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Changing Lives, One Seed at a Time

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • January 13, 2021
    8:15 AM
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Well come I'll share with you just a little bit about myself in that even though it's just been done my name is Chad cruiser my wife as you'll probably be seeing her along with me this week we are from White Cloud Michigan just about half way up Michigan on the west side of the lower peninsula and we do a number of different things we've traveled full time for the last I guess it was 20 years it would have been 20 years now it was 19 years and then covert hit and then the last year we've hardly traveled at all but we have we've made a living for a number of years making documentary films with Anchor Point films or website as anchor point films dot com We go on to archaeologists historians theologians scholars and medical professionals and make documentaries on the Bible History health and we also have a lecture series and we have a You Tube channel where there's a bunch of free material to watch on there if you go to You Tube and you go to health and homestead just all spelled out with spaces health and the word and then the word Homestead we have various things on growing food planting country living scientific studies comparing head to head drug medication with natural remedies and showing often the ones we look at that are generally just as good or better than the drug medications the natural remedies are with significantly less side effects at least the ones we typically share and so before we begin our message this morning which is changing lives one seed at a time as far as for word of. Heavenly Father thank you for a beautiful sunshiny morning you know it's crisp out with the frost on the ground we still have enjoyed the light of the sun and we pray that the Sun of Righteousness would. Shower down upon us this morning in the name of Jesus Amer. We're talking about changing lives one seat at a time and we're going to be talking about some history but also it's a fact it's purpose that we things that we can learn for our future is a quotation here from a book called ministry of healing this is far Christian farmers can do real missionary work in helping the poor to find homes on the land and in teaching them how to till the soil and make it productive teach them how to use the implements of Agriculture how to cultivate various crops and how to plant and care for orchards how many of you here have been involved ever in your life in gardening anybody bending volved in gardening Ok most of you have been involved in gardening and I guess being at a conference on agriculture would make sense that probably some of us at least most of us have had some kind of connection with that and it's one of the great blessings of life and we're told that this can actually be missionary work. This can be a missionary work that can help people out and it can help teach other people how to make a living from the land and these days many of us think you can't make a living from agriculture anymore unless you're a millionaire you know the average farm in America is 444 acres and how many of us can go unless your parents are quite wealthy because most of your young right now in this room how many of us can go buy 444 acres probably not just like I said you're a mom or a dad with some deep pockets but the good news is people these days are making a living off of agriculture with just a few acres times are changing significantly and yes still your average farmer who has 444 acres hardly breaks even I actually statistically loses a little bit but there are ways to make a living and we're told on the screen that you can't see how much I don't like that again we're told that people can learn if we would teach them and so we need to learn how to actually do this and by the way I don't mean that everybody needs to I do not make my living in agriculture I make my living through mainly through video works or traveling but regardless I'll let my wife try to get the sure why the. Or if it's just a bad connection which may be the case and if it is we can go without it it's not a necessary necessity. As I pointed out. And so by the way once again I just said it but I do not have the belief that everybody has to go into agriculture agriculture as far as an education is not made primarily for most people to go into agriculture it is made as a part of the growing process the character growing process to teach us skills and diligence and also one of the things you may never have thought of is that we're told that one of the aspects of Agriculture is to basically make the people who are trained by an immovable so that they are not swayed by the practices of society and I think one of the reasons that is is when you're living a practical life when people live in just head space and what I mean by that is they say they just simply live in books and in educational ivory towers they can lose practicality so they can be influenced into many different things just by simply words whereas a man or a woman who has lived the practical life it's not as easy to sway them according to their thoughts because they have practical experience you can trick a little child who has no experience into believing all kinds of things but a grown man or woman who has learned the practices of life learned how bits of diligence learn how to work learn how to do agriculture learned practical skills they're harder to sway into strange and unusual teachings Now I want to go back through a little history of agriculture in our faith and this is more on foreign missions but before we make it to foreign missions I want to start out with a school called the Madison school we're going to talk about the Madison school we're also going to talk about missionary work that was done in China some very very powerful information and. It did work I have a feeling on the back and there's just no there it was it's just not solid. We can just skip it because I will need to read some stuff on there I'll just. Thank you guys though I appreciate it so I will share with you about a man by the name of Denton Reeboks Denton Reebok Ok that's fine with me so Denton Reebok was a man who lived in 897 to 1983 and to most of you being young people that