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A Wise Mind Calculates

Karl Tsatalbasidis


  • January 23, 2021
    8:45 AM
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Well good morning everyone and happy Sabbath to each and every one of you it's a privilege for me to be here with you and the theme that has been chosen for this winter 2021 Convocation is the mind which has wisdom last night we got a little glimpse of one of the 2 usages of the word in Revelation Chapter 17 and verse 9 and so as I looked over our speakers direction I thought I'm going to go in a different direction and so the other time that that word is used is in Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 18 where it says here his wisdom let him who has understanding count or in the New King James calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is 666 and so as we continue to move on today I'm just going to kneel in prayer and I just want you to bow your heads with me as we plead with the Lord to give us the wisdom and understanding and as he does that that we might have strength to deliver the message that he is intrusted to us some day Adventists. Heavenly Father Lord we just want to thank you for the privilege that you give to us to assemble here and to worship and we do plead with you for that wisdom that you have promised Lord we pray that you will be present we pray that your holy spirit will always be our instructor Our teacher our guide and our friend thank you for giving us this promise for promising to eliminate and guide our minds we pray in Jesus' name amen. So a special welcome not just to those that are here but to those that are viewing via the live stream we pray that this would be indeed a rich blessing the title of my presentation this morning is a wise mind calculates a wise mind calculates and of course it is based on Revelation 13 and verse 18 I want to talk a little bit as an introduction and then I'll kind of give you a an overview of where we're going to go with this message so by introduction I want to take your minds back to the 1960 s. and the 2nd Vatican Council and even before that council in 869 and 870 the value the 1st Vatican Council declared the pope to be in fallible that was contested by by some very insular influential Roman Catholics because once you take that step power how can you actually go back. And so it was it was a highly debated Council but nevertheless they declared to be the pope to be in fact in fallible and the Roman Catholic Church in the 19th century was kind of losing touch with the world around it especially the modern world and it was distancing itself from science from Protestantism and from modality and it was locking itself up into these timeless non-historical realities and as a result it really had very little influence some of the astute feel logicians of the Catholic Church in the 20th century began to perceive the problem and they needed to draft a solution and so when the 2nd Vatican council took place Protestants who pointed out that Rome never changes were puzzled because the Pope it already been declared infallible so what need is there for another council. Well the entire am of the council was to achieve unity not just with Protestantism but with all of the religions of the world and so let me give you kind of a a an overview of the things that began to change during the 2nd Vatican Council so instead of Gregorian chant it's the music of the world now this was a very drastic change the only kind of music that had ever been allowed in Roman Catholic circles prior to this is Gregorian chant or high art baroque Western music that was it none of the things that you find today instead of tradition versus scripture in the Vatican 2 documents it's now the Word of God alone there were 16 documents that were produced at Vatican $21.00 of them is called the day he Verbum which means the Word of God alone so they began to introduce much more scripture in their liturgy after Vatican 2 instead of the anathemas that you find in the Council of Trent Now the tone of these documents is very Pastore all and full of scripture as a matter of fact if I were to read some of those documents without letting you know where they came from you would probably never guess that they came from the Roman Catholic Church especially if your perception is that the Catholic Church is the Church of the 16th century and the the counter-Reformation So now instead of heretics it's now separated brother in which you've got to admit that does sound a lot better. What was Rome's out of 2 toward the Constitution well in $871.00 in the Catholic world they stated we do not accept it or hold it to be any government at all if the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved it must be by the rejection of the principle of the Reformation and the acceptance of the Catholic principle that's $871.00. Now in 1978 this was in Miami September 10th 1987 I should say this was the initial speech of Pope John Paul the 2nd his pastoral visit to the u.s. Now notice notice what's happening here I come to proclaim the message of human dignity with its in a Leo bull inalienable human rights as a pilgrim in the cause of justice and peace as a friend of the poor who are seeking the deep meaning of those of you that know the American Constitution life liberty and the pursuit of happiness he's speaking our language Ok so it appears that you know with all these changes that are happening not just liturgically but in their attitude towards the Constitution it gives the impression that the church is changing Furthermore in the year 2000 the title of The New York Times article is the pope asked off forgiveness for errors of the church over 2000 years. Concerning the treatment of the Jews the pope says we are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer and asking your forgiveness we commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant That's the New York Times March 13th the year 2000. Coming a little closer to Pope Francis you might have seen this video and it's called the pope video you can probably look it up by the words I believe in love which is the way that I looked it up and I can't quite do justice to the tone in which the pope is speaking and which all the other religious leaders are speaking but I'll do my best it says in that video most of the planet's the pope is speaking most of the planet's inhabitants declare themselves believers this should lead to dialogue among the religions we should not stop praying for and collaborating with those who think differently and now each one of the world religion leaders steps into the video and the representative of Buddhism says I have confidence in Buddha I believe in God states a Jewish rabbi I believe in Jesus Christ States a Catholic priest and I believe in God our law states the representative of is law the pope continues in that video many think differently feel differently seeking God or meeting God in different ways in this crowd in this range of religions there is only one certainty we have for all we are the children of God there's no tone of the supremest the of the papacy Nope no calling attention to Peter as the head of you know all of the churches in the in the papacy is as reigning supreme No we're all kind of equal here these are all different paths to the same God It really does give the impression that the church is changing furthermore. In the Catholic new news agency January 12th 2016 of the pope had declared regarding homosexuals gay priests and then homosexuals in general who am I to judge on that occasion the pope says I said this If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing who am I to judge that person Pope Francis told the journalist Tony Elie I was paraphrasing by heart the Catechism of the Catholic Church where it says that these people should be treated with delicacy and not be marginalized all of the things that I've pointed out really begs us to ask this one question and that is how has the church changed how does the church changed or has it only given the appearance of change in order to more successfully deceive that it can dominate the world and the us and force religious observance Where does the answer to this question alive it actually lives in the text in Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 18 so turn their West made so that you can look at it Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 18. And right away you see the call to wisdom it says here is wisdom let him that hath understanding in the King James It says count in the New King James calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is 600 threescore and 6 or 666 so the answer to the question Has the church changed really lies in the understanding of this text it lies in obeying the command to calculate the number of the beast and the number of a man it requires wisdom to know whether the church has changed or whether it still exercises the same power in order to persecute all who disagree with her dog was only now the stakes are much higher since the scope of persecution is no longer limited to Europe but could possibly extend to the to the world. So let me give you kind of after this introduction let me give you kind of like an outline of the presentation we will look at your rawest Smith's unique contributions we will look at some historical issues that pertain to the carious for the day we will also examine some biblical issues and then we will answer the question why is that important to calculate the number all right so let's move on this is your rawest Smith's unique contribution there are several other Latin names that that add up to 666 however your rawest Smith's unique contribution as that he discarded all of those names and focused exclusively on the title The carious Phillie De on he added the numerical value of the letters in the title it came to 666 and this has been standard operating procedure and the administer a church for many years however. His view was challenged. In our Sabbath school lesson on Sabbath June 8th 2002 as that window cocked notes here and a senior Sabbath school class a battering ram fought against the walls of the 7th Day Adventist prophetic interpretation that had been standing for a 137 years and so we are living now in the time where there are 2 definite contradictory interpretations of Revelation Chapter 13 verse 181 is that it represents the Kyrios fairly day and the other is that it represents some form of intensified rebellion that has its basis in taking 666 and making it 3 sixes and since man was created on the 6th day and man rebelled therefore this is viewed as rebellion intensified and so we'll look at some of these issues and some of these challenges so let's go to the historical issues here for a moment. The charge the charge is that there is no historical support for your righteous myths position and in actuality when you're right Islamist wrote Daniel and the revelation there was indeed no historical supports. Therefore this idea of care is fairly de the acronym v.f.p. adding up to 666 is purely an Adventist fabrication. So that's the charge and again when you write a Smith wrote there were. Really no credible historical support no no credible historical support So is this charge really accurate and as I continue on those that perhaps may be watching via the live stream and those of you that are here I am going to be quoting and alluding to this book I only brought the 1st volume there's actually 3 volumes of of the book The Truth About 666 in the story of the Great Apostasy by Edwin to cop we actually have this available in our in our bookstore and so if I'll be going too fast then you'll want to make sure that you pick that up it has the