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04 Unearthing Our Hidden Treasure

John Dysinger Pamela Dysinger



  • January 16, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Heavenly father we come to you realizing that in and of ourselves we have nothing good to say. But realizing that you are good at using clay Bessel. So Lord we ask that you would empty s. of every speck of pride and self and. You would give us the words to say Lord you know there is way more that we want to say than we have time to say so guide our lips guide our thoughts we pray in Jesus' name amen how many of you have ever dreamed of finding hidden treasure. Ok that's actually quite a few of you you know when I was a kid it was like a passion of mine. I used to read every book I could get ahold of on. Buried treasure you know lost mines in the in the southwest and pirate treasure that was buried on Ellen and these Spanish ships that were coming laden with gold from South America and they they went down in storms and that was going to be my life's work to find the hidden treasure. This is a picture of a traitor that was found in California just 6 years ago a couple was out walking their dog and they stumbled across this old rusty can actually there was 8 cans in there in their backyard $10000000.00 worth of gold coins from the 1800s buried in the 1800s are how many of you have heard of Forest fan and the rocky What do they call it the rocky mountain trails or how do we do this we have a short video. Emeralds and Antiquities has finally been found and online a community of treasure hunters is going wild the young fine noble has been found Forrest Finn is an 89 year old art collector who stashed the treasure more than 10 years ago in an effort to get people off their couches and into the great outdoors now telling me over the phone a man from back East has finally deciphered the secret clues he left in a poem from Irv play for money and the ever growing but so far forest has been mum on the man's identity saying he learned the search was over when the man emailed him a picture of the treasure and in a post describing the secret location under a canopy of stars in the lush forest of vegetation of the Rocky Mountains. The discovery coming after years of hundreds of thousands of people trying to find the chest there for me started as a local reporter nearly a decade ago in Santa Fe as one of the 1st to cover the modern day treasure and. Since then thousands have shared their own quests like Ray include we harp who say it's brought them closer as a family if I want to gather I need Sure I'm. With earth and gave us a perspective on the world that our children will never forget today hearing the news is bittersweet like the last major. But the story hasn't been without significant danger there have been countless rescues and at least 5 people have died while searching in treacherous terrain authorities long urging Finn to call off the search despite Finn's insistence the treasure was hidden in a spot that a 70 year old man would be able to reach but today that exact location still a mystery fencing the treasure hunter wishes to remain anonymous and now it's his secret to keep. I can just almost feel the eagerness of the kids in the audience oh man I want to find a trace your We're going to tell you this morning how you can find your own hidden treasure and we do have to tell you that the treasure was found and the identity was disclosed and we just learned that last night. About the identity of the person we have a much better chance here to tell you about today so. I'm single I guess we're we're we're causing the problems aren't in coordinated here. So the hidden treasure that we are looking for. The Spirit of Prophecy tells us we're on the wrong ones. Well I want to read it you're all familiar with this but let's just read in Matthew chapter 13 versus 44 this is this is the basis for the theme of our conference here Matthew 1344 again the kingdom of heaven is like an to Trey's or hid in the fields the which when a man has found that he hide it and for joy they are of go and sell of all that he have and by its fields so in Christ object lessons in the parable the field containing the treasure represents the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel is the treasure so one thing that we just want to bring really brings home is that. Doctrine and reading the Bible isn't enough the real hidden tribes are is the Gospel and the real Gospel is Jesus Christ so we're going to look at John 5 verse 39 if you have your bible please turn quickly there John 5 verse 39 and 40 and Jesus here is cautioning us about this the scriptures are just not enough. Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me and you will not come to me that you might have life so the scriptures are just the channel the path to Christ right it's that it's that that personal relationship that is the real hidden treasure the gospel apart from my personal relationship with Christ is is not of it's it's good news but it hasn't come to me personally and till I know Jesus Christ as my personal savior. You know forest then with that treasure of the Rockies he was on to something he was getting people out in nature getting families together focus on a common goal but it wasn't far enough we've got a treasure much greater so this morning we're going to look at 5 use to finding your hidden treasure 5 T.D.'s hiding the finding your hidden traitor All right the 1st key is toil. You know we don't know for sure but in this parable this farmer who's plowing this field I like to think he was plowing a little deeper than anyone had done any time recently you know the owner of the field I don't know if he farmed it at one time but for whatever reason he leased it out and this farmer is plowing the field and plowing with an ox and is hard work I've never done it but I just believe it is and he's going deeper than anybody has previously it takes