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01 Star Falls

Joakim Hjortland


Throughout the history of the Bible and of our church, many powerful heroes of God have fallen away. How can we be sure we will be able to stand?

This important message is designed to inspire and arouse you; as well as providing game-changing practical tips, to help you and your loved ones

avoid that sad destiny.     


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe



  • January 30, 2021
    12:00 PM


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Happy Sabbath by the way. The text as we heard there for Let him who thinks he stands. Lest he be for now I thought I knew what I was going to preach about until like. This Thursday but then I basically felt depressed ashamed to topic it would have been easier to stick with the original plan and it's a good sermon that I preached many places I would have gotten significantly more this night if I would have show Sunday or in all plan but I believe God led another message on my heart that I want to share with you and I'm sure that he has a message for us today yes something he wants to wants us to care for their wife and I know exactly what our own lives and what is for your body for me or whatever but I trust that the Holy Spirit is going to speak to our minds and to our hearts through this message the type though of the message that is Starforce Starforce and. To be said but before we get into that I would just like to have another sort of prayer that's probably the only thought I asked pray that your spirits make died in a special way to live my words that are thoughts you meant to tailor make this message and that you may help us understand what it means to us individually and I pray that it may inspire strengthen and help us and that this truth is principles may also help. Other people will know our loved ones families friends that this can be a big blessing in many ways I think that if you will that we cringes this name came up. After of the history of the Bible and after out the history of Christianity there are many examples many sad examples of stars for God if you will of powerful people of God that got us used mightily that have ever been surely one of the way that have eventually walked us strayed from from God We see also in more recent history for instance in the in the history of our church we have some of the most powerful people in the Church of God really used my to being. Where stars that fall sadly eventually people lie about it to John's image of Wagram heir John Harvey Kellog them can write and many people thought God really used it to just for instance he was a very influential leader in our church he was a powerful speaker author he wrote many books you have a very strong influence he oftentimes proved after the general conference sessions the sermons for all the delegates from from from around the world here he was on the x. com He he was also strongly endorsed by I don't want she said things about him like he was a chosen vessel of God and it in 88 on the years after to share a message that the church really needed to hear the message of righteousness by faith a message that if if properly received by by God's church she would basically lead to the finishing of the work she said like gas shows that he was a vessel to preach these message at the church so desperately needs he was so powerfully used by God but yet Dr mount and many others eventually left the Fed left the church and when I hear these kind of stories and I read these kind of stories and it makes me wonder it makes me ask myself if this people that were so close to God that were so filled with God's Spirit if they could for. How can I make sure that I will not experience the same how can I make sure that I can I can stay you know on fire and how can I make sure that I can have the reason I'm growing experience with Christ until. Unfortunately this is not only something that happened you know thousands of years ago or hundreds of years ago 2 weeks ago at heart one of my former to church so I had a sad news from him that he was disfellowshipped from from the show for some. Yeah basically you could say similar to the story of David in some ways this man had been powerfully used by God a mighty speaker mighty little there are powerful water there was a mentor for a big international very impactful ministry in the seventy's and his church and. Yeah basically similar true story of David he got into some sexual activities Haitians have gotten into and so on the difference seems to be it of this happened many times and it seems like the confession that David had has not been there and like it showed very sad news very sad news and even closer to home a few days ago a person that I and some people in this room know personally was sadly arrested by the police in his home his wife had called the police and many news papers talked about this thing this active Christian. You know talk about how the in their words this if you live a life and he did some serious serious crimes and it left fact him and his family on others for probably the rest of their lives very sad to hear and this is a person but. We love and there was also I think partially used by God to really follow God and. Yeah when Tom missions called on and was working for God and God gives him power for being and that was one of the things that inspire me to really answer change the topic. The topic of today became an even stronger vibrant in it any less before before this week that begs the question you know how can we be so if we're