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Agriculture, the Gut Brain, Health & Happiness

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • January 15, 2021
    9:30 AM
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Well I am excited to share on the got brain connection its connection with agriculture and happiness and before we begin less and less power heads for order for heavenly father we are so thankful to be able to come before you just now I pray that your Holy Spirit would be in here even though this is mainly upon science and agriculture it is all based upon the foundations of Scripture and so we ask that your blessing would be with us that your Holy Spirit would impress us and even through this simple message that Jesus would be uplifted we pray and his name Amen agriculture in its connection to health happiness and the gut brain connection now this is just a a very simple view of introduction we actually have a whole like 5 to 6 hour somewhere and there are almost 5 or 6 hours of material on this and so we're just going to give you a little bit of it but you're going to get a little bit extra here because of agriculture agriculture and the gut this is from something called 13 manuscript release page 371 where it says tell those who are sick that if the hosts of those who are dyspeptic and consumptives could turn farmers they might overcome disease dispense with drugs and doctors and recover help sounds kind of nice doesn't it. It sounds great recover our health through changing our lifestyle but what on earth is a dyspeptic So here's kind of a simple little definition of dyspeptic it is of or having ended Jash or consequent irritability or depression something that affects our gut can negatively impact what goes on in our minds. This is an interesting thought but this thought actually was birth in the Bible this is nothing new it was kind of rejected for a long time and right now it's cutting edge science study after study is coming out on this and so we're going to look about look at this what can agriculture do to help it dyspeptic someone who struggles maybe you start with irritability ordered depression anxiety these kind of things so we're going to begin to look at the research on agriculture and health and as we do to do this my wife's going to come up and talk to us about the oldest study in all of recorded history. And guess what the all the study in recorded history has to do with the gut brain connection is that powerful the old this study has to do with the gut bring connection and guess where you find the oldest study in history you have it here it says this is from the u.s. National Library of Medicine this is the National Institutes of Health and i h one of the most funded medical institutions ever by the u.s. government says in evolution of clinical research a history before and beyond by James Lind and what did they find it says here the world's 1st clinical trial is recorded in the Book of Daniel in the Bible in that powerful so they look back through history and this is the 1st clinical trial in history will what is this clinical trial we see in Daniel's have to write Daniel and his friends are taken captive by who. Babylon I was born not too far from Babylon and maybe 60 miles away from Babylon anyway so they were taken captive there and what happened to them they're put in the Babylonian university by the king and they have full funding by the king right and as they go they realize we don't really want to partake of everything the King is offering right and what was one of the things they didn't want to take the food that the king offered them right they didn't want to partake in that because they knew what the Bible taught they lived according to the Word of God And so what happens here is the study but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank there for he requested of the prince of the Unix that he might not defile himself this young man purposed in his heart that he would live according to the Word of God regardless of what a major world empire thought about it and that powerful he's before a world ruler and still holds on to what God wants him to do so what happens what is this study about says here in Daniel 120 and in all so then the study sorry the study is that he tells them prove your servants how many days 10 days that's all it took 10 days and he said to give us pulse to eat and water to drink and what is Paul's. Paul says things grown from seeds. So anything that grew from a seed that's what they were going to eat and then after the 10 days and after the time that they spent there it says in Daniel $120.00 it says in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them he found them to be 10 times better than all the magicians in astrologers that were in all his realm 10 times better than anybody else that was in the king's court isn't that powerful simple faith in God's Word put these young men in a high position and with great influence you and I get to meet King Nebuchadnezzar some day because some teenagers decided it was worth trusting God not powerful we get to meet a world ruling Emperor some day because of Daniel I think it's powerful you know when you read through history sometimes you're like oh I wish I could meet that person someday I hope they were saved. I hope there's a because I'd like to meet them and get a little more of the background of their story and that's what attorney's going to be like in that awesome Alright let's get back to the got bring. So we see that there is this connection with the gut and the brain right what these young men ate affected their intellect it affected their intellect I'm going to show you a clip of our documentary called ancient health 8 secrets to ancient health and in this documentary this is just a little clip of it we are we are going to show you what the Go brain connection does even to this day not just. Daniel time here we go but the main thing that folks should be concerned about is how long you live and how likely are to get disease and there's been 3 major studies published on the subject big bet on Alice these and these men analyses and only 3 big ones have been published they show consistently that low carb diets in other words low plant food diets high animal food diets consistently they show that they're associated with more heart disease and more death more mortality if you look around the world when you look at these people in the Blue Zones the average percentage of calories from carbs range from ranges from about 50 percent to vote 80 percent carbs are not the enemy refined carbs are the enemy there have been a number of recent study Dr B.'s hold out of Phoenix Arizona 1st she did an observational study showing that