are safe here at our Ave church I'm not sure if they're open to hearing the avenues message perhaps not right now do they deserve to meet Jesus they're outsiders they're different than us but notice what he does he takes them to Andrew and I believe that Andrew calls a question on the motion and immediately ends the board meeting and the notice of the Bible says in turn Andrew and Philip told Jesus Philip comes to Anders is hardly to these guys and he says oh come on let's take them to Jesus. Philip came in told Andor what do we do and no questions asked let's go and bring them to Jesus. When I 1st began to interact with revelation of peace I didn't think she would ever make a decision or come to our church in fact I kind of considered her an outsider I mean compared to the other contacts we were working with she certainly wasn't dressed like an advantage she was educated and smart we'll call her Sarah and Sarah attended most all of the revelation of peace meetings in November she really missed a night but Sarah never once made a decision to keep the Sabbath never once filled out the card online to to to be baptized or even to give her heart to Jesus she was quiet and reserved in her responses and so after the series was finished the most surprising text message I received was from her Sarah texted and said Pastor what's the address of your church I want to attend in person this coming Saturday and praise God that Sarah whom I had considered an outsider has been attending Arden Hills regularly will see how the Lord leads her I don't know where she's at right now but I'm so glad that she finds Dardanelles a place where she can be administered the Gospel here and relieve his brother to Jesus he leads a young person to Jesus he leads outsiders to Jesus and I think that when John writes this Gospel he intentionally shares these stories involving Andrew he saw an end or someone who is interested in the science of soul saving. Someone who is passionate about when witnessing maybe a quiet passion not allowed passion not a charismatic preacher like his brother but a persistent gentle I love God and I want other people to as well sometimes friends are a society hails the extroverts we highlight them on t.v. and talk shows and sometimes our church does too the charismatic pastor the extroverted elder the loudest person sometimes wins at board meetings but I believe friends that someone who understands the science of redemption and desires to add minister it's gospel here to other people doesn't have to be a look at me God is awesome type of person sometimes we think of a vandalism like the story I heard from Dr Alan Parker is a professor at Southern at his university when I was attending there he shared the story of a time that he asked a friend to wear a shark fin for him on a South African beach and as his friend went around with a shark fin people screamed as they got out of the water and Dr Parker was yelling shark shark and Dr Parker suddenly had a crowd in front of him and he began to preach the Gospel true story I don't know how many converts he had that day but sometimes we think that's what Solon is something laugh out something public something passion but a sore winner can be a quiet soul when someone who is behind the scenes daily seeking opportunities to bless other people daily seeking opportunities to help and serve people daily asking God God give me a divine appointment to help someone understand the greatest science of redemption and the beautiful thing is this friends that by administering to others the Gospel cure that you in fact yourself. Will become more and more vaccinated against the virus notice what actually the possible page one of 5 says she writes this This is become one of my all time favorite quotations strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service let me read again x. the possible page one of 5 strength to resist evil is best gain by Ugh restive service that we can build immunity against evil by aggressively sharing the gospel and let me tell you that enter Gonzales right now is strong in his faith unlike many others who might have drifted away after the made the decision because he is aggressively sharing his faith with his family crisis object lessons page 417 we're told the completeness of Christian character is obtained how many of you want to complete Christian character I want one I want to complete Christian character in these last days before Jesus comes well she says the completeness of Christian character is obtained when the impulse to help and bless others Springs constantly from within wow perfect immunity to sin is obtained through helping and blessing other people there is a sin to having a search in Lexington Kentucky that sent out 10000 invitations to homes in the surrounding area for bible studies they got hundreds of responses back at the time of the pastor an issue to this there are only 2 or 3 people that were giving Bible studies but over time 30 church members got involved with giving Bible studies to the community and there were over 276 Bible studies that were given or one lady came to the pastor and said Pastor I didn't used to come to church and I don't feel worthy to come to church and I don't even feel worthy to pray moreover to give a Bible study but what you're doing is so exciting that I kind of want to be a part of. The pastor told her listen you saying I cannot pray is like me saying I'm sick I can't go to the hospital you can't grow unless you work with others because God doesn't ask you to come to church to be blessed but to give a blessing to others the pastor told her you'll never get a blessing unless you share a blessing