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Jesus Encounter with the Blind Man Near Bethsaida

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 22, 2021
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have to come and study your word once more thank you Lord for the blessings of the past week thank you for preserving all of us as we are able to come and listen and to read and to study together May you please guide us all Lord with your Holy Spirit speak to each of our hearts of other and help us to see the lessons that a song Porton in this story that we can apply to our hearts and our lives today thank you all Lord we pray in Jesus' name amen Mark Chapter 8 is where we will be beginning this evening Mark Chapter 8 and was starting part of me I got the wrong text up there we're starting in verse 20 to Mark Chapter 8 verse $22.00 and he comes to Bethsaida and they bring a blind man under him and be sort him to touch him and so a blind man is brought to Jesus oh my my slides are going a bit funny here so a blind man is brought to Jesus and the people that bring him we're not sure who they were were they friends were they relatives were they the brothers or sister of this person we don't know but we know for one thing for certain that they had some sort of great care and affection for this person why because when you read in Mark chapter 822 it says there that they bring him and they sought him to touch him. And so they're begging that's what the word Bissau means they're begging Jesus to touch this man he's blind and look it's not often that you beg people for things unless especially on behalf of someone else this person must be really really important to them or close to their heart and you know friends when we bring people to Jesus Christ we should learn to have a besieging spirit a begging attitude why Too often we fail to care for others as much as we care for ourselves or family or relatives or those that are near and dear to us but if we want to bring people to the foot of the cross if we want to bring people that they might be healed by Jesus we need to learn to have this begging attitude on behalf of other people our most basic request should be what Jesus would touch their hearts and their lives but let's continue shall we let's continue Mark Chapter 8 in verse $23.00 and he took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town notice what Jesus does here the 1st thing he does is he takes him by the hand and he leads the men out of the town out of the city. Here's another really important lesson for us I just couldn't help but the look at the sea these applications that means so much to us today but you know sometimes if we want to help people if we want to help them heal sometimes in order for them to heal they need to get out of the city 1st out of the place where there's too much temptation too much vice too much wickedness sin that in the city is too easily accessible to all of us and there are some that really need to experience country living today they need to get out into nature you know nature just has this soothing feeling upon us do you know that nature just has this way of impressing us with God's character with his patience with this kindness with his goodness maybe there are some even here this evening that have just been too caught up with life and it's not that you just need to go on holiday and some of us we think a need to go and travel I need to just sit there and not do anything and sometimes that is even worse because you stay at home you do nothing you don't get in when your phone or your computer and you binge watch something or you stop playing games you know sometimes it's those holidays that get us to free and all the bad habits come back it's not enough just to go on holiday you need to get out of the city out of the town out of that which is artificial and surround ourselves with nature and not just that but we need to lead people out there are cells not just to teach them and to preach them and say Hey Hey It's important to get out of the city go go go go go but Jesus took this man by the hand and let him out himself. You know some people they really want healing they want to be different they want to be changed and sometimes is not enough just to tell them you've got a company that you've got to go with them is not enough to tell a person who is addicted to smoking you've got to quit smoking sometimes you've got to go to the to quit smoking program and go through it with them just to show that you are there for them and so Jesus the 1st thing he does is he leads this blind man out of the city and look at what what this blindness is representing in 2nd cruelty and chapter 4 and verse for the Bible says this in whom the god of this world had blinded the minds of them which believe not less the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine on to them many of us were sitting in darkness we are blinded by what the things that this world has to offer the the the pretty trinkets the gold the glittering gold our careers looking for that next good bye for our house or different things and many of us we are chasing after the world and we've put ourselves in a world of hurt we've hurt our bodies we've all hurt our health we've worked extra long hours just so that we can earn a few more dollars to save or to to buy our next great toy that will we think will satisfy some make us happy so many of us have been blinded by the god of this world. And the gospel of Jesus Christ has been left in the dust and so this blind man he represents all of us he represents every single one of us and we are in great need. But let's come back to this passage that we read to Jesus he takes him by the hand and he leads him out of the city now run for the friends of the people that brought this blind man they said to Jesus what do you remember in verse $22.00 that 1st verse that we read it says they bring a blind man to Jesus and they begging him they've