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Finding Answers In The Sanctuary

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 30, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Father in Heaven Lord with thankful that you are our God with thankful for the Sabbath and for the rest that we can experience on this day and lot I pray that we would use this time wisely in the Sabbath hours to draw closer to you to be a better Christian to grow in faith and understanding and even law to be of service to you where we can be on these bless at our Lord I pray that even as we open the Bible now that you would guide us with your spirit lead us into all truth we pray in Jesus' name amen finding and says in the century. You know many people seem to think that the Book of Psalms was all written by David but it was quite the contrary actually this is not even close to the truth and he did write quite a number of them about nearly half of them but there are actually 8 other people that are mentioned as all 3 to being contributors to different chapters in Psalms and it's actually believe that Ezra or Nehemiah or some other scribe was responsible for putting together all these Psalms it wasn't King David that actually wrote the book and put compiled it King David he wrote about $73.00 Psalms. He wrote about 12 Kora about 11 the sons of coral one. Jet a thin 3 and you know about a 3rd of the book we actually don't know it's authorship it's been conjecture that possibly other authors such as Ezra even Jeremiah or a z. kill or hag I were the ones that would be have contributed to these different Psalms that we find in these 150 chapters definitely the longest book of the Bible and it on also contains the longest chapter Psalms 119. In Psalms 73 though we'll be studying this some today and you will see that is the one that is responsible for writing this psalm and you know who is a self Well he was a Levite and he was one of the singers the choir leaders for King David you will find that in 1st Chronicles chapter 6 and verse 39 The Bible says and his brother who stood on his right hand even the son of bear a copy of the son of shimmy up in its context if you go back to that chapter you will see that it's talking about the Levites and also the singers and he wasn't just any ordinary Levite He was also a prophet in 2nd Chronicles $29.00 in verse 30 the Bible says more over Hezekiah the king of the princes commanded the Levites to sing praise unto the Lord with the words of David David and of the Cea and they sang praises with gladness and they bowed their heads and worshiped so hence his authority for writing this psalm today that we're going to be studying why are we studying it is because as I was reading and I was doing my devotion it was something that really touched my heart and I believe it it really resonates probably with many of us today and so with that let's turn our Bibles to Psalms 73 the text will be on the slides there but you can see the whole chapter maybe if you want to read through it as we're going through it but in some $73.00 and verse one the Bible says this. Truly God is good to Israel even to such as are all of a clean heart here in this 1st verse King part of me I'm so used to saying King David to be the author of the Psalms but here he makes is called clues in and he says truly God is good to those that are of a clean heart and I think that we can all agree with that I think that we can believe that to a certain extent and yes I say to a certain extent and you'll see why in a minute but we want to believe that we truly do we say things like God is good all the time and all the time God is good but how much more even to those who have a clean and a perfect heart before God Let's continue the verse too but as for me here is the contrast friends but as for me my feet were almost gone my steps had well nigh slipped. Here is that contrast here is what is really thinking that seems to echo what we think today we want to believe what we said in verse one God is good to those that are of a clean and a pure heart but But what my feet are almost gone my steps are well nigh slipped somehow we lose our way we begin to backslide why what's happening what's going on here that causes a self to say such words let's continue verse 3 for I was envious at the foolish when I saw the prosperity of the wicked you know as much as we want to believe that God is good to us and that he loves us and he wants to bless us what actually happens friends we look at the wicked and we see how they are prospered we see how rich they are their big houses and their fancy cars and what happens we get envious we can we begin to get jealous of what they own and you know The Doesn't that describe how many of us feel today as well with the desire to be rich the desire to be prosperous the desire to live a better life we know God is good especially to those that have a clean heart but yet we have this conflict within our hearts because at the same time we desire and we're jealous of those that are in the world that are wicked were envious of we want their lifestyles Let's continue verse 4 for there are no bad in their death. But this strength is firm do you see that there are no bans in the death you know what the word bad and means it means pain it's as if even they are prospering not just financially and having all these possessions but they're prospering even in health it seems like even when they die it seems like it has no pain to it there's no pain in their death and it says there that the strength is firm it seems like they're more healthy than us this stronger than us less than everyway. A self he's echoing the secret thoughts of our hearts you see why follow God What's the benefit of the wicked seem to be more prosperous than those who follow God and many of us many of us are faithful to God with tempted to leave God and we don't want to say it but that's the thoughts of our hearts you see and he continues verse 5 they speaking of those we could people that are prospering they are not in trouble as other men neither