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Waiting, Patience, and Long Suffering

Amanda Anguish



  • February 13, 2021
    2:00 PM
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I'm going to speak on 5 specific things that we're waiting for but before I before I do that I want to give a little background because what I do there's a foundation to it are what I speak about when I go places there's a foundation to it and I want you to consider every single person that comes into my office when I'm doing counseling they all come for the same 2 reasons one they're not feeling the way they want to feel and they're feeling feelings that they don't want to feel and too they're doing certain behaviors that they probably shouldn't be doing and they're not doing behaviors that they should be doing the interesting thing is is the more we feel a certain way say depression and anxiety anger guilt all those kinds of things the more we feel those things it's interesting how we tend to do certain behaviors that might alleviate those feelings initially but actually exacerbate them later on so think of the person that might have a lot of anxiety and maybe these alcohol to sort of get rid of that anxiety Well what does that do later well the more you drink the more now you're feeling guilty on top of the anxiety so you think you need alcohol more and more so we do these kinds of behaviors and yet we don't realize long term we're actually increasing the negative feelings not decreasing them but the interesting thing with that is that it's actually not our feelings and behaviors that's really the reason that they come in that's just what we all think it's actually our thoughts that bring us in because each one of us has a different way of thinking and unfortunately we don't have the opportunity to sit inside someone else's mind to see how different our thinking is from their thinking but before we start I want you to imagine in your own mind a conveyor belt and on that conveyor belt is an opportunity from anywhere between $10083.00. 1000 thoughts going down that conveyor belt and that's how our minds work research shows there's between roughly about 10080000 thoughts that individually we have run to your head on a given day does anybody think they're higher up on the 80000 side. If you're a real thinker and you tended like you're in your head a lot if you deal with anxiety you're probably closer to the 80000 but some people you know might be closer to the 10000 but that's still a lot of thoughts to have going through your head in a given day so as those thoughts are going down that conveyor belt I want you to imagine that instead of having to think and dwell on every one of those thoughts my dad's laughing and I'm trying to figure out why he must be thinking something. What he does thinking he's on the lower end of the 10 those that but as I Maybe I should let my parents anybody want to move my parents to the back sections because they're going to distract me this whole time. Especially my dad. So as this conveyor belt is going down See he's going to distract me move him where security. And he way so as I can very well that is going down and all those thoughts are going by what most people think is that every single one of those thoughts is important Well if I'm thinking it it must be really important but that's not actually true. If that can very Bella has those thoughts on it what I want you to consider is that I get to choose which thoughts I want to hold onto or in other words I want to choose which thoughts I give value to rather just rather than assume every single one of those thoughts is important and the cool thing is the Bible talks about this Philippians 4 Verse 8 thoughts thoughts of true good report if there be any virtue of there be any praise think on these so what sets saying the assumption is is we have options for different thoughts that we think but God's telling us but I want you to think on these specific types of thoughts or. Value these thoughts I live in a historical part of California if any of you have been to Auburn Anybody been to Auburn I call it Loma Linda part 2 because we have a lot of people moving up there and I'm one of them so I can see that but that area is historically known for the gold rush and can you imagine if we all went down and started panning for gold but instead of actually looking for gold we just dug our pan and pulled it out and then took it down to whoever wants to value it or whoever does that for a living and said Ok how much is this worth and that person would say. All you brought me was sand I don't see any gold in here. And then for me to say wool I thought it was valuable know that person's going to say no only the gold is valuable and I want you to think about your thoughts in that ways only the ones that are good are true and helpful are the gold pieces so as that conveyor belts going down you can imagine only pulling off the pieces of gold and holding on to those verses just any thought going by now why do I tell you this well in our world right now we have a lot of people who are arguing Have you noticed that. A lot of people that disagree on just about any topic. And I don't want to get political So I'm not going to talk about which topics those are but if you notice people are not just arguing about problems they're arguing about solutions and I would suggest the reason we don't agree on the solutions is because we haven't yet agreed on what the problem is we all have different thoughts about what the problem is so we're all going to have different thoughts on the solution so we're never going to come together and have the same solutions because we all think differently about the problems so I want to take this and I want to connect this to what some of the things that I hear and I know this is a university so I'm assuming most of you are in the student category although I see a lot of people that were here 6 years ago so I'm thinking not