data cd in there and I think this is absolutely essential for anyone who is really serious in any way and proclaiming the 3 angels message is because as this thing hits the fan and as the loud cry begins to begin. To make itself known all the arguments are going to come out and will need to be able to stand on something rock solid So is that is it true that this is an Adventist fabrication well due to Dick Ochs research Andreas Hellwig a German published the Roman anti-Christ in the years 161-612-1630 in his 301630 publication The title of his work contains the carious Philly's day you'll find that in volume on page 49 to 51 of the book. Hellwig was a prominent intellectual a professor a professional teacher and a lot in Greek and Hebrew for 27 years Ok so this is no novice he was recognized as one of Europe's most erudite men most learned men. He cited several lotta names used by or applied to the poll power over focusing on the carious Felidae was hell Wiggs own discovery according to the Kock no one living before help Hellwig has yet been shown to spot this equivalence That's on page 53 and so this will be a little more difficult for those that are viewing via the live stream but I do have a chart up there and this was what Hellwig had put together and so you've all probably studied unless you're a millennial probably you've all probably studied Roman numerals in the past and so Vic airiest really a day the v. stands for 5 the I for one the c. for 100 the a and r. and s. have no numerical value the f. in fil a has no numerical value again the eye is one the eldest 50 and in the word day the d. is 500 and the eye is one all adding up to 666. How would states that the carious believe Day renders that apocalyptic number with great accuracy next it fits the papal order as such at once and always which none of the pontiffs will deny Thirdly it is not odious Irvine as imposed on him by adversaries but for himself especially honorable and venerable page 55 of the cox work volume one. Hello hello hello Wade also merged together the carious Christie with the contents of Matthew 1616 where Peter states you are the Christ the Son of the Living God In Latin it reads to. Day v.v. this is obviously a title then that stresses the divinity of Jesus Christ. Moving on. There's another line of evidence here as well so you have how we express the publications in 161612 and 1630 something else that Dick Cox researchers had discovered which not even Froome had discovered seethrough had sent his his and had gone to all the best libraries in the United States and all the best libraries in Europe and had not discovered what I'm about to share here that the cock and his team of researchers had put together in the Internet age and really the internet was a huge massive blessing without it the cock and his team would never have been able to assemble this irrefutable proof that there was indeed historical support So although your rawest myth provided no historical support for the carious Felidae adding to 666 Dick awk in his researchers have an Earth $96.00 mostly Protestant non 7th Day Adventist publications in the 18th and 19th century that mention the carious really day. As a title of the pope a majority of these publications equate the carious fairly day with 666 you'll find that those summarized in Volume 3 in the appendix page 284-2329 moving on to another charge a historical charge. The carious fairly day is not an official title because it is found in the Donation of Constantine which is a spurious document or a forged document so since it is a spurious document or a forged document it cannot be an official title so that's the charge. A little bit of background on the Donation of Constantine which is the document in which the title of the carious Felidae is found so this document was forged by the papacy in the mid to late 18th century. And the donation is the place where Hellwig found the expression the carious Philly day page $55.00 of volume one and so here will quote the statement from the donation or you find of a carious fairly day and it states as the bluff of Peter is seen to have been constituted vicar of the Son of God I have that in italics to show that that's where the carious Felidae came from as the blessid Peter is seen to have been constituted vicar of the Son of God on the earth so the pontiff's who are the representatives of the same Chief of the apostles should obtain from us and our empire the power of a supremacy greater than the clemency of our earthly Imperial serenity you've got to hand it to these guys that's them pretty good prose is it not. And so there it is in the Donation of Constantine Well how did this how did this how did how did these forged documents actually come about. Well for about a century and a half before the 8th century the papacy was really being run over and bullied by especially the Lombards and that things just weren't going well no power no supremacy and they were actually being bullied. And so this is what the this is what the document actually alleges allegedly the Emperor Constantine handed over his entire empire to Pope Sylvester who baptized him and cured him of his leprosy in the 4th century. Pope Stephen in the 8th century was carrying this document to France in order to convince the French that their lands belong to the papacy friends this was grand larceny on a scale that has never ever been equalled and so is there traversing you know the $8000.00 foot elevation there and heading over heading over to France they were carrying these documents that were forge and I just want to read a little bit from from de Kock who is really not just a brilliant historian but in his but is an amazing amazing writer and so I want to kind of give you a sense of what took place in that encounter when the pope and his emissaries or meeting with. Pepin I believe and so he states here in