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03 And There are Seven Kings

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • February 8, 2021
    6:45 PM
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Well I hope you had a good day today and I mean very nice day relaxing day. I was taking a walk this afternoon and I crossed somebody and that person is probably here somewhere and as we crossed each other he made an interesting comment he just said I've been blessed by your meetings so far. And I thought about that and I thought well you know the 1st night last night we talked about who the bloody woman is that went really well and this morning we went into who is the 7 headed east and the brother was blessed by that but I think maybe maybe he was kind of refraining himself to you know wait and see what happens next and so that's what's going to happen tonight he Tonight we are continuing this 4 part series dealing with the deep truths of the Book of Revelation Chapter 171 of the most amazing chapters in the Bible and our talk tonight Part 3 is called There are 7 kings it's based on Revelation Chapter 17 verse 10 and 11 so if you have your Bible if you want to open up we read this during the scripture reading and by the way my little book the bloody woman in the 7 headed beast we've got a lot of them in the little bookstore over there and a whole stack of them for this meeting they're only $2.00 a book so that's pretty cheap and there's a lot of information in this this book is is a missionary book it wasn't just written for us it was written to be shared with the public for people that have an interest in studying the deep trues of the Book of Revelation so the 17th let's let's pray and let's pray for God's blessing that part 3 will go as well as parts one into. Dear Father in heaven thank you for the privilege of being here and as we dive deep into your book and into your chapter and look at a very controversial and interesting and important subject we pray for the spirit of the Lord the Spirit of God and Lord I don't want to be an innovator I want to simply reveal be a channel for your truth that's in your word that Jesus will be lifted up we pray for your blessing now please help us to understand give us wisdom in Jesus name. And I guess I should welcome those of you that are not here and front of me but are out there somewhere if you know where Hello to you you're part of this is well on the on the on line audience all right chapter 17. And I go back in the head of myself it's verse 10. In verse 10 the angel said to John it's that there are 7 teams 5 are fallen one is and the other is not yet come and when he comes he must continue for a short space and then verse and those are the kings and then verse 8 or verse 11 goes back to the beast and the beast that was and is not even he is the 8th and he's of the 7 and he goes into perdition So now that's a mouthful when you say I tell you these verses these 2 verses have mystified as and baffled. Scholars and Bible prophecy students for centuries trying to figure this out I have wrestled with these verses myself and as I told you I think it was Friday night last night after a journey of about 2 years trying to figure this out and studying this and praying and going this direction or running into a roadblock going that direction running into roadblocks and then getting over a road block and then going this way and that way I've had ideas that I've given up and I've been you know just going back and forth on this the pieces finally came together to the point where I felt comfortable to stand in front of an audience and share my views so that's where we're going and we're going to take a look I'll share with you my view and of course I encourage everybody I always do this to test everything by scripture that's what we want to do to test it by the Bible now let's go back to verse 9 verse 9 says here is the mind which has wisdom the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits and I've talked about this last night and this morning that I've adopted a principle which I call the symbol to literal principle I gave you examples of those principles in Daniel 2 Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 Revelation 17 that when a symbol is used and then an angel or a prop that interprets the symbol we see over and over again that the application is literal and so I accept that application when it comes to the 7 heads which are the symbol. Are which is the application the 7 mountains on which the woman sets and as I've mentioned this before mountains in the Greek Strong's concordance says it can also mean it kills and Rome is famous for centuries as the city of 7 hills and then you can actually see those 7 hills right there they have different names and right next to that picture you'll see an old Roman cloying from one of the Roman emperors that speciation and you can see if you look closely that that old coin of Rome depicts a woman sitting on 7 hills. So the 7 Hills City of Rome is is a classic Protestant interpreters for hundreds of years have understood this to represent the Church of Rome sitting on the city of 7 hills like we talked about Friday night in our 1st meeting now I've mentioned a couple times that in my studies I've also concluded that there is a nother Krynn simple the principle of dual application and that there are times when that principle is that we see that and that's the $24.00 where Jesus talked about the destruction of Jerusalem and that also has an application to the end of the world and we see this also in the Book of Revelation Now let me show you where this see is in the Book of Revelation this is fascinating if you go back to verse 7. Which is the context of the 7 kings were 7 says the