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04 Ten Horns at War with the Lamb

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • February 8, 2021
    8:45 AM
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So let's open our Bibles to Revelation Chapter 17 verse 12 Part 4 is called 10 horns at war with the lamb so let's pray again I've been very encouraged by your responses to these meetings and it just shows me that God is that work and that His word is is resonating with people's hearts so let's pray Dear God in heaven thank you so much for this weekend at heart when it's been wonderful to the here to have the chance to share what you have been working with me on in Revelation Chapter 17 and I know I I still have a lot to learn we all have a lot to learn nobody has has all the light except for Jesus and we pray that you will continue to teach us and help us as we go back into your book to try to understand the words of prophecy please help me and help us all in Jesus' name we pray. Ok Chapter 17 verse 12 we worked our way through the bloody woman we talked about the the beasts we've talked about the 7 kings and now we'll go down to the 10 Keane's Chapter 17 verse 12 and the 10 horns which you saw are 10 teams which have received no kingdom as yet but they receive power as keen for one hour with the beast it's very interesting in that. As an it makes sense God wants us to understand this verse it's a powerful text what is this talking about well I've. Research this life study business tried to figure this out myself and when it talks about 10 horns the number 10. Takes us back to the Book of Daniel and I've got a slide here that illustrates some of these applications Daniel to I've mentioned this before all the way back to the 1st major prophecy in the Book of Daniel you see those legs of iron and that it has feet of iron and clay and then it talks about Indiana too it goes down from the head of gold the breast and arms of silver the legs or the. Arms of silver and then broadens and then iron and then it goes to the toes that actually uses the word toes in the NGO to now it doesn't actually say 10 toes in Vanuatu but you would assume that the image of a man when it talks about the toes that there's 10 of them unless this is some kind of a strange man that has 11 toes or 8 toes you would assume that's 10 and. Typically when we go down through in our prophecy seminar some go down through the beast of the are the image of Daniel 2 and we get to the toes when it says that they will mean gold with the seed of men and they will not cleave to each other we typically apply that to Europe right to the European divisions and how the different nations of Europe wouldn't cleave together they would mean that with the seed of man meaning intermarriage among them but they don't cleave together so we apply that to the 10 divisions of the Western Roman Empire in Europe now then we move to Daniel 7 and we have those 4 beasts we have the lion the bear the leopard the dragon like the East that has how many horns 10 horns right and then the little horn comes up and he knocks out 3 of the 10 remember that at stud Dan you have to 7 verse 7 and 8 and we've always applied that to this 33 of the 10 in Western Europe that are being up rooted as the 11 foreigners representing the papal power rises in Italy in the midst of Western Europe. And that's that's valid you know I've I've taught and I do teach prophecy seminars regularly and I have a whole sermon in our startling prophecies for America series on our You Tube channel where I go into Daniel 7 and look at that 4th beast representing the Roman Empire look at the 10 horns representing the breakdown of the Roman Empire and the from the barbarian nations that settled in Europe and then the little horn in the 11th floor in the papal power grew right up there and sat right on the city of 7 hills and then did its its dastardly work during the Dark Ages for 1260 years so Daniel 7 we have 10 horns representing 10 divisions of the Western Roman Empire in Europe and then we get to Revelation 13 and we have this beast that has 7 heads and 10 horns and crowns on those horns right and that represents the shift from Imperial Rome to the time of Papal Rome when the papal empire is ruling Europe through its the support and its connection and its fornication with the keenness of Europe are you following me so we're just going down kind of reviewing history as we understand history and Bible prophecy now we get to Revelation 17 verse 12 again. And it talks about the 10 horns so as we go back through history we see these 10 horns and 10 toes 10 horns again and again being connected to events in Europe there is a slide showing the breakdown of the Roman Empire and that in some of the different northern barbarian tribes it swept down into the Empire and divided it up as the Little Horn was growing there in the city of Rome the here's an interesting point I thought about this that's just the smore any and actually added this slide just the smart and that's why I said I had kind of a busy morning got up I thought I need to tweak these slides and I need to add this and the thought just came to me if you look at the 10 different tribes there one of them is called the Franks now if you study history you'd realize you learn that Clovis who was the king of