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Taking Cut Flower Farming to the Next Level

Christina Ford



  • January 15, 2021
    9:30 AM
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So to these We're going to. Have to. Leave because puzzle and then we're going to talk about. The methods that you can use for extending your season so this is an example. To example. What is believed. To. Be happening to him I mean it's going to be funny. Because I delete you don't want to be picking flowers when it's 80 degrees. Into the base like the. Little league I'm sorry. We kind of take pride out of the fact that you know the customer 5 to 7 days which is from here to what they're going to get at the grocery store. In the middle of the day into those days. And. Then you can really. We can really guarantee that people are going to get 7 days out of the 5. A deal is between 5 and 11 am and then you could have to get a. New one he began to see. It getting. All those good things so. That if you have a thing it does extend your Highness' window. So. Very slowly I actually. Feel. For you to get how you're going to get this thing done before you go to the field in the morning because if you was feel like you used to. You. Know you just you believe you say this needs to be harvested and this needs to be harvested this is ready to harvest too and you just get the beast you can. Kill. Because it's too much anymore and you. Get to snatch a cans and then here's some lame. You don't have to see you're constantly with go to the field to get yourself in the heat to be slightly as good. As you doing that and you get to the end of it and you have to because of those seasons that you never use. Is just kind of an example. To playing and just going by whatever is ready to hire. Can be a theory and then to should we doing things such as. Sharing some tips with you. Increase your efficiency and. The need to. Believe this may seem strange. To the field in the morning you see until she. Doesn't think there's a going to be fairly. Going to be going looking for. It seems that. Everybody else believe. Me and. You're going to need to go in to get you're not simply excited just simply. Down to a science where you know according to which way are you taking the time this is great. This is this it is please be sure to say really. There's nothing really to spend in the morning looking for. Lately misplaced to eat up your precious time and. Eat your kids in the morning it takes time it's clear the people are not stupid. But you have the afternoon when it's time to eat will take your bag to get the reason this is such an important day it is. The rule that is if you can't drink it was to be either because the bacteria in there that was the pathways in the in the stems of the fat they can't drop the water. Or choose. To see. It if you see somebody new coming into the field they're going to be like then he demanded it looks nice they clip it they stand up they pick up a pick off of the leaves and then they stick it in the bucket and then later it was the next was good and so. If they should when you're trying to do you envision high rise in mass production and say you need to get I mentioned don't let them going in your head for somebody's. Pig so they get your pig pig pig stripped stripped stripped pig pig take strict strict strict and I was going to the next flower that you're looking for so you're never detaining between flowers. Ferber what you're going to go for next personally for me I prefer to do pick straight pick straight pick strip and just never straighten out in between. Was when we believe this is a number of stems that you have been in a bunch so in some extra step was going through my head is one strip to strip 3 strip the way back you can be counting how many stems are in my hand. So. Elite ingredients for the day's sales and that's what I just covered when I was showing you how to harvest. And this is likely to be scheduled. To be still. And let me list for the week we. Mentioned yesterday a bit silly to get me to believe you have to be coming. Soon. To see quids to thank me for the 1st day I make a list of what you love and God's. Example email in there was sent to the face of. The t.v. being the place is a very big thing I need a new stand sales. To. Be the 1st. Just to get to the. Day of the laser individual case so this is the week people who don't really want a subscription but just write an individual book a for a birthday or something in the hospital I believe on Tuesdays so that. It is still. On Wednesday is. Easy to subscription to. Me as you. See. The reason this is it is because. It will get you. Today. You need to completely to. The selling of the families of. The Lead. To tell you that you're going to be selling to a will determine what. A peg. Is going to be used to be before you sell this example do. They seem. To. Be. Able to focus the greenery of the full. Philip. What am I missing Spike Thank you. Really. Can be. This is the c b s. 60 s c. 3 stamps of each for you. The only see you can see 6 is going to be 3 months to come and this. Is going to need to see it is to be seen it was going to break the even see the extra bonus there because inevitably you're going to crash something or break something so it's easier to just go ahead extra 10 already. Today until today into the bank yet to return am I going to be what I could be much like a midsummer. Restore Ok. To Putin to believe things have been able to leave. Even just the buckets. 