angel said to me wherefore did you marvel I will tell you the mystery notice the word mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her which has 7 heads and 10 horns so Notice the word mystery we have a woman representing a false church and we have a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns now keep your finger here in Revelation the 17th and go back to chapter one Revelation chapter one and I don't remember exactly how many months ago when I was studying this and it sure seemed to me that the Holy Spirit as I was trying to figure this out led me to Revelation chapter one and I saw something that I've never seen before in all the lights just go on. In Revelation Chapter one. G.'s the John's these Jesus walking in the midst of how many candlesticks 77 candlesticks and then if you look at verse 20 Jesus begins to explain this he won he is beginning to explain the mystery now the sword mystery we just saw that chapter 70 the mystery of the 7 Stars which you saw in my right hand and the 7 golden candlesticks the 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches and the 7 candle sticks which is the symbol 7 candlesticks were a symbol which you saw and then he says they all are here's the application and what does he say they are he said they are the 7 churches Now think about this in chapter one and in chapter 17 we have 2 mysteries. She says that and explain the mystery and the angel said I'll tell you the mystery so 2 mysteries we also have 2 women really we have the false woman in chapter 17 and then we have Jesus talking about his church in chapter one we also have 2 interpreters in chapter one Jesus is the interpreter and in chapter 17 The Angel is the interpreter so 2 mysteries 2 women 2 interpreters and we also have 2 sets of 7 we have 7 churches and we have 7 heads so you see the parallels there is clear parallels 2 mysteries 2 churches 2 interpreters and 2 sets of sevens Now if you go back to verse. It's the words that verse 11. Jesus says in Chapter one Verse 11 I am the Alpha and the Omega the 1st in the last which you see right in the book and send it to the 7 churches which are where. They're in Asia now notice these parallels here have a slight here where we have the 7 churches which were an Asia which is modern day Turkey and there literally were 7 churches there weren't there you can do your homework on this you can study these churches you can go to read about the town of Laodicea the city of f.s.s. fire Tire at Sardis Philadelphia Smyrna Pergamos those were real churches that were in Asia so what we have is Jesus says the 7 candlesticks are the 7 churches which were literal churches in letter Alasia and then we also have the 7 heads are 7 the mountains on which the woman sits literally in Italy so we have Asia is the location of the churches of Jesus Christ and Rome at that point is the location of the Falls Church sitting upon the city of 7 hills are you following me see the parallels to churches 2 sets of sevens 2 mysteries that are being explained by Jesus and by the angel now here is where the the dual application comes in and I think I would assume that all of us know this that the 7 churches that were in Asia is that the end all application to the 7 churches is that it. Or do they have an application another application to time periods throughout Christian history I see heads nodding yes f.s.s. applies to the period of the early church and then to Smyrna is another period and then Pergamos and tired tired going all the way down to the last period which is what period Laodicea which is our period the period of the latest to see in church so my point is that the symbol the 7 candlesticks applies to the literal churches in Asia but it has another application to periods that span the agents following me that's that's true it's a fact the fact of the Bible Prophecy. In the same way because we have the parallels between chapter one and chapter 17 I also see an application not just to the literal 7 the hills city of Rome the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits but there are also 7 Kenyans that spam he agents. 7 cans and there's some debate whether the 7 kings are separate from the 7 heads or whether the 7 heads apply to the 7 mountains and then also to the 7 kings I favor the latter view that the 7 heads have an application to the literal 7 hills city of Rome and then the 7 kings have a secondary application. Or that's the 7 heads have a secondary application to 7 Keane's So are you following me I know this takes close thoughts but the 7 heads represent the 7 mountains on which the woman sits but they also apply to 7 teams that span the agents just like the 7 churches apply to the literal churches in Asia but they also span the agent's same same. Principle of dual application so now let's go back to Chapter 17 verse 9 The angel said here is the mind which has wisdom the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits and then he continued and says and there are 7 chains as well now when we talk about these schemes based on the principle which I call the Daniel and Revelation principle that we stick to Daniel and Revelation to try to understand Daniel Revelation 7 teens the word chain in prophecy also means Kingdom and that's very clear from January 7th and remember chapter 17 in Revelation is linked to Chapter 3rd team which is linked to chapter 12 which takes us back to Jan you're 7 and to Daniel 2 they're all linked together. And I realize you have to have some background in prophecy in order to follow this. It's almost like Revelation 17 sort of assumes that we know chapter 2 that we know Chapter 7 that we know Revelation $12.13 and then it starts putting all these pieces together based on the fact that we have a knowledge