all of your students anymore but I'm glad to see you guys too. I want to share some things that. I see I actually brought an easy lie to bring the easel but I brought the boards but I'm not sure that it's big enough to even see do you want me to pull it out anyway Ok let's try this. That was later than I thought so if you can see this this is the 1st thing or the 1st thought that I have that I hear as a therapist that students will come to me or young people will come to me and ask me and it's not just an ask but it's a you know something that they're concerned about this 1st one is usually the young person that is in the pre career stage and this person will say I really want to do something for God but how do I know what this is so this is a thought but I want you to consider with this thought that this thought has an assumption behind it. And one of the assumptions is that I'm actually ready to do that big thing. That makes sense that's an assumption or a thought about this and so the 2nd one that I that I want to suggest is an assumption to this is that I have to know right now or soon some makes sense so I want to know what I really want to do something big for God but how do I know what that is will the assumption is that one that I'm ready and to that I have to know right now. Ok I want to give you another one. If you can see this one I'm tired of waiting for an Adventist guy or girl he or she is so much more you fill in the blank than all the other Adventists guys or girls I meet and he or she treats me so well it doesn't really matter if he or she is Adventist God understands. What is the assumption in this one now if we were a smaller group I'd probably ask but I'm going to tell you what I see the assumptions are how I feel is a good indication of how things are isn't that one of the assumptions in this if I feel tired then that's an indication that I need to hurry up and do this already when I was working in a group home actually when I was attending Advent hope I worked with a lot of teenagers and these teenagers were difficult and one of the things they would ask me is Amanda they would actually say Miss and they would say hey Miss are you married and I'd say no and then say how come if I were your age I'd be married already. The 2nd assumption is that waiting would be emotionally physically socially and spiritual. Detrimental to my health. Is that not true isn't that an assumption in the statement or this belief. Also this person is the only chance I will have it a relationship. With another one I won't have other problems to deal with later. And then the last one I thought of is God cares more about my romantic life than myself ation. That's another assumption. Now the next one I want to share with you. Had to be resourceful here say I was limited. I can't stand this it's too much obviously I'm doing something wrong God doesn't want me to suffer like this. There's some assumptions in this statement or this belief one of these sumption is feelings are an indication of truth don't we do a lot of things based on our feelings or we assume a lot of things based on how we feel I one of the things that I like to tell people is if you have a child and your child is scared to go to school pre-code of course if your child is scared to go to school and your child says no I don't want to go to school mommy I don't want to go to school Daddy and is the parent going to say oh well if you're scared then you should just stay home until you don't feel scared anymore. Would that be a good parent. Now because there are certain things that are hopeful about school but oftentimes as adults if we feel a certain way what do we do we make decisions based on that feeling rather than the facts that support or don't support the of the situation another assumption to this would be so. Suffering is a bad thing and can't be used by God to teach me. Another's assumption is suffering can't be used to glorify God. The next one. I'm going to have to come back to these That's why I'm organizing. It doesn't do any good to pray for people and tell them about God they never change or convert in fact they give me a hard time and ignore what the Bible and God says what are some of the assumptions with this 11 conversion is dependent on timeliness specifically what I think timeliness is to what I see right now as an indication of what is happening or what the Holy Spirit is doing in their heart and 3 what people do to me right now is an indication of the future. Sometimes we get really impatient with people because they're not doing what we think they should do right in this moment especially when it comes to some of you have probably done canvassing or Cole Porter Inger or you're just working with people you know even in the hospital or dental practice whatever it might be and we get frustrated because people aren't changing fast enough they're not accepting what we have to tell them. And the last 1. 1 of my favorites. It doesn't really matter what I eat Do we really think God cares that I eat this every once in a while it's not like it's going to kill me or keep me out of heaven. I used to hear that a lot. I put this in here what are the assumptions in this 11 God doesn't create God didn't create food with any consideration of how it would affect my mind and body. To sin hasn't affected the way we eat or we think is good. 3 God doesn't care about the details. And for what I eat doesn't have any effect on my spiritual life. Now each one of these I want to get into a little bit more because I think the Bible has a lot to say on these and the 1st one. I really want to do something big for God but how do I know what it is. How many of you have felt this way. I really want to do something for God but how do I know what that is and we go through all the training that we go through we go through all of the you know learning and studying and everything like that we feel like well I've put in like 16 to 20 years of education I