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01 Identifying the Bloody Woman

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 22, 2021
    6:45 PM
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So Ok well this is the 1st of a series of talks and we have our 1st slide up on the screen in the hopefully my clicker works the Book of Revelation how many like the Book of Revelation like the Book of Revelation. Really it is my favorite book in the Bible there is so much power in this book the 1st sentence says it's the revelation of Jesus Christ there's a lot of Jesus in Revelation the last book of the Bible and there's of also a lot of other things there's beasts and a dragon and there's horns and kings and a woman riding a beast in Revelation Chapter 17 and that's what our focus is tonight we've been think the scripture reading was Revelation 17 verse one so we're going to talk about this I've actually written a book that just came out I'll just let you know I have been studying Revelation Chapter 17 for probably about 2 years and it's been a long journey trying to figure out this chapter Revelation 17 it's not an easy chapter to figure out that you know if you have it if you are aware of that. And when I 1st started reading it I just had this well I've read it off and on for many years but about 2 years ago just this conviction just came to me that I really needed to just dive in to that chapter one of the most mysterious chapters in the entire Bible. And I've been studying it and pondering and I've been wrestling with it and there were times when I thought I had some things figured out and then there were some roadblocks that things didn't make sense and then I had to work through those and I just kept praying Lord help me to understand this chapter there must be a reason why you're impressing me to just keep studying and studying and studying this and it's been a real journey for me and the journey is not over there's still more I'm sure there's more that I need to learn in this chapter but the time finally came after putting a lot of pieces together and praying and talking to people point by point that I finally came to the conviction that now is the time for me to go public with this material so I have a book you can see it on the screen it just came out quite a dramatic title the bloody woman and the 7 headed beast I've written a lot of books and I've learned that titles get people's attention so we picked a real attention getter and the lady that's there on the screen there that's writing that beast she's actually somebody that. Our ministry hired to come into our studio and one of our designers our producer photographed her and worked with the cover and finally put this together so there it is and our ministry actually has has a publicist that we've hired and just within the last couple of days she has sent out a press release to major media. Mainstream Christian media and we're hoping for some interviews on some major shows to talk about Revelation 17 and current events so you can maybe add that to your prayers and we are hoping that God will truly bless this chapter is really a monumental chapter it is shocking it is hard hitting it is straightforward and yet in the middle of it is the lamb is Jesus Christ he's right in the middle of Revelation 17 so what my book does is it goes through every verse in the chapter point by point and so what we're going to do this weekend is we are going to go verse by verse right through and we are going to study what the chapters about actually let me go back my slide advanced too far on me the push the button twice there we go Part one Part one of 4 parts identifying the bloody woman who is this woman sitting on the beast in Revelation Chapter 17 tomorrow we're going to look at part 2 which is identifying the 7 headed beast who is that beast and what is this talking about and then the 3rd the 3rd meeting is that also from Revelation 17 it's called and there there are 10 teams Revelation 17 talks about 5 kings that are fallen one king that is the other king that's not yet come have you read that and when he comes he continues for a short space and then a talks about the beast that was and is not and he will ascend out of the bottomless pit and he will go into Pritish And so we're going to study all these things and the last meaning is called 10 horns at war with the lamb. Because it talks about that also in jeopardy 17 so we are in for a ride. There's a lot of ways that we can go with this chapter I was reading a book not too long ago and I read 9 different interpretations of some of these verses so there's a lot of use and I'll let you know right up front that my goal is to as much as possible to avoid speculation I'm not into speculation I'm into into the book I'm into trying to find solid Bible truth in order for me to go public with something you know I have to have a pretty good conviction that I've got a handle on what I'm talking about or I wouldn't be doing this so and I'll also tell you this is the 1st time I've ever really preached on the subject this is the 1st book just came out and when I thought about what should I talk about I thought Well the book's about to come out this a bit perfect for me to go to Heartland and to go through a series on this so I've been working on my talks and putting my slides together and so this is a 1st for me you're kind of a test audience. And I just I believe that God is going to bless I really do and I believe you're going to be blessed I'm going to be blessed It's just a privilege to be able to share these truths and have my hope and my desire and will pray in just a 2nd is that the lights will connect you know the lights will go on the dots will connect and that when this is all over you're just going to be really convicted and moved to share God's Word with others because time is running out. We don't have a lot of time left down here and really that's good isn't it if we're ready for Jesus