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God's Executive Orders - 1st 100 Days

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • February 6, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Now today's message the let's pray for us God help us today as we open again your word. And we come as beggars needing bread we want to actually hear your word and we want to not only hear it for ourselves but for others we don't need is selfish with private devotions we want to have public devotion to Christ name we pray to him. So I can tell of today's message hearing and heeding God's executive orders Of course it was informed by the executive orders that our president is handing down I don't know 1015 a day a lot of executive orders you now signed in the last 3 weeks more executive directives and orders if you add in the proclamations quote proclamation memoranda and letters then any other president in history in that amount of time so you saying something that's making history because it's actually a president in history. And what is this is supposed to mean what message is being sent by the president with all of these executive orders memoranda and letters the president is saying to you and to me I'm doing something I'm delivering on the promises that I made to various people during the campaign and I'm going to follow through and are people reacting to the president's words Oh yes they're fueling both the liberal media and the conservative media and they are talking about these orders in our scripture reading today though we discovered in some 33 look at again. Starting in verse 6 by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and the host of them that was an executive order can use a man he gathers the waters to see together as a heap he lays up this deep and storehouses and then our scripture reading verse 8 song 33 Verse 8 let all the earth fear the Lord let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him for he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast these executive orders are completely unlike the president's executive orders and this effect is that they will in fact happen his got his word will not return to Him void when he says something it actually happens and I want to suggest today that as important and interesting as the president's words are of our nation and in fact we should listen to them it says in Tennessee that we're supposed to pray for our leaders it says in Romans that the 13 that they actually have a God ordained authority and we need to listen to them and we need to be aware of them but I want to suggest that instead of just focusing on those we must focus on not only those but on the Executive Orders of the King of the universe because we need to follow the president's executive orders and laws only as they are in keeping with God's law and his executive order which means we have to have a comprehensible awareness of both which only comes when we're listening to scripture but only comes when we're heeding scripture what only comes when we're here in Scripture. So. You know did you know that God actually had executive orders that deal with climate change I mean what they are with sexuality with marriage with protecting the lies of the n.s.a. and with justice with race with the economy every single thing that the president is issuing executive orders on God is already issued executive orders do you know what God's orders are do you know what the president's orders are and you know the difference and we're going to do when there is a difference now the constitution the United States of America does not mandate that a president or a vice president or any per person taking the oath of office put their hand on the Bible and yet this is exactly what presidents in America have done since the very founding of this nation. And the this last election election was. Or inauguration was no exception. But I might say that I believe that over time the putting of the hand on the Bible I think it kind of indicates that what I'm doing is the same thing God would do I mean I think that's sending that message don't you think so and so I'm putting my hand there because my orders in the way I want to to rule the nation I think are in keeping with what God says in His word is now the message is getting I swear to hell all truth and nothing but the truth so help me God and I put my hand on the Bible. But I think you've got to ask yourself the question are the Executive Orders of the politician or whoever it is are they actually in keeping with God's executive orders in Genesis one God made things he said Let there be light another be dark no politician has change that can you say amen. Let there be water in air known to change that we're concerned one's going to put polluted. Plants and animals or plants and land on Sunday 3 sun moon stars how many looked up there still the sun the moon the stars fish and falle the fish are swimming. In the ocean howl and the files are flying in the air why is that because of the executive orders of God I form things and now I feel them they 12 and 3 I form that they 3 they 45 and 6 I still do it and he forms you how many how many realize he forms you and he also wants to fill you in a certain way. These are God's executive orders he has executive orders in Genesis one about about sex he doesn't call it gender it doesn't say there should be 434 genders like Kandor says he says there's only 2 sexes can you say the word sex let's say together sex so there's only 2 sexes one is a male and just in case you didn't realize this the other is a female I mean remember this. When I go to buildings today they're so nervous about this that they don't even have those signs up on the bathrooms anymore they just have like a triangle I don't know what the triangle means I think it means change change. So male and female 2 sexes and sex is supposed to happen between biological sex between these 2 biological folks a male and a female once God brings them together in marriage this is all in Genesis one and there's also tells you what diet is the best the herb yielding seed this