also being told for inspiration that many stars in the church will fall in a time of them how can we be saved I believe I will probably the next time I speak I think I will do a part 2 of this message today that the thought is I would focus a little bit more on the question how can we be said and I think the next sonar which I will talk a little bit about and how can we help how can I maybe help a brother or a friend or family member that is maybe taking some steps in other action that may lead to something like this how can I help and maybe have an influence that maybe can hinder them from from experience something seem. Sort of this is what we're talking about today on the out please pray for our leaders priests pay for for especially their blood God are using powerful ways please pray for this this friend of ours here in Sweden and his family in this difficult time right now that's gonna be with them and God Spirit me and work on their hearts and I want to share with you today 7 kids 7 principal 7 points some of them will go through pretty quickly that I think are very important for how we Temple said how we can stay strong until the end and the 1st principle I'm going to Sherri states realize that it happens throughout here I mean it's important to realize that it happens gravity a full life this does kind of force doesn't happen overnight and it's. You don't go from overnight really powerful used by God on fire everything is good and then overnight you are completely off it happens gradually and you know how people go to hell that will go to hell on a mock up as if you're not in a fast race car it happens gradually slowly and generally when people fall away when they when they go to heaven they get lost generally it's more like a turtle the my hair right it happens gradually and it may be useful for us in several ways to realize that generally people are lost inside of the church before they are lost outside of the church there is a pair of time when they are in the church yes they go to Mass and yes but they do not have a soul mission to put Christ and that's where it starts here before they come that far up in the one they go after and things go down and down and down it happens gradually Now listen to this quote about Solomon from Prophet and kings it's estis So let us do our grand Q. Well songs of pasta see that before he was aware of it the food was somewhere with community he had wandered far from God. Almost imperceptibly almost you could almost not see it it was so gradual almost imperceptibly he began to trust less some less in divine guidance and blessing and to put confidence in his old strength. That's the tricky thing that's the scary thing that happens so gradual that you may be kind of in that process without really being aware of it it's it happens gradually that's why he thinks his he stands take it less before it happens gradually just a set look 6 and verse stand and use faithful and that which is least is faithful also in much and he would insist on just what he said this is unjust also in much before you are unjust in March or on federal in March you are unfit for smaller things the decisions we make today. It's what the term. Our destiny is to mar the decisions we take them off and usually start with small things is what determines our destinies tomorrow now Daniel 6 is some interesting example not to spend a lot of time there but it's an interesting example of I think in a sense of cancer some of the slippery slope of seeing which is gradually leading us down more and you see there in that No 6 how the leaders in Babylon they want to find some charge against Daniel and basically there it yells of them you know and there are jealousy it leads them to be envious of Fame and therefore since they are envious of him they want to find the charge against him so basically that jealousy it lead to envy and their enemy lives to lying and they're lying it's just scheming trying to you know get a trap for him and then they try to find something wrong with team that the human being arrested and killed by the king so it starts with jealousy and then it goes down and like gets worse and worse and eventually they want it wanting to kill and they're clinic there the guy they're working with that hasn't done anything wrong and that's usually how it works you started to start with something small there may be something a little in our lives it may be jealousy that can lead you know to envy you and then maybe to lying and then maybe to to things we never dreamed we will do and that's the thing some of the things I don't want to go into those are some of the things that happened in other stories I mention but those are things that are very very surprising for people that know us this individuals you would have never thought that they would have done something like they had done and that's what can happen when we start out slippery slope small step step by step and eventually we come to a point when we do things when we may do things we would have never imagined that we would ever see ourselves do that's a scary thing now Markley to put it like this scene in our lives never gets smaller it only gets larger and I think it's definitely some truth that I've seen in our lives never get smaller it's only. Gets larger now there is a story that the drug addicts in New York City the tell is an interesting story a parable that kind of illustrates this point pretty well they tell a story tell us a parable about this man that is walking through Central Park in New York and as he's walking to the park he says this little