lab based diet actually significantly improves your depression and anxiety stress score it's called the d.s.s. score so the mood actually is improved when you get the right amount of carbohydrates but also the right type of carbohydrate and less protein that is she followed up with an interventional study and that's where she took people who were not on a plant based diet and put them on a plant based diet for 2 weeks she also put them on a plant based diet plus fish for 2 weeks to see which one would be superior and it turned out the fish diet wasn't any more secure in the carnivore diet but the plant based diet significant dramatic changes the testicle a significant changes in just 2 weeks in their mental ability we see when people go on this diet and drink plenty of water get plenty of rest follow these natural remedies that they just like something snaps in their brain and it doesn't take like weeks or months plant based diet is key. In our program for new pressure and anxiety recovery the results are outstanding because it's a comprehensive approach and not just diet we also utilize exercise and we're utilizing correct thoughts in a lot of different modes ality but the diet is a key element. I want on a plant based about 5 weeks ago it's amazing because i even if they had had not told me he had a diet change the 1st thing I noticed was he was bringing a schoolwork in and my teacher is actually. Bragging on how much better been behaving since I've been on the diet in class he wasn't getting as distracted that he was paying attention he was able to listen more closely he was being a large does this aren't meant was that or he was more diligent everything I can pay attention or my mind is more clear sense of been just a huge improvement and I was honestly lost a lot when I meet but the main things I notice with behavior and study and middle school has showed clearly that switching the menu from animal source to plat source diet almost eliminated absenteeism. Increased and const attention and homework performance and performance at school it almost eliminated acts of violence as well as teen pregnancy and so they just feel better everywhere the blood flows everywhere the perfect circulation goes I feel better not just in body but in mind clears up their thoughts even and every single day since I've been a plant based diet the clarity continues to increase and my face continues to look younger and I my body feels like I feel like I look more vibrant I've looked at pictures of myself before and after and I look 5 years older. Even just 10 months ago and I do know what we need does get turned into neurotransmitter it actually helps us or hurts us depending on what we're eating in regards to our brain chemistry that plays a vital role in the health of the brain they'll say within 3 or 4 days they seem to have clarity they get their own Lurd they can they listen to class better they absorb more and they do better on their tasks the fog has been lifted out of my head I think we're I've got better ideas I believe. I can I can put 2 and 2 together faster and just in general I'm happy. In fact I had a lot of studies show that diet alone will reduce your depression and anxiety scores by half. Just by dramatically changing your diet to a plant and so that's significant Now we go for more than just half and so that's why we have a whole program that and that includes more than that. But just the diet alone make a big deal you don't have to choose between high quality living and one Jevon it's the same program the same new start approach to living helps you live longer and it helps you with better. Amen that somebody see themselves in there. It was during her class. We were filming it just means like Oh all right so isn't that interesting. That the same study that was done back in Babylon 2500 years ago is replicated today and has the same effect and that powerful this effect of the brain connection and that that science can be replicated true science can be replicated and have the same outcome and that powerful. So there's got brain connection very important right in laminations 128 says he this behold Oh Lord for I am in distress my bowels are troubled So we see the governing connection going both ways right and we may look at that and chuckle but I think they were more in tune with their bodies and their minds back then than we realize and they understood this connection and how important it was Scientists have discovered that a high fat diet leads to depressive anxious and in mind it also promotes inflammation inflammation is a marker for depression as well as other lifestyle diseases heart disease diabetes all of these things have inflammation you have inflammation when you have these diseases and so depression is one of them and it says that high fat diet Well let's see this study there was a study done with some mice and the mice. Were put into 2 categories one of them were put on a high fat diet. One were put on the high fat diet and the other one was put on a regular fat diet the other group and what they found is the high fat diet mice exhibited behaviors after their high fat diet you know what what happens to them they exhibited behaviors of repetitive behaviors you know like you would do if you're depressed What do you do you go over the same thoughts over and over and over kind of like o.c.d. so they had repetitive behaviors they had inflammation they had. Memory loss and. Information I said information and there I have a list of it so they exhibited these behaviors. But the other mice did not the regular fat diet mice did not exhibit these behaviors these little guys here so what they ended up doing is doing a bacteria transplant from the guts of the high fat diet mice and putting it into the guts of the regular fat diet mice they did a bacteria transplant What do you think happened to the behaviors of the regular fat diet mice now that they had the same gut bacteria that the high fat mice did the same you got it so the regular diet my given microbes from high fat diet my experience here it is anxiety that's when I forgot. Impaired memory repetitive behaviors in inflammation isn't that interesting so the high fat somehow affects our microbes and our microbes somehow affect our mind right depending on what microbes you have in your gut it affects you it says here in Child Guidance it cannot be too often repeated that whatever is taken into the stomach effects not only the body but ultimately the mind as well this is interesting right here it is difficult and often well not impossible for one who is intemperate in diet to exercise what patience and self control Now I grew up in a family where we argued a lot and I just thought well this is just who we are and can't