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Christian Entrepreneurship

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • January 15, 2021
    9:30 AM
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Right good morning and welcome to the Christian entrepreneur Premiership class. They asked me to do this class on entrepreneurship and and I thought well we should just title Christian entrepreneurship because as Christians that should be tied together I meant and this is on the back wall of our chapel Daystar and it is a constant reminder to everyone there every time we come to church every time we have a class in there to know God and to make him known is our business here and so as you as I go through this here and you think about these things and I give you a few little ideas I'm by no means a professional entrepreneur I kind of more consider myself just a little bit better at the side hustle kind of a situation I've always had a little side hustle going and people voice said Oh you're so entrepreneurial I didn't know what that word meant but may we be like the Israel lights of old like the Bible tells us in 1st Chronicles $1232.00 and the children of Issachar which were Nan that had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do so may we be connected insensitive to God's Spirit and know what it is we're to be doing in these in these in this very short time that we have left. And really the backbone of any entrepreneurial endeavor that we embark upon May it be something that we realize our business is to know God 1st and foremost and for that to spill out to others around us and to make him known obviously we want to spread the seeds of the Gospel and our example being Christ he that So with the good seed is the son of man is told to us in Matthew 1337 and so we are all called to so that seed right no matter how old we are no matter what our occupation is we are called to so that gospel seed. And the farming analogy of sharing the gospel is one of the best lesson books that we have I mean that is why you know like this morning it was mentioned you know the the right arm of the Gospel the health message starts with what starts with agriculture right and and really it starts in the soil and the soil representing the heart there is a hard work to be done right Jeremiah $43.00 tells us to break up the fall of ground and to not so amongst the thorns so we have a a science of the Gospel that we are to apply in spreading the word as we endeavor to bring people into the kingdom the parable of the Sower in the seed the so or did not go out to sow seeds on the path and associate in the weeds and associate on the rocks it says that a so or went forth to sow seed and some seed fell on the rock some seed fell outside of his field of influence that he had prepared to receive that seed but the widow in White tells us here she says the sowers of the seed have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little real heart to heart work there is a need of personal there is a need of personal labor for the souls of the lost in Christ like sympathy we should come close to men individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life before the seed even comes out before you even present somebody with the Gospel see there is a work to do in preparing their hearts interesting she goes on to say. Their hearts may be as hard as hard as the beat high when apparently it may be a useless effort to present the savior to them but while logic may fail to move an argument be powerless to convince I mean how many times we've been in an argument. And we realize that really doesn't work right. The love of Christ revealed and personal ministry may soften the stony heart so that the seeds of truth can take root that's Christ questions page 57 and if you haven't read through Christ questions lately I encourage you read it again if you haven't read it read it it's it is incredible the lessons that Christ drew upon of just the daily things that were around them so there is a. Plow right we call it the gospel plow right we even sing that song right that we're soldiers in the army we have our hands on not a sword well maybe it is a sword the gospel plow that blade that cuts right to dividing of joint and marrow directly coming right into the heart and notice that the plow it has 2 handles on it right and who's really doing the work the Lord is right he's that ox he says if you're if you're burden and heavy laden come take a take my yoke upon you right from my burden is what is easy in my view or my yoke is easy my burden is light right it's he's the one doing the work we're simply walking the walk balancing this gospel plow has 2 handles because there's truth and love right we could know all truth understand everything there is to know about the gospel but if we don't have love if our other hand is not on guiding helping guide that plow or walking around just beating people over the head playing in our symbol to our horn so the plow. The gospel is the central theme of the Bible which is the restoration of the image of God in the souls of men that is the purpose right is to reinstate that image that God created us in the very beginning that's from book to book Education Page 125 so the question becomes what are we growing. What is the purpose of the seeds planted in the heart every seed brings forth fruit after its kind so the seed under right conditions and it will develop its own life in the plant receive into the soul by faith the incorruptible seed of the word and it will bring forth a character and life after the similitude of the character and life of God and man so God That's the purpose of the gospel it's to bring us back to the state in which God created us to be and that is a likeness of his character so you shall know them by their fruits right so what are we called to be then it's the same calling that God called Abraham and the entire nation of Israel which we are a part of in these last days right being spiritual Israel so what did God call a broom to be the Bible says in Genesis 12123 and the Lord said into Abraham get the out of my country from my father's house and from the Kindred right and go into a land that I will show the. And I will make of the a great nation how does he make them of great nation that shall be a blessing right and I will bless them the bless thee and curse them that curse at the end in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed that is our calling we are called to be a blessing so as you think about ways in which you ideas that you have and you want to start something up. Totally ask yourself how can you be a blessing Here's a quick analogy something to remember when you're thinking about taking the risk of starting something new right here's a guy falling down this isn't me but I do a lot of skateboarding and I have fallen down