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Adventist Education: No Substitutes Allowed

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 13, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Father our lives are yours it would be a living sacrifice I pray Lord in this time in your word that we would hear you speaking to our hearts and Fallujah thank you for that you came in redeemed us and brought us out of darkness in the light may we walk in it now I pray in Jesus' name amen this morning I want to talk with you about Advena said education it's essential so for which there are no substitute. I'm going to start this morning with an article that a.b.c. News reported on screen time in kids new findings that parents need to know. The digital age has made screens more accessible and portable than ever and although the full implications of screentime exposure on young kids whose brains are still developing is not yet known there's concern the screens can use there is concern that screen use can affect cognitive and language development and lead to problems in school and make some mental health disorders worse because of these concerns the American Academy of Pediatrics created guidelines and 2016 for parents to limit their screen time. Some of those include avoiding screen time for children younger than 18 months with the exception of video chatting from 18 to 24 months introducing digital media by watching quality programs like p.b.s. kids of sesame seeds workshop with children for ages 2 to 5 living screen time to one hour per day and quality programming with kids for ages 6 and up limiting media use in device type in your media use does not interfere with sleep and physical activity when you study from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center published in The Journal of American medicine pediatrics showed concern. With evidence that brain structure may be altered in kids with more screen use researchers looked at brain m.r.i. eyes and $47.00 preschoolers and found that screen time. Over the a.p.s. recommendations was associated with difference in brain structure as related to language and literacy development and then a little farther says Dr David Anderson a clinical psychologist and senior director of national programs and outreach at the Child Mind Institute it's especially important he says to be very cautious when using screens with young children as the study highlights as young children are in a critical developmental period now I want to reference to one other article here to get going this one hears in time worrying new research about kids screen time in their mental health now in the beginning of the article Jean Twenge who's a research scientist discovers much to our surprise that if your child spends 7 hours a day on a screen they are likely to be depressed that would depress most of us I think but for all the data she took from the census in 2015 this is a 2016 report we get down to the end of the report and this is what it says not everyone agrees with the conclusion of twinges new study now listen to this the authors appear to have cherry picked outcome measures in terms of what results they could find that are statistically significant says Andrew Prince blinks key an associate professor and director of research for the Oxford Internet Institute last year prison Billings key published a study that examined an older version of the same Census Bureau data. That twinge in her co-author in their new paper based on that data and concluded that the advice to limit screen time of young kids was not warranted it is true that there is a very small and consistent correlation in many data sets between screen time and a range of outcomes but the correlation some studies have found between increased screen time and outcomes like depression do not prove one is to blame for the other it may be that kids who are anxious or depressed are just more likely to spend a lot of time using screens for the research in this area to mature people need to sort out these factors before making an experience and claimed Well good luck parents get your Ph d. in screen time use and you can sort it out I'm making a point aren't I we're living in an age where the experts don't agree with the experts and nobody knows what's right and nobody knows what's wrong so for the very 1st element for which there is no substitute in the raising of your children I'm going to introduce a different subject matter it's called Inspiration Now I'd like to take just a few moments so you know what to do with the data because I'm not against information but the secular paradigm of using up a generation or 2 to figure out what the past generations problems is or were is a generation too late. And we've come to a place where we've got to see to believe and what I'm trying to show you in the 1st few moments of this time together is that if you want to good life you're going to have to discover whether or not there is a God who brought all this into existence and if there is by faith you're going to get out in front of the research cycle and you're going to be the people that someday they're looking at wondering how did you know to do that and that was like that for me when I was a kid back in the seventy's if you lived in the Midwest where everybody was oriented to a pretty routine schedule of life if you grew up in a regular American home that wasn't infused with inspiration you grew up eating hamburgers and hot dogs and everything