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The Mind Which has Wisdom

Norbert Restrepo


  • January 23, 2021
    4:30 PM
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It's good to be here with you and for those of you who are joining us online and even though it's a cool kind of cold afternoon I pray that you will you have also enjoyed it as well as the concert that was offered at 3 pm. This afternoon I want to speak on the theme of our complication the mind which has wisdom we have been blessed by Pastor Steve Walbrook as he is unfolding the meaning of Revelation Chapter 17 I have enjoyed his presentations and we have also listened to Dr Carl as he explained. Interesting and historical evidence biblical evidence of the number 666 and it's so wonderful to see how the Lord has given us abundant evidence so that we can build our faith on and strengthen our faith on Scripture and the interpretation that God has entrusted to us some of the administrators now I will be sharing. A slightly different angle but it all blends together and I pray that it will be a blessing just by your Has with me as we ask the Lord to be with us again Heavenly Father we invite your presence once again into our midst as we open Scripture may you impress our hearts I pray May you bless those who are here those who are online and thank you for the opportunity to open your word and to fellowship even in these times we pray in the name of Jesus amen the mind which has wisdom. Jesus came to his disciples and we read in Matthew chapter 13 I want to invite you to turn within your Bibles to Matthew chapter 13 and in this have courage Jesus was speaking using many different parables to illustrate the principles of the kingdom of heaven and after sharing in a number of parables he pauses and he addresses the survivals because the disciples actually came to him to ask him a question which we find in verse 10 of Matthew chapter 13 What was the question of the disciples of disciples came to him and said Why do you speak to them in parables why. And he answered and said to them because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it has not been given an interesting answer isn't it I remember some years ago I was at a prophecy seminar and it was very difficult to understand and it was a weekly morning and afternoon and it just got more and more complex layers and layers of of material that just blew your mind and pressed you a lot with the presenters but not too much with the love of Jesus you know and that in one of those discussions after these long sessions. One of the questions that arose was you know one lady said I think I'm going to be lost because I just can't understand all those layers of explanations that they're giving and part of the conversation. I spoke to one of the presenters and I and I said you know. First Corinthians chapter 13 says that if I understand all mysteries and all have all knowledge and all prophecies but if I have the love I am nothing and so that was part of the discussion and one of the presenter said Well. It's the other way around if I have all loved but I don't as I understand prophecy I am lost I say oh well. So he was doing some type of mathematics with scripture there and then he added that in the days of Jesus people could understand the gospel and be saved just with the simple words of Jesus but towards the end time it would require a greater effort it would require the ability to decipher the symbols of Revelation in order for you to be able to be saved that was his conclusion and I was like dumbstruck of of that type of a philosophy of salvation in just just the the mental effort of discipline the symbols would be necessary to it almost sounds like writes as by works but in any case. I wanted to share that with you because many times we are intimidated by the prophetic books and by the meanies that pieces convey through parables and symbols but the wonderful news is that these symbols are even explained by Scriptures themselves the Book of Revelation is a revelation it's a manifestation God is given as the evidence of what it means and he has further promise that he will reveal these mysteries to his people but there are some keys a scripture that I want to share with you this afternoon how we can have that mind which has wisdom that spiritual discernment. Christ object less as Page $111.00 we read those who desire to know the truth to find the treasures of truth must dig for them as the minor dicks for the treasure hidden in the earth no have hearted indifferent to work will avail it is essential for Old and Young not only to read God's word but to study it with whole hearted earnestness praying and searching for truth as for hidden treasure those who do this will be rewarded for Christ will quicken the understanding so yes there is an effort but this efforts is is that whole hearted earnestness prayed and searching for truth asked for a hidden treasure and the wonderful thing is that Christ has promised that he will reward those efforts but with quickening our understanding on the same lines of thoughts. Let's turn to the Book of Revelation and Chapter 17 that's that's the focus of the study this weekend and when we go to Revelation Chapter 17 and us we will take a slight look at verses 7 and 9 we see that Jesus gave a message to the beloved dog in the Isle of Patmos Now this message those veiled in symbols would be understood by his servants and we know that Revelation Chapter one Verse one