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Kevin Brown



  • January 13, 2021
    10:45 AM
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Ok folks will go ahead and reconvene and begin the 3rd part of our 3 part workshop here. And what we'll do to begin this section of the workshop is to complete our module number 3 which was getting paid or the selling and marketing effort so hopefully you had some good conversation in your groups and generated some good thoughts or or had some good progress or we're going to skip the sharing that we would normally do after this just because of how much time is getting away from us but I'd like to introduce Ricky and Rick he's going to talk to you a little bit about what happened on better together farm in the last year. Very good well I was just talking to this group up here for a few minutes and they gave us a really good idea of what we could have done we didn't want to do it but. It's all good it's it's it's a learning experience so I just wonder start off with the whole idea about kind of our farm vision this isn't something we have in concrete but the reason why we even decided we wanted to get into agriculture especially on small scale farming and I would I will just mention one thing because I asked Ike even mention that we have 15 acres right. Technically we have 20 years but the question was how much can we actually grow. And our current growth space right now is we have $90.00 to $100.00 foot beds that are 30 inches wide each beds 30 inches wide $92.00 bit the average of that to about 3 quarters of an acre so we're not growing on 15 acres when I run 20 acres we're gone about 3 quarters of an acre and I don't know if any of you plan on tending any of the market gardening track where you meet the farmer and stuff like that but each one of those farms are going to tell us a little bit about their schematic and their layout so if you're coming through those will learn a lot from a variety of farms who are currently doing something but here's a vision develop personal connection with customers. That's a real big desire for us we feel like that's a big part of the mission. We would love to be able to have people out to the far more often. We'll talk a little bit about that in just a 2nd didn't happen much this year because of the whole comit thing just change a big part of what we were hoping to do this year and so we felt like that in order to do that we need to go direct to customers that just felt like the best way for us to do we do a little bit a wholesale We do a little bit a restaurant not much you'll see here in just a minute of the break that down and then we were hoping to be able to do some on farm events and I'll share with you a couple ideas that we were planning on doing heading that direction as well. So in new in 2020 this is actually what we did this past year. We actually wanted to do more online market access which means before we would have available to people we would have to drop sites Keven was mentioning before we had one drop site in Murray County kind of a farm pop up stand that he mentioned and we have one pop up site in the Carter County area and so basically if somebody lived in say one of the towns and Davis the home if you live the days of a home and you could purchase from a one time a week. And we had one farm stand that was open for 2 hours one time and so we felt like we needed to open the the market so that people if they wanted to purchase more frequently from us than one time a week they could do it you know a lot of people are conditioned to oh we need to pick up stuff and something once I would go to the store pick it up want to have to say oh we need another head lettuce Oh wait a 2nd that let let little online thing is that's better together farm they're open Oh but it's going to wait tell Monday at 4 o'clock and it's wins me you know we've got to do that right so how do we make it more accessible for people one thing have the have the market available wore off and also make it more accessible in other words more pickup sites that are closer to people where they have access and make it more convenient for them to stop and pick up their bench before it was like Wilson to people from the farm to home to one of the market for 2 hours and there was just a. For 2 hours yeah you're meeting people there's some things there but it felt like how do we. How do we really scale that is that really scalable and we felt like it just wasn't very scale and so we would do that one time week murder down and one time a week in Carter County and it took you know by the time you pack up the car get in and go down and you drive 30 miles off you know you're spending for one half hours to people from right and it's in those ones that location about one spot so we decided how can we add more pickup sites and then the idea would be Ok Well we're not going to be able have much face to face and this is more like a grab and go people coming in the pickup and they just leave and we're not there how do we make that connection and so we were planning on doing more on farm events that they could come and participate in or is that's the concern of just a little bit about that Ok so we have basically these 4 selves channels we have an online market which is our direct to consumer we work with a couple restaurants by the way and restaurants sells this year I don't know what they've been compared to last year but if they were I doubt they were as high a lot of this whole coated thing just really changed the entire atmosphere of the restaurant industry as you can imagine we also have a little bit of florist that we do we were of course it was also a wholesale florist her as well we would sell flowers directly to our customers and then as you'll see a little