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01 Health and Homestead

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • January 13, 2021
    6:45 PM
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Dear Father in heaven we just want to thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to all be here together as was stated before it is a privilege and we thank you for it we just asked Lord that you would pour out your spirit we ask for your Holy Spirit to be with us to guide us to bless abundantly Lord if there's anyone here or listening that is on the verge of making a decision to go forward with Country Living in agriculture Lord I just pray that your Spirit would guide and bless and lead we ask in the name of Jesus Amen Well we want to as I said in the prayer encourage people that are contemplating. Going out there and living the country life right and if there's there's any beginner is out there we just want to be here to encourage you and tell you that there's blessings in store major blessings in store and I'm sure you've heard from some others but we're going to tell you our journey of of how we got there and then also about our health and Homestead. And. First we're going to. Toa little bit about our backgrounds and where we came from prior to getting into country living and my family originally comes from northern Iraq and body was born there are you born and I was born in Baghdad but my family originally comes from way up north and it's just 2 worlds apart from north to south and my family grew up in the mountains and they lived off the land. They sustain themselves off the land and they loved it they loved living up there they enjoyed it but the problem was is they were a minority were were our culture is what you call Assyrians Has anyone heard of an Assyrian. Yeah people laugh right why do you laugh because they don't have a good background right according to the Bible not just according to the Bible according to history and if you go to any museum and you see artifacts about the Assyrians it's good so praise God I'm standing before you today. Because we know what our history would have been if it weren't for a good old Jonah right you guys ever thought about that if Jonah didn't go Guess Who wouldn't be speaking to you tonight let that sink and for just a little bit one man's decision affected a whole nation of people and I'm here today because of Jonah praise God. But guess what we're all here today because one man decided to do the harder thing and who is that Jesus Christ human and we can all be in the heavenly land someday because of Jesus Christ. But there are some times that God calls us to do the harder thing right he calls us to do the harder thing and I don't know what that is for you today but bear with us here right so my family had to do the harder thing and because of persecution because Assyrians today are all Christians that that's what we are and so Assyrians were pushed out of the north and into the cities Wow what a culture shock for them so long story short we migrated over to the u.s. immigrated over to the u.s. and landed in Chicago and prior to Chicago we were in Athens Greece So Chad always says I went from 3 major world empire to suppliers of prophecy Babylon Greece and the United States. And so. So I grew up in the city of Chicago and if anybody's grown up in Chicago you know what that's like it's horrible it's a concrete jungle right and. What's interesting though is my mom would always tell us about her life in the north of Iraq in the mountains and how she loved it and she would tell us these stories all the time I felt like I was living in them and so in the back of my mind I always felt that that's what life was all about it was always there even though I was in the city in the city draws you in all that chemistry of I always had this longing in my heart to be out there in the country. And then later on we thank God I got to the point where when I was in my teens I was praying all the time lord get us out of the city get us out of the city I'm so tired of being in Chicago and praise God we finally moved out to sober but then eventually went to Broadview Cademy and. Lived on the campus because my mom worked for the campus and that was a major turnaround for her my family in terms of spirituality one thing was. My older brother passed away and that really turned my life around and then we went out there and that added a whole bunch more in terms of drawing closer to Jesus when we were out in the country then I got into ministry in a new ministry a lot of times where do you do the work when you're doing Bible work it's in the cities a lot of the times and so we're going from city to city to city and it got overwhelming and a message needs to go to the city so you know even if we live in the country the Gospel still needs to go to the entire world. So in between we would always. Go camping in between like let's say we went in because Chad Chad also has an evangelist and so we would do vandalism and in between sessions we would just go out camping like you see in this picture. I guess it's not there there we go it'll come up right next door or I think you have the clicker or yeah that's right I have. Thank you guys thank you I'll try to do the right so this is not this is not one of those days this is actually on our property and that's my mom and brother but. Camping is just a part of our life you know it's so funny different people come from different backgrounds and somebody else from another family member looked at that and said How did you get your mom to live in a tent with you and I'm like I didn't do anything he loved this thing get her to do it she loves doing this it's in her blood and she instilled that in our hearts as well a little bit of my background I was raised in the city of Grand Rapids Michigan born and raised there in the year 2000 there was a big seminar with a.s.i. and I was baptized at the time my life was changed and