a lot and one thing about falling down it teaches you how not to fall down and what is that what does the Bible tell us in Proverbs 2416 for the just man fall the 7 times and rise it up again but the wicked fall into mischief and they just don't learn from their mistake right so don't be scared of falling that's why when you're younger it's easier to take a risk because you know you're more resilient You're young people are more apt to say to try something new you know you take an old person you say you want to go snow skiing they're like now if they've never been. But little kids are like yeah let me try those things you know and they fall and they fall they fall like my my daughter we've been skiing a couple 3 times a year each time each year Daystar and this year she said Dad I want to try snowboarding Ok And so 1st she's like hold my hand hold my Hannah and she and I finally just said look the best way for you to learn is just to just to do it and she fell down and she fell down she fell down but all of a sudden it was amazing within 5 runs she was getting the hang of it and it was really really incredible to watch just a few statistics here college to to sticks Ok I went to college and I fall into this category here 50 percent drop out I didn't drop out I did well actually I did drop out right at the end I went 6 and a half years of college and I dropped out. 6 months before finishing because I was unwilling to continue taking out loans Ok I didn't want to go into debt any more and I had my Cal grad ran out so my Cal Grant ran out I quit. 50 percent of those who go to college drop out and of the remaining 50 percent only 20 percent work in the field that they studied so you have a 10 percent chance of actually finishing and then working in the area in which you study in college 10 percent that's not very good odds so really think about your choice of going to college if that's if that's where the Lord you feel the Lord calling you to do than then go do that if you're specific in what you want to do and you really are dead dedicated student and you're ready to finish you know do it but you know what I wish somebody would have talked me out of college in the beginning because I had a lot of ideas that actually wanted to be a chef I wouldn't toured Colin area school and the thing that the deal breaker for that for me there was the guide said well you know you're going to work every weekend in every holiday until you make Master Chef and I said no I'm not and did not decide to do that I didn't have any no one said Hey start a food truck start your own thing I didn't have that mentorship there so that's an important thing mentors having a mentor in the endeavors that you do so Dr Christopher is one of my mentors I've never met this guy but he's one of my mentors. He formulated over 50 herbal formulas he started the school of natural healing and. His. Cleanses and the remedies that he put together are absolutely phenomenal. There's a lady in administrate I just met highway to health was the name of their ministry I tried to get a hold of her before I came on a camera I think they needed to change the name for some reason somebody else had that name. But she puts together all the Dr Christopher's cleanses and things and for a fraction of the price that Dr Scholtz puts them together if you guys are familiar with Dr Schultz he actually went to the school in natural healing himself and was there when Dr Christopher died and actually took over the school for a bit teaching and a lot of his formulas are formulated after Dr Christopher's formula so his whole approach is all disease is due to some sort of blockage so the sooner you cleanse the bowels cleanse the liver cleanse the kidneys healing can take place and that makes sense that I mean that is straight up biblical How often was the sanctuary cleansed every year and I asked myself I never heard about Quincy in my body every year I've never ever she done that and so I have I have done his incurables cleanse he has a 30 day detox cleanse and then when I met Linda Clarke is her name that started. Highway to health I got the cleanses from her she can get the Dr Christopher's incurable squints for like 145 bucks 150 bucks or something and it's super powerful to do a cleanse my wife and I usually try to do it in June is this last year we didn't get to but the 2 previous years we had and it was my wife's mother in law my mother in law who said Good out we were living in Venice Beach at the time and and this is in Marina Del Rey The only shop that Dr Schultz has and she goes good on Dr Shelton and pick me up a bottle a super tonic and I go into this room and I wish it used to I couldn't find a picture of what used to say when I 1st went in there it was big painted letters on the wall here it says it's kind of hard to read but it says stop doing what makes you sick and start doing what will create power for health you say stop doing what's killing you and start to do what's going to create a healing miracle in your life and Schultz he's very. Interesting guy when you listen to a lot of his stuff uses some colorful language and whatnot so be warned there but he. He's very clear that he does not heal anyone that he simply shows people what they need to do to create healing in their life and it's not just a quick fix this is a full lifestyle change he's fully preaching the health message feeding lifestyle and cleansing the detoxifying organs of the body. And so I went in there and I was like what super tonic you know and and so I started buying the stuff as well and I was paying $24.00 for a little 2 out strop a bottle and I got about 5 of these dropper bottles on my shelf and I'm like woman take my 24 bucks and just go buy the garlic and ginger and the peppers and the horseradish and the and onions and juice that myself and put it in some brag vinegar and make the stuff so I started just making it for about 5 years. I just gave it away to my friends and family in an unmarked Brown drop or bottle and finally some friends said you should do a Kickstarter so this is one of my 1st bits of advice how many you've heard of Kickstarter Ok good a good number of you have heard of Kickstarter this is a great social media platform to crowd fund basically a project or an idea that you have and what I like about Kickstarter over some of the other ones. Some of the other ones like the whatever money you kind of raise they'll give you words Kickstarter you put a goal I said I need $4000.00 to buy myself to pay my friend to design a label and build me a website buy a juicer that I want that I need buy a 1000 bottles and buy all the ingredients to fill those 1000 bottles so I've worked out need about $4000.00 if you and I can I put on there I think I put 50 days or something you can put like 30 to 60 days or something as your as your window of raising these these