monkey and this little nice little monkey a cute little monkeys theory and he's playing in the park and and the nanny Oh man that's cool you know that's a cool cute little monkey and and he takes that he bends down he takes up the monkey put it on he's on his shoulders you know and he walks around with this if you can monkey on the shoulder on the and the monkeys you know it's like petting him on the show and then he jumps down from the shoulder and he runs around his leg is like playing this kid in monkey you know but apparently eventually this little monkey gets hungry so this man he goes and buys up on manna from the bananas down you know by the end of the park here and he gives these monkeys phenomenon that is happy and he says by now but apparently he's still hungry after up on him so the man he goes and buys another banana and gives it an amount you see but he still hungry so eventually pretty soon this man he goes on the bison whole bunch of balance and he gives gives it to the monkey and one bun another $500.00 banana more and more and more and then my dear he starts to grow so you can imagine he's getting all his banana you know and he starts to grow more and more and pretty soon this little monkeys I mean size monkey and pretty soon this mean sides monkey turns into the back of big green up. So this mall in America has now become a big gorilla and this big gorilla the person is arm around this man am the snake and I begin squeezing you know I don't know giving him a hug or something but he's so big now is start squeezing it was his arm around the neck of this man and he squeezes and he's squeezing and he's squeezing and squeezing and eventually the guy falls down and the and The Big Read about started start to tramp on him and trample on the man eventually crashes him and kills dismantle and the drug addicts in New York City tell his story they said that this is exactly what drugs are like you start taking them a little bit just take one. And then you have to have more and more and more until the ultimately kill. You're trying to get more and more about how you know because the thing is this those kind of highs doesn't satisfy the government late is only the most time only God can fully satisfy our hearts. But that's the way also that scene needs we start if we start playing around with seeing I mean it may be just a little thing maybe just a little bit of dishonesty maybe just a little bit of something there just a little bit of criticism maybe just a little bit of immorality just a little bit but the problem is the scene there is there is a little bit since never gets smaller it only gets larger and the larger it gets the more it can destroy you and keep So if you're someone listening to those words if you have been playing around with something in your life that the Holy Spirit is impressing you it's not right it's why not today make a decision to let go of the thing. Why not today by the grace of God the side you're going to break loose of that scene or whatever whatever it may be. So our 1st clients. Use it is gradual this kind of force it happens gradually 2nd point to states carefully guarded very important principle that's why our carefully guarded that avenue use of yours. Carefully guarded the avenues of your soul it's in the book and it is time to start following those who would not fall prey. To Satan's devices so sort of do not want to follow for sentence temptations or whatever his or taxis he schemes against you does who would not follow prayed to set those devices must guard well that avenues of tests are all. There you must avoid reading seeing or hearing that which would suggest him or thoughts. Very important principle and the quote goes on the mind must not be left to develop at random upon every subject that the enemies of so me suggest the heart must be faithfully sent to no protector or evils without will awaken evils within and the soul in wondering darkness Stephen Covey of the author of 7 Habits of Highly successful people on the other is said the following are expressed the kind of the same underlying feeling in a white in a similar way he said so I thought ribbon action so an action. Rebbe happens so I have it read by character so I character. Really I have this thing and it's not true so basically it starts with a thought and basically what starts in the thought is what eventually we determine our destiny it takes some time but that's where it begins that's where it begins and when you think about it this is really what about our lives we live in a battle between good and evil when even the who are fair a great controversy between God and set on a controversy that we're just we're every So for you and me for every every one of our loved ones a battle for every soul and the battle is really taking place is really a battle of our minds and how do you in France the minds while this through the avenues of the saucer what you hear is struck you reduced to i.q. test and that's weird about his faith and practice that's where it starts and that's why we need to carefully guard to have the news of the soul now I think it's important to realize that it's not just seem to be time to. I think it's very important to realize that it's not the same just as my stand that he never seemed right so there seemed to be time to temptation in this thing forward this wicked world cannot be fully I want that we should try to what is a matter of account that would help us that would help us not to fall but it cannot be pulled out whether I like how it looks or put it he said we cannot we cannot prevent