should be doing something big right now look at all these letters after my name I should be able to do something big now but I want to remind you what the what the Bible has to say about this. Do you remember what Moses did before he brought the Israelites out of Egypt. Yes he got adopted into the king's family but after that when he went out into the wilderness remember what he was doing he was tending sheep and according to Exodus $221.00 it says he was content to do so. David also tended sheep before he became king. Joseph was a captive then a slave and then a prisoner before he became a leader. Jesus was obedient to God and his parents and even spent time learning at the feet of his father who was a carpenter. Don't you think all of these could have said something like that I want to do something really big for God but how do I know what it is I'd like to suggest to you that the story of the talents is your answer to the question or that wonderment that you might have. Because what happened in the talents each individual was given a different set of talents and then was asked to do something with that to multiply the talents and the interesting thing is as so many of us we have something right in front of us and yet sometimes we don't do the best of our ability with the thing right in front of us we think it must be something bigger than this that I have to start with I would like to suggest that we assume something different and that we assume the thing in front of us is God's way of testing us and practicing us for other things later on. When I graduated from college. I had no idea what I was going to do actually it was the March before I graduated from college and I did attend Loma Linda later on but I remember thinking wow I have all of the stuff that I've done as far as schooling goes and I have absolutely no clue what's going to come of it nothing nothing in the process or anything that anyone I had been talking to about it and I remember thinking. How come nobody's helping me find something to do with this degree I'm just sitting here and I'm thinking this is is this how it's supposed to go what do I do now and so it was that march and I remember thinking well I'm in a Christian school I should probably pray about this and so I prayed and I said God I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing but you give me whatever you have for me to do well I had had an internship that I had done and based on that internship I got asked. To do a. To do there to take over well it wasn't an internship it was a job at the college and then I was asked to do an internship based on that job and so I thought Ok I guess I'll do it it's not really what I thought it was going to be doing it's actually in a different field but I'll do it and that turned into being asked to do a different job and. Some of those were a big struggle to go through but then that turned into a difficult situation which turned into going back to school which turned into a job that was very difficult which turned into a cause a phone call from Dr Ned Lee asking me if I would come and help with the depression recovery program and I thought How does he even know who I am. I've never talked to him before I've never had a conversation with him before which turned. Into the job that I have now and all of the other things that I've been able to do since and I have largely not had to look for a job since it's kind of fun when you're like I have no idea what I'm going to do next but God's going to do something with this and I'm Ok with that if you ever like spontaneity this is the best way to go but the interesting thing is is in Matthew 2523 it says his Lord said to him Well done good and faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of your Lord now I haven't been made ruler of anything but that's Ok I'm not looking for that job I don't want to be president or king or queen or anything like that but the interesting thing is how many things I've been given the responsibility to do and it's quite fun when you give you know the proverbial wheel over to the Lord and let him plan your path. The next one. See. I'm tired of waiting for an Adventist guy or girl you. Think I got these out of order. So here you go. I'm tired of waiting for an advantage to go I or a girl here she is so much more mature than all the Adventists guys or girls a meter or whatever else you might put in that and here she treats me so well it doesn't really matter if he or she is Advena Scott understands now you remember the assumptions for this but I want to share with you some of the things that I've learned from this. I just got married what less than 8 months ago I think just less than 8 months ago and I'm going to share how old I am with you now. I am 44 years old. And I waited a very very very long time. And I'm happy I waited very happy I waited. I. As a marriage and family therapist I've had a lot of people come and tell me things that have happened to them unfortunately I don't get to see all the good marriages they don't usually come to me and I'd like to spend more time with people who have good marriages but I get to spend time with people who have unhealthy sad difficult struggling marriages and one of the things that often precipitates those is marrying the wrong person and I'm not saying about just lately I'm saying that because a lot of people realize later on that they compromised they put a deadline on meeting the person and that deadline made them overlook certain things that would have been really helpful to notice before they decided on the person that they went into marrying and. I just I wanted to read something. To Well I'm not going to read this to you it's quite long but back when I was attending Advent hope one of the books that we went through during this the 1st hour time was administering have any of you read this book. I would reckon I would recommend to anybody to read this book and for the ladies I would recommend there are