funds if you don't if it doesn't fund if people don't jump on board with your idea and you only raise $2000.00 nobody's card is charged in the project disappears from the website so if you reach your goal then you get that money and now it's on you to fulfill all the. Rewards that you put into the so this is my page from Kickstarter. It's archived there what if you do for if your project is funded by project did fund it it actually went to 4527 and that's the thing you can go way over it goes viral and I've seen projects go way over so be ready if you know you what if I were have to sell a 1000000 dollars' worth of the stuff but I'd be able to do that I don't know you know so. There's a little home page it's really good because it makes you sit down and write things out tell your story what you know I'm not a detail oriented person I'm an idea person and so just because I have an idea you know I don't think about all the little details and this is this this project on Kickstarter really helped me to formulate what my plan was. And so you create these pledges you know if you pledge 25 bucks. I'll send you a bottle right if you pledge 35 bucks I'll send you 2 bottles and you just kind of keep building this up and in the end only 81 people back the project is all it took and to raise the $4527.00 and I I sent out maybe $240.00 to $40.00 bottles and I had bought a 1000 and the ingredients to fill a 1000 so all of a sudden you're up and running you know it's a way to kind of pre-sell something on their side suggest go on there look at some projects see how people are what they're doing it's split into all different categories from food to technology to whatever and and it's a good platform I did a little video I had a video here but I couldn't get it to play so if you go on Kickstarter and you look at the little follow up videos my daughters and I I literally like my daughter my oldest daughter just been hearing me talk about it so much I just came in one evening right before they went to bed and I said I sit here just talk about the super talk that's all I said. And she launched into this whole little well this is super tonic and on and on and on and I mean was like it's a full on ad I wish I wish the video would play I had it here and I tried to get it to play it it won't play and it freezes so I don't know so she just started going into this thing and then I told Lily I said Hey Lily when she's done come over and just say my throat is hurting I need some soup or tonic and so really comes over and she couldn't pronounce any of her 1st consonants you know all the words didn't have the 1st consonants on it so she's like my own is hurting I need some tonic you know. And it's hilarious so. So I had a lot of fun building this this Web So this is still part of it here you know but let food be the medicine and medicine my food the famous hypocrisy quote which ironically is not in the pocket oath to do no harm you know when you become a doctor I ask doctors do say this I don't know. Interesting. So there that's how I used to do it with just the brown bottles here was just a little picture I took of some preliminary designs of design and here's the web page that my friend designed for me. And so I just have this one product on their I had to I called it Tommy's tonics because I was going to try to come up with a whole line of stuff and I never have so there's the one thing on there and and there's there's my store that's it just the simple little if you bundle packages some t. shirts whatever and and very simple so it's really easy to build a website now I haven't actually done it myself but I've watched some of our students get in here he built built a website using Wix and and it if you have the time you can do it. So a lot of this kind of came out of my necessity to want to take my family can't meeting for instance we were living in California and we grew up going to the camp meeting. And in central California there and I've got 30 to 40 family members that are always attending this can mean so it's like a big family reunion so I go and I set up a booth and I was selling the little light D.V.D.'s that my from the ministry my brother and I started in and I started that you can see I was already starting to branch into gardening here I was selling the sea salt and the wheat grass actually and we brought a number of micro greens kits over there at the booth so as a demo talk a little bit more about my Koreans but just on week grass I also brought my one hand out here is this article there up here so when you're done make sure to come up and grab this article it's called Feeding the hidden hunger and it's an interview with this Dr Don Jensen who. Took over Maynard morays farm Manor a was the original researcher who started researching sea salt as a fertilizer in the garden he started out actually following. Sailors around fisherman and autopsy in all the creatures they were pulling out of the sea looking at their tissues under microscopes and this and that a notice that there was like absolutely no disease in anything that lives in the ocean he even they even caught a whale had a baby he cut out a piece of the the whale mother meat and the baby's meat and he sent those 2 cubes of identical shaped meat to a university said tell me which one is the mom and which one's the baby and they couldn't tell and so then he started going there something about the ocean and so he started studying the ocean and that's how he came across Oh there's 90 minerals in the ocean they found 2 more there's so he started a company called Sea 90 and. There's actually 2 more they've they found there's actually 92 min or so that kind of bugged me out it so instead of calling a c 90 my brother and I made a label and called it oceans 92 because there's actually 92 minerals trace minerals in the ocean this is just dehydrated Pacific Ocean water and these minerals are nearly identical to the minerals in your bloodstream with like respect to iron iron there's a lot more iron hardly any iron in the sea that's why your blood is red right but it's so close that in World War 2 in the South Pacific they had ran out of blood and they knew this and so they would filter the seawater dilute it to the body salinity ocean is is twice the salinity of the human body that's why if you drink a cup you dehydrate a cup and you die sooner if you drink ocean water but if you mix ocean water one to one you can double your water supply if you're surviving at sea and actually drink a briny water and and be fine because you're matching your body salinity while they were taking ocean water filtering and and diluting it to the human body and to directly injecting it into these guys' veins that needed blood and saving their lives with the seawater they were taking coconuts and just put in a tube right in it right into the vein i.v. because the coconut