the birds from flying over our heads. But there is not only that we should let them nest in our hair don't let any bird's nest in your hairy man. Just have them fly away and run away from them. James put it like this in chapter one verse 14 and I'm 57 but each one his tent up when his straw on our way by his on the side is on and ties down when the so I ask com says that it gives birth to seen and seen when it's full grown brings forth death it's a process the start yes temptation is fear but that's not seen but if that is considered is that the series considered if you develop enough and you kind of cherry start anew that's when seen this bored by the good news the state's God is able to make us faithful even in our thoughts just as was faithful in our thoughts and God is strong and soon God is strong and set up guy strong in any wickedness of this world he would be ultimately victorious in this world and he wants to be victorious in your life in them and if you let him he would 2nd Corinthians 10 verse 4 and 5 it says for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal about my doing God for the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into captivity to us to Christ so what is this a process that says that God is a strong he's a powerful to him said that it's nothing serious Not that this is something God is afraid of he is strong enough to make you faithful even in your thoughts so you don't have to walk out sleep result from bad thoughts simple thoughts or simple actions to simple have it's the same folk character and to hell as your eternal destiny. He can do it if we left him and he wants to go out now this leads us to our 3rd part of our 3rd principle think about this where. Or how I think about ancient city right surrounded by these walls you know all these orbs it is how were they the 5th or rather what I'm kind of thinking office where where Day It attacked if you will conquer a nation state in an ancient city how would you take that city. Basically you would you find the weakest points of this of this war you would attack it you would try to see if you not this point is the weakest part that's where you would try to attack and take that city and that's also how the devil works so our 3rd point is basically this very useful principle I would have us well figure out what are your weakest points and work especially to fortify them figure out what are your weakest points and work especially to fortify them they're at their company many things that could be many things that may be your weakest point it's different for every individual something really struggling big time with something that it's not so big about it for other people but they have other struggles maybe different things for example for you I don't know what it might be for your from the from the I have a better idea for you I guess. The state of it can learn it maybe also there but surely but you may be proud. You may be just nuts and maybe lust you maybe maybe something in the area of health or other type of addictions maybe power and desire for power popularity and maybe things like music or media that certain uses to try to influence your thoughts in your mind. It may be things like fanaticism you're inclined to fanaticism a conspiracy a sort of deception or dissonance or overwork there are many things potential weaknesses that are especially weak point that said I may want to try to get in to get access to your soul basically true and again it's different for everyone I think we may not always know our weakest point but you can be short of certain ups and that's something he really wants to figure out with Aebersold and he studies what is the weakest point and that's where he will put these efforts to try to make you fall. Do you know what your weakness points are so you know what they are and think it's a good thing to think about and try to prayerfully consider because we can be more conscious and aware and really try to work on those things but the hopeful thing they've Karsh in thing is we do not need to be overcome through our weakest points. In our weakest points can be fortified Listen to this called powerful statements from also from the Pentagon and right here it's us dressing gospel workers page 106 just she says by watchfulness and prayer we may so guard our weakest points that they would become what his strongest parts are weakest what God is so powerful that our weakest points will be so easy for us to forward into temptation will be so strong Those are very points can become our strongest parts that God is so much stronger than certain and the devil to try to find out what are your weakest point somebody's grace of God make them strong fortify them so that said Don't Have No showers to get through and try to conquer your soul through tough now hand in hand with the 2 previous points comes part number 4 and that is take time. For self examination take time for self examination time with me to 2nd Corinthians 13 and verse 5 2nd create those 30 then I want to hear verse 5 from the Apostle Paul. Important principle as well very useful and helpful in the topic we're talking about today so it says here 2nd bring down 135 it says. What I was saying the beginning there Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith test yourself do that do you not know your son thoughts Jesus Christ in you unless indeed you are disqualified and now I have liked I wrote down like 15 verses or something on this note I looked at all of them but I have a few more on the screen as to set some time that's very high God says now the