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Love, Relationships and COVID19

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • February 13, 2021
    11:30 AM
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So our scripture reading was taken from the Book of Proverbs Thank you. Step to 30 years 18 to 19. Slightly different translation than was read before it says Solomon says there are 3 things that amaze me No 4 things that I don't understand how Eagles glide how an eagle glides through the sky how a snake slithers on a rock how a ship navigates the ocean how a Man Loves a Woman a message this Sabbath is entitle to love relationships and covert 19 Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word ask in a special way Lord that you make me just a nail upon the lower on the wall once again Lord upon that nail Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter was not see be seen or heard today Lord but Lord we need to hear a word from the throne room of grace as our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen All right so. We're going to get to Genesis Chapter 19 and if you have ever studied the book of Genesis it is it is a book a sordid tale of one of the most interesting region ever get it is like a soap opera or a tell a novella it is tons of twists and turns and all kinds of crazy things happen and this is one of my favorite stories it's a love story but true to form. Those. It a story make some pretty crazy decisions and mistakes Genesis Chapter 19 in verse one says then Jacob went on his journey and came into the land of the people of the east. And he looked and behold a well in the field and lo there worth there were 3 flocks of sheep lying by it for out of that well they watered the flocks and a great stone was upon the wells mouth Jacob had to run you all remember the story he had deceived his brother twice to steal the blessing and the birthright of the family he lied and he cooked good food he did all kinds of crafty things. And interestingly his parents were coconspirators with the 2 twin brothers they had a pretty dysfunctional family element did Jake up and his family and here he is all alone he has been exiled as it were because of what he did to his brother he is in fear that his brother Esau will find them and so his journey takes him a long way as I'll show you what a 2nd verse 3 says and the other were all the flocks of gathered and they rule the stone from the well's mouth and watered the sheep and put the stone again upon the wells mouth in his place and Jacob said unto them my brethren winds be they said of her on are we in Jacob's grandfather Abraham had spent some time in Iran and so this was a welcome word for him and just to show you where Jacob was he had to spend some time alone it was like he was on quarantine lock down except he was immobile he travelled very long distance all the way up to her on down from where his family was he traveled a good distance by himself and was had time to contemplate life this pandemic in r. and the social and the really physical distancing it has caused problems giving a lot of people a chance to really think well. As we go into this pandemic it has almost been a year that we've been dealing with it and the worst days were just behind us from the time from November through December early January there was a massive increase in new cases and now you can see there's been a precipitous fall is still not better than it was at the beginning of course but precipitous fall some are wondering if some of the efforts that are happening are beginning to turn the tide of the pandemic the point I bring this up to tell you is that people are still living isolated and alone the still dealing with this and even as we heard of our sister church going into lockdown there's still this threat that is happening and there's a true psychological toll that this thing takes. They said one of the things they said has happened to young people in America is that more young people are aware of their mortality because of covert 19 young people I've seen young people cry in clinic when they find out they are positive because they're worried they're going to die even though statistically speaking the chances are slim to none honestly increase in dating apps there's been a massive increase in dating apps and. Less happy young people are saying that they are less happy with dating so this is an interesting time. As online dating is ticked up but people are less happy and I want to want you to follow that theme people aren't doing so well most daters say their dating lives aren't going well and it's difficult to find people to date that is literally what people are saying you can see the graph there the point being that love is hard to find That's what people are saying is we're living in a strange time where I'm going to show you that things are changing in such a way that is making the ability for individuals to form meaningful relationships more difficult you get that it is more difficult for this generation right now to form meaningful relationships than probably any generation in the past so there's also been a wave of the spare from the pandemic federal agencies and experts warn that a historic wave of mental health problems is approaching depression substance abuse post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide this was this was back in April I think this is put out and it has come to pass we've seen Korean creases and all kinds of things just as the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus called hospitals unprepared in the United States the mental health system vastly underfunded fragmented and difficult to access before the pandemic is even less prepared to handle