else and a meal without a hamburger or a hotdog or some version of what was once 4 footed creature not being on your table rendered it not a meal so imagine what it's like when as a young man in a Christian school my teacher who was a had a master's degree in Paris intelligent and had worked in a butcher shop Those are 2 very different ends of the same spectrum his telling me stories from one side and from the other and pretty soon he brings in inspiration the story of Daniel and I want to become a vegetarian now I'm here to tell you that in the seventy's in Peoria Illinois vegetarianism was wacky it was something they did on those coast mainly the West Coast. But some 4050 years later now with parents who are getting the residual benefit I want to really honor my mother and father my mother being a backslidden 7 they have an s. and my father being an agnostic raised in a very very very casual Catholic home I want to affirm them that they were willing to move with their children and take up vegetarianism the likes of which has probably lengthened their life with the residual 7 day having us lifestyle benefit today it wasn't cool it wasn't in Dr Dean Ornish had not done his studies in the seventy's and we were not in a position of having the fact to back up the faith. But I'm here to tell you this morning God isn't waiting around for human beings to affirm with their great wisdom and that which he designed into systems hearts and minds for the benefit and the happiness and the well being of his children if there's one thing we cannot leave out of our current discussion about where we're to go with institutions from the university size on down to the smallest home school or one room school it's the fact that God in a knowledge of what it's going to take to get us home has laid out a plan with the proper adaptations for the time and place wherein we're living in an age in which the devil is seeking to take our children from us when Pharaoh was going to let Moses go he says you go ahead and go but leave the children behind and Moses said no we will take our children with us what will heaven be if we don't have our families intact on the other side now last week I went through a litany lest someone should find themselves listening to this message out of context not only did I find my salvation in us as a 7th grader if you're a junior Cademy in a 7 day having a school not only did I find my calling in that school not only did I find my wife from this wonderful Christian educational system but I want to go a little bit farther this morning and say just a little bit more it's not just that all 3 of the major facets of my life are built on Christian education it's also the fact that I am married to a teacher my father in law was a superintendent of education I sat on k. 12 board for almost 20 years now called an education board and almost every day of my life and ministry I've had a church school attached to me and by God's grace walking in the narrow way they have prospered and this morning should anyone hear me speaking without that picture frame of context you should think that somehow I had become your enemy. Except for this one thing is that truth is true whether it's 2 friends or whether it's to focus and god this morning is calling us back to a greater dependence on the wisdom that will never be discovered in the annals of secular research and tell the cost has been too high the smarting I'm here to assure you God has a plan to make us the head and not the tail you know how it was when you had a substitute teacher in school you didn't learn as much you didn't work as hard you tried to get away with more and sometimes you did there was that occasional substitute that really understood where you were where the teacher who had left good lessons plans was going and where they needed to end up but by and large a day with a substitute was a day that was a little bit less affective for the achievements of the fuller spectrum of learning this morning I'm here to tell you like you can't leave certain things out of a recipe there are certain things you cannot leave out of a journey with Jesus and expected to turn out right when it comes to the discipleship of children there are no substitutes allowed for certain things they cornerstone of it all is the book education and there's one more book I wish every parent would get and read every parent. The book Adventists home you put these 2 things together and you start to have a team that can't be defeated now my mother moved rapidly into 2nd place when I was an early adolescent in that church school all I fought for that day she took me out on the step at my uncle's house at the end of a little mini vacation which we almost never got she ruined my vacation there I am standing there in Sugar Grove Illinois not far from the deceased Broadview Academy and she's telling me that when we go back I'm going to a church school and I'm telling her I'm looking down at her because I'm tall and she is and I'm telling I'm not and she's looking at me with that you better remember who you're talking to Look I am and you are and I want to tell you it's not many months into that experience and for my teacher is now the primary person shaping my life my mother understood that had teacher was her friend even though that teacher had taken over the position of greatest influence when it comes to working together when a pastor and a teacher or a parent and a teacher I should say work together certainly