are they played like of them hen and who are those other men is obvious referring to us those that are sinning followers of God You see they just seem more and more blessed so that thought just echoes and re echoes in our heart what's the use of following God right there not in trouble like others they're not played like others verse 6 therefore pride come pass of them about as a chain violence cover of them as a garment because they are all in prosperity because they are all blessed what happens they increase in pride and not only that they become more bold to become violent. Verse 7 their eyes stand out with fattiness they have more than Hearts could wish they have everything they could ever wish for not just their needs but every desire and want is fulfilled Oh how we wish that we could just be like that one day isn't it friends that's what many of us aspire to be it says their eyes stand out with Fat in This Is Not that they desire to be fat but their eyes are a bulging out because they they have everything that they could ever want and more and beyond retire early travel the world not a single care in the world that just sounds like the good life that all of us aspire to have we have all these hidden secrets and thoughts in our hearts especially when we start working and you know for those I grew up with with a poor background or even just a middle class background just just scraping by and having our needs nothing never suffering once having a nice house maybe having our own rooms and our own beds and our own cupboards and you know needs met but still we're going to work hard to meet those needs isn't it all of us we look at the the world and we begin to wish why God what is going on why do you seem to bless them and he continues their corrupt and speak week of Lee concerning oppression they speak loftily and they set their mouth against the heavens and their tongues walk through the earth you know they speak all these wicked things and they corrupt and and they are are they're often the ones that oppress people no one is there to stop them and they speak so highly of themselves as if they are something to be admired full of pride and on only that they speak against God they set their mouth against the heavens the Bible says and their tongues it walks throughout the earth they're not afraid of anybody why. Because they are so prosperous and even when they speak foolishness people listen they look at their background they look at the drug car they're driving and that the clothes that they're wearing and then they look at all these things and they're saying God if you are with us if you're good to us why does it seem like you're even more good to them so we have this conflicts in our heart isn't it friends if we would just slow down for a minute and think about our situation and be honest with ourselves and think about the unspoken thoughts of our hearts many of us think like how a self is the scribing it and I don't think he's really thinking that way but he's describing the the conflict that goes on in our hearts and he's not done yet verse 10 therefore his people return thither and waters of a full cup are wrung out to them people they come to them they desire to be like them they just have this full cup and the water just overflows and overflows they're living in abundance they have more than enough to get through this life time God Why right let's keep going and they say how does God know and is the knowledge in the most high you see they begin to scoff at God If your god is so good what of the people less you I don't believe any god and look at me I have my big house and my mansion and much my my cars and my airplane and my boat and all these things and they scoff at God How does God know does he really have any knowledge your worship in a false god and we we get oppressed and we get pushed down by these words and then we begin to be tempted we begin to doubt God. You begin to despise him God If you really are God why don't you bless me why don't you give me anything and then we continued behold these are the ungodly who prosper in the world they increase in richness you see friends these are the people that we aspire and desire to be like not because we want to be that we could and despise God but because we see the ungodly people who seem to prosper so much we want their riches we want their houses we want their fancy cars and fancy lifestyles we want to dine at all these fancy restaurants we want so much to be like that to feel important you know there's a big difference between sitting in the business class and economy class on an airplane they serve you drinks before you fly off in the business class and even definitely the 1st class you know they cutlery is not plastic it is not served to you in a metal tin foil that you have to peel off yourself you actually have your own napkin and and metal spoons and forks and knives we want to feel important we want to feel like people look at us and go wow this person is sitting in this class because they are really really really important people we want to so much be like that we want to have the the chauffeur open up the exclusive parking spot because you pulled up in a nice fancy car we like to feel like people want to be like us and that is how we look at the wicked look at those that are prospering and that is really the unspoken desire of so many of our hearts today we want to make it big. We want to enjoy life and we tell ourselves this we tell ourselves this in Psalms 73 verses the teen and 14 verily I have cleansed my hot in vain and washed my hands in innocency for all the day long I have been plagued and chastened every morning God there's no point in washing my heart I've washed it in vain for no good reason for no purpose God what is a blessing of this pure and clean heart God I follow you I worship you I I pray my tie that offering to you even though I struggle from month to month and yet you seem to bless the ungodly more than you bless me where is that promise that you going to pour me out a blessing there's not enough room to receive