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Refuse Not Him

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • September 19, 2020
    11:00 AM
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We're going to be looking in Hebrews 12 significantly this morning but before we begin with Father in heaven thank you so much for this holy time that we can come apart from our regular activities and focus on you and the message that you have for us Lord today we would see Jesus and we would hear his voice speaking to us be it far from us that we would ever refuse to hear the God of the universe who speaks to us through His Word clearly in Fattah Clee and meaningfully for the times that we're living in right now today bless us today I pray that you would hide me behind the cross and that you would speak through me I am but a weak vessel but a jar of clay and I offer this prayer in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ a min Well I want to begin and share a story with you about Harry Truman not the President Harry Truman that you might be familiar with Harry s. Truman but this is a man named Harry are Truman Harry was born in West Virginia grew up born in the late 1900 and when he was a boy his family moved from West Virginia to Washington state looking for new opportunities when he was a young man Harry joined the Army and entered into service into World War One in 1917 he served over in France and it's reported that he received some injuries because of his somewhat insubordinate and audacious attitude did not always like to follow instructions and listen to what he was told to do when he came back from the war he tried some odd jobs and even did some bootlegging during the time of prohibition in the 1920 s. but ultimately he got tired of civilization and he said I want to move out and settle far away from people and he found a place on a beautiful piece of property near Spirit Lake near a mountain called Mount St Helens. He really he least I believe about 50 acres from the u.s. government there and began to build cabins and ultimately he built a lodge called Mount St Helens lodge and he operated this logic for 52 years for tourists who would come to this area this beautiful lake and enjoy a vacation was interesting in the early 1980 there were some tremors and rumblings around and connected with Mount St Helens scientists became concerned that there was serious volcanic activity and that maybe it was not a safe place to be. Harry who often just went by Truman he displayed very little interest or concern about the volcano and his situation in fact he is reported to have commented I don't have any idea whether it the mountain will blow he said but I don't believe it to the point that I'm going to pack up I'm not worried I don't care I want to live here and no one's going to tell me otherwise well as the days wore on and things got even more active around Mt St Helens there were a number of scientific and state officials and other people that tried to warn him and others in the area to evacuate because it was dangerous it seemed that a an eruption was imminent Well Truman continued just to scoff at the public's concern for his safety and he began to become a little bit well known a little bit of a a minor folk hero because of his stubborn resistance to leave when all fines were pointing you need to get out of here because things are going to be bad if this volcano erupts by the way his location I believe was about 4 miles away from the volcano right near the base there at Spirit Lake and so he commented when they would send reporters out to interview him with stubborn resistance you couldn't pull me out with a mule team that mounts part of Truman and Truman's part of that mountain referring to Mt St Helens Well if you are as old as me or older you can remember on May 18th 1980 at 8 32 in the morning Mount St Helens erupted in a massive eruption with some 540000000 tons of ash Beaune up into the atmosphere and it was an unusual eruption because it was a lateral in many ways eruption which means it came out in the brunt of it came out sideways and it was in the direction of Spirit Lake. And so within a matter of moments instance they said it was a supersonic blast when the volcano erupted Spirit Lake was covered under at least 150 feet of volcanic ash and lava and debris the entire lake covered what some estimates as high as 300 feet just buried and covered and so some of the aftereffects and the remains as far as 19 miles away there was just in the path of volcanic eruption was just level of destruction from 1000 miles and so all those who had listened and heeded the warning had safely evacuated weeks before there were signs there were indications that something serious was possibly about to happen most imminently about to happen but Harry Truman and his 16 cats were never found again it's possible that with this pirate clastic eruption that he was even vaporized instantly because of the heat that came from this and the massive destruction that it caused you know from Mount Vesuvius I've been over there that's over in Italy they found after it erupted in 8079 they found some some people that had been buried in the lava and after after time wore on their their bodies decompose and there was a hollow space right where their bodies were and so they could fill the the kind of the void when they were excavating and digging out all this ash and debris they realized that these holes were actually the cavity of where a person had been and so if they filled it with kind of a plaster mold they could have the outline in the shape in the form of the person who was there when they were caught in that volcano many many years ago but anyway Harry and his 16 cats that he loved were never found again. Sometimes listening and refusing to listen can have deadly consequences it can be very serious if we fail and refused to listen all the signs all the warnings all of the pleadings that could be done were done and yet Harry Truman fails to heed those and he perished in the volcanic eruption. Well this morning as we look at our subject found in Scripture thank you for reading Violet see that you refuse not him that speak it is an important message for us and Hebrews Chapter 12 and so very quickly I want to skim through this in very broad brush strokes as we look at what we have been seeing over the past I think I started studying the book of Hebrews last March and so it's been quite a journey for those of you that have been staying with us but in the 1st 2 chapters we see the supreme position and authority of Jesus Christ aimin Jesus is supreme He is God He is Lord then in chapters 3 and 4 we notice that there is a spiritual rest that still remains for God's people this is spiritual rest of the soul of a connection with our God in our creator that he longs for us to enter into and we saw that ancient Israel did not really enter into that rest because of unbelief that was the barrier that