these are executive orders how many familiar with these executive orders and work you're supposed to work this isn't a perfect world not an imperfect world this is before there ever was sent you supposed to work in a garden and you supposed have dominion over the the creatures you supposed to be a custodian is supposed to care about the climate you're supposed to take care of it yourself. I mean to say hallelujah is God's executive orders and then by the way the only reason we're here today is because of another executive order and that is the Sabbath right and the Sabbath after everything was formed and then it was filled then came the Sabbath day says Look everything that was formed and everything was still come together come together in a time of covenantal joy and celebration of God's exacted of all of those can you say hallelujah look at the person next to you if it's appropriate and say I'm so thankful for God's executive orders. Now by the way even at that time you know he says the evening and the morning shall be a day still works today and he says take care of the environment there's the Tree of Knowledge of Good needle there's the death the Cre that's attached to going out of that zone this isn't a perfect world intimacy and the role of the sexes Adam was to give names and provide a leadership role and there was to be a. Mutual submission to God Following his plan of marriage this is before the fall and we're studying all this and marriage and family right which took a long time to go through and I didn't 5 minutes now have you ever thought about now by the way Genesis 3 through 10 which I'm not going to go through right now but you should Genesis 3 through 10 then show what happens when people ignore God's executive orders. Right so Genesis 3 through 10 then shows Ok God's people said no I'm not following his executive orders and I don't think I'm going to die and then Jesus and is this 3 through 10 shows what God did you know what he did he reissued his executive orders again the same ones you said it doesn't matter if you sin it's still my executive order and he did that I think that's kind of fascinating how do you think God's going to ever change his executive orders now as a lot of people might think they can improve on it and I might be one of those Sometimes I think I can improve on that. Right but you can't really improve on it now have you ever thought and I wish I mean God has got to see what's going on in our country cuz got to see what's going on my Family Guy's got to see what's going on my life I wish he would just come down here and specifically speak his executive orders to my wife. Or to my husband or to my boss who's just love that I wish he would go to Washington d.c. and speak his executive order your thought that nobody but me thought that he was at it and it just was that would happen I wish he would stand up I wish he would rank you know used to send fire down for Mt Carmel pull over why I could just tell him where to stand the fire service pull him and I would like that all the happen right now his executive orders are being ignored and you know what he needs to take care of that what's wrong with him is on vacation how can this go on how can we allow this how God are you letting this happen where are you do you even exists if you thought these things and why the only one right couple people not a maybe not enough. Ok but you know God already did that he tried this rigid you know as I've been reading through the Bible just listening to it in the Book of Esther this this is what he did the Book of Exodus they cried out to God He says Ok I'm coming down and he found that man Moses and he sent him and that man gave some executive orders to the Egyptians and they said if you don't do this this is what's going to happen pulpit happen the 10 Plagues one Jew these were executive orders. When you love God to do that today. You know what if you don't change every stream of Seconal going to turn to blood Mr Newsome. The only thing that and then that happens right there be a huge recall vote what about opening What about the crossing of the Red Sea Ok that said I want to show you that I'm a control climate change I'm going to put the highway between here and why. What do you think I mean that's probably a misuse of power so I can play the opening of the Red Sea a cloud by day and a fire by night where God was right there in the car how we'd like to have a cloud over we mark. Yeah right and a fire by night. Man and every day the cafeteria same food every day every day and they could cook at a slice of different ways but the same healthy food complex carbohydrates high in omega 3 s. I mean manna it's coriander seeds and decreases anxiety and rats and mice and probably us to this is man and it was every day every single day and then you go to the president's office and he has Earl and famine on you know it's not just Dr Natalie is God stone lights up he looks at it there's your answer seal it or. Can I do this no I do that yeah I would have even more confidence in Dr Natalie. Immediate punishment Ok you know the dorms at the late. Now would be out of the dorms anymore everybody in the dorms early. Clear Words of Direction and this is what happens in the Book of Exodus 613 commandments and they're all given immediately and then Leviticus adds to it the laws about sex or should I do this or do that no you don't need to look at the Internet just look right here in chapter 18. Laws even about your monthly period what you do what you sit on what you wear what you know where laws about the content of the fabric by the way thank you for this new suit to the church you guys bought me this I think it was. You. By the way was a very nice too thank you so much and my wife says my wife even compliment me on high look today. So content of clothing fabric as well dietary habits all spelled out a little because clean neat clean is clean that but then the prep preferred like we said back in Genesis elaborate laws for approaching God Corentin laws what you do if this happens or that happens all this was done immediately how many will