soon after that I left the college that I was going to then and went to the Mission College and soon after that began to do full time ministry and I was always interested though in country living I was raised in the city but when I was just a little munchkin I my grandparents had a cottage in the country on a river and I love that place I was one of the I mean but times have changed haven't they right. Of little shorts back then but. Even even the simple things of you know pumping water actually they had an artesian there was actually an artesian spring there but nevertheless it was just such a special place that was very near to my heart and we would always go there from time to time and I was probably one of the few people in the family that really enjoyed it other than my grandparents and I thought as a child why do people go out to these special places in the country why don't they just live there you know I was just a little kid but that was my thought You know I realize it can be hard more difficult to make a living in the country but that was just kind of the simple thought process that I had so I always had this desire to move to the country and I know God had instilled that in my heart. One of the. Things besides this dire this natural desire was starting to read the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy together and realizing wow it's not just the desire I have God really wants it's for me right and the things like this where I was reading ministry of healing page 58 it says all who are under the training of God need the quiet hour for communion with their own heart with nature and with God and I see things like this as just like no wonder I struggled so much in the city right struggled so much and I remember with our friends I grew up in the church in the city we would have these times of great revival like you know somebody come in and preach and revival but Oh very soon we'll be back doing the things that we do in the cities and there is just never like that real turn around and to my brother and I we moved to the country and the changes came and they lasted that was the change that I mean to me it was just like God this is what you call this to I want that you know and then and this is not to point fingers but we notice our friends who stayed in the city continued that same thing you know of going to church but then going and doing the things that people do in the city that I don't want to mention I don't want to like uplift that but the same rut the same right but it's things like this that really stirred my heart Lord that's what you want for a for us I want that really bad as well as a very powerful quote I'm going to share with you in it it actually reminds me of the greatest skeptic on planet earth today is named Richard Dawkins. And he makes probably millions of dollars off of being a skeptic and yet he was asked in a debate he said he was asked by John Lennox who's a Christian another a fellow professor at Oxford he was asked Do you ever feel the need or the desire to worship and you think the greatest skeptic would say no way that's ridiculous I'm the greatest atheist in the world today no way but he actually said yes I do when I look at nature it actually makes me feel like worshipping is not powerful and we are told this we are told nature's voice is the voice of Jesus Christ's teaching us innumerable lessons of perseverance the mountains and hills are changing the earth is waxing old like a garment but the blessing of God which spreads the table for his people in the wilderness will never pass away isn't that powerful we are told these things that nature's voice is the voice of Jesus speaking to us and I always know something special about spending time in nature in the quiet you can hear things in nature that you can never hear in the city I remember I was we were camping and everybody laughed and I stayed behind for a day or 2 and I was in the mountains and and I heard coming in my direction from behind I heard and it scared me you know because you're all alone in the middle of the forest and and I turned around to see what it was and it was actually a bird and it was all of its you know wings beats it typically one here in the city but it was so loud in the country. In a way you can hear God's voice more distinctly when you're in that quiet place when you're in the quiet place we have this experience of as we traveled over the years have you ever run into people who try to get you into get rich quick schemes Yeah it happens from time to time right these multi-level marketing enough and the multi-level marketing is not all evil I'm not saying that but often you run into these get rich quick schemes but one verse that always came to thought is mind in my mind is actually Proverbs Chapter 13 versus 11 which says wealth gained hastily will dwindle but whoever gathers a little by little willing crease it wealth gained hastily will dwindle but whoever gathers little by little will increase it so how did we apply this so whenever somebody would come because remember if you travel a lot and somebody wants to get you in a pyramid scheme you made a lot of people right and so they're trying to get you involved in this and so I would kindly you know say no no thank you that's not what I travel for you know and but they would be very aggressive and so then I say. Really I don't want to do this and so then I come to talk to Chad and as I said this is overwhelming and they made me feel guilty because we've actually had people don't you want more money for your ministry you know like really putting pressure on me and so then we claimed his promise. Wealth gained hastily will dwindle. But he has gathered little by little when you gather little by little you learn along the way if it just comes all of a sudden what have you really learned you know that these things come by chance I don't know either way this was early on in our Bible working spirit something we really held on