later we have very very very small amount of wholesale produce we can actually do to a grocery store a couple grocery stores. I sold just give you an idea of the overview we had actually 67 online marbles between April and December and these online markets will be open on Sunday and on Wednesday so as Sunday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon our online market will open it's an online store right we will post everything we have available it opens at 1 o'clock and it was closed at 7 o'clock the next morning. Right and so that window would be a where people could go in and order from us and all that's done online and we'll show you just a little bit about how that works. And they would order at that time so they could order at either location from their county now they can order on Saturday or once and so we basically double the access that people could have if they lived in the same location so they could buy technically they could buy homes twice a week before they could only buy permits once a week right again. So I wanted to share this with you this is our home page not a home a well yes actually part of our home page on our website but. The the key to online cells at least from our experience is you have to have a way to reach people electronically so you need to have an e-mail address or their phone or their mobile phone number where they'll accept text so you see in the red letters here we have 513 people on our e-mail list and we have 224 people who have given us their personal cell numbers and test them the moment the market or. Saw what was on Sunday afternoon Aubrey goes from about privacy 12301215 I will give her the numbers everything we have available she'll go up shop loaded right on to the market and then I want to walk from 224 people going to excerpts. And shortly thereafter 513 people didn't e-mail now a lot of those are duplicate because people some people want both the text and email but. At least from our perspective the online market only really works if you have a way of reminding someone right when it happens Ok to expect them just to remember that this is going to happen it's probably going to be pretty difficult so that's really key fundamental be there right when it happens and the amazing thing is that people get used to this and we'll see that generally. Probably I don't know everyone will say the percentage in the 1st 45 minutes of stores open will probably sell 80 percent of what we have on the market that happens that fast is just as flaring and then you know your product availability runs out and you're out of it out of stock have a stock and a stock that just slows down because you know most people don't want to come to pick up a pound of carrots. Right I mean they want they'd like to have the right things but if you're thinking about online space you need to have a really reliable platform in a good way to help access people right when it happens Ok so we have a blend. I think we're going to watch and there's a little video this is what online market looks like what you see we post the progress there what our market this is kind of what would look like right now so these things are available just like an online store you just go in to pick what you watch for quantity and it just holds it up for you right very similar if you if you're familiar with buying anything online it's a very easy intuitive site we didn't build the site with the site we work with are in the door. We've been overall pretty satisfied with where possibly looking for another one is what yes. We do table. I mean we take all the photographs and we implement all the Page them but the actual software the processing of the orders all those and if you have more questions please talk to she is the person we go. Ok so we we had 67 online markets between April through December that's a Sunday and Wednesday and so one of the other things we change we got to 5 pickup sites and 3 towns there never used to have 2 sites once a week now there's 5 pick up sites twice a week. So it just makes a lot more accessible and these pick up sites are in places that strategically are hopefully it will more convenient for people so when the where we had 2 communities and Murray County we were out what we before we were only in one town so people from this other community wanted to mention that to drive all the way not that far maybe a 10 miles but that's kind of inconvenient I'm going to how many of us are going to drive 10 miles to go pick up maybe have led us some kale and carrots. Probably most are going to be pretty dedicated to that so the idea is like even asked earlier you may understand why is it that people are not buying from us and are those things we can help lower those herds and so we felt like that was a good lowering heard we also have this year for the 1st time we made home delivery option with the fees so a charge either $5.00 or $7.00 to drop their veggies at their house as long as they were in like a 3 mile radius of our pickup site so we want to go like 15 miles into the country right they had to be within like a 3 mile radius but we didn't move there moving that there was one. Location of these are our 5 pickup sites that we work with fish this year I would say a lot we have a florist on the corner. With an eco are more often than a flat in the health food store actually run by an advantage couple called a G.'s. We are more we also have a side of the y.m.c.a. for those 3 or in the same community a larger town and there is a pharmacy and a little community council for all our pharmacy and they let us have set up a pick up site there and then a quiet home they have a really nice the past garage shop from the house that has long over him and they saw the table up right there in another community people just