say hallelujah I want I want to god like that but you know you already tried that didn't work did it make a difference did God's people obey when he was always there no not really they complained about the food they complained about the drink they complained about the leadership they cried they started to run away they said we want to go back to Egypt they were impatient they started the party they started to self medicate they start to have orgies and drink and then they says something we want someone else to be face to face with God not us. We want someone else to be face to face night not us you know there's tens in the Bible 10 times 10 commandments he gives those 10 executive orders 10 plagues to get them out of problems but when you get to the Book of Numbers which I just listen through again I notice something there is 10 rebellions in the Book of Numbers. So God says look I'll give you 10 to get you out of Egypt I'll give you 10 to show you how you should worship. And then they responded by saying you know if God were in charge of our executive orders now where you give you 10 back we're going to switch everything and I know your orders but these are ours so we like to criticize a look at Washington d.c. all the 33rd circuit of orders but we give our own orders so we have 10 rebellions against God rebellions by his people against his own executive orders in the book and numbers Deuteronomy wavin says this in chapter 18 or 16 let us not hear again the voice of the Lord my God we don't want to hear your voice Have you thought if I could only hear God's voice audibly I would believe them they heard it and they said we don't want to hear it neither let me see this great fire anymore that I die not I don't want to hear it I don't want to see it so everything you always thought life meant if God was available if I could see him if I could hear him like face to face he said that's what I want they said no after having a little bit of this we don't want that. Why did they want it they had their own little executive orders going on would you really like been in heaven was a lot like this right. And then they say Durani 527 you go near and here although the Lord our God will say no we don't want to when I want relationship with God you do it you go near you be the priest you be the high priest This is why this whole idea the New Testament which was taken from the Old Testament of the priesthood of all believers is so radically says now na na na na na na na na all of you need to want to go near because they were saying you go near and hear all that the Lord our God shall speak unto thee and we will hear it and do it another words get a 2nd hand and then will listen to you instead of God 1st and now why in the world will they do that how many would like to just go direct with God be Dell Computer go direct. And you say that nodding now but would you really because that really the preponderance or the you know the accumulated information we have from Scripture is that people do not when push comes to solve want a real close relationship with God I don't want to see someone else do it you might think you're different and that would be different and why do you want to put someone in the middle or maybe one of you want to hear it secondhand maybe so you can 2nd guess it are you sure that's what he said but I will tell you got at one time I was talking to everybody at the same time at once in all those things about whatever huge eat whatever you drink whatever you do to also the glory of God There was nothing unclear. Now here's another question that I really ponder this week I mean as I'm listening to the prophets for I listen to all of the book of Jeremiah this week. And as I'm listening to those in those 50 some chapters I'm like if someone said this to me I think I would think there are schizophrenia I would I would think that there are really what's going on with them and this is God speaking I mean I have massive sections that are underlined as I'm listening I go back I said I can't believe that that that that God said. He's. Because here's what's happening as I'm listening to it. He is actually showing in the prophets how he seals when people don't pay attention to you know back to do a run to me he kind of capsulated this in Chapter 5 or 29 although they would have such a heart in them that they would fear me not just Moses that they would fear me and keep all my executive orders always my commandments always that it might be well with them and their children forever. I mean get that man they don't want to have a personal relationship with me they want someone else to have it they're rejecting what I'm saying to them they don't want to even see me they don't want to even hear me they don't want to eat what I told the eat they don't want to drink what I don't drink they don't want to move when I saw a movie they really don't want to date don't really care now how would that make you feel if somebody did that to you and this is what's seen in the profits now you know when I was a kid I had a girlfriend. And my wife knows about this already and. And. I really I really thought this was the one I was so close to this person and you know appropriately cooked clothes I might say. And I thought this is maybe the person I'm going to marry was obvious I didn't marry that person but I still remember getting broke broken up with how many of you remember break ups in your life where someone comes to you and says as you know I don't want to see you anymore and I don't want to talk to you how does a feel I'm of this particular girlfriend says I don't want to see anymore I want to talk to you and then did me the favor of sleeping with my best friend who came and told me about it that was very traumatizing but this is how God feels I want you to now put on his head this is how God feels you see this in the Prophets even though I delivered them even though I did everything for them in their want to see me they don't want to listen to me they've rejected me Jeremiah 71 through 11 Will you still and murder and commit adultery and perjury and burn incense the