of those other chapters God Once us to understand Daniel revelation. So in Daniel 7. And you can see this on the screen I'll just go this through this briefly Daniel 7 verses 4 to 7 Daniel had a dream of 4 beasts remember that 4 different beasts and notice verse 17 in verse 17 Daniel 717 and I want to see this in your in your bible this is very important. Channel 717 says these great the East Sea which which are for how many are they for how many kings are we dealing with in Revelation 177 now here we've got 4 and I'm going to build my case that these 4 are the 1st 4 of the 7 these great beasts which are for our who are teens which shall arise out of the earth and we also know from verse there I've got 4 teams those 4 of these are 4 teams we have 7 kings of Revelation 1710 and here we have 4 in general 7 verse 17 and we know from verse 23 verse 23 says the 4th d.s.t. shall be the 4th what. Upon the air so for these are for teens which represent for us upon the earth you fall I mean it's a beast as a king and a king is a king. And we know from history this is basic history that the 4 kings or kingdoms and Daniel 7 started with Babylon and then Persia and then Greece and then Rome fall I mean we know that from the study of Daniel to in history and we know that from Daniel Chapter 7 and let me see what I got here and my next slide for kids that I call it the yes I do that Persia Greece and Rome all right now it's let's go back to Chapter $1710.00 units are Revelation Chapter 17 and this is going to come together based on the d.n.a. on Revelation principle we know that teens represent kingdoms based on the Diana revelation principle it makes sense to me that we should look for the identity of the 7 kings or kingdoms with the e.-m. the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation because Chapter 17 is based on 13 which is based on 12 which goes back to Daniel 7 so it makes sense that 17 is building on tree vs prophecy it's. All right so you know here's the 2 verses kind of on the screen there and you've got to really you know put on your Sherlock Holmes had sent your detective hats and take a close look at this verse. And I like the talk that Norbert Dave's earlier today where he mentioned that the mine that has wisdom is a humble mind I really appreciated that talk that he gave I'm a strong believer in that that we need minds to take a look at what God says so look at this again there are 7 kings 5 have fallen and that's from the point of the angel he's looking back and he says 5 of fall and he says one is that's the present moment when the angel was talking to John and then he said and the other one has not yet come that's future and when he comes he must continue a short space so that that verse is talking about the team it's but then the next verse is talking about the beast itself the beast that was which is in the past and is not that's present is himself also the 8th and he is of the 7 and he's going into prediction in the future so if you really you know look at this carefully what's happening is that 5 or fall in one is one is active one of the kings is active at the same time that the beast was and now is not his not active or at least not politically active like he used to be so he got to do it is this at the same time one of the kings is which would be which number if I ever fall and which one is 6 right the 6th King is active at the same time that the d.c. is not so you've got one is and one is that at the same time are you following me. The yes no Ok that's what the text says one is and one is not at the same time now the key to understanding this prophecy I'm convinced is to identify it's the time period of the it is you've got to have that is straight a lot of people who look at this prophecy they assume that the is is John's Day So from John's day where the when the Roman Empire was ruling they look back and they try to count 5 kings and to make it fit they go outside of Daniel revelation so they go 5 kings and they start with Egypt and Assyria and then they go Babylon Persia and Greece and the one that is the Roman Empire at the time of John have you heard that idea that's probably one of the dominant ideas the other day had was on the Internet and I was googling charts of the 5 are falling one is the other has not yet come to see it as a civil any pictures help there because I have to create this on my own because I've never done this before what I'm doing here I've never done before I've never had a meeting on this before I've never had slides on this before I've created these slides for you for this meeting and I was looking for some charts to make it easier on myself and when I went onto the Internet and looked for pictures I saw many charts that said 5 or fall in Egypt Assyria Babylon Persia and Greece and I thought that you know that's not right because the point of reference is not John's day. As we've already talked about earlier the point of reference says I talked about in the last the I'm not going to repeat all that I did at the last meeting is John is taken by the angel a way into the wilderness by an angel who is one of the angels with the 7 last legs so Chapter 17 is an end time chapter not a 1st century chapter John is taken away in the spirit and it goes into the wilderness and we talked about that the last meeting and not only that she sees a woman on of these that has no crowds and it's heads or its horns indicating that this. And this woman has been wounded and as we read in chapter 13 and you actually see the wound mentioned 3 times in chapter 13 chapter 13 verse 3 verse 10 and verse 14 all describe the wound that we're that the angel then takes us in chapter 17 to the time of the wound which we talked about in the last meaning what is the