the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John it was a revelation to his servants those who would hear and obey so part of the process of receiving that revelation had to do with being servants of God It had to do with hearing aids and obeying and the obedience would be part of. Of a process that would enable the servants to further understand the truth that God had for them you know God's truth as progressive and as you of a he opens your understanding even further there is something there for us as the Lord proceeded to unveil the mystery of the woman and of the beast and the Book of Revelation he used the expression here is the mind which has wisdom and I've often wondered why he used that expression here is the mind which has wisdom in the context what we can understand one of the things that is quite overt is their fact that I'm going to give you the explanation here is the the meaning of this issue I'm going to give you the interpretation I'm going to help you understand here is the mind which has wisdom yes the Lord desires to give us wisdom wisdom comes from above and specially when we're dealing with things from Scripture we need that heavenly wisdom but this mine will be given to those who hear and obey like we read in like we see in Revelation 11 or as we read in Revelation 147 those who fear God and gift glory to Him will receive that mind which has wisdom I have seen and I'm sure that you as well. I've been an Adventist all my life my dad was an adamant as my grandfather was an Atlanticist so I've I grew up listening to messages and prophecy I remember when I was a child on Sabbath afternoons I was living at that time it was the year 980 when I was living at u.t. pines I was 11 years old so you can do the math and figure out my age and on Sabbath afternoons my dad would go to a home and I remember we had to go through a little forest and we walked through a meadow and I was looking forward to a wonderful Sabbath afternoon walking in the midst of nature but it was a short walk and we would finish at the home of a brother. Where we would be there as a child I felt stuck for all the afternoon while this brother would speak and talk and talk about prophecy and so I grew up listening to prophecy as a young adult I I was asked to translate from English to Spanish and I had to travel quite a bit South America the Caribbean and even in Europe to translate and at times I had to translate presenters on prophecy who would speak morning in afternoon for a whole week and then go to the next country and do the same again for a whole week it was exhausting you know I would dream of a prophecy and. It was just all the time going through it. Throughout all those years I have listened to all sorts of prophetic interpretations all of them allegedly Adventists all of them allegedly the ultimate present truth the last warning message and if you don't accept it if you don't understand it you will be lost so I've heard quite a bit of things and it's interesting the amount and the variety of contradicting conclusions even amongst our people. I remember back in 1909. A certain presenter was saying that the Sunday law was going to come in the year 2000 and. It sounded like a very plausible presentation because the millennial was going to starts around that time there was a book that was very popular perhaps some of you even read it I read it all the way through the key service blood by Malakai Martin some of you might recall that that book interesting book. Of all the deal political influences and so forth but in that book it stayed it that the papacy and Pope John Paul the 2nd had an agenda to govern the world well that fits within our worldview and our understanding of Revelation Yes but the the language of that book was interpreted in the light of quotes in the book devotional book Maranatha and selected messages Volume 3. That the millennium had been assured and the people of God were in abject poverty while the people of the world would say If God is with you why are you in abject poverty while we're doing well this is the millennium we were waiting for and based on their quotes and what they read in Kees the case of this blood they came to the conclusion that the Milan it would start in the year 2000 and if it was going to start then then it must mean that by comparison if you take those 2 quotes then the Sunday will have to come before the year 2000 and I remember coming up to the speaker and saying Ok yes but that interpretation of the keys of his blood is not Biblical and the millennium the biblical millennium is after Christ 2nd coming and he came so so what would be the application or because the papacy does believe that way and they do want that 1000000 to start in the year 2000 well they want it to start but what makes you think it's going to happen and why would you present that as a prophetic message and you know we went back and forth in these type of arguments and then I couldn't convince them so eventually I said Do you believe in it do you believe the sun will be here in the year 2000 and are you preparing for it so are you ready to now buy or sell in 6 months and he says I have a garden in my backyard Yeah. He was quite convinced Well you know the year 2000 came and I did have well some new laws still not here we are in the year 202121 years later and the point I want highlight is that when prophecy is presented from a speculative point of view rather than strengthening the faith of people of his word what