to come our greatest desire is to his to go home and be with him as beautiful as this campus is it's nothing like heaven it's not right God has a beautiful place for us that he's preparing and he wants us to be there so let's open our Bibles to Revelation 17 slide this over and give myself a little more room with my Bible here. And I'd like to kneel and pray and then we're going to dive right in to part one we're going to look at a big subject and see how the Lord leads us. And if your knees are bad you know don't feel like you have to kneel and understand you know age sometimes has its way of affecting our bodies so let's pray. Dear God in heaven I'm grateful to be here thank you for this group that has come together and I know there are others probably many that are watching on line and we pray that you will bless all of us we are living in amazing times a lot is happening a lot of happened this this last week in America and we pray that you will help us to understand what is happening in the world what the Bible says what's coming and help us above all to draw close to Jesus close to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and give us strength to stand for you in these difficult days Lord please send the Holy Spirit I've been waiting for this time to share from Revelation 17 and. We just pray that you will bless that we will know that you are here with us in Jesus name we pray man all right this is going to be this is going to be quite evident Revelation 17 Ok. Start with verse 1. 171. John wrote there Kima one of the 7 angels which have the 7 vials and he talked with me now 1st point is that this chapter takes us down to the end times because the angel who comes and talks to John is one of the 7 angels that has the 7 last play and the 7 last plagues are the final plagues that are going to come upon the world right before Jesus comes and those plagues haven't come yet they're still ahead of us so I want to just make that point that this chapter begins with an end time context one of the angels and we don't yet we when we often think about the 7 last plagues we don't generally think about the individual angels that are pouring out these plagues as being you know individual angels that you might get to meet someday you might get to meet you know the 1st angel who poured out his vial and then the 2nd angel who poured out his file and the 3rd angel who poured out his vile but these angels are real we don't know their names but I imagine that they have names and when one of them. Came over to John they had a conversation he talked to him one of the 7 angels which had the 7 vials he came and he talked with me and he said to me he said Come here come here I will show you the judgment of the great whore that sits upon many waters. So we're dealing with. With a whore a prostitute and John refers to or the angel refers to this prostitute as the Great Whore. Pretty impressive this is the woman what we're going to do tonight is we're going to go through a whole list of characteristics what the Bible says what the angel said about this woman and you'll see them on the screen one by one by one and then when we're done putting them all together I believe we will be able to identify who this woman is now one of the principles that I have adopted as I have studied Revelation 17 is a principle that I call the weight of evidence principle there and that principle means that you look at the big picture you put all the pieces together and then you come to a conclusion the weight of evidence principle so that's where we're starting and John is. Told by the angel the angel says I'm going to show you the judgment that is going to come. Upon this great whore and notice where she sits it says in this verse that she sits on many waters many waters now in order to know what that means many waters we just have to go down to verse 15 of just jot down to verse 15 The angel then continued to talk to John and John said he says to me the waters which you saw where the horse sits What do what do the waters represent it says people multitudes nations then it's now here's another principle that I've adopted I've got a few principles all share with you that the weight of evidence principle and another principle is called the I call the symbol to literal principle and that principle is that when an angel or John sees in vision something that is symbolic and then when an angel interprets what he saw which is symbolic you'll see this again and again and again he interprets this and then applies it literally. So the symbol to literal principle makes sense and we see this right in this verse the waters which you saw and the waters were symbolic which you saw where the horse it says are people multitudes nations in tubs so the water represents a whole lot of people and this also tells us because the woman is sitting there on this water it also tells us that another clue to putting the pieces together is that this woman has worldwide influence she sitting upon multitude of peoples nations languages and she is a she is the great whore follow me make sense Ok so that's a 2nd point global influence now if you go down to the next verse verse to see if this will work yes you know I don't even actually need this pointer I could just use this computer right here push the button and here it says in verse 2 that with whom the Keen's of the earth have committed fornication so that's another clue that this woman is involved with teens she's involved with royalty she she operates in very high circles when it comes to what's happening in this world and actually the word fornication has to do with what we know what fornication is in normal life you know when 2 people are married they're married and then they have relations after married after marriage but if you're not married and if you are involved with somebody else. That's not your husband or your wife then that's called fornication. It is it is illegal in the sight of God It's a violation