year that will remember that $1798.00 which Daniel's prophecy tells us Daniel 12 at the end of the 1260 years it takes us to the time of the end and the time of the end knowledge increases because now we've got more information that people in the past have not had that. They've never been able to really understand this prophecy in till you get to the time that the end so I'm convinced that 1798 the time when the woman is in the wilderness with on a Venus with no crowns is the time of the deadly wound and if we if we look at that from that perspective here's a chart that I created just for you I want to make this simple as possible from 1798 we go back 5 have fallen and if and who would those 5 kings or a king that was be based on 10 you know 7 Revelation 12 and Revelation 13 the 5 that have fallen would be Babylon Persia Greece Imperial Rome and then people Rome during the 1260 year it's 5 have fallen and then it says why me is 79 it was when the 5th one still remember there is 4 in manual 7 right for kings Babylon Persia Greece Rome that's 4 and then the 5th one is the beast in Revelation 13 it gets allude That's number 5 and at that point it's the 5th king has just gone down the woman is in the wilderness the Crowns have been knocked off and the Beast has received a deadly wound and then we've got one is which is the 6th Kanwisher got to try to figure out and then the 7th King is still coming he hasn't come yet and when he comes his can to continue for a short space. And in 79 it look at the bottom line the beast that was during the 1260 years now he's not because he was wounded he's in a wounded state but he's going to come back as the 8th who is of the 7 and those in the preditions health I was talking about this with a couple of gentlemen today over lunch 2 men that have key minds that are here in this audience mention their names but they were tracking right with me $79085.00 or fallen Avalon Persia Greece pagan room table row and then I said what what King was coming up at the same time that the 5th king had gone down. That's right and they looked at me and one of them just nailed it because the answer is obvious who the 6 King is now before I. It's. Mentioned the name of that King let's go back to Chapter 13. And let's nail this down a little bit more Revelation 12 is the 1st 7 headed beast which is the 4th King which is the imperial Roman Empire. Revelation 13 describes the 2nd 7 headed beast which is Papal Rome also sitting upon the city of 7 hills. And their wounded described in verse 3 I saw one of his head swung of his heads I wrestled with that and that's why I believe that the 7 scenes are also the hits I don't believe they're separate from the heads I believe it's a tool that the Titian that the 7 heads are the 7 mountains and the 7 heads are the 7 kids because here is one head would it if you take the 7 kings and separate them from the 7 heads then you have a problem here what does that mean one of the heads were wounded the only way to explain one of the heads being wounded is that the heads also apply to the 7 keep its the only way so one of the heads which would be that it's head was wounded to death and it's deadly wound was healed in all the world wondered after the Beast now notice 1st 10 verse 10 also describes the wooed verse 10 says he who leads into captivity which is what the papal power did during the Dark Ages lead people into captivity spiritual captivity and then it says he will go into captivity he's going into the wilderness theme which he who kills with the sword which is what the Roman Church did through the sword of civil governments Romans 13 says that the civil governments don't bear the sword in Maine the sword applies to civil authority and it was civil authority that established the papal power in the time of clothes and in the time of Justinian. And now it's the civil power that not him out he that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword it was the civil power a civil power that knocked the papacy for a knockout punch and what civil power was that France that's right during the French Revolution the time of Napoleon the Republic of France removed the papal power by taking the pope into captivity took Pope Pius the 6th captives and we know that this is the time of the wound because if you go down to the end of verse 14 it talks about the beast which had the wound by the sword and did live so we know the wound is in verse 3 the wound is in verse 10 and the wound is mention in verse 14 it's very clear so in verse 10 the beast is going down and in verse 11 another beast is coming up coming up at the same time. I fall a me Bursal leaven says I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spoke like a dragon I've written a book on this I didn't bring it with me but it's a little book called The United States and Bible prophesy. And in the bloody woman book there's a whole chapter on the 6th. Which goes into this in detail we know of these trips that's a kingdom we know that's in the Bible and John saw another beast or another kingdom coming up the Greek words are coming up means coming up like a plant it comes up out of the earth in contrast to the sea which represents lots of people he's coming up out of the earth or an area where there's not a lot of people. And he has 2 horns representing a division power in the government of that nation and notice what's not on those horns crowns because crowns represent kingly power and this government has horns without crowns because it's not ruled by it. It's more of a democratic nation of the people by the people for the people and the 2 horns are like a lamp and the lamb represents who in the Bible Jesus primarily right now this beast is not Jesus but it's lamb like. And here's a very significant