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Race and Prophecy

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • February 12, 2021
    10:00 AM
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We're going to get right into the message is a lot to cover. As a Black History Month message. But it's a message for everyone. To ride this one all the way through to see where God leads with it are scripture reading taken from a book of Proverbs Chapter 68 Proverbs Chapter 68 and verse 31 says princes shall come out of Egypt Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands on to God sing until kingdoms of the earth all sing praises unto the Lord say law a message isn't titled race and prophesy race and prophecy let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study award we thank you Lord for being better to us than we are to ourselves and I thank you Lord for just your goodness and Lord as we celebrate. The accomplishments of African-Americans. And we look at how. Even the black churches impacted America and the world but we recognize that we are a part of a bigger family and that is the family of God So Lord as we dive into your word now I pray that all of us Lord would look for nuggets of truth as your Holy Spirit opens hearts and minds they would all understand your word better make me a nail on a wall Lord and hang a portrait of Jesus Christ there is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. All right so we're going to go to the Book of Acts Chapter 8 start with verse $26.00 The Bible says and the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip saying Arise and go toward the south under the way that goes down from Jerusalem and to Gaza which is desert. And he arose and went and behold a man of Ethiopia a unic of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians who had the charge of all her treasure and had come to Jerusalem for to worship what a powerful passage of Scripture. Philip had been preaching in some area in fact before Paul begins to go to those who are not of the line of Judah. And of the house of Israel Philip is the one who begins to reject prejudiced and boundaries those are the Samaritans and here he is found with an Ethiopian dignitary. Bible says that an angel told him to go and he reaches that is a man who is of great authority interesting the Ethiopians had a queen and the term Candace many argue is like Caesar or like. Other titles of authority. Which means that I may have been. More than one era when he had queens and we know we're going all the way back there was the Queen of Sheba of the same region. But he had charge of all the treasure and he had gone to Jerusalem to worship. Interesting is the is the is the trajectory of Philip's ministry I like I said he was and Mary a 1st he was to the angel told him to come down here to Gaza he gets the Gaza and in Gaza he meets up with the Ethiopian eunuch the Scripture says afterwards he's taken away. And he is taken just north along the coast to his next assignment so a lot to be said about Ethiopia in the scripture so for it's because it's 5 where we can talk a little bit about this from foot from a from a geographical stamp what most of the time in the Bible Ethiopia refers to a specific or not so specific depending on the context land that was south of Egypt and you can see here on this map we had a lower Ethiopian operate the Opiah deep into Central Africa. And over here in another map you can show you that the connections between Judah into Donna and Songhai and all over North Africa and of course from Egypt down further south into Ethiopia and Ethiopia of course would come all of the area down in this region Jeremiah gives you another perspective of what a Bible in a bible or 1st Ethiopians is what it says to my other teens as can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots. Then May He also do good that are custom to do evil and appoint Jeremiah's make an error that some folks characters won't change but it as a reference point he speaks about the skin of a leopard or of an Ethiopian and again in the Greek the word Ethiopian in it means very dark skinned person skin person so determined to be in a very dark skinned people which Jeremiah in his book actually gets some connection to and knowledge of as we'll see sort of the idea of dark skinned people and a land of Ethiopia and other words Africa in the Bible is very rich and alive what a great stories of this goes all the way back to 1st Kings Chapter 10 1st Kings Chapter 10. And verse 4 it says and when the Queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon's wisdom. The house that he had built and the meat of his table in the south and the sitting of his servants and tendons of his ministers and their apparel and his cup bearers and his ascent by which he went up into the house of the Lord there was no more spirit in her the Queen of Sheba and come to Judah and Jerusalem to check on Solomon to see if is his wisdom was as brilliant as it had been explained to her his riches the nature of his court Solomon was an incredible man we lose sight of that scripture says that when Miss Queen saw him. There was no more spirit in her she almost friend she was so overwhelmed but a grander of the of the of the people of God and awaited a king conducted himself the scripture says in verse 6 of her skin skins 10 and she said to the King it was a true report that I heard in mine own land of the accent of the wisdom how be it I believe not the words until I came in mine eyes and seen it and behold the half was not told to me by wisdom and prosperity exceeded the fame which I heard of happy are the I meant she says Happy are these I servants which stand continually before the and then here the wisdom blesses me the Lord thy God with the light it then lead to set the on the throne of Israel with the Lord loved Israel forever therefore made he the king to do judgment and justice she says Listen God loves Israel that's why he gave them a king like you. Now what we believe is that she took