of his commandments it's the it's an illicit immoral relationship and the fact that this great whore commits fornication with the kings of the earth tells us that she is involved with kings in a way that is is unlawful and as we'll see as we go farther Kings have legislative power state power and the woman is involved with the Kings and there their legislative abilities are enlisted in behalf of the woman and that's wrong in the sight of God So that is another point she is involved with state power and then the text says that the inhabitants of the earth have been made drop with the wine of her fornication so we're talking about a great whore she's she has global influence she is involved in illicit relationships with kings and governments and the people of the earth the inhabitants of the Earth become drunk with her wine and her wine has to do with her false doctrines her false teachings that the people of the earth drink up so we're dealing with something big here on me something global is going on in this in this chapter and a lesson that I've learned as I look at that is that God does not want us to be drinking. Spiritual deceptive wine and teachings that are not true. He wants us to follow the truth so there's a lesson there in the wind of Babylon and the lesson is that God wants us to have have a pure teaching he wants us to know peer truth and we find pure truth in the Bible and we all need that right we need to get the wine out and the truth in it so that's another characteristic of this woman now let's keep going verse 3 says so so John is writing so he carried meaning and what's that next word he carried me away now it's interest that the angel said he didn't say. John I'm going to I'm going to come to you and I'm going to show you something he said I want you to come here come to where I am and I'm going to show you something John had to leave where he was in order to come to the Angel in order to learn what God wanted him to learn and then he's carried away and I'm convinced in all continue to build my case for this over the weekend that John is carried away far beyond his own time far beyond the 1st century when he wrote this when he was standing on the Isle of Patmos this is not a 1st century revelation he's carried away in the spirit far into the future to see something and that's significant as we go along and try to figure out this chapter and then it says he was carried away in the spirit it was the holy spirit that led him and he was carried away into where into the wilderness. Right now tomorrow I'm going to explain more about this but this is a very significant point this is not just an insignificant word their wilderness is very important he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and then he says I saw a woman he didn't see a man he saw a woman and this woman is sitting upon a scarlet colored beast full of memes of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns and as we'll see as we keep going this woman when John saw her when he was carried away and he is brought into the future and he sees her this woman at the point when John saw her had been around for a long time this is not a revelation where he sees a woman rising up like he saw a beast rising up this is a revelation where he's brought into the future and he sees a woman who's been around for quite a while for centuries and she's been doing a lot of different things she's on a scarlet colored beast I did a quick Google search the other day and you can find you know places where where blood the color of blood is referred to as red or scarlet So this is this is a beast that is really the cover of of blood the color of blood the color of scarlet because this beast has been involved in persecution and the woman has been involved in persecution. Verse 4 says and the woman was a raid in what colors purple and scarlet remember that this this woman has particular colors now in Revelation 12 there's another woman which will see later and this woman is clothed with the sun and in Revelation 19 it talks about God's people who are clothed with fine linen white and clean but this woman has given up those garments and the the purple and the scarlet of the royalty of Kings has attracted her and she has clothed herself with those colors purple and scarlet as you keep reading it says that she is decked with gold and precious stones and pearls now gold is I believe just about the most expensive metal upon earth gold is very valuable and this lady is decked with gold and precious stones and and pearls and that gives us the impression that she is fabulous Lee wealthy she is that she's just decked out with the gold and pearls of the world she also has a golden cup in her hand and in that cup it says it is full of abominations and the filthy amounts of her fornication fornication that she's had with you. With the king's right you'll probably. Gather this as I go along that. I have God has called me to be a minister he's called me to be a writer I never thought I would be a writer I never thought I'd ever write books when I was growing up but now he's led me into writing and but really I consider myself to be a teacher I taught it we mark Cademy for 3 years years ago I taught freshman sophomore junior senior Bible I came out of the seminary and landed at Wiemar and I had high school students that's my my teachers are my my students and I learned to kind of get down off the down out of the clouds and to make things as simple as I possibly can so that you know young minds can understand so I'm a teacher probably above all and hopefully I'll be able to make these trues as simple as possible so they'll be very clear to you that's that's my goal now verse 5 continues on and says upon her forehead there's a name and the name written and what is that name it's mystery she's a mystery woman mystery Babylon Babylon the Great the great just like she is called the Great Whore So this is a very specific woman this chapter is