quite a few things that the book tells you to do when you're looking for a spouse and gentleman there are quite a few things that it tells you to do when looking for a spouse and so what I did when I went through that is I wrote down those things that's Ok I wrote down those things and I put them on an index card and I hung it up in a place that I would see it often to remind myself and I'm not saying that I made all the best choices but fortunately I. Didn't make any long term choices when it came to someone other than the person that I believe God gave me and some of the things that I see unfortunately have to do with children if you're unequally yoked was someone who is even even just a Christian it can be very difficult when do you go to church where do you take your children to church who gets to decide that that's one of the big factors but another thing too is you know even if and I see this too sometimes people say oh well they're not even Christian but that's Ok they're really nice person and they support what I do but what happens when you're sitting down at the dinner table and you want to pray what happens when you're raising your children in you want to suggest certain things but that person doesn't want the same things that you want oftentimes we make these decisions for our spouses because we're looking at the short term versus the long term we're not willing to wait we're not willing to be patient and. One of the other things that I see too. Is. You know. Just that people people change over time not that we don't usually change too much but when you're in that initial stage of you know infatuation and love and all that stuff we often are willing to do things that we're not willing to do later and so if you meet somebody and you think well this person's really great they're Ok with all of these things but will they be Ok with them later and there's a chapter in the Adventist home and it's called for for a bit in marriages and and this phrase specifically it hurts my heart when I hear it because it says you married me knowing who I am do you want your spouse to say that to you when you decide to marry somebody that is not equally yoked with you do you want them to say because it will turn sometimes and they'll say hey you knew who I was then I didn't change I didn't I knew who you were but you knew who I was and now you want me to do something differently than I was doing before. And I never want anybody to hear that but if we look at. The story of Sampson I just want to open this up because I have some nice notes here that Ellen White put in here and I really like what she says here she says the history of Samson conveys a lesson for those whose characters are yet unformed who have not yet entered upon the stage of active life the youth who enter our schools and colleges will find their every class of mind if they desire sport and folly if they seek to shun the good and unite with evil they have the opportunity sin and righteousness are before them and they are to choose for themselves but let them remember that whosoever a man so is that shall he also read. He that so it's to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption but he that so as to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap everlasting life some of the time we don't realize were sowing in our relationships even non-romantic relationships we don't realize what we're sowing but each of those relationships are often taking us a step further and further away from the things that are important to us and the God that's important to us. Christ mission on this earth included abstinence in the 33 years that he was here unless we can use our marriage to be a greater ministry than we can as a single Per's sin marriage is not necessary and one of the things I want to add to this is we live in a world right now where a lot of people are wanting to be married and I'm not talking about. Necessarily advantage here but a lot of people outside of here want to get married and one of the excuses they're using is as they look at Christians and even 7th Day Adventists they're saying well if your marriages don't work why can't we be married. And it's a real rebuke to some of us who have made unwise choices in our marriages that if ours can't even stay together because we haven't made wise choices then why are we telling other people that they can't get married to. The next one that I want to cover I'm just going to avoid the boards there I can't stand this it's too much obviously I'm doing something wrong God doesn't want me to suffer like this now I don't believe suffering was ever God's a deal that's that would be a different assumption God never wanted us to have to suffer and he gave us all of the recommendations and all of the. The commandments to help us so that we wouldn't have to suffer but we have people in the Bible that show us sometimes suffering. It is actually not as bad as we think it is one we have job he trusted in God's promises not because they were now but because they were promised a promise doesn't mean that I have to think it's going to happen right now a promise can be because I know it's going to happen in the future and if God says it it will come to fruition if he says Let there be light there was late if he said that hey if you eat of this tree you will surely die what happens. Well some time did pass but the other thing that happened to that I don't think we often consider is there's a slow death you know as soon as happened over the years thousands of years what has happened besides just the dying of individuals you know in there when we go to funerals there's also a death sin is brought to death the trees experience death every Winter right the leaves fall off there's a death that Adam and Eve never had to see before sin but we we also have to realize too that sometimes suffering actually helps us I think it's interesting that Joseph waited 13 years to get the promise of his dreams he was 