she took from. From from Israel the truth she learned in fact monotheism very well may have reached deep into Africa if it wasn't already there through this visit at least a greater understanding Solomon not have been able to explain the Scriptures and the truths of the Bible that he had at the time but in Solomon and so she would have taken as a back home with her and of course according to Ethiopian tradition. She also took back a baby mentally the 1st. And middle of the 2nd would have been. Lisa lassies father the Ethiopian Emperor from last century so this so there are many who argue that of the people of Ethiopian especially their royalty their reliance actually goes all the way back to David. Which is are in and of itself very powerful of course there are other. Ethiopians in the Bible on the left is a picture of evident Melich I was an Ethiopian servant to the kings that a Kyra is a unique and he saved General Jeremiah he's the one that made sure Jeremiah was alive and pulled him up out of the well and he was such a godly person that Jeremiah the prophecy on him was that even when Judah was invaded and taken by Babylon the sort of not touch him and many say that he was as right as a man as any in the scripture of course this is a this is an artist's rendition of of the of the Queen of Sheba the next lie just to give you some context but so out of deep in Africa these things happen x. 8 verse 20 it was returning says talking of the Ethiopian eunuch go back to the Book of Acts verse 20 says that this if you mean it was returning and sitting in his chariot is reading the book of Isaiah the prophet Scripture says or in verse tonight in the Spirit said to Philip go near. Joined eyes of to his the to this chariot and Philip ran devoted to him and heard him read the prophet Isaiah and said it understands that the reduced Spirit of Prophecy tells us that Philip is an example for us because when he hears what God says we are to do he doesn't question it he runs to do it. The Ethiopian eunuch would have been reading out loud the book of Isaiah which says a lot wanted gone it Jerusalem to worship and he was reading a book of Isaiah which tells you he was a believer in every sense just like the people of Israel were in fact when I was in Israel I was there for 2 months as a student in high school they were bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel to make Alia and to be able to settle in Israel. Because they recognized that there were Jews still left in Ethiopia and they would have come from this time but other things began to happen if Philip says they Himmler Do you understand what you're reading. A eunuch is a humble man is a man of great power and privilege yet he's humble he says in x. 8 verse 31 and he said how can I accept some man should guide me and desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him the place of the scripture which read which he read was this this what he was reading about he was led as a sheep to the slaughter like a lamb dumb before his share or so opened he not his mouth in humiliation his judgment was taken away and who should and who shout the clear his generation for his life is taken from the earth. He read this great passage and the Ethiopian eunuch you have to imagine was in Jerusalem he had heard the stories of Jesus he's trying to figure out who is this really talking about what is this what is this prophecy speaking to and the unit says the Philip I pray thee of whom speak of the prophet this of himself or of another man were 35 then Philip opened his mouth and began at the same scripture preached unto him Jesus' how. Right there on the road to Ethiopia the southern part of Israel down by Gaza Philip has a Bible study with an Ethiopian dignitary preaches to him Jesus the Bobs and x. 8 verse 36. And as they went on their way they came unto a certain water and the eunuch said See here is water what does hinder me to be baptized he was so overwhelmed so convinced of the truth of Christ that he was ready to be baptized and Philip said if you believe with all your heart that I may as a man said he said I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He commanded the chair to stand still and they went down both into the water both Philip and the unic and he baptized him and when they were come up out of the water the spirit of the Lord caught away Philip that the eunuch saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing powerful story a miracle often overlooked this Ethiopian eunuch wanted to be baptized they went down into the water he was baptized it tells you that the Philip and Ethiopian eunuch believed in baptism by immersion You don't say Philip go get a cup of water and sprinkle it on me he was baptized by immersion. And he came out of the water the spirit of the hold the Holy Spirit took Philip and took him away an Ethiopian unit went away rejoicing to this day Ethiopia still has a church is the headquarters of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Of course they are. Some of the monolithic stone churches in and Lalibela the UNESCO World Heritage site come from 19785 years ago the International Aids erected protective coverings and put over these things for those who say that Christianity is not is a. Is a white man's religion and this is where ancient churches are in Africa the change church of St George a monolithic church that's the one we saw another picture but it is the church the church the chapel of the Tablet of the Church of Our Lady Marion's of Zion this one they say houses the Ark of the covenant we could talk about at another time but just to show you that Ethiopia is a deeply Christian tradition in that country. So for those who say well Christianity is a European religion given to Africans the Bible and history say something very different. Interestingly enough of all the nations in areas a wreath of Africa Ethiopia was never in slaved never colonized the Christian part of Africa that remained Christian was never colonized and was never in slaved. This was there was