not leaving us in the direction where you know it could be this or it could be that this chapter is leading us in a direction to identify who is this great who are Babylon the Great that is making the whole world drunk with her why the Lord wants us to understand this Babylon the Great now it also says that she is. What's the word after great 2 words she is a mother she's not just a mother she's the mother. The mother of harlots Now if she is the mother of the harlots that means that she has daughters who have become a harlot's as well right she it's like she's mom and then she has kids she is the main mother and her daughters have come out of her and they are doing what she does they're following in the footsteps of mom and isn't that what happens that you know most times when kids grow up in in homes that they often follow the example of their parents many times not all the time but many times and that's what's happening here so there's not just one woman but there are other women mother and daughters. Now verse 6 or it says the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth verse 6 is where I pick the title for my book it says that this woman is drunk I saw the woman and she's drunk drunken with the blood who the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and this tells us that this woman is a is a persecuting woman in the sit symbolic imagery of this prophecy she's a little bit like a vampire she craves blood she craves the blood of the people of God Isn't that amazing. She's drunk with the blood of the saints because she's killed them and she's drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for Jesus Christ who didn't go along with the woman who don't want to be part of the daughters who don't want to drink the wine who want to stand for Jesus and Bible truth and historically this woman has butchered and killed the people of God the same survive God Now do you think the Lord takes kindly to that how would you like it if someone killed your child. I mean how do you handle that and can you understand why there is a judgment coming upon this woman from God 7 last play us because this woman has drunk the blood of God's children. And I was thinking about this recently and I thought to myself just you know you learn so much when you study the Bible and one thing I've learned is that when you when you teach you learn and as I began writing my book and researching my book and I had thought about you know teaching these things you learn as you teach there stings that you can't learn unless you share if you decide you're going to share God's Word with people in whatever way he leads you then you learn more if we don't share we're not going to learn it's a it's a law so something recent recently as I was thinking about this and sharing this I thought of John chapter 6 where Jesus said unless you eat my throat Lesh and drink my blood you have no life in u.. Jesus tells us to drink his blood and he doesn't literally mean actually you know he's not talking about cannibalism what he's talking about is is taking his word into our lives taking his truth into our lives so it becomes like our life blood and were saved by the Blood of Jesus she's a shed his blood for us on the cross and that's the that's the blood that he wants us to trust in and to take into our lives the blood of Jesus and this woman she's drinking the wrong blood she should be following Jesus and taking his word again but instead she turns against the people of God who choose to do that. And she goes after them and she is described as drinking their blood that's why I call her the bloody woman the bloody woman in the 7 headed beast now go down to verse 9 verse 9 says here is the mind and we'll talk more about this tomorrow which has wisdom the 7 heads now do you think the 7 heads is that a symbol yes 7 heads is the symbol just like the water represents all the people and the 7 heads if we follow the symbol to literal principle the 7 heads is the symbol and what's the application the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits I've looked this up in Strong's Concordance and the word for mountains can also be translated hills. 7 mountains or 7 hills and the woman is sitting upon 7 hills and there is one city in history that is world famous as this city of 7 Hills What's the name of that city it's Rome that's right world famous as the city of of 7 hills. Now going going on a couple more texts and then we will look at the application in chapter 18 verse 2 it tells us something else very important about this woman 18 to a mining cries with a strong voice at the end of time and says Babylon the Great and that's this lady she is and what is she she's fallen she's fallen an issue and she has become the habitation of devils Now that word fallen tells us. That she are that originally she was upright but she has fallen away from God away from Jesus she is a fallen woman she started out like the good woman in Revelation 12 but she left Jesus and the sunlight of his righteousness and the white garments of his righteousness and she fell and she went after the kings and their royalty and the power of the state in order to support what she's doing that's what's happening now one more text before we look at the application is Chapter 18 verse 4. Chapter 18 verse 4 says I heard another voice from heaven and the voice said and what is the voice say come out of her and who is God talking to he says My people come out of her my people know that tells us something very important and that is this that inside of this woman in spite of all of her deadly deeds and all the terrible things that she's done and all the deception and her wine and her persecuting and all these things nevertheless God still has his own people who are inside of her he considers them to be his children his people they're sincere to the best of their ability they're trying to do what is right and God still calls them his own people but he's calling them out