to. But it can mean as a blessing when we were wanting to get into country living because is it easy to get country living property no it's not at least it wasn't for us and it took this years and years and years. To finally find out we went years where we are making you know in ministry overseas you know $400.00 a month and obviously that only goes so far and then you know then a $1000.00 a month and you know that's more than $400.00 a month but living on very small amounts of money taught us to be very frugal to live very simply not to buy all the most you know the brand new gadgets that came out just living very simply and that was a blessing because it enabled us to save up and actually initially just buy what we bought was Lance we looked around and we looked around and and the things that we could afford that had houses on them were moldy they were just not nice and they were just trouble and both of us are very sensitive to mold and we you realise as you travel around often there's you can actually read about it in those old wonderful books we have we've been given about the guest room the diseased guest room and we've learned about those over the years you know are going down into the basement I was at one church and I was staying in a pastor's basement and I was in no exaggeration I was losing my memory from the mold it was scary I was doing an evangelistic meeting and every night was like meeting people for the 1st time. That doesn't work well in ministry and it was actually a very scary experience with the point is we couldn't find a place that we could afford that was in decent enough shape so what we did is we end up purchasing land we bought raw land and the trees with it and we actually cut the trees down but we bought acreage in the country and as we did we spent a month after month out there in the forest and as we did we were sitting there you know cutting down trees day after day and once they were cut down and issue really we didn't have anything better than a wheelbarrow we you know we did the bucking and we ended up you know cutting into cord wood and then slowly moving it with a wheelbarrow and that's hard work as it seems like it's always up hill to right your push the wheelbarrow Hill you know I just instead of pushing it down hill to another spot but that seemed to be the way it was but I'll tell you what I loved. I loved every bit of it but I'm sure there were little times where things were difficult but we we love the whole process it was such a blessing to us and we were given the opportunity to we got to live in a tent for months on end and you might be thinking Chad how on earth could you do that to your wife there was no toilet there was no running water there were holes in the ground that you would dig to go to the bathroom and it was a very simple life we would hear the coyotes at night we knew next door you had the bear your neighbor would text us. Screen not screen shots trail cam shots and he'd say Yogi was you know 200 feet from your tent last night and I think he was trying to dissuade us from building back there actually he hunted back there and you know so he didn't want to house sitting by his by his hunting area and so but we had such a great time now before we actually so as we were felling trees and as we were doing the work preparing the land trying to clear land so that we could both do agricultural work and have a house one of the things we did is planted fruit trees. Because you know what's interesting. I just heard this last week somebody said it to us we were talking to somebody in Europe and they said the Pats are just told us we don't need to look into country living because we can do that when the Sunday law passes and then I said. But how are you supposed to get these things going quickly right trees take a long time and we knew that and that was one of the 1st things that we decided to do when we got the property was plant trees because it doesn't you know wealth gained hastily right he who gathers little by little you have to start early on so waiting till later is going to make it a lot harder but hey if you've got money maybe you could buy property that already has trees that would be great right but we didn't have that option and so we had to go with the forests and we had to go through this and that's Ok you know each of us has a different experience and we need to like to be blessed in that experience it was hard work I think one of the hardest parts for me was doing everything with the wheelbarrow because. Think about it like you're seeing that tree go down you think oh wow we got that done but then you got to chop that tree up put it in there move it out of the way go stack it in it was just like we had a church member come over that was going to help us get bigger trees done because we were doing smaller ones and and we wanted to be more comfortable with the bigger trees and he sees our operation and he's like thinking how long are you guys going to be doing this. And so he's like I have the front loader you think you'd want me to bring it and like. Waddell you'd be great yes you know if you don't mind yes you know and so praise the Lord he brought his front loader helped us with that and that really got things moving a lot faster but praise the Lord for each experience where it was that you know if you step in the Jordan the Lord opens things up and we just had to step out and do it even though we had limited resources and you know we planted things like what anybody know what that is. Paul Paul we've planted some pots were probably at the northernmost region where you could grow Paul Paul actually they can grow but they're not as likely to set fruit so we're probably at the very northern region and we were told and I had read Oh dear don't bother these trees you don't have to worry about a fence and all and not on our frogs they didn't tell the deer in our area about that they say there's toxins in there and it will poison the deer and so