kept them from really entering into the rest that God wanted to provide then we saw in Chapters 5 through 8 the exalted status of Jesus as our High Priest. Many people know Jesus as their savior but they're not as familiar and acquainted with him as their high priest and it's in the book of Hebrews that we have the clearest picture I think in scripture of the role of Jesus as our High Priest then chapters $9.10 the actual ministry of Jesus in the sanctuary in heaven it's clear it's right there Hebrews $9.10 and also Hebrews 8 that Jesus is serving in the sanctuary in heaven actually officiating on our behalf his own sacrifice as it said the priest would enter in and the Old Testament sanctuary not without blood Jesus himself entered into the sanctuary with his own blood as the victim and the priest to offer and administer that to those who would come to Him for forgiveness and for cleansing and then finally here is where we find ourselves in the final part of the book and appeal to faithfulness and godly living chapters 11 through 13 we're going to finish up Chapter 12 today by the grace of God and look at Chapter 13 next Sabbath and so this is an appeal in what we have studied to be faithful and to live godly based on what Jesus has done for us and is doing for us remember there's really in our last time that we study together which was last month Hebrews 12 in the 1st half we received really Visine in the apex of Hebrews and Hebrews 12 in verse 2 where it says looking unto. Jesus you're awake good sleeping with your eyes open don't don't do it looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our fate and so I want to be clear as we look at these appeals that are given to us it's not to be found within ourselves the strength to accomplish what God wants us to do it's always looking on to Jesus who is the one that begins and authorizes our faith so that we can trust and believe in him and then he will finish that so that it is complete as we become more and more like him as we look at today here in just a moment with our very 1st verse Hebrews 1214 a call to holiness let's read the verse it says follow peace I'm reading from the King James Version follow peace with how many people with all I'm in and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord when I read that verse 20 years ago it really grabs me as a very significant verse therefore I put it in my memory verses without holiness without following and pursuing peace with all myn no one will see God it's that important it's that significant and so I want to unpack a little bit just in this 1st verse what is the peace that we are to follow after Does it mean that we compromise with the principles of the world around us so that we can just get along. God forbid that's not what it means we're going to see in a moment a really good definition for this what about holiness it's interesting that the Greek word for holiness is also translated sanctification the same word that is used it's used 10 times in the New Testament and it's translated in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 3 where it says For this is the will of God even to your sanctification is the same exact word as this is the will of God Even your holiness so we find this is God's will for us to be set apart to be used by him for a special divine purpose that exceeds anything that we could think or ask or imagine God's plan for us it's interesting the word for holiness the Greek word is suggested idea of being progressive really transformed by the Lord into whose likeness not me but into His likeness now notice the word progressive Lee transform there is a continual development it never reaches a plateau and ceases a continual development of becoming more like Jesus this is the idea that we find with the word for holiness but let's look at peace for a 2nd looking at a few other scriptures that talk about this Romans 1218 the same author of Hebrews if it be possible as much as lie as in you live peaceably with all those who you like with everyone who is nice to you that's not what it says right Ok as far as lies with you live peaceably with all myn with everyone. What about Jesus Matthew 5 or snow and Blessed are the peacemakers they shall be called the Children of God peacemaking and following peace are important but we want to ask ourselves what kind of peace are we talking about notice a statement from a view and herald October 15th whoever consents to renounce sin and open his heart to the love of Christ becomes a partaker of this heavenly peace that you see that there's 2 things a renunciation of sin number one and opening my heart to the love of Christ then we partake of the heavenly peace and notice the follow up on that there is no other ground of peace than this. I'm from no other ground of true peace than this than to have a connection with God by renouncing sin that is a that's a picture of repentance the grace of Christ receive the heart subdued enmity it lay strife and fills the soul with love what does the Bible say Isaiah $4802.00 there is no peace says the Lord for who on no peace for the wicked because they have not renounced sin and done what open their hearts to the love of Jesus that is the only way to have true real peace in life it comes from a relationship and connection with God He was continuing on that same paragraph review and herald October 15th 1908 it says He who is at peace with God and his fellow men cannot be made miserable I hope you're not miserable today it says and they will not be in his heart evil surmising will find no room for their hatred Canada exists it cannot exist. That's pretty strong hatred cannot exist you know a few years ago there was a guy named Kevin he started a campaign after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 when someone set off a bomb and people were injured at the finish line called Free Hodes free hugs and it was his point and plan to go to places where there were protests whether it was a political rally or it was protesting because of violence or unrest whatever protesting the police and he said I'm going to go there and I'm going to just give out free hugs to everybody no matter who is there and I remember this is of some pictures from he came to Charlotte in 2016 and here he is hugging the police in riot gear and I just I think I saw a few clips that were floating around on social media how people that were you know they kind of got to line standoff you got the police on the line and you got protesters on the line and here's this guy going back and forth hugging people on both sides and the protesters were mad that he was hugging the police no no no no no don't go hug him don't do that why are you doing that and you know it was wrong he didn't do anything to me I can hug him he's a person and it was and then he would go back and hug and and they had a hard time being mad at him because he's just nice he's just hugging everybody and I know that's not our mission and our