does it do it weakens the faith of God people in the prophetic message and I found that often the reason is because we just want to find something novel and just share it. Out there rather than letting the Scripture speak by themselves and the spirit of prophecy which is so plain and it's so beautiful to see the harmony of it there is no sensationalism is just the plain truth and God is warning us of all the times in which we are living. It. So the mind which has wisdom I would suggest that is the mind of Christ and the purpose of this message is to understand how we can receive the mind which has was them how can we receive that mind and 1st Corinthians step or 2 if you will go with me there 1st Corinthians Chapter 2. This chapter seeks a lot about wisdom will reverse 6 however we speak wisdom among those who are mature yet not the wisdom of his age nor of the rulers of his age who are coming to nothing but we speak the wisdom of God that is verse 7 in a mystery the head in wisdom which God Dain before the ages for our glory and then just go down to verse. 10 but God has revealed them to us through His Spirit or the Spirit searches all things yes the deep things of God for what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God and then if we go further down we read in verse. The following verse the me just yet verse 16. For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him but we have the mind of Christ in your own time you can read. Chapter one from verse 18 onwards and we will refer to that later on in our presentation this afternoon and you can read all of Chapter 2 and you will see that the context is the wisdom that is from above and as the chapter comes to its end Paul actually says that that wisdom that mind of the Lord that can give us that spiritual discernment is based on having the mind of Christ and Paul actually claims he makes that claim but he can make that claim not in self sufficiency but we have the mind of Christ wonderful and as by Per that we would desire and ask God to give us the mind of Christ the mind of Christ so that we can have that spiritual discernment that intellectual to serve and to apply to all the areas in our in our life. Now speaking about the mind of Christ there is a passage of Scripture that speaks to that effect right Philippians 25 let this mine to be in you which was also in Christ Jesus so the mind of Christ is actually something that we should have and so let's let Scripture continue to speak to us. In the form of God made himself of no reputation and he humbled himself and became obedient to death even that of the cross some Bible translation is rather than sane mind they say the feeling the thoughts the mind sets of Christ be in you and in this context is re referring to the Q Military of Christ as being in the mind of Christ. Let this mind the in u.. The mind which has wisdom is the mind of Christ and that mind of Christ is represented not only in full lepas but the rote scripture as obeying to the essence of God's character that humility for example if we go to Matthew Chapter 11 verses 28 through 30 we read the invitation where Jesus said Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest and take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am I am and that that's that's quite a statement right reminds you of Exodus reminds you of the I Am i am what meek and lowly in hearts in each I'll find rest so this invitation also corresponds with Philip a step or 2 in burst 5 who humbled himself be to perform of a servant and humbled Himself even unto death and what type of death a death of a cross which by the way was the most humiliating way to give death to any criminal and Christ except that that we read that as history would it would pause and just think the keen of Keane's the God of the universe the Eternal Self existant one allowed him still to be filled in the most humiliating form possible it just my mind can't fathom that why would God go through that that is the essence the I am meek and lowly in heart. Do we want to have that mind of wisdom the mind of Christ the mind which has wisdom a By contrast. The wicked have a spirit of self seeking and self exult. And this spirit leads them to embrace error let's take a look and we'll see that in the context of prophecy if you will come with me to Daniel Chapter 8 and then know Chapter 8 and we will see that there. Then will Chapter 8 is speaking of the different world the empires the beasts and it is using figurative language once again and in this particular chapter it is one of the things that highlights is is you know and. He arose and it according to His will and became great and he waxed great you're going to see that consistently as you read Daniel Chapter 8 The description of the ram and the goat let me just read a little bit of that and it says I saw in the vision I'm reading verse 2 and it so happened that while I was looking in that I was in Shushan the Citadel which is in the province of the Lamb and I saw in the vision that I was by the river you lie then I lifted my eyes and I saw and there are standing beside the river there was a ram which had 2 horns and the 2 horns were high but one was higher than the other and the other one came up last and I saw the ram pushing westward northward and southward so that no animal could withstand him nor was there any that could deliver from his hand now. I will let pass through Oberg be the one who is giving the nuances through scripture of the meaning