bail bail is like a male phallic symbol they would worship will you follow other gods you have not known. You're doing all this a 1000000 says and then come and stand before me in this house which bears my name and say we're safe safe to do all these detestable things has this house which bears my name become a den or robbers see you. And I didn't have to watch it I see you out there I brought you out of Egypt I I gave you my commands I said all Bamian live. When you were going to die I gave all the things that might go well with you this is Jeremiah 721 through 26 I. And then. You know I you no one even listen to me pay attention to me have ever felt this way you've ever been in a situation like this as your kid ever rejected your counsel somehow became a teenager in a lot of frontal lobe. But it is not just that it's not even funny it just hurts I'm not I'm not perfect I do stuff wrong but I did a lot of stuff right that's why you're alive that's why you can drive a car that's why you have those clothes that's why you can play that instrument and now you don't want to hear me you know you will listen to me I mean sometimes you get angry I've ever gotten angry about that that's Helga that's how God Good God goes Man I can't I can't believe it after 20 years of marriage I find out you're you're sleeping with someone else I gave everything for you this is how God relating in the process you want to hear from God If you want to see how he wrote it down that's what it is because sometimes he just goes silent like between Malakai and Genesis 400 years we don't hear from us like the. Only thing that saved us was prophecy they didn't listen. This was I meant it to go well with them. You look at the phrase I wanted to go well with them you know following God's will and God's way is the best way. But people get so confused that they don't want to even listen or pay attention at all and they might punish you for bringing it up so the pain of God is seen in the prophecies Jeremiah How can I listen to your prayers when you're shedding innocent blood you're killing children you're oppressing the poor you're extorting I don't care if you put your hand on the Bible and issue your own little executive orders they're different than my orders and they're not going to go well with you as what he says and Jeremiah Hosea Well look at Jeremiah 3120 is not easy for him my dear son a child in whom I delight Ephraim was pictured as God sent in I have a kid if you have several kids you should really have more but I know that may not be possible but you look at these kids you will look at their They're walking look at that look 77000000000 people on the planet most of them on but because it's your kid you think this is Christ Right exactly and we look at our kids and we say Man look at this look at that oh look and that's what it says in Jeremiah 3120 is not if you my dear son the child and wanted to live but then look at Hosea 417 he for him is joint idols let him alone this little baby this little kid who was doing everything I was rejoicing in now has rejected me and I to the point where I can't even relate to them because they have an idol that's more important to me might be their cellphone I can even turn it off during the worship service. Some of you are actually maybe looking at your scriptures on the cellphone some of you maybe are not. And wait if I confront them if I say anything about their self unless I get a little box in the house that says we're going to monitor everything on the cell phone in the electronics devices then it's this slowing down my internet or maybe the dad says I don't want you to get joint idols I will lose you can you see the pain in the Scriptures Zachariah when I called they did not listen and when they called then I would not listen I mean this sounds kind of harsh God not listening but look he's tried everything I mean if you've ever begin to appreciate blessings only when they're removed only when they're removed. I wish I would listen more I supplied all their needs Jeremiah 57 to 9 yet they commit adultery and throng to the houses of prostitutes they were well fed lest the stallions each name for another man's wife should I not punish them for this this is the language of the deserted lover of a frustrated parent you want to really know what God thinks and how he feels listened to Scripture 2 sides of the relationship and not just about you in your personal relationship and your personal devotion to your personal this and personal that what about God Well that God has anybody done anything more for you than God and you listen to him See that's the point he's making. And he tried the executive order approach. Didn't work so I guess I left I'll let them experience the consequences of their choices Daniel Jeremiah's Zeke you'll I'll let them go into captivity than I would have saved them Jeremiah 51 if I could have found one honest person in Jerusalem I would have spared everybody but I couldn't find one honest person Jeremih 51. So at this point the only way I can let them go all the way I can help them ascend into a treatment program. The Babylonian treatment program. Jeremiah he keeps saying don't listen to God Listen I don't listen he just starts crying he wrote the book a limitation he starts weeping Jeremiah goes I look through the whole city is nobody here they're all gone he's just crying out. Now you think God is happy with that punishment they had to have now is equal says I have no pleasure in the death of the work it turned to her to her. I don't want to die turn around this is the hard cry of God you'll get this when you're listening to scripture when you listen to this look I listen to her home and all my people listen to this they're going to go to hell or something they're going to think God matter. You know sometimes people don't want you to listen the Bible because you might actually hear something from God or you might hear something different and they think this is why the Catholics took it away from everybody no no no no read No I want you to read it I want you to hear it but when you hear it maybe this