message to the world but I would hope that we are always anxious and willing even in the pandemic I know it's sketchy now but to give people hugs the matter who they are no matter what their background is I don't care what political party they are I don't care what their social economic status is I don't care what their race their gender I don't care about that if they're a human being I want to give them a hug because God loves them as much as he loves me and so to recognize this here's a guy who stood in a one man show trying to promote peace by free hugs. Well what does God ask of us as we look at holiness now in 1st Peter 115 and 16 a similar call as is made by Paul and Hebrews 1214 but as he would have called you is holy so be your holy and all manner of conversation because it is written does anyone know where it's written that you can guess it's written in the Old Testament Here comes the quote is from Leviticus 19 and verse to be the holy God says why for I am holy let's look at holiness Now let's really understand this word here is a statement from desire of ages page 555 holiness is wholeness for God wholeness completeness entirety it is the entire surrender of heart and life to the indwelling of the principles of heaven so follow peace and holiness to be holy surrender to God and that's not important we don't think to him I surrender some as I surrender all because it's a complete surrender so that God can work and do something in my life if I'm not surrendering all that he can't really have access to every area in my life holiness for God. Here's another statement also saying the same thing differently different it's the same idea but it's expressed in different words this is from a letter in 893 what is holiness the question is asked. Doing everything with an eye single to the glory of God Ok everything everything what do I eat what do I wear where do I go what do I do who do I talk to it's all with an eye of being single focus to the glory of God Which reminds me of 1st Corinthians $1031.00 whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do how much to the glory of God do all to the glory of God And so it says it right there that everything I do should be done for God's glory so and I single to the glory of God By the way if you're looking for a reference for this Matthew 622 and 23 talks about if your eye is single then you will have the light of God's truth in you any way you says this phraseology of being single to the glory and focus of God in it so my comment on this we should ask ourselves the questions what does God want me to do today single to the glory of God How does he want me to use my time wholeness single to the glory of God who does he want me to connect with to encourage or support singleness and wholeness of the glory of God How can I serve him more singleness and wholeness to God for His glory and his honor All right let's keep reading as we notice the council and they call to godly living Hebrews 12 and verse 15 and what the Scripture tells us it says looking how looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God Lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby Many be defiled brothers sisters we are counseled to look diligently at who. Ourselves and examine ourselves I'm going to slide up with this in just a 2nd I think it's our next one but we are called in a number of places in Scripture to be cautious and mindful of our own condition to be aware of our own spiritual poverty as it were a member that's the 1st of the beatitudes Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven they recognize their poorness in their spiritual poverty and their need of the righteousness and the grace of Christ they are blessed because they recognize their condition and can receive the help that God wants to give them those who are bitter as we look at a root of bitterness are always seeking to involve as many other people as possible in their disaffection and rebellion Have you noticed that when somebody wants to whine or complain let me go to spread my complaining and my anger and frustration or bitterness I'm mad at somebody I'm mad at whoever or however and they want to spread that disaffection around I mentioned a 2nd ago the council is given is not to examine other people is to examine ourselves we see that segment is 35 Examine yourselves whether you be in the faith prove your own selves I'm not to examine other people but I'm to examine my own heart and to see em I truly trusting and following what God wants me to do now here comes our roots of bitterness that we were back looking at a moment ago. When you are bitter you want to spread that other people and you go all the way back to heaven with Lucifer and as he became discontented and jealous of Jesus he wanted to spread that to the other angels and he was successful in spreading that so much that the Bible says a 3rd of the angels were cast out with him then we move on to the Old Testament and we find just one example Absalom David son one of his sons who became jealous and bitter about his position he wanted to be king and so he went so far as to starting a rebellion against his father King David so that David was driven from the thrown out as a fugitive from his own son who is trying to take over from him bitter about his position and his situation and then we move on to the New Testament it's in Judas Judas did not feel like he got the respect he deserved he was not getting the position that he ought to have and so he was willing to betray his own Master and Lord for 30 me silly pieces of silver you know it's been said that bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Have mercy right God forbid I'm so mad at this person I'm angry I'm upset about it and we let it just stew and continue to just become root as it were and it digs into our lives and becomes a a real issue and a real problem and it said in verse 15 that this bitterness it can wind up spreading and harming and hurting many people and so we are cautioned to look carefully that we do not have any roots of bitterness so this morning I would encourage you allow for the grace and the mercy of God to flood into your heart and no matter there's someone on your mind the law to bring to you or someone's maybe many people that have maybe wronged you but allow that to be moved on from and passed over because it will only hurt ourselves it's only the poison that we drink and hurt ourselves if we continue with this aim in well let's take a look here at how bitterness works is called a root in Scripture and so a root suggests a plant and so a plant comes from a seed and so as the seed sown produces a harvest and thus in turn is sown the harvest is multiplied in our relation to others this law holds true every act every word is a seed that will bear fruit this is a broad brush here this is a huge statement everything I say to you everything I do to you is some kind of a seed either a positive or negative one. Here in the