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Pope Francis to Joe Biden: Time to Heal Wounds

Christian Hjortland
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Some centuries ago, Protestants fled Europe, to get free from the Catholics that were persecuting them. The question is: Are we now seeing a shift in US Politics? Will there be big changes ahead?


Christian Hjortland

Speaker/Director of Empower Missions, Sweden.


  • January 24, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Asked the time come when the wound of the peace will be healed. Well relation 13 talks about to be used in the end times that will cooperate in bringing about own new world order. Of the symbiote prophecy symbolizes the power for a kingdom based stories just view of Revelation 13 these to death defying the 1st power or the just past the papacy it is very clear that only beats this one kingdom for power and a careful study of the 2nd power over evolution 13 shows that the symbolizes the United States the final predicts that these Kountry will set up a system that reflects the system of the papacy an image to the peoples some centuries ago Protestants left to get free from Catholics that were persecuting them my question is are we now seeing a shift in u.s. politics will there be big changes ahead. When talking about Catholics let me point out one important thing I know several lovely Catholics actually my wife grew up in a Catholic family please understand that we are looking at them senior and not individuals and if you want to know more about how the Bible dent defies the papacy in Bible prophecy Please see the link listed below and you will find out more now let's look at some interesting facts. In the recent years to Catholics have gained more and more influence in u.s. politics Joe Biden a devout Catholic casts recently become president of the United States he's the 2nd Catholic president in the history of the United States John f. Kennedy was the 1st Asso January 2019 Catholics represent 30.5 percent of the United States Congress 22 Catholics in the Senate and 141 out of 435 Kalf are Catholics in the house in in the House of Representatives the current speaker of the house for example Nancy Pelosi she is a Catholic a majority of the Supreme Court has been Catholic since 2005 and this percentage has been growing ever since and right now 6 out of the 9 seats belong to the Catholics and what about Joe Biden's incoming cabinet Well more than one 3rd of all of these are Catholics the National Catholic Reporter published an article called Joe Biden's very Catholic cabinet apart from showing how this cabinet is indeed very Catholic It says the following in addition to the official Cabinet posts Biden has nominated former Secretary of State John Kerry to lead his climate seam and former u.n. and Ambassador Samantha Power to had us a id which oversees humanitarian aid. Both individuals are Catholic and outspoken admirers of Francis Kerry was instrumental in negotiating the Paris climate agreement in 2015 and specifically praised France's 2015 and viral mental and cyclical allowed all to see on the care for our common home as a powerful tool in responding to the threats of climate change now as you might remember loud all to see. And cyclical address by Pope Francis to the whole world and in it is strongly pushed for action against climate change and part of this action suggested by the pope was to rest on Sunday. On Sunday our participation in the Eucharist has special importance Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath is meant to be a day which heals our relationship with God with ourselves with others and we need the world is just part of this and cyclical that Director of Bernardin center at Catholic or logical union in Chicago Steven Miller tweeted a full wing in the Sembler asked Biden started to announce cabinet positions there never has been a more catholic ministration in the us history and that seems about right now this is very interesting can see the reduce Jew ringed inauguration on President Joe Biden a district priest had prayer and he even invoked Pope Francis which himself he suggested it in his prayer. It's quite significant. And the former presidents have chosen symbolic Bibles for dinner in one Gratian when they are getting when they're becoming presidents and our or swearing putting one hand on the Bible and so on you can see here Joe Biden was no different the presidential old of Joe Biden was done on a special Bible why Rhimes Bible which is a just suit Bible so are all these things just a coincidence or does it fits well with the facts that we have a look that you decide so why why is it significant with Catholics taking over to us politics and government well there are several reasons in the 17th century tens of thousands of protesters were fleeing to America to get refuge from the persecuting Catholic power which killed many millions that they not want or other hair to the Catholic faith and today it seems to be forgotten by many and especially by protest and America Catholics have apologized for these things but you know wants the Bible predicts that this persecution Wilber of Peter again in the end times anything will be very serious the prophecy of Revelation 13 shows that the 1st beast power the papacy will cooperate with the 2nd these power the United States the prophecy describes how United States will set up an image to the papacy causing the world to worship and full o. the papacy. With so many Catholics present in high position of the Us politics this can be easily done the Bible says the following regarding the papacy and I saw one of his heads asked see if it had been mortally wounded and he says Deadly Wound was healed and notice all their world marveled and fall law of the beast from Revelation Chapter 13 verse 3 the Vatican and Pope Francis actually they sent a message to the Americans that evening that Joe Biden was inaugurated as president and I am going to read here from this article it says. The United States needs to realize that unfulfilled dream. Of harmony any quality a dream that always remains relevant and indeed becomes even more urgent in a county where despite the great economic opportunities they remain injustices and social conflicts that have also now been excess or baited by the pandemic this is terror for the time to let us prevail over me to notice healing wounds and find a renewed unity based on those principles that have always sustained American democracy and made it a protagonist on the international scene these are the worse a Pope Francis and it sounds to me like the language that he used in loud out to sea so what's the pope really saying here is saying it's time to heal wounds and I believe that the wound of the papacy is indeed healing and soon the whole world as the Bible has predicted except a small group of people remnant of God will follow this power Furthermore the article goes on to say and I'm quoting besides thing internal theme of healing there Merican society there is also the external front on which the international spotlight is focused after years often marked by unilateral decisions or bilateral agreements there are in fact great expectations for a return to more Thailand surrealism in foreign policy and recovery of the relationship of trust with international organizations starting with the un. Some steps in this direction have already been announced in recent weeks such as the return of the United States to the pious climate's agreements this move convergence with Pope Francis commitment in favor of the custody of our common home expressed in loud auto scene may be remembered at Pope Francis personally gave Don't all trump a copy of his and cyclical lot all to see in which she calls for a strong action to address the climate crisis as I mention now Donald Trump who went actually in the opposite direction as you might remember and he took United States out of the Paris agreement. But you know as as you probably have seen already as one of the 1st executing orders that Joe Biden then was to take the United States back to the Paris agreement by the way can you see here what this behind Biden this image that's right it's a photo with Pope Francis and himself. You know with a great term all happening in the world the coven 1000 pandemic violence riots murder envy and a whole lot more the world is being set up for Satan's masterpiece of deception so has the time come when they wound of the peace will be healed well time will show but one thing is sure it is healing and only looking back to last years. So many things have happened in the world and in the United States and we can we can see that Bible prophecy is getting full field. As we read in a relationship after 12 to 14 God's 10 Commandments will be central in the last conflict and the 4th Commandment the 7th commandment it's showing who God is and this is what find the we'll be central in the last conflict you know most of Christianity agree with the other 9 commandments the real issue is about a 4th and actually the Catholics themselves they say we have changed these commandments the world will be set up by a great section where one finally has to make a choice shall I obey man and be able to survive or shallow obey God and be killed you know this is ultimately where the conflict is going to take us. Hereis the patience of the saints here are dole so keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Revelation 1412. Are you part of this group. And you allowed gods of right all his commandments in your heart were. Do you have the faith of Jesus. You know only the blood of Jesus say. I'm curds you to stop the bible prophecy because the time is near and. If you want to know more about what the Bible Prophecy says we offer you a free book here in the link below check it out it's an amazing book called The great controversy. May God bless you and may God help us all to understand more and more about the Bible about God and Bible prophecy and the times that we are living in Jesus coming soon. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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