work it takes toil those who desired to find the treasures of truth must dig for them as the miner digs for the trees are hidden in the earth. And for us the beginning of our search our toil for hidden treasure was began back when we started having children of our own you know I think that's a very. That's a time when the Lord can really get through to people like very few other times in their life it's a huge responsibility all of the sudden you realize wow you know I am. I mean of course it's all God but we have this part in bringing this new creature into the world and what are we going to do with it you know we were we were both college graduates but nobody ever Tatis we never took a class on how to raise children and so it really started us searching and we were working at an academy where we were seeing results that weren't very positive. And I would just say on the having children you know I think the thing that really strikes me is that when you have children all of a sudden now there's no kind of love that kind of is compared to that experience and those parents you know what I'm talking about and now you see like wow this life with this little one is not going to be enough I want to have eternity with them so you really start to have this eternal perspective so we were we were missionaries teaching missionaries children at Maxwell Academy in Kenya and we're not going to take very much time to to tell too many details because we just don't have that much time it would just try to give you enough to to help you to understand John was the the chaplain the Bible teacher he was in charge of all the religious activities I was teaching the elementary school and we saw broken this all around us it was I think it was our 1st I mean we both came from pretty good families we were. I mean we loved the Lord it wasn't like we didn't already love the Lord but we were just kind of faced with the the hurt of young people and recognise that that hurt had a past right back to the family of origin and we were broken over that and there were so few young people so the ones that we did see that we thought wow this is the kind of fruit you know we're never to judge but if you don't be a good fruit inspector you know you want to look for the fruit that you want and so we started asking but the biggest thing we started doing was we started digging in the spirit of prophecy and the Bible we had had devotions in the past but I'm talking about a ploughing deeper that we hadn't experienced prior to this we were hungry and we were thirsty we were kind of questioning everything that. Had seemed normal in our brains and we were just Englert something isn't working if it's not working for them it's probably not going to work for us and so why does it kind of take so we started different something different that are sold the 2nd t. is taste Now obviously when you're going for a hidden treasure we're not talking about physical tastes you don't eat it right but spiritually you need a hungering and thirsting and then when you actually taste of that Trey's your it it gives you a desire for more right taste and see that the Lord is good so our tasting experience happened in the spring of 1994. At Kipp a duel of farms in Tanzania I know many of or at least some of you are very familiar with kids to do a farm. We this was the end of our 6 year term in Kenya we were going home back to the states and just a few months and we were just burnt out you know we had 2 little kids we had been working anybody that does academy work knows it's 247 and. Yeah we were just like ready to. Try something different and so we went to get a dual of my brother and his family were living there at the time and I'll tell you I don't I think it's changed a lot but at that time to do a lot was pretty primitive There was no electricity the house they lived in there was no running water. To Brazil is quite a high altitude so it was it was cold you had to have a fire in the woods though so you had to shop the wood and bring it in and you know were 2 kids in diapers washing out diapers by hand. It was it was not an easy life but yet there was something about it that just struck a chord in my heart it's like wow I just feel like a man here you know I got to do manly things. You know hauling the water from the creek and and so I was just I just said honey this is the life and I said no this is not the one. That was it was so hard I mean. 2 would little ones in diapers just scooting on the ground and we had to I mean you're you're storing you're right you're you're washing your clothes by hand I was not so convinced. There were things like that and so anyway but but the other part of it was not just the simplicity of the life that was very attractive and I know you were attracted so many parts of it just maybe not the diapers. But the other thing that was so neat in the evening you know what do you do in the evening when there's no electricity Well we would light the little lanterns in their cute little cottage and we would sit down in the living room and listen to cassette tapes do any of you remember to say yeah and we listened to the testimony of a family that had. Tasted something better they had kind of jumped off. The rat cage you know the wheel so many of us are on and said you know what we're tired of this we're going to go in search of God and in search of the United Family The Real call was that Christians would recognize the need to slow down and now us to actually get acquainted with the Lord and that resonated with us I mean we were living the hectic life we were serving serving serving and I mean to be quite honest our family life our marriage took a very hard hit in those 6 years and so we were just like soaking this up we it was well empowering you know it was like a light bulb went on like you mean I don't have to just do what everybody else does I can just jump off this wheel and actually live like I feel convicted to live it was just