how to this woman now. I'll tell you that one of the dominant opinions today as people try to identify who is this woman what does this represent one of the dominant position opinions is that this woman represents the Imperial Roman Empire that was functioning at the time of John people assume that when because John wrote the book in the 1st century that John was talking about something that was happening in his day that's what they assume they they fail to recognize a number of points the Roman Empire collapsed in 476 a.d. the Imperial Government of Rome collapsed. The rule of the Caesars came to an end this woman cannot be the imperial pagan Roman Empire that was functioning at the time of Christ and there's many reasons for that 1st of all the Roman Empire was ruled by Caesar's by Keane's and it wasn't fornication for the Caesars to be involved with other teams for kings to be involved with Kings isn't unlawful so that doesn't fit we also know from verse one that the 7 last play as the angel who has one of the 7 last play comes and tells John about the judgment that's coming upon this woman so this one man is going to going to receive the 7 last play s. and the Roman Empire has been gone at least as a government for over 1500 years so that doesn't fit the Roman Empire as an empire could never be considered to be fall in because it never was up right as a as a godly empire that had fallen away from God so that doesn't fit. And the whole idea of the people of God being inside of her and needing to come out and leave her that also doesn't apply to the Roman Empire so when you put all the pieces together just doesn't it doesn't fit this woman is not as many commentators say commentaries many people say that this is the Roman Empire in the time of John My answer is No it isn't. It is not and the evidence the weight of evidence supports my conclusion there's really only one organization that fits every single point that we're looking at on the screen only one and this application is not something I made up it's something that I used to be taught was taught for approximately 400 years by the vast majority of Protestant scholars Protestant Reformers like Luther Calvin John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church Charles Spurgeon the great Baptist preacher in London and countless other Protestants they knew who this woman was and that's why they they left that's why they came out in the 1500s when you put all the pieces together the weight of the evidence is overwhelming that this woman is a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church system centered in Rome the city of 7 hills well let's just look at. Some of the evidence because the Roman Church have worldwide influence today no question about it here's a slide of Pope Francis front cover of Time magazine man of the year new world pope there you see him in different settings speaking before the United Nations meeting with Kings meeting with. Leaders of Islam Judaism. Evangelicals meeting with Fortune 500. C.E.O.'s at the Vatican the list just goes on and on and on and on and on Pope Francis is a globe trotting pope and certainly he has worldwide influence there's just no question about that what about involvement with Kings Here's a cover of a book called The pope the kings and the people it's a fact for over a 1000 years the pope's and their leadership were very much involved with Keynes and part of that involvement had to do with enlisting the power of the state to support the church than a lot of that that's gone on. In history what about the colors her distinct colors are purple and scarlet and if you look at the colors of the cardinals look at that picture what 2 colors do you see purple and scarlet exactly as the text says the Roman Church is by far the wealthiest Christian or quote unquote Christian church in the world than. Vast Wealth and during the height masses they actually use. A glistening cup you can find pictures of this in many different many different places the Roman Church specifically in its catechisms refers to itself as the mother church. The mother and the teacher of all the churches in the Protestant Reformation many churches came out of the Roman church but sadly many of them are step by step going back to Mom God called them out but their realigning today with the mother church and many if they have are following her example what about persecution to the history books bear this out that the Roman Church historically has been drunk with the blood of the stains the evidence is overwhelming to do this study on the Inquisition you can google St Bartholomew's massacre you can google the bloody persecution against the wall been sees and the list just goes on and on the Crusades some of the things that happened during the Crusades things that have happened in Spain in Italy in France. The 1st person who ever translated the Bible into English John why cliff he met his fate at the hands of the church so there's a lot of history history behind this she has been a bloody persecutor of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus you can read Fox's Book of Martyrs if you have the stomach for it she sits on the city that is world famous as the city of 7 hills she is. A thrall and woman when the Holy Spirit came down on the day of Pentecost. And the disciples went out and began to preach the gospel they spread the message of Jesus all over the Roman world and there was one point there were churches planted in many different places and there was one church planted inside the city of Rome itself and when you read the New Testament book of Romans you're reading the letter that Paul wrote to the Christian church that was in Rome in the 1st century that's what it says in Romans chapter one to the church that was in Rome and there was a good church there was a church that God raised up but as time went on as the Roman Empire began to disintegrate that church became more and more political and she left