airport that says The Lord of Hosts consider your way is something examination and getting worse over that's less than what a host consider your way as he is he's encouraging us to consider our ways to to contemplate to examine ourselves and use another Mount Sinai to nurse 59 I thought about my weights but it's not the self-examination that I thought about my weights and turned my foods to your testimony yes that's why we should leave the exam results maybe c o r I'm not really following the principles of God in this area of my life and then through the grace of God when we realize that true self-examination we can turn our ways to these testimonies and to a great way of God that is so much better than anything this world has to offer is there is this one in our beautiful tradeoff something we should pray some 139 verse 23 and 24 search me old guard and know my heart try me and know my insides and see if there is anything we could weigh in. Me in the way for a mask. Is this a good predator prey. That can help us to now if we are kind of on that slippery slope we think that could he ended up progress and help us not. Come to that sad destiny for no one has to fall it doesn't have to happen it doesn't happen by God's grace he will not happen with any one of us lives by God's grace may not happen with any one of you or of our loved one's self examination so that's something that is very useful it also says in a sequel because we consider and turns away from all the trunks to Precious which he committed he shall surely he shall not die even after we have fallen in after we have messed up big time there is hope there is nurse and there is graves we can turn away from that God has not given up on us to do even though we are messed up big time we counted his strength it's never the federal go that are the harder it may be but God can help us. To turn around now and self-examination or error or like reflecting and evaluating our actions and so on is something it's very interesting very successful like people in the top of business and in the top of sports they're very strong at that they do a lot of that but they all just examine themselves afterwards like what what can I do better what what did I not that they aren't really good at that and I think among many times those people there's like a rebuke for us that we should be better we should be more honest in those things than they are and like they're fighting for just some fame and some money and some like whatever like worthless things that will be if it doesn't anything which is a sin is coming back you know. We have dealing with the targeting we're dealing with the something of our soul and salvation of their source how much more on us are not willing to do this things now listen to this is a quote from from from Spirit of Prophecy about Solomon and she writes the following very interesting on this note she writes The lesson for us to learn so is basically talking about basically the fall of a 3 man Solomon about the great distinctive wisest of ever lived are so blessed with the Spirit of God if he could for. Surely we cannot report on lessons from his stories and he said Here is some of what we can from his story the lesson for us to learn from the history of this perverted life with eventually came to live Eastern assess a team of continual dependence upon the councils of God. And then it's us to carefully watch the tendency of our course what is not a self-examination. Based on the sensitivity has a continual dependence we need to carefully watch that if he would have done that maybe he would have the gradual for right to carefully watch the tendency of our poorest and it goes on to say and to reform every habits calculated to draw us from doubt you may discover those kind of habits when you take the time prayerfully examine your heart. Is there something in my life and efficiency it is just of the great that great caution watchfulness and prayer are limited. To keep on define the simplicity and purity of our said when the to take time to what we need to take time to solve examination there is another really powerful support I don't have it on the screen but if you want to write it down as the gospel work as to $75.00 paragraph 2 gospel workers to $75.00 paragraph to this is talking about it says basically here that the action of each day should be decided of careful thought. And the object of that evolution should be to become better acquainted with with our own habits of life and then it's aspire closer scrutiny of every circumstance of the daily life they would know better their own motives and the principles which govern down and then it says very interesting it says desist daily review of our acts to see whether conscious approves or condemns is necessary for all who wish to reach perfection of the Christian character you can't be the best soccer player in the world without evaluation and examination self-examination you can become the best businessperson in the world without doubt and you can't reach perfection of Christian character that are without doubt this is a very powerful and useful principle both when it comes to the Christian life and minister for God's form to grow and fill the place God wants us to feel this leads us to our 5th principle cultivars it's a good of thousands culture where it's a good offense also very important principle I will explain what I meant it has been study or probably hard lists that month. The best the founds. Good of folks I grew up with lots of stock there I was like my life and my I though until God course of my life at