the Franks was a leaving scene that helped establish the papal power how many of you are aware of that some of you are you know he was he was a major player in the development of the papacy he was the 1st Catholic Keane who gave his legislative authority to the papal power and it's also interesting that it was at the Franks eventually became the French that what nation was it that not the papacy out of power in $79.00 yeah. It was France right so so the Franks helped build it up and the French helped knocked it knock it down and once again to me this is an argument in favor of a European application to the Hornets to the horns now let's go back. To our Bibles and look again at Chapter 17 verse 12 says the 10 horns which you saw are 10 kings which have received no kingdom as yet so now at this point you know we've gone down from Daniel to Daniel 7 Revelation 13 and in chapter 17 when it talks about the 10 horns in this verse it's not looking primarily to the past but it's looking to the future right it's talking about something that is going to happen they have received no kingdom as yet so 1st of all I see well actually to me say that me read the verse fully they've got no kingdom as yet but they perceive power as kings one hour with the beast these have one mind and they will give their power and their strength to the beast this is something that's coming would you agree it's in the future it hasn't happened yet. Now I mention to you that I have adopted a principle that I think is a solid principle which is called the symbol to literal principle I've shown you that in Daniel 2 we've seen it in Daniel 7 that the 4th beast the symbol is the 4th team upon the earth application we see it in Daniel 8 that the ram the symbol represents. The kings of media in Persia and the goat represented Greece and we saw that in Revelation 17 when the water the waters are the people multitudes nations and tongues we see this principle over and over again that symbols are often interpreted by. Angels or prophets to represent something literal so based on that principle in verse 12 where it says the 10 horns that's the that's the symbol because they're on the beast which you saw are here's the application 10 kings so I see these 10 kings or cheating dumbs as real kings or kingdoms in this world symbol application and I interpret this as I've done the best I can do trying to figure this out prayerfully I apply this primarily to the literal nations of Europe because I see Europe specific down through out Daniel to Daniel 7 Revelation 13 it was one of the horns that wounded the papal power in 17 out 98 which was France in Europe so I apply this primarily to the literal nations nations of Europe but I also apply this. Based on the principle of dual application which we saw yesterday that the 7 heads literally apply to be to the 7 hilled city of Rome just like the 7 candlesticks Jesus applied to the literal 7 churches in Asia but then those literal 7 churches in Asia also are expanded to periods throughout Christian history we know that and we I've done the same thing with the 7 heads they apply literally to the 7 Hills City of Rome but they also apply to 7 Keane's that start with Babylon and take us down through history which is what we did yesterday and so I think to be consistent we should do the same thing with the 10 horns that they have a literal application to European nations but they can also apply in dual application to the world wide kingdoms and legislative forces of this world that are going to eventually use their power and strength by legislating the mark of the beast and when they use their legislative state power to enforce the mark of the beast they have given their full strength and support to the beast. And I think it's going to happen in Europe when European nations support the papal power and I think it's going to happen all over the world as well now it's interesting that if you look at that text up there on the screen it says the 10 horns which you saw are 10 Kenyans which have received no and it doesn't say kingdoms as yet it says they have received no king dumb as yet so there's going to be a unity that the 10 horns in Europe and around the world are all going to be united and there's going to be from God's perspective one final kingdom of the union of all the legislative forces that choose to support the papal power by enforcing the mark of the beast that makes sense and that's what prophecy is telling us that is what is going to happen in the days ahead now look again at verse 13 it's on the screen these will have one mind in other words they're linked they're all linked not just in legislation but they're linked mentally Satan is going to link the world ultimately with his own mind so that his mind is being carried out through legislature legislatures to enforce the mark of the beast which reflects the Devils will. And it says that they will give their 2 things their power and their strength to the beast this is talking about. The governing authority it's the governing authorities have powers they have legislative power you know when they issue mandates there's. Often a force behind that isn't there they will give their power and their strength power and strength to the beast so if they if they if they can give their power and their strength to the beast then who then has