of the symbols but I want to emphasize in this message another aspect that also is part of the message that is conveyed there and what is it but he did according to His will and he became great is now speaking of a characteristic of being of his mind set of His spirit of his character what was that characteristic he did his own will. Whatever he wanted to do. And became great and as you continue reading down you will see that that is the constant characteristic and the more it the further you go down when eventually you come to the symbol of the man of sin as conveyed in Daniel Chapter 8 it says that he magnified himself even to the heavens the prince of hosts. To the host of heaven and it Excel to himself as high as the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away and it goes on in verse 11 and so forth now when we take a look at he magnified himself he became great and you take a look at the original Hebrew term for this you're going to find that it corresponds always to the Word of God Allah and the dollar means self exultation self exultation So whether you read great or whether you read magnified himself it's the me it's the word Goodall which means self exultation a common characteristic of those wicked powers was that spirit of self exultation. Interesting that really puts them in harmony with what we read in Isaiah Chapter 14 Western 2 as they attempt to 14 verse 11 we are familiar with that passage Isaiah 14 Chapter 11. Ok I read your pomp is brought down to Sheol and the sound of your string instruments the maggot is spread under you and worms cover you verse 12 how are you fallen from heaven Lucifer a son of the morning how are you cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations why for you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exult my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the farthest side of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high definitely sounds like the spirit of self exaltation beyond what you can even imagine imagine. It's in this context that once you bring your minds now to Daniel Chapter 12 and verse 10 where the Lord reveals to Dan He says none of the wicked so understand but the why is so I understand that's. Daniel's way I like to see it this way of saying here is the mind which has wisdom you know the my which has wisdom is those who receive this understanding from God and will receive this understand the righteous the righteous not the wicked and what is the characteristic of the wicked self exaltation What is the characteristic of the righteous they have the Spirit of Christ the Spirit of loneliness and humility notice what the following inspired quote says and I read from thoughts from the mount of blessing the words of Christ on the Mount were an expression of that which had been the unspoken teaching of his life. But which the people had what failed to comprehend they could not understand how having such great power he neglected to use it in securing what they're regarded as the chief good. Their spirit and motives and methods were opposite his While they claim to be very jealous for the honor of the law what did they claim to be very jealous for the honor of the law self glory was the real object which they sought and Christ would make it manifest to them that the lover of self is a transgressor of the law now who is Jesus referring to in this passage is referring to the religious people of his time more specifically to the fairest seas and the fairest seas were in a certain group of people a certain group of religious leaders who were very zealous to observe all the external requirements of the law they were very zealous they were very wary that the people would somehow have any sympathy or alignment with the pagan Roman Empire the Sadducees had a different perspective the Saudi sees actually cord it the Roman power whereas the fairest sees they actually they thrived on instilling in the people hatred towards the Romans. They are very zealous of the honor of the law but the spirit and motives that they had were did not align with God's law they did not align with God's law and it's amazing that even so they were able to deceive and they had so much influence over the Israelites so much input even over the disciples they couldn't see through that external facade of self-righteousness they couldn't. And it's interesting as we look at that passage What was it that they were seeking for so Laurie and because this was what they were seeking for what happened with their discernment and their understanding it became clouded and became clouded and they could not understand. I. Want to share with you a few thoughts from research. What research has to say about our mental processes when we are seeking to understand when we're seeking to discover truth when we're seeking to apply critical thinking and so we evaluate to assess. To make better judgments notice research shows that the fundamental value commitments and personal preferences are rarely modified on the basis of additional data. That you get there or airily you can get more and more data but rarely will will your fundamental values and commitments and personal preferences change and you know people can receive a lot of information about why most keen is bad for your health and they just go out in the light another cigarette and you sneak out you even medical doctors and they can tell their patient you've got to stop smoking and then they walk outside and they themselves light