6 seats in each bank is the reason to be. In the field when the goalie seems. Ok. So let's you know how many that is and then you'll be Ok we need a still more sense of baseball so. Easy for you to speak like how many branches are in here again or are coming stands that I stick in there so consistent the same number of things in the same. Is just makes me think so much faster you think it's great. So if it is into a bill like. What the sequence is. To make I mean it would look something like the day. You think about these looks to me going to be some of the my schedule be likely to be the stores. I didn't want to be a. Cave but I need to meet some of the shoe store on 60 behaves or I might be subscription customers and I need to make the case. To be easy to use for that and I want to say Ok. This is the period you need the 5 stems the basal purp Ok and then the 3 other C.D.'s The 3 American also sell. Added. I could translate to. Multiply. Keep the teaching. And. Turn that into the number of kids of each family. And then watching the kids the day before Ok so the day. It. It was a condition the agent. Said. Thank you but since we're. Just having. Just a little back at the big at the beginning of the road running you know. The other was really in a position. To get every 100 feet so there's going to be $303.00 buckets in my $300.00. Feet. And you're going to like me and it really. Was. Described to me like a ticking time bomb when he's out on the field that really mean to you you just have to turn into this maniac on the field picking as fast as you can because you only have a couple hours to get it all ends. And then to move them to the cooler so. Then they sit in the cooler she was 40 degrees this is a kid the minimum conditioning to the condition that he wanted. To condition is 20. To be the one. I mean to keep it to the reality is that these cars were picked up and says this is a little late in selling the 3 day old They've been sitting in your cooler I mean you can do that if you're in a pinch. If not we'll sell. My little for myself is to move them out of my arm within the 1st 24 hours to pick a team Ideally it's within that same day after the 2 hours of conditioning is over so conditioned it is. You read me leave some of these are you sometimes. The way it is the way. Your plans. To be picked that. Leads to. Suggest that if you want to do more dilute solution of. The flame crystal clear $300.00 is the path to the consumer to get the food to eat and to put into the book a before I went into labor because it's going. To be. In the way and the customer puts it in there because they big you know they're doing this really professionally which was. You. Building a. Delivery legs to was going to be released was to put you in the day before you might spill I. Mean they just was. Switched over to using the individual packets and building to be a little bit individual is. A story Ok Do whatever you can just rubber band on the bottom of that the Ok Ok The real easy it's video it's picked up and this magic. Is the one sitting in the solution to your far so serious Thanks I was quick to. See below the wimpy drinker's. Illustration that was given to a wimpy drinker I think it is. It is all chilled by the way back yet and that I can go. And harm Mr. Big bank every bank and 30 minutes later even if it is not indirect savings you know in the shade or whatever 30 minutes later you know completely debt load Keim. But you give it the minutes in the cooler thank you shit and it will come back to life and I'd actually. Be doing trials for shipping and that's the direction I would like to take my business is to be able should the case and say initially. Taken this route a backyard that within 30 minutes will look dead even in which you have to be either using the quick death was before and I thought it said it was for over 24 years and then put it back on the base in the last 2 weeks in the base. Believe really to have to use these solutions. To get on my soapbox Eric. Cantor was a huge deal if you want to be a farmer and I was forced to tell me that she couldn't afford to pay the price. For 4. Hours that she could pay for this coming from the head sailor and I was plagued to realize that the cars that come from the wholesaler also come from someone who was a local. Law. To tell me the reasons why she couldn't afford to pay for. The same as she could for the wholesale releases with us. It. Was silly to say I can use every single step that they bring me to was. The let me. Sit at the perfect and leave. The Until they get here and when she did. Listing all the reasons was. Eagerly came to 2 conclusions. This leads. To. Presenting themselves as firefighters and hip who didn't know what they were doing. And. Came to was. Because. I was a 2 miles from this lady and so my life could ship to. Times faster than some point. And leave the world. So should meet it but it was and still me. Tell you this story is the 1st you. And so you need to meet that standard. And should leave your. Meat. In a presentation. And still. Going to be an Indian if. You lose. The same son you did to. Me was that. You have to. Like. I think the industry standard. 