sounds like a long time ago but that was part of that was during my lifetime and Denton Reebok was a young man who grew up on the farm if I remember correctly in Nebraska and asked he was there he he learned diligence he learned work with his family and then he ended up God led him to do into education and he led him to China and if you how many of you grew up in families where your parents would read like good books do you like missionary books are these kind of things a bunch of you and those those old books with like the a lot of them have corny looking covers are unbelievably good you read the stories and you're like Man that is an incredible story and one of those if you ever want and by the way since there are almost no parents is anybody in this room a parent. None of us myself included are and none of us are parents but if you are a parent and anybody listening on audio verse if you are a parent and you want to read to your children some beautiful story of a person that they could look up to a man that has masculine attributes someone who has diligence and thrift and ability to make decisions and someone that you would you just be proud to have your child try to emulate you'd want to read the story of Denton Reebok which is it's called for the love of China for the love of China and it was by Herbert Ford by Herbert Ford he wrote the book but it's about Denton Reebok by Herbert Ford wrote a book called The for the love of China he was the founder of the China training institute a junior college with a farm about 160 miles from Shanghai thinking about this he has this there's this incredible story of while he is over there in China things happen on a number of different levels there's is that work I'm sorry for everybody they have to go through this I think it is I think that I wonder if the back and just as it comes and goes so Denton tells a story of while he was there in China and there was a terrible famine taking place there was no water there was no rain and because of that there was well going to be no food and this has gone on I don't know 6070 days and these Chinese people didn't have a way to really get enough water to to water their fields so what did they end up doing is one day Denton was walking down the road with some of the students from the school because he's the leader of the school there and some of the Chinese walk by him and they said hey Mr Lee because that's what he they called him in their language Mr Lee. Yes So we have a question for you Ok We're going to help you with do you believe in the old man up in heaven and that was not an insult that was the terminology they use for God there in China at least that region of China and he said yes I believe in the old man up in heaven and they said Do you believe the old man in heaven actually listens to us when we talk to him Yes I believe that you believe actually hears our prayers. Well yeah I do believe that they said that you pray to him right now and tell him we need rain and you tell him we need rain right now and he looked at these young men and he his 1st thought was are they saying this to me are they are they joking with me are they kind of you know playing around with me but then he could see in earnestness in their eyes well you know own words for a little bit and so he saw an earnestness in their eyes and he decided you know what I'm going to what do we do so he asked he asked some of the Chinese students that were with him he says well what do you think we should do and the student said I think we should pray and he said Ok let's pray and he said You young man you pray right now and he began to pray and he prayed an earnest prayer in the Chinese language that the God of heaven would rain bring rain for them so that they would be able to have food they would be able to have plenty of water and then when he finished this prayer Denton spoke to one of the other students and he said All right you pray and that young man prayed and when that young man finished this prayer Denton said Ok I'm going to say a prayer also and Denton prayed to God he said Father in heaven you know you know what we're struggling with you know that we don't have any rain and you know that soon these people won't have any food as winter comes on they're not going to have food to take care of themselves and so we're asking that you would reveal yourselves to these young people and show them that you are the guard of heaven and that you are all powerful. And as he finished his prayer they parted ways Denton went to they had an assembly at the at that portion of the day at the school and they went into the assembly and when they gathered together with the students of the school he told them the testimony of what had just taken place he told them how he had just been asked if he believed in the old man in heaven and that they would ask for them to pray and so they said we prayed and when they finished the assembly all of the students and all of the staff were excited to walk out the door of the of the room because they wanted to look up into the sky and they wanted to see what they wanted to see the rain clouds coming because it had been perfectly blue sky as it had been day after day after day and as they looked straight up it was perfectly blue above them but in the distance they could see the dark clouds coming and they had to make their way back to where they were before they made it to the assembly and as they started walking back down that same dirt path that they had come to that they had met the young man who asked them to pray now is there going back the opposite direction those men those young men meet them at the very same place just in providentially they met on the same place and they looked up at the sky and with a large smiles on their fates they said he Mr leap you better hurry up or you're going to get wet because they could see the rain coming and then within minutes the rain did come and the rain began to pour down and it rained down on their fields and as it came down all through that day into the next morning the rain subsided and the villagers and the towns folks flocked to Reebok and they literally threw themselves down on the ground and humbled themselves before and they said Thank you Mr the thank you for giving us the rain and he said What do you think he said. Don't think me right don't thank