positive sense it says every day to thoughtful kindness of obedience or of self-denial will reproduce itself in others and through them and still others the effects of kindness and love and mercy and grace and those things will will find a root in those that we share it with and then be reproduced and still others but if we go in the other direction as our text says in Hebrews 1215 so every act of envy malice or dissension is a seed that will spring up in a plant that has a root of bitterness whereby it says many shall be defiled because it wants to spread and effect and beast shared with other people this negative bitterness and then how much larger The question is asked how much larger number will the many poison thus the sowing of good and evil goes on for time and for eternity let us by the grace of God today resolve with his strength to sow seeds of kindness and love and compassion and grace that we receive from him we can't share what we don't have can we and all those things come from him I don't have it on my own only he is the one who is the source of those things here is how Jesus says we are to live as His disciples a new commandment I give unto you that you love one another and people have asked the question well how is this a new commandment the new commandment is what is underlined. As I have loved you that you also love one another it's new because Jesus has given him a demonstration of what that love really looks like and how he has loved the disciples the unruly and of noxious and annoying I'm sure disciples and all their clamoring and backbiting and pushing for supremacy and so on he says as I have loved you now you've seen a demonstration now that is the way that you are to love one another and he follows that up in verse 35 by this the way that we love each other shall all men know that you really truly are my disciples if you have loved one to another brothers and sisters may that be our experience today that God's love with pour out into our hearts and into our minds and our lives more fully continuing now versus 16 and 17 we read here lest there be any fornicator or profane person as Esau who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright for you know how that afterward when he would have been fair to the blessing he was rejected for he found no place of repentance though he sought it carefully with tears a fornicator lest there be anyone who is an immoral or godless person and then it says a profane person is someone who has no appreciation or desire for sacred things basically a worldly person but in the church reminds me of the parable that we studied not long ago of the last coin that was in the church or in the family the home or in the church and didn't know it and yet it was lost right in the very midst of the home or the church Esau was raised by good parents and taught the same truth as was Jacob was he not. Same lesson same stories same low for for Esau as for Jacob but Esau did not value his spiritual blessings the birthright that was his and he rashly sold it for what. A simple bowl of soup a small meal but as I studied and thought about this sometimes when you study and really take extra time to think and pray and reflect I have asked myself the question is a profane person the same as a lay of the seeing Christian and I came to the conclusion the answer is yes it's a saying the same thing a latest being Christian what is the latest the Christians say oh I don't need anything I'm rich and in need of nothing and not realizing they're spiritual poverty and it's the same idea with a worldly or profane person as Esau is characterized as Esau is not a straight he even that this was to get Esau is not just a random person in Scripture who wanders in from the heathen idol worshipping people in the surrounding nations he was the son of Isaac and Rebecca the grandson of Abraham the great patriarchs in the Bible and yet he is described as a profane person. I saw this description of this sign rather where it says there is a common worldly kind of Christianity which to be clear is no not really any Christianity just a profession in this day which many have a cheap Christianity which offends nobody and requires no sacrifice which cost nothing and is worth how much it really is worth nothing this cheap Christianity worldly Christianity may be made God help us by His grace to look on to Jesus and to receive the grace that we need that we would not live in a way that becomes too entangled with the things of this world that all picture profits page 101 paragraph 3 because of his indifference to the divine blessings and requirements Esau is called in scripture a profane person now watch this he represents people his story has a representative application and it says he Esau will represent those who lightly valued the redemption purchased for them by Christ all of Jesus paid it all but yeah he gave his life he came down from heaven spat upon beaten crown of thorns you know spear on a side but you know what I'm busy with on t.v. tonight those who lightly valued the redemption purchased for them by Christ and they are ready to sacrifice their airship to heaven for the perishable things of earth everything around us that we see by and large unless it's people is just going to burn up anyway it's just stuff multitudes live with the president with no thought or care for the future may that not be us that we just live impulsively. And that we would just live in such a way that we would not value the spiritual benefits and blessings that God longs to give to us at prayer meeting in our evangelistic meetings in our worship and devotions in spiritual outreach to those around us it says like Esau the same kind of class of people cry Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die they are controlled by inclination and rather than practice self-denial they will forego the most valuable considerations if one must be relinquished the gratification of a to pray for appetite or the heavenly blessings promised only to the self-denying and God fearing the claims of appetite prevail and God and heaven are virtually despised and that's a strong statement we don't want to be controlled just by the whims and inclinations of our sinful heart I mean Jeremiah 17 verse 9 the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it certainly not any of us only God knows how sinful and wicked Our hearts are and only he can cleanse the fountain. All right don't put myself here out on the line just a tiny bit maybe you're getting hungry it's getting close to the lunch hour but seriously here we go again with the toaster strudels by God's grace we can conquer the claims of appetite that's the setting for what we find of Esau for just a momentary lapse of he without doing something and he came back and evidently today they would say he was hangry hungry and angry combined hangry and he was so hangry that he just sold and gave up his spiritual blessings of the birthright for just