will give you a little lens of what you're hearing I listen to it several times before I said wait wait a minute this is that picture of someone who is a wounded lover by the way the whole Bible is about Ok we were married we got divorced or separated but I want to get back together here and so I have a marriage supper of the Lamb coming up at the end of it let's get things worked out let's get back together. And you know people get upset people like you guys sometimes of Wrath not of mercy you know number Jonah I'm going to destroy the city in 40 days yes I'm going to go see I want to see it things need to change as we know change when it's going blow up the capital. We're gonna kill everybody but then they listen to the message and they go oh you're right we're doing stuff wrong they repent. God is a merciful God he punish is or allows us to be punished not because he doesn't love us but because everything else didn't work I tried the executive orders and me being with you giving humanity being with you all the time doesn't work so living beyond executive orders I'm going to enter in number 3 and show them how I feel the emotions we talk about them either negative or not negative they display our thoughts. Because emotions follow thoughts and we can have wrong thoughts that need to be changed right I'll enter and I'll show them how I feel and show them the results of their sins being actually directed at me not them maybe that's the way I'm going to get their attention and I say hallelujah for that idea embryonic Lee it's seen in the Prophet how they treated the drop prophets and how they were in a tree Jesus housewife says you know in Matthew 23 you know the prophets all came from able to Zacharias a dizzy son a to z. book and this is how you treated them and this is how you going to treat me but now it's not just me it's actually God God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself The Word became flesh the Bible became flesh and dwelt among us maybe the listen maybe the sea maybe they're here when they see someone walking the word Living the word all points tempted like as we are what yet without sin how would you treat Christ if he moved into your house. How would you treat Christ if he moved in your house ever has and will move into your house if you've done on the least of these you've done to me. And then he enters into me he really interested in Hosea readable Hosanna also my I feel as I am marrying a woman that is unfaithful to me repeatedly. On and on and on I mean you read Hosea we don't use the cover that in our marriage and family class as an option a guy says look I want you to see how I feel as a result of you not following my executive orders and I want to talk or listen to me when I feel. I mean he's got to say what else can I do for my vineyard what else can I do so what I'm going to do I'm going to show but this is a unique thing even though he's showing it senses in the Catholics does all that he says What I don't want to just have him do that I'm going to go into captivity with them even though I did nothing wrong in all their afflictions I'm going to be afflicted this well as not that I sin but I have the results of the sense that are directed at me how many think this is just an amazing thing. It's kind of like. I'll be in compliance with all my father's executive orders which were also mine have been the mix of the monk and I experience all the pain and all the suffering that goes along with something I never did wrong but a friend once was telling me about his boiling Philly's boy look you know I am. What you've done and is very bad and. And you need to be punished but I'm going to take your punishment and I'd like you to give it to me so he had his boy. Apply punishment physically to him and this boy just couldn't tolerate it therefore if you didn't do anything wrong I did was wrong and this is kind of God's plan I'll take the wrath of God on myself for you even though I never did anything wrong that's the gospel. Of the gospel. How you begin to see what's going to happen if you start listening to scripture now very thankful that in the midst of all this. Even though God says in the Bible he hewed milk. With his profits. He doesn't know how he's feeling with Daniel is the feeling flam and patience when you read those books you're going to see how God feels you're going to see but in the midst of those books as I was listening to them as I was reading them many of the promises that I have many times quoted your words were found and I did eat them and they were the joy and rejoicing of my are you know where that is it's in the midst of the tirade against God's people. And you're my sister was a riot remind you got your work for fun and I ate them and they were the joy and rejoice in my heart guys going all praise the lord someone at least Jeremiah He's getting beat up like I'm going to get beat up he's getting killed like I'm going to get killed I'm going to come and do that I'm going to interrupt but right now people can see that we're about Jeremiah 35 the rockabye it's there the people say they want to drink this wine want to drink this alcohol wants to do this and there was a lot of reason to drink at that time in Israel's history and they said no we're not going to drink it we're not going to drink it they're not going to drink and finally ended in the chapter $35.00 because you know what these recognize there's always going to be a place for them because they learn to trust in me without self medicating doesn't say it that way exactly but can you say hallelujah. They're like well then I mean these promises are all in the midst of the muck. They're like Jim if you read it you're like reading like 60 verses and there's nothing you're like oh man the guy is going crazy the script is frantic situation but he's he's upset he's a he's an angry law lover that wants a relationship back he doesn't know where to turn then right in the middle and all the thoughts I have for you not of evil but of the future and the hope is like dangling like like a demon in the middle of the market so you memorize that