text and I don't have time to build all this up right now I have this whole series in a nother video series on our You Tube channel called startling prophecies for America you can watch it for free on the White Horse new You Tube channel and I have a whole meeting of the United States in prophecy and I go into Matthew 22 verse 21 where Jesus the Lamb of God said to a group of ferrous these he said give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God What is God's the things that belong to Caesar and the things that belong to God and in doing that Jesus is separating the things of Caesar which are the things of government from the things of God which are the things of religion and he's building this separation there showing the proper spear of the 2 of the 2 and the incredible thing is and I shared this at the Pentagon I had a chance to go to the Pentagon one time in 2007 I shared this with a whole group of people 100 people that worked in the Pentagon and I went right through Revelation 13 versus Levon and I and I showed them that the history of the United States Constitution is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God Who said Give to Caesar what is Caesar's give to God What is God's That is the basis of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution that says that Congress representing governments shall make no law to establish religion or to prohibit a free exercise thereof we are the nation that has 2 horns like a lamb there's a book written by Bancroft an old book called The History of the United States Constitution and he said that the principle of the Bill of Rights goes all the way back to Judea to a voice that said give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. It's amazing we have all the bees and Daniel 7 is only one that has a lamb like principles and who is that it's the United States of America that's right we live in an amazing country and that and this country rose up as the as the beast was going down and the reason why we developed religious freedom was because there was no religious freedom during the Dark Ages and the principles of the lamb like East were directly developed in opposition to the principles of the of the 1st beast that's why we're here that's who America is that's what we are all about we are in spite of our problems the most powerful nation on the planet we can argue that the United States is the greatest nation that has ever lived ever risen on the stage of world history it's the only nation that has the principles of Jesus Christ that established religious freedom like this country does that's ever arisen in the history of nations and you think that God would overlook this nation in his prophecies No we're right there in Revelation 1311 and I'm convinced that we're there in Revelation 17 we are the 6th came 5 have fallen one is when when Roan went down in 798 America was coming up in 776178779 he won the Bill of Rights we're right there so if we go back to my little charge here. We've got 5 have fallen from 798 Looking back Abol in Persia Greece Imperial Rome Papal Rome during the 1261 is which is the United States of America the 6th King and then we have to figure out well who's the 7th King that hasn't come yet and comes for short space and you go down below that the beast that was during the $1260.00 is not in $79.00 and because he was wounded he is he comes back as the 8th and he's of the 7 he is in there are among the 7 and he's going to prediction so now. I think I've built a pretty good case I think it's pretty solid when you go from Chapter 17 backs chap 13 you see the beast wounded you see him going into captivity he's going down and the next King's coming up. I think that's solid information to me it makes perfect sense so now if that is correct who is the 7th King who hasn't come yet and is coming for a short space let's try to figure this out are you tracking with me Ok good all right 5 have fallen it's Avalon Persia Greece Imperial Rome which was the 1st 7 headed east. In Chapter 12 of Revelation Papal Rome during the 1260 wounded in 798 is the 2nd 7 headed beast one is which is the United States with 2 horns like a lamb rising in 776 the other is not yet time we haven't figured that out yet and then the beast that was during the 1260 is not in 79 and because he's wounded he's now in the wilderness no crowns on the heads or horns comes out of the bottomless pit is revived that's the revived papacy which is the 3rd 7 headed beast so we have the 3 beasts representing phases of Rome Imperial Rome Papal Rome and then wounded and then Papal Rome coming back as the 8th can't be tracking with me. All right so now let's 0 in on the 17 it's who is that 7th King Now here's something very significant that I studied this the night I funded this I prayed over this have tried to figure this out and I saw something of the day that was very significant and that is that kid number 4 you can see on the left side in the blue King number 4 Imperial Rome and King number 5 which is Papal Rome during the $1260.00 day they represent a 5th you have a 4th Ching and then the 5th king is a phase of the 4th King and then the 8th King is the revived papacy so you have you know was is not and is coming back so you have number 4 and number 5 and number 8 are phase thats seen that and if 4 and 5 and 8 are phases of the Roman Empire then to me it makes sense that maybe the 6 that is lamb like. Is going to be followed by a phase where it's going to change its character to say that the 4th King was the Roman Empire which was secular largely or at least pagan and then it moved into a pos date Christian quote unquote Christian fades where the pope's ruled Europe through the King it's so could the 6th King Day of the United States