17 when he went into the kingdom and yet it was when he was 30 that he was actually given the power to be at the place in his life where his brothers would then come back and what was the dream that they would bow down to him Can you imagine 17 years going through that I don't think there was a lot of promise in all the times that he was being you know persecuted and put in jail and treated poorly not remembered but yet he still persevered because he knew that the promise was there and in one of the things that that help to me especially when I was working especially with difficult people is Hebrews 11 when it says by faith not seeing the end from the beginning it means that they will see the fulfillment after the resurrection they don't know what happened after their death necessarily but they will get to see the finality of it and also Christ receive the promise after his death to you he didn't feel the suffering that he went through was going to you know have any any promise he didn't feel it but he knew what guy. God had said and he trusted him anyway and I love when he says. In his final prayer before you know he went to the cross he said take this cup for me I think this is what we all say when we're going through a difficult situation but then he added but not my will but I will be done and I think every time we pray we should be adding that to the end of our prayers that we can ask for the things that we want but we also have to make sure that we're in line with God's will and the only way that will happen is if we ask for His will to be done. My computer turned off just as. The next one it doesn't do any good to pray for people and tell them about God they never change or convert in fact they give me a hard time and ignore what the Bible and God says I'm in it I'm in a really nice situation that where I work I'm allowed to share my faith I would anyway but I'm not actually allowed to and when oftentimes when I meet with people either in my groups or individually some of them even if they're not necessarily interested in God What happens is as we talk over time they'll start sharing things and they'll they'll give me an idea of maybe where their relationship with God ended at a certain point in their life because of things that they've been through and I realize that you know I can actually give them something else and so one of my coworkers and I do regularly is we actually invite people to come to church or we go to church and then after church we'll have a potluck situation where all those people that can come and share in the with us and everything and it's been really nice but I'll tell you sometimes it's been really disappointing somebody will come one time. Maybe come a 2nd time and then they don't want to come anymore they find all kinds of excuses not to come and it's really easy to give up on them like a hive put so much work into this why don't they come in oh here's just one more excuse why they don't want to come but I found that if I focus on all of those times I forget the individual times when people have actually come even further and I want to share some examples from the Bible and in my life where people have actually continued and given their lives to God Did you do you remember the story in Acts 16 there's a story of Paul and Silas where they're preaching and healing and teaching and this woman who is possessed starts harassing them and she just keeps harassing them and they try to they try to you know minister to her but it doesn't help and in fact all it does is bring more wrath from the people that are associated with her and they wind up in prison but then what does God do he performs an earthquake he lets there be an earthquake in the jail you know I mean can you imagine Paul and Silas it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse now we're in prison who were being you know treated this way but then God gives them this earthquake and what does the jailer do he freaks out what do you do it would go and I'm like please don't go Please don't go I'm going to get on all kinds of trouble and Paul and Silas say we're still here. And right when they've been so discouraged I'm imagining been discouraging except I don't think they really were I think they had plenty of opportunities to learn to trust in God because the it says they were singing. And as they were doing this the the jailer comes and says What must I do to be saved so who they were working with so much before that one doesn't work out but then sometimes God send somebody else that sees things that are happening I remember I was I was doing. One of my groups shortly after I moved to Auburn and there was a guy in my group and this was early on when we were doing the group and we hadn't vetted people very well in bringing them in and he wasn't in a stage where I think he was ready to really do the work and he was causing a lot of struggle in the group he was distracting me was distracting everybody else and we were talking about maybe excusing him from being there and I'll never forget. You know I was praying a lot because I didn't know how to handle this guy used just too much and this lady came she was also in the group and she came into my office one day and she said Can I talk to you and I said yeah and I thought oh man I think she's probably going to tell me I don't want to be here anymore this is too hard this guy's like ruining my experience I'm paying a lot of money to be in this group she had flown all the way from the East Coast to be a part of this group because she had heard that we were Christians and she wanted us to be a part of her healing and she came in and she sat down and she said you know what I don't think the group has taught me as much as you have in how you treat this man and I'll sleep one night. I feel like I'm going to pull out my hair every single day and I'm like praying God what do we do this guy is just interrupting it interrupting and interrupting and she said you know