they won't eat it like I said they didn't get the memo in our neck of the woods and so you know being sweet and anything sweet baby they've eaten our you know in our area so that that didn't turn out you know it's we planted those we planted you know obviously apple trees and different oh yeah that's right different various trees on the property and we've continued ever since the beginning to plant more and will continue to do so is long as we have enough room for them and it's such a special experience and we've used you know the special grandma White's method if you have ever seen I bought it he I think it's about a 8 or a 900 page book by Rodale and it's on composting if you ever just have a hankering to read 100 pages on composting Rodale wrote one of those and in that book it talks about Grandma White's tree planting method right I know most of you've already heard about that but it's interesting that even secular books they're teaching the grandma white tree planting method right what a blessing and so you know we've done that very thing since the beginning. Yes I'm going to you know thinking about this we got right away to work before we built the house Proverbs 2427 many of you know this 1st prepare that I work with out and make it fit for the i self in the field and afterwards was building house so that's what we did we worked on the field 1st and there's always more to do right you don't work on the field one time and you're like I'm done we're still working on this you're continually working on the field we're still actually still clearing more trees because we're back to the wheelbarrow again and so it's just a slow process of making more and more so if we have a good amount of space clear but we need we need more and so we keep working on that and praise the Lord for winter giving us time to do those kinds of things so I'm going to show you a little experience that we had so. We're leading up to what the Lord is doing with us now with health and homes that are You Tube channels prior to that you know prior to coded we were wanting to have more of a presence on line in terms of sharing our our journey of doing Country Living right and we would take films and do all kinds of but with our travels and trying to do that it was overwhelming and so this is one of our time on my birthday for us to put something up online to kind of let people know what was going on with us and we just kind of a lot of flop after this because we just couldn't keep up with the travels and doing all this so here's something to put together. Everybody crews are here with Anchor Point films and I want to say happy birthday to my beautiful wife. And she's been a trooper she's been travelling around with me for years and we've just been working on our property off and on for the last few weeks we've been selling trees to prepare an area for an orchard and for a garden area and for the House actually because there's no house camping in a tent and she like I said she's a real trooper just 200 feet away or a neighbor showed us a picture of a bear that had been there the same we can she's getting mosquito bites all over and are so much so that her elbow you can tell whether with her elbow or her you know mosquito tick by all kinds of things there's no bathroom out there and so she's a real trooper and I asked her Well what do you want for your birthday and she this is what she wanted you know this this high tech gizmo here basically a bag with a hose on it for showering out on the property because obviously there's no running water at this point and so does that so far what she has gotten for her birthday and I really appreciate all your work all your effort and you don't give up and. For a special to be sleeping on a tent with me and it's spent such of us makes me think about what the pioneers had to go through with cross-cuts us and we have changed it's still a ton of work but it's been such a blessing you might be thinking wow what a lavish gifts he showers upon his wife. Not quite but when you have a common goal of trying to build a home. Where you got it right so that's our way. What he said in the video about pioneers we constantly thought about the pioneer like every day every day every day we're thinking we're using chainsaws you know and these guys were you know using cross-cut saw they were using axes and it's no wonder that the 1st winter the Pilgrims were here nearly 50 percent of them died what in intent I mean we at least could go somewhere else you know when the weather got bad they had nowhere to go and that's why they just died I mean you realize what a sacrifice it was for them to come to this country for religious liberty what an incredible thing they did and and as we are at the end of time the more and more of God's people as we get toward the end of time need to move out of the cities and it's once again for religious liberty you know. This is we seem to do a lot of the building in the winter and we're in Michigan and Michigan in the winter is was cold in. Snowy and so you know you get to that you get to the site again and you'd have to shovel it off and that was kind of like a you know seemingly a waste of time every day but not really all of these things are for our character building right these are things that help us to grow the simple things of life are to be a blessing to our own souls and to make us a blessing to other stats what it's partly all about and so the process continued to go on as we were building and Slowly it came together and through those cold winter months it continued on and one of the things that the 1st year other than planting fruit trees we couldn't get to actually doing the agricultural work because we didn't have everything ready in the field even though we're trying the fronts and to do it so one of the things we learned was we learned about the food that was naturally all around us we learned about wild edible plants and that was a real blessing in and of itself I mean