pastors and teachers for sure as well the slightly different setting. The you begin to get the team that can't be beaten now my mother taught me that teacher was of all voice of authority and that voice was to be obeyed and never once maybe occasionally but I don't hardly remember a specific time to my mother ever say oh word against our teachers my mother understood that the goal was to take this little child that actually came from her womb who had some problems some of them were hereditary some of them were environment and some of them were self chosen by the person himself with the name Ronald Paul Kelly Jr and she figured she needed as much help as she could get to get him from the Henri little child he was to an honorable adults and along the way she knew compromising authority would compromise the process your children will endure the hands of even a not so good teacher but they will not endure Well a divided environment it goes for marriage between husband and wife and it goes for parents between parents and teachers I don't know how many behind the scene conversations my mother had with my teachers I found out later on she did and I'm glad she did because she was following a biblical narrative take your Bibles and open them up to the book of Luke Leviticus the Vicar's Chapter 19 probably the most quoted and least observed scripture in the entire Bible Leviticus Chapter 19 and I'm going to do this on my device this morning with vicus Chapter 19 and let's go to verse 17 and verse 18 Leviticus 19 verse 17 this is the King James version that was shot not hate brother and I heart. That outshout in anywise which means you do this rebuke I name for and not suffer sin upon him that I shall not of binge nor bear any grudge against the children of my people but that shall we say together love thy neighbor as thyself all we quote it left and right but when it comes down to the actual practice of not letting those bad feelings grow in our heart and speaking frankly with our neighbor in this case maybe our children's teacher we don't do it not like we should and for those of you that do praise the Lord your children will rise up some day and emulate you and call you blessed but here's the fact God never design ill will should go out grow in the fabric of his family and so he determined that for those things that need to be discussed and by the way there are some things you just dismiss they were little they were insignificant and they're not going to hang on you but for those things that need to be discussed they are to be discussed so that the feelings can grow inside of you and the failure of do this is a disservice and it is a absence of Christian integrity for the teacher in this case and it's a disadvantage to your child because you cannot not tell your story so those little feelings that nurture and grow with the hand of the adversary of your soul and your children souls they fertilize very well and those little feelings that grow into stronger resentments and questions and suspicions and doubts they pop out. And they wound your child's ability to be properly discipled by the teacher and it works both ways teachers you need to have the courage to nicely say to a parent have you thought about doing this different at home I was talking with a teacher not long ago and this teacher was convinced that the kids coming into our classrooms on certain days weren't mentally prepared to do the basic math concepts why over CMU lation lack of mental calmness you see friends there are some things you cannot substitute if you want an excellent outcome the 1st is doing it God's way the 2nd is for parental leadership to be the initial educational system and the support of one when the kids are in a different educational system teacher and and parent together works for the child I was talking to our principal on the bus yesterday on the way home from the airport and he said to me we were talking about a certain situation you know you could call these people up when you had an issue with the child and guess what the child came to school differently certain parents step in and solve the problem so the teacher doesn't have to you see teachers build a bond of filial affection between them and the student but that bond will never be as great as the parents bond listen parents don't be afraid to parent do what you're supposed to do love the kids and help them to grow up knowing you'll never do anything unloving to them but the definition of love by modern society and the biblical construction structure is a little bit different my mama gave me a lot of love the didn't feel loving at the moment but in the long run I have risen up and called her blasted. And along the way you're not supposed to be protecting your child's self-esteem you're supposed to help your children find the path of truth and life and true self esteem grows within as they follow the duty and destiny of their Savior Jesus Christ no you cannot substitute the role of a parent as a matter of fact parents' home is the 1st school and it's critically important that you're not guessing around with the latest studies about how to do this the 3rd thing that cannot be substituted in the education of a child is prayer every single day with almost without exception my children's names are on my lips I am praying as now all of them are emancipated I know is that the right word maybe there were times when I'm sure emancipation seem like what they desired most but they are now beyond with