in its lamblike stage that's still promotes freedom to some extent and followed by a 7th phase where it where the 2 horns break down the 2 horns like a lamb break down and then how does it speak that's right it's like a dragon Now go back to Chapter 13 it's notice what happens to the lamb like beasts and I'm going to build my case that the 7th King that comes for a short space is the final phase of the United States of America. Which becomes a persecuting power as he read on in Chapter 13 and it makes so much sense since the 7 kins and Revelation 17 are built on Daniel 278 Revelation 12 and 13 it makes sense that Revelation 17 would continue the same story we're not speculating here we're not going into you know all these different views that are out there we're sticking with the sequence of Daniel and Revelation. So in chapter 13 universe 11 it speaks like a dragon verse 12 it exercises all the power of the 1st beast it leads people to worship the 1st beast miracles happen in verse 13 fire comes down from heaven and verse 14 people are deceived and then an image of the beast is set up an image of the 1st beast which had the wound by the sword and did lives verse 15 life is given to the image of the beast he had power to give life to the Emirates so the image takes on a life of its own and then it speaks which means passing laws and it causes as many as would not worship the image of the dish should be killed so much for religious freedom so much for freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom to peaceably assemble all that goes out the window at the conclusion of Revelation 13 and then finally what is it in force it in forces a mark he causes all the small and great rich and poor free and bond it's to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads so the lamb like the change is change its speaks like a dragon sets up an image of the 1st beast gives up its principles of religious freedom and enforces the mark of the beast and it's very interesting that this image of the beast babies of America in chapter 16 revelation 16 is given a new name chapter 16 verse 13 says I saw 3 unclean spirits like straw dogs come out of the mouth of the dragon member that's in Peril Room also the devil. And it comes out of the dragon was the 1st 7 headed beast and then the spirits come out also out of the mouth of the beast which is the 2nd 7 headed beast in chapter 13 1st one in chapter 12 2nd one in chapter 13 and then it also comes out of whose mouth it says the mouth of the false prophet so America then in its freedom denying stage has a new title and the title is the false prophet and if you look at Chapter 19 Revelation 19 verse $26.00 it says that the beast was taken and that's after the beast revives and does his final part at the end of the world it's the decent was taken and with him who the false prophet who wrote the miracles that we see in chapter 13 before him with which he deceived them that had received the mark of that these to them which had received were shipped his image these souls were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone So their their bulls at the end working together and they're both cast into the lake of fire so we have 5 or fallen it's Babylon Persia Greece Imperial Rome Rome paper on one is the 6th King as the United States rising in its lamblike stage and then the 7th King is the United States in its dragon like stage its image of the beast stage where it becomes a false prophet. And then the 8th is the resurrected papacy and see it got the 8th the resurrected papacy the 7th United States in its dragon like image of the beast stage and these are the final 2 players and they. Are cast alive into the lake of fire then those are the 2 final players at the end of time the 2 final players are you following this is America. Naing religious freedom and the Papacy revived and I tell you you know that's what's going on right now that's what we're seeing we're seeing in a crisis that we're in you know this pandemic crisis we're seeing in an emergency global restrictions being enacted and I believe this is this is sort of like a stage. One preparing us for stage 2 which is the final stage where there were strict shouldn't really clamp down during the time when the mark of the beast isn't forced and that's where freedom totally goes out the window now here's a question why is America called the false prophet at the very end I thought about that and it just I I believe the Lord has been guiding my mind and this is the conclusion that I've come to is that when when the crisis that we're in right now continues to deepen crisis is not going to go away. I don't you know I don't think we're ever going to get back to quote normal I think where things are falling and we're now we're stepping up the pace strong connections between the Vatican and Washington d.c. as I talked about last night we are moving into the final advance which eventually will be rapidly. And when that time comes there will there will be a global solution as the judgments of God continue to fall in this world and disasters continue to increase as morality goes down as society unravels as Freedom continues to disappear we're going to eventually reached the tipping points and there's going to be a solution between the Vatican and America and the solution they're going to say is the enforcement of the mark of the beast America is going to say this is what we all need to do together together we need to all go along with the mark and I'm not going to go into what the mark of the beast is right back Zouk up people watching this is going to be you know watched by a lot of people I don't like to go into details about something I don't have time to build my case so it's in the book though the bloody