something to eat which then perished and was no more and so I have appear on the screen some things that have challenged me in the past but by the grace of God He is helping me not to eat these things anymore and so I notice it says I can do all things through Christ with strength as me somebody might say what does it matter when these things are just loaded with sugar and all other kinds of things but anything that affects our mind affects our spirituality I mean ultimately that's a principle you could put up here I could put up millions of objects on the screen but the principle is anything that affects my mind and in some way weakens or alters my thinking because of this artificial substance it affects my spirituality and therefore my ability hear God's voice and to follow where he leads me and what he wants me to do and so I'm not trying to major in minors but the Bible says In Psalm 84 verse 11 you can see it down here on the lower right hand side no good thing will he God withhold from them that walk up rightly he's not going to withhold anything if it's really good for you and so let me ask you this question before we move on is Christianity just a life of drudgery and a bunch of don't you don't sound too sure about that god forbid no God always has something better for us. Yes something better for us now I was getting nauseous and grossed out with the last slide but now I'm starting to drool a little bit starting to drool and here are some of the things that God has helped me and to replace something better I want to pistachio cake I love pistachios and you get a giant bag of these at Sam's Club and my wife and I we just we eat them almost at breakfast and just we love them and I would rather have a stash it was than anything on that previous slide berries I want a huge blueberry and strawberry kick and so just every day just piles of blueberries and strawberries I just I love them and then my other little guilty pleasure they're not cheap you can get em at angles are these peanut butter banana bites they sometimes they'll put them on sale and that's when they're better because they're still very cheap but it's just a special treat but it's a banana and it's chewy and it has peanut butter and it's still has some sugar I'm sure but it's generally healthy and so it's better in a step in the right direction I say these things because God has something better for you doesn't matter what it is I don't know what your issues are or things that God might be pointing out the say if you would stop eating this or drinking this maybe it would be a blessing in your life we don't want to be like Esau that was a story in just a small way giving up his birthright for just some food let's continue on reading verses 18 through $21.00 The scene changes now we're going back into the Old Testament for ye are not come into the Mount that might be touched and that burned with fire nor into the blackness and darkness and Tempest and the sound of a trumpet and the voice of words which voice they heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more for they could not endure that which was commanded and of so much as a beast or animal touch the mountain it shall be stoned or thrust through with a dark. And so terrible was the sight that Moses said what did he say this is not in the Old Testament we have the New Testament writer here saying I do fear and Quake exceedingly I am terrified so this is were taken back to the time of the giving of the commandments on Mount Sinai and it was an awesome and solemn occasion so solemn that the people they were instructed to gather around the mountain there were boundaries that were set up so that they would not come too close and they were that if they even touched the mountain it was the punishment with instant death I'm not trying to scare people this morning this is in the scriptures so God's trying to tell us something about his holiness and his reverence that we should have for him we're going to see that play out even more it was an awesome and intensely solemn occasion even Moses was afraid but notice this from Pixar some prophet face 339 why were the people forbidding to come close because God says I'm just too good for you the people of Israel because of their what because of their sinfulness were forbidden to approach them out when God was about to descend upon it to proclaim his law lest they should be consumed by the burning glory of His presence as God trying to do them a favor yes or no yes don't come too close because I am holy and if you come too close because you are sinful you will be destroyed because of my very presence and glory the magnitude of my glory and honor it will be a consuming fire to you and now to the point comes to us today if such manifestations of his power mark the place chosen for the proclamation of God's law how terrible must be his tribunals when he comes for the execution of the sacred statutes. So Paul is showing us here in the past we can read about how incredibly amazing and powerful and majestic Mt Sinai was and how awesome it was for the Israelites who are encamped there and saw and heard the thunder and the lightning and the thick cloud and the fire itself the mountain appeared to be on fire and now we're told and that gives a glimpse to what is to come in the future when God comes to execute the judgment for those who have not followed or kept His Commandments that were given in such an awesome way remember what Moses said I do exceedingly fear and Quake I am terrified it says here in pictures from prophets never since man was created Had there been witnessed such a manifestation of divine power as when the law was proclaimed from Sinai this morning with your sanctified imagination we are to go back and to see how awesome that scene was we're not seeing it with our physical eyes sight and hearing it with our physical ears but we're seeing it by faith and how awesome it was this event when God gave and proclaimed his commandments it was a big deal for the people to realize how holy God was and what his requirements are they are important in Psalms it tells us the earth shook the heavens also dropped at the presence of God even Sinai itself the entire mountain was moved at the presence of God the God of Israel the whole mountain was moot but in our scripture reading as we keep reading we find God is going to shake not only just Mount Sinai but the earth and the Heaven His will in the future and that I believe will be at the 2nd coming is going to be an awesome scene how will those who have trampled upon his authority endure his glory and the great day of final retribution the terrors of Sinai were to what is the word. Represent they represent something they represent to the people the scenes of the judgment which we understand from the messages we're living in right now for the hour of his judgment is come the terrors of it were to represent to the people the scenes of the judgment the sound of a trumpet summoned Israel