this coming surge I saw a patient like this just this week would having severe anxiety and depression and I could tell you it was almost impossible to find somewhere to have this young lady get help and she's not supposed to say this in the summer but I'll say it she happen to have a cross on and I asked her if she was a Christian and she said yes unfortunately 2 of her family members were outside and I began to share with her the words of the scripture. I began to talk to her about the Bible share with her from the book. Second Timothy Chapter one Verse 7 for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind I began to talk to her about her value turns out she had a rocky life at a very young age and it was was clean and sober for a year and still while still a teenager just to tell you what she had been through but before was all over as able to gather her and her family in the room and call on the name of the Lord and church I watched as her quivering shaking panicked anxious body calmed all the way down her appetite returned in fact she said she wanted some Burger King French fries when she left the place she hadn't eaten in weeks had lost 20 pounds but America is not ready for what is coming I'll show you some more of why that is so here in a 2nd but we said there was there's been an initially at least it showed an increase in domestic violence opiate overdoses and this is what this graphic showing you for the state of Virginia and the whole country kind of looks like at this pretty uptick actually happened and we have seen this in our in our in our practice alcoholic liver disease is the other pandemic that's happened so while everybody's been pouring team they've been pouring tea in wood with wood Roman bear him wine and that has been their solace for many people and their liver is of Americans are in worse health now than probably ever the Bible tells me that wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereof is not wise we're living in a time of the Spirit of course suicides as well have increased. Second Timothy Chapter 3 describes what we're going through right now it says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves that you see that men will love themselves pride will be are at an all time high arrogance will be at an all time high it will be covetous they want what everybody else has got and we boast years proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful on the holy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despises of those that are good training traitors heady highminded the Bible says here Paul telling Timothy says lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God That is the world in which we will live in the last days and here is what was the final warning to Timothy that Paul gives he says having a form of godliness but denying the power there of from such who would turn away in the last days in times like these a lot of folks are going to present themselves as spiritual but will not have the Holy Spirit because the power of the Holy Spirit does not simply work to make you feel good come on church Holy Spirit is not something that moves over a group of people and everybody finds euphoria and bliss is the Holy Spirit anchors us into truth and prepares us to stand no matter what is going on around us that is the work of the Holy Ghost but in this day people will give the Holy Spirit only lip service. And that will be the seed of great discontent and the happiness United States is experiencing Cif steep sustained increases in sexually transmitted diseases member it's Valentine's Day weekend so. One of the things that has been frightening us we have had to change our formulary for what we use in our clinic to treat gonorrhea because Galleria has gotten stronger you got a real old dose of Rousseff and it's like giving it a Tic Tac it just keeps on going now days we've got to double the dose and there's fear because we're finding that there are resistant strains of gonorrhea but it's not just got a real Clemente there is through the roof and syphilis even congenital syphilis has come on the scene where it is. Where it is causing major problems. With your computer. And so. This case is. This is this is the time that we live in babies have been born with congenital syphilis again Genesis 19 go back to our store and he said unto them no he Laban the son of NATO and they said we know him and he said to them Is he well this is Jacob asking these guys and they said he is well and behold Rachel his daughter cometh with the sheep here comes this daughter Rachel and he said low it is yet high day neither is it time that the cattle should be gathered together warty the sheep and go and feed them and they said we cannot until all the flocks be gathered together till they roll the stone from the Manuels mouth then we water the sheep and while yet speak with them Rachel came with her father's sheep for she kept them and it came the past when Jacob sorry childe the daughter of Laban his mother's brother and the sheep of Laban his mother's brother brother that Jacob went near and rolled and Jacob went near and roll the stone from the well's mouth. Well intros rules well and watered the flock of Laban his mother's brother when Jacob saw Rachel church you know like going to movies that all of a sudden a girl hears them blow it up they put a fan on her and they put extra lights on her Rachael stepped out from behind those filthy sheep come on somebody and and he saw a number we had seen much of anybody and a few weeks he's been walking all by himself reading from his brother who he tripped he sees Rachel and this man is done he's floored Oh man Jacob came in to control runs over hugs this woman don't even know him from