tree will drink straight seawater and coconut water is like nearly identical to your blood plasma. So we grasp that really kind of see is a cousin that's what this articles about you'll see this guy took over made him raise farm is a research farm in Florida researching all this using see saw in the garden and he turned his entire research focus to weak grass when he found out that we grass will take up all $92.00 minerals out of the ocean plus a few more and become a fully mineralized plant like no other plant does that I mean that texture this morning it kind of hit me there the 1st thing that came forth from the earth was what is grass. Right and herds of animals very robust very strong animals live on nothing but grass you take any survival class your 1st go to food is any jointed grass and you can't eat the grass you're simply just chewing it getting the juice out and spitting it out and Widmore She survived with her grandmother and her mother in Austria in World War 2 hiding in a wall and every night and she would have and go out crawl around and pick as many blades of grass and stuff for pockets full of grass and they just sat on the wall in a grass and they didn't get now nutrition they didn't starve to death and they survived that situation she went on to start the poverty's Institute and one of the big things they show when you go to that is how to grow and consume we crashed use so I started doing week grass juice at my bar bought a little $50.00 stainless steel we crushed juicer and so I always tell people start with a hurricane is really the best one it's a little bit more than $100.00 but you can always do it you need power and. To juice that we grass grown with seawater it's completely different everybody that came by severe Had we grasses say yes discussing us their words were to have it and I said. John was use and I said Ok Well John if you notice they're not even growing it in any sort of soil they just sprout the tree seeds in a tray and they water and they that grasses starving to death and so you might as well go and just kind of trim the lawn out front and it does what it tastes like it just says straight up grass. They taste they would taste the grass that I grew with the seawater and they were like oh it's so sweet it has so much flavor because it's fully mineralized and. And then I found that 1st year I grew a couple a couple few trays the next year double that the next year and this this last summer would have been my 7th consecutive year they did they can't keep meaning obviously because of what was going on but. I got up to a point where and I would do this at my campsite so I would set up to 10 by 10 easy ups but walls around it and the year before last I grew 110 trays of micro greens and weak grass. The week before can't meaning start to show up a week early it's kind nice get to go the beach week early right so you got to be Charlie we I set up my whole camp I got all these trays every day I'd plant 12 trays or so for the for 10 days before Cammy started in the 10 days a camp meeting I start cutting those down and sun I really wanted to push the upper limit of what I could do and I really bit off more than I could chew I was I was almost. Unable to do what I was doing running the booth cutting and washing all this stuff right and a bunch of my cousins and aunts came to my rescue they saw that I was drowning and so I would cut the quick cuts Harvester the farmers friend has I would I would just literally put the trays out on a table and just cut the whole tray down bam 2 and a half pounds of sunflower you know drop in crates wash him and then they would package him up for me bring me a couple of full 5 gallon buckets full of micro greens mix I saw a micro green salad and then I juice the week grass and I bought like 260 young Thai coconuts and I would open up coconuts and put a shot a week grass in coconut water makes a really good green drink and so here's here's the start I couldn't find that my wife took all the pictures towards the end I stopped taking pictures I was so busy and she had a bunch more pictures of how crazy it got but I had basically 5 racks 60 are full to the Top $44.00 trays in each rack. And so this is from Daystar this is a single rack were basically up to about 2 racks consistently a week and and were able to do about $1000.00 of sales a week so $4000.00 a month just coming from our micro green sales and we were just talking about an idea last night of sometimes you have more than you can sell and someone will suggest in The Birds of a feather to dry it out and powder it and make these you know super food powders so that's an idea that we're going to definitely take off so I highly recommend starting. On a micro farm if you are not doing anything in agriculture as of right now or even if you are to start doing micro greens because it is a huge benefit you have a crop in a week to 10 days and you can turn it off if you need to you know like oh we're going to be gone for the a bit and so our kits you can see here come in with a number of packets of seeds enough soil to do 3 trays and so you get a couple $33.00 tries out of that there's more seeds in there than than you'll need for those 3 trays so you have to get more we're using peat moss for Mickie light and a little bit of as a mite mixed into our starts makes you can use coconut core you want something that drains well. But you can do very well with a micro greens little operation in a basement with some lights you know get a dehumidifier get the get the climate just right what about 40 percent humidity and. You can do very well growing micro greens. So here is another year. At camp meetin again and I mean I got babies to drink this stuff right baby's drink and we grass juice old ladies drink regress juice this lady came every day and she was so cute she'd roll up in her wheelchair she's like This is my favorite part of cat meeting you know I feel so good when I drink this we crash juice and it was just so cute. And so I just had a lot of fun serving the people that came to camp meeting and this is in the case law building the reason it's called Case law is because there's lots of cases of veggie meat. Behind me all over here on this side is all like piles and piles of veggie meat and people come in their motor home and they go home with cases of vigilance and you know Frank and links and whatever. Their desire is and so it was initially I was talking to that one of the managers and he said he's been watching the sales of all that stuff just do this every year like people are realizing you know what this stuff is so highly processed it's probably not that good for me you know and they even say like it might be better to eat a real hot dog than the one of these ones that's you know g.m.o. soy and highly processed and actually did the corn dog the last year I was there. And