also the Coptic Church in Egypt. Evidence of Bible truth was all over Africa and use a great artist or addition of the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip. Of course someone I went to school with Yanks and said neck of a pastor in the north eastern conference in New York area wrote a book Africa's roots in God the knowledge of the Creator God the Creator embedded in the indigenous African culture and he shows you that not only did the Ethiopian eunuch and the Queen of Sheba. And maybe even Jeremiah as friend from the Book of Jeremiah not only where they are had knowledge of God but some of that knowledge was dispersed spread all over Africa as I've never seen a something on and on him Bob Now there are men in Zimbabwe whose mitochondrial d.n.a. can be traced back to the Jewish priesthood and you can argue how to do it or not but it's pretty pretty fascinating stuff so all throughout Africa there's evidence that the knowledge of the true God was always there all over the continent. And here's what Ellen g. White says in the book the great controversy page 63 she says in lands beyond the jurisdiction of Rome there existed for many centuries bodies of Christians who remained almost wholly free from people corruption they were surrounded by hedonism and in the lapse of Ages were affected by its errors but they continued to regard the Bible as the only rule of faith and here to many of its truths. These Christians believed in the perpetuity of the law of God and observe the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment churches that are held to this faith and practice existed in Central Africa and among the Armenians of Asia powerful stuff so there were groups of people Armenians or one group in Armenians of course went to great trial there was a genocide attempted to be perpetrated against the Armenian people in history and of course. Very great trouble came to Africa as well but the Sabbath was kept alight in Africa. Goes on to says a striking illustration of Rome's policy toward those who disagree with her was given in the long and bloody persecution of the Walden sees some of who were observers of the Sabbath Nessa's in Europe others suffered a similar manner for their fidelity to the 4th commandment. The history of the Church of Ethiopian Abba Simeon is especially significant and the amid the gloom of the Dark Ages the Christians of Central Africa were lost sight of and forgotten by the world and for many centuries they enjoyed freedom in the exercise of their faith but at last Rome learned of their existence and the Emperor of Abyssinia was soon beguiled into an acknowledgment of the pope as the Vika of Christ other concessions followed and eat it was issued forbidding the observance of the Sabbath under the various penalties see Michael get his church history of Ethiopia pages through 311 and 312 but people tyranny soon became a yoke so galling to the Abyssinians a term it's a break from their necks break it from their necks after a terrible struggle the Roman ists were banished from their dominions and engine faith was restored the churches rejoiced in their freedom and they never forgot the lesson they had learned concerning the deception the fanaticism and the despotic power of Rome within their solitary around they were content to remain unknown to the rest of Christendom as were a conference p. $577.00 the Church of Africa held the Sabbath as it was held by the papal church before complete apostasy while they kept the 7 day and it was a billionth of the commandment of God They have stain from labor on Sunday in conformity to the custom of the church. A part of taming supreme power room had trampled upon the Sabbath of God to exalt her own but the churches of Africa hidden for nearly a 1000 years did not share in this apostasy were brought under the sway of Rome they were forced to set aside the true and exult the true and exalt of all Sabbath watch this church but no sooner had they regain their independence than they returned to obedience to the 4th Commandment great controversy page 578 it's interesting is as as as African-Americans and this Black History Month of course applies to all the Sabbath it was one of the things that brought persecution into Africa many don't think about that but in fact the papal church and letter on World War 2. Where did Mussolini put his efforts to try and create a colony and to conquer it was Ethiopia never forget that the pope never forgot about. The truths that existed in Africa and under the guise of world dominance and World War 2 by despots like Mussolini and of course there was Hitler and Stalin and others all seeking world power the Emperor of Japan the papacy wanted back this church the African Church part of the reason we don't know more about the Christianity of Africa is because it has been hidden and buried and seemingly on purpose. And out of this comes from strange things Matthew 24 and. Verse 7 and 8 passes over side a lot for nations shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famine and pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places all these are the Beginning of Sorrows nation rising against a nation represents. People groups the Greek word for nation there is ethnos ethnicity Jesus prophesies one of the things that will happen as we get close to the end is that people groups will come against each other remember he's saying this in the backdrop of a Roman empire that basically was going to unite the world under the Roman emperor he's saying that no that's not what's going to happen you're not going to have a one world anything you're going to have wars and rumors of wars are going to have nation rise against nation kingdom against kingdom the world is not going to unite under one banner as the Emperor thinks as they fought bloody wars to expand a Roman empire they're going to be groups of people fighting and one of the ways that would happen church is that racial tension as time went on what escalate and of course things got worse. Christianity erased