Adam he grabs it and kisses are Jacob kissed Rachel the Scripture says and lifted up his voice any weapon he was so happy to see her that he began to cry and Jacob began to he began to cry and man let me tell you something he was so happy he had found her but let me tell you something there is there is a problem there is a trouble in falling in love sometimes it is a difficult thing to manage and. And what we know now days is that there's actually a science to this there's trouble with falling in love it actually changes brain chemistry is one of the things that it does and for a lot of people they don't understand the science and so they think when they falling in love it's this amazing experience and nothing else matters but the Bible is clear that we have to you have to be careful Spirit of Prophecy gives us warning as well that we really do need to be careful when all of these things are happening so what happens when we fall in love there's actually a science of love it's actually something that happens in the brain and there are a lot of neurochemicals that contribute to it and if you're not careful you're literally your body will take control and the lower parts of your brain in a sense and actually lead you to do things you otherwise might not do now. So here's a great info graphic that gives you 3 stages of love 1st freeze is lust and passion and you see the sex hormones are involved love equals stress I didn't I never realized I was doing this research I talk a lot of a cortisol a lot of my talks but cortisol is the stress hormone and when people fall in love cortisol is released you're more in a sense. In a fight or flight mode and of course the primitive brain is actually what is most activated right so then what happens you get into the Fazeli here which is the attraction for you so when when Jacob 1st sees Rachel He's over here but then you get to a point where dopamine is released into dopamine gives you euphoria that feeling when you're in love like you're always skipping through a field even though you walk in the streets of Brooklyn right. You feel like you just feel better say We're told it is released so you get calm you no longer is anxious the body changes you've got adrenaline which gives you energy for your love don't miss this part of the problem when you start to study what the scientists say about love and relationships is there is a lot of energy for love when you are in the 1st 2 phases because of the dopamine the adrenaline and of cortisol but as people get married after about 18 to 24 months the cortisol levels drop you move out of this fight or flight phase and many relationships begin to suffer 18 to 24 months into them why because the noro chemicals needed to keep you on your tolls and and after you are may begin to fade what's supposed to happen is they just want to settle into stronger parts of the brain and more consistent. Neurochemicals and hormones so. When you get to the attachment phase the primary hormone is supposed to be oxytocin. I suppose it is the same hormone that when a mother is nursing a baby is released that creates the connection between the mother and the child men and women release it and in fact it is what the reason they believe that although the evolutionist cannot figure out why it is that man would choose monogamy if evolution is real because of evolution evolution makes sense it would only be about you know trying to build as many people as possible right but is this hormone that God gave males as well as females and oxytocin happy is released during the act of love making it is the released as you bond with your spouse there's a connection that is made and imprinted into the mind of each person is the other person pheromones smells see their look everything is imprinted one minds of the other so the 2 are connected hence the Bible says the 2 become one flesh misunderstood so when you actually truly fall in love It isn't simply the butterflies in your stomach it is supposed to be that you settle into a place where the 2 of you are bonded and secured something else you want to do I wouldn't want to get to this part of you are supposed to be in love in a way that speaks to long Jevon t. not to a flirtation is superficial version of Love The reason so many marriages fall apart one reason a lot of reasons one reason is because people want that initial feeling of anxiety they want of course all and of dopamine and because so many have been with so many they no longer get the effect of oxytocin. You know I'm missing this thing you see if the 2 become come together and they become one flesh but you've been with all kind of folk before you get married what happens when you go and get married is the one you get you still get the cortisol you still get the adrenalin you still get the dopamine is still going to say Raton in but you don't necessarily have the same effect from the oxytocin we're supposed to get married as we'll talk about as to clean white sheets coming together but as I say with my sermons on this a lot of times we come together more like 2 collages 2 tapestries we've been with other people and the pieces of all of those people we bring into the new relationship and because of that it is difficult to form the bond you're supposed to form that can manifest in a lot of ways some folks are so mad at the person they used to be wit they can't be the next person they're so mad at the person who cut them that they bleed on the person they're with the way God designed man means that if you follow what he says you will find happiness on earth a little touch of heaven on earth if you don't follow what God says it's going to be more difficult to get there in fact when you fall in love 1st look at what happens parts