had a lot of fun with that and so. This is the last year I was there Rico Hill you know Rico Hill he was the main speaker and so in the morning I'd whip him up a drink and I came and he had never tried we crass and he said Man this is good and he'd walk out on stage this coconut need put on the podium as great advertising you know. So yeah the new life challenge if you haven't heard of that you looked at ups really really good so part of being an entrepreneur is really the ability to see a need and to jump into action and to fill that need Ok So for example at our school we have a whole field of lavender right and people that have the lavender seats or plants and we didn't and so get in he jumped on that and he said hey there's a need there and so he made up these little packets of lavender seeds and he has these at the store and takes them to farmer's market and that's his little side hustle you know to get him and he's doing that and that's a benefit to people who want lavender seeds Ok when I 1st got to Daystar this this plot is only about a 3rd of an acre It's about 27 rows or about 16 different varieties of lavender I had no idea there were even that many for ids of lavender white ones and green ones and purple ones and blue ones. And their idea was to grow this. Plot basically and while the plants are still young you can split them and and propagate from the plants and they were going to do 20 acres of lavender while those farmers left and what was left was this little plot and. Sean spied l. the farm manager when I 1st got there I don't know how to do this lavender like lavender was piling up in all the all the rooms the big attics and whatever in cases they tried to bundle it and sell it in bundles and they just couldn't sell it fast enough every year it just kept piling up and so on Michael and still a little research on lavender you know so I did little research and and realized that while lavender essential oil is called the mother of all essential oils I say if in doubt use lavender like there's more uses for lavender than any other essential oil it's called mean it's. You can disinfect an open wound with lavender you can pour lavender right into an open wound. It's it will peel the varnish off of a wooden table I mean it's it's powerful stuff you can use it directly don't have to dilute it anyway so ask yourself these 3 questions are you passionate about it that's a big thing if if you're not passionate about something in the end when you go to push that thing it's not going to affect you really that interested in it right so you've got to be passionate about what it is you're you're trying to do the 2nd question is what skill set are you going to learn in order to do this thing or what do you what things do you need to learn in order to get this accomplished. So I said well you know. I'm passionate about flowers I've never been passionate about lavender before but after researching a little bit while this stuff looks pretty powerful I think I should start doing this so I need to get myself a distiller of some sort and then the 3rd thing is who is it going to benefit other than yourself because that's what we're here for right we're here to be of service to others we're here to be a blessing that's and that's one of the key aspects of any entrepreneurial endeavor is to. How is this going to benefit others so this is our field here. And we cut it down which is to a mower collect all the stuff not the flowers off and I said Ok I need a distiller So I looked online oh look at this I can get these ones direct from China and I just look this is a recent page I was curious to see if you could still get them I paid $118.00 and the same seller as who I bought it from Sam 10086. He now sells for $125.00 hasn't gone up that much it may take a while for you to get it but it's totally worth it and a fun thing to do specially if your kids you you can get a kit with a stand in everything for $218.00 but I found you could find a stand stateside and some clamps for a lot cheaper $30.00 to $40.00 maybe and a hot burner you know $20.00 hot plate you can see that you can do this on your kitchen stove or whatever right right in your kitchen if you if you want to so you simply just set this apparatus up we have it over there at the booth if you're curious you can you can come by and look at that you just boil water that steam is vaporize in it 212 degrees and lavender oil vaporizes at 190 so you easily just push the oil right off the plant with the steam it goes over the bend here into what's called a condenser and really look at the condenser don't get a condenser that has a straight tube in the center you want when the either has these lobes like this or a spiraling Tube to give you more surface area and to not let the the steam just blow right through you want to waffle around in there and swirl around in and really condense on the sides of that condenser you run water from a sink into the outer jacket of that and that condenses all the steam and lavender oil back into liquid it rains down into what's called a separate story funnel. And there's this overflow that comes off the bottom so your water's your hydrocele is overflowing off that and catch that because we sell that to the hydrocele is very lavender tasting water you can put in your tea and you can put it in in cookies or whatever people go crazy with lavender So the it's a it's a distilled water that has lavender locked into the lattice of the wall of the water it's very lavender tasting so if you scorch of it you know lemonade you've got lavender lemonade and then the oil floats on the top you empty out the water you get that oil and we do about Remind me what what what we may be sold this year in lavender seems like we bottled maybe 50 bottles or something I mean we're very small scale you know and so we're we're it maybe brings for $5000.00 extra but you know it's a little bit on the side and it's it's fun to do everybody enjoys looking at this apparatus set up and then being able to use the lavender ourselves and the oil we sell it farmer's market in our little store and we bottle it here and consequently this label we had designed you member the name of the that website used was it Viber yeah was it 5 or 5 or so there's a number of these type of websites that will do graphic design for you if you're not a graphic design person we paid 45 bucks 17 dollars Ok we paid $17.00 and someone designed this label for us and I did a couple little tweaks and that and that was that here's the hydrous all but you know it's a decent label I mean it would've taken some time to have to go and do that 5 or. Another thing that we started. Deicing or came to the farm and she lent us one of her in turns from this last year who's spending a few months with us and they taught us how to make their her gluten free bread and that is a niche that