the city the simple garments of Jesus and His righteousness and she went after the king's she went after Constantine she went after clothes she went after Justinian and these are these canes legislated support for the Roman Church. That's what's happened in history and kind of a history buff I like history. My wife teaches math she likes math I like history you know I don't know if you like history or not but when I 1st became a Christian and discovered that that the Bible and that prophecy is connected to history I got interested in trying to figure these things out so I've studied a lot of history and it's a fact that the church that was in Rome fell and got involved with Keane's. In a way that Peter James and John would never have done Jesus said My kingdom is not of this world Jesus taught something totally different now saying all this I want to make it very clear for those that are watching this online and for those who watch the recordings those who if you choose to pick up a copy of the bloody woman in the 7 headed beast I want to make it very clear that I believe that God has millions lots and lots and lots of people who are inside the Roman church who from his perspective are his people and may not you know have all the information but they are doing the best they can their godly people there are some see are Roman Catholics all the way up the chain of command and they are walking in the best light that they know and God is very merciful even though this chapter is hard hitting and straightforward God is merciful There's a verse I've been I've just recently memorized as the last verse of Psalm 100 it says The Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endures to all generations I like that verse lot of times someone I'm laying in bed at night I just think about Bible verses and that's been one on my mind just lay in bed and I think the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting his truth endures forever so God is merciful some people say you can't be a member of the Roman Catholic Church and go to heaven I don't buy that. And the reason why I don't buy it is because Revelation 18 verse 4 says come out of her my people that tells me they are people of God God considers that his people and maybe they don't have everything straight how many of us have everything straight. But God still loves them and he wants to His plan is to call them out before the final time when his just judgments fall in the 7 last plagues make sense now in the time that I've got left I want to share some things with you that are very very significant Here's a picture of but he knows of. Our new president Joe Biden today is January 22nd 2 days ago was January 20 when Joe Biden went through his inauguration ceremony and was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States of America how many watched any of that some of you watch that probably about half of you maybe a little bit more I'm very interested in what's happening in our country and I watch that and. It's no secret that. Joe Biden is religion is Roman Catholic he has now become the 2nd United States Roman Catholic president in our history who was the 1st John f. Kennedy right. Something fascinating and I have to I want to listen to it again but the smore and I did a little google search on my phone and I I I think found an actual video. Of John f. Kennedy speaking during the in 1960 during the campaign his campaign for president somebody had to you know they had some kind of video camera back there and they recorded it and you can watch it and what happened was because he was there a Roman Catholic there was a lot of concern among Protestant ministers in America whether a Catholic should become president of the United States and so John John Kennedy realized that he had to deal with this issue he called the religious issue and so there was a whole group of ministers a Ministerial Association that met in Houston Texas and they invited him to come and answer questions about his religion and the Constitution and it was very interesting to listen to his his talk and this is one thing he said in that talk and I'm going to watch it again he said clearly to all these Protestant Pastors he said and the American president when it comes to public policy should not request or take any instruction from the pope that's what he said he said My religion is between me and God and he told the crowd he said I stand for the absolute separation between church and state I do not believe that I should be forcing when it comes to public policy in any way my religious convictions I am going to stand for the constitution and he said that's who I am and it was that speech that turned the tide. And Americans felt comfortable to vote him in as president because his stand was very clear that my Catholicism is not going to influence my public policy I can't help but wonder if behind the scenes that was one reason why he didn't live much longer after that they're interchangeable anyway so you know Joe Biden is Roman Catholic and that's between him and God As long as he doesn't bring his religion into his policies now I just reading some significant things I thought it was significant that he personally picked a man to give the invocation at the inauguration. Jesuit Father Leo O'Connor a Jesuit was asked by Joe Biden to give the prayer and in that and I listened to that prayer and you can google it you can find the full transcript and he said in his prayer he talked about the common good and then he said Pope Francis has reminded us how important it is to dream together dreams are built to gather now I'm all for people working together in appropriate ways but and we'll talk more about this as we go into the weekend that Bible prophecy predicts that America and the Vatican are going to get closer together in the final days. And we'll we'll talk about that I thought it was also significant that in President Biden's when he became president he gave us a speech