of the brain are turned off the middle of is turned off and you think you're in love the what is supposed to give you fear disappears or you you are dating someone you should actually be afraid of and if you were in your right mind you would be but instead a part of the brain that controls fear is shut off the mid temporal cortex which which controls negative emotions is also turned off so you don't get negative emotions around this person so everything just feels better then the frontal lobe that controls judgment is also shut off this is why I say love is what. It's blind So if you're not in your right mind if you're not thinking the way you suppose you think you go into this relationship and you're all the butterflies and you run into the fields and all of this is happening and you can't see that you're about to marry or be in a committed relationship with someone who is not only not good for you but could actually be dangerous you post their singular gyrus controls empathy and it's also turned off your ability to make wise decisions shuts down I've done m.r.i. scans that shows the deactivation when you show someone a photo of the person that they adore those parts of the brain are turned off when they do m.r.i. studies and the wife says it like this in letters a young lovers page 36 Love is a sentiment so sacred that but few know what it is it is a term used but not understood the warm glow of impulse the fascination of one young person for another is not love it does not deserve the name true love has an intellectual basis a deep thorough knowledge of the object loved Marcy that is not what happens in the world is it we want it to be alive an older person there with half the time it is not an intellectual process it is surely and emotional one and then when all the hormones shut down and all you are left with is oxytocin you find yourself Robel because you don't even know you married. Remember that impulsive love is perfectly blind it will it will as soon be placed on unworthy objects as worthy commands such love to stand still and cool give place to genuine thought and deep earnest reflection is this object of your affection in the scale of intelligence and moral excellence into Portman and cultivated matters such that you will you will feel it pride in presenting her to your father's family to acknowledge her or him in all society as the object of your choice let us the young lovers page 36 it gets even worse because what happens of course is in America for sure and most of the world we mix love with alcohol and the fear that you have as a as a Christian as a as a member of society is are we living in a time when people literally have the inability to make wise choices in relationships then you add in the chemical destruction the chemical disinhibition of things like alcohol and marijuana which are on the rise. Alcohol competes with the Gabba receptors Gabaa is the disinhibiting chemical of the brain it is the one that kind of comes you down this is why if people go in for severe alcohol withdrawal will have seizures is because of how alcohol interacts with Gabaa and glutamate glutamate being the excited Tory chemical of the brain and as these things happen the brain is shut down even further and that's a policy of this and powerful research on how when you mix alcohol or young people for every drink every so many ounces of alcohol the chance that they will have sex goes up. Disinhibited they will do things they otherwise would not do enter into engagements that they want and you have to remember that the devil is in is behind all of this pushing of vodka and alcohol commercials on t.v. Every 3rd of 4th commercials alcohol commercials because he understands what happens if you can a need a whole society never mind the legalization and decriminalization and now the promotion of marijuana which has a very similar effect which is something in these last days we have to be very mindful of what is going on around us we definitely have to be careful of the decisions we make Genesis 19 and verse 12 and Jacob told Rachel that he was her father's brother and that he was Rebecca son and she ran and told her father became the past Laban heard the tidings of Jacob his sister's son that he ran to meet him and embrace them and kissed him and brought him to his house and he told Laban all these things and Laban said to him surely you are both of my bone and flesh and my flesh any bowed with him at the space of a month so Jacob stays in about a month and Laban said I'm to Jacob because you are my brother should you therefore serve me for not meaning should you work for me for free Tell me what your wages are and labor had 2 daughters the name of the elder was later the name of the younger was Rachel and you could just see the light bulb go off and Jacob said. I know what I want to work for I want Rachel he had a dog he is a he's a schemer he's always manipulating folk figuring things out Jacob had it all figured out I will ask for Rachel I will work and I will get my bride and the Bible gives us a this is a funny verse to me but it says it was tender odd but Rachel was beautiful and well favored Now I'm not being mean to Leah but it seems to me she was not the attractive sister. Tenderized me she had a lazy eye probably so maybe that was some cultural thing from that time that you know they didn't want but somehow she was the one that was viewed as not attractive she was the older sister and the younger sister was viewed as very beautiful this is why when Jacob sorry he probably probably fell over the Bible says in verse 18 and Jacob loved Rachel and said I will serve the 7 years for Rachel die younger daughter that is love is on a 7 year contract to work for Rachel and the Bible