change and things like that but then when I look at things like this I think it is difficult and often well nigh impossible to be patient. And have self control if you are intemperate and I look at it and I thinking Wow Well I have control over my temperance right I can control temperance God's given me that ability and so in turn it will control my patience and self-control to me that's good news I think it's perfectly good news because otherwise I beat myself up and say I can never change this isn't working for me and could it be I stayed up late one night and the next morning I'm getting into arguments could it be I ate something that disagreed with my stomach and now I'm irritated right could it be I over did something you know these thing it's God made these bodies and for us to think it's a legalism right if we take care of these bodies is a strange thought because he created them and if he created them he knows how they run and he knows how to make us happy and you can be happier the more you work according to the laws of his body and when I realized that I thought it's not legalism it's freedom right because otherwise I beat myself up all the time thinking I'm such a bad person and I'm always running into the same rut and god like I've given you a way to deal with it do you trust me to follow this path right so it's just an encouragement if anybody grew up in a home like I did right all right look at this here it says Think Twice how the gut 2nd brain influences moon well being what are scientists calling your gut Now the 2nd brain isn't that powerful the 2nd brain there realizing this connection it says here. The 2nd brain informs our state of mind in other more obscure ways as well a big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut mayor says butterflies in the sub mix signaling in the gut as part of our physiological stress response but I'm going to get done it says although g.i. turmoil can sour one's mood every day motional while being may rely upon the rely on messages from the brain below to the brain above so it can sour your mood and affect your everyday emotional well being your can it says here in councils on diet and foods people who have a sour stomach are very often of a sour disposition everything seems to be contrary to them and they are inclined to be peevish and irritable if we would have peace among ourselves we should give more thought than we do to having a peaceful stomach now you might be thinking you know these 2 are here sharing these things because they're just like you know always done these things and they're just you know they go along with no. We we live contrary to these things and actually maybe worked against them and cattle share a little later some of his testimony but he he lived through 8 years of seasonal depression and then 2 more years after that of full all year round depression and he'll explain how that happened and you'll understand it as we explain the brain connection a little more and through that time you know a lot of struggles you know and by the end of it if you told him he had to stand on his head for 2 hours a day he would have been willing to do it. Because the depression was just overwhelming overwhelmingly filled with guilt guilty thoughts all the time and he'll share that with you but I'm just letting you know this is why we even got into this stuff is because we had a need ourselves right and a lot of times our needs will bring us to our knees and look for solutions and praise Lord. Chad didn't give up. And kept going forward and found the solution so that now he could be a blessing to other people and he's actually happy he went through that because now he can share what the Lord has done for him so the surprising link between good germs and toddlers tantrums Wow isn't that interesting so they're finding that if a child has a good diversity a good diversity of good gut bacteria higher diversity a higher diversity thank you if a child has a higher diversity of good gut bacteria then they are more social outgoing and happy if they have higher of the lower of the good and higher of the bad bacteria they're withdrawn and have tantrums in our shy and now we've noticed this right and so if a little 3 year old comes up to perfect strangers come up to us and say how I am so and so and we're like 10 I look at that kid's got bacteria. It's become a little joke between us but it's so true you really see it and then if you talk to the parents they'll say yeah they've had this issue and that issue and they had to go through this and then and you know they've got good issues. So. Whenever we share these things people start thinking then. How do I get a good gut bacteria then right in your mind just starts to think like what do I do how do I fix this and guess what if you want a good ratio you have to wait for Chad to come tell you he'll come up. All right this next article is from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which is headed out by a Dr Neal Barnard and the title of this is vegan diets lead to healthier intestinal bacteria a plant based on another question is why Ok the research shows this but now why do plant based diet lead to healthier food now I want to be very clear though you could be a very unhealthy Vian yes or no. Beer is vision yes or no. What are some other junk foods that are being that Oreo cookies are vegan so if you are you know drinking beer you know eating Oreo cookies and washing it down with beer would you be a healthy individual know you're not going to get good gut bacteria probably from that kind of a diet but eating a whole plant based diet especially one that would be grown on your own property right especially if they've actually found that organic food has higher diversity of good got a good bacteria on it then conventionally grown produce So if you're growing it yourself it's even better than if you're going to be buying standard conventional Now I'm not saying everybody has to be absolutely organic but I'm giving you the best research that is out there today and this makes perfect sense and actually before we Regenesis one so what have they found they have found that plant foods all the things that you eat made of plants have bacteria on them in within them and you may be thinking Ok I will never eat plants again they're actually good bacteria in general unless you mix a manure on there are some kind of contamination in general they have a diversity of good gut bacteria and as you eat one let's say you eat an apple it may have 100000000 bacteria on and within it and as you eat that you're adding the diversity of bacteria that's in an apple to your gut and then if you only apples you'd only get the bacterial strains that are from apples but if you add