me God sent the rain thank God I begin with this story because this man Denton Reeboks started a farm with a school there in China he was one of the pioneers of the the Chinese educational work within our church and he was able to be a witness on multiple levels to the people around him through the agricultural work through simple prayer and we can be a light to people in this and whether you're a farmer or not we can we're meant to be a light in whatever field we go into whether you're a a nurse or a doctor or a plumber whether you're in construction or whatever it is God has called us to be light to the people around us here's a quote here that says missionary farmers those who are wise and agriculture lines agricultural lines in tilling the soil those who can construct simple plain buildings those of the people in construction may help they can do good work and at the same time show in their characters the high standard to which it is the privilege of this people to attain let farmers financier's builders and those who are skilled in various other crafts gold to neglected fields to improve the land to establish industries and to prepare humble homes for themselves and to give their neighbors a knowledge of the truth for this time now what this shows me here is something very important. Notice this is not number one just for farmers but it is for farmers this is for people of how many different trades is all different kinds of work this is for all different kinds of people we are told though we are called to go out to different places we don't do this as much as our early church did some people do I have a couple of doctor friends who thought he we were already doctors we could be a light for God wherever he wants us to be they did missionary work in Afghanistan and when they moved back to the United States they thought hey we want to be a light to people in the United States and so we want to go to an area that doesn't have a church set up we want to go to an area there you know that even in the United States there are some cities with like 10000 people or more with 0 of our churches. And God could use you someday that you could say hey I want to go I want to be sin for God I want him to do great things through my life to be a witness a light to the people around me and that's what these men did they went up to northern Maine and they raised up a church and they do a great and powerful work there so we're going to this about background you are you can do the very same kind of thing no matter what you choose to go into you could choose to if God calls you to go to a dark area and be a light for the kingdom or told in Proverbs chapter 11 verse 25 and 30 the liberal soul shall be made fat well to us that doesn't sound very good right I'd rather not be like that maybe I don't need to be a little less liberal so I don't become fat Well that's not what it's talking about it's saying that the liberal person the one who is helpful to others will be himself filled. The one who is good to others will be filled himself and he that Waters shall be watered also himself as you help others if any of you have ever done any kind of ministry work if you've ever given a Bible study if you've ever helped somebody out in any capacity the blessing that you give to others also ends up being a blessing to what to you it ends up being a blessing to you I know from doing ministry that you go out and you minister to people you witness to be able to share the gospel of people and you are changed by the work that you are doing it goes on to say the fruit of the righteous is it a tree of life and he that when souls is why it's winning souls for Jesus takes wisdom and it actually gives wisdom from the giver of wisdom this is a picture of my wife and myself at anybody read the little sign above my head what's it's a sunny side bright sunny anybody know where sunny side is it's in Australia that's right it's in Australia and it is right outside of the school anybody know the name of the school Avondale you knew it right so it's in Coron Bonge Australia beautiful area and I want to share with you a little bit of the history we're talking about some of the history of Adventist missions and and changing lives one seed at a time here's a little bit of the history of the beginnings of foundations of the school this is we are told us an 8 manuscript releases page 259 before I visited Corum Baum the Lord gave me a dream. In my dream I was taking to the to the land that was for sale important. Several of our brother and I had been solicited to visit the land and I dream so this is a dream notice a dream that I was walking upon the ground and I came upon a neat cut furrow that had been plowed one quarter of a yard deep What's one quarter of a yard how many inches in a yard 36 if you 36 divided by 49 you got it so 9 inches deep and so 9 inches deep and I was walking about the ground I came upon a neat cut furrow that had been plowed 9 inches deep and 2 yards in length what's 2 yards 6 feet and what does it go on to say it says 2 of the Brethren this is in a dream to have the brother in who had been acquainted with the rich soil of Iowa were standing before this furrow saying this is not good land the soil is not favorable but the one but one and notice what do you notice about that word one right there what's different about that than most the words in this and sentences it's capitalized so what does it say but one So who who who do we whose name do we capitalize in Scripture while we capitalize everybody's name but when when you're talking about when you're up you know saying things like one this is talking about the divine being seemingly Jesus himself one who had often spoken in council was present also and he said this in a dream false witness has been born of this land then he described the properties of the different layers of earth. He explained the science of the soil and said that this land was adapted to the growth of fruit and vegetables and that if well work would produce its treasures for the benefit of man this dream I related to Brother and Sister star and by family so she has a dream she's having this dream. Some question anybody in here ever been led by a dream I know my wife and I we have in our ministry God has let us it's not like every dream I have I believe is let of God I have some crazy