the exception of a daughter who's a university still they're in a position where it's all theirs their caring but their well being is my constant interest and so I'm praying daily the prayer of Isaiah 4925 contend with those who contend with me and save my children and there are strangers in their experience and the voices of former teachers and pastors and church friends that I trust at the right moment will rise up and put their feet on the pap of life but it's a little person they're not computer programmed although they're programmed but even if they're programmed well they do things that embarrass us I can remember when my boys were little. You know you never want to be the parent of the 1st grader where the teacher is giving you a piece of paper and on the piece of paper there are things drawn that you're saying to yourself why are they drawing this in the teacher's asking you the same thing it's like why do my kids have to be the only kids to do this kind of stuff you know the truth of the matter is you don't go from the beginning to the end without an amazing journey through the valley of humbleness realizing you're dealing with the person who can make their own decisions praying for a sensitivity the Holy Spirit praying for their teacher there is no substitute the Bible says Brother and pray for us this is Paul's admonition to the vessel and I can see and it should be our admonition for each other in the book steps to Christ and the wife says we should pray for each other and let the person know we're doing it who needs a little encouragement who's on your prayer list let them know put your teacher on the prayer list and may God bless them as your partner there are 3 other things this morning that I want to talk about that are imperative there can be no substitute for in the book education writing on the school of the Patriarchal Age she suggests there were 3 things that comprise the study of these younger men and women the 1st was labor it wasn't study now we have systems to tooted leisure for labor as a matter of fact the great goal of everyone's life if it's untouched by the same define influence of Christ is to get as leisurely a life as soon as you can get it with as much money as you can get it so you can have the good life. But Labor is a cornerstone of character development and character development is a cornerstone of mental energy focus and receptiveness a character that is built around labor done well for the ministry to other people is a character that shapes itself well to learning and the receiving of information the Bible says whatever your hands find to do do it with all of your heart your mind your soul and your strength the New Testament says do your work as under the Lord not as under man what higher motivation can there be every job done well produces good is steam in the heart of the doer every job done sloppily turns work into misery and something to move out of the life as fast as possible and wide articulated in this book it is shoddy work that actually ruins a person so every time my mother would go into the front room and didn't I love it when she do this didn't take me very long to figure it out Ronny vacuum the front room I got the vacuum cleaner out and I did do to flee under myself as quick a job as fast as I could do it I didn't realize that as soon as I was done she was going to come in a move the footstool she was going to look behind the door and her admission to me was more than an ammunition it was a Jedi directive Jenny being her 1st name and it wasn't just that I would move the foot stool and do the footstool over she would say vacuum the whole thing over. And as I vacuum the whole thing over I learned very rapidly that a job not well done would not be well received and consequentially I began doing better work I can remember she'd player a motherly trick on me which probably most kids already know but. Nobody liked to clean the bathroom at my house so it was a job that she eventually gave to me and I'd go in and I'd clean the bathroom you know you go to this one person said you get a hug and toilet to clean it and you scrub in the bath tub with that a Jackson you know you don't want a ring around the bath tub My mother would come in and she would look at the job and I'm assuming at this point in time I had figured out to do it well and every time I'd complain about cleaning the bathroom she'd say Ronnie you do such a nice job cleaning the bathroom you do a very good job cleaning the bathroom there were 2 ways of approaching it one was the rain that brought the standard up and one was the affirmation for a job well done I would hate to live in a home where that affirmation didn't exist but whatever my hand found to do even though it was not in a Christian hall I was being taught to do it well. And by the way while we were on our trip to Florida there was an inspection of the living quarters of our young people and they were in spirit and in plan to be kept orderly labor is your life set or is your life too busy to teach your kids to work it is very hard to teach somebody to work if you want proof just find the person in charge of the kitchen at the academy and ask them how many good workers come through it's very hard to teach somebody how to work that's a mom job that's a dad job and has to be added on to with a teacher's role at some point in time but labor is not in the way Labor is the way the 2nd thing that was a part of these patriarchal family schools was study and