some stated job or Kenyatta said something doesn't do to rate his quote I'll just quote a quote heard it many times even by someone Rastafarian friends when I was younger to say when the missionaries arrived the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible they taught us how to pray with our eyes closed when we opened them they had the land and we had the Bible as if to say the Bible wasn't in Africa before and I'll give this this this kind of a theory many. Africans and people of African descent have given up on Christianity and called it a white man's religion they say it is a European thing but as the Bible teaches to the Queen of Sheba through Jeremiah is helper and through the Ethiopian eunuch it slowly teaches you that in fact. The Gospel went to the world we know the Gospel Paul said the Gospel to Spain to Rome we know St Patrick took it to the one we now causing Patrick took it to the British Isles we know Mark also came into Africa Philip went even into Asia without a gospel went everywhere. Christianity is not a religion that belongs to any one group of people it is a global religion because Jesus said John 3 in verse 16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life who is Christianity for the world or one group of people but because history is so it ugly and here's one ugly instance of it the 1st British slave ship something is the 1st lady ship but in fact. This is the ship is really the true name for the ship is not the good ship Jesus that's what it came to be known as but. The guy who. Who took the ship a guy by the last name of Hawkins. Admiral John Hawkins he actually wrote rob some of the 3 to 500 slaves he took out of Africa where this would be modern day Sierra Leone from some Portuguese people others he he convinced other slaves to get on a ship promising them a better life elsewhere and he's not a story goes because he was told he could not go to Africa and by sword take slaves either way took 3 to 500 slaves dropped them off in the Dominican Republic and then went back to England with ivory and gold and animal skins and all kinds of riches and that birthed the British slave trade which was a terrible terrible slave trade. That would last for hundreds of years but it wasn't a simply a slave trade like that in fact but Nicholas the 5th issued the Papal Bull the various us on 18th of June 14th $52.00. It authorize Afonso the 5th of Portugal to reduce any Saracens which are Muslims and pagans and any other unbelievers to perpetual slavery this facilitated the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa so it was actually given permission that's why people think Christianity is evil great but this wasn't Again this isn't true Christianity is the same Christianity that wanted to do away with the Ethiopian church for keeping the 10 commandments and 2016 Georgetown University in Washington d.c. offered a public apology after acknowledging that 188 years prior Jesuit priest or $27872.00 slaves to save the school from financial ruin the Society of Jesus who helped to establish Georgetown University and his leaders and slave them mercilessly soldier ancestors stands before you to say that we have greatly sinned. Reverend Timothy Cacique president of the General Conference of Canada and United States said during a liturgy of remembrance contrition and hope we pray with you today because we have greatly sinned and because we are profoundly sorry and I just heard this week from the Lloyds of London and the Bank of England all these great apologies now are coming out after the turmoil of last summer around race and justice and the term social justice all these people apologizing are one. Professor Beijing from Barbados it was in Jamaica being interviewed and he said no that really means anything anybody can apologize will Europe rebuild the Caribbean will they come back and and fix what they messed up you know giving the independence was one thing but they left most of those countries in dire straits the British the Spanish the French the Portuguese the Dutch all benefited greatly from slavery and from imperialism and having colonies for centuries that allowed many of those countries to be wealthy developed countries what are reasons Eastern Europe is not as wealthy as Western Europe is that Eastern Europe it didn't have a chance to do any of that stuff they didn't do it and so you can see that they there was a benefit to Western Europe for all of these things of course America you could throw in there as well slavery was a direct benefit and it was a sin this was the devil really contorting Christianity in a way this Leigh It should never have been. There's a book and if you can find this book hold on to it because I can find a hard copy of it a book called slavery in Catholicism. By Richard Roscoe Miller he says the Church of Rome did not consider the African slave a human being until 839. Miller adds that this only occurred after the abolition movement by the American Anti-Slavery Society and the certainty of the handwriting on the wall that some day slavery would be abolished and in fact it was true Christians men like William Wilberforce and his pastor who is the one who wrote The Great him Amazing Grace wrote Amazing Grace the words and if you ever hear what leaf if the scribe the story it's amazing if he can sing it and see it all at the same time. Amazing Grace that was a captain of a of a slave ship who wrote it to the melody the slaves hummed Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved direction like me I once was lost but now I'm fine found was blind but now I see true Christianity still had a light that flickered among the Huguenots the Walden seas and others who ultimately many had to flee Europe the Huguenots had to run to places like South Africa to settle the persecution according to this book Slavery Catholicism that the Protestants and the and those who wanted to keep the Bible or want to religious freedom suffered in Europe stupid things like the Inquisition were were used that strategy was used