dreams to just random you know not events but then there are times where God is really leading and we've had that happen and so now why has this dream and she's there and corn bong and we had the opportunity to be there and there she's looking and energy and she sees this you know 6 foot you know furrow in the ground that had been killed and then you know 9 inches deep and she's looking at it these men look at it from America and they've been dial one they know that deep dark rich black soil and and when you come from there you go to places like California and what does that what is the soil look like in California anybody know it looks Sandy and if you look at it you think this stuff won't grow anything if you're from Iowa right but does the soil not grow anything in California it grows unbelievably well so some soil can look different than you used to and you can't judge it by your past experience but this is what they did so what ended up happening the very next day after she had this dream the next day we were on the cars train cars on our way to meet others who were investigating the land as I was afterward walking on the ground where the trees had been removed low there was a furrow just as I had described it and the men also who had criticized the appearance of the land the words were spoken just as I had dreamed. Isn't that amazing so she saw what was going to happen the next day the very same thing happened and they said a ha this land is no good look at this oil this oil won't grow anything and she's like yeah that was my dream that's exactly but in her dream after these men said the soil is worthless what happened she was told by one that false accusation has been set a spoken of against this crown is not actually true well here it is this is when we were we were there a few years ago and this is actual kind of a little placard there and when you read it this is what it says it says about 500 years 500 yards east of this spot was found in the furrow seen in a dream by Ellen g. white which led to the establishment of the Australian Australasian missionary college in the district in 1994 and they made this plaque and 1958 and this is evidently somewhere around this region out in here was the furrow at that time obviously not there anymore but there was this furrow and this is what she had seen and this became the foundation the birth of the school that we now call Avondale and what do we see about this place it's interesting because our agriculture and our education were not made simply to make farmers or to educate people to be successful people although there's nothing wrong with either of those 2 things that's not inherently the very basis of our educational system it is to change people's lives and draw them nearer to Jesus and prepare them to be workers in the Vineyard that's the main purpose although those other things are meant to be a blessing also and they are a part of the work of education so listen to this. This is in the visions of night speaking at Avondale and the visions of night some things were clearly presented before me persons were selecting allotments of land near the school on which they proposed to build houses and establish homes so they wanted to build houses right near the the ground of the school right near the school buildings but one stood in there and it sat capital one but one stood in our midst who said you are making a great mistake which you will have cause to regret this land is not to be occupied with buildings except to provide facilities essential for the teachers and students of the school this land about the school is to be reserved as the school farm it is to become a living parable to the students the school is to become a living parable to the students the students are not to regard the school land as a common thing now I want to stop right there for a moment I. Became a 7th Day Adventist when I was in college I left the college I was going to and went to a short term missionary school that had agricultural work it had the health work health training and it had a ministry training in evangelism teaching people how to get bible studies how to witness how to you know preach Bible prophecy meetings and all of these things and this says that the the sounds good I'll do my best I'll do my best thank you very much so this says that the school grounds were not to be considered as a common thing in the Bible there were basically 2 different kinds of things there were common things and there were holy things there were common things and there were holy things we were in the anybody here been to South Dakota anybody All right some anybody even to the Black Hills Health and Education Center to visit you have it's beautiful isn't there it's incredible you to. View before and while we were there that place to us. Felt like holy ground and we don't really believe in holy ground per se like you know holy holy ground but to us it was seen like holy ground was just a different experience I was just such a deep religious experience while I was there we did a little bit of Agriculture would have been better if we did more but we also were trained in hells we were in evangelism and giving Bible studies it was like a holy experience and we were told that the ground around the school is not to be treated or even regarded as a common thing seemingly there was something holy about the land there's something special about it it says that this land was to be a living parable to the students they were to learn. A lesson as day by day as they as they were spending time on the farm it says they're not to look at it as a common thing but are to look upon it as a lesson book open before them which the Lord would have them study its lessons will impart knowledge in the culture of the soul so the agriculture that is meant to be a part of our school it has several purposes one of which is to be Lassen book in the growth of your spiritual life in the growth of your soul sometimes people say well it's just for character building or it's yeah it is for character building that's probably the most important but it's also to grow food and we're actually told that our schools should not depend upon food that they have to get from another source they should actually depend upon their own resources which is an incredible very few actually they might do that with a few