it. And we have more questions more than and says you've got to remember this is written in the Old Testament friends some 73 and you know I've had people that come to me and say Ben you know the Old Testament was how God blessed people physically financially in prosperity and then there's a spiritual blessing in in the New Testament. But you know there's only of when you really think about it when you sit back and think about it there's only a few people that really prospered in the Old Testament even the kings not all of them were prosperous when you look at the judges they were in the book of Judges They were all oppressed all the time because of the wickedness of the people we only hand pick out a few people that we aspire to be like because. That's who we've set our eyes on Solomon King David and Joseph was a prime minister and Abraham had 400 servants and and Daniel he was also a prime minister he must have lived well in Babylon even though we don't know how big his house was. But we aspire to be all these people and we want the riches even mentioned in the Old Testament but when you survey the landscape and you really ask yourself you know what's going on we're tempted to doubt God God why are you not blessing me but really that is a minority in the Bible it is not a majority it is not and so we begin to aspire like this minority because we've set our hearts on them but we begin to doubt God we begin to backslide we begin to question God God why don't you bless me what's the point of keeping the Sabbath when I'm so poor are going to you know all these other people are going out to work why can't I work what's the point of following Jesus when my family is struggling and living in poverty god why why why why instead all I get is chastening of seeming punishment in this life just afflicted all day long and in the morning every morning I'm just punished. Some 7315 to 16 if I say I will speak thus if I say I will speak like this behold I know I should offend the generation of the children when I thought to know this it was too painful for me you know we know that this is not the right way to think we know that right we know that truly God is good to those that have a pure heart but with conflict you see it's a painful for. Because we still wonder why. And to many it's a painful task it's a difficult task a staff he spends the 1st half of this psalm revealing to us really the thoughts of our heart and even especially in this generation where you turn on the computer you turn on your phone and something new has come out to buy. Some new gadget Tesla just released their new car that's updated we look at all these things are. Riches riches riches and I need money to buy all of the he is in the 1st half of this psalm describing the condition of our hearts and how we're thinking today and it's all these thoughts that end us end up making us leave church and leave God So now here comes the answer because we're we're at this point where we're struggling and now is about to give us the reason why we struggle with this and the answer to how we can overcome all these struggles and some of you thinking Look Ben Don't tell me it's Ok to be poor it's not there it's not there let's keep going some 73 and verse 17 until I went into the century of God then I understood I there and you know friends it's only until we go into the century of God that we can have a clearer picture it's in the century then that we can understand the end of the wicked it's in God's presence where his glorious weather should Kayan or dwells that we can learn as we abide with him we get all the answers to the yearnings of our heart God why are you blessing the wicked. It's in communion with Jesus that our hearts can rest in peace and have a clear understanding of the world around us but how how does a century give us a clear understanding about what will happen to the wicked at the end of time what will happen well let's keep reading for us and wonder we're going to come back to this thought because really this is our main message this is the title of our sermon finding answers in the century but let us continue for some 7318 surely validates them who is them it's the wicked you set them in slippery places you cast them down into destruction how are they brought into desolation as in a moment they are utterly consumed with terrorists you see friends is not all that it appears to be God is going to destroy the wicked one day those that are rich or seem to be prospering even though they are despising God and scoffing at him and mocking at him they are set in a slippery place they will be cast down into destruction you know you know what a slippery places you know have you lived in areas where there's snow before have you heard of black ice you know I'm so glad I don't live in a snowy country and maybe some of you are tuning in you're living in places where you know it is snows God bless you I'm not saying that you cursed but I'm glad that I'm not living in a place where they're still because some people even have trouble to get up their driveway when it snows they go to the car and they're at the the entrance of their drive when they can't get out because they just keep slipping back and it sounds like what God is going to do as he set them a slippery place they're going to want to desire to be like us at the end of time when they see the destruction that is coming and the the desolation that's brought down in a moment and they're consumed with terror they're going to want to run but they're not going to be able to get anywhere. If you saw the end of all those that would seem to prosper in the world but my question is Where do we see this in the century a century let's continue some 7320 as a dream when one wake of so all Lord when Val awake asst that despises their image do you know what God is saying here he's saying he's going to treat the wicked like how they treat dreams when we wake up what happens well for me when I wake up from a dream you know what I tell myself all the time I got to remember this I got to tell my wife this and by the time