says look at this and Laban said it is better that I get rid of the than that I should give it to another man Abide With Me and Jacob serve 7 years for Rachel and they say look at this this how much in love the man was and they seemed unto him but of what he stated that his of us run into the fields take about of every Morris and be counted down one less day if I have a calendar just scratch it off the days 7 years but I will say that in 7 years he probably had a chance to really get to know her to really move past just the frivolous levels of love he probably had some time to do that work in there and Jacob said on the label Laban verse 21. Given to him Give me my wife from my days a fulfilled that I might get going on to her he said that time's up Laban and Laban gathered together all the men of the place and made a feast and it came to pass in the evening that he took his daughter and brought her to him and he went on to her and Laban gave one to gave on to his daughter Laya Cipla has made 4 and had made so. Jacob was the only trickster in the family because it says here and it came to pass that in the morning behold it was later and he said to labor and what is this that has done to me did not I serve with the for Rachel wherefore then has D'Albert got me another is that you tricked me how did you do it is not that irony is Jacob tricked Esau. It's almost like he got what he what he what he had coming to him in a sense but he tricked he tricked us brother now is Uncle Trix him and you can only imagine he works 7 years and woke up with the wrong sister and if she really wasn't a tractor he may ask Who is this. If I ran out of Ted this woman what happened but I submit to you that young people are being fooled today as well they are being given Leah and they think they're getting Rachel why one there's been a retreat from religion this group called the nuns and O.N.E.'s. The number of Americans aged 18 to 29 with no religious affiliation has nearly quadrupled in the last 30 years there is no religious context for many young people entering into relationship in that powerful Remember marriage is actually a religious construct so people that's why you want to see a change in the way marriages happen and the way that they're even ended because as people remove themselves from this it's going to change this also means that for us to reach people is going to become more difficult when people have no religious basis whatsoever to reach them with the Bible will become more difficult and I just wrote a book called Finding God in the waves and I can tell you the sophistry with which the devil this book The Devil really works on is God the wicked the Sufis tree with which they are going to write the Bible into the into oblivion a Christianity into a racist and and a horrible prejudice religion and all the things that they're doing it is profound so many of these young people will be indoctrinated against God So far only that when we reach out to them with God they'll want nothing to do with us this is what health message will be the driving wage. This is why Marriage and Family Ministries and helping people to have happy homes will be a chance to introduce them to Christ because are going to have to actually have a product and have to have something tangible for them to see the workings of Jesus so the 2 become one flesh he said and already go from lust based on testosterone and estrogen more sort of sex hormones to attraction dopamine norepinephrine and Sara Tonin right and then you get to attachment oxytocin and the other woman I didn't mention the vase of present and through this process to to become one flesh and I told you already that what happens if you if you stay in this last phase your whole life and sleeping around lots and lots and lots of people and you might bounce into the attraction phase but to get to the attachment phase will become more and more difficult so I can show you the people been married 60 and 70 and 80 years hard doesn't it looks today like in 60 years that's going to be a lot harder to find but of course Hollywood has a lot to do with this I would say that one of the major reasons young people have a misconception of love in relationships are rom com these movies that are so exhilarating one are certain these are not Christian art as I'm reading about this stuff who are who are decrying the dangers of these movies they said that part of the problem is they always end before marriage as if there is no more romance no more good to happen after marriage if they want you to stay Hollywood want you to stay in the in the last things in the attachment phase I mean any attraction phase but I don't want you to move past that and there are many young women who watching this stuff are waiting they say they're waiting for for Prince Charming to roll up so if they have an idea of what Prince Charming should look like they can be swept off the feet of their feet by the devil himself because the movies teach a very dark version of true love and romance there's no intellectual aspect to it. In fact the science backs that up is that this is from the behavioral sciences Journal it says impact of films changes in young people's attitudes watching a movie and it's a different article but 2012 study shows that movies influence teen sexual attitudes and behaviors as well the study published in Psychological Science found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in movies the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual unprotected sex it matters what they watch it matters what you watch as a married couple because of the filth that's in a lot of stuff the adultery the cheating by beholding we become changed some folks you're watching nothing to stop