you say well of course but the study that was done was done with a purpose for not just achieving a pragmatic end we were in those days yet into the full. Blown up or unfettered capitalistic model and by the way less someone has any doubt I believe that capitalism works especially when there's a church and a structure of homes strong enough to put some conscience on it and when there's no conscience on capitalism it's in trouble and this is where we find ourselves today but I'll leave that for another moment in time the 3rd thing for which there can be no substitutes and the last in my list this morning is meditation Now if you were to look at the 3 components of the patriarchal school system if you want to call it that the home school even you found labor you found study and you found meditation now of those 3 the only one in modern society that still highly prized. At least by most is the middle one you've got to be able to make it through the l. set or the m. cat or whatever it might be it might have been the Iowa basics when you were a boy or a girl and now it may be the map studies but whatever it is we find ourselves greatly out of balance consequentially just like your engine when only 3 out of the 4 cylinders is running it's a little bit of an unpleasant ride God is calling us back to reinstitute the value of the hand as well as the head labor as well as study and thirdly meditation what does the Bible say Be still and know that I am God Now I want to ask you when does being still become advantageous to a mind do you wait till you're 21 till the programming is all done because we've substituted leisure for Labor in the 1st of the 3 legs of this curriculum stool and in the last we've substituted sensation for meditation and consequentially every child some of them now more and more younger ages having devices like this usually little bigger when they're little stuck in their hands we're finding it's reshaping brains it's changing the emotional fabric of who they are but if the parents are too busy how could we ever expected child to learn biblical meditation now and one of the articles I looked at preparing for this message there was a mother holding a baby in one hand it was a drawing and she was holding her device in this hand so here's mama baby here device here and coming out of the brain with green line so just to illustrate connectedness there are multiple lines going from Mama's brain to this device. And there's one little strand flowing out of her brain going to this. Parents are oftentimes leading the way the wrong way now I'm not here to discourage a parent today the worst discouraging thing for me as a parent is when the child is 16 or 17 and sitting in the jail and I'm getting a call would you go see them I could wish I never received another call like that every parent could wish they never needed to make a call like that but the truth of the matter is it's when the child is young that the path is set and inspiration is 2nd tier working knowledge for you as a Christian person especially a 7 day Aves Christian person who believes that we have the testimony of Jesus which not Revelation 1910 says is The Spirit of Prophecy and while the expression of those writings like this one are not the full summation of the spirit of the prophets it is certainly one that we recognize is legitimately a prophetic gift and for these things to be left dust fall on red is a terrible tragedy to the functionality of our subculture as a 7th Day Adventist but as long as the culture seems to be functioning fine doesn't seem to bother anybody too much but is it possible parents that there is no time in your schedule for meditation so there's not going to be any time for anybody else and how can you really model something you've never experience experience you'll learn an experimental religion when when your parent when your children never see you on your knees but there's always noise in the hall and there's always little dangers and vibrations going on how are your children going to come to a place to where they actually know what it is to stop and think. Carl Sandburg one the famous biographers of Abraham Lincoln was also a poet and it was interesting some of the things he wrote he said a man must find time for himself Man Woman time is what we spend our lives with and if we're not careful we find others spending it for us you could almost think he was a secular prophet it is necessary now and then for a person Amanda go away by himself and experience loneliness to sit on a rock in the forest and ask himself here goes I don't know that he made any real profession of Christianity who am I Where have I been and where am I going if one is not careful one allows diversions this is clearly a pre-digital writing one allows diversions to take up one's time the stuff of life now in this book education writing a century ago the author will declare that the books of the land are like the frogs of Egypt in other words a plague to the development of young minds how in the world could we ever come up with a metaphor although I suspect the frogs were many varied and in everywhere how could we come up with a metaphor for the plague of a book where you never need the pages you just and it's always different and the people who develop it did it that way on purpose because they knew that scrolling kept your attention different than turning pages now I'm going to do something a little bit dangerous here I'm going to quote some research that