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Blessed Disappointments

Joakim Hjortland
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In this video, Joakim Hjortland shares how, "In the future life the mysteries that here have annoyed and disappointed us will be made plain. We shall see that our seemingly unanswered prayers and disappointed hopes have been among our greatest blessings." - MH 474.1


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe



  • December 1, 2020
    7:00 PM
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One time during my childhood my parents back for Sydney and I on the south soaking wet far into Mexico in short we had no change of clothes thing were many hours by passed away from the press corps in bed and he was a rather unpleasant situation especially for a child but I remember my mom told us you know this is not nice now and will be able to laugh about this in the future and today I think back I can say that she was right. Recently I listened to a sermon this big shared her testimony told some half experience I share what you have gone through she shared some painful experience of much worse from the story I just told you she described the most painful part of her journey her husband which was in the audience he cried out a man and the audience that is laughing at the minute I was like What in the world what is this in the look and inappropriate comment right but the reality was this that her husband and the audience they realized that if it was not put up a big disappointment they would have missed out of a huge blessing in their lives. Now we are being told that in the future lies the mysteries that have here on knowledge and disappointed us will be made. We shall see. On the mass of prayer and the some point the soaps have been what. Are. Blessings In other words one day as we look back on our lives when we think of the most painful parts of our lives with even better able to say amen. When we look back on the greatest trials on obstacles in our life we'll be able to look back we have smile in our present and with thankfulness in our hearts. I believe one day in heaven to switch on the site on the back and he would have the whole story he would he would he would share the large perspective the big perspective and acid dust. John the Baptist would get excited he would say look at this god frustrating my life. And I just will tell him how one of the most positively impact of things he ever didn't just to die soon died of some of her I think in a similar way it would be for many honor for Mary a marked for Joseph a lie job Joel most the root l m y. M millions of others literally including you on the one day we will see how many of the biggest trials some obstacles up to our life were. Among our greatest blessings have ever fought about this all of us are pressed to get on. Roofs our school is for choose flowers are crushed for Perth. So if you're watching this. If you've been on the pressure if you go through a hard time right now take courage perhaps it is just them out to get the best out. Of news in the darkest days when up here on so see most for bidding. For your numbers have. Been No Stuart and his infinite love and compassion never weary is not beautiful no wonder that Jeremiah could write Blessed are those who trust in the Lord so let us trust that's what the enemy meant for evil God wants to stand out there on for good in our lives. You want to pray with me today. When I can't understand your mind. To truth. You were born you want to pray God help me to grow help me to learn what you want me to learn from this experience and to become one. Just as you want to praise God when you are leading me through right now make that into a testimony to help someone else through in the future. Our loving god. That went through the grant this child imaginable when he. On the cross for your own for. Laughs to answer such prayers that God is some. Turning our mess into a message a test into a testimony and try all new to trial and if we let him. He will do this in our minds let's let him do so may God bless. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w audio verse or.


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