another cigarette it's but that's how we function these fundamental values and rule view are the lenses through which we understand or interpret information so it we interpret information through these with the mental values and commitments and personal preferences and these are rarely modify on the basis of additional data then does draw the next logical conclusion that as we receive information how do we process it we process it with these the present position is that we have these values these personal preferences and then that's that's what we believe in research has also shown that Africa is to train people to engage in mental activities such as appraisal. Raef comprehension evaluation and reflection to help them to better understand an issue and to make better judgments are insufficient in other words we can spend a lot of time. Teach people the skills and the tools to be critical thinkers how to evaluate an argument how to evaluate the underlying assumptions of an issue and how this is made late to this and the causal effect and the ramifications and implications wonderful we can teach them that but that will still be insufficient Why why because human beings always bring attitudes and dispositions with them that influence to a great extent how they apply even the tools or skills of interpretation that they may acquire that is a fact so it's kind of daunting Oh I could spend so much time learning to use these skills and tools so that I have better judgment but still I'm going to use them based on my. My values my preferences my beliefs my present was just as my assumptions in other words it require something deeper her for us to really have discernment every choir's having the mind of Christ and His suggest. An example of this weekend. Well perhaps you for I go to that example let me just share this thought from Proverbs Chapter 18 verse one probably separate in verse one. This passes can be interpreted several ways but I will just allow me to give it the following application to desire a man having separated himself speak if and intermeddle if with all wisdom that's from the King James version let me read here from the New King James version to see if if the rendering is a little bit easier to understand a man who isolates himself seeks his own desire he rages against all wise judgment. Like this one here a just against all wise doesn't now notice that what leads him or there is the cool relation between resistance against wise judgment and seeking his own desire at least we can see that co-relation if if if a causal relationship at least a correlation that we find here in Proverbs 18 verse one when you go to the original text and you look at desire it it has the meaning it conveys for desire here is is lust covetousness in a negative sense in other words when there is an underlying motive that is selfish you will tend to resist wisdom interesting interesting as a statement of Scripture and we see we see it's you know we saw it in Daniel Chapter 8 we see it as as presented if elected separate to verse 5 but here we see it from a different angle. With this thought in mind now I want you to go back to 1st Corinthians Chapter one we started with 1st going to separate you and we spoke about wisdom this going out to 1st Corinthians but Chapter one chap who on a 1st Corinthians and notices how the Apostle Paul starts speaking about wisdom but in the context that I want you to see the connection with what we just read in progress 801. As go to 1st Corinthians chapter one and verse 18 here it for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but us who are being say it is the power of God. The message of the cross is what foolishness to those who are perishing now that yes the message of the cross is foolishness isn't it and in those times even more so because in those Now days I don't know if you just walk out and you you go you know to some plays let's say in the prison or even where they have these a maximum security prisons where they have people on death row we don't see crosses right that's not even in countries that believe in death penalty crucifixion is not an approved mode of and in people's lives today so we don't really relate to that. But in the times of the Romans and when Paul was living in crucifixion was a way of giving death to people reserved for the worst criminals right even those who are not even Roman citizens Roman citizens could not be killed that way so imagine a message based on the crops in that time in that context. How would people receive it like foolishness How can this be a powerful message how can this be a message of a victory of hope a future of development is totally the opposite therefore the secular world saw it as foolishness and for the Jews what was it a stumbling block it was a stumbling block because they just couldn't they were also expecting a gospel of liberation a gospel of liberation from oppression a gospel that would actually bring them to self exultation as a nation. And therefore it is written I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent it continues there and we go to verse $22.00 and a says for the Jews request a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom but we preach Christ crucified to the juice a stumbling block and to the Greek foolishness but to those who are called both Jews and Greeks Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than. The message of a cross and what is the message of the cross What is the implication of the message of the Cross now the book deserve a just says that on the cross was God revealed the essence of the I Am and reveal their God with us E.