in the United States in a suppression of Africans. Awful stuff. Of course from Africa and from me. You know moral shedding of the of the you know evil that is the slave trade. You have here where Christians would take slaves African slaves put them up on a stand split families a picture like this those families might never see each other again this picture here shows you how the slave ships were Paxil tightly to try and maximize profit but you know in a in the weeks it took to cross the Atlantic you know 6 or 8 weeks of storms and problems and people getting sick disease or wipe out you know sometimes 3040 percent of the slaves on the ship. It was a very dangerous thing even some of the guys were trying to British slave ship workers would get sick and fall ill and even die on the ships because of this what was happening on the ship was a terrible cruel horrible thing that was done from a slave ship that a plantation. Slavery the the African slave was made to work from can't see Morning To can't see night wasn't just in the United States this was in the Dominican Republic in Haiti in Brazil Puerto Rico in Jamaica in Trinidad in Guyana all over the place there were slaves used to build and to to and to harvest crops. And many of the women were taken advantage of and and families were split apart it was a horrible cruel system that didn't last a few years but at lasted. Centuries one interesting thing that comes out of it of course is that. The African slave is introduced to Christianity in the West and this picture shows you a picture from South Carolina where black preacher is preaching and you see the white family sitting in the service as he preaches. And I'll argue with you that the irony of slavery is that out of it the strongest Christians of the modern era are produced. I believe that the descendants of the slaves and the slaves themselves in America and in the Caribbean and other parts of the West became some of the strongest Christians in the world including even later on some of the. Africans in Africa sub-Saharan Africa profoundly powerful Christians in America we take our Christianity very lightly but you step out of this country and go to Jamaica or Haiti and you see the churches are full on Wednesday night Sabbath school is always full of people take their walk with Christ very seriously and as Europe's gives up Christianity for secularism and reason for self and evolution interesting Lee enough true Christianity now abides among those who were once abused by those who have given up on Christianity today or descendants have an incredible book takes you down from a plantation to get a book by Richard Roth's Dean a book I've listened to and read the color of law. Powerful book if you haven't read it it outlines how do United States systematically and legally used law to redline and and segregate a basically create an apartheid in America neighborhoods that were integrated with black and white families got along well were intentionally broken up and segregated America would be would have naturally been an integrated society of forced integration we see did not necessarily have to happen in some places in many parts of the country people were already living together and they were forced apart and of course the rent in those areas that became predominately black were astronomical hired in and in a white areas that were put on quote nice or the ability to get bank loans even for black servicemen coming back from war from service in the military they couldn't get that their hands on that money which means that it could generate generational wealth which is what owning houses in America does creating a perpetual underclass based on race in America no wonder the Scripture says this beast would have 2 horns like a lamb and speak like a dragon on the one hand saying We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal on the other hand writing the very laws like segregation Jim Crow and housing laws that would make sure people stayed separate and unequal even to this day when people tell me you noted slavery is in the past and this isn't a past it doesn't affect Now it's not Biblical The Bible says that God visits the sins of the father to the children to the 3rd and 4th generation you think of the father since his visit to children 3rd or 4th generation you don't think the sins of the oppressor does not ride on the descendants of the oppressed at least for several generations as well and we as a church regardless of your color have to understand the this was Satan's great work. To make one group of people based on their color believe they were superior to another group and that group would then be feel inferior based on their color Christianity does not work if you're arrogant and think you're superior or supreme over another it doesn't even work well if you think you're inferior and less than human or less than someone else say it was working the entire time is a lot of miles as we wrestle not against flesh and blood We'll talk more about that in a 2nd. And a White says this. Was a God's purpose that the colored people should have so much guilt and will in their lives no men who have had greater advantage than they have had have taught them in more immorality both by precept and example the basing practices have been forced upon them and they have received low conceptions of life and even their conceptions of the Christian life Aravinda preved order but the people who have been more favorably situated who had light and liberty who had an opportunity to know God in Jesus Christ who Mia said are responsible for the moral darkness that enshroud their cause their colored brethren remember she's right Miss Not long after slavery ended she says Can they who have been so highly privileged afford to stand in their pride and importance and feel that they are altogether too good to associate with this deprived race let those who profess to be Christians look to the example of Christ. He stooped to take the human to take human nature in order that he might be able to