the power and the strength the beast because they give their power and the strength in behalf of the beast so it's really like the the decent has strength and power again I remember he's been knocked out of power right he's been wounded that's why the bloody woman is seen in the wilderness with no crowns on the heads or the horns because she's in a wounded state and the Beast is in a wounded state now it's hasn't been destroyed yet in the wounded state but it's wounded but the power is restored there's a restoration of that power and that restoration is described right here when the power and the strength of the kingdoms of the world are once again given to the beast. Very significant Now think about this make a practical application I always look for practical applications of prophecy I don't believe the prophecy is designed just to appeal to our heads I believe it's designed to appeal to our hearts and that it has practical applications for our lives I don't believe God gave us Revelation 17 just for us to you know think about history and world events I think he gave us this prophecy because he wants to appeal to our hearts and he wants to strengthen our lives in our relationship with Jesus now so if you think about this when power and strength from the governments of the world is given to the Beast and The Beast has all this power and strength where do you think that power and strength is going to be. Maybe I should say that's who is that power and strength going to be directed to that's right God's people in other words the devil is going to link the kingdoms of the world and the people power in one final thrust to enforce the mark and to go against those who choose not to get the mark and that tells us that power and legislative power and strength is coming against us see that and if that's true which I think the evidence is right there I will see it in the next verse to. What do we need. In order to stand up against the onslaught of the Worlds and the beasts who legislative authority that's coming against us Dr Kroll you I'm sure you can you're connecting the dots here what do we need in order to stand up against that it's right there in the text those blue words we need greater power don't we and we need greater strength in order to stand up against the world's power and the world's strength see that it's going to be a power battle it's going to be a strength battle and what does a poll say in flip Ians he says I can do all things through Christ who does what who strengthens me that's right so that verse is telling me that I need power and I need strength from heaven to stand up against the power and strength of the Kenyans and of the beast make sense. This isn't even in my notes I'm going to share something with you last couple days since I've been here at Harlan and had some some free time to walk around the beautiful grounds walk down by the lake and during one of my times of just quiet meditation I started thinking about how in the Book of Revelation the word blessed is used guess how many times anybody know it's 7 times it's. The word blessed is used 7 times and I've been and I was going through those blessings I looked them up I found them and I started thinking what a what a powerful thing it would be for me to do would be to memorize all 7 of those blessings and think about them on a regular basis a lot of times when I go to bed at night and I've gotten into a habit of doing this I went through a big couple trials terrible trials in the last few years the real trials and one of the trials had to do with writing this book and I learned in the in the trials and in the darkness of what I was going through that the power and the strength is in the work of God It's in Scripture and praying for the Holy Spirit I was talking to somebody today at breakfast and he said he was talking about his Christian life and he wanted some some tips and I said the 2 biggest tips that I can give you is to pray every day for the Holy Spirit pray for the Spirit of truth to guide your mind and the 2nd one is to memorize the Word of God memorize scripture and as the Lord brought me through my trials. The way he did that one of the ways was through teaching me to rely on his were not to rely on the Bible on the promises the precious promises no matter what I was going through. And I've learned so many times so so at night a lot of times I would just lay in bed and I think about the Scripture that says on his law he meditates day and night and in the night as I'm laying on my bed sometimes I can't go to sleep sometimes I wake up at 2 in the morning I just I think about scripture I just go through the texts who the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me to lie down in green pastures I've memorized all these verses and so I thought about those 7 blessings and Revelation I thought on the memorize those blessings and I tell you they're so powerful this is not even in my notes this isn't even part of the sermon but I just I feel like I want to I want to talk to you about it the 1st one instance Chapter one Verse 3 of the says Blessed is He who reads and those who hear. And those who who who hear the sayings of this book and keep what is written there in for the time is at hand so the 1st blessing is on those who read and hear and keep what's in the Book of Revelation the 2nd