pairs now you'll get new strains of bacteria if you add to your diet kale and spinach and broccoli and sweet potatoes you're adding to your bacterial pool that the researchers the scientists call your micro biome So if you only one thing or a very small mix of foods you're not going to have as good of bacterial input to the gut and one of the one of the reasons researchers have found that they say one of the reasons why plant based eaters live longer healthier and happier is actually potential. Because they have a greater diversity of got bacteria and what do they happen to eat you know if you go plant based What's one of the 1st questions people have after they ask you where do you get your protein they'll also ask what do you eat you see salad all the time and the answer is no there's tons and they've actually found that plant based eaters actually eat a greater diversity of food then standard meat based eaters because we need all kinds of things right you could you try something new You've never had before and because of that you're also adding to that bacterial pool your micro biome lowering inflammation potentially increasing happiness now we could guess this by knowing what the Bible says now the original diet given to humanity and by the way we're not forced to be plant based or vegetarian or vegan everybody can choose to and you and me actually know the Seventh-Day Adventists as far as I go less than half of them are add plant based so it's not nobody's forced to do this this is a choice that you have but interestingly enough we could go back to the beginning to the garden of what now in the Hebrew language of the Bible that the Bible was the Old Testament most of it was written in Hebrew in the Hebrew language the word Eden means pleasure it was the Garden of pleasure so you would infer that whatever God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden would most promote their health and happiness. And thinking about that Genesis $129.00 says And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for food so God said listen I've given you all these things in the garden of pleasure and these are the things that will promote your pleasure your happiness the most because it's a garden of pleasure and so just having the Bible this would have made perfect sense you think of the old minister John Wesley he himself went plant based just because of what the Bible says this is nothing new really so this is from the bull Darian Journal of plant physiology do you read that one often Probably not but notice the title of this review in the Bulgar in Journal of plant physiology says animal neurotransmitter substances in plants what are they talking about scientists have discovered that the neuro transmitters to make it very kind of layman's language brain chemicals chemicals that your brain needs to function for you to be healthy and happy they're actually found where implants so then if you eat those plants you could be giving to your brain the chemicals the neurotransmitters that it actually needs to function well but once again if you're a fine eating even refined junk food plants you're probably not going to have the same benefits actually you're not going to have the same benefits as if you're eating them closer to the way God designed them the way that he made them fascinating this is an incredible study before before giving my life to Jesus I was a heavy drinker really in alcohol I would drink myself to sleep at night and I was talking I shared this research with a mess amphetamine addict and he shared with me he said you know it's interesting he said one thing that all addicts have in common. He said is that addicts all have terrible diets and I thought to myself when I was living a life of addiction and I had a terrible diet it was refined junk food basically cheese and me that was basically what it was and I felt like I just had this addictive personality now think of what we've just learned and check out this research that was done in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and it revealed an imbalance of got bacteria in certain alcoholics it was a small study of 60 alcoholics and they discovered that $24.00 of them had lower levels of bacteria in their guts now with what you've already learned so far in this seminar do you think the alcoholics with less got bacteria found it easier or more difficult to overcome their alcoholism more difficult was your guest now you're exactly right what is the research show after 19 days alcohol free those with lower levels of bacteria had higher levels of anxious feeling depression and desire for help call when you're anxious when you're depressed you're more likely to turn to some habit to try to pacify your soul right so that you feel better so you turn to alcohol you turn to some kind of addiction you turn to a drug and they found that the 36 participants with better got bacteria were doing better so could it be that we could help change people's lives in the area of addiction by changing what they eat in a study is actually being conducted on this very thing right now they may actually be done with it by this point I'm not sure and so if I know this but I know from personal experience it changed my life I know that it's true we see here research fruits and vegetables may help to combat drug addiction and. Check this out you might have heard there's a there's a great book called counsels and die in foods listen to what it said Listen to this it says in our medical institutions clear instruction should be given in regard to Temperance the patient should be shown the evil of intoxicating liquor and the blessing of total abstinence they should be asked to discard the things that have ruined their health and the place of these things should be supplied with an abundance of what fruit we were told this before the research ever came out what is a safe orange is lemons prune speeches and many other varieties can be obtained for the Lord's world is productive if painstaking effort is put forth fascinating could we be helping alcoholics or drug addicts or people in general with bad habits by helping them change what we eat we actually have a whole seminar called the overcoming seminar that is implemented this very thing to help people out and let's go forward this is from the University of Queensland in Australia the title of this is fruit is a depression buster for women what they discovered was that women who ate higher quantities of fruit had lower levels of depression fascinating just the opposite and just in case you're wondering you're saying Chad but I don't want to eat fruit as all get fat is is the United States gotten larger because of our overabundance of fruit eating. That's not what it is that is not