and you will grow to not like your spouse because they're not like the guy on television they're not like the girl on television they don't you they don't match up they're not that good looking or not so chiseled and cut or not as witty and smart or they don't make the money that the ball is on t.v. make so you watch the stuff and it begins to make an imprint on you this is the association of for Psychological Science great article from 2012 says exposure to sexual content in popular movies predicts sexual behavior in adolescence powerful across all age groups teens who saw the most sex on television were twice as likely to initiate intercourse within the next year as with those who saw the least by be holding the wife as by be holding we become changed. But it's not just that it's also music videos which a very popular look at is this is from one article I just took this out it says a study of such and this is the imagery that's in videos of women scantily clad oftentimes the men are fully dressed the women are doing all kinds of maneuvers to try and draw attention by them in a study of such imagery and videos this one focusing on teen women and younger girls confirm the likelihood that frequent exposure may not only influence how girls see themselves with greater effect the younger the girl is but also could actually affect their ability to have healthy relationships the girl begins to objectify herself she thinks she has to do certain things to please a guy the guy begins to treat women as an object because that is the way they are portrayed and this is powerful psychologically because as I was read for our offering Americans are watching more t.v. than ever Ecclesiastes the 7 says a lot is it is better as easy as the 7 verse 5 it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of what the song of fools and a lot of the love music is the song of fools in fact I got 15 songs I could put on a pick to one of them is an oldie something I mean I remember to salute the engram and he had a song says If Loving You Is Wrong I don't want to be right I don't know of that sums it up but if you sing that song over and over again will it have an effect on you absolutely because I was wrong crazy in love I mean I could do is take a picture of a face again feel nothing else. But you're crazy in love I mean I could go deeper into it but this is the message being given to kids adolescents who listen to a great deal of music with the grating sexual lyrics have sex sooner there's a Rand Corporation studies I like Christians that are polar opposites these are people of know all bent towards the scripture or or the Bible yet they see it themselves study issued today present the strongest evidence yet that sexually degrading lyrics in music encourage adolescents to more quickly initiate sexual intercourse and other sexual activities Here's one of the exes pay talks and profits page 458 she says all along through the ages there are strewn wrecks of character that have been stranded upon the rocks of sensual indulgence as we approach the coals of time as the people of God stand upon the borders of the heavenly Canaan Satan will as of old redouble his efforts to prevent them from entering the goodly land he lays his snares for every soul Satan is going to use intimacy grown Christian men are going to fall in love with women who they are not married to while they're married and that 1st phase is going to kick in that butterfly feeling running through the fields all of the hormones they will feel so good about this other woman that they will sacrifice everything even there it target. For a little bit of time with a woman who thrills them and even women as time goes on you will see even women will trade in their families for an illicit affair Satan is working hard because he knows that we are just about to reach Cain and then just like what happened at bail be your just as what happened would be looking bail I'm skiing together to send the women after the men of Israel just as they were going to enter the Promised Land and so many died in the plague so to day was Satan send in what is necessary to lead the way to people of God. Otherwise says unpaid large profits paid for $58.00 sensual indulgence weakens the mind and the base is the soul the moral and intellectual powers are be numbed and paralyzed by the gratification of the animal propensities and it is impossible for the slave of passion to realize the sacred obligation of the law of God to appreciate the atonement or to place a right value upon the soul goodness purity and truth reverence for God and love for sacred things all those holy affections and Noble desires that link men with the heavenly world are watch this church are consumed in the fires of lust what happens of course if you soon stop taking God seriously as you fulfill your lustful passions the Bible you can't read and if you do you get nothing from it church isn't as important and slowly a sin separates you from the God of Heaven I know the world is celebrating love this weekend but the world's version of love is not God's version God's version is a got paid love it is a love that stands the test of time a love that sent Christ to earth to be born in a manger and die on the cross that is true of Genesis 1926 and Laban said it must be done must be so done in our country to give the younger before the 1st born he says fulfill our week be with Leo for the 1st week and I'll give you this also for the service which thou shall serve with me yet 7 of the years they say listen you can have the 1st one I'll give it a 2nd but you have to stay and work another 7 years and Jacob did so and fulfilled their week and he gave in Rachel his daughter to wife also and Laban gave Rachel to