blessing is in chapter 14 it says right after the 3 inches messages it says Blessed are those who die in the Lord that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them and then the 3rd blessing is in chapter 16 where Jesus says. Blessed is He who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame and then the 3rd blessing I can remember it is the chapter 19 where it says Blessed are those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the and then the next blessing is in chapter $21.00 it says Blessed are those who have a part in the 1st resurrection. On such the 2nd death has no power they shall be priests of God and of Christ and sure reign with them a 1000 years and then the 6th blessing is in chapter $21.00 says bless it is he who keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book and then the last blessing is in chapter 22 verse 14 it says Blessed are those who do His commandments that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city and I was thinking about that last verse just yesterday and I thought I want to go through the gates into the city as that some great I want to eat from the tree of life and the blessing is on those who keep His commandments they will have a right to the tree of life and they will enter through the gates of the city so those blessings are veering very powerful and if you were to you know meditate on those blessings learn the 7 blessings of Revelation and when you lay in bed at night or when you take a walk in the woods just start thinking about those blessings and those blessings will sanctify you they will lift you up above this world they will encourage you they will give you as that verse says they will give you power and they will give you strength in your Christian lives and I'm convinced that it's the Word of God that will give us through the Holy Spirit the strength and the power that we need to resist the power and the strength of the 10 horns when they give their power and strength to the beast and when they legislate. And use force to command all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hands or in their fortunes so that nobody can buy or sell unless they go along with the marks I mean that's pressure isn't that's pressure you don't have you can't use your money anymore it's your bank accounts frozen are probably going to use high tech surveillance I don't know how much longer we'll be able I'll be able to give sermons like this thank the Lord that we still have free speech we have freedom of the press that we can you know print the book the bloody woman in the 7 headed beast we can print it last generation magazine can still be printed. And other you know we can still print great controversies and steps to Christ and Bibles and we can share these things around the world because we still have freedom of speech and the freedom of the press and the freedom to peaceably assemble at least that's what the Constitution says now go down to the next verse verse 14 To me this is just about the heart of this chapter $1714.00 says these which applies to the 10 kings the kingdoms which I apply get in Europe specific and global these shall make war with. With the lamb here is the war a behind the scenes here is the ultimate war. And what's going to happen is when the keen Dems give their power and strength to the beast and the mark is inforced which really is a mark of breaking the law of God That's what it is it's a mark of breaking the law of God and when that Mark is forced by law trying to force people to sin which is what it what breaking the law of God is it since sin is breaking God's Commandments 1st John $34.00 then essentially when the world in forces sin and the mark of the beast it is placing itself at war with Jesus Christ because Jesus died on the cross for our sin it's his the lamb Why did the lamb die on the cross to bear our Since Jesus hate sin he loves the sinner but he hates sin sin is what put him on the cross sin is the reason why he died so he could attack. For our sins of breaking God's Commandments that's why he died so that he could then forgive our sins because he's paid the price he could forgive our sins change our lives and bring us into harmony with His commandments and when the world forces of the devil try to force the world to become completely commandment breaking that is warfare against the Lamb of God its war against Jesus these shall make war. With the lamb so you've got the dragon the beast the false prophet the spirits of devils working miracles the image of the beast all the the Keen's are all making war against the lamb now if you put you know the dragon and the bees and the false prophet and all the devils of this world and if you put them into a into a ring with a lamb you know human appearances who you think will win from a human perspective you know what chance does the lamb have there's a lamb have against a 7 headed sequence of beasts well. The good news is that the lamb is not just a lamb the lamb is also a lion you know we talked about the other yesterday about the fact that how can the one that represent the Catholic Church and the Beast also represent the Catholic Church and I concluded that we have 2 faces to the same power it has a woman face that appeals and entices the world but underneath it's a beast it's a beast so you have it has 2 faces