things about some of the schools are actually able to do this in the past. It says if you should allow this is the one speaking this is divinely inspired if you should allow the land near the school to be occupied with private houses and then be driven to select for cultivation other land at a distance from the school it would be a great mistake and one always to be regret when it be nice if you were about to make a mistake and God told you No don't do that you're going to regret that and that be really nice that's not a good idea don't do that you're going to regret it guess what God doesn't do that how many times in your life have you ever gone to do something in the Holy Spirit was saying don't do that and you're like no I want to do it and you do it anyway and then you know. You regret it right I've done that time and time again even in simple things and simple things you know I think of one time that I didn't I'm not proud of it but I was this is early on in ministry almost probably 18 years ago and and it was a simple thing but we needed to get some exercise we're exercising at a certain place and I actually I was going to go one place and and paid to exercise there and I felt convict that I shouldn't do it but I was like No no I got to exercise and so I did it and then on the way home I saw that there's a place like a way closer to home and I already paid to do it further away simple things even simple things in life work where the Holy Spirit is saying don't do this we need to learn point by point to heed the voice of God that is speaking to our souls so. It goes on to say if it's said that they would it would be granted all the land near the building is to be regarded as the school farm where the youth can be educated under well qualified superintendents the youth who shall attend our schools need all the land nearby they are to plant it with ornamental and fruit trees and to gold cultivate garden produce interesting so one of the things about agriculture is not everything about agriculture is about making a living off the soil so they were to have even ornamental trees I think there's probably multiple reasons for that one of the reasons we're told that were to have ornamental trees is you know why for beauty not interesting I would have been a very utilitarian kind of person I would have thought Why waste money on flowers why waste money on these kind of things and were told no no no no no you can set a part of your budget every year for flowers and ornamental trees it's partly for beauty but they also have another benefit flowers and trees what do they do and he thoughts or do they bring to our properties. Pollinators so not only is it for beauty but it also helps bring more pollinators in those things will help pollinate the other food that you're trying to grow on your property every term of school this is amazing so are schools I'll give you an example my wife when she was going to the Mission College some people would like to hear this kind of thing because they think. Converting people they think is kind of like oh you shouldn't your goal shouldn't be to convert people but she was thinking of what school to go to to become to do God's work to do missionary work and witness and and evangelize and learn about health and she talked to Louis Torres of the Mission College and she asked them the question she said well what do people do after they get to your school is that the question and she's like hey where do you get a job or what and he said wealth to us the most important thing we focus on is the conversion of the people that come to our school that's the most important thing we focus and she said to her that just 3rd her soul to hear somebody say that that the purpose of this school was actually the conversion of the students and yes to make them go out and share the gospel with the world that they would be ministers for God but he wanted 1st their own conversion Now notice what we read here this is incredible Avondale this is what I want tells us every term of school which we have held to Avondale has resulted in the commercial I'm nearly every student in the school here's the thing God wants you to be in Heaven God wants you to be in heaven sometimes you might think like Ok you see some speaker up front you think all this guy's religious he spiritual That's who he is he's kind of wired that way and that's why he's talking about these things or you could also think maybe that guy is just a big fat hypocrite and he's just full of it and he's just lying right I wouldn't be here today if if God didn't change my life. Like I said I became a 7th Day Adventist in college I you know left home left my friends my family is the hardest decision of my life I didn't do it just to do it I had a plan for life I was going to college I was I had a purpose but yet God had a change of direction but you might be think of it as because you're really spiritual That's who you are No I was totally not spiritual before Jesus changed my life. And he is willing to change every single one of us and he wants us to be in Heaven and He wants our true happiness he wants this for us but there's many things in this world that detract from our happiness that we think will make us happy sometimes got us to separate us from the things that we think will make us happy in order to bring us to true happiness both in this world and in the life to come and so noticed that nearly every student was converted in this school and some terms that are has been the case this has been the case without exception and in others there have not been more than 2 or 3 exceptions of young people who did not give their lives Jesus but they could they could they just chose not businessmen have brought their children from Newcastle we've been there to our school in Avondale so that. They they would not be tempted as they would be in our public schools which they declared were corrupted our schools should be located away from the cities on a large tract of land so that the students will have the opportunity to do manual work they should have opportunity to learn lessons from the objects which Christ use in the inculcation of the truth what a powerful story so Avondale is a place where they cared at least initially on the conversion of the students on them having eternal life but the agriculture was to be a part of their