volume one page 254 under the pressure of the pope's desperation clergy of clerical affront to re was limited by neither respect for the truth nor common sense apart from the donation the pontiff spokesman also submitted to Pepin's court and displayed a 2nd document in a piss all golden letters on beautiful vellum allegedly written in heaven by the apostle Peter himself this was an eloquent plead for Frankish intervention to save the Romans from their enemies and offered in exchange a heavenly place with him here after it began with the words quote Peter elected apostle by Jesus Christ to our favorite son the king Pepin to his whole army to all the bishops abacuses monks and to the whole people close quote. The clock continues the document was or so the spokesman assured his astonished audience in its author's own handwriting he even personally vouched for Peter signature he continues on now the Franks the limited informal education were no fools and I asked some pointed questions Pepin wanted to know exactly how the letter had found its way from heaven to earth but the papal spokesman had a ready answer for the king and his entourage quote blessed that Peter in person came down from heaven and given the letter to his successor the Pope of Rome close quote the cock concludes although he was technically committing treason against the Byzantine overlord pope Stephen through these forgeries got his heart's desire the Papal States the armies from France became his tools their action was backed up by a further document the donation of pep and when you get to Charlemagne a little past the 8th century Charlemagne virtually doubled the size of the papal states he did so on the strength of the original forgery after producing a donation of his own and then he begins to outline how it happened. In the year 1440 a very brave and courageous the Tali and by the name of Lorenzo Valla wrote a treatise debunking the Donation of Constantine and related documents as a forgery again the carious philia day a curse for the 1st time in the Donation of Constantine. The carious for the day is also in shrine and Gratian is decreed on which 1st appeared in the year 1140 and became the basis for teaching Catholic canon law also included in it was the Donation of Constantine and De Kock states on page 56 of volume one for centuries the decree to him was copied multiple times and after Gutenberg the guy who invented the press had invent had vented the means for doing so printed abundantly over and over again. So the question is again has the Careys Felidae been employed by the Roman Catholic Church as an official title let's continue on Volume 3 page 271 of the cock as European writers down from the Renaissance period increasingly switch to their own languages the lot and very the care is fairly De was paralleled by translations in French Spanish Portuguese talent in German and English These appear and many texts over more than 400 years. In a pen in Appendix 2 of his trilogy Depok points out that Catholic documents over more than 1000 years contain the title of a carious fairly day these are found again and Grecians to create them the Catholic Code of Canon Law and the British Museum Volume 32812283. There are 7 additions of the Code of Canon Law from 15912879 containing the carriers for the day in the donation there are 43 addition of Gratian to create them between 147-1890 in the 1500s It was republished in astonishing 27 times in the 20th century the title was also employed by Pope Paul the 6th referring to himself as the carious Philly day. I have this book at home. On Robin's book ecclesiastical megalomania as late as 1999 John w. Robins a scholar with a ph d. in political philosophy pointed out that 500 years after Lorenzo Valla had debunked the spurious Donation of Constantine quote He states and I'm quoting this from de Kock on volume 2 pages $459.60 the new Roman emperors have yet to admit that their claim to political power and jurisdiction rests on forged documents in a footnote Robbins added nowhere has the author referring to himself founded admission by the papacy that the Donation of Constantine is a forged document if the reader is aware of such an admission please inform the author Edwin de Kock is also waiting such a pontifical acknowledgment He's 90 years old I talked to him yesterday and I've heard nothing crickets zilch. To come directly to the point has the carious fairly day been employed by the Roman Catholic Church as an official title The retired professor of church history Girard Dom's to get Andrews University declared quote a name is official when it appears in an official document was the Donation of Constantine ever considered an official document by the Roman Catholic Church Of course it was issued and supported by the papacy it was for centuries considered an official document in the papal strategy to prove the monarchial power of the papacy. What about this whole idea that it's a forged document should we discredit it on the basis that it's a forged document Listen to this analogy. In a crime it is immaterial whether the gun used by the robber in a bank robbery is plastic or real. Let that sink in. All right another historical issue the charge no 3 arrows have been found that have the carious Phillie de inscribed upon them therefore of a carious Felidae is not an official title and thus a fabrication as we have just learned this is the complete straw man argument a red herring because they've already admitted over and over and over and over again in their official documents that they believe it is official so that my friends is a red herring. Moving to some biblical issues now. Does the carious the I'm sorry does Revelation 1318 refer to the number 6 used 3 times or does it refer to the number 666 Ok so does it refer to the number 6 used 3 times or to the number 666 What does the data actually say and