the let the woman face and the Beast face and it's it's there is a parallel to Cheesus Christ he has a lamb face but he also has a lion it's the Bible Revelation calls him the lion of the tribe of Judah he is the the law and he is the king he is the lamb King and the text says. That the lamb shell over come them all 4 or he is not just a lamb but he is Lord of Lords in other words and he is keen of teams which means that his legislative judicial governing authority is above all the kings of this world so when the world's kingdoms and force the mark Jesus is getting to getting ready to rise up as the king of Keane's and as the Lord of Lords he is above them all except powerful so Revelation 17 which is designed to inspire us to study more chapter 13 and Chapter 12 and Daniel 7 and Daniel 2 and to fill our minds with Daniel and Revelation and I think part of that that filling our minds with Daniel revelation is to learn those blessings in Revelation the 7 blessings fill our minds with the Word of God This prophecy is designed to bring us closer to Jesus and to help us to be on his on his side to look at the last part of Verse 14 this has really impressed me the shall make war with the lamb and the lamb shall overcome them for he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and they that are with him that is where it really comes down to us they have that are with Jesus. Our 3 things they're called they're chosen and they're faithful 3 things that calling has to do with God's call on us he's called us he's calling us to learn his word he's calling us to be his children he's calling us to be with the lamb that's his call and then it says chosen he has chosen us to know these truths what we know in the time of the end when knowledge increases this is sacred information that the Lord is giving us he's trusting us with his words he has chosen us to be his people in these last days and then the last word there is faithful which tells us that he wants us to be faithful faithful to Him He does his part we do our part he calls us he chooses us and by His power and strength we become faithful to him now want to go a little bit deeper in this last meeting I've noticed and this is probably the main reason why I just felt well I was 30 years I've mentioned to you that I've been kind of driven to Revelation 17 study this out and as I've done that there's there's this these 2 texts that really spoke to me and impressed me that I mean it's write a book on minutes and it's verse 9 and verse 38 and there you see him on screen verse 9 we already read this that's the whole theme of this event here is the mind that has wisdom and then verse 13 says that. The kings of the earth they will have one mind and they will give their power and their strength to the beast so you notice from that those 2 texts that there's 2 minds see that and that's really spoken to my heart to my it's brother Norbert talked yesterday about the mind that has wisdom and I like his focus I really do where he talked about that a wise mine is a humble mind those who walk in pride he is able to abase humility is so important in our Christian life we all need it I need to double dose i need lots of humility we all need every one of us a humble mind Jesus said to learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest here so it's. The mind that has wisdom is a humble mind it's a mind that relies on scripture above the opinions of the world it's a mind that is guided by the Holy Spirit we have the mind of Christ. It talks about in 1st Corinthians It's a mind the mind of Christ it's some mind that step by step is linked with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit and with the Word of God following me that's the mind that we need to be developing in these days to stand up against the beast and on the other side there is another mind and it says vs have one mind and that tells us that the devil is seeking to bring the world under his leadership. His mind which is a proud mind it's a self exulting mind it's a. It's a commandment breaking mind think of Romans $87.00 that says the carnal mind is hostility to God for it is not subject to the Law God neither indeed can be the carnal mind is hostile to God to Jesus and to the 10 Commandments where as the mind of Christ is a mind that submit to God's authority that he is the king King of Kings and Lord of Lords his government his commandments his will and His word These are the 2 minds and brothers and sisters we are all in the process of developing one or the other of the 2 months this is gone Ruah it into our hearts isn't it this is a mind a message and I have learned that the best way that I can develop the mind of Christ in my life is to pray for the Holy Spirit and to learn and meditate on scripture that is become the the. The core of my Christian life and it's been such a blessing to me there's been times when my mind has been in a world when a battle I've gone through mental battles that I can I can never describe to you and many of you I'm sure can relate to you know in the midst of your life people look at you on the outside but what's going on inside your head. Wow There were days when I was I felt like I was in total darkness total struggle like the devil was just trying to take over and God just. Helped me to hold on don't give up trust my word trust my