drive right there in the my sorrow when to pull up grab their stuff put in the car and go so all we do is we get there we take the bags out like paper bag big paper bag has the name label on it what they ordered we set it on the table we leave and we do that and off I pick up stuff so we're not technically physically there we're just going dropping their order they come pick it up you go 1st a kind of a grab and go type and with the whole covert name honestly there's a lot of people who like that. So. All right so want to just give you an overview of kind of what we've looked at here this is our online experience in 2020 so this was from January to December of last year we had actually $209.00 unique customers so $209.00 different people ordered from us Ok we had a total of $2700.00 orders during that period our average or a quarter was 1000 dollars and 17 cents. And then we had our total online store sales this was just the online store sales was right a little over $51000.00. Ok. And then I thought you might like to see these are the top 5 produce items we grow the different 33 different varieties of different vegetables on our 3 quarters of an acre do a lot of succession planning a. Move to early on number one product has had let us go 3 different right into the headwaters that's what is the amount of light as we saw this year lettuce Next came in number 2 cucumbers was number 3 we got to grow a real nice. Socrates cucumber there kind of a high end cucumber there a very nice bright red tomatoes and okra believe it or any of the number of oxen we have 33 varieties and all these were tall. And to be truthful we we kind of 3 of those 5 we kind of grown a lot more we had a lot more market demand than we did. So and then right in the news as well. Ok so I thought I'd share this with you this is kind of an interesting aspect member we had 67 times a person can order from this right if they were there every moment all year long so our top 3 customers this is the number of times they ordered and the total amount that they purchased from Ok for one customer who ordered $51.00 times so they were warning much more than just once a week right we had another or customer order for instance is 7 times in the 149 times so you can see that on our top 3 and just kind of cascades down and there we also had our bottom 3 customers we had one person who ordered one time from us we don't have a minimum order we don't find a good one in the past but we don't anymore which is where we're right in the trap where what the stablish new customers and new people no barrier we don't have the word $20.00 or anything like that you can order whatever you want and so we have one person order family something that was 3 dollars 20 $0.05 from us and they were at one time all year and you can see that but the neat thing is that you've heard the $8020.00 principle here is that right where sometimes like 20 percent of your people will produce 80 percent of your revenue so we found about 30 percent of our people produced about 65 percent of our revenue so you start getting in people who are really if you've been in this yourself you start filling I see you've got some really loyal people that start coming along with you and it's a good thing that they really love the produce they like the experience and they continue to show the age appreciate them. Ok so I want to share with us so I'm told so often this year was $6105.00 and this is our breakdown we had 86 percent of our online sales made up our home oneself one percent was restaurant floors that's what we saw we saw more flowers and that's what the floors are for the whole bill and you can see grocery was very small basically we sold some old brother to a few grocery stores and we had some excess of one of those we would have taken it to the store for that but we drive right by the store we were going to drop our produce on our pickup sites so you got to think you don't want to go do something like oh I'm going to go way out of my way to do this for 40 bucks but if you drive them right by the store and you've already harvested Anyway that's probably word for to you let me just kind of them. And I don't know oh so these are these are our plan pharma business for 2020 the only one that's happened was we didn't do one harm to work in 2020 we had about. 30 people in. With about. It. We had about 80 of our clients come and then that we've asked people been asking we come back and come back and but what we're wanting to do is we're wanting to try to take one in a moment and and focus on something that's currently we're growing the farm and have a day where we actually invite people to come for some type of food item and. To come and they get to experience a farm and. People like coming to the farm they like it you know we do have some things the key is just how do you balance that with everything else that's going on with the farm because it kind of gets pretty good. Ok given I think that's it. For me. Thanks Ricky Ok let's move on. To our last module module for faith in finance this is what I've been looking forward to all day to me this is where I get enthused and excited because the good news that I have found in my faith with connection to my finances is just one of the highlights of my life and it's just really cool that I get to talk about this in a conference I really appreciate that this is a faith based conference where it's not only Ok but encouraged to talk about this intersection and it seems like for a lot of folks the intersection between faith and finance is uncomfortable and so I wanted to share with you at least a little bit about my enthusiasm and wide to me this is one of the the best parts of you know the financial topics that I get to talk about so I will talk about 2 things I want to talk