this incredible almost a weight off our shoulders and you know you can be so excited about it we were so excited to share with the teachers at our school but they didn't share our joy over it anyway we don't have we had to tell you that the point is we had tasted it and we wanted more and to tasting one thing I think it's important to recognize that tasting can just come through one interaction with one person you know we don't have to you don't have to you know have a huge meal it's like the appetizer we had eaten the appetizer and we were hungry so Point 3 is that. Of. Total commitment. So it's not enough to toil it's not enough to just taste. The taste has to be followed by a total commitment so let me ask you how many of you saw the eclipse of 2017 Can I see your hands how many of you are very good now hold your hands out I want to ask you another question how many of you were in the path of totality if you weren't I want you to put your hands down. Well like put your hands higher I hardly see any of it so there are very few but a few are right so our farm was going to in quite close to the past. And I'm going to tell you that our whole family would have missed the event if it were not for my husband and my son in law Nick they were in tune and they forewarning dies and I'm so and I'm going to tell you one of our family members and I'll just tell you right. I have to tell you who kind of because I can't so Art For those of you who know our family we have 5 children our daughter chairs and followed by 4 boys our oldest son runs farmers friend and his business is still currently on the corner of our farm while our farm was at 97 percent totality were some of you at 97 percent 97 percent So Jonathan was like that's good enough for me and John and Nick said now and so my husband actually made plans for us to go to a half hours away to see to be in the path of totality I mean I would have missed it if it hadn't been for him. And I'll tell you something we had in our home at that time a tool designer from Switzerland who was visiting our son and his tool business and that man tasted of our excitement about this and he told our son and. I want to go and so I mean then job it was like well I mean if he's going I guess I better take him so because we were going for a couple of days so anyway he came along he tasted and he brought along John so our for our whole family experienced this along with this Swiss tool designer and I have a little video I want to show you I just can't those of you who did not experience totality you missed it it is I mean I'm just going to be honest I don't know Jonathan said he 2 and a half hours we're going to drive 2 and a half hours or 3 verses I can remember him saying that but when it happened and this little video clip we're going to show you does not begin to capture it but when it was done he was saying where's the next one where is the next one I can tell you the next one is April $82024.00 and if the Lord hasn't come the deicing or family plan to be there in the path of totality. It is something like we have never experienced in our lives so maybe we can have the lights dim so you can see it a little bit better but have you got to click it. I'm moving it here. Ok so this is. Sort. Very quick clip to show the excitement we experience. I think. Ok. Ok so you get a little bit of the picture of the excitement it was the most amazing. Thing I've ever experienced as far as nature you know the everything it went dark the the crickets started chirping we could see the stars it was Yeah well you just have to experience this if you haven't been there I'm sure those of you who did experience that your heart is beating like I mean it just brings it's indescribable it's that amazing it really is so I want to tell you just. A little groups we're going to launch again. Ok I just want to tell you explain a little bit about what what really happens so I'm not even going to go very much into it but I want you to notice that there are. There are computers playing it Ok there are 2 shadows that are cast on the earth when our total eclipse happens and you can see the very small one that's quite pointed it's called the. And then the one that is a wide is called the penumbra So people who chase eclipses are called a member of files. Get that number of files but I want you to see this picture. You're going to click I want I want here is the effect so the dots in the middle where you see that that gray dark strip that is what is called the path of totality that is the only place that there is that 100 percent eclipse the path of its totality but look as you go to that to the north and to the south if you can see it the next one is 90 percent and then 80 percent coming south and north $7060.00 so you're still seeing the eclipse but the only place that you can see a total eclipse is in that very narrow path of totality and we just want to encourage you that there is only one way only one thing there are there was a narrow way where you are going to enter the kingdom of heaven and there is a wide swath that gets part of it. Be that why. A number. But it's just that narrow and I want to tell you for us where that moment was when we were willing to sell all and it happened to be doing. John and I had gone out under the night sky our children were long in bed and we were talking and after listening after tasting after tasting and he just said to me honey. Whatever it takes are you willing to go with me. Where after this takes us you know we wanted one thing and it's going to sound selfish we wanted to be saved in the kingdom we wanted that relationship with the Lord that we knew we had an experience in its totality we were close but we had not experience that total and an arc and we wanted our children so that was what was on our hearts our salvation and the salvation of our children we said Lord we will do anything to see our children in the kingdom anything in our power and I think