reach man where he was the majesty of heaven tain to seek and to save that which was lost and shell of those for whom Christ has done so much stand aloof from their fellow men who are now perishing in their sins and that's from the book the southern work page 31 I want you to get as church a what makes a great analogy she says listen Christ left where he was and came to earth angels worship him and we are created lower than any angels How dare you call yourself a Christian and think you're better than someone else if you would reach out to someone else that you wouldn't help someone else because of the color of their skin something that literally is millimeters thick in difference between one group and another the differences between what we call a race is just hydrogen bonds in here that creates different here textures and and the formation of cartilage in facial features and a pigment of skin from a mulatto sites to make melanin it's just not that different the gap that Christ had to cross to go from the glories of heaven to the manger in Bethlehem to walk among sin sick man was a far greater reach infinitely further and you call yourself a Christian and you won't associate with someone because of the color of this kid whether black or white you can be black or be prejudiced white be prejudice it doesn't matter if you are prejudiced you act outside of God's will upon this America's 1st century was committed in Revelation 13 describes America like this Revelation 1311 I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spake is a dragon and the exercise of the power of the 1st piece before him and cause the Earth and them which dwell there into worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed. And this is speaking back to the to the Roman Catholic Church the papal power it was a connection in fact I would want to put any of Abraham Lincoln look up out the word what he says about the Jesuits and how they were fighting on the side of the South they wanted to south to when not in the north to when Abraham Lincoln talks about it this is that beast that was wounded by birth here to Napoleon's general when he captured him but he but he come back to strength and one of the places he wanted was America. Still wants America and they do a great wonder speaking of the beast or 2 horns like a lamb to speak like a dragon and it was great wonder so they make a fire come down from heaven in the only Earth in the sight of men and the seize them to do it on the earth by means of those miracles which he had power to do and a sign of the beast saying to them to do it on the earth that they should make an image of the beast which had the room by a sword and did live yet power to give life into the image of the beast the image of the bee should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the bee should be killed because although small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark of their right hand or in their forehead foreheads and a no man might save you have a mark or the name of the beast of the number of his name here is wisdom let him that have understanding count the number of the Beast What is the number of a man and his number is 600 threescore and 6 and we know that this leads to religious intolerance and and Sunday laws but I want to submit to you that the struggle even the struggle of race is has always been a struggle about worship always been a struggle about worship and so this is the way America will all play out and many don't understand that. America has already been speaking like a dragon. The history of America is a diabolical history when you consider the noble principles that are in shrouded in the Constitution in the Declaration of Independence in the Bill of Rights yet America behaved the way she did it anyway against blacks Native Americans immigrants the Scriptures honest and true in fact if you read Revelation 18 it tells you that is beast that was wounded same beast was involved in the sale of slaves and in the souls of men revelation 18 deals with it but out of all of this. Those that were most oppressed became the strongest of Christians. The Stanford Freedom Project. So the Christian movement the civil rights civil rights in America Dr Martin Luther King Jr there and you can and I can tell you that what happened during the Civil Rights Movement was literally the descendants of the very slaves that were so oppressed and brutalized teaching those who were supposed to know Christianity were true Christianity is they turned the other cheek they carried a cloak they walked the extra mile they prayed and they sang they brought Jesus telling life to the civil rights movement and guess what and there was a bloodless revolution where the laws of America change they actually cause the dragon like speech to bite its town momentarily as we watch laws passed the law for voting and for integration and for and and and overall civil rights applications that was supposed to be granted in from the Constitution but through the movement a Christian movement remember what a group was called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference men like Medgar Evers was gunned down shot and killed in his own driveway his children watched him die preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Forget Christian preachers who are martyred because why it's not just about race it's also about worship but it's not just here in America where there are strong Christians this is I forget where I got this article from as a convert Christianity can often sub-Saharan Africa but we know I've visited Zambia Malawi South Africa Botswana. Even walked into Zimbabwe little by Vic Falls and I can tell you that the Christians in South and Southern Africa some are strong as Christians in the world of visiting Donna and the churches were full of people who are true believers in Jesus Christ when I went to want to slave castles in Ghana where Bologna a trumpet just been of the day before I got here. I can tell you that the guy who gives the tour of the slave