word is a verse and songs that says Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him and when I was in darkness this text just came to me rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him so I lay in bed at night and my mind is a world when if struggle and I just I'm thinking I'm going to break through all this and I'm going to focus on rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him he's going to bring me through this he's going to get me out of this he's going to keep me going and I think learned power of His Word. 2 minds so that's what this is all about it's not just about Babylon Persia Greece Rome papacy during the Dark Ages Napoleon the French revolution the rise of the of America the image of the beast the mark of the beast things that are all out there it's also about what's going on in here inside of our heads that all makes sense tell you this is power this is powerful information cut because because God's word is powerful it's not because I'm powerful I'm not I'm a sinner saved by grace it's just like you I get to heaven I'm going to say Praise the Lord you got me here by your grace and your mercy and your love the love of the Lamb Now let's keep going to get a little more to do in chapter 16 or Chapter 17 I'm sorry verse 16 the very reverse 15 about the waters being the people versus 16 tells us. That the 10 horns which you saw upon the beast these shall heat the whore and they shall make her desolate and they and naked and they shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire Wow And this tells us that the 10 horns which give their power and their strength to the beast their legislative powers and force the mark that at some point there is going to be a reversal just like the the woman the bloody woman you know ruled during the 1260 years but then there was a reversal she went down just like the true woman who was down came up and the false woman who was up went down so there is going to be a reversal of the 10 horns supporting the beast at some point they're going to reverse their support and they are going to then hate her they're going to go from giving the beast its strength their strength and support to hatred and hostility they're going to turn on her and it's not going to be pretty they're going to hate her and they're going to make her desolate and naked they're going to eat her flesh and they're going to burn her with fire. With Fire Now here's another reason why I think that this specifically applies to Europeans will show you this reason and the reason is because when the 7 last plagues begin to fall you know when the mark of the beast is unforced the loud cry goes out for Earth from the people who have power and strength from God to give the last message to warn the world about the sin of the mark and command that breaking. At the midst of this incredible battle that's going to go on in the final hours God is going to defend his people and when everybody has a chance to make a final choice and show which side their mind is on those whose minds stay with the Beast Where do they get the mark in their foreheads in their minds they get the mark and it's interesting in Daniel 7 it says the little horn will seem to change times and laws he thinks in his mind and he's going to get the whole world to think like he does and that's what's going to happen in the markets and forced in people's foreheads in their minds and everyone's going to make a choice in their minds are we on the side of the beast or on the side of the Lamb. The devil or Jesus and when everybody makes their final choice during the final crisis then the plagues are going to are going to drop like Chapter 17 verse when the angel said I will show you the judgment that's coming upon the grave whore that sits on many was and the 7 plagues will fall 1st playing boils on those who get the mark 2nd play water turns to blood 3rd play the rivers and fountains of waters turn to blood forth plague. The sun scorches people with fire and then the 5th plague what happens in the 5th place it's on the screen the 5th angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast and his kingdom is full of dark that's now where is the seed of the beast it's in Rome. It's the city of 7 hills because the dragon the Roman Empire gave his power and his seat to the beast the seat of government is inside the city of Rome in Italy in Europe and in the 5th plague all of a sudden darkness is going to fall on the seat of the East and I imagine that the news agencies even the fake news agencies all the news agencies are going to review reporting whether it's politically correct or not they're going to report that darkness Newsflash breaking story darkness has fallen upon the Vatican and when the people especially the people in Europe who are closest to the Vatican when they see the kingdom of the Pope's in pitch darkness their eyes are going to be fully open that this power is a dark power that this power has not given them the light the Word of God It says in Psalms your word is a lamp to my feet and the light of my path and the people of the world even the people of the world they're going to realize that this power has led us into darkness it is that deceptive power we've been duped we've been deceived we're getting the play it's we've got boils we can't drink our water because it's