his daughter and Laban gave to Rachel his daughter to build up his hand-made to be her maid. And he went also on to Rachel and he loved also Rachel more than layer and served with him yet 7 other years this this problem that happens between Rachel literally ends up costing the people of God for generations to come this is why the kingdoms will split one day this is why the tribes will fight so Joseph will be sold into slavery it all comes back to here and this goes back to Jacob's the section because of Jacob had to deceive his parents and his brother they might have all gone together anyway as able to get Rachel without any drama but when we try and do things our way things go south and all all of that is most important to put in this backdrop just as God asks us to be pure intimacy on Earth with our spouse or if we're not married until we find one we have to be pure spiritually for for Christ for we the church are his bride Husbands love your wives even as Christ also love the church and gave Himself for it that is a powerful statement what did Christ do for the church he laid down His life for the church that's the kind of love we as husbands are supposed to have Verse 26 that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might present it to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be all be holy and without blemish that's what we're called to Revelation 1000 says let us be glad and rejoice and give on it to him for the marriage of the Lamb is coming his wife has made herself ready who is his wife we are are you ready are you pure in Christ Jesus have you been washed in the blood do you take Jesus seriously or is religion really just something you do have you been filled with the Holy Spirit sealed by the Holy Spirit. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the final event is the righteousness of saints and he said not to me right bless it are they which are called of the Marriage Supper of the land you set them to mean these are the true sayings of God The last line last verse is this one second great instructive for you which chapter of adverse to says for I am what I am jealous over you with godly jealousy for I have a spotless you to one husband that I may present you as a chase virgin to Christ Church the calling on us is to stand before him without spot blemish and let me tell you what scary as I studied as you look back on your life you see father fallen short of you so many times but this is the power of being a Christian a power being a Christian is that Christ doesn't just save us he restores us He redeemed us as a great passage in the Old Testament says that God will restore unto you the land of the locusts have taken I don't care how far from God you've gone in this realm if you're willing to submit to Christ Jesus my Bible tells me Paul says Such were some of you but you've been washed you've been sanctified you've been justified by Jesus Christ how far you've gone does not matter if you're willing to come to Christ and say or wash me in your blood cleanse me father restore me restore my marriage restore my relationship with my kids restore me back to rightness with you Father God I'll do what it takes watch this because he loves you so much he loves you so much Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel Christ as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world he has been working on our behalf even before we were born and I challenge you. This Valentine's Day weekend I know there's a whole lot that the world is going to say show and do but I talons you challenges Christians make our 1st love be our love for Jesus Christ we love Christ 1st will love our spouses will love our children will love each other build on that love this Valentine's Day Do not take the petty superficial love of the rom com and think that that is love all the getting this but search the Scriptures and see that Jesus walked the painful road to Calvary that is true love and I pray that we are ready for the marriage feast of the Lamb Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study what we thank you for getting us through the technical difficulties Lord we thank you lord that you are good in a merciful God Lord many in this room right now our minds are swirling Lord because we are we if we've messed up in this regard or we've been affected by it the area of love and relationship and intimacy Lord has for some have been has been a killer is healed Lord but Lord we still know that you are the God who read deems and restores and I'm praying right now that every marriage in this church would be fortified and strengthened that tonight Lord the Spirit the Holy Spirit would fall on each house each home I pray Lord for every parent child relationship in a difficult time even the grandmothers who are taking or grandparent to take care of grandchildren I pray Lord that you would in few the love of Christ into each relationship. I pray Father God it intellectually will get to know you and spiritually we would know that you are the God of Heaven the God that saves and Father God I pray that whatever sins we may have committed lot I ask now that you wash us in the blood of Jesus Christ forgive us Lord if we've made mistakes and Father God give us the blood the blood transfusion of the faith of Christ we be strong enough to walk away from sin now not even into taking it in our minds someone today North Lord needs to be broken free from the bondage of sexual sit right now Lord I pray that the Holy Ghost would do its work set them free. This is our prayer power of the blood of Jesus Christ as we prayed in Jesus is the church saying. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit.


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