actually one of the most was that one of the foods that will help you to lose weight the absolute most is actually fruit like you see on the I've seen these like commercials on the Internet it'll be like if you want to lose belly fat don't eat this one thing in the show a banana that is ridiculous but man is are sick there are people I'm not exaggerating Have you heard of fruitarians. Fruitarians There's a website called 30 bananas a day these people literally 30 bananas a day and they're skinnier than I am they are super skinny you don't get fat from eating bananas or any fruit for that matter so we have a whole seminar on the got brain connection we'll have in the back afterward but in the teachers on weight loss also on happiness and health and all of these things but I don't have time to go into all of this this is from the Journal of neuro psychiatry of clinical neuro science and it says here depression in fruit treatment the beginning of it says depression is a common mood disorder affecting sleep appetite and libido and it's also one of the manifestations of dementia and may lead to suicide attempts particularly with violence methods then they go on to talk about well hey maybe maybe if people had better neuro transmitters brain chemicals they would be happier and they said well hey maybe they would simply get them in the food that the eat if they eat well what are they so it actually says it up here kind of the top center of the 2nd paragraph in the top center there are some high content sources of Sara Tonin melatonin trip defense which can be provided which can provide the body with these substances These include plantings pineapples but Mannus Kiwis plums tomatoes for Sara tone and then it goes on and on but here's the thing isn't it interesting that the food that is made to make you healthier and happier less depressed is things like fruit the food that God gave us in our sinless state to make them happy it makes people happy today and we could make them less likely and then it goes on at the end it says meetings it seems that eating such foods in the daily diet of depressed patients could not only treat the disease but may improve the prognosis of dementia and decrease of violent suicide attempts is not powerful. Very very powerful so is there happiness implant foods there is a this is a major component of overcoming depression not the only component I don't want to say that at all actually in our seminar that we have hours on this material we show other things other health habits that help us to be less likely to be depressed but here is a study from the British Journal of Health Psychology saying many apples a day keep the blues away now you're thinking oh man I see several apples every single day now it's just a play on apple a day keeps the doctor away and what they found is that several pieces of our several servings of fruits or vegetables lower your chances of depression but what they found was fascinating they found that it not only made you happier in the day that you ate them it would forecast how happy you would be the next day so we get to choose how happy we're going to be today based upon what we eat and this is this study was replicated in a larger study here in the American Journal of Public Health and on the left hand side going up is levels of life satisfaction or happiness and from the bottom left to the right is how many servings of fruits or vegetables you eat in a day if you easier you're statistically at the lowest level of happiness if you eat one it probably wouldn't even be statistically significant but a tiny bit better 234-5678 servings of fruits or vegetables will make you significantly happier the day that you consume them and it will forecast how happy you'll be tomorrow is now powerful God has given us these things to make us happier and healthier and give us clearer mind so that we can be drawn nearer to him which is most important. So I want to talk about something intestinal permeable a t. and for some time people you know doctors wondered is this actually true now study after study has come out on what's called intestinal intestinal permeability commonly referred to as a leaky gut where what can happen is in our intestines we have a a barrier a membrane that is supposed to have tight junctions so that the things that we've eaten the undigested proteins and certain harmful bacteria would stay within the intestines and pass through when we use the toilet and but what can happen is certain foods can actually open up the junctions and other things toxins also can open up the junctions in our gut allowing un digestive proteins and bacteria to flood into your bloodstream therefore promoting inflammation within your body causing systemic inflammation Well what do we see about this this is very fascinating So this is speaking about marital arguments this is research on marital arguments and a leaky gut what do they find 00 highest a university they found that in the in the journal psycho neural endocrinology researchers found increased intestinal per me ability and couples who had more hostile marital disagreements you might be thinking oh that's why I argue with my wife maybe it's my gut and you might be think I don't have any pain in my gut while tell you I'm going to share with you some of my testimony and we would argue to be honest almost all the time my wife and I'm not proud of that it was in weren't true I wish I didn't have to tell you this and after a change of diet it changed our marriage. It literally changed our marriage and I didn't have any pain in my gut that I was going all I have pain and I'm cranky I noticed no pain in my gut but as my gut healed it began to heal the mind it literally changed our lives so are there certain things that we could see that ink could increase intestinal permeability let's look at the research intestinal permeability and certain spices noticed this we see here from the Journal of Nutrition researchers looked at the effect of certain spices in there are a fact an intestinal per me a billet to eat and it revealed that certain spices including Cayenne paprika and chili powder can increase intestinal permeability very interesting so I make the one that actually 2 of those give people struggles they say but we've heard that cayenne is good for you now it is true spices almost all spices have ridiculous amounts of antioxidants So you have to eat them if they have a side effect yet they have benefits while you also could be other foods that have plenty of antioxidants and maybe not have to have the negative side effects that make sense it's not like spices are the only thing on earth that has you know antioxidants we find them in fruits we find in veggies in general and so certain