literally everywhere I looked was wild edible food and it gave me a connection with nature that I had never really had before even though I was love nature before that now I actually knew the nature around me by name and knew its uses whether it was medicinal or whether it was edible and that experience is kind of like if you if you go walking and you see people and you see neighbors around you and you say hi and then you see him a few weeks later you say hi and after a while you say Hey my name's Chad and they say you know I'm John and you get to know him a little bit when you get to know somebody is name there's a deeper level of intimacy at that point and so too with the plants all around us Adam what did he do he actually named to the animals he I'm sure he knew all the plants around him and there's something special about it when you know the the name of the plants around you it brings a deeper level of intimacy and we already saw that nature is the voice of. Jesus speaking to us so just kind of deep in that experience and foggy if not only once we finally were able to finish the house we did we began to actually that was it got done just just before coven Actually we moved in just before Govan and as we did we began to plant food and as the garden began to grow Favia had a wonderful job they. Well multiplying. And I would go and and look under the leaves for them and everything and but mind you you know if we if we took off someplace and then we came back and I just like all man they've taken over the potatoes as long as we are home we can keep on top of them but being with travel you know I made a lot are. The Potato Bug and what I would do is I'd take a plastic bottle you know like I was drinking a bottle and I'd put some salt water in there and then I just scoop them in there and shake it to put in there. Constantly and sometimes I'd leave it out in the Sun Boy that was nasty. As I said can you go foot in the Cowboys. Are there out in the forest yet but it's just something again it teaches you so much about life and how if we let things go they just multiply right just like then multiply this we just let it go let it slide in the just like the of these plants and this beautiful object lessons that we continue to learn and yet here's a picture of the house completed and we finally got it done and it has been such a blessing to finally be in there and then everything was point by point like Ok we couldn't afford gutters at 1st and then so you have these like trenches you know when the rain comes in and then you're filling back in and finally you get enough money for gutters and then you rejoice that you have gutters you know and each step of the way you begin to appreciate things right when you step by step are doing these things and then and then we we had to run off propane because our wood was not seasoned enough yet and finally now it's seasoned and we rejoice that we can burn wood you know in point by point each experience. It's been totally new to us and I'm actually glad that we didn't get everything right away and praise the Lord if you had enough money to go buy a place it was already Hey that's great but it's given an experience where each aspect of life because we lived in for years we travel just in with a minivan and then we got a motor home and you got 2 responses for the motor home somebody would say all you poor thing and others would say wow that's like a dream right you know and Ross were like man a motor home is like a mansion compared to a minivan and then so that was a step up and even though our house really isn't that big like it's like $1260.00 square foot. Finish that's not that big but compared to a $300.00 foot motorhome wow this is a mansion right and so each aspect of life in poll said they he learned in whatsoever state he was there with to be what kind of content and I want to stay with you I want to share with you we we enjoyed the travel in the minivan we loved our life in the motor home and we're enjoying our life now we need to learn to be content wherever we are where you are now be content and God can bless you with the next area of life but if we're not content now how are we ever going to be content we want to learn from Paul's experience so we got rid of the motorhome in order to buy the property and start building but praise the Lord we had it for the time we did. And then praise the Lord I know this is a funny thing to say but for us praise the Lord for code I know it's been tough and it has been tough for us because we make a living off of making documentaries and traveling and everything and then boom everything just that literally and then people aren't buying who's going to buy d.v.d. when you don't know when your next paycheck is coming right and so nothing and it was like whoa serious you know. But the blessing was we're always travelling like one year. We traveled so much we we counted it and we're home maybe 2 weeks the whole year and it was like whoa this is crazy we're just like over doing it you know and praise the Lord we don't we didn't do that after that year we just really tried to like decrease the amount of time we were travelling but. Even with this Ok so that's a lot of work and we were we were really wanting to get the garden going and in order to get the garden going you got to get the fence up because the dear old just tear everything up and so as we live next the national forest and our food is the best food even if it's not that great the best food anywhere around yes and so but the thing is we had these mounds you see that mounted to fill in there on the right side and that that in part of the excavating that we couldn't get rid of week because we do by we were moving on my way over a $11.00 wheelbarrow load at the time and we finally like Ok anough with the mounds are just going to have to be there we've got to put a fence of but because of coded we had to stay home and now we actually could get the garden done and because we started