we get to breakfast or whenever we start talking a forgotten it already I think maybe on one hand I've told my wife the sort of dreams that I've had and this is what it is going to be like this is how God looks at our world and the current life that we're living in this is how it is described in James Chapter 4 verse 14 where as you know not what shall be on the morrow for what is your life it's even a vapor that appear out for a little time and then vanished away it just comes like this and it disappears Obadiah says this about the wicked for as you have drunk upon my holy mountain Social all the human drink continually yea they shall drink and they shall swallow down and they shall be as though they had not been you know Obadiah he mentions a very interesting truth here even the human they drink upon the holy mountain of God Yes even in this world those that are rich those that have these physical blessings they are blessed by God James one tells us that every good and perfect gift is from above even the wicked the a blessed by God but it is going to come a time where they will be as though they had not been even though they receive the blessings of God financial health whatever it is there is coming a day they will be as though they had never been. What does this have to do with the century though it seems like will only understand this one it comes to the century where does a century talk about the destruction of the wicked it's not in the courtyard or in the Holy Place experience or even the most holy place experience where do we see the destruction of the wicked It's when God is finally done with his intercession his high priestly work when he's finally done and he comes out of the most holy place that he comes not as a high priest anymore but as a king when Jesus leaves the most holy place of the heavenly century in heaven and he comes out he's finished with his High Priestly media Tauriel work. He no longer into seeds for anyone not the righteous all the wicked This is what it says in Revelation 22 verse 11 he that is unjust let him be unjust still and he which is filthy let him be filthy still and he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still at that time he will change from intercessor from High Priest in the century to King and he will come and execute judgment upon the earth Isaiah 5917 puts it this way for he put on righteousness as a breastplate and a helmet of salvation upon his head and he puts on the garments of vengeance for clothing and was clad with zeal as a cloak friends there is coming a day when Michael the prince shall stand up in Daniel 121 and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation shortly after that everything will be destroyed everything that your eyes behold right now everything that you see that the wicked possess that you're envious of that you're jealous of every single one of those things are going to melt away the Bible says in 2nd Peter that the rocks will melt Can you believe it the rocks will melt with fervent heat everything that we put so much effort in to to to store up in our houses and to to gain and to work so hard for all of that will be destroyed to day I mean part of me in the future when Jesus Christ comes stop putting so much effort into things that are going to be destroyed one day and it's not rust it's not moth is not a thief it's going to be God and you're saying yes I hear you Ben I know that but no you don't that's my point I'm reminding you this morning. That even as we're in the midst of a pandemic even as you are struggling you can do something that even the rich and the prosperous man can do and that is get your life and your character ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus this is not the message to preach to the wicked This is a message that needs to be preached to the righteous today who are looking back at Sodom who were desiring the riches of Egypt it's those people that are on the way out and they know it but yet they've left with poverty why because we go to church we harbor all these thoughts in our hearts why the wicked are prosperous and why the righteous are left to nothing friends it's because God has the big picture in mind he sees beyond our current circumstances he sees all that the wicked are doing and the treasure not to themselves what just would that would be burnt wonder it's like the the I forgot it right now it's my mind but it's what God is going to use to fuel the fires that he's going to pour out one day he sees beyond all that we enjoy in this earth or all that we're suffering and he realizes that even as the wicked there enjoying life is not true enjoyment the pleasures of the wicked are just for a short time God He has Heaven in view he has new earth and Eden recreated and restored to a much more even better version that what Adam and Eve had in their moment by moment they'll be pledges forevermore it's only in the century that as we learn to commune with God that we begin to understand we begin to understand the answers to all these questions that are plaguing us and you'll never get it until you learn to come into His presence Let's continue. Some 7321 thus my heart was grieved and I was put on my reins my heart was was convicted so foolish was I and ignorance I was as a beast before the Nevertheless I am continually with the there was holding me by my right hand. Help guide me with my counsel and afterward received me to glory Oh friends how little we understand about God's providence was so ignorant like animals our minds are dark and all we see is what is before us we do not see the eternal yet God he still holds us the Bible says with his right hand he still guides us it's in his presence that he in lightens us it's in the century that we are given a clearer view and you know what's interesting friends the century if you've not studied it before it's a must you've got to go through it the steps in the sentry really only lead to 2 points number one that we can be with God again and number 2 that God can deal with sin problem and friends of you if you never studied