age 7 to any of us a very big part of my life and I had it in connection with soccer you can learn something from everything one thing you can learn there and it's I hardly Steadman Sometimes the best offense it's a good offense basically what they're there is when we proactively are tackling our open minds or our enemies that's the best way many times to protect ourselves since when we are attacking they need to be occupied defending oneself rather than attacking and therefore one of the end of the defense takes care of itself in a sense you know as I say they are somebody like this want to go off from open minds dot com She said interesting kind of explaining this that and a little bit she said why the avalanche the best defense he said to the founds is typically associated with military combat transports and it often attribute it to Michael Jordan one of the degraded especially ballplayers of all times and it's often after the disaster or associated with military sports but then she says even though that's the case you don't think of that it was 1st so by George Washington in $79.00 to $9.00 offensive operations often times it is the surest if not the only imminence of the founds but if I did this the best defense is a good offense Advair powerful way to avoid falling used to cultivate a good of friends this is very true also not only in sports and military and in this area but it's definitely very true and important when it comes to the Christian life as well listen to this quote from from Acts of the Apostles acts of that awesome page one of 5 here it's us strength to resist evil its best game where. By Act arrests of service. That's basically saying the best of the founts the secular folks strove to received for its best again by a rescue service now stories tall of a man the journalists and I winters there aren't the drifted snow has been numbed by the cold and almost imperceptibly it's us to stilling away his vital powers and he's nearly a shield to death he's out there colder on the winter we're experiencing right now it's out there in the cold it's near it nearly shield to death. He's about to give up the struggle of lived but at that point of time he hears them arms he hears the groans of fellow a brother traveler that is perishing in the cold and his humanities aroused he wants to help that man he wants to see if you can do something to save his life when he comes he makes his way over in the snow to Dutch man and he starts rubbing his eyes glad limps off of this unfortunate man is trying to make him get some children he is trying to make him stand up an econ stand says instead he takes him up on it and he carries this man and he carries this man truly Colter the winter to the snow and eventually it comes to the point of sage he comes to the war of of inside and he can steer and when he can steer it says he in turn it about this illustration in testimony is $4.00 to $1000.00 it says the year when it comes to and he said that fellow traveler It says the truth flashed home to him that in saving his neighbor he had saved himself all saw. His earnest efforts to save another quick in the blood which was freezing in his own veins and created a healthful warmth in the extremities of the body and then we are told it we are told that this lessons must be forced upon younger believers continually and not only during delivers we may but especially millionaire as those that they learn his lesson I will go to work and seek to help others in such efforts mingled with prayer for. Divine lived their own hearts with throw off with the quickening influence of the presence of. Their own affections we can know with more divine fervor and their whole Christian life would be more of our reality more earnest more prayerful The thing is these are personal salvation for me this might have been Mark's thing about set up but in any case it's true our personal salvation is tied up with our personal proclamation relation put it like this and they overcame him out of out of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and they did not live their own lives until death and again what is a point you could spend much more time and everything upon today I could have given you many more verses some quotes for every point I make but we don't have the time we are told in this I read this right God could have riches all that in sending sinners without our end but in order for us to develop a character like Christ we must share in His word God shows us because we need it in order to enter into it or him because he would also be very blessed the joy of seeing souls redeemed by his sacrifice we must participate in his labors for their redemption God shows us because we need it we need it for our salvation to be involved if the best defense is a good offense is not a coincidence that it was that David's for with but she about all of that to follow it happened when he was normally supposed I've been out in war but he was at home in either mass oftentimes in those situations or when you are not engaged in their work of God It's got close to 2 dots one said I would be most likely to make you for. If you are of June 30th one to success the following The greatest work on earth is to sift and to send the dogs who are lost that's why Jesus came and that's his mission for the church his church and for you on the for all of us God wants us to be involved in this work the greatest work on earth is to seek and to set in does for our last for which Christ has paid in for a prize of his own mouth and then it has everyone. That has include all of us