but you don't see the rest of it. But how many think of those little things are there. Because that's how God feels when you reject Him I don't see you I don't hear I don't want to see you I don't want to hear you and he's saying behind the scenes I carried them but my footsteps were not known solve 77 I'm carrying them even though they don't really get it right now but I have hope for them even though I hope I have hope for them Hallelujah I want to end with some of those things as we can all come to a sermon to be you know downtrodden when we leave so I want to end with some of these statements Isaiah 547 for a brief moment I abandoned you but with deep compassion I will bring you back and you say hello. Jeremiah 2911 I know the plans I have for you declares war plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give your hope and a future then then he said so much like he's like then you will call on me and come and train me I will listen to you you will save me and find me when you seek for me with all your heart I will be found by you and I will bring you back from cavity captivity as for the dentist I guess from captivity and I will gather you from all the nations and places where I banish you says the Lord Obregon you back to the place I've carried you in exile and bring you back from the treatment program. I've got a future and got a hope for you you're going to do valuable saying yes sir like the prodigal story in The New Testament he takes all his father's stuff he's then said no and every day a father who like where he doesn't follow him he doesn't go well I'm. Just like Jesus didn't never send but he was. Entering into the afflictions an ephod was not sending but entering into the afflictions and he's looking every day oh man. Who is to come home every day is offering a sacrifice he's wanting his war to come home and he's ready for the celebration he actually has a celebration already this is al God God is looking he's not giving up he's hoping you come home how Louis. Because all of God's great love were not consumed how many of you today have or are consumed by look at the person as you say you are not consumed. You're alive today this is limitations to 23242223 because of the Lord's great love we're not consumed his compassion is fail not there are new every morning great is I faith. I'm thankful for these promises are you thankful for them Daniel I love it Daniel 12 sent the wise they shall understand they don't now but they will they're going to honest here. I will set up a kingdom Daniel 2 the sanctuary will be cleansed Daniel 830 judgment will be made in favor of the saints there will be saying this the be called the Saints of the most high and they show rain. And they shall receive the king you can you say hallelujah. And this is one of my favorites. Her back and 3 verse 1780 though the fig tree shall not blossom. Neither there be fruit on the vine the labor of the oil or the olive may fail. And the field still you'll know me though the flock be cut off from a fold and there be no heard in the stall. That sounds like a very economic troubled time. Though that's all had me yeah but. I will rejoice in the Lord I will joy in the God of my salvation I mean that's a that's that's enough to get us through the day that textualism I want you know Malakai pushes. And that day you're going to leap like a calf that was released from the stall everything a catheter leaves from the soil they jump all over the place close as I have my dog tosh. He's incarcerated for the one time use. But why go open up see he's barking whenever he hears anything around the mom. Which is why he's lined up this is another story but when I release that he just jumps all over the place Tomsula the place the God of the Scriptures has tried every way to get through to me and you. Is trying every way time and her sister he was directly with his people issuing and following through on executive orders right in real time to their work. Didn't work. They rejected him anyway so he sent the prophets did their work maybe for a little remnant there was a run that actually with the executive order situation Caleb and Joshua even the leaders and make it Caleb as I was with it there was a remnant throughout the prophets that he says you know what I need to do something else I'm going to reveal myself in time and space time and space then maybe the here but how many of you still are struggling with listening to God hearing. We want to pick up this next week and look at what he does next in more detail with Christ he will look at them more fully This is the picture of scripture but all throughout it's a guy who says in the middle of the journey I want to give you enough to give you hope because you're a wreck you are wrecked a sucker people in Washington d.c.. That's a distraction. You and me how we want to hear God listen again not dismiss God If you want to know whether or not you have more time just look at this and if you have an i Phone It tells you how many hours you were on the cell phone that day now some of them might be for work but some of it's not I think you I think you probably have plenty of time I know when I looked at my cell phone number weeks ago I saw that I had plenty of time to add more things I've got to listen to more God said and as we listen collectively to God's word I believe he's going to do amazing things because his word. It's Spirit and His word is like let's pray Father in heaven thank you today that your God doesn't give up we see you and Genesis says there was a fall where are you we see you in exodus taking people out of captivity giving them another chance retraining them see you in numbers dealing with the rebellious people we see you the biggest the sacrifice on our behalf. We see you through the prophets bringing words of life. May we listen to the Gospel call may we heed those wonderful words of life maybe 1st of all become aware of them by listening to them and may we ask that those bring transformation into one. Price. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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