consummately like man if we're going to go here and here and here winery and get this garden and we got it in by God's grace it was just amazing and praise the Lord so Ted going to tell you about some of his you know favorite things which grow all kinds of things but one of the things that I just love is does anybody know what this is. To Rousseau them art and show what a beautiful plant to grow in their indigenous to North America what a beautiful things they have these they're not giant flowers that makes it look kind of big but they're not that big but they're just so beautiful and they come out the flowers come out after everything else in the garden is like dying off or looking kind of pathetic other than the kale and that that kind of that kale Nebraska's look fine at that time of year but you have this beautiful thing at the end of summer and fall is coming on and and then you can pick them any time of the winter you can harvest the tubers anytime of the winter and so and he's obviously it's a little harder once the ground gets frozen but you can still do it if you want to and it's just such a blessing I'll show you one simple clip from our You Tube channel called Health and Homestead. Oh yes so for years like we said we we've done video work we made documentaries and I always wanted to do try to reach the public with You Tube and we made some videos but never consistently did it and then Govan hits and we began to have time and so that's what we began to do and so we began to regularly regularly multiple videos every single week and it began to grow and begin to be a blessing we were connecting with people that we never would have been able to connect with in other ways and that's what we were hoping for because yes we connect with people in conferences like this but we wanted to reach people in all different walks of life I'll show you just a short clip from one of the videos. People are growing more food than ever you can see that by the fact that this past year many of the seed companies were running out of various varieties of seeds because so many people were buying many were many people do it because they want to have better nutrition they grow themselves other people are doing it because they look out on the rise and they seemed a little on ras societal of people and they think Man I need to grow my own food other people just like the idea of being self-sufficient as much as possible but whatever it is when you're looking to grow your own food you want to grow food that has good nutrition and you can get a good crop a good yield and this next crop is one of the top 3 crops that you might want to grow if you were seeking to truly be self-sustaining. The time has come to harvest my corn and I'm going to share with you why corn may be one of the most important crops that you grow if you are looking to be self-sustaining and secondarily this is one of the highest yielding crops there are but if you were only to eat corn you would get a certain disease that would ultimately cause dementia and then death what diseases that we're going to find out at the end of this video Hey everybody chakras are here with healthy and old and I'll leave it there but. We wanted to since we were locked down I were used to like I said 1000 years of constant travel constant connecting with people constantly you know travelling to different countries and meeting people of different cultures and we realize we can do this in a way even though we can't travel right now and so that's what we began to do it's been such a blessing for us to communicate with people even now around the world and we were contacted by a couple in Spain who have been watching our videos they saw these videos and they're like I wonder if he's. Sure enough you know and they contacted me in and they said we want to begin to to translate these into Spanish so that the Spanish speaking audience can also. Watch your videos because it's really touched their lives and so we are starting the 2nd You Tube channel that will be actually have the audio for people to watch it in Spanish also and we're trying to reach people on a there's many different routes so health and homestead we share with people scientific studies on. Natural remedies that have been camping out in the scientific literature head to head with pharmaceutical medication and we are generally showing the ones that have been shown to be just as good or better with significantly less side effects we're also showing foods to grow in difficult times how to be seeking to be a sustainable as possible while living off the land and so I want to share just a few things in closing some things that think about you may have you may have seen this actually I missed the quote so here is the quote I want you to notice this with me 3 things that prepared Moses to be the individual that would lead people to the promise land this is powerful Moses had been learning much that the that he must on learn. The influences that had surrounded him in Egypt the love of his foster mother his own high position as the king's grandson the dissipation on every hand the refinement the the subtlety and the mysticism of a false religion the splendor of idolatrous worship the solemn grand juror of the architecture and sculpture all had left deep impressions upon his mind and then molded to some extent his habits and character so what needed to change time change of surroundings and communion with God could remove these impressions 3 things that can really change people not that only 3 things but 3 primary things that can change people's lives number one or time if you want to be healed healing is a process if you get cut it is the next day the cut totally healed No it takes time healing takes time the same thing happens even in our spiritual life Number 2 is a change of surrounding us getting away for you talked about growing up in the city and how that was she was impacted by the world around her and so was I significantly