like blood but we're getting scorched with fire and it's all because of that power right there sitting on the city of 7 hills. That has deceived us into getting the mark of the beast it the false prophet predicted that it would go well with us if we went along with the mark but that was a lot and now they realize we've been lied to we've been lied to by Pope's the man in white clones He's been an agent of darkness and we've been deceived by pope's cardinals priests this whole mammoth religious system that has commit fornication with Kings has resulted in our destruction and when they finally realize that. What are they going to do. They're going to turn on her they're going to turn on and the Bible says they will. They will eat her flesh and they will burn her with fire and it's also interesting so interesting that in Revelation 18 when the when the judgment hits you've got the ship masters you've got the merchants you've got the kings of the earth and all these different people read about Revelation 18 verses 9 and you see where those verses are it's 1st 9 verse 17 and verse 18 it says they're standing a far off and they're watching the smoke of her burning and that tells me that that's of burning is coming from a literal plates a literal place in Italy which is the Vatican where the 5th plague falls. And they're going to see that So again that lends support to a real European application I think those that are in Europe especially they're the ones they can that are going to set her on fire we're going to burn up St Peter's Cathedral they're going to burn up the Batak and just like people were you know there's all these rioting that's been going on where people are burning things where there's going to be a fire that's going to be lit in Rome and they're going to burn this power and people are going to watch it that's what Revelation $900.00 sets they're going to stand a far off they're going to see the smoke of her burning and they will say Alas this great city Babylon how she has been destroyed verse 17 we're almost at the end of the chapter it says in verse 17 for God has put it in their hearts to fulfill his will and to agree and to give their kingdom to the Beast and also to turn on her and he is going to use the wrath of man as part of the execution of his judgment upon this power until the words of God shall be fulfilled I really have been impressed with them for the words of God and that tells us how important the words of God are. The words of God in Revelation That's why I just encourage you memorize those blessings learned the words of God those blessings says bless that are they who keep the same of the prophecy of this book if you will learn the way the Book of Revelation learn the words not just to learn about events only but to learn the power of the words in your life to lift you up above the world and the Beast and sin and the command the breaking and the evil of this world the word of God will lift you up it's helped me more than I can tell you one night I was laying in bed and I was thinking about scripture like the verse that says Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him Psalm 37 or 7 I realize as I've been through so much tumult in my life so much struggle inside my mind in my heart one time I've just thinking about that and I thought my mind has found the place of rest I found the secret of how to have mental rest and the secret of mental rest is the Word of God. So I laid there and I thought you know when I'm going through mental battles I think rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him and I thought the Lord my mind has found the place of rest it's your word I can lock into your word and I can find rest and that's powerful. You weren't expecting to get this this weekend where you you were thinking you're maybe just going to get you know Revelation 17 and what's that all about maybe you weren't thinking that you were going to get the the secret to having mental peace in your life now and in the days ahead and this isn't even in my notes but praise God says The Lord is just you know he's good and he he wants to help you in your life and he wants to help me he wants to help us solve the words of God are going to be fulfill what in chapter 17 is going to happen these words are going to be fulfilled last verse in chapter 17 it says and the woman and I understand the woman that's the symbol rate the woman that you saw is here's the symbol to literal principle here is the application the woman What you who you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth I understand that and you read it in great controversy read the quote in great controversy about this and great controversy applies it to Rome womb is that great city it was great in the days of the Roman Empire in the days of the little horn it was declined some but that decline was offset or counterbalanced by the Little Horn who had a mouth speaking great things the Beast also it says he has a mouth speaking great things and right now the Vatican is the smallest country in the world but its influence is made great. The whole world is looking to the pope for advice on what to do in the final days. And that's going to increase there's going to be more of that in the future so this power is great and this power has great influence and this power is a is the the epicenter