experience of having their heart changed realizing that when you plant a seed if you plant kernels of corn what kind of plant will you get you're going to get corn right if they're still life in that corn and if you know the the experience is right if the sun is out of the rain comes this will happen if the soil has good nutrition good nutrients in it it will take place and so we learn the simple principles that hey you reap what you sow there's so many things you learn as you are growing things now. I mean I'm going to jump forward a minute Kibby Dula I'm only jumping ahead there is more I have to share about Avondale but for time's sake we only have so much time I'm not going to share with you another school in Africa and I was just talking to one of the founders of it this week he had told me some of the stories before in the past but I just wanted to refresh with him a little bit but to be dual to be dual is a school that is in Tanzania Africa what I was told is that there was a man in in Africa he was believe an American man who went from the states to Africa's name is w e star and the what had happened in the school system there is that generally that people even I think of our own church when they would have schools they would do it with funding from the government and as w. e star came as I understand he went to something called the Madison farm and the Madison farm taught people to work in labor with their hands and to be self-supporting and so what he did was he began to change the school system in Africa so that these church schools would instead of seeking you know their subsistence from the government would seek it from the ground that they were on from trades for more King in these kind of things and so that's what he did and so he kind of changed things in the twenty's and then in the thirty's and then what happened is all the way down in 1974 a group of people from Wildwood anybody ever heard of Wildwood before a group of people from Wildwood ended up was going to Africa to Tanzania and they started a school they ended up starting to schools they started to be dual and Riverside farms will talk about both of them for a moment and one of the things they had learned is that there was a historical problem in Africa that some of the students if they didn't like the food at school you know they would do. Well here in the in the states often kids don't like the food at school and so they complain right well there they didn't just complain you know they did they would write they would literally have a riot because they didn't like the food that's pretty serious so they thought Ok since they riot when they don't like the food what we're going to do is we have to change things up so that they don't riot so they did from what I understand 2 different things one of them was they told the students Ok you get to cook your own food well you can't write against yourself right if you made it and you don't like it and that's that's your problem and the 2nd thing they did was they gave the students like an acre of land that they would grow their own food so you would have an acre you would have an acre you would have an acre and then you would do what you grow your own food and then you'd cook your own food and once again if you didn't like the food you have to blame Well it's you but not only that can you imagine what it would do if you were able to grow all your own food could you imagine what you would begin to think wow I can really do things in life I just did a sermon recently on respect and self respect and we're we're actually called to have respect I actually believe that by the grace of God we can do all things all things necessary I'm not talking about crazy things but you get the idea and if we taught students to think that you can grow your own food you could make it in life you could be established you can become something. And so that's what they did there at q.b. Dula this is but they didn't you may think oh it was it all about agriculture No they did multiple things and health work they teach them on evangelism they help out the poor poor students can come who have no money their families have no money but yet they can come and work at the school and they can become they can become equipped to be a great citizen a society and a follower of Jesus at the very same time and so this is to be dual in Africa Here's some of the students they're going to the classes and they also learn things like sewing and trade so that they can end up being able to make a living after they leave the school and it's interesting we're told this we're told that he who earns his livelihood by agriculture escapes many temptations and enjoys unnumbered privileges and blessings denied to those whose work lies in the great cities and in these days a mammoth trust in business competition there are few who enjoy so real an was an export independence there are few who enjoy so real independence and so great certainty of fair return for their labor as does the tiller of the soil I want to tell you a little story obviously all of us are too young to remember but back during the 1920 s. you had Does anybody know what catastrophe took America there were different ones but anyone financially. The Great Depression Now even before the Great Depression of the stock market crash of 29 before that in the early twenty's over in Europe in places like Hungary in places like Austria and in Germany in the wee Mar Republic you had a financial catastrophe that was unreal you see at the beginning of this time period each we could called the dollar the it was the deutsche mark in Germany each dollar in America was worth 7 do each marks and within just a few years it went from $7.00 to $1.00 or $1.00 to $7.00 to $1.00 to $4500000000.00 marks you may have heard the stories of someone would carry it i.e. a wheelbarrow full of money and they would bring it to buy something and the wheelbarrow was worth more than the money because the money became worth less worthless right and what they tell us I was going through a book some time ago called When Money Dies and what they share is that when the money died when it had terrible inflation that you know who ended up doing just fine during that time period people we call it farmers but we called them peasants they were called peasants and when you think of the word