again I hope that those that are listening can have access to the viewing of this because I have to get just slightly a little technical here in this and go to the original language and I will translate and so the later part of the verse which says that. His number is 666 contains the words in Greek or mos most is where you get the word arithmetic from which you get the word number and then it says his number is and then you find 3 Greek letters key c. and that's not a Sigma it's a stigma Ok that's Ok there's no pun intended in any of all that but it's us it's not a Sigma it's a stigma Ok now this is found in the overwhelming majority of the $5000.00 Greek manuscripts and it's also found in p. $47.00 which is the Chester Beatty pirates which dates back to the 3rd century and contains large parts of the Book of Revelation and it's also found in the Received Text that the Dutch scholar Eros miss was working with from which the King James was translated in other words what I'm trying to say is that there is overwhelming representation for this these 3 Greek letters so you might be looking at it you know you say well let him have the has wisdom calculate the number of the beast Well it's already calculated because you're reading it in. English but if you were to read it in Greek you would have to calculate it. Furthermore when you get to Revelation 7 verse 4 and 14 verse one you see in Greek You can write out the words 144 just like we would write them out in English but in a majority of manuscripts it doesn't contain the number of the writing 144 It simply has 3 Greek letters ro move and Delta and then it has the words Kill Ya this which means thousands and you have the same thing or something similar and Revelation Chapter 17 are 7 verse 5 and in the and the verses that follow which say 12000 are sealed from this tribe 12000 from this tribe 12000 from this tribe and instead of writing the word though that which is used in some manuscripts in a majority of manuscripts you find 2 Greek letters Yota and v. to. Say now I was cruising the Internet last night and in the very scholarly Greece dot com By the way I am Greek saw. In the very scholarly website Greece dot com who are trying to lure all kinds of tourists in order to visit what really is a beautiful country no doubt about it. They have this this this numerical equivalency to the to the letters and so I want to take you back to again the previous slide where you find he see and stigma and I want to take you there again and I'm sorry that there was no place to highlight this but if you go to the left column and you see the number 6 if you go all the way to the right you see the Greek letter. P. and that has a numerical value of $600.00 and you go beside it and then you see the letter c. which has a numerical value of 60 and then you go beside it and that letter is actually stigma it made the made the sound of a vow and that has a numerical value of 6. So as I go back and look at Revelation 74 and 14 when you find the Greek letters you can see them their role Mu and Delta and so if I go back to the chart you find a row up at the top where you find the number one go all the way to the right and that represents 100 you go to the middle column and you find the letter move and that's 40 and then Delta right beside it is 4144 and then the other one was Yota and beta and so if you go to the 2nd column all the way to the top you have your top which is a numerical value of 10 and beta which is the far left column number 2 has a numerical value of 2. So the Greek letters here are again he see and stigma This was taken the stigma was taken from the de Gama you can find this in the widely publicized incredibly scholarly Wikipedia under the law were it states that the Digha ma or the stigma is an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet it originally stood for the sound while but it has remained in use principally as a Greek numeral for 6 you see the Sigma has a numeral for $200.00 so it couldn't be a numerical equivalent for 6 at the same time which is why they had stigma Ok. So Hebrew Greek and Latin had dual purpose alphabets some letters represented numbers as well as sound so I've given you kind of an example that come right from the documents the Greek documents themselves if you were to show John if you were to flashed before him the numbers the Hindu Arabic numbers 666 he would have no idea what he was looking at. Nor would the ancient writers such as John have found a single Arabic number all figures were represented by letters of the alphabet thus the present method of writing 666 would have been totally alien to them. In antiquity you find this pair for I'm paraphrasing the Cox volume on page 41 in antiquity and during the middle ages throughout the West Roman numerals were not only common for many centuries they were the only method of writing and reckoning with numbers before the introduction of the Hindu Arabic numerals in about the year 1200. Roman numerals dominated the math of Western civilization for almost half a century or so getting down to the question here does Revelation 13 mean that 6 was used 3 times or is that actually 666 it is completely inaccurate on the basis of the text to say that Revelation $1318.00 refers to 3 sixes. Or to 6 used 3 times it is simply not what the data is saying you find 3 separate Greek letters that you must calculate not only in Revelation 1318 but in Revelation 141 and in Revelation 74 and 75 you must calculate that number it is not 6 used 3 times this is based on a prophetic principle known as idealism. And this has its basis and Greek philosophy and I'm brick and I've been trying to shed that skin Ok so so you should try to shed as well. This is based in Greek philosopher lots of the Platonism and Neoplatonism to be specific and these in this setting all numbers have a symbolic meaning that are attributable