now everyone is to do the active service. One of us should be personally more not just give some money not just praise something we should be we should act it shows we should all be personally violence us this should answer what is not brought back to default gather that's a problem do the human agency fulfill your duty to best to the best of your ability has given all of us abilities are lost talents direct they may be different than we have different roles to play in his work but he has given all of us abilities all of us talents and even so it would give the interest if United useful but cooperate with the divine intelligence of thousands of souls. Who will be rescued if disappointment to strengthen us to share. Do we need to cultivate the stronger of sounds defensive live and it's Ok so let's rip it before going to our true loss points point number one realize that it happens to tragedy Point number 2 carefully guard that avenue years of your soul. Point number 3 figure out what are we going to points and work especially to fortify that. Point number for self-examination that would help you with the previous ones very important as well it would help us to see if we are on the wrong path and change our course Number 5 cultivate it and go the sounds the best offense is a good offense strength to resist evil is best again by aggressive service and this leads us to our last 2 points of time with me to here is 12 will basically found a master plan to this passage has 12 and we will rid verse one and verse 2. Hebrews 12 thinning in verse one powerful principles here of song that many to embrace Hebrews 12 verse one. Dear For we all saw since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay our side every weight on a single shot decently and snouts and let us run with and Durrance to raise that is set before us looking out to just us that alter our finisher of our faith the for the joy set before him and jerked the cross despising the shame and us out of the right hand of the throne of God and I want us to start a couple things here well 1st of all I want to study as well one thing was that here it talks about seeing their side every wait and seeing the incidence in our selves there are many things in this world that can dismiss near us that can easily make us for that time this lead us astray we live in a controversy we live in I battled through some battle goes forth every day I wore a that's going on for every sold between the Prince of Darkness and The Prince of light the recent battlement to be aware that there is despotic under members of we are in this battle but the good news is this yes we have a powerful enemy but we have an even more powerful God The good news is even though yes there is sad way too many people have walked us straight for the way it but it doesn't need to happen by God's grace many people have also said faithful unto about how many people maybe they have messed up big time but they are come back to God are and we are told to respond to prophecy that many backsliders in a time of day and we'll also convert and they will come back to God's grace you may use asked to lift some of those people back to God and the context of this this verse is are very powerful it comes in the context of hubris 11 right the chance about this here is of faith after all of history here is a faith that God could complete the good work that he began in down they were faithful until around yes they made some serious mistakes most of them or all of them probably they made some big times mistakes but he came back to God and God can complete the good work it began in time and we are told that God will complete the good work now Fred will group of people in this last this there will be a faithful reverence that follows go out in the fall of the number every goal something that kills peace commandments. Guard completed a good work in that he can he will complete do good work in the fateful Ramadan this last post and he wants to complete the good work in your life. He will do it up if you let him now President number 6 that I want an office from this passage here he says we need to lay outside everywhere. And the scene which show is the latest in our very important principle of all in short you could put it like this force around the. Force around. Willing to surrender everything every scene there are thing that may hinder or negatively impact our Christian walk or ministry force around our now it's a madman to try to Matthew one verse 21 very interesting verse here it talks about Mary you know that she would bring forth a son and she has told us she said call this son just of us now why according to the message from God here why was she going to call her son just us what does it say there in than a verse 21. For he would say of from their sense now not deceive us not say he would save his people even their Saints it says he will send them from their sins there is a watered down gospel and imbalance gospel a false gospel they spritz many places throughout Christianity that teaches that we will be served in the our scenes without laying out our way every scene that everything that you see and snacks us everywhere that it's issued as we can use to drown with our sins to have but that's us that's a lie of the devil does that a section of the Dove Adam until they were they were trying out of the garden of it on because of one fruits one fruit how many Christians today they think that we can go to have a bit of box of fruit in our hands but that's a lie that's a deception of the devil. When Jesus came to save us he is powerful