could be misquoted. And may end up being someday but I'm going to take a risk because I'm holding in my hands a article from The Washington Post that says Harvard neuroscientist meditation not only reduces stress Here's how it changes your brain Now obviously this is not Biblical meditation because The Washington Post and Harvard though it started as a theological school has very little interest in establishing the biblical narrative but let's just for the sake of contemplation consider that the devil knowing the value of biblical meditation would create an alternative that would not be totally without merit and benefit so let me say again to all those watching live or online I have not the slightest interest in affirming yoga or any other of the mindful practices that the new age is turned to as they've turned their back on God But if you think the devil's not smart enough to pay attention and if you think he doesn't know how to combine truth with error and if you think he doesn't know there's benefit in stopping for a while just read the article and what you'll find is is not only does it do all kinds of things we've found differences in brain volume after 8 weeks in 5 different regions of the brain of 2 groups in the group that learn meditation we found thickening in 4 regions and they go on to discuss those 4 regions. The posterior singular which is involved in mind wandering and self relevance the left hippocampus which assist in learning cognition memory and emotional regulation the temporal period to all junction or the t.p. j. which is associated with perspective. Perspective taking empathy and compassion and an area of the brain stem called the ponds where a lot of regulatory neurotransmitters are produced and when you know it may be a little more regulatory transmitters being produced might be just what our generation needs and in this article here it talents oh whole list of mind body and spirit outside of the Bible all kinds of things build knowledge self-knowledge improves empathy increases compassion helps relationship satisfaction helps sleep eases stress reduces loneliness fosters a healthy body image and that's just in the spirit circle of these 3 overlaid circles would any of us be surprised without our Ph D.'s in neuroscience this stopping to think about life for a little bit would have some benefits to stopping to think about our destiny would have some benefits when you go on to look at the article a little bit carefully it quotes a study meditation may just be exercise for the brain may not be just maybe exercise for the brain in fact. A 2000 and I study from u.c.l.a. researchers showed that m.r.i. scans of long term meditation taters reveal that certain provides that parts of their brain were larger than those of a control group particularly in regions known for emotional regulation maybe that's why meditation is included in the discipleship program of the young but not only is the Del not content to trade in meditation for sensation he wants to totally destroy the interest that's in the human heart for thinking seriously about anything except the next dopamine fix now I want to think about this you could go to the latest science and you can say oh maybe we ought to do this science is affirming that I'm not running away from science all of the nutritionists have caught up with the vegetarian and vegan living well not all but lots should I be surprised that eventually science without any with with some measure of honesty humility and integrity ends up coming closer and closer back to the Word of God. Now if you're a parent today or just a child of God. Don't we have portions of the Bible like you flip in chapter 4 that says Whatsoever things are could we look at that for just a minute so that we could see where our brain should be let's go over to the book for Libyan's chapter for that little book to Paul's favorite church I don't have time to prove it but I could do it pretty easily read a book actually Apostles and you'll find out Paul had a favorite church it was this one and when you read the book you can see why he doesn't have to say very hard things to this church but when we come to the element of Paul's life. We find ourselves looking at the kinds of things. That would fill a mind with happiness. Self-regulation an understanding of what matters verse 8 Finally Brother whatever is true now I don't want to be too wooden maybe more wooden than the possible was I understand that along the way it may not have been actual fact but it's true to fact. Most of us would agree that Little House On The Prairie While not an actual word for word dictation of dialogue as a historical novel captures the true essence but we've gravitated so far away from such the perhaps it's time to bring it back a whole lot closer to only the things that are true then we go to whatever is honorable I don't really think Angry Birds and all kinds of the latent my number or most recent mind numbing versions of how to waste the stuff of life called time really fits into this category and of course that dates me I don't keep up I've never played the game I don't have time to mess with this garbage and it's garbage for a 12 year old every bit as much as it's garbage for a 50 some your own but for some reason we think that childhood should be a journey of leisure and very little meditation and plenty of sensation especially to keep them out of our hair that is garbage whatever is honorable whatever is right whatever is pure that