to human beings and then titties in general and all throughout the centuries that's the principle of idealism so whatever are whatever idealism finds in the Bible it actually universalize this which means it prevents that from referring to any specific entity that's the principle of ideas idealism it's method was introduced by origin and the 2nd and 3rd century and the astute Bible scholar William Shea stated that allegorize ation is like a wax knows it can be twisted this way and that way to make anything in the Bible mean anything. And idealist interpretation of 666 is that it is the number of humanity in general since humans were formed on the 6th day everything that he is human is imperfect and therefore it represents some form of intensified human rebellion that applies to all humans and all the entities. Ok moving on to another biblical issue is the number of the beast the non the most with the name of the beast and with the mark of the beast or is there a distinction between the number the name and the mark. So again does the mark of the beast equal the number of the beast equal the name of the beast or are there are distinctions if you read the King James the New King James Young's Literal Translation you will get something like this the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. That makes it pretty clear that these are not synonymous entities but if you read the Net Bible the t.n.i. v The r.s.v. the n.r.c. the n.i.v. the probably a host of others these versions will make them some non of us why is this significant. Well those who insist that the mark of the beast is essentially the same as the number of the beast are stating that Sunday is not the mark of the beast how does the logic go if 666 does not represent the official title or of representative of the Son of God pointing to the papacy but instead means intensified rebellion then the Roman Catholic Church is not the beast and Sunday is definitely not the mark of the beast. Another Biblical issue here some have stated that Ellen White's name can add up to 666 so we should just kind of get rid of this and not use it. Well this was indeed tried by several Roman Catholic apologists in the in the late 19th and 20th century and so this is how the reckoning goes you have Ellen the 2 l's $50.50 and then Gould you see the geo you know numerical value I'm sorry the g. in the oh I should say no numerical value the u. is 5 the l. is 50 the d. is 500 and then in white the w. is 10 h. 0 I won and then no numerical value for the letters t. and e.. Now. There are problems with this not just on the basis of whether they've done the Roman numerals correctly or not but there are a whole host of other principles that are completely being ignored by this. First of all no j m w exists in the Roman alphabet the stood for the sound of the value and the sound of the consonant w. U v n w all have the same numerical equivalent of 5 as the double v. being 10 is therefore incorrect. What are some other principles you may crunch your name through and say hey maybe my name adds up to 666 are you you know are you the one that Revelation 1318 is warning about well let's look at some important principles of interpretation names can also equal titles Revelation 1317 refers to the name of the beast in Revelation 913 and 16 it reads his name is called the Word of God That's in verse 13 and he has on his vesture an honest guy a name written King of Kings and Lord of lords name written King of Kings and Lord of Lords a name stands for a title so this is there is support that this is an official title. That means no bar codes bank numbers this is not a time period and no vague formulation suggesting 666 represents corrupt humanity. This can only apply to the Pope according to De Kock for he is not simply who he is a particular human being but supposedly throughout the stolid succession and Avatar a kind of continuously reincarnated Peter. This is precisely the point made in the donation that quote as the blessed that Peter is seen to have constituted been constituted vicar of the Son of God on the earth so of the pontiff who are the representatives of the same Chief of the Apostles close quote should in the church and even in the world be supremum in this way the pope's are there office Volume 141 of the cock and Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18 it states you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My church every pontiff claims to be that Apostle which links together all of the Paul Pope's of Rome so that there is no essential difference Number 2 you have the immediate context of Revelation 1317 here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man you cannot separate the number of the person from the number that is designed to be grounded in the entity itself so don't worry if your name adds up to 666. Number 3 it must at least in its original form be a lot in name and you do have a lot and in the New Testament because when Jesus was crucified they put in the description that read in Greek and Hebrew and a lot. And lot in is I've studied liturgy and so lot is the official language of the Catholic Church almost all of their documents are put together in Latin through most of its history Latin has been this official language this is not to be applied to any individual pope since the papacy has endured for centuries not one among all of the 263 popes who the Vatican claims have reigned in Rome since Peter's time have ever had a personal name in accordance with Revelation 13 versus 17 and 18 number 4 it must be a single name of a title in a Revelation 131 begins with a plurality of names but in the end it focuses on only one that has the numerical value of 666 in contrast to all other titles in which there are many areas Kristie. A Roman. Pontiff this Maximus in contrast to all other titles the carious throughly day was purely