-Man you will was the manifestation of the law of self-sacrifice you love. And that principle revealed in the clause is what the Apostle Paul is telling us is the asons of wisdom to the world was it was foolishness to the Jews it was a stumbling block and what is it this how do we relate to that today James Tepper 3 and verse 13 says who is a wise man and indeed with knowledge among you who is asking that question who is a wise man indued with knowledge of man you let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness and meekness and wisdom. Further down in verse $1718.00 we read the wisdom that is from above that is 1st pure then peaceable gentle and easy to be entreated full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy and the food of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. Wonderful. Of selected messages Volume one page $338.00 says he who places himself an re serve a duly under the guidance of the Spirit of God will find that his mind expands and develops. He obtains an education in the service of God which is not one sided and deficient developing a one sided character but one which results in symmetry and completeness. I'm reading from selected messages Volume one page 338-3388 goes up weaknesses that have been manifested in a vacillating will and powerless character are overcome for continual devotion and piety bring the man and such close relation to Christ that he has the mind of Christ. He is one with Christ have instead I would miss and strength of principle his percept should is clear and he manifests the wisdom which comes from God. And what I want to emphasize this afternoon is that the underlying principle for you to understand the Book of Revelation is the humility of Christ and brother I have seen in my years of ministry how many a person how many a faithful man allowed his heart to start getting filled with self-sufficiency and slowly he started deviating away from the straight counsel of the Lord what has been revealed into speculation. Time and time again had a dear friend in Colombia and he in fact he was my he was my tutor for 3rd grade an elementary school. And he was a very intelligent man very intelligent he was. Unfortunately as he embraced the present truth he developed the zeal to share the message and in his zeal to share the message he he just continued on and on until eventually he developed a special diets that we should follow if we want to be like John the Baptist and he really made emphasis on that and that kind of made sense but you could see already I hope you see that there was already an extreme when you read all the council of the spread of prophecy it never says there that we have to eat exactly would John the Baptist say he was started eating wheat germ and honey. And then he came as the study prophecy is that he prophecy came to the conclusion that cries would come back on October 22 I believe of 1983 I think that was the year and he got quite a group of followers remember he was my he used to be my teacher in 3rd grade and. He made it to the national headlines in the newspapers. A group of people went with him to a farm in the country to wait for the 2nd coming of Christ Christ did not come that day but that day there did an earthquake a major earthquake happened in Columbia that made it to the news as well. There was evident devil activity because there were some things that he could you know he would be he was actually able to predict a few things that actually happened but not Christ 2nd coming. He finished in jail it was a reproach the Gospel was a reproach to the evidence message because the news portrayed him as a 7th Day Adventist believer. And years later when I had the opportunity to speak with him again I asked him what now as as you reflect and think back what happened and he said I was under the spell of the devil and what led me to that state was pride pride and self-sufficiency. I've never had the opportunity to speak with someone who actually could say with such conviction I was under the spell of the enemy and it was pride that led me to fall under his complete power. It's amazing this is this is not just abstract theology this is apply theology it's a reality and whenever we go to Scripture because deep inside you have a desire of coming up with something novel Satan will trick you and he will use you as an instrument to be a guy a lot of people and it doesn't matter if you have a lot of religious garb even worse or a lot of Santa more news external things if the motive is not unselfish service you are because I lived and you guy in the others. Know Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 16 verse 6 to 12 be aware take heed of the leaven of the fairest cease and when they heard this expression they thought Ok Ok we must not eat bread we must know all eat bread that has no 11 and once again to you know the external things and he said that's that's not the message I'm telling you you don't get it you don't get it I am speaking of the hypocrisy of the fair seas and in desire of a just page 409 re read the hypocrisy of the Farriss was the product of what self seeking page 409 observe ages the glorification of themselves was the object of their lives it was this that led them to pervert and misapply scriptures and blinded them to the purpose of Christ's mission this subtle evil even the