before please at least go through the 1st class they're the link that we have in the description below or the link that we're posting on our church chats there if you've not gone through it just go through that 1st class you'll see the big picture and all the view of why God gave us the century in the very beginning and you got to take the time to watch it. But friends if we would take these steps in the century if we would learn to abide in Christ and to commune with Him and to learn at his feet we would see that there's nothing jealous to be of the wicked we would see that the players here on this earth are just fleeting we would see the deceit for most of riches we would see that we need money to live but we won't be consumed by it and really ultimately you know what we would see we would see Jesus he would give us his spiritual and heavenly eyesight the heavenly vision to look beyond just what is right here before your eyes today and you would see were some 7325 whom have I in heaven but the and there is none upon earth that I desire beside. You know friends the reason why we are chasing after this world's goods the reason why we are just madly rushing after what the world can seem to offer is because we have desired the Earth more than we've desired Haven't we have not learnt to abide in Christ and to commune with Him And so the the Bible seems to be like a torture to us because it tells us to give up the world but yet we love the world more than we love Christ we've not learnt the lessons in the century some $7326.00 my flesh and my heart faileth but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever not money or status or houses or lands follow they that are far from the shall perish that has destroyed all them that go whoring from the but it is good for me to draw near to God I have put my trust in the Lord God that I may declare all the works. Friends Why do we desire so much of worldly things it's because we've not learnt to draw near to God our eyes and thoughts are all focused on the world on the prosperity that it offers us friends you know it's not natural for us to love Jesus do you know that even as I preach this morning I tell you Look you've got to abide in Christ you've got to commune with him you've got to you've got to come into His presence and you've got to have morning and evening devotion you got to pray as often as you can you've got to keep Jesus in our hearts and our thoughts but so much of that eludes us and you know that can change for us today that we can change our allegiance from the love of the world to the love of Christ we can stop being jealous about every person that seems successful and now we look at successful Adventists you want to be like them we want to mention want to big house we want but what we were really need is contentment with God But how. I want to share with you this quote taken from testimonies for the church Volume 2 to 63 Paragraph 4 I actually posted this on the Church Chat and I'm not sure how many of you read it but look at verse it is not natural for you to love spiritual things do you know that is not natural for us to love the Bible and love to want to spend time with Jesus it's not natural for us to love spiritual things but you can acquire that love you can do what you can of choir that love by exercising your mind the strength of your being in that direction the power of doing is what you need. True education is the power of using our faculties so as to achieve beneficial results you know if you what she's saying here is if you want to love Jesus you got to put in effort you've got to bend the energies of your mind to tell yourself to learn to love it and look at what she says you continue to look at this. Why is it that religion occupies so little of our attention while the world has the strength of brain bowl and muscle Why is it that the world so much of our attention it is because the whole force of our being is bent in that direction we have trained ourselves to engage with earnestness and power in worldly business until it is easy for the mind to take that turn you know what when I read this quote When she says we've trained ourselves to to look in that way and work in that way and and think in that way it means that we ourselves really dark did not enjoy it as well we we didn't enjoy it at the beginning but when we are trained in that way what happens we begin to love the world more and more and more yes and in some ways the love of the world is natural to us but when it comes to business enterprise when it comes to working when it comes to you know being successful these things don't come naturally even to the worldly and even to the Christian who comes to church week in and week out is thinking about what worldly enterprises we have given strength of brain bone and muscle to that direction our the whole force of our being is bent that way we've trained ourselves that way this is why Christians find a religious life so hard and a worldly life so easy. The faculties have been trained to exert their force in that direction in religious life there has been in a sense and that word assent means approval or agreement we agree we approve God's truth and His word and maybe as you're sitting here this morning you're approving and you agree with what I'm saying but not a practical illustration of them in the life what we need is to put an effort to abide in Jesus as much effort as we put in to be successful and I see 1st hand some of you how you work so hard such long hours trying to earn extra money trying to support yourself trying to study hard to make sure you pass your exams so that you can get a good grade so you can get into a good company if we would just put as much effort into the spiritual life I'm telling you we would begin to love Jesus and we would stop looking at the the wicked and all the treasures that they have and all the pleasures that they have and all the possessions that they have and all the success that they have and even the the health that they have friends if we were put in just as much effort to be successful