about stewardship and contentment stewardships already been referenced and I appreciated I think Sean was the one that talked about your ship I appreciate invoking that topic in this context so stewardship is based on the notion the belief that God owns what. Everything right and so that's probably not a new concept I just want to reintroduce it as the foundation for the whole stewardship piece a couple of my favorite scriptures that kind of confirm our belief from a biblical basis if that's true is the end of the creation story Genesis 131 then God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good and then in some very eloquent language the psalm list in Psalm 50 says that this way for every beast of the forest is mine and the cattle on a 1000 Hills I know all the birds of the mountains and the wild beasts of the field are mine and this last statement really drives it home for me if I were hungry I would not tell you for the world is mine and all its fullness that's a point where I know I'm different that God is divine and I'm not because when I'm hungry I promise I will tell you your brother and everyone I can find. I used to have the strategy at church when my wife was out of town I would just go to alert church and look pathetic and I would get invited over for lunch. Ok having a little fun but God owns everything what that means if God owns everything is that we aren't really owners instead we're what stewards probably all of you can identify with that distinction in some way or shape or place in your life probably all of you have something that you own and have it one point had something that you borrowed or worked caretaking for somebody or for whatever reason it wasn't fully yours but it was in your care you think about those things differently we started to imagine most of you do maybe our approaches are slightly different but there's a distinct difference between being an owner and a steward there's privileges and responsibilities with both but for me one of the things I love about being a steward is that I find it less stressful. Right if I do my job to take care of it and nurture it and do everything that's impossible everything that's possible to do in its care and for some reason beyond my control it still falters or gets taken away or breaks down I just take it less personally it wasn't mine to begin with right so I find it less stressful. These 2 verses come out of a talent that probably most a parable about talents that most of you know fairly well let me read them to you verse 21 reads this way well done good and faithful servant you are faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of your lord a couple verses later in the very same story we have these words well done good in faithful servant you are faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of your lord what do you notice about those 2 verses it's not a trick question it's the obvious thing they're identical they're exactly the same now if you know the story and I suspect many of you do the person who is being addressed in the top verse in verse 21 is who. Is the man or the servant with right 10 he started with 5 and he invested in traded in improved upon them until they became 10 the person in verse 23 is the servant who started with how many talents 2 and improved upon them and got to 4 and to me I see in this commendation the fact that Jesus uses the exact same words for both as a rebuke and a not so subtle rebuke against the predominant culture in which we operate that compares and ranks everything do you notice that. I don't think I can read an article about a business or some organization that's trying to do social good or whatever without the author making some comparison between that business or that organization and everybody else in their industry you know well these guys do x. y. and z. but these guys over here are bigger or these guys over here are more profitable or these guys over here are better suited to withstand change and innovation and disruption there's comparisons and then of course the ranking business I just pull up a copy of that copy of the Fortune 500 magazine they have this book filled with numbers of rankings on all sorts of spect It's phenomenal how deeply embedded in our culture that comparison and ranking is and to me this parable of the Talents tells us how differently God thinks of it and to me that's wonderful news it doesn't matter if you're doing gardening in your backyard and you're not selling to anybody or if you're on the biggest farm in the country you have the same opportunity to earn this commendation from our Savior enter into the joy of your Lord to me that's good news on the topic of contentment I always go to almost always go to this person Philippians 4 Let me read it to you I've learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry where they're living in plenty or in want. I can do all things through through Christ who gives me strength. I grew up in a home that was very careful with its. Obligations to the Lord with respect to money and that's the way I was raised and so I've learned both by example and by teaching to be faithful to God with my money from a young age and I have been that's something I've never changed over the course of my life and as many of you probably know there is a promise in the Old Testament in the book of Malikai where the author says depth there will be a reward for those who are faithful in their tithes and their offerings right interesting to me interestingly to me when I looked up that word blessing there will be a blessing that's the word that used really sets the English translation of the word that used it means yes prosperity but so much more than that that word blessing is used over $600.00 times in the Old Testament and it has a