things that may cause you trouble may they may have benefits in other places I don't I don't doubt that for a 2nd like I said I antioxidant benefit but could they trouble your gut and make you more likely to be angry and lustful and have marital problems is a good question so this is we this is we are told this. You may have seen this quote before spices that 1st listen to this is this like mind blowing this is mind blowing we found that they irritate the tender coating in the stomach the leaky gut syndrome and listen to what we were told spices at 1st irritate the tender coding of the stomach exactly what research now tells us but finally destroy the natural sensitiveness of this delicate membrane the blood becomes fevered the animal propensities aroused while the moral and intellectual powers are we can become servants to the baser passions and the fascinating and this is now what we see in the research I'm going to share with you in person which means that I. Would love to share with you already about the arguments that my wife and I would struggle with and literally made such a massive difference and this is what we did we we knew about this we knew about like the last quote that I showed you and I never noticed the difference between when I eat spicy food I love spice food you might be think I What is this white boy I know about spicy food I grew up eating some of the spicy is food ever like you maybe a heard of how the narrow pepper sauce how the Narrows make a whole opinio seem like a carrot they're so ridiculously spicy but I never noticed the difference between how angry I was or how lustful I was when I ate these foods and when I didn't and then we decided my wife and I decided we were going to go we're going to go months without any spices we didn't know which ones that cause us trouble so we just got rid of all spices 100 percent we still still use all but no spice and what we noticed was so the day after we stopped eating spices you know what happened we argued just as much as the day before and same thing with the next day and probably the next and I don't remember every one of these days but it just continued on pretty normal and then Somewhere between I don't know 7 to 10 days to 2 weeks we began to change we began to be more calm. More patient with each other things that formerly would have frustrated us we just maybe would chuckle about it and it got better and better and then for 2 months within 2 months our marriage was better than it had ever been and then we were invited by some folks to go out to an Indian restaurant and it was particular there's different levels of spice and we bend India spent months there and and there's different levels of spiciness in India the far east of India they are almost no spices and then Andrea is like the hottest spicy is the area and we went on to do a super spy theory and are now area into a restaurant and you know I think that food and I loved it because I lost my seafood and you know I haven't that night nothing. We're still patient with each other so you think Ok this is terrible astray ssion since it doesn't obviously make a difference but the next day I spoke totally rudely to my wife and then somebody did something to her I basically she was she was cooking something in the instant and somebody you know myself we're staying with somebody and then they unplugged it to plug something else and partway through the cycle and when she saw it she's like something important I have no idea how far it goes and she began to get angry with the individual they didn't know they she just it was in her heart she kept quiet about it because nobody was around and she she got so frustrated and she was like Lord why am I so frustrated about this is this crazy I can't control my emotions this is overwhelming and then she told me later and later that day I spoke rudely to her again and she said why are you doing this and I thought I thought you know we haven't been doing this lately and I said you know what we ate yesterday don't you and she said. And I said Yeah I think so you say that's a nice anecdotal story but we have tried this over and over and over with nearly 100 percent the same results. Over and over and over and we went to a certain country we were visiting in the world that I knew ate some of the spices food in the world and we were speaking mainly to medical professionals and medical students and as we were speaking to them about this one of the doctors now we knew they super spicy food and I figured that in that country they would have very high levels of sexual abuse of children and rape but then I got there and people seem pretty happy and it's like I don't know maybe I'm wrong I didn't know the stats and then one of the doctors came up to me. You know childhood doctor a pediatrician came up to me and he said. I work with children day in day out and he said the official government statistics in our country are that 50 percent of children are sexually abused he said but since I work with them every single day he said I believe those numbers are far off I think it's actually closer to 80 to 95 percent of children are sexually abused here I figured it would be high I would imagine that high and then another friend of mine I asked May I say who I knew had lived there for a while he was from the States and I said Do you know about all the sexual abuse and rape that goes on in that particular country and he said oh absolutely my wife asked one of their workers she said Is it true that so many women are raped in this country and the woman responded by saying I don't know a woman who has not been raped this is incredible and I'll tell you we'll just be totally open and honest forthright with you I have noticed an incredible difference in my last a levels based upon when I eat these foods also my anger anxiety and depression when I eat these foods but the reason nobody notices the correlation is because I don't notice any difference the day I eat it and I don't and it doesn't stop the day you start stop eating it so it goes on the next day you may notice no difference the 3rd day you may notice so it takes a while for the delicate membrane of the stomach to heal. Now just like if you're cut does the cut healed the next day totally healed it takes a while so too it seems with our gut it takes time for those junctions to begin to repair maybe days maybe even weeks in some cases So let's go for it so we're going to look we're going to try to finish up it says in many cases of sickness the very if we want to reset our stomach the very best remedy is for the patient to fast for a meal or 2 now for a week or 2 just just are often fast for a meal or too many of our little health centers you know do this exact same thing patients