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02 Trusting God in Everything

Robert Sullivan Michelle Sullivan



  • January 14, 2021
    4:45 PM
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But if. That's your or have it be part of this session this evening again it's Robert and Michelle Sullivan where thankful for the opportunity to share this testimony how God has been truly amazingly good to us and I know that even though he's been good to us I know that he is going to be good to you also so before we go into just a little bit of our story we just wanted to start with a word of prayer. Father and I mean we're just thankful again for this opportunity to share with your people about your goodness and about how you know how you are more than capable of being trusted father we realize that this so many things going on in this world and sometimes people don't even know what to believe or who they can trust. But from our experience and from what the Bible says you are 100 percent trustable and we are able to put our lives in your home and so we're thankful for that We're also thankful for this opportunity to share which is also the only spirit will accompany this short testimony and bring some sort of come to that to people who are listening these things we are Jesus is precious name. Ok so we're going to share our story of. How we move from the city in England to the countryside of Scotland. How we ended up farming and so we worked in an attempt to make a priority to in fact evaporated to communication. I was working with in project management. You this is director consultancy Yeah. That's all nice and so having myself having grown up in a secular home I never have. And I've been to even Christian upbringing. It was starkly opposite to that I grew up attending this and that and this church my family my mother signed their will and to so I grew up going to church from a young age to from 0 to 3 that's what I remember. And so when we got together I was still going to the church but very much just sort of going as in physically go in like a normal Christian yes but I you know I wasn't connected in any way with Christ or anything like that I didn't even know anything about all I knew was that on the Sabbath you have to be in church and then during the week you can do whatever you want that's that's the Christian I think are you that is the Atlantis and I knew once that in with one foot in one foot out I was very much out but you would definitely see me. And I would take part in different roles and. I was considered or I at least considered myself a good. Even the looking back on it was very reckless and I wasn't good at school I didn't have anything remotely good but I just looked at other people and I compared and I thought well you know I don't do that yeah I don't do this and I don't do that so you know on a scale of one to 10 I'm not as bad as the next person but I was devoid of any loving relationship with Christ said I didn't know Christ in that prayer life I didn't read my Bible or any of these things by it was still attend the church so we got together. And yet we just sort of in the surely muddle through nobody know we always say this looking back nobody sort of I'm not saying this is an excuse with we're just saying this is just the reality that when we were together anyway nobody attacked us on the show the whole society pulled us aside and said hey rather than a show you know God has a better life for you you know here let me show you something I don't remember any of those conversations and I don't remember seeing and I'm not saying this as an excuse I'm just using the reality of how we grew up and I don't remember seeing any other couples that were all weird as brother and sister so if we don't see them in the week oh you know they live out in the country now there was none of that everybody just lived in the town in a city and this is your church and it's your 3 friends that live in the city area and everyone's got their city jobs and you know just the things that you know I thought so we were just living our lives and just moving up the corporate ladder because that's what everybody else did you know there's a say over here much of sailing in America keeping up with the Joneses you know you look at what your neighbors are doing you look at what your work colleagues are doing and you aspire to be just like then will better them for you influenced by things. That's right I mean spirited by the old you become change so that's what we did so that was our main motivation that was our main goal. As. We started a family things changed in as much as now your looking out for providing for your family and so that became a focal point as well so you know God was not in the picture just work and doing the best and when to do it well and moving up the corporate ladder down the same that was what was motivating us at that time I didn't know I had this very searching heart at the time just this sort of insatiable appetite to have something more deep and spiritual in my mind I didn't quite know what it was but I would often go to a.b.c. the a.b.c. store in what could and just.


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