and in his inaugural speech he said many years ago Augustine a saint of my church wrote he quoted Augustine Now if you know anything about Augustine he was a Roman Catholic leader in the. Fall for hundreds in Africa and historically he was really the father of a of the development of a systematic theology that legitimatized the religious persecution of heretics. Augustine is famous for that Biden continued in his speech he said this is a time of testing we face an attack on democracy and on the truth we we will write the next chapter of the American story before God in all of you I give you my word I will defend the Constitution and I thought good a. Good president by and you know we need to pray for him that he will stick to that. But that was certainly that was certainly a good thing now here's another significant point President Biden is personal friends with Pope Francis and he is a strong supporter of le Duc to see which is the pope's monumental in cyclical dealing with climate change where he makes recommendations for the whole world to do certain things to solve a global mess and I'll talk more about that as we go on. A month before her being sworn in as vice president. Kamali Harris spoke on December 19th at a at a meeting of appointees that Joe Biden has appointed as his climate change committee and she said in that speech humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home which is a direct quote from Pope Francis's 205015 in cyclical to see so she's quoting. The pope and his in cyclical we all know Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the house she is a Roman Catholic speaker of the house most of us know that we now in America have have 9 United States Supreme Court justices 6 of whom are Catholic Now I want to make it very clear that just because a person is a member of the Roman Catholic Church you know does not mean that they are going to violate the Constitution does not mean that but the you know there's there's influences that are at work lot of influences and my point is that there is a strong Roman Catholic influence right now in all 3 major branches of the United States government the executive branch president. Legislative branch Congress and the judicial branch the Supreme Court we have a strong there's a strong connection there and here's a fairly recent headline where Pope Francis calls for a global pact on education based on care for others peace justice goodness beauty acceptance and fraternity sounds good doesn't it peace justice goodness beauty. And Pope Francis is trying to bring all the world leaders together for a global pac to follow his counsel now I want to again clarify that I believe that God loves Catholic people he loves President Biden he loves Nancy Pelosi he loves Kamali heris he loves all Protestants He loves every Jew Jewish people whether he loves people whether we're Republican or Democrat if we choose to affiliate with one or the other he loves those who are on the left those who are on the right those who are progressive those who are conservatives he loves atheists agnostics he loves everybody whether you're you know at Hartland or no today is that right he loves us all Jesus loves us all and yet in the midst of all of all of the things that are happening right now in our world we need to be studying Bible prophecy Revelation 17 verse 17 you see it on the screen $1717.00 at the end of the verse it says until the words of God shall be fulfilled God's word is going to be fulfilled in the midst of their everything that is happening in this world in America in Europe with the Vatican with climate change all of these things and I am just deeply convicted that in the midst of all the confusion that we see in our world that God wants us to follow his book the words of God are going to be fulfilled. And that also applies to Revelation Chapter 17 so let me wind this up Revelation 17 tells us that there is a great core that is going to make the entire world drunk with her wine her false teaching Revelation 17 verse 9 and this is the theme of this weekend here is the mind which has what wisdom and that's the theme for this convocation it's that I like that theme here is the mind that has wisdom and I want to tell you wisdom is not when we just think we're smart it's not when we speculate it's not when we just spout out our own opinions you know that's not wisdom wisdom comes from God wisdom comes from the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit wisdom is in God's word. Wisdom is in God's word and that is the wisdom that we're going to be looking at this weekend. Let me just read a quote from Winston Churchill and then our last text reads that quote here it is. Getting the signal that time is over. Winston Churchill said this he said Truth is incontrovertibly panic may resent it ignorance made to write it malice may distort it but there it is there it is truth is right there the last verse will read and then we'll have prayer is Chapter 17 verse 14 the Bible says these shall make war with the lamb. And the lamb shall overcome them for he is lowered of Lords and King of Kings he is above all the kings and it says and they that are with him and I want to be with Jesus don't you those that are with him those who are on his side it says they're called and their chosen and their faith may God help us to be followers of the lamb to be faithful to Jesus no matter what let's not let's close with prayer Dear Father in heaven thank you for giving us the light of Revelation Chapter 17 Lord it says it's a tough chapter it's straight straight truth but we need we all the it we do want to pray for President Biden that your Holy Spirit will help him to make good choices and all of our leaders in Washington d.c. and our leaders here at this school and in our church please help us to have wisdom minds that have wisdom to follow Jesus all of the Bible to. Bless us all this weekend. Since. 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