come they get much more fast and then a and what do they do it says that the overworked organs of digestion may have an opportunity to rest they fast after that we're told to do a fruit diet for a few days as often brought great relief to brain workers many times a short period of entire abstinence from food followed by simple moderate eating has led to recovery through nature's own recuperative efforts and abstemious diet for a month or 2 would convince many sufferers that the path of self-denial is the path to health so we're going to review this so back to this idea dyspepsia we heard about this in the beginning if we would turn farmers maybe we could lose this dyspepsia which is trouble in the stomach that you may not even feel that makes you irritability gives you irritability or depression so for a dyspeptic stomach you may place upon your tables fruits of different kinds but not too many at one meal you don't have 10 different kinds of fruit at a meal to too much diversity at a meal can give you trouble we were told this also for a dyspeptic stomach exercise aids the dyspeptic by giving the die down just of organs a healthy tone so 2 things a farmer will get from his labor are exercise and what. Food with good bacteria that can begin to heal he's got her guts right very very powerful here so let's waste a balance the got from the quote we saw just a little bit ago Number one is said to fast for a meal or 2 if you're struggling with anything if you struggling anger anxiety depression or many diseases except for certain things like you know type one diabetes you might not want to fast and certain things work with your doctor on that if you have some health issues fasting for a meal or 2 and then number 2 eat more whole fruits one of the cautions that we say is work with your doctor many times people are afraid of giving diabetics. Fruit but actually the research shows this is from the British Medical Journal they showed that plants fruits specifically anything below that solid black line at the top lowers your chances of type 2 diabetes and I don't have time to go into all this but as you go forward and interestingly enough dried fruit can sometimes be better for a diabetic than fresh fruit we see that prunes lower your chances of diabetes Type 2 diabetes even more than fresh plums we were told by the way that we can eat more fresh fruit than is customary with the best results to health and this is what the research now shows incredible incredible that I think I'm wrong funny I'm sorry dried fruits my wife correcting dried fruits in some cases like the prunes can actually be more beneficial and I don't mean just eat and eat fresh fruit fresh fruit is phenomenal but sometimes dried fruit because think about if we get back to the point where difficult times come it becomes more difficult to buy or sell what are you going to eat you can eat the food that you what you preserve that you grow yourself and most of us if we don't live in the tropics we don't have fresh food all your own doing. But even dried fruit can cause the benefits even potentially more so sometimes then the fresh fruit that is incredible so number 3 eat more whole grains that could be whole we bread oatmeal and other whole well whole well cooked grains they need to be well cooked when it comes to grains if you have celiac disease or if you're one of the potentially 6 percent of people who struggles with gluten then you want to avoid that for 94 percent of people they generally do perfectly fine with it so next one eat more whole vegetables when I say whole doesn't have to be raw It just means we means on non refined that's what we're talking about and avoid spicy food if you struggle anger anxiety loss depression and even if you don't you cry see a difference if you're one of those families that super godly super kind nevers argued with your spouse because I know there are some of you out there not me. You're probably not going to notice the same difference that I do with spices it's I'm really sharing this because some of you might have anger in your household you may have parents who are or you may be the parent who is just negative toward your children depressed all the time and this might be one of the major factors. But some of you are just saints you're just you have bred sin out of your family and praise the Lord for that I'm being facetious there but some families have just they're just so powerful and praise the lord for you let's go for so eat a handful of nuts a day you don't really need any more of it typically for the neurological benefits and if you go on a total plant based diet you will want to supplement supplement from time to time of b 12 so if these things don't work for you can time contact us I can send you some information on the elimination challenge diet if you want that's a whole nother thing I don't have time to go into that now but it's anchor point films dot com hit contact us it'll come to us or anchor point films at g. mail dot com But we're going to close this is our closing this is our closing store and it's powerful so this is a true story about the Victor Valley medium community Correctional Facility in Adelanto California and what did they find what did they find now number one they picked the longest name they could possibly think of for a prison. And what did they discover Now this was a prison that had $500.00 inmates actually it was started by a multimillionaire Seventh-Day Adventists businessmen and typically it's interesting many people hate the idea of private prison you're going to see I love the idea of private prisons if they're done this way this is there's no no public prison who has had the greatest successes that's one that I know of any. Let's see what we see maybe it was this man was given Terri Moreland was given a a contract with the state of California with the c.d.c. not the one you typically think of the California Department of Corrections and to have a $500.00 m. a prison and they allow they had to they actually literally had 2 sides of the facility separated side one side would be kind of on a standard meat based diet. And the other side would be on a plant based diet and one of the government workers when they heard that they said no way no way these guys would rather burn the place to the ground than eat a plant based diet and the you know they said well we'll give them the choice and said Ok and so they gave them the choice and guess what's going on the on the one side what's on one side they allow them to choose between a new start program of a plant based on occupational training and Bible studies and anger management classes and I already showed you what percentage of them chose to go plant based of their own volition 85 percent