broad range of meaning everything from having a good reputation as a country to being a steamed by the people around them because of their god to having big families all of those things were blessing and so when I think about the blessings I've gotten in my life because of my faithfulness to the Lord to me this is right at the top of the list contentment when I really think about it there's nothing else that I'd rather have than being content I'd much rather be in a modest home and be content than to be in a big home and have a big portfolio and be miserable would you I can't think of a better thing that God could offer me and right here in this verse I love the language Paul used because he says I have learned the secret of being content always we are can the message so repetitively so thoroughly so often that we can't be happy unless we have something usually something we don't have that we just happen to be able to buy from the person who's advertising to us right that's our message we can't be content unless we have x. y. and z. or a bunch of other stuff. This 1st this promise stands in stark contrast to that and not only can we be content without the new car or the best looking closer some of the luxuries we can even be content if we don't have necessities so anybody know where Paul was when he wrote these words person that's right he was in prison that tells me something especially the kind of prisons that I imagine were operated in those days they make our prisons look like a resort right maybe I don't know but I imagine and yet he was able to say I've learned to be content the secret of being content in any and every situation even if I don't have food to me that's a powerful rebuke to the culture in which we find ourselves today and to me it's wonderful news so even if my farm doesn't accomplish what I want or whatever the situation is. I have the secret the privilege of being content and what is that secret he goes right on to tell us in the next phrase I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and so the privilege of being in a relationship with Christ can produce that contentment and I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to talk to folks about money without giving a little bit of that belief that perspective that conviction in my heart we're going to follow that up a little bit by inviting both Ricky and Alan to come up and share so Ricky will be 1st Ricky's going to share a little bit more on the topic of stewardship and then Alan will follow with some his personal thoughts and experience on the topic of contentment. So. Given mentioned already the idea behind stewardship I just want to just drill down on that just a little bit. But the definition of stewardship is the job of supervising or taking care of something that owned by someone else right or to manage or look after another's property and so as we think about property the thing that comes to my mind is. Generally. I mean obviously there's ways I guess to do it a little differently here in yeah but it still takes property but I mean land is a very important commodity when you typically want to grow something and so it tells me you might have all story about the farmer and the preacher. There was a new preacher that had come to the area and a gentleman who had just started farming and the preacher without his innings you know Richard I think going there it will require the connotation that non-veterans the the preacher shows up to the farm and he just was on that arm the preacher just. On and he goes up to the farmer he goes on up he goes look at the size of that coat I've never seen one bit it's just so beautiful the Lord Brother is really blossoms and bars are murders. You know for me to think of. And some of his one takes a turn for the farmer run companies and his new horse in this huge gorgeous place and. The preacher is just stuff there and just turn of our own home made of I'm unemployed and. God knows the bottom has a little. More than your response and ask him to consider the one. Thing you know there's a pattern here for the patient when he's on the bridge and sure enough there was. No good just so you know what it is now was. This isn't is one of them in the war or the world when the fire was warmer than in the terms of the prisoners of war vision I wish there was one of the horrors of. Which. Right now I'm asked the question. If I can get the screen back on what happened Harry Reid did I just lose that Ok Well the question is yes was higher than Star gone on the last March. Anybody in a situation where we started our and then you walk away on. One hand. We like the phrase It just goes it's like again you can hardly recognize than period with you sure they've always right and case storage No we don't all the guns over this is how this message was taking place in the war and the Word of God go I was being on a farm to do the work in a fishbowl. And so I think one of the ideal for us human life is to be in the own home some day and have an aspect of our life because you realize it's important to us so the question I have since we've been talking about money today is what happens when money goes. I mean dollars dollars in this room have been in the hands as fit so we're going to guard whenever. Because it is a becoming chaotic and it is are actually changing your life in ways that is well and healthy I mean maybe some of us are one is all. But the number one reason for divorce. Do you. Find him. So when gay men come to the presence of us who think about right into whose leader you know the voices balance right between vision and Marge. When you've got it and that's it we want to have all right that's going to really be both I mean health is going to have. A life and actually helps us to be able to have a family that