sought him that he would touch him and that's very interesting because Jesus grabs the whole of him he touches him nothing happens and he's holding him by the hair and all pushing him along and pulling it more more likely pulling him along and he's touching him do you see that and nothing has happened so not only does Jesus touch him but you hold him for a really long time now what would you be thinking of you with a blind man my friends have asked Jesus Jesus You're the healer touch this man for what reason to be healed the right to be whole so you're thinking Ok Jesus going to touch me and he's going to heal me and Jesus touches him but what nothing happens nothing happens and how come Jesus he doesn't heal this man by touching him he doesn't a sense but you see the blind man is already being tested in his faith Jesus touch this man so he might be healed right but yet when Jesus touch me nothing happened of course he's probably asking and it's not written in the Bible but he's asking Jesus where you're leading me where you're leading me we're going out of the city all this while holding on and touching Jesus but nothing has happened. And is no no no it's not because this man has no faith but. Even now he has to live by faith and trust Jesus that even though he's touched him and nothing's happened Jesus is still going to do something to heal him you see that so he's got to trust that Jesus still loves him that he cares for him and already the blind man has to trust him concious but he heard what his friends said he's feeling what Jesus is doing but Jesus is leading him out of the city and what happens next Mark Chapter 8 and let's finish that verse now he took the blind man by the hand led him out of the town and when he had spit on his eyes and put his hands upon him he asked him if he saw. Jesus spits in the man's eyes then he put his hands on his eyes and Jesus asked if you can see I'm not such an interesting act right I mean I don't know if Jesus meant could you know how people sometimes I don't know how to do it but her spitting on someone's eyes that's a very very unusual act you don't you don't see that ordinarily I've never seen that in any sense in any healer that we see modern today right this is not someone that of course hates you that's spitting on you right the blind man does not know what is going on but when it happens it's too late anyways when Jesus spits on him right but he puts his we don't know how he did it but he puts his spit on his eyes and then he puts his hands on the blind man's eyes. And what is what happens he asked him. You know Asked if he saw if you could see. Well you know let let's take a pause here before we keep going on in the story because we already know that this blind man represents us but what is spiritual blindness Yes we're blinded by the world and we see this again in Revelation Revelation chapter 3 in verse 17 The Bible says because thou sayest I am what I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no it's not that out Richard I'm miserable and poor and blind and naked the Laodicean church is blind spiritually they are rich and increased with goods this is what blinds us just like what it said in Corinthians the god of this world has blinded our eyes how we become blind to the Gospel of Christ how we become blind to the even Jesus healing power is because we got caught up with the world chasing after riches chasing after our status chasing after our degrees chasing after our wealth trying to make a living trying to retire early we do so much and in the process Satan manages to blind us this is the problem with a low to see in church and when you look at our society today you know there's just some new invention coming out all the time some new things some new toy some new camera a new car a new whatever it is a new bed you know whatever it is we just think something new that comes out we just got together and we're in the chase for buying the latest and the greatest. And this really is the problem Laodicean church because we we can never be satisfied the Bible says the eyes of men is not satisfied and supercars with these our eyes we've been looking at the world and focusing on all the things the world has to offer and in the process we become blind to spiritual things and so what is a remedy that is offered to the Laodicean church that helps them to see we see it in Revelation chapter 3 in the very next verse in verse 18 the Bible says I counsel the to buy of me gold tried in the fire that the armies be rich and white remits that the armies to be closed and that the shame of the nakedness do not appear and anoint vine eyes with eyes selve but Valmy as see do you see at the very end there at the very end of the verse anoint your eyes with what I self we if we want to be healed from our spiritual blindness need to have our eyes anointed with I self I meant something that will help us to see and what is it in these times that will help us to see again well let's continue then in 1st Samuel chapter 9 and verse 9 the Bible says this before time in Israel when a man went to inquire of God Thus he spake come and let us go to the sea for he that is now called The Prophet was before time called a seer. So what helps us to see Assia and what was that called in the old times is what we know today as a prophet and you know what's so is is so interesting about the prophets and the role of the prophet especially in our days let's continue Romans chapter one and verse 2 which he had promised of 4 by his prophets where in the Holy Scriptures the prophet is the one that helps us to see the prophet is the one through the scriptures that it helps us to see in which way while friends when you begin to read about the Word of God or read the Word of God It begins to convict you that you've been chasing after the world's goods too much it begins to shine light into our darkened hearts and minds through the eye because it says there that the light of the Body of