I mean incredibly and I negatively impacted other people's lives in the city and so having that change of surrounding where we're looking at different things and by the way country living doesn't necessarily make it so that you have no temptations if you're watching all the same media that you would watch in the city that you watch in the country and you get your kids all the latest video games and the latest smartphones. So most guaranteed that they will be looking at it's like others be honest it's like giving your child the large library of pornography. I mean this is the serious times we're living in you know giving you know just a license to see anything it's going to be there and so moving to the country we need to consider Be careful little lives what you see Be careful little eyes what you see in the 3rd one here is some people who needed a change of surroundings to change their lives Moses we look at Paul he went off to Arabia we look at the knock who would go off into the country we look at the Israel lights who went off into the wilderness we look at never can know as or who spent time out in the country on a plant based diet. In the sunshine right drinking fresh water and we think of the disciples each of them the disciples spent time with Jesus traveling from place to place they spent time and get so many with him they also had changes of surroundings and the 3rd one is communion with God communion with God can change our lives and I want to change I want to finish with 2 things that for Moses it wasn't just these things time changes surroundings and communion with God could remove these impressions it would require on the part of Moses some so on the part of Moses himself a struggle as for life to renounce terror and accept truth but God would be his helper when the conflict should be too severe for human strength what does this mean this means that when we are going to if we're going to become the people God has called us to be to go into the promised land it is going to be fight as for our lives it is going to be a fight as for our lives and this is the last quote and then we'll close you might think what 40 years from Moses that was a waste of time. Many would have dispensed man would have dispensed with that long period of toil and obscurity deeming it a great loss of time but infinite wisdom called him who was to become the leader of his people to spend 40 years in the humble work of a shop or the habits of caretaking of self forgetfulness and tender solicitude for his flock Voss developed would prepare him to become the compassionate long suffering shepherd of Israel no advantage that human training or culture could be still could be substitute for this experience and we're told one of the great works that your children could do one of the greatest work they could actually do is and what animal husbandry because it will do for them what it did for Moses it causes you to be self forgetful you have to think about the life of the animal it depends upon you it can even depend upon the life of your child so what a powerful work and I say all this God is calling us many of us make many of you already out there but those of you are not maybe some of those who are watching on the live stream right now and the Holy Spirit is working on your heart allow him to lead Don't be fanatical about it don't run out not knowing what you're doing you want to see God's leading step by step you want to know is there a way for you to make a living God has to show step by step the progress of the process for you but as he leads go right behind him don't go too far behind but also don't go ahead of God friends will tell you it's been one of the greatest blessings of our lives to be able to spend this time out in nature to have the Holy Spirit continue to work on our lives and we there's a lot more to be worked on Amen and yes but I would challenge you allow God to lead you step by step of anything before we go. Just you heard our testimony this evening in that it's not an easy thing but it's a rewarding thing. And just like Jonah Like I said in the beginning God sometimes asks us to do the harder thing but in the end even if we don't like it just like Jonah didn't like it guess what Jonah is going to have in heaven he's going to have a bunch of Assyrians come and tell him how much they love him and how much they appreciate him and that's the reward each of us can have we can have you think about Moses if he stayed in Egypt what would his life had been like you know we have these wonderful stories of the children of Israel no we wouldn't and in heaven Moses is going to be think day after day by the children of Israel many of us because he did the harder things and so we may see this does as like well that's too much I don't want to say in a 10 I don't want to shower outside I don't want to do all this crazy stuff you did maybe you won't have to do that you know maybe you won't have to but maybe you will but that doesn't matter what matters is that our hearts are drawn to God in the midst of the women and that God would change us so that we would be a greater light in the world in these last days let us close with a word of prayer evilly father we are so thankful for Jesus who did the harder thing for us 2000 years ago. When our the weight of our sin crushed his spirit as he was going to the cross the trauma of being separated from you yet he was willing to go forward and give everything for us Father if there's anything in our lives that is coming between our souls in the Savior help us to let go. Lord if you were leading someone to country living I pray that you would guide them that they would see your moving hand that they would not go ahead but they would step right in the path that Jesus treading just for them Father draw each one of us. Bless. Media was. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. If you would like more about audio. Or.


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