works and the ways are very or I just I hope that we think about. This whole concept of stewardship and especially in regards to the farm and the farm we keep in mind that it all belongs to God But there's an important role that we've played that's still. So for me. There's the there's this constant aspect and I'm sure we all experience this to a certain degree in our lives and whatever were involved in what we want to be success all we have certain expectations that we set for ourselves and when those expectations have fairly significant shifts in them right it can be a lot to do to shift with that to be flexible enough to ship with that and when doubt is like Oprah's work from a working year and a half ago all the sudden I had expectations of Ok the army to get to that point to be a livelihood for me and for all 3 of the for the agree that she wanted to be involved in obviously. In all of the farm I'm being asked to do something that I didn't know about the farm could do or not it's like a big ship to go from that revenue point to then the revenue point and how are we going to do that and I started getting really drought about how that might take place because it lights are going out to do something. But it's not just the farming out to do I mean I do in in my up to this can I do it and. They were after me coming up at noon and I got let go there was about a 3 week period that I wake up consistently in the middle of the night with a pain in my chest. Kind of an anxiety attack the tuition and just like how it's going to work out I'm going to work I was going to work and. There was there was this dynamic about 3 weeks of going after this this experience. God kind of spoke to me and said If this doesn't work if this are meant to Asian fail. Do you really think that. I don't have any other plans for your life Ok. Light Do you really expect that I would just leave you there and and I came to realize that and I'm not saying that I'm completely free of but I feel like a kind of come to another experience another level of my identity my value and how I want to myself and how I perceive other people look at me doesn't need to be attached to my occupation and that's the and a big relief because for most of us we grow up and it's like get good grades and then go and then go to my school and get a good as a teacher that you can go into a good college that you can get a good job and you don't have to worry about problem that obviously doesn't work that way or most of us but there's an expectation that at least I had in my mind and then I'm trying to make the bar a new something novel to meet those expectations and garner talking and saying look you know. You don't have to attach who you are at a baseline level to how that turns out and I was a big relief thing Lord I don't know what the future looks like I don't know how it will work out but that's a part of. As a part of my experience that you're willing to bear for me and kind of like God is not about stewardship I like how Christ says in the Sermon on the Mount He says Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of the thoughts of themselves evil the sufficient to the day is evil there are that's probably a terrible curse but anyways you get the idea in that word thought doesn't mean don't think about tomorrow it doesn't mean doesn't make plan but don't bear the anxiety as of tomorrow because God's willing to take that I decided from him we're faithful with what we tuned into today we make plans but the anxiety doesn't have to be a part of or it can be really minimized and. One of the ways that how do you say that we can we can get there is. By by passing that like we have expectations we have these numbers that we want to hit I don't have the really know what all going to go and play but I know that God have plans for each one of us I know we have plans for me in that my identity doesn't have to be found and how our form doesn't mean that I'm lazy It doesn't mean that I negligent it doesn't mean that I don't make plans. But it's kind of like the difference between an electric motor and a gas powered motor an electric motor is about 90 percent efficient so basically energy that is used in present goes up and about 90 percent is actually used it can be transferred to mechanical energy to light it run a car a gas engine is way less I think like 20 percent or something than 8 percent goes up and need not only the 15 if you can get there in your mind of saying you know wow God air that exam I like shifting from being a gas powered motor to an electric powered motor you're more efficient with the way that you use energy because your inner g.e. is now going or to propelling your endeavor to making them more successful instead of going into anxiety and stress and I don't know if any of you've ever experienced that but sometimes when you're really anxious and holding a lot of stress it just zap use energy that you can use to earlier the goal that you're trying to do and that's just one way at least in my experience how I believe God has shown me the balance between the 2 and it's given me more energy to do what he's called me to do but at the end of the day my my identity my. Is not determined on how Harper or call it's because I'm a child of God and he's looking out for me and all I have to do is focus on what's in front of me what day and leave tomorrow. Thank you on the Ricky both for those personal touches to those 2 topics Ok so for one last time. I'm going to invite you to break into your groups and this time we invite you to share about this question What is your personal contentment score Ok so give yourself a score somewhere between one and 11 means you're totally dissatisfied 10 means you're perfectly content probably most of us are somewhere between there but you