peasant What do you think of you think of rich people now you think of poor people but guess who did financially fine peasants with a little bit of land that could raise their own produce and anough to sell to others because even when spry says of things skyrocket. What always has. You know Ok all right food always has a value. And we're told that times are going to get difficult in the end of time at some point I don't know exactly how it works but money comes to naught the Book of Revelation says one of the reasons we're told to move into the country is because it's going to become very difficult to buy or sell and so this is something to consider Now obviously I'm in an agricultural converse I want to share with you another farm here called Riverside Farm in Zambia they were connected this same man Dan Butler anybody here ever had soil curls so he curls Butler so that man a bunch of you now you may know that Dan Butler he is he's an Adventist and he was the man who not only started Butler soy girls but he helped start these 2 institutions or was a part of at least for sure the 1st one and he was he for a time was also at the 2nd in Riverside farms and they both did kind of the same thing they have agriculture they have health work and they also have agriculture health and impractical labors industry and these kind of things now I'm going to see if I can show you a part of a video from this school that is I think quite powerful I don't know if it'll work so we'll we'll give it a try here it doesn't work I will skip it maybe I lost it oh here it is. There's a beauty in Africa. Taking land. To the delicate beauty of. Their man. All. The people. There added. My name is Alan Knowles and I'm the director. About 40 years ago when 5 families from America decided that they would like to put their life's work into training young Zambians for the Gospel. Today we're continuing that vision of training and doing. Construction on the hands on site is blasting that over it's 30 plus years of of work here in the n.b.a. it's been able to have its part of its ministry its business unit that helps the poor and subsidize the schools and outreach that we do from here so some of our key things that we have going right now are the banana plantations which you can see being installed behind me here historically Riverside as depended on banana production and sale to to have a major income source for for the work that we do so that's been a real blessing over the years we're about an hour off the capital city so we have an advantage over other than the farmers in the region and that we're close to the market we have transfer our good so far over the years it's been a major partner it was tied with the ministry and the outreach and establishing our work here in the n.b.a. there's been probably a dozen to project the s.i. has assisted with Currently we have a program of replanting a lot of our banana orchards which have been wiped out by a virus that came through several years back and so are traditionally we have 10 to 20 Hector's of bananas producing and that number has really dropped recently and so there was a real need to have some investment funds to reestablish the bananas. Riverside depends on the income from the bananas to be able to do the ministry that we do and so it's I funded a grant and we've started implementing that here and that includes putting in irrigation buying seedlings that are from what's called tissue culture which is a sterile feeling that doesn't have any disease in it bring those in establishing them and then plant them. In about 9 months and actors that we're putting in right now will be producing and that'll be a huge boost to our operations he ever said I have been he had to leave aside for almost he said 2 years now and I have come to appreciate it viz placed deeply because like ignore the place nice is a special place where you learn of God. Ended hours helped me. By amending from. The Bible. And also by sharing the word of God with all the people. Who are here for potential Yes I took her 11 years and I've been married for 10 years with my husband and it it is a breath and to me I've learned a lot from Riverside because women care I just can was a student I was going to the. Lot and the norm Gord and I'm one person who. Was there or we have a training program where we train Bible workers were to go out and hear what they have learned. But with all that wasn't enough because. God ever saw. Worthwhile and. Never turned anyone away and. We're thinking about ministry we also want to be very quirky and so we go out in the villages. And we help them with whatever they mean. And we try to share Jesus with our prayer work. And then we have a wellness center here where we are specially built to. Minister to the upper class and the rich people and also we have them come here we haven't had former presidents and and people in the high government positions come here and learn and they work not only learn a better lifestyle they learn about Jesus because we have worship here with them and they go away blast. Very far from help. Or harbor a lot of are ripe. There were so here at Riverside we don't want to just reach the middle we want to reach. Out to the president and we want to minister to all. And and to be a blessing in this community and I really. Aside from that this year we have 5 student missionaries currently from advocacy versus in the United States young people who come here for a year a year out of college or after college and it's great you know they show up here and everything's new and strange and sometimes you wonder whether they're going to make it but within a couple weeks couple months you see I'm really settle into the life here they're huge asset what we're doing they go out to our weekly community help build churches they go on clinics they help me get an apartment and you see that they just really bond with the team that we have here they become part of our part of the culture and you know that what's going on here at Riverside and it's always hard to see him leave after 8 or 9 months. It's powerful is. It really is powerful you know I've been we've done missionary work in foreign countries we we lived in a lot of time for me to tell you and go on with some of the rest of this stuff but. We've lived in Iceland we've done ministry there we've lived in No We puts