really is good because a lot of the commercial gluten free bread the people who eat gluten free bread they're not into because there's so much gums in fullest died almost 100 percent starch or whatever you know and this is a millet Chia flax recipe and she just got it off of Christina's kitchen so you can go on Christina's kitchen you can look up her I think she calls it hasn't Millet bread. And and we mix like yours and all of you and all of Rosemary we do it's made a herb. We do a. Neighbor of ours she's like I want onion provides and so we go Ok we do a onion provide a loaf as well which is a mixture of herbs that actually has lavender in it from the southern part of France and and so we do that one as well another need that I saw there at Daystar was. We were thrown away gobs and gobs of them tomatoes because they would just have be have cracks or seconds that we couldn't sell and and so I said well you know what I think we should start drying these things so we started drying them and then actually the dried tomatoes are what we use in our bread it's a lot easier to mix in a dried tomato than a wet tomato and you're adding water to something you don't want to really change the consistency of so there's lots of uses for the dried tomatoes and people like I'm. An early label that a friend in Moab was playing around with Coleman at Moab jerky. Because they are so chewy Who's he was calling that So branding is is an important aspect of coming up with any sort of. Thing you kind of want to you know there's a few rules and in branding so you know stick to the 3 colors. No more than 3 to 4 fonts 3 is really best. And make it simple you know the simpler the better make it simple. Like Dr Brown or so I mean that's of both busy label I've ever seen and it's taken me years to read that thing and then you start reading and you're like What is this guy talking about here at this thing and it's hilarious like. He's Christian but he's talking about a spaceship in Iraq was going on. Kanva dot com is a free Web site where you can do graphic design and it comes with all these elements so these are these are some of that like there's my goodness the motion Trishul drink on the planet coconut water we use the day that I put together and you know I put a little picture of of the chlorophyll molecule right next to the red blood cell and and talked about how within just 3 days to 2 ounces a day as basically like a blood transfusion is the studies that they've done with with we crashed use. You can design a t. shirt or a label this was our old farm label that we designed. For Castle Valley farms you can you can like the elements there with the care in the mountain in our landscape were drawn by. Brian Dunn he when he was a day Star and we imported those into you can import images into this program as well and use those elements as well and and my daughters have I started them account and they're making flyers and and all sorts of stuff though they'll mention a little bit about it in the next section here with with entrepreneurs in action. The care hot dog is another endeavor that we started their day Star that. Is really trying to fill that gap in and that the 1st this is our 1st 4th time doing it at the ag conference the 1st time we did it. Was here of the last time it was here and then we did it in Oregon and in Florida and then again here and. That's something that that. You know is it's just such a great outreach into the community that people when they go to farmer's market with this they're always so curious you know I even had a couple of guys come up and and they're like Ok we'll try one year hotdogs you know and like Ok what you want and say whatever you suggest and so I guess everything you know right would take everything so I put everything on there and they ate one and they turned around able to get another one you know and they didn't you know take another one you know these 2 guys ate a couple hot dogs each and then afterwards I wish I were a quarter they told me they were from Boston and their life you know they eat a lot of hotdogs on the street as their favorite thing on the Boston you know street hot dogs and you would never put ketchup on a hotdog you know but man that was really good and and. So we've gotten into making all these condiments you know we make that ketchup that we're using over there is a just basically to made our heirloom tomatoes date onion powder salt and some sauerkraut brine and then same with the mustard is is just sunflower seeds to Merrick. Sauerkraut brine some lemon juice and so you can you can replace all the vinegars that are there in the in the condiments with lemon juice will oftentimes and then make a carrot taste like a hot dog you know and offer something better that is you know trying we are trying to take one of the most unhealthy American foods and see how can we make this as healthy as possible and it gives us a chance to talk about health with with people and and it is starting to gain steam people and written articles in the paper about it and. We're really looking for a food truck is our is our next endeavor I mean we are instructed to have gardens attached to every institution that we put on the ground you realize that I mean no if it's a sanitarium for sure have a garden if it like the Paradise hospital before paradise burned down it's where I grew up. And where I moved from just before coming to Daystar we were glad we moved me heard about that situation we're so sorry for all our friends and family still live there but that hospital was started by an admin to Skye and he was his whole endeavor was to. Have a sanitarium he hired his brother and their whole endeavor was to heal people with food. His brother was the gardener and they did this whole thing and then they they he gave it to the advantage which they're in town and said I want you guys to take this and keep this going well they turned around and and sold to administrate and it just went down and his famous quote is the whole thing started going down once the surgery ward went in. And so you know obviously we've gotten off track right I mean you think about what we were called to do in terms of health and how we just kind of fallen in line with Western medicine It always cracks me up that that that's the norm and they call using herbs and natural remedies and all this stuff alternative when it's the exact opposite you know this is alternative over here I mean this is just. Drug therapy I mean treating symptoms is or managing symptoms I should say is not is not true health like like Dr Kelly was talking about this morning as well this gave us an opportunity to build this little cart. The manager of our local market he said hey I want you guys to come and operate the care hot dog at. At our opening of our deli that we invaded the whole store they put in a deli and they put this big