enough to save us from our sins he will not take scene with us to have them he will not contaminate the universe again after his great obviously would be no more of this we didn't us the universe would be pure be harmony would be presumably lovely would be joy it was so amazing for everyone who accepts he seem attention on his grace of forgiveness and his transforming prayers to work in their lives just as a matter son 21 not everyone who system in the ward or shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but who has the dust of Will my father and I have them and many people it's us in verse 23 they're counting with nothing to do with it we're not prophesied nor do we not cast out the most enormous but Jesus when we say I think. Yes they profess Yes they have not as you were even active but they have not led us I'd every way down the sin which choice of instead of time with me to a sickle a sick go to practice a book of Daniel a sickly chapter it's an powerful passage here important things were talking about right here that you don't hear too often from the prophets today it's legal it's a noted verse 3332. The secret were reversed 3332 here the Word of God says Therefore I will judge you a house of Israel for him to the shutter of God in the time to the people of God right therefore I will judge you or house of you stroll every one according to his ways such as the Lord God and then it's us repent and turn from some of your transgressions that he says turn from all all your transgressions so that iniquity will be will not be your ruin cast away from you all the transgression which you have committed and get yourself a new heart and a new spirit for why should you die you will also. For I am no pleasure in the death of one who dies system or God therefore turn our and leave. We need to turn away from ever seeing castaway everywhere. That's one of the lessons from that there are tongues and we are living in the fulfillment of the Deltona now. In Stalin's prison camps very interesting story when you went to the prison camps the guards would often allow you to bring one personal item to the prison camps it could be a pencil it could be a coal for your hair it could be maybe a picture of your wife you could bring one personal item and usually they would allow it to bring into the prison camp and you can there something personal that you could bring Now why did they do that that's why they do it did they allow their prisoners to bring one personal item. They knew that some of these people they were building maybe for 10 years maybe for many years in this prison camps and then you that if they are allowed to bring one personal item into the prison camps they could guarantee full compliance through the threats of taking away one personal item. By threatening to take away that one person I don't the only person I think they would have they could get the full compliance that's all it took to buy him a compliance everything it took one pencil one comb one picture that's all it took to to to to buy human compliance the human heart is so important to realize the human heart can be captured by one mislead thing by one tiny worthless thing the human heart can be captured and destroyed and wipe it is like this and starts to Christ. Even one wrong trade of character one scene full of the siren persistently Sheriff Hege. William eventually neutralize all the power of the cross once and. Once in close the mouth of the governor or them and once in a send off for said done to the us to petition. Listen to this words also from from the Spirit of Prophecy and there are many. Who do not make and tire surround there they do not die to solve the Christ man even though they had up his name. They call themselves Christians they wear is bad. But they are not partakers of his nature. They have not overcome their holy ambition on their love of the world they do not take up the cross and follow Christ in the path of self-denial and self-sacrifice. They never know why they are used to happiness and harmony of the soul for without entire surround there there is no rest no joy by the way it's hazardous I read of stuff self-surrender was the substance of the teaching of Christ and I was that was the essence of the foundation of the teaching of Christ self-surrender it's so central thing in the Christian life force around for whatever entire surrounded there is no rest no joy and says almost Krrish dance yet not for Christians. This is to be in the United Kingdom of Heaven but they do not and today I am almost but not wholly said Mr b. not almost but holding. Us. Almost at home a sense to be almost by holiness almost Christians may decide not to build occurs on the final version. For any one of us in this room Pulis made this not to be the case made this not to build a case for any of our loved ones. Let us ask ourselves today. Our our hearts. Captivity by the ways of this world. Easter is something in their hearts today that holds us away from the kingdom of God on Easter something in my life today that comes between 1000000 Jews own I perhaps you would be willing to give up everything else except that one thing is do something. Today don't leave this room today don't leave this service today without surrendering for you to God. Without making the decisions the Holy Spirit may be calling you to make today our last pointis was a phone that was 12. Last but not least very important principle here the wrist 12 itself and mercy to. Looking on to jizz us let us run a race with insurance.


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