in the spiritual life as we are in worldly enterprises we would love Jesus we would and in the century we find the answer you got to start by confessing your sins you got to ask God to forgive you of your worldly ambitions and your worldly heart and ass got to wash it without water that is in the laver. And then you come into His presence and you begin to eat of the bread of life and to learn to pray before the altar of incense and allow the light of got to looming your heart and mind that it becomes brighter than that of the world in there you are shut out from all external influences you need that personal and quiet time with God And then finally you come into the most holy place and you can abide you're not jealous of the world because all you see is God You know I implore you again today friends during this time of bad pandemic we've gotten used to this new normal. What I mean by this you know that the 1st lockdown back in March at least your Malaysia when we went to a lockdown I tell you our minds were troubled it was a different feeling. And it was different for us even because we had just moved house at that time but now we're 11 months since we moved from our old place to this new place but I remember the 1st few weeks my wife. She was very. She just had to get up she wasn't used to it you know. Should be out I think should be home more than I was because even before the lockdown she's bringing the kids to church school every day Monday to Thursday and Friday it was awful gross You sat with were a church and you know I think there was not a day that she did not go out and when the lockdown came in it was difficult for. Her I don't think I was not saying there's anything wrong with that but you know we want use to this new normal no such problem in this lockdown now. Many of us have gotten used to staying indoors being at home and we've gotten used to our new surroundings You Tube has become our comforter. Instagram has become a Bible we meditate on it all the day long and if you wish to come to come into the century friends even today it's got to require effort that energy of brain and bone and muscle that we put into worldly Enterprises has got to be put in in our relationship with Jesus it's going to require the whole force of your being to set your mind and your life in this direction and the conflict with self will be the hardest battle that you'll have to fight you don't need to leave the house within the 4 walls of your interior room or home you have to wage this battle with friends by the grace of God I know that you can do it I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me you've got to take hold of his strength and then you've got to bend all the energies of your power and your mind and your heart and your brain and your bone and every fiber of your being your muscles to be pushed in the right direction you cannot otherwise you're going to be like the wicked who for a moment appear and then just like the vapor vanishes away friends there are pleasures evermore awaiting us in the turn or realities above and God and Jesus are coming back. And he's waiting for us to be ready brothers and sisters it is time to recommit our lives to God This is why we need the Sabbath every week because we need to be reminded about this so that we can set our feet on the right path in this new week that we would give more efforts to spiritual things than earthly things this week that you're going to make your devotion a priority. You're going to wake up early not for your school not for your loved one not because you're hungry not because you've got to go to work but because you've got to spend time with Jesus you're going to get into a schedule so that you can sleep early and before that you've got to spend time in prayer you got to spend time reading His word you've got to spend time listening to some ns you know the young people and myself and different people the Bible workers they're listening to so many summons and they're posting it on our church chats take the time to listen. And all that energies of your bone and brain and muscle to this endeavor and you will come out in a loving relationship with Jesus we've got 2 friends I implore you again today that as we're on the Sabbath that we will learn to go against the grain of our own life and the path that we've been trending and walking down take the world but give me Jesus may that be our earnest desire and even as you don't desire it do it because you know it's right push yourselves to stop and just to read the Bible and the spirit of prophecy today somewhere find time to get on your knees and pray to your Father in heaven he's waiting to hear from you he delights and even this time of lockdown and pandemic you still waiting for us brothers and sisters he's waiting for you and for me to commune with him to abide with him to behold his glory I pray that we will take that time this day I pray that will take time this week as well that our efforts and our energies would be bent in a different direction let us pray. Father in heaven. Lord so many of us we are just chasing after the world its goods its life its riches and its treasures but Lord today help us to make Jesus the greatest treasure of our life I pray that you to help us to make him the apple of our eye the for the one in whom we we desire Lord I know that sometimes in our hearts that desire is not there even as we get lazy with work or study help us to bend the energies of our brain and bone and muscle into the whole fiber of our being to study to read to pray Lord police be with my brothers and sisters be with myself also we love the world so much please help us lord her elsewhere helplessly lost police guide each of us today give us a new heart give us a new mind and then give us the willingness to try to push to bend all the energies of what you have given to us to do that which is good and right bless us all oh lord with the Holy Spirit prepare us for what is to come ahead as we continue to walk with you moment. Jesus loving me. 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