know answer honestly whatever's there for you and follow what that rating by asking yourself the question Do I wish it were different can sure about that or maybe you're content with how content you are if you could be discontent with how content you are the question for another day. What choices are practices do you find that really help in this arena that help you keep that contentment score moving in the right direction Sure a little bit about that if you've done some thought if thinking or work in that area so that others in your conversation can benefit from your experience so let's take about 5 minutes go ahead and go into your groups and we'll do that now Ok folks let's go ahead and break up the small groups and come back together in our large group thank you for sharing in discussing in your groups I overheard a couple conversations and and thought it was really good there's some good stuff that you guys are talking about and so I want to invite any of you who are willing to volunteer to share with a larger group to share just briefly if you if you'd like and I'm going to start by asking neither of Jordan or Eric would one of you guys be willing to share. You know I was over there for a reason right that was part of it one of you going to do that and if so obvious right behind you with the mike. All together and snored in our interests are and are 1st of all positions for a moment on criticism for those who care. The power a wiser saw and gave them in my days in polices others down above Mexico are on their knees is on to the floor in order that all my heart to know if you are designing this is your purpose on there is a kind of a hurdle was our stuff about 1. 100 got on the point to discuss God you know if you use got to be is it who you are the one who cares or who is in there on the pile is the one of the other the on ability because there is news and on son still it was. You. That one that was with God and I guess you are wrong the big monster giving long hairs. Thank you George and actually already before you leave that section I heard the Hankins van we had a very good conversation with the ciders would one of you be willing to share and if you may not have heard my disclaimer earlier if you don't want to just say no but if you're willing I think the group enjoy hearing what you have to say. I hope it's in said number. There is a. Look on her blog for women who knew of no one. Who wanted to get the place. For more than. A high. Of a new. More global where. On. Earth are a lot of business. And. More blessed you know that outgoing. News miss you. And I'll get in with the one who isn't here to live it. Is a home where he. Lives in the morning for that. And for. The rule of. Law where the only getting out would be. That. Thank you yeah and I love the idea of segmenting to hear what she did segmenting in the Syria kept sentiment scores high in this area not so much I think a very useful improvement on this whole question a topic thank you so much for sharing that and that are you know are real be right here just speaking of the mike. This year. That said. Earn money on $1.00 case or one within and then. On the moon when you move on. That machine has worked and you know and listen. Who knows where this group has sent. The are when the good news and when one of. The reasons where I don't like this and worried that American down and I come from a hole where the network is losing the competence excuse or common sense the other leg another is that the problem it came from the man I saw the world like when I was there. What I saw and the work isn't one experience where there are they have to go on working on it. And while on him I wouldn't then turn around either he and he runs the congress critter and one 3rd are going to run live upon you. As a the little bit where he's missing or Ok can go on. And on and his knees that block him on his eyes the handle was and has broken a song. And the reason why is because I just never saw the line out there about the corner you know on the ground I was very common man in the water non-credible business with the words of the summons for the one hole for her and among the 1st little I saw that as a little bit of what we're going on a horse knows nothing about our growth not me my mother long did but I never saw on the Gold much thought. That is me or her. God or. And. That's not. What I want she is not that if I were you that you never saw her and so the model of the whole. Day. Who. Really. I feel. Like her warm. And he was so I have. To. Thank you for sharing that what a powerful story and a powerful testimony our time has gone so I'm going to was what will do is draw the official session to a close I've asked Shawn to come up and offer a closing prayer so Shawn if you go ahead and come up if there's some of you who want to stay and ask questions I will stay for at least 15 minutes afterwards I'll invite the silence to stay too if they can but at least I can stay so if you have questions will continue but I just want the a fresh the session to officially close on time so that's what this will be and then if you need to go you can if you want to stay for q. and a you're welcome to. Heavenly father we want to thank you so much for bringing on bringing us on this journey Lord as we have people in our midst Lord and we have crops that we've grown and that we can get to people Lord help us to see them as you see them help us to use these leveraging tools Lord for your kingdom in the further in so the gospel of the Lord we do have this final. Gospel that needs to be preached worldwide board and we just pray that you use us in that and help us to. Make the most of each day your name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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