of these guys shows to go on a vegan diet this is incredible so what was the result of this now at the time of this study the receipt of Islam rate in California was 95 percent you say Chad what is that riseth of ism is a statistical measure at which when someone goes to prison one time when they've served their time and they come out of prison what is the statistical chances that they will go back to prison and at that time 95 percent of people who got out of prison in California went back to prison by committing another crime so this prison though that was run with this with this diet what ended up happening the receipt of is a rate from this prison drop from 95 percent all the way down to 2 percent. The national average in a 51 percent. So could you imagine if 90 plus percent of people who went to prison that their lives could be totally changed by the power of the Gospel and also by a plant based diet but you say Chad maybe it was just the gospel will listen how many prisons have Bible studies in them all prisons have I listen the gospel has power but for people who struggle with depression anxiety you may believe the gospel I did and I struggled with depression for 10 years I believe in the gospel I believe that Jesus was the only way to salvation I could not work my way to salvation the idea that you could work your way to salvation is ridiculous right I knew that begin I struggled with depression and after a day I spent time with I spent time in emotions every single day seeking the Lord asking for forgiveness trying to make the sins of the past right spending thousands of dollars to try to right the wrongs of my past and yet I never felt any peace almost ever it was terrible I kept going forward I kept sharing with people about Jesus I kept witnessing to people around the world but yet still felt darkness all around every morning the very 1st thought was just deep dark guilt and then I saw a. Similar quote to what I showed you there about how going on a plant based diet remember it said go on a fast then for a time of fruit diet not forever and forever for a time and I did that and within 2 weeks my depression begin to just go away for the 1st time in 2 solid years because I'm right 8 years of seasonal depression and 2 years of continual depression and they are 2 years of continual depression took place after I got I got some antibiotics for being bit by ticks. Doctor friend of mine said I'll give you some antibiotics so you don't get Lyme disease I said Ok no from I took them and then I was depressed year round and I didn't know then about research that had been conducted that show that for every round of antibiotics we take they increase our chances of depression by about 25 percent and for every $2.00 to $5.00 rounds of antibiotics we take increases our chances of depression by about 50 percent now by the way what do antibiotics kill bacteria do they only kill bad bacteria now they're like a shotgun it just it just you know kills bacteria and they've actually found that it changes the micro biome the bacterial pool within the guts of people who take them and I'm not telling you not to ever take them but I'm just telling you my personal experience and then I was depressed around but 2 years of this of your own depression and then beginning to implement these things literally changed my life some of you might have read that wonderful book there's a beautiful book called The Ministry of healing and what if what if changing people's diets could change people from a life of crime Check this out wrong habits of eating in the use of unhelpful food are in no small degree responsible for the intemperance and what crime and wretchedness that curse the world I was an addict. And as the diet changed my mind began to even after so I b. I really gave my life to the Lord but then felt for years like I was still an addict Sure I might not have done drugs anymore sure I didn't drink the alcohol or smoke cigarettes anymore but I still felt like an addict I still felt on change even but but I wouldn't do it I'd claim promises and God would you know I would I wouldn't drink the all calling or praying as the Lord I or smoke or whatever it was but here's the thing when the dietary change came I didn't even feel like doing any of these things anymore it changed me also God can give the victory and he does but the way he gave us in the Garden of Eden to eat can make us healthier happier people so we don't want to live the same lives of sin and crime that maybe we committed in the past and I'll tell you it's been such a life changing experience for me this is as much as time I think we've run out of time if you have any more interest we have some of the whole series on the got brain connection and overcoming habits to 2 separate series in the back that have been a part of changing my life and I want to challenge you if you struggle anger depression anxiety lost some of these principles may change your life like it has mine none of this is judgement I can sit down with my dad and he can eat his octopus and we can enjoy each other's company I eat my sweet potato and beans we can enjoy each other we don't have to be Judge Mental to other people who don't eat the way you choose to be a man. We need to be kind and loving to each other but at the same time these things are meant to be a benefit to our own souls and if it changes your life other people might be more open to trying it out themselves Amen. So let us close with a word of prayer Heavenly Father thank You for Jesus the author and finisher of our faith the one who is altogether lovely he who alone can give us salvation we realize we don't go to heaven because of what we eat that is silly. But it can make our pathway to heaven so much easier it may make us happier with our friends and family and wife and children and Father I pray for somebody else who may be going through what I went through for 10 years of darkness 10 years of suffering father I'm so thankful that you allowed me to go through that so that you could show me a way out for my soul and father is there someone else who may be struggling with the same things and this is one of the factors that may be impacting them I pray that you give them strength to maybe take hold of it give it a try and also reap the very same benefits that have taken place in my life and my wife's life and our marriage bless each one of us I pray that you've given us we're at an agricultural conference Lord help us to learn to be better at agriculture that we can be better family friends that we can be happier healthier people the people who reflect Jesus more. In his name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio dot org.


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