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03 Cultivating the Heart and Mind

Ashlee Skinner



  • January 15, 2021
    6:45 PM
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Hello Happy Sabbath at Acura. All right so it's a day message is one that is my testimony and it's a message that the Lord has given to me over the past couple of months when in prayer with him and talking to him about all of the stresses of my life but before we start let's have a word a prayer Dear Jesus I just ask that you just be here in this place Lord fill us with your Holy Spirit please help us there any evil angels or anything that is trying to keep us from hearing your message and hearing your truth help them to leave this auditorium help them to leave this campus today Lord I just ask that you fill me with your Holy Spirit and your words come out of my mouth I just ask that also everyone here is blessed and that I'm humbled in that you are glorified in Jesus' name we do pray Amen so the title of our message for today is cultivating heart and mind. All right so as you heard earlier I am I have my master's in horticulture and before I got my Master's in horticulture I was a student at the University of Florida and as a student at the University of Florida I was studying plant science and I got to learn a little bit about Agra nomic crops caught in soybean we all of these different things that I found it was so interesting learning all their different growth stages and learning all of the different. Object lessons that you can get from these crops so today we're going to learn a little bit about barley and we're going to learn it in relation to our growth in Christ so just to give you a little bit of barley overview so barley is used for many commodities well known as use for bread less well known for Adventists is used for beer and germinates quickly it's resistant to drought and it's also self pollinates All right so there are 4 main stages to barley grow so there is to learning there's been extension there is heading and there is right thing so we're going to learn a little bit more about these stages as we progress so polarizing is the 1st stage in barley growth and a tiller is a part of the plant that actually emerges from the soil it is independent of all the other branches and when the tiller forms then that's when the plant is starting to go from germination to maturity so as we learn about filtering I was directed to go to Ruth Chapter one Verse 8 if you have your Bibles Let's turn there so the story of Ruth wait for you guys to get their roots Chapter one Verse 8. All right so it says here. And they owe me Saturn to her 2 daughters in law go return each to her mother's house the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and in and with me verse 15 it says and she said Behold by sister in law is gone back on to her people and unto her God returned out after that I sister in law so if you're not very familiar with the story of Ruth Ruth who suffered a great loss actually her and her sister and her mother in law suffered a great loss they all lost their husbands and it was a big deal for Ruth because this was her family this was her livelihood and now everything was shifted and she had to move from where she was and she decided that she was going to follow her mother in law Naomi now Naomi is talking to her and telling her look you can go back to your mother's house you can go back to what you know you don't have to continue with me on this journey now for a while what route decided to do though is she decided to move forward and do something different instead of going back to her mother's house or going back to the religion she once was in and what was familiar to her she decided that she was going to move forward and she was going to follow God and she was going to follow his leading in verse 16 Ruth responds by saying In treat me not to leave the or to return from following after the 4 whereabouts go is I will go and where thou lodges I will lodge that people shall be my people and die God my God Where thou Dyess will I die there will I be buried the Lord do so to me and more also if ought but death partly from me. So pillorying happened to me in my life so before I started at the University of Florida I was at a different college and I was studying biology I was a biology student and also a Spanish major so I was double majoring and I was stressed out of the time but I was having a good time and as I was studying biology I was on the track I was pre-med I was really focused on I'm going to take all the science classes to go to medical school during the time when I was in school we had to learn about plants we had a whole section of the biology one that was on plants now all the other students in the class hated it I like fell in love with it and for me I'm a city girl I'm originally from Tampa Florida and I had really been virtually no farming background but I fell in love with agriculture right there just by seeing how beautiful God's nature is. So I remember I was conflicted I was like What am I going to do am I going to stay at the university I am at now where they don't have an agriculture. Major or am I going to go to a different university so I remember I decided that day that I was going to go to another university and I decided that I was going to relocate back to Florida and apply to schools there because I knew there were some agricultural schools there so before though starting school I went on this little journey and I love how God allows us to go a little bit journey so that he can show us what it is he wants us to do so I remember I went on this little journey with God where I ended up in Alaska so I went to Alaska to visit family there and if you're looking at me you're probably like black people live in rural Alaska yes there was that and it was probably the the whole lot of them were my family the few that were there so but when I was there in Alaska it was an amazing experience if you don't know my family are some of my family's here they're in the back you see in one of my cousins Richard but my family.


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