what I think my depression and anxiety has to do with my lack of patience. And you've taught me that I need to be more patient and she said she also said I realized my problems aren't as big this guy has even bigger problems in mine and I've been focusing too much on myself. Like why. I didn't even do anything I know about I did and we said we so don't realize that sometimes the difficulties that we're having with trying to convert people. And I think she got a greater Christian walk out of I think her heart was converted Sometimes we think of conversion is somebody just us to turn from not knowing God to knowing God but sometimes we think we know God but do we really know him until our hearts have been changed. And sometimes that's a conversion too I also had a kid in the group Paul that I was working at and I remember I had so many kids and I swear they didn't listen to anything I said most of the time but by faith I said you know neither is he that planted neither he that water earth but God that given the increase I might just be one part of this but I remember this kid came in my office and and I had started working with him after another therapist had left and we started talking about different things and it was so nice because he wanted to learn about spiritual things and we talked and I gave him a book he had been dealing with some supernatural stuff so I gave him the trip into the supernatural we actually were reading it together and he took it in and he wasn't sure that I was actually giving him the book but he said really I can keep this I said yeah I want you to finish the book on your own else and we're not able to meet anymore and I believe he took that home but man he asked so many questions about our admin is faith he has so many questions about the Bible and sometimes we let the 99 people dissuade us from the one person that is wanting help and support but here in testimonies for the church book for it says to be a coworker with Jesus you should have all patients with those for whom you labor not scorning the simplicity of the work but looking to the blessid result when those for whom you later bird do not exactly meet your mind you often say in your heart let them go they're not worth saving when if Christ had treated poor outcasts in a similar manner. He died to save miserable sinners and if you work in the same spirit and in the same manner indicated by the example of him whom you follow leaving the results with God You can never in this life measure the amount of good you have accomplished word disinterested plea lovingly patiently for all with whom you are brought into contact shown no impatience but are not one unkind word let the love of Christ be in your hearts the law of kindness on your lips. 11 of the programs that they did in the depression recovery program and I see a lot of people here who help out with that. One of the programs that we did after the end of this program a lady came up I don't remember who she came up to might have been me it might have been somebody else but I heard the story and I remember her saying Now we we were doing a lot of teaching of the Bible but mostly in terms of mental health kinds of stuff but I remember her coming up to us and saying you know. I don't know what you guys believe or what church you're a part of but I want to be a part of that church just the way you've been working with us in the way that you've shown us love sometimes we think we have to preach a sermon to people but sometimes that sermon is in the way that we act towards them in the fact that we don't give up on them sometimes people are actually pushing us away expecting us to give up on them just like everybody else in their life has but if you purser varyingly stay with them they actually start to turn around and it's it's amazing how learning patience with one person God will used to teach you even greater patience with the next person. The next one I want to cover. Is. This might be yeah this is the last one this whole health message thing. It doesn't really matter what I eat to really think God cares that I eat this every once in a while it's not like it's going to kill me or keep me out of heaven Now we talked about the assumptions in this but I want to share with you have you ever considered how many stories in the Bible have to do with food. Have you ever stopped to think how many stories in the Bible have to do with food one we have Eve Now we don't always think of that because we don't know exactly what fruit necessarily She took But that's if that's a story about food how about the story of Daniel he purposed in his heart not to defile his body with the king's food that's another story even before that we have is relates they were complaining about not having the flesh pots in Egypt and God gave them manna How about how often the disciples had to pray and fast that's a lack of food but it's still about food. And then Christ didn't eat what Satan offered him as part of the temptations that he went through. When I was another example of when I was working in the group home I have so many stories as a group home because I think that's where my patients was tested the most. One of the one of the things that I would often experience because I I tried to operate off of a plant based diet. And these kids did not operate they did the diet in the group home was probably the worst diet I've ever seen they would eat chicken McKnight gets and ribs and Carnie Assad and then have a tiny little salad and drench it with ranch dressing on top and I thought I didn't know you could eat that many types of meat in one meal but they would but they would watch the way that I would be and they'd they'd tease me and they go oh do you eat the leaves off of the trees. When you go home do you graze on your lawn and all that sort of thing I would take juices to work sometimes and you know um juice looks when you mix carrots and greens looks like rust rust water and so I take that sometimes