would take a lot of things off the less whatever is lovely whatever is of good repute is there any excellence. That would take most of the mind numbing Tick-Tock videos out of your children's life I stopped improving the Ana back and forth to get some things for one of our remodeling projects poor kid I felt so sorry for this kid he was craving attention I go into a subway you can go there sometime stop there at the Pru exit drive up past the Wal-Mart it's on the north side of the road he was stuck because there was no dad in his life and his mom needed work and all he did was sit there all afternoon and look at worthless Tick-Tock programming but he was craving attention so a stranger like me could end up coming over to the booth while his mom's behind the plastic making my sandwich and he can be showing me all of these things that are going to do nothing in the end except drag him down into a posture of mental in the Bri ation dependent on the next worthless thing to watch and it was probably easier than thinking about the pain of being 10 years old with nowhere to go and nobody who cared except your mom she got to sit here and watch you make Subway sandwiches hour after hour with nothing to do. You see our society is going to venture they're going to be fed up with this kind of corporate experience and we're going to realize the implosion of individualistic hedonistic cell focused living and eventually those people are going to get old enough to where they don't have the emotional regulatory stuff in place and somebody is going to do something push a button create a problem and do something that creates a catastrophe and finally everybody's going to say fuck all maybe we better go back to the old fashioned old faithful tried and true ways we better get back to the Bible and when that time comes religious liberty will be fleeting fast you see friends. We must in our homes practice a simplicity of life that creates a mind that can actually be with itself and not be terribly undone by sensation is never to trump meditation and by the way I'm not sure I've ever seen a group of young people more mesmerized then when those dolphins their off Key Largo were providing us an impromptu show but we had to be there to see it and we had to be doing something alternative to experience it mama if you've got those kids papa if you've got those kids your post graduate degrees may have to wait that extra thing you wanted may have to be on hold that child is the greatest stewardship or one of the greatest of your life. And God intends that your personal self development falls in to the personal journey he's chosen for you which is the shaping of a life the architecting of the future there is no greater self development than helping somebody else find Christ and develop into their God identified cell and yet the world is held out all kinds of things you need to do and be get rid of your bucket list and let God deal your life with the things that will give you not only earthly satisfaction but eternal joy I when we think about the life of Jesus. These things were part of his life he labored in the shop he never acquired a formal education in the way we think of formal education but he did study the Bible being the center of his journey and you know that Jesus withdrew every day as was his habit and his contemplation of God's will for his life his Father's Will for his life and his communion with heaven shaped Jesus journey in such a way that you and I are living in a confident hope the smore any. I want you to ask yourself what substitutes has this culture woven into the fabric inadvertently of your life and if the appetites of your home are wrongly calibrated it's very very important that you wisely and patiently bend them back there's a reason we go out into nature with our kids. Why tells that it has the power to undo the wrong thinking of the world and has the power to deal with fashion which by the way is tied to a lot of immorality these days and has the power when we go to working to create strong thinking she says. But if the appetites of my home have been on the wrong trajectory changing that trajectory was going to require so much prayer so much patience so much wisdom and now it's time for good substitution. The 6 things I've mentioned here today none of them can be substituted there's no substitution for inspiration there's no substitute for it was too short for Mom and Dad being mom and dad there's no substitute for the praying teacher there's no substitute for prayer there is no substitute for teaching your young people to work and if you're not a worker yourself it's time to become one there's no substitute for good study and there's no substitute for meditation alive to fall is a life of wasted probationary opportunity we are living in the last days the clear thinking of Daniel is to be the clear thinking of our kids yes they will suffer because some of their very friends with 7th Day Adventist parents will get to do the things that will lead to eternal damnation is that too strong they will sow the seeds and fertilize and with the parental affirmation that actually destroy a love for what's pure and holy and good and you'll have kids who can't see the end from the beginning and they'll wonder why you're the great killjoy could you be loving beautiful parents and trust that your kids will eventually see beyond the superficial ality in the temporary. To the great rock of Christ love in your heart and live under the shade