woman has a whole chapter on the mark of the beast but just let me say that when that time comes when there's a a grand supposedly solution to all the problems America is going to say that the market the beast is going to solve our problems it's going to prophesied that this is the solution to the world's. And that prophecy is going to be. That's why I believe America becomes a false prophet because it it's Protestants Protestant America combined with the papal power reviving predict that this will be the grand solution for the common good the grand solution for the common good but it is going to be a lie it's false prophecy that comes from the 7th king and when that time hits I tell you the pressure is going to be on those of us who choose that we're not going along with the papal power revived and with the United States in its freedom denying stage speaking like a dragon if we say we're not going along with this we're not going to comply we're going to stand for Jesus and for the Bible and for the Constitution for freedom of religion freedom of the press freedom of the people to peaceably assemble it's we're going to stand for conscience and for God and for the Bible and for truth and I tell you when the time comes we will become the I of the storm. And the forces of the dragon and the Beast and the false prophet and the miracles are all going to come to bear upon the people who don't go along with this global deception for the common good we're going to be the law of the storm and when that time comes and I'm very encouraged by the text that says it's only going to last for a short space. I can just see that as these things on full that when that time comes we're going to be saying to each other it's a short space it's just a little while it's just a small time so head God so don't give up so keep your faith trust in the Lord because when that time comes when the 7th King kids hard we need to be encouraged that we've got one final work to do through the power of the Holy Spirit we need to give the loud cry a final loud cry of Revelation 18 that's going to light the earth with its glory and when that time comes and I'll close with Revelation Chapter 19 verses 11 to 16 when that short space comes we're going to be encouraged to know that the 10 of kidding it's and the Lord of Lords is almost ready to come Hallelujah verses revelation $911.00 says I saw him in the open and behold they hold a white horse Jesus is described as coming on a white horse in chapter 19 is described as coming on a cloud in chapter 14 in Matthew 24 he's described as coming on clouds and he who sat upon the horse was called faithful and true and in righteousness he judges that he makes war he's making war on the dragon the beast the false prophets and the devils that are putting the pressure on the people of God His eyes are like a flame of fire on his head are many crowns he has a name written that no man knew but he himself and that name applies to. What he whips through in guess somebody in on the cross that no one will understand his clothes with a vest you're dipped in blood His name is called the Word of God God's Word not the traditions and speculations of man but the Word of God the armies which were and haven't followed him upon white horses clothed in fine linen white and clean out of his mouth goes a sharp sword that with it he should smite the nations and he show rule them with a rod of iron and he treads the wine press and the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God and he has on his best year and on his thought I am name written and the name is King of Kings and Lord of Lords Hallelujah brothers and sisters I'm convinced the 5 have fallen there behind us one is still yet right now the United States is still cheering in a Slam like stage but we're right bordering on the dragon stage we're almost in the time of the 7th came to do his fall work for a short space and then the pressure is going to really be when that time comes we can be encouraged. That Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords he's above all the powers of earth and he's going to come back again and he's going to get us out of here and take us to a better land. Alyea I hope you've been blessed tonight I hope this makes sense I hope you've been encouraged you know it's study on your own that's what I've been doing and I appreciated a brother Norbert talk today that we all need to walk humbly with God I've been thinking about a verse in Daniel that says those who walk in pride he is able to abase and God wants us to stick with Jesus and stick with His word so let's pray and we'll come back tomorrow and got one more meeting tomorrow or talk about the 10 horns that's my grandson now in those other speakers and singing and may God bless us and those that are watching and I guess make it get us ready for what's soon to break upon this world Dear Father in heaven in the name of our precious Savior Jesus thank you for shedding light on Revelation Chapter 17 the time is now surely we need to understand the 6 King and the 7th King and the image of the beast in the Mark of the beast. And the final onslaught of the global forces of evil against your people who stand for Jesus and the Bible and for truth and Lord we pray that you will help us and teach us and help us to understand the times in which we live lord we trust you to chill bring us through whatever happens we don't need to be afraid God is our refuge and strength very present help in time of trouble therefore we will not fear. Lord we love you want to see you pretty soon it was until you do to do that. Give us today. In Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon later visit w w w audio verse or.


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