that what the Lord has shown us is if we're willing to do that it's never that he's going to just take us he's going to take many others with us so that was our moment that was our our path of tone that's how it's ality our commit total commit and we've never regretted it never can promise you that we've had some hard times but praise we praise the Lord for those so the 4th see is trusting in trial you know we could share with you all kinds of trials recent trial from this season yeah this lasted 2020 was as I said Well quoting Charles Dickens the best of times and the worst side. We. We had more trials on our farm than I I think well I know we've never had before as far as just weather related kinds of things I don't know how well you can see this picture but you know in we don't have time to go into it but we had winds stone that came through that show I think they call it that was unbelievable and it just wiped out 2 of our hoop houses you can see the remnants of one up there took the plastic off some more turn Joshua's trick of chicken trailer literally turned the chickens world upside down and that was just 10 minutes it was like boom and it was like whoa what happened so we're grappling with that and we you know we buy more plastic because the plastic blew off our our tomato house and this is early spring. And then 2 weeks later to the day after we had put new plastic on that green house another storm came through and ripped the new plastic right off and as if that wasn't enough and here I won't mention any names because I don't want to incriminate anybody but I wanted. Somebody was using a motor boat up in our pond our irrigation pond we had our irrigation set up this is the 1st year we were going to be able to be really ready for irrigation like we wanted to be and in the process of. Wakeboarding on our little pond. The waves from the motor boat knocked over our overflow which from you know as we figure at least 50 years old it was rusted out but it fell over from the bottom and so the kids come down from the pond Yeah the overflow broke. I'm saying the overflow broke. You know what that means our pond is going to drain. And we're just getting into summer and how are we going to irrigate and so there was a moment of panic but anyway I can't go into that more the point is I'm just trying to share with you that the trials don't stop but it's like I was thinking it likening it to continuing education you know the Lord's just reminding us hey remember you gotta trust me 100 percent but to really tell you about the trials that cuts the and hottest so deeply we have to go back more to the beginning of our farming the trials that happened years ago made it easy and I'm going to say almost easy for us to go through the trials of the summer which that was just a few. But God it's a faith born in the summer we would say this feels so good to just be wrapped Dean in the Lord. So I want to tell you a story and we're going to try to keep it brief. The year 2003 we had started farming in the fall of 2008 and we were going to be a strawberry farm even though we knew nothing about growing strawberries and we didn't know anything about farming we knew the Lord had called us to it and we wanted to be faithful we were totally committed Lord if we know you've called us we're good and so anyway in our apologies to those who may have heard this before but this is you know you can't change your testimony there's not I mean there's always new stuff but this is really what what. This is where we were we went through the crucible this was our darkest moment yeah and so. We had some really rough 1st 2 years but by 2003 or 2002 we felt like Ok we're getting the hang of this this we know how to grow strawberries Well we're still learning but anyway we now we just need to really go for it really invest and get this farm turn it into a destination and get the people out here so anyway we did something that looking back we think was was a mistake but we took out a mortgage on our house we had a beautiful log cabin by the creek we mortgaged. For the farm and we invested that money doing everything we could to make the pharmacy excess we quit we put a. Bathroom in the barn for the customers we put a big front porch on where they could rock we bought Hickory rocking chairs we got picnic tables for the creek we filled our greenhouse with with plants hanging flower pots I mean it was incredible and we planted 24000 strawberry plants have you ever counted to 24000. It's a big number. So we got 24000 tips that we had to propagate in trades 24000 tips in these trays and then we put plastic on this acre and a half are not plastic landscape fabric stapled it all down and I burned just how many holes. 24000 holes in that plastic and after we burn those holes we planted 24000 plants by hand that landscape fabric fabric if you've ever used it you know when you burn it it melts on the edges and it becomes very hard and I'll tell you our hands were bleeding using Band-Aids trying to keep the blood from. Keep from losing too much blood and just just to give you some perspective our children were 79 and 11 and I was pregnant. So anyway 24000 is a big number but I'll tell you we did everything we knew to do to take care of those plans and come the next spring I still to this day don't think we've ever had a better stronger. It was my father in law was visiting he said John I want you to come out to the field he said Look at all these barriers my father had been with us through thick at that point he had been there in the springs he had been there and fuck been sick and since then he was so excited for us at this and meeting crops that God had given. John what are you going to do with all these very well the Lord had already prepared the way and we had a newspaper reporter from The Tennessean which is you know Nashville's main newspaper come out and did a article on our farm and so the article came out on a Wednesday. And I mean