War doesn't say very but in Matthew it says the light of the body is the eye and if the eye beholds darkness the whole body will be full of die yes but if the eye beholds light guess what we will be able to begin to see see clearly see clearly that no matter how much you pursue your worldly wealth or anything you think that will just make you complete it will never be enough unless you find total satisfaction in the Gospel of Jesus Christ this has to be our focus this is the solution that Jesus offers to us this was symbolic of the spittle that Jesus was putting on. The eyes of the blind man it's this pause that we have and it's the pause that we need you know this is why I'm so thankful for the Sabbath. That God reminds us hey you've been chasing the world too much you've got to pause again and not just pause so the human sleep more and rest more because you were so busy throughout the whole week that you had no time for anything not even time for a good meal No it's not about that yes the Sabbath should be special and we have a special meal this evening I hope that you had a special sabbath meal to open all it was simple but it was the licious and it was good you know if there's any dinner I never miss it's always on a Friday night but the Sabbath Yes it should be special but it's the time that we can come back and spend more time in the Word of God more time reading the scriptures again more time with Jesus you know to many of us we look at the Bible as a book of what we need to do it's a book of instruction yet what we must do you know tells us what we must do if you want to claim to be a Christian we don't look at it like a book of healing like what the spittle was to the blind man's eyes we don't look at the Bible as if this book is able to heal us and so many of us we shy away from it it's a book of warning yes but it's a book that is all about Jesus who wants to give us grace and give us healing in our lives and to many of us we even misconstrued our thoughts about how we view the Scriptures it is powerful it is the very Word of God that created this this world that we live in it's that powerful and God He wants to shine the light of the glorious gospel back into each and every one of our hearts especially this evening to guide your life and to bless you and to help you to see a better way to live and I know maybe some of us we were sitting there thinking a god. I know the best way to live I know my priorities I know my my goals and my passions but you don't realize is not just while following Jesus I go to heaven but God He wants you to prosper and being good health you want to give you abundant life he wants a pour out blessings so much that you want to enough room to receive it there is so much that God wants to bless us with that we are to satisfied sitting in dark and darkness so when God opens our eyes what do you want to do let's continue shall we x. 26 and verse 18 to open their eyes to turn them from darkness to light we've been seeing that so far but what does that mean and from the power of Satan on to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sent to fide by faith that is in me when God He desires to open our eyes he wants us want to turn us from darkness to light that's that 1st step then he wants to turn us from the power of Satan's of the power of God the power that the Satan he cannot create anything yet God with a single word created light and then you want to give us food given the size of sins and in heritance among them those those that are sanctified. Friends this is what the Bible accomplishes to a certain extent you know when you go to Psalms 119 and verse 130 the Word of God is light the entrance of the words give a light it give us understanding under the simple it is the Word of God Also that gives us the assurance that God forgives us 1st John chapter one verse 9 it is the Word of God that has much more power than the devil himself Jesus fought the devil with it is written it was more than enough to ward off every temptation and every every arrow that the devil threw at the Son of God It is written it is written it is written it has more than enough power the problem is we're not experiencing it and really it has more than enough power to sanctify us John 1717 was sent a 5 by the truth the Word of God you know friends if we wish to experience healing. If we wish to experience fulfillment if we wish to experience content in this life it's not about chasing after your wildest dream oh god I don't want much I just want a b.m.w. you know that's not too much right is better than middle class and middle bit of upper class but God I don't need a huge mansion God just just give me 5 rooms it doesn't have to be huge but it could be 5 room 5 bedroom house or condo or you know make sure it has a nice pool I don't want those flats where there's no guards God you know we've got to give God our desires and you know what happens you get to that point and you realize guess what it's not enough the eyes of man are never satisfied Jesus he wants to turn us from darkness to light but he wants to help us to see see the realities of this world. You know when Satan presented to Jesus the world and all that beauties he left out all the dark and hidden parts of sinful areas that the world had been consumed by all the lust and the hatred and the fornication and the murder and everything and he said Geez if you just bow down to me I'll give you all of us and it wasn't enough the world had already been marred by sin it was not what Jesus had originally created but sometimes we want to take the easy way out we want what pleasure now we don't want to wait for it later in heaven and our eyes we can't behold it and all we have before us is. The riches of this world and so Satan he distracts us he blinds us and so many of us were caught up with our careers just earning a living for what at the end of it just to die the richest man in the graveyard doesn't mean anything we must have