castle which is a horrible place where the slaves were last there under the door you go through a door of no return order ran out of the slave castle on to slave ships horrible the god given a guide just kept talking so bad about Christians and about white people just bad talking horrible not to jump in Remind him that that was interesting yesterday. That there was an amalgamation of a corruption of Christianity that was being perpetrated the true christianity did exist in Africa as we talked about in Central Africa in Ethiopia and the troops were scattered all over and that in fact as terrible as the Europeans were in Africa Ironically it was Europeans like William Wilberforce like the abolitionists in America and even those that were on the freedom rides into the south Ironically there were Europeans that bled and died for the freedom of the enslaved or the persecuted far more complicated than just color at the end of the day it's really about character. But at Christiania very well and Africa proverbs 68 says there are 31 says princes shall come out of Egypt Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands on to God sing on to God the kingdoms of the earth all sing praises unto the Lord say la Ethiopia has stretched forth her hands race and prophesy the work that has been done by the black preachers that come out of places like Open University men like Cleveland Benjamin Reeves Seabrooks. Easy easy ward I can go on and on and all of them powerful mighty preachers. That came out of Oakwood established by Ellen White and her son to be a school to train former slaves and look at the work it's done since $896.00 well that many have gone around the world of preach the gospel because of it if the Opi has stretched forth their hands in many ways the devil is still busy. Like this this this one here is an article as as black Americans are more likely than overall public to be Christian and Protestant and you see as I will vote when ironies of American politics is that when you have men like Bill Maher who has own show on h.b.o. who's a staunch liberal on the left side of the political spectrum who also very a valid atheist is what I call an Advent Jellicoe atheist he's trying to convert everyone to it so he made his documentary religious and he's very proud when he gets hears from people on the show that they gave up believing in God because of the work he has done yet he is in the same party the Democratic Party as many of these Christian Protestant African-Americans it is literally black women who have won a Democratic victories in states like Alabama it is a very interesting thing that's going to happen prophetically How is this going to be reconciled when there are those who are claiming to be Marxists Socialists and atheists who want an agenda built that way for the Democratic Party while so many of us as African-Americans are in the same party looking for freedom not realizing that there is a. One day a confrontation that's probably going to take place around religion and religious freedom be fascinating. Because African-Americans have had to deal with a lot revelation 16 a verse 13 says and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet we know and I'm of the sermons on his other that those 3 spirits are Catholicism apostasy Protestantism and spiritual ism. And it says the for they are the spirits of devils working miracles which go forth into the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty I want to submit to you that as Christian as we have been as as a nation in America and specifically as black America that there is a move there is going to be a a demonic movement to steal away many recent prophecy looks like this this angel mom a civil rights movement is one girl has on her shirt is only a new generation of activists and if you look at many of the big name activists who are leading out even in groups like b.l.m. there are valid Marxists and many of them are even into spiritualism they set themselves. In this article here's an article from Baltimore where black women have left the church and are now witches they've gone and joined a coven It's a fascinating thing you can look it up yourself or poor blacks are now beginning to just like whites in America have the fastest growing religion for a long while was Wicca and witchcraft and all of it still is. Now now more black Americans leaving to go back to traditional African religions and the goddesses of Nigeria and and all of this kind of thing who do we know beyond and all of these things because Jesus being removed the prophecy of race is that in retaliate in in a desire to to to throw off what we deem is a white man's religion in Christianity black America is going to pull hard the other way and pull away from Christ. And I say that the protections that were given to us in this country under under under being Christian that some of which seem like they didn't even exist we came to hard to see him when they are removed what will happen. Removing Jesus went to great things is happening now in the Hebrew Israel lights walking into our churches all over the country claiming that every black person where God is where you come from is one of the tribes of Israel it is the most read most unbiblical thing I think one of the Bible does not teach that you need to be. A direct bloodline lineage of Abraham to be saved in fact Paul says we are for we cry Abba Father he says we have been adopted into the family of God If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior you're done you don't have to chase your blood line all the way back to Judah Israel your spiritual Israel your bloodline comes from Christ his Kendrick Lamar's said it's not about a religion I mean Israel like Okami black no more that word is only a color and in fact no more my cousin card because I'm called Duckworth I know my worth and Deuteronomy says that we are all been cursed no idea why he would say cursed but I can tell you this people start to say no I'm not a Christian I'm a Hebrew Israel and anything that is