a papal and invention and has not been applied or taken on by any other entity number 5 it must be a blast the most name or title in Revelation $131.00 it talks about names of blasphemy and Revelation 13 verse 6 it says that he blasphemes God's name the carious really days a single specific blasphemous name or title of political to a human entity with a numerical value of 666. Number 6 that must endure for centuries and no one has been around that long Revelation 13 verse 5 it says that the beast would be around for 42 months. Or 1260 years we don't have time to get into that Bible principle. It was 1st recorded again in the Donation of Constantine in the 8th century which became part of Catholic canon law and was published again and again Pope Gregory the 13th 507221585 pronounced the completed corpus your wrist Canon each either the collection of Code of Canon Law which is still which still included the donation as entirely free from fault. And a lot in publications of this kind that title was as will be shown repeated over and over again for more than 1200 years Number 7 it must be feel it must theologically characterize the papacy fill us day the son of God is a very holy title Vic hairiest really days virtually synonymous with anti-Christ why because the prefects anti in Greek can signify not only against but also instead or in the place of while the carious means a deputy someone put in place of the carious Felidae is an exclusive papal title never applied by the Roman Church to any other person ecclesiastical or secular The same cannot be said of a carious cursed the carious fairly day stresses the idea of the bit divinity Pope Benedict the 16th stated that the title Son of God connected Jesus with the being of God with the essence of God. So to wrap it up why does the Lord want us to calculate this number because the title is connected with 2 things the religious supremacy of the papacy especially the primacy of Peter by the way just a historical a done them here this whole idea of the primacy of the primacy of Peter only began after the 8th century you will you will look in vain to the early church fathers to find the primacy of Peter. So it was designed to bolster the religious supremacy of the papacy and also to bolster its political and economic supremacy these were achieved through the greatest deception the world has ever seen and the rule and the Roman Catholic Church has never officially declared the Donation of Constantine to be a forgery the beast professes to be Christian and I get any I need to add what our presenter added last night that there are many wonderful Christians that are part of this communion whom God recognizes as his own and he says come out of her my people I want that to be clear the beast professes to be Christian and deceives the entire world Revelation Chapter 13 verse 3 all the world wondered after the beast that word wondered or marveled is something that people do when they see something miraculous This is talking about the fact that his claims are validated through a miracle working power. The Lord wants our faith to rest on the evidence not demonstration this calculation establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that the beast with the man at the head is not the savior of the world but God's enemy. This prophesy indicates that despite the so-called apologies for her members in times past who committed unspeakable atrocities despite statements from the pope such as Who am I to judge regarding gay priests and homosexuality giving the impression that this is a tolerant system that is peaceful toward all peoples despite it bracing all religions as passed of the same God as seen in the pope's You Tube video titled I believe in love where he sees all the major world religions as various paths to the One God leaving the impression that we can all just get along peacefully with one another and that the church is as docile as a lamb despite the great show of respect in the 20th and 21st century for religious freedom despite all this and more the calculation of this number and the refusal of the Roman Catholic Church to debunk the Donation of Constantine as a forgery proves that the church has not changed. The calculation of this of the number of the beast solidifies the connection between the Church of the past the Church of the president and the Church of the future it reveals that it acquired its massive political and economic power through the deception that it was practiced on a scale that has never been equalled and it wants to do even more the calculation of the number of the beast assures the believer that the Roman Catholic Church still considers itself as supremely above all the religions of the world despite what the pope said in his video and that it's called to be the moral voice and conscience of the world and the arbiter of political political and economic power so that it can make a massive redistribution of wealth of the entire world is the grand deception. The title of or the theme of our. Winter 2021 complication is the mind which has wisdom. And so I leave you with the text in Revelation Chapter 13 verse 18 here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man his number is 666 Jesus said the wise man will build his house on the rock. That's himself not what the pontiff's have claimed as they are the potential rock and so may the Lord give each and every one of us us wisdom may he cause light to shine on his word that we may gain deeper and broader and wider views that what we had ever gained before and to fill us with the confidence that we need to have in the Word of God when the miracles and the signs and the wonders Are there may he do that is our prayer let's pray Father in heaven thank you for the call to wisdom may we apply our hearts after it we pray in Jesus name in. 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