a treasure that does not pass away imperishable riches it's in heaven and it begins with God shining the light of his glorious gospel into our hearts but let's come out of the story we're not done yet Jesus he spits on the main man's eyes and he asks Can you see can you see and what happens Mark Chapter 8 and verse 24 and he the blind man looks up and said I see men as trees walking he saw men like what trees and they were walking on Venus Lee His vision was still blurred. But look the Bible puts it this way for a reason the Bible doesn't describe it in this matter. Yes he said it like that probably but you know it's recorded for a reason remember every word of God is important and so when he looked up he saw men as trees it was me of the like it's a blah I can't see much of the sea moving glowing images I don't really can't see much Jesus but he says I see men as trees what does trees represent in the Bible Let's go to a chapter 61 and verse 3 Isaiah 61 and verse 3 to appoint one to them that mornin Zion to give unto them beauty for ashes the oil of joy for morning the garments of praise for the spirits of havingness that they might be called Trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord that he might be glorified Did you see that what are they called they are called Trees of righteousness the trees in the Bible represent righteous people and that's a thing friends when when you are 1st turned from darkness to light please catch this when you 1st come into the church when you are 1st converted you know what you see men like trees walking you come to the church and everybody is righteous Wow I've missed this all my life and you don't realize that even in the church there is every type of shade and color of people there are people there with a heart sincere hearts on fire and then there are people that simply because they grew up in church all their life and they didn't have a choice I was one of them if I told my mom when I was 15 mom I don't want to go to church today should say what did you say. It was not a choice out have to get in the car after go to church no matter how unhappy I would be and I'm sure many of you some day have honest children. And parents please don't give them a choice please help them to get in the habit of going to church every week so long as my kids live in the my house they're going to do what I do you know and yeah if you're still living under my house when you're 25 you better come to church with me Emma. You see that too often we think that kids are so smart and independent they've got to make their own decisions they do when they when they're old enough and independent enough and what does that mean not because you suddenly had your voice broke or you or your you know whatever it is know if you still have to depend on me guess what you're not independent yet but we see people as trees they're righteous everyone's right is when you 1st come into the church not realizing that there are all sorts of differing opinions people living different lifestyles people following Jesus for different reasons and motives this man saw or men like trees walking but continue mark 825 to 26 after that he put his hands upon his eyes and made him look up and he was restored and saw every man clearly and he sent him away to his house saying neither go into the town nor tell it to any in the town so Jesus he doesn't he doesn't spit on his eyes again in verse 25 what does he do to restore this man's eyesight back to full strength what does he do he just touches him again this time he does not fit and this is really really important. This is a really important detail and I was as I was sitting here preparing the lesson this evening or this afternoon rather you know the question came to my mind is this why doesn't Jesus put a spit on him again the 2nd time why not why why does he only just touch him this time the married man's eyes will be fully restored Why did he have to spit in the 1st time while that represents the Word of God Spirit is fluid as water in a sense right the water of the Word of God We need to have an interaction with the Word of God But why is it so important for Jesus to touch us so that we finally can be whole that we finally can see because you see friends you got to go beyond just the intellectual knowledge of the Word of God beyond just the reading for the sake of reading you can just Ok I'm just going to read the Bible now this is my devotion I got to do it no you got to be touched by Jesus what does that mean Hebrews chapter 4 in verse 15 the Bible says us for we have not and high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin you know Jesus he touched humanity by coming as a human to experience all the temptations that we face the temptations of wanting to be rich don't you think that it was a temptation for for for Jesus when the devil was tempting him just bow down to me and I'll give you the whole world was that in our equivalent today just bow down to me and I will make you rich rich beyond measure we think this currency that the world has to offer is solved valuable. So many of us we sell our souls to the devil just so that we can get a foothold an advantage in this world thinking that's all it is but it's not friends Jesus was tempted in all points like we are he came to live with us he came to experience what we experienced he felt hunger that's why the devil tempted him to turn the stone into bread here that desire to have power he grew up as a carpenter's son a poor man don't you think he desired a better life yes you know he came not just to sympathize with us. Empathized he experienced what we experienced he understood what it meant to live this life he understood he understood firsthand what we go through he experienced it himself and though he didn't for a moment fall under the power of sin he had great sympathy and mercy for those that had degraded themselves to what the depths of sin would drive a human being the touch of Jesus