carrot on the wall like on the outside the building you know come in just set up a carrot hotdog stand like right under the carrot right Ok well we need a cart because we were just we done it a few times at farmer's market on a folding table and so I just noticed that one of the barrels that we have for decoration out from the farm at the rings had fallen off of the barrel collapse and someone just threw all the slats in the in the woodpiles going to get burned and I told the kids I go go grab all those slats and so they grabbed all those slats. We welded up a quick little frame we used to slats to give the curve at the at the front of the car and then we just welded on some strips of metal and then would bend it around torch a hole put a slat bend it around and just made it's basically one barrel that makes that that card up and the kids had fun learning how to weld and and and build this this little cart and painted all and so that was the start of our. Of our hotdog cart and. And yet turned out really nice in this day in the still top I was just in the wood shop one day and I looked looked in the pile there and I saw this corner of a stainless steel thing and what is it how do you know where it came from I was like This is perfect for the car so we basically built the cart around that top made all our own buns so I made a whole wheat bun and all organic ingredients and so we we way out each bun to get the consistency just right had took a little bit to figure that all out and here we are operating it for the 1st time it at this conference we set up in front of the main this is right to the left of the main on attorney as you go in there and and the kids have really taken ownership you know they enjoy operating this and and and having that as a service you know. So if you haven't tried it I encourage you to come by and and try it out. Put a little beans on there or whatever and and it becomes a good food so and then the corn dog is something we just recently in last 2 years started doing we found some waffle irons that we can make corn dog with so you know we should really I really feel that we should be the people of restaurants and food trucks I mean I always say food truck because a restaurant is hard you know I had a friend actually the lady who shared with me the recipe for the care hot dog she had a a at a restaurant in Fairfield called Vegan paradise. Her husband operated for one year they closed the doors one year later and broke even and I still had to pretty good I mean you could break even your 1st year is a restaurant that's pretty good and she said we need to make some money you know we can't we can just have this thing and so wherever they were out that's that's so you got to think about that if you're not ready to float yourself for a bit until this thing takes off a food truck is a great way to go or a little trailer you know you can get that you can go into place you can cater some of it it's mobile you can turn it on you can turn it off you can work whatever days you want you don't feel like you have to be open all the time so it's it's definitely worth it and so. We've been looking for a food truck for Daystar if it could be a good thing to do the other idea we have is is a vegan pizza restaurant outside the restaurant just put a tin roof up and build some pizza ovens wood fire pizza ovens and then grow all the ingredients right there on the farm so we're growing all the grains for the crust tomatoes for the sauce you know all the toppings and everything would be something that came from the farm make a full farm to plate type restaurant where the food didn't even get in a vehicle you know walked over there on a cart. So I'll share with you the recipe for the carrot hotdog because I mean this isn't something I'm just trying to keep to myself. And so if anybody wants to do this I encourage you do it. You take 60 to 80 carrots steam those 415220 minutes or so and. Till they're soft like you based on your elevations going to be a little bit different you know you just want to nice and soft because I'm not really going to soften once you once you. Go to grill him or or whatever they won't really cook much more unless you boil them or something which you know might boil out some of the flavoring so we use a 2 gallon food grade bucket we pack them in that or you can use mason jars the Adams peanut butter jar work really well because they're tall and they're big and you can fit like 1215 carrots in one of those jars so 6080 care seems like a lot but it's not you can share with friends and so this is this is a single batch and. I think we did 5 of these batches or so on coming here we came with like right around 500 carrots so completely submerge the carrots in and in this marinate which is 4 cups water have a couple lemon juice 3 quarters a cup blackstrap molasses one cup one and a quarter cup of coconut a Minos half a cup of liquid smoke 3 3rd cup of honey or coconut sugar and 5 cloves of crushed garlic. Coconut Minos are completely different in the bag of peanuts you know Bragg has gotten some bad press lately that that's a chemical process to strip the minnows out of the vegetable broth or whatever they make that stuff they won't even tell you how they make it I called a couple of the companies that we buy coconut Minas from I say how do you make this and it's simply the sap from the coconut tree and I when I was in the Marshall Islands as a student missionary I saw this all over the place any coconut tree that was this tall or you know around where you could reach there was a pipe poked into the cone the growth cone of that tree so where the fronds are growing out of they poke a pipe in there and they hang a jar on a nail and it drips this sap out and it's super sweet and so they would just as full of amino acids and and. You know it's just the sap of coquetry and this so this these companies say they just reduce that they filter it they reduce it they filter the bottle it that's that's what it is so. And then the liquid smoke what's liquid smoke and some of them you have to be careful like they'll say other ingredients which there's ingredients hidden in there that you may not want or or they'll put a distilled vinegar in the liquid smoke as well I found a company that it's just a distiller they put this mosquito wood in there and they distill water through the wood and it's just smoky flavored water is essentially all it is and that's what gives it the barbecue flavor and if you know you can experiment you don't want to put that in there don't don't put them there put some kind of play with the recipe we played with it a little bit when we 1st 1st got it and this is kind of what we've we've landed on so. Yeah I wanted to be able to share that with everyone and and hope that that encourages some of us to start something you know start something around the farm