the woman said I'm not worthy to tell them anything and the pastor said who said you have to say anything at all go to your house their house pray with them put the d.v.d. in their d.v.d. player Here's the guide read the guide have a prayer and go home. She said That's easy so the pastor gives her an address of a house that requests Bible studies and she takes the bible studies do them in 5 minutes later she gives the pastor a call or pastor God doesn't count me as worthy of the apartment building is locked and I buzz the building and no one came to the door I'm going to leave the pastor said don't you leave you stay right there I want you to get in your car and pray until God gives you an answer and then go back she said Ok 5 minutes later she calls the pastor I prayed to God an answer I'm going to leave the pastor tells her you didn't hear what I said I want you to stay until you get an answer or what if God doesn't give me an answer she said that I want you to sleep there and wake up there and go to sleep the next night I want you to stay until you get an answer because God is not going to let you down and she said Pastor what if it takes 2 or 3 days I have a life and the pastor says no you don't so why do you tell me that Pastor you told me you don't have a life you said I'm not worthy I don't have a life just pray all go to my office and pray and I won't go home until I hear from. So this lady prays and prays and phrase 2 and a half hours later she calls the pastor with enthusiasm and excitement in her voice pastor Pastor you wouldn't believe what happened I was praying and praying for one hour I kept on saying Lord I'm not worthy but I'm not going to give up I was praying and praying and finally after one hour someone came over the garbage container outside and I ran to him and said Can you please let me in I need to go to this lady this lady's apartment and give her a Bible study she told me and the man said No if she's not home to open the door I'm not going to open it for you and besides I'm angry with you. Ladies taken aback with me why because I signed up for bible studies and no one ever gave me one sheet he said we're all here you can take this one she said and the man said Come to my apartment so she goes this man's apartment she's scared out of her mine he tells her to sit down apartment and leaves and so she's sitting in this man's apartment by herself thinking what is going to happen to me Lord protect the man comes back 10 minutes later with all whole lot of other neighbors 78 other neighbors they all want a Bible study and the woman begins her Bible study with these words with a quiver in her voice she says I don't know what to tell you I'm a sinner my life is horrible I'm not worthy I don't know what to tell you but here is what I have here's a d.v.d. and a guy and the man says good because we're sinners too and I thought Pastor came we may not listen but since you came we'll listen they played the d.v.d. and read the guy and afterwards said what are we supposed to do now and he says I think I'm supposed to pray for you and so she prays for them and leaves and they ask her to come back the next week and the next and several out of that group get baptized into the 7th heaven his church. As in hope I want to tell you something today that if God can use that lady he can use you that if God can use enter the disciple to bring his family members outsiders young people to him he can use you that if God can use Andrew Gonzales to share with his family that he can use you I believe friends that during this pandemic coven 1000 that God is giving us so many opportunities yes it's not the same of vandalism your Bible study might be on Zoom instead of in person but people are hungry right now for the Gospel they're lonely they're weary they're scattered they're tired the Bible says and God is asking us to have compassion on these people across the tracks and say hey will you share with them the Gospel cure the Gospel is readily available to vaccinations are readily available but we need more health care workers to administer the benefits who understand the science of redemption and I want to give a practical appeal here that if you want to give a Bible study I have a whole lot of people that we don't have anyone to give Bible studies to if you want to come to Randy and Shantell his baptism if you want to partner together with of evangelism here in San Bernardino County I invite you right after this service on that table there are 2 clipboards and it says interest in of angels and put your name and your cell phone and email I'll be in touch with you and let's all work together to administer the Gospel cure to our neighbors Amen I believe friends that's what God is calling us to in these last days we pray with me father I want to thank you so much I want to praise you for not leaving us alone but I want to praise you for not leaving us by ourselves with this deadly virus of sin thank you for giving us a cure thank you for sending your son Jesus to die on Calvary Street for us. And Father I want to pray that you would please place in my heart compassion for the multitudes sometimes I don't have it Lord I admit sometimes I'm selfish and I choose my schedule and instead of yours alone to help us in these last days to be about your business to be like Andrew the disciple and quietly lead people to Jesus and share with others that great science of your redemption or That's our prayer our desire and all of God's people said amen and God bless you friends I hope you have a wonderful wonderful sap. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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