is really important we need to experience it it's got to become personal the Word of God You know it's easy to read our Bibles too many of us and I say this all the time to many of us we treat the Bible like how other religions treat their gods of God I just read the Bible now please bless me I don't understand what it means but it's good enough for me no friends we gotta have more than just intellectual knowledge but we must have experience or knowledge it's more than just going to Church week in and week out and doing all those Christian things has Jesus become your personal friend have you tried praying God I want to know you. I want to know you personally or of you always hold them at arms length thank you for the blessings thank you for all that you do. And we still grab after the world in our friends has the word of God become personal to each and every one of us John chapter one verse 14 says the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth has the Word become flesh to Utica Have you experienced Jesus for you so have you tasted of his goodness have you been touched by the man Christ Jesus do you understand what he means to you personally do you know why you follow Jesus what is your testimony what is the story behind why you are a Christian today what is it experience or knowledge and this is I would say are acted parable something really is more that not a parable is rather story but something that as we read this encounter that Jesus had with his blind man we realize that we are all like this blind man and if we want to be healed you got to go beyond just the Word of God the flesh part of me the word must become flesh more than just had knowledge but heart knowledge to know him to walk with him to understand him you know this is what all eternal life is all about that's all God wants John 173 this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God in Jesus Christ. Whom thou has sent Yes we got to begin in His Word today we've got to begin there you've got to start reading about this man Jesus not just rely on the preacher not just rely on your parents not just rely on your spouse or whoever it is you got to know him for yourself yes in His Word but then it's got to go beyond the pages of scripture. You got to see God work in your life as well why if you don't experience it then you just have a head knowledge and one day when someone asks you so Ben why are you Christian why do you follow Jesus what's going to be answer is just what intellect Well let me prove to you that the Bible is right Ok so why what is God mean to you today do you know that answer look back think about your past life this past year this past 5 years how long you've been following Jesus what are your praises. Have you been praising God for what he's done in your life have you recognized the hand of God in your life and how much he loves you and how much he wants to be with you and to bless you and to give you a satisfied life if not I just ask you please to pause. And make a journal I'm not trying to shake the faith of anybody here I'm trying to make you think too often we just rush through life you know that. You rush through life you rush through the activities of what you got to do as a normal human being that's how we define it right you've got to go study after you've got your degree then you've got to go work you've got to be independent you go start earning money you've got to do this and this and this and this and we have all these goals and it's goals that we've seen other people that have that have come before us and then we rush through church every Sabbath as well and we don't stop and think where's my life heading why am I doing what I'm doing what is Jesus to me I pray that he would take the time to reflect it's a Sabbath after all let's use this time wisely to reflect on who is God to me not who he should be a sovereign God you know a king now who is God to you personally is he your friend is your comfort or is he your mentor is he the source of strength when you are weak you see that Rock of Ages What is he you see that friend there all others would forsake you he's still there for you what has been your experience. And so this evening I challenge you to find God again to make a personal bigger personal to you this man he was touched and unless we find out that answer I dare say that all the studies of the scriptures will only bring us had knowledge and intellectual knowledge he wants to become real to every single one of us today May God help us to see with more than just human I guess but we might this on the movings of the Holy Spirit in our lives where we might discern a god that loves us so much. And there we might see how he's working for each and every one of us and wants to bless us and then that book the Bible is not a book of instruction anymore it's a love letter to every single one of us may God help us to that and this day let's powerhead shall we as we end with prayer Father in Heaven Lord you sent your your your son the Lord of the King of glory in heaven who is worshiped by angels he came to this earth to die this this ignore me as death not realizing that for us it would become a formality for some of us Lord help us to go beyond just this form of religion help us today to understand who Jesus is to every single one of us for Lord you are a personal god and your desire for us to be still and to know who you are and so on the Sabbath hours Lord help us to put aside our social media help us to put aside all these. These things are just distract us even on the Sabbath so often we were scrolling through and then we're just waiting for the Sabbath to end so that we can go back to our routine and lives and we've not come any closer to understanding who you are Lord help us to reflect help us to remember. Help us. To have a deeper and close So walk with you Mr. Praying in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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