we have done work in Norway with a school called the European Bible School and also not only was it teaching the Bible they had an agricultural program that everybody did agriculture part as part of the program and also a health program and the evangelism programs all of these things worked together we worked with the students in the agriculture probably could have done that more and probably because it was our 1st time teaching you know you get a study more for teaching but but it is such a good thing for the students and the teachers to be working together hand in hand and I say this to you I have I have heard people say to me because I came into the church and immediately went into work sharing the gospel around the world and I've had adults say to me yeah I should have done what you've done I should have gone out and share the gospel I should have done these things and I'm not saying everybody is called to be a foreign minister in some other land but if God calls you to you have 2 options you can reject it and say no I'll do things for God Once I have everything else in life taking care of or I'll go wherever he wants me to go and one of those 2 options will give you a fulfilling life one of those 2 options if he calls you to what every If he calls you to be a plumber be a plumber if he calls you to be a doctor be a doctor if he calls you into agriculture go into agriculture but do whatever God has called you to do and be a light for him but here's the thing this mascot's the Gospel Matthew 28 verse 1020 in this gospel the kingdom shall be preached in all people write Jesus says Go ye until all nations and teach them all things whatsoever I have said unto you. So Jesus is calling us to go and I would challenge each one of you young people especially if you don't I think we all are called to be ministers in some way I don't mean pastors necessarily but we are all called no matter what field we go into to to minister to people but I want to challenge you we do need overseas workers for God We do need overseas workers forgot and many many young people feel the call but then good church members make sure that they don't go and do it he said it sounds kind of contradictory many good church member sometimes even parents even godly parents will dissuade their children from going to Africa like will be useful that guy we just saw you know how many times have you sold got malaria I don't remember but he's got malaria over and over and over and over and you know he does he keeps going back he keeps going back you may go through difficulties there but the difficulties you often go through in places like this are physical difficulties here we struggle often with spiritual difficulties we struggle with salvation we struggle with guilt we struggle with sin and we just struggle and struggle and struggle there they struggle to but it's more with trials difficulties that come from the outside or even from within from sickness but there's something very powerful about doing work for God if he calls you to go Will there be trials sure there will if you stay here will there be trials sure there will but one of the most powerful things you could do in life Imagine getting to heaven and you have 30 people look to you and say I'm here because of you I am here because of you thank you for coming to my country if he calls you to stay in the United States you can take 30 people with you to heaven you can take 300 you can take 3000 follow the call. That God has on your life whatever it is in this case we're talking about agriculture we do need more godly farmers to go out and share this message but we need ministers men and women to go out and share the gospel I want I want to say this one thing in closing and close of this because our time is up that. As you go if you if you don't know what you're going to do in life you don't know what God is calling you one of the things we challenge young people to do is go to a go on a year and mission to some foreign country and ask God to show you within that year what he's calling you to do you may go there and you see the doctors working in the clinic and you say oh I see I want to be a nurse or I want to be a doctor or maybe you'll be there and you'll see the mechanics working on the planes and you say I want to be a plane mechanic so I can keep those planes in the sky so they can keep saving lives both through the Gospel and the medical missionary work I want to be a mechanic out there or maybe I'll say man when I was on the farm that was soul fulfilling I love having my hands in the soil and I want to be I want to work in agriculture over in Zambia or Tunisia or wherever the Lord calls. Whatever it is when people go forward and they give that year in mission I believe that God will show you what he's called you to do in life and whatever God calls you to do in life will be the most fulfilling and the thing that will bring you the most joy and happiness that you could possibly experience so I want to say a little prayer and in the spring and I take a little pause and since most of your young people in this room I want to give you just a moment of time to say if it's your will if you're willing to allow God in even if you fail I don't want to go or God wants me to go I want to give you a little bit of time to say God help me to be open to be led where you ever you would have me in this world help me to be open to your calling. So we're going to pray and I'm going to have a little pause and then you talk to God personally so let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for the great work that's been done around the world but Lord millions of people do not know your truth for this time your calling men your calling women your calling children to be missionaries for you and Lord I pray that you would open the hearts of each one each one of these young people and older people like to be open to your will as we pray to you now Heavenly Father thank you so much for the time that you've given us together I pray that you blast this entire week at this beautiful conference that we have a pop opportunity to be a part of I pray that you would guide each one of these people wherever you would have them whether it's on the soil of America or to some other content to be a light for the name of Jesus in. 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