of draped deception that is circling this world and that great city is going down that great city the city of 7 hills is going to be destroyed the Bible says the beast will come out of the bottomless pit and he will go into perdition Babylon is going down the great city will be destroyed the woman who sits on that city will be burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judges her and we have this prediction in Revelation 17 telling us what has happened in the past what is happening now and what is coming in the future and we can trust the words of the Lord these words are going to take place here is my last verse and then we'll finish this up and then we're going to have acumen Inc take some of your your questions as we've seen Revelation 17 links to Chapter 13 seen that clearly 178 it's perfectly to 13 names and then then comes verse 913113 chapter 13 of Revelation has 18 verses and if there's 18 verses what's the middle verse verse 9. And here you see verse 9 on the screen in verse 9 G.'s Thus speaks in the middle chapter 13 which is connected to Chapter 17 and Jesus says if anyone has the year. Let him do if any man having Year let him hear powerful and when he says if we have an ear What does he want us to hear the answer is obvious he wants us to hear right his truth that is in the Word of God Sometimes I've held seminars in front of audiences and I know at the end of the seminar I'll go like this I'll go I don't want you to focus on me. I was going to hide behind this pope and where should your focus be if I'm a good minister I'm going to get out of the way and I'm in a point you to Jesus pray to Him and to his word and the amazing thing is is that Jesus loves us more than words can tell you no matter what you're going through in your life no matter how many battles you're having inside your head no matter what you've done in your past and matter how dark the stains of your life from the things that you've done that nobody else knows about that the good news the good news is that Jesus loves you totally in spite of everything that was one of the things that got me through my dark days was I learned that Jesus loves me no matter what and I just clung to that. That he loves me no matter what and he wants us to understand that this is what's going to get us through you know the dark dates and the days ahead no matter what happens no matter what we go through the darkest days the persecution the hostility of Satan even our own carnal minds that sometimes we see the carnal mind is hostile to God and we realize that there's things inside of us that are hostile to God we think Lord how can I live with myself when I have these things inside my head that are hostile to you Do you still love me when I'm hostile to you and he says Oh you have no idea how much I love you that's why I paid the price on the cross for your sins all your sins and if you'll just trust me and my words I'll bring you through I won't let you down my grace is sufficient for you my power is me perfect in your we it's going to hold onto you and not let you go if you'll just continue to trust in him and one of these days if you'll do that you're going to look into his faiths and he's going to look at you and you're going to look into the eyes of your maker who gave his life on the cross for all your sins and who's who whose grace His Grace has brought you through and brought me through and we're going to open the young there and we're going to get to hug Jesus and be with him and with our father and with all the angels and with all the Saints throughout all the ages who have struggled and battled as well and by the grace of God they've overcome. Came over to. He who has an ear Jesus said Let him here during the Civil War somebody asked Abraham Lincoln he said Brother Lincoln do you believe God is on our side in this battle with the South and against slavery and Abraham Lincoln thought about that and he said I'm not so concerned whether God is on our side or not he said My biggest concern is are we on his side and that's where Jesus is calling us to be in these last days on his side in this battle that is going to intensify until he comes to crush all the forces of evil and to deliver us and get us Saudi sound good let's let's pray to your Heavenly Father thank you so much in Jesus' name what a blessing it's been to be here we sense your holy spirit here I can just sense that your power is in this place that you have guided our minds your guiding our minds guiding my mind and the minds of those who are here those who are watching to link up with you to surrender to you to trust you that you are the lamb you are the key Lamb can hear the King of Kings your pub all and your grace is sufficient for us and you paid the price on the cross for all of our sins you suffered more than we'll ever know and you love us and you're going to help us and you're going to bring us through the difficult days ahead for thank you for blessing these meetings please use these meetings far and wide through these recordings and those who are watching online and we just pray that you will. Strength a mass of followers will land. As we wait for Jesus. In take that's. In Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon I believe the visit w w w audio verse or.


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