our phone was ringing off the hook people wanting to come out Thursday morning was our opening day and we had said we opened at 9 there were people on the front porch at 7 o'clock in the morning and I mean it was non stop all day long it was believable at the end of the day we were totally exhausted we brought in thousands of dollars we had pickers also you know there was you pick they were doing you pick but we had pickers bringing in 70 flats of strawberries finally we stopped and we said you know I don't think we can move all these so we had only picked about a 3rd of the field in that day. Wow how are we going to do this Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and I mean it was a traffic jam on Dr prong road people coming to the farm my father was directing traffic there were lines at the cash register Pam we had had Taylor but that point he was one month old Pam's running the cash register and we're not sure whether we're excited or or what. Your son was 11 she was running the greenhouse I mean she was tiny Some people would hardly believe she was 11 but the boys were taken people to the field and I mean honestly often they were they were the local tour guides to the creek or to. The realities we didn't really feel very good about life at the end of it. We were just lost and we made a lot of money I don't know that we're ready for this anyway that night we had some of the worst storms we've ever had and the rain didn't stop it rain Sunday night Monday Tuesday picking days were Sunday Tuesday Thursday and the berries are start you know we didn't get them all picked on Thursday and so now we are being inundated with the rain and they were starting to rot in the fields and it rained so much that the 2 main ways into our farm the 2 ways that the newspaper told people to come one was flooded under water the Duck River was over the road the other way covert had washed out in the road was closed so even if people had wanted to come to our farm. They couldn't a gotten there and you have to realize it's so hard to remember how life was back then especially for the younger people no internet Not really no cell phones no Instagram no Facebook no way even when the weather was good and we had picked berries there was no way to get the word out we had strawberries come and get em it we were just almost like landlocked there was no way to get the word out and we were struggling. More in the berries tastes of the horrible where you hear the one who grows strawberries know that if they get water logged I mean I didn't want to sell them they weren't sale quality and once they get water once they've sat in water for a long time that smell is just arable the bottom of the field was the whole bottom of the field was in it so we just started cutting it off well we won't even try about that 3rd so you can imagine what's going on and pans in my heart and we still can't think about it without getting choked up because our dreams were rotting in the fields you know we we now were not only just trying to provide money to make it through to the next year but we now have this huge debt hanging over us and it wasn't just the strawberries it was all the bedding plants we had all the hanging baskets we had we had a little store where we had lots of things for sale and you know I'm going to just say we're grappling and yet we're trying by God's grace to speak faith and trust to our children. So we're old enough to recognize this is not going well. Anyway we could tell you a lot more but I can just say that was a deep valley and it was in that valley where we were hanging on just by thread saying Lord please we don't know where we missed the memo but we know you called us to this so please give us face to hang on. And you know. I'll just say this it was really after the crop was finished and I mean it was a disaster it was a true disaster because the disease came in and you know we made next to nothing we had enough money to buy a used van because we now had $4.00 children and we couldn't fit in our little 5 seater had enough to buy a new van and pay off a little bit of a sigh. And that was it so I went to the Lord went to the woods and men are everywhere and I encourage you but men especially when you're at the end of your rope go to the woods with your Bible with a journal and say Lord I need help I need directions what am I supposed to do what's the next step and the Lord. Brought us out of it he gave me ideas that was actually the beginning of our our c.s.a. you know he said you can start a winter c.s.a. there's still time to plan for a winter c.s. and that's when we begin the birth of flies so looking back we can say Lord thank you for that trial but in the moment it was so old so difficult it was so painful so hard to trust but that's the kind of trust God needs you to learn because that's the only kind of trust that's going to take you through and God was so faithful to us that summer you know we had that terribly difficult spring but in the summer God actually made a way that we had a family vacation to Oregon with our children and we which seems totally absurd but we don't have time to tell you how that happened but it was amazing and God If God is always faithful to his faithful and he's not a hard taskmaster we wouldn't change one part of our testimony you know John and I just talking about this morning we wouldn't change any of the hard things we've been through sometimes we're so resistant we don't we don't want to put our family in a hard place and I'm going to just say we would not have this testimony today if it were not for my husband and his willingness even to let his family suffer you know he could have said oh no wait Lord we're not going there and I'm not going to let my family but we had the attitude together we're in this and the Lord has blessed and he's trying to teach us and we want to be faithful to learn them so you know. I I just I praise the Lord for my husband's faithfulness