in and they be like well it's disgusting how do you eat that so gross and that's you know it's like my coffee you got you drink coffee or the staff would drink coffee this is my coffee and stuff except doesn't have the caffeine but it's got a lot of other better stuff in it one time I told a kid to take a package of flax meal with him to school and show his friends like that that was really good for their brains and it would really help them and stuff but he actually did it because he thought it looked cool like drugs in a little baggie and stuff and so it all yeah I'm going to do that like get told this is even better for their brains than that stuff that they're using but I got all I got teased all the time about the way that I ate but I love how in certain moments I could see how that was actually affecting the kids I had one kid who tried for 3 months while he was in the group group home to be vegetarian he slipped a couple times but man can you imagine how hard that must have been when all of his friends were eating meat and stuff in front of him to try that hard I had other times where you know one of the staff members would say hey do you want to eat do you want to eat with us and I'd say Oh thank you but you know I don't eat that sort of thing but even before I could say it the kids would be like Oh Amanda she doesn't eat the stuff she doesn't eat. Sometimes they were confused at what I actually did eat but. I just loved how you know sometimes they would be really protective of me and they'd be like Oh no she can't have any cake and I'm thinking you're right I really do want cake but I can't have a can of. But I like I love what the Spirit of Prophecy told. In Child Guidance and also in Christian Temperance and Bible hygiene it says diet is an important factor it cannot be too often repeated was that whatever is taken into the stomach affects not only the body but ultimately the mind as well growth and stimulating food fevers the blood excites the nervous system and too often dulls the moral perceptions so that reasoning conscience or over borne by the sensual impulses it is difficult and often well nigh impossible for one who is in temperament in diet to exercise patience and self-control. God cares about our bodies he cares about the things that we put in them and I like to ask people to consider you know if you could have your dream car would you put a bunch of junk oil and fuel and whatever you wanted in there now and yet our bodies we can't get duplicates of this this is it you know this is what you get for the rest of your life and often too often we eat based on what tastes good and not what is actually good for us and the interesting thing is some things that you don't like now can actually start to taste really good later on the more that you try it and then there's plenty of other things that taste good and are good for you that you can try if you don't like something that does that you're not crazy about. I want I want to put all of this into perspective. I know we're getting close to lunch and I just talked about food but I want to add one little extra factor. If we were to have potluck out here right after this and you found out that the food was actually still cold and that the only way to heat it up was one of 2 options. The microwave or the oven How would you want your food heated. A lot of us if we're really hungry we would want we would just go for the microwave I'm just hungry I want to eat it have you ever thought why do we still have ovens then if microwaves are so much faster. Why do we still have and why do people pay thousands of dollars for these extravagant ovens if microwaves heat things up faster. Because there's the food ever taste is good from a microwave as it does from the oven. It doesn't people are dead there's a lot of people trying to figure out how to do that put these little alumina not aluminum but these little grey things in your pizza to make a crisp butter and stuff like that but they still have not mastered a way to make a microwave work like an oven. And I want to can I want you to consider that Q In your life sometimes we're trying to microwave the results we want right now but maybe if we waited a little bit longer if we trusted in God's promises if we consider the way that Christ has been long suffering with us not willing that any of us should perish we might pick the oven more often the oven method more often now I'm going to do something that might embarrass myself but when I was younger in Will and after this but when I was younger I remember hearing a song about patients and my husband's going to laugh because I sing him the song a lot but this song is a little kid songs and some of you might recognize it when you hear it too but I believe in keeping with simplicity Sometimes the best things are the simple things the childlike things and songs. To sing this song for you but before I start singing it I want you to consider that I'm a snail. So it goes Have patience have patience don't be in such a hurry when you get impatient you'll only start to worry remember remember that God is paid to and thing of all. Times when. I have to wait for you. Tell you about your heads with me. Dear Father in heaven I want to thank you so so much that throughout the whole Bible the Old Testament the New Testament you have consistently been longsuffering with us you have been patient with us and waiting and waiting and waiting for us to choose you waiting for us to trust you and your promises and Lord I ask that every single person and family represented here would have the patience of the saints that we would keep your commandments and have the testimony of Jesus and that we've waited and waited for you too and we are so grateful that in all of this waiting we do have the promise of King and of the eternal everlasting joy that was set before us through Christ and I ask these things in his name I pray. 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