to meet with God the voice of the archangel and the trump of God shall summon from the whole earth both the living and the dead to the presence of their judge did you catch that last part when do we hear the trump of God and the voice of the archangel 1st us alone in 4 at the 2nd coming of Jesus when Jesus comes the 2nd time that's when it will be sounded and we will hear the trump of God and the voice of the archangel and so these terrors of Sinai were to represent the scenes of the judgment this is an awesome spectacle Let's continue reading these are important verses for us. But now the scene shifts and changes after looking at Mount Sinai in verse $22.00 but ye are come unto Mount Zion on and on to the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem and 2 and innumerable company of angels to the general assembly and church of the firstborn which are written in heaven and to God the Judge of all and to the spirits of just min made perfect brothers and sisters what we're seeing is a description of the past and the experience of Mount Sinai and now the scene shifts when he says but ye are come he's meaning by faith we are come to look at the scenes that are to come in the future so we find ourselves we've been given a description of the past and the past helps us to understand what the future which is yet to be will be like by faith we have come to Mount Zion and in case there's any question if it's the literal Mount Zion in Jerusalem I've been there last year it says to the Heavenly Jerusalem this is referring to of course the New Jerusalem in heaven as it's called in Revelation and they were given a description of heavenly beings that are around God's throne now who is described as being on Mount Zion we see an innumerable company of angels myriads of angels literally thousands and thousands and tens of thousands we see the Church of the firstborn the word church means what. It's not a trick question it work church means those who are called out That's what the word church literally means called out of darkness into his marvelous light 1st Peter 29 called out of the world into a special relationship with God The Church of the firstborn by the way Jesus is called the firstborn of all creation in collage in chapter one he is the originator and source of all created all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made John chapter one and then we also see here the scene God the Judge of all and then we see the spirit of just men made perfect people ask questions about that I'm going to try to briefly deal with that in a moment and then Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant by faith we can see this glorious awesome scene that is to be when Jesus comes and surrounding and standing on that throne there around the throne on Mount Zion Now some people have misapplied and misinterpreted the spirits of just men made perfect to think that this is somehow people who have already died and are just living around in heaven already. But notice clearly the verse says that men are made perfect not spirits are made perfect that you catch that the spirits of just men made perfect the men made perfect we find in Scripture the word spirit has a range of meanings and can refer to the vital principle by which the body is animated the whole source of life which comes from God And so in a sense the word spirit applies to the whole person the complete being as it were it's a cumulative summarizing statement of those that God is describing the entire person is made perfect by the will and power of God Now to be even further clear on when this happens we're asking the question when is it that men are made perfect all we have to do is look a few verses up from what we read in a previous chapter of Hebrews 11 versus 39 to 40 notice what the Bible says here Paul has already said this to the Hebrews in before chapter 12 what we just read Hebrews 11 versus 39 and 40 it says and these all referring to the Hall of faith the ancients who live by faith having obtained a good report through faith received not the promise now verse 40 God having provided some better thing for us that they what does it say next without us should what should not be made perfect in other words they died in faith and they without us shall not be made perfect because we're all going to be made perfect in the absolute sense as a 2nd Coming of Jesus when He comes. At the 2nd coming when we are all transformed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last from 1st Corinthians Chapter 155-1355 makes very clear so this is the description that we're reading about of the future in Hebrews 12 what will be yet in the future now I read a statement this week that I wasn't even looking for something about what we just read about but I read this and I had not read this before and it perfectly connected together what this study is about notice this talking about 144000 and for the sake of time let me just skip to what underlined referring to Revelation Chapter 14 versus one through 5 where John says I saw a lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him 844000 that's what's being talked about in this statement but notice how it's described it says they are what's the word prefigured before us as standing on Mount Zion the word prefigure is to imagine beforehand they're not literally on Mount Zion on but they're prefigured imagine beforehand because the time is coming when $144000.00 will stand on Mount Zion on Mount Zion and heaven is a literal place but by faith we're seeing a picture of what it will be like when it becomes a reality and so this also is I think what Paul is doing in Hebrews 12 as he talks about the seen here and says you are come to Mount Zion it's prefigured imagine beforehand the experience that God's people will have when Jesus comes All right let's continue verse 24 and to Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant and to the blood of sprinkling that speak it better things than that of Abel Jesus has intervened to restore peace between God and man you know a mediator is someone who is between 2 parties to reconcile them together and Jesus is reconciling us to God because of our sins God doesn't need changing we are the one who need to be changed by what the blood of sprinkling. This blood a sprinkling represents the efficacy of Christ's blood which is called the blood of sprinkling because it cleanses from all of the Filemon and guiltiness that's actually from the Spirit of Prophecy a quote where the blood of Christ and the blood of sprinkling is called this because it cleanses from all defilement and guiltiness I will say a min and praise the Lord for that I need that today to be cleansed we need to apply the blood of Jesus the blood of sprinkling on a regular daily basis we find that the blood of Abel cried out for vengeance the blood of Jesus speaks of better things it speaks of mercy forgiveness and salvation that is why Jesus' blood speaks of better things and