and it wouldn't have been if he hadn't taken much time along with the Lord in prayer well and we certainly said in the done it without my wife's. Patients I wasn't always patient. But I wanted one always by myself but the Lord the Lord impressed me one time when I went we were in a tough spot we were in many many tough spots over the years. But one prayer meeting I was by myself at kneeling in the church the Lord impressed me with the thought No trial no testimony you just think about that we've heard a lot of testimony this week they're all birth out of trial I mean I just you can just chew on that but not that God wants to give us trials but it's just that it's in the valley he loves of the give us that he really carries us so the fish to learning to trust in trial is is critical I mean you can't go without it. And we've been through many trying years and but bountiful blessings farm has gone from that teeny little thing to welcome you. To this is our farm today and God has blessed and that's an old picture we have a new house a new a new house and you know God has blessed us abundantly and beyond what we asked for could have dreamed we average could have imagined and if it was just the farm that was a blessing trust me it would not be enough but it's that. That personal closeness that we feel with the Lord that has carried us that carried us through those 10 difficult years and that carried us through this summer with a trial after trial after trial and one of our interns had the insight to say to me Pam I wonder if you have we're having all these trials this year because the Lord knows that we're going to go from here to a lot of our own trials and we're learning from you and I just hope if that if I wouldn't put it past the Lord but you know we're just here to serve for him however he sees best so our last he or she is the. So and I will I will say it's not enough to have a testimony that sounds crazy doesn't it it's not enough to have a testimony but we have to testify and I think about the demoniacs that Jesus healed remember that I went back and looked at that recently and look at this in Luke 8 but. It went to Ok in Luke 839 Jesus is speaking and he tells the demoniacs return to your own house and show how great things God has done unto thee and then in Mark 5 it says go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had compassion on you so it's not enough to have a testimony we have to. You have show and tell her when you know show and tell we have to show and we have to tell what God has done for us so just then review what are the 5 keys. Toile taste. I'm forgetting we've got what. We have something for you so you won't forget yes what's the 3rd one total commitment yes that's the really important Yeah in fact yes we got to emphasize the 5th one trusting in trial I mean the 4th one and then the 5th one is testified and the neat thing is as we testify somebody else then Taif from our testimony you get it and it just repeats the cycle when it spreads it's amazing this is. Let's let's just share this and then we'll close because I know we're out of time go ahead our confession of his faithfulness is Heaven's chosen agents for revealing Christ to the world. So in closing you know there's no question in my mind that the heart the key point of Christ's parable the hidden treasure and then of course Next comes the Pearl of Great Price It's clear to me that the main point is selling all sell all that you have for the trader and so as we close here I feel like the Lord has been bringing up this theme through a lot of the testimonies even while Barry's offering appeal you know giving all for the gospel for that personal relationship with the Lord. And I know that the Lord has been convicting some of you I don't know exactly what those convictions are but we're going to have a call now and I'm just asking it's a very specific call but it's very specific to you personally and this is the call if you have come under conviction this week on it could be anything you know it could be quitting your job it could be moving it could be having a garden having a garden it could be. You know what the Lord has put on your heart if you have come under conviction I want you to act on that conviction and it's between you and the Lord because it's only you and the Lord that know what that conviction is but if you have been convicted and you want to be in the path of totality you want to be 100 percent sold out for the Lord I'd like you to come to the front let's That's not to say anyone who's sitting isn't totally sold out for the Lord you know they may have made the same read that I'm under conviction the Lord has brought me a conviction this week that I need to actually don't look around you this is between you and the Lord can spread out here but if you are under conviction and you want to publicly say Lord I am all in for you I'd love you to come forward and we want to pray together. Prayed. May God give you strength because the trials are going to come. Let's pray together. Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you and praise you for being faithful. We thank you and praise you for your working at this conference we saying thank you for the work you are doing an individual hearts Lord you see each person who's come to the front you know the convictions that you put on their hearts Lord give them the strength give them the courage give them your spirit to follow through on those convictions or Juno all the other hearts there may be many who have already given that 100 percent total commitment there may be others that aren't ready yet Lord May our testimony the testimony of those who are at the front hear the testimony of those who share this week be an encouragement that the path of totality is the path of joy and peace. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer blesses and now we go through the remaining. Jesus. 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