right supporting a local farmer or whatever doing something with food I mean this is the right arm it's that thing that we reach out with into somebodies life that's how we're a blessing right that's our blessing to somebody that's how you that's how you work the soil and soften the heart is by showing somebody you actually care for them and care for their health care for. What it is they're feeding their family you know and then you can bring to them the seeds of truth and and the prayerful spirit hopefully you know they'll grow and that they will accept the truth about what is happening in our world today and that man this things about to wrap up I mean you know we don't have much time that's why I always tell young people if you have time to go to college if you're passionate about something started do it right now just start you know and if you fall. Good backup right oh and by the way so you put these carrots in the brine for 24 to 48 hours before you eat them so if the Lord bless you on your entrepreneurial endeavors and remember our business here is to know God and to make him known and that by answering the call to be a blessing and to serve one another with a Christ like love right that is it is our that's our call most importantly if you fall down get back up right and trust that God will bless your efforts and then Ok any questions we got a few minutes. Living Nutritionals was one that we originally started buying from and then I can't remember. What the 2nd one was it's been hard to find a living Nutritionals one but if you just search and you can always call these places and ask them what's in it you know and they'll they'll be honest with you and tell you so yes yeah that was a question and where we got the liquid smoke. Yeah so the question is what are what were some obstacles and in starting something like with the super tonic for me an obstacle was money you know it was in the very beginning there and that's why I never had really started anything I just kind of doing it on my own little by little and then and then I had met and had had not heard of Kickstarter and a friend said he wanted you check out Kickstarter so you know. Nanny was an issue at that point you know and that gave me that start just that little start you know of and really work out the math of what you need to start and then do something like that. People are willing to help and specially if they see that and this this person's got a good idea you know or whatever and that's why they back it because they have 6 Coolio back that and they you know you get a few people together all pitching in 2050 a $100.00 and you can get there pretty quickly and pray about it if the Lord you know wants you to do something it's going to happen money's money's not it can't be an obstacle one of the obstacles early on too as was peeling all the garlic house big off school. I mean I had my kids like Ok I'll take you to the park and I was bribing him with everything you know like this guy like you in there peeling back and and so. I feel the law but I've also Christopher ranch in California they gifted us a bunch of garlic for the farm and you can eat from Costco I could buy peeled organic garlic already in a bag and so I tend to kind of gravitate to that when I have to do a big batch of doing anywhere from 10 to 15 gallons at a time and like this this last year March I mean I sold more in March then I've sold in 6 months previously I mean it was just like everybody was freaking out you know not half so it was difficult you know the questions the follow up with Kickstarter really the commitment is you know it's a very public thing that you're doing and so yeah you know if you put that on there and your whole project funds then you never send anybody anything. They'll never let you back on the site you know kind of thing you tell up front what you how you're planning to fulfill this things so. It's on you to fill it they they they don't they don't bug you about it they encourage you to put on their dates of when you think you'll be able to fill this thing I mean I've seen people fully it totally ruined I'm actually like 11 family they had this family recipe for pickles and they made this cute little video and it was so a Pete peeling it when viral and I mean all of a sudden they had literally a 1000000 and a half dollars where the pickle sells that they could not fulfill and I thought when I 1st back I back the project and when I 1st back to I thought that's pretty cheap you know 20 bucks they're going to set me like 4 jars of pickles that's like the shipping you know and so they didn't really work out all their math I think so I think they kind of put them selves in a pickle no pun intended. And and we're not able to. To to fulfill that and so they had to I mean I remember the letters you know the emails coming back and everything saying that they were they were having to give back everybody's money so they because the thing flew I mean they had to send back everybody's money so that's how they did it. So you have you're just sent me this website you want me to show this oh yes I'm here this was the one of the Coconino brands that that we buy. On Amazon coconut secret Any other questions. So yeah I had that there at the end it kind of just briefly mentioned how long do we let the care sit in America do you want to the 1st I actually got the recipe from Charmaine Vieira Dannie of yours wife she did a cooking class on on You Tube and that was one of the 1st links when I 1st searched and she said 24 hours and after I tried it. Push that and drive in 10 hours and yet you have to you have to Ilesa let the marinate for 24 hours 48 hours even better and it just gets better I mean these carrots that we have we have in the fridge but I've tested the brine it's $4.00 acidity so it's in a safe level of acidity to be shelf stable but. It in the they only gain in flavor as as you let a marinate longer so a week 2 weeks is not not going to hurt it we actually did I'm glad you mentioned that this was actually the 1st attempt. To canned them and we can do them. We put raw carrots in the in the jar and then put the marinated and brought them to a boil and then canned and for in a water bath for 30 minutes and so and that was they were pretty much perfect consistency there and so we brought I don't know a dozen jars here so if you're curious you can buy one of those and and try that as well we have those available you know the marinates acidic enough that we were we felt it's probably fine you know we've kept them in the fridge this whole this whole time anyway but. But they are can do so and the jars to seal so. Well let's take a little break this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st or if you would like to listen to more service please visit w w w audio 1st or.


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