now we come into our scripture reading where it says in verse 25 see or take note Be observant that you refuse not him that speak it and this is referring to God who is speaking for if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth much more shall not we escape if we turn away from him the speak of from heaven 26 whose voice then shook the earth but now he have promised saying yet once more once more this is future this is the 2nd coming there's a quote here from Haggard Chapter 2 this is the 2nd coming a description I shake not the earth only but also heaven and this word yet once more signify it the removing of those things that are shaken as of those things which are made that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. So the Greek word here where it says see that you refuse not him to speak as it is in the present tense it would be as if I were to say to you see that you don't refuse the one who is speaking to you now like now not that he spoke and it's done and you're just kind of well he said that in the past it conveys the idea that God is speaking in the present and how is he speaking to us you know it is through His word this is I mean he's speaking to us today just as much as to the New Testament Christians the Old Testament Christians he is constantly speaking and it is in the present sense that that speaking is happening and we are caution that we do not refuse to listen to what God is trying to tell us ancient Israel refused to listen to the voice of God If you read Exodus 21st 1000 you won't go there but they actually said to Moses tell God that we don't want to hear from him you speak to us but not God because we're scared of him we're afraid that we're going to perish we're going to die. And they actually said we don't want God to speak to us God forbid that we would say that don't speak to us God it's too serious it's too straight but God wants to get our attention at Sinai God's voice shook the mountain but yet in the future God's voice will shake the earth and heaven and that time will be Jesus' 2nd coming actually have it in my nose here's the here's what the people say Texas 21020 the people said to Moses speak that with us and we will hear but let not God speak with us lest we die and Moses said to the people fear not for God is come now watch here's what God's purpose is in all what he is doing in the majesty on Mount Sinai Moses explains God has come to prove you and that his fear may be before your faces and what. That the sin not God is wanting to show us how serious his government his character his law is we would fear to sin against him and take seriously what he tells us in His Word and His commandments that is what God was trying to design to show them now review and herald April 1960 that you refuse not him to speak if we just read that verse Who are those that refused to hear the voice of Christ question is asked here is the answer from the Spirit of Prophecy they are those who do not hear and practice what is say they do not hear and practice his word they are those whose hearts were crowded and overcharged with circuiting and drunkenness and the cares of this life they are those who will not receive the message of warning for when these last days friends is my earnest prayer that all of us here visitors members alike will not be part of the class that refuse to hear what God says to us to refuse to listen to what God is trying to tell us and then to put it into practice by history into our lives may that not be us 2 more verses were coming to a close verse 28 where for we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear God St inherit a kingdom which cannot be moved Why because it is a permanent and eternal everlasting kingdom we see other pictures of this in Daniel Chapter 7 were talks about the kingdom being given into the saint of the most high and they shall possess it even forever and forever God's kingdom being inherited by his people why would we want to give up on that everything else that can be shaken it's not of God will be shaken out. But what remains is what God establishes his people and his kingdom now in the King James is said let us have grace it would be better stated from the Greeks let us be thankful let us be thankful for what God offers to us him in let us be genuinely grateful for the blessing of what God provides and then we are admonished to worship God with 2 things with reverence and with all and that reminds me of the 1st angel's message to fear God and good Lord to him that is the 1st part of the 1st angel's message here comes the last verse as we summarize this chapter it says For our God because for our God is what and that hearkens us back to what we read on Mount Sinai he is a consuming fire to sin sinners could not stand his presence but it's interesting that those who came to near and were not prepared at Mount Sinai were consumed but this was not an arbitrary statement or punishment from God because Moses came near to God He touched a mountain he even went up on the mountain and he was not consumed we can read about it in our Bible why not because he was in a right relationship with God He was prepared he was connected and committed and he had no sin between him and God so that he could stand in his presence and that's what God wants to do for us and that's what of course the sanctuary service which was instituted at this time allows the removal of sin so that God can dwell in the midst of his people and let them make me a sanctuary so that I may dwell in the midst of him why did God forbid Israel to come too close to him because they were too simple. 2 slides that were done final story many of you know that my son Jacob is working at Blue Mountain Cademy this year serving as an assistant dean and he is also working there with another young lady that he is very good friends with named Sarah bowtie and they are both the assistant Deans there in Pennsylvania we mount the cademy and they've 1st time working in a dorm they've had some challenges and things but I think they're enjoying it they only make $350.00 a month you know the tasks I mean for a month is that's pretty tough pretty small peanuts but it's for the experience they're getting a good work experience they have about 3540 or so students I think I need to dorm and you're having to parent other kids and it's a real good experience was 2 weeks ago out of urgent message from my son that said Dad I've the principal of asked me to go and get some special gift cards for the rest of the staff as a surprise and I don't have the money for that can you help send me some money and he said I need him right away and it's a surprise and so anyway I've got to run to town to go to Wal-Mart and buy he wants me to buy $100.00 gift cards for all the staff and so he'd been asked to buy I think 12 gift cards which is $1200.00 and then stare had been asked to buy 13 gift cards which is $1300.00 and so they were I mean you're the poorest staff on on campus