of your home friends Jesus when he came here made time for each one of these things he lived his life according to the constructs of the word he had directed should be written down he obeyed his parents and his parents sought the life they were directed to give him he did not receive the affirmation of the scribes and the Pharisees which means if your kids don't either if your kids don't get their dream job because their convictions stand in the way the real goal is to see Jesus coming in the clouds when all of our hopes and ambitions of a pure nature can be realized beyond our wildest imagination Jesus made time for prayer he actually knew his father through the human experience Jesus learn to love to do good work and Jesus studied this word and Jesus would go for those walks and he would take that quiet time to reflect on his purpose and that purpose from the beginning to the end was leading him to a death that death was my death I'm on a probationary journey run Kelly is on probation I've never been a day in a jail for anything I did that was wrong but I am a man on probation and am I so glad that my mother was a good probation officer and am I so glad that my teacher could take me the next round and am I so glad that I get to make the journey with you and that the same Jesus who was leading me out of dysfunction all the way to the Pearly Gates is leading all of us if we let him but that journey led him to a cross 1st. I'm going to share an illustration with you that was shared with me as I close while I was down in Florida I had someone come up to me and they said pastor have you ever thought about the Incarnation like this since God was the God of the universe here it is if you created the ants and you knew that by becoming an ant you could save the ants but you knew. You would never be a human being again you would always be an ant would you do it now let's get past all the obvious limitations of the illustration for a moment and let's make some time to think about what it meant for God to become a man is it too much for us to let God reshape our hearts so that we could have what he paid an internal and imminent price to give us is God not enough I stood for 45 minutes on that long boardwalk that some of you saw a network engineer was camping next to us from Washington d.c. I had no idea this man had a very fundamentalist religious background as soon as they arrived we took him to plates of food because it was late in the day it was the Jew Terry and I had to tell him that they didn't seem fazed by it it was good the day before I left I'm walking back from the shower room and here's this network engineer and he wants to talk with me we stand there for 45 minutes his wife leaves and goes and gets her shower he stays there talking he's still there when she's done there are people who are looking for real answers and they want to meet the real deal. And the one thing he wanted to know is why you should listen to me it wasn't disrespectful but in effect why should 7th Day Adventists and I mean we kind of cover a lot of bases why should 7 Day Adventists I'm think that somehow it's the real deal and how would he know it and I had to tell him you have to find out from God himself by doing what God tells you to do as you encounter him personally yourself yes the scriptures can be used to twist improve anything you want but in a sincere and humble heart the scriptures will be peace it's heart of you been raised in a 7 they haven't culture that's not very Christian and there's no cross and I fear that's where 7 am does and finds itself today lots of theology and little cross but it's the journey of the Cross that leads the way home. Wherever you're at Would you let inspiration be what it's supposed to be in parents would you be partners with teachers and teachers would you be prayerful supplicants of the throne of grace to partner with those parents and could we all accept the renewed dignity of a job well done physically and yes we all put value in learning secular society does the same but could we pause and be still and think about why we're here and what it cost for us to leave here great drops of blood flowed from Jesus brow he wouldn't turn aside praise the Lord for Mary praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit praise the Lord his feet were put on the path of life as a young man and he chose to walk it and now he's walking it with you and me no substitutes allowed you don't want to substitute just substitute one ingredient for another and serve it to your best friends don't serve it to strangers because all your best friends will be able to tell you that wasn't very good. You ever been at somebodies house. I had a relative once when I was living here going to school they came to the little house we lived in and they brought a pie I think it was a peach or apple pie I think they messed up on the baking powder baking soda thing and I felt like I was eating one bite of aluminum after another and I didn't want to hurt their feelings so I chose to suffer and I ate the whole thing no substitutes allowed and someday when we walk through the pearly gates and Jesus says welcome home we will be along. We will be at home and tell them they are homes and schools and churches be leading us on we're a part of the mc God bless us in the. Media was brought by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like more about audio for. Life. W.w.w. audio or.


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