spirituality comes from being able to trace their lineage back to people who rejected Christ Jesus left the temple is that I leave the house on to you desolate they set up this his blood be upon us and upon our children that's where we want to move our lineage back of course there are 5 Percent Nation of Islam men like Jay z. rock him. And some of the great greatest rappers of all time they teach that a white man is the devil and the black man is God. You know if you're not careful and you so angry at white people and so angry at what's going on in America these things that happen to me Have you heard my testimony was to sweep you up into this stuff the now it was it was a structural racism and there is structural racism I don't deny that but you got to be careful trying to make all your problems be outside of yourself resisting as I was and We Shall Overcome as if we put the onus on us to grow and become stronger as black people to gain victory over what was happening to us in this country and in the world now is I hope we don't get to put we think that all of it must be given to us because if someone has to give you everything your they own you we've got to go back to building for ourselves and growing for ourselves and so you know Jay z. has always as I am John Hoeven God mc if you remove Jesus. Kinds of doctrine as the revelation 16 says will begin to blow in even. The new Christianity there is a t.v. show called Greenleaf Oprah Winfrey's network of revealing is even in it I was trying to watch the 1st episode I couldn't finish it because quickly it began to get into spiritualism and to move away from biblical Christianity even though the show is suppose we have out of a Christian pastors family that has a committed church in a filthy rich it's dangerous doctrine hyping up the gospel of prosperity and really embarrassing Christianity is what it seems like this show would do a stopwatch and I try to watch one observer can do it on a because someone at work told me it was about the church but wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Black Christianity will be under fire true Christianity more importantly will be under fire if you're not rooted and grounded you will move and the last revelation 7 says in verse 4 says and I said unto him sir down no wars and he said to me these are they which come out of great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb you are going to have to go through great tribulation and let me say this to you church part of the reason that slavery Jim Crow colonialism imperialism all of these things that don't break the Africans and the descendants of Africans even those here in the diaspora the reason it didn't is because out of the tribulation many grew closer to Christ they went through the persecution they've been through a time of trouble and they held on to the Lord like my grandmother did. They have been washed blood of the Lamb and the White says this and we're finished when the sinner is converted he receives the Holy Spirit that makes him a child of God and fits him for the society of the Redeemed and the enjoyment host he has made a joint year with Christ whenever of the human family give themselves to Christ whoever hear the truth and obey it become children of one family the ignorant and the wise the rich and the poor the heathen and the slave white or black Jesus paid the purchase money for their souls if they believe on Him His cleansing blood is applied to them the black man's name is written in the book of life but size the white man's All are one in Christ birth station Nasional of your color cannot elevate or degrade men the character makes the man she finishes by saying this the day is coming when the kings of the lordly men of the earth. Would be glad to exchange places with the humblest African was laid hold on the hope of the Gospel Church there's a lot to celebrate as month as Black History Month. Lot of great accomplishments historically great inventions and service to this country in the world the civil rights movement lots of things to celebrate but I want to submit to you that the 1st and most important thing to celebrate is the victory that has been given each of us in Christ Jesus the day is coming when race will no longer be a thing you will not be in heaven or and wondering about what color or race someone is we must not a lot of world to shape our minds to see our brothers and sisters as our enemies if they are in the center of racism we must pray for them and ask God to the liver them because they will be lost in that sin pray that we understand a prophecy because a greater time of trouble is coming Matthew 24 hours 8 says all these are the Beginning of Sorrows the next tribulation will be soley around worship and there are many who are found comfort would rather be comfortable than be persecuted but I ask you church will your ankle hold when that time comes it is prophesied to come stand and be ready let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study you are and I thank you for the Lord for your peace and for your truth bless us Lord but even as we count the accomplishments those of our descendants of Africa and Lord as we especially celebrate the power that the Spirit of God used in the civil rights movement to awaken people to righteousness and justice a very Lord we never forget that all men are brothers and sisters. And we are all created equal a father God who died for every single one of us and that what matters any end will not be what we look like. What color we Harwood what texture here we have what size nose or lips or matters whether or not our characters reflect the character of Christ whether or not we have the faith of Jesus not just free in Jesus help us to be that kind of Christian one that loves everyone. And Lord is willing to share with them the truth of the Gospel is Philip seared with if you will be in unity this is our prayer in Jesus person. And this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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