and I guess because they're new they were asked to go do this chore and so they said Ok well we'll go in the principal want to he's in charge you know don't refute what the principals are boss. And so I sent my son $1200.00 fronted him that and I will get receipt and I'm sure going to this bag quickly and that's a big chunk of my paycheck for the month and so anyway all right and so they go and they get these cards and they come back and the principal starts messaging them again and says Can you send me a picture of the cards I want to make sure that you have them and like Ok I will do that and so they started sending pictures of the cards and as they were doing that later on that evening my son began to realize wait a minute this you've been getting communication back and forth from an e-mail from the principal I thought he was talking to the principal but he wasn't talking to put you getting an e-mail and really it was just a scammer and a hacker that had hacked into the school's website and was sending out e-mails for tending to be from the principal and telling him to do this and of course my son and say are a very very innocent 2 innocent something on we're sitting these things back Ok they want to picture and this doesn't make sense and I don't have the money and and so anyway at the end of the day Jacob lost $700.00 from the cards because they were just somebody was whoever random person on the Internet was taking the numbers and the pictures and then going and buying stuff right away and Sarah lost a $1000.00 and so that was they were able to stop some of the cars before they got fully processed but most of them were just quickly you know as soon as they sent them the information with the cards then they bought them that whoever it was. And so the kids they were devastated this was 2 weeks ago and and of course Dad He's all fired up like Who are these people taking advantage of my child let's call the police let's get the authorities involved and call the federal government let's me how the how there are these poor kids and they're not even making any money in the 1st place and they take away their whole salary for a semester almost I mean that's a lot of money and so anyway dad was all fired up and I don't look on the Internet what should I do should I call the local police and and so on and anyway we tried to you know put on a brave face with the kids and tell them you know Romans 8 says that all things work together for good to those who love God right all things work together for good and so God has of work things out and it's Ok it's just money nobody was hurt nobody's identity was stolen and in the next morning the hacker sit back another message to my son and said I need some more cards where you would be doing I need you to send someone get some more and hurry hurry hurry and Jacob said later I wonder why the pencil is just out moving his lawn when I would go out to town to to go by the principal's house and the like but he said he was so busy he couldn't do this and he needed me to do it anyway Ok so that the next morning the hackers sending back get more get more get more not realizing that my son knew that this was just a scam at this time and this is what my son wrote back to the hacker and I can read kind of long I'm sorry Marty run along but I'll do my best to try and read it I can't even read off the screen there it says hey so I know you're probably laughing right now and saying how much of a fool me and my girlfriend are for falling into your trap but in all reality you're not happy and deep down I know you aren't the items and things of this world won't bring you true happiness and I know that's what you're looking for as much as I want to be really mad at you for taking all of my money that I earned I must say that I still like you and I hope the best for you. Jesus died on the cross for you and he wants you to be saved all he wants is to have a close friendship with you so whoever you may be I want to encourage you to read your Bible and try to have a close connection with God because ultimately he will give you true happiness and he loves you with all his heart as much as I know you're enjoying getting stuff for free and stealing other people's money that fall into your trap I just asked that I may be the last person you try this again with because I don't want anyone else to go through this and I want the best for everyone even though you lose you took all my money I love you because Christ loves you. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully I can meet you again and the Kingdom above where there will be no more pain and suffering what was a verse that we read at the beginning follow peace with people that are nice to you follow peace with people that are your family that you like and says follow peace with all men and holiness doing everything with an eye single to the glory of God because without this no man will see the Lord and so that is a call today for us is to enter into a closer more connected a holy relationship with Jesus this is my last slide they were done refuse not him to speak with Bible commentary. Volume 7 God is chosen men from eternity to be holy this is the will of God Even your sanctification God's Law tolerate no sin the echo of God's Voice comes to us ever saying what is God saying to us today whole ear holier stilled more wholeness for God more of an eye single to the glory for God in everything that I do and say everything for God's honor and glory and ever our answer is to be yes Lord we say it with me yes Lord holier still more holy for God holiness is within the reach of all this is not something that's too hard for you to have it is within the reach of all who reached for it how who reached for it by faith believing in the power in the promises and God's word it's God who has the power we have no power not because of their good works but because of Christ merits divine power is provided for every soul struggling for their victory over sin and over Satan. Is that your desire today to have a more holy connection with got to follow it pursue peace with everyone and have an eye single for God's glory that your desire one invites you to raise your hand with me this morning I'm raising my hand I want to be more holy and yes holier as God works in my life will Father in heaven this moment we are taking time to be holy as we have heard the message in scripture today we want to see God we want to therefore pursue peace with all people and we want to do everything with an eye single to your glory in your honor Lord set us apart sanctify us help us to be holy by your strength and by your grace none of us has the power to do this in our own strength it cannot happen but only as we by faith Reach out for you and reach out in your strength and your help thank you for hearing this prayer we offer and pray it in Jesus precious name let all of God's children sing Amen and Amen. 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