disciples of Christ were in danger of charity cherishing those who classed themselves as followers of of Jesus but who had not left all in order to become his disciples were influenced to a great degree by the reasoning of a ferrous these they were often vacillating between faith and belief they did not discern the treasures of wisdom hidden in Christ. They were slow to comprehend the mystery of redemption. And what was that clouded their understanding the spirit of self-seeking. As we ponder on these things you know you think how many times did Jesus tell his disciples in plain language the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men to be crucified the Son of Man will go to Jerusalem and the chief priests and leaders of will crucify him discourage him and on the 3rd day he will rise when you read in the Gospel you find it's it's an editor to process at least 3 times that we find it in the different gospels that he he told them on different occasions he warned them plainly did they understand the diesel speak in a language that was foreign to them that he used symbolic language when he was expressing these things to them. They do not understand in fact after the fact when the angel is there and they come to the tomb and Jesus is not there and the angel explains and he refers to them you read that in Luke 247 he reminds them The Son of Man must be lived delivered into the hands of sinful man and be crucified and the 3rd day rise again and he will meet you at Galilee he just at the very same words that Jesus had said now after the fact they still didn't get it and then a couple of disciples were walking on their way to email is and they still didn't get it Jesus is walking with them and he finally has to tell them over foolish ones Luke 2425 slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken. In the event happened to the disciples it could happen to us You can happen as the only way we will not be to see it is if we have the mind of Christ and I find that many of us estimate the atom as you know we know the son in law we know what is coming when it comes we will see it we will discern it. It's amazing to see how discovered 19 has pitched as ones against the others some people are so scared to death in other peoples would care less. And this is just. You know what is this I might even try to attend to to describe what it is but I can describe what the Sunday law is because we do have that in prophecy and we know that when that comes it's going to be a severe test and we say oh when that comes I'll go I'll be on the right side I'll just make the right choices Well if you're making choices now based on fear what makes you think that at that time you're going to make choices based on faith that I don't interpret that faith as presumption Ok what I mean by this is that do we have that just certain moment. That only the mind of Christ can give. In closing let me just share this great controversy page 594 says that Christ had explained to his disciples clearly what was going to happen but when the trial came it found them unprepared and then it says Likewise the prophecies of the future have been opened before us as plainly as it were to the disciples. The events connected with the close of probation and the work of preparation for the time of trouble are clearly presented but multitudes have no more understanding of these important truths than if they had never been revealed never been revealed Satan watches to catch away every impression that would make them wise into celebration and when the time of trouble comes it will find them on ready and brethren in the disciples who are educated by Jesus they in day out for 3 years and I have were unprepared What makes you and me think that we will be prepared if we think that it reminds me of Peter old Lord I'll be I'll go with you even to death even of the rest of band and you I'll be there and he was the 1st one who fled and denied his Lord Oh that we would leave that self-sufficiency and realize that only if we have the mind of Christ will be able to have that spiritual discernment Matthew 24 says take seed take heed that no man deceive you this alone in 2nd thoughts alone is separate to let no man deceive you and who will be deceived those who do not have the love of truth those who do not have the mind of wisdom the mind of prize will be deceived my prayer brother is that as we draw closer to the end he will choose to surrender to receive the humble and lowly Spirit of Christ that we will embrace the love of truth that we might not be deceived but saved in that spirit and character of the Lamb of God Let us pray. Heavenly Father for we thank you for your word we thank you for the warnings we thank you that may invite us to have the mind of Christ we thank you because you revealed on the cross of Calvary what it means to have the mind of Christ I know it is difficult for us because it goes contrary to our nature or. My prayer this union is that we would desire to be like you that we would desire to be like the meek and lowly one learn of me for I am meek and lowly of heart and into that spirit you will give us the discernment the faith the love and the strength that we need for the trouble is time that we are living that we might glorify your name in this final day it's thank you Father we look forward to more wonderful and bless it messages from your worthless weekend in the name of Jesus the prayer thank you. 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