15 to 16 inches in length. Can be very big but that's because that's what you're shooting for. Is in length. Street. Position with the building and choosing. The Street. He. Wanted you to listen to him it's been something. Because the police could use is what she's used to working with and the street stands. To give that kind of stuff if you deal with stuff that can turn it use it in your. Be selling it as if you're a professional to a florist because. There was a professional then you they think. Ok silly string. And it is it that you know you want to be able to put a consistent quality to your customers so that's good to do the succession plan team. Digital Have I was. Honest. And it's easier for me to meet these expectations because I can afford to be picky. So the people that I work with villi. I don't. Want to. Snatch a Guinness. To the floor and it still is you know damaged sure some people a little bit because. You have to provide. A minimum to your to your force in a bunch as it was to tell us why. I did that why I did there's a possibility that something could get damaged in transit and if something does good damage then I don't feel bad just pulling one of the. Out of the bunch and give me the time stamp but you'd be such a waste because I have had so many bores me like I was what you're doing and I just really appreciate that so tell us why again the industry's d.n.a. link is 13 to 16 inches 10 to 12 inches exactly the if you're if you're getting something that's too short. That doesn't need me to cut and use them yourself because you're creating bouquets you're doing subscriptions kind of thing and so. There's no reason you can't use that yourself. And so that's what that's what I am I think the reach the way and all that kind of stuff the other thing you can do is a discounted rate. The sweet peas and I love the sweet peas but it is difficult to get the Lady Lake sometimes and sweet peas actually the industry standard. Is and she said I believe and. Thank you get sleepy is not only this la but there's still beautiful there's still a. Little bit of experience and a. Little bit of c.b.c. and I don't think that a discounted rate if they would like something that was a district standard. To get. In that e-mail to the floor that if I didn't sleep easily there on the season that reached the appropriate length the price would be going to say you want to make sure that you meet your expectations clear so that the season be Legolas open to me for $6.00 per day for you selling them to me for $6.00 a bunch. Ok so blue this is another thing that you want to make it the cheap. You can read into it if you don't believe the money to do you practice it will. Be moving in a particular that is is to further sale. It is highly esteemed too late any good in itself I want to recommend that you get the book. By. The. Fire and. She goes. And tells you exactly what is the ideal time to have something to give you any kind of an example. This is. The day a specific time to be picked it you can pick them until they are mostly blooms once they fully Bloom it's too late. To leave. Any you have to do what's called the I. Believe. The stem and you just wobble back and forth it goes like this it's not. Like that is right. And you can't tell the difference just looking at it you have to actually wiggle the fly to try and see if it's right. To. Cut things you. Just look at any of the books that she has that she's been very helpful on resources. Yes. List of things that I recommend that you read and it's on that list so easy to lose it in the March States with that is it's still a little bit and you go up to the squishy day and it feels like it's ready to take it is still. You know you want to see. The blooms are open on the but. You only have to wait until 2 to 3 of the balloons are open on that on that spike. Lee's you pick when the ages show he was a lily is going to be and you have to weigh all the eggs 80 percent of the fires are open so you can see it is a brush thank you and maybe nation to you is a really good study of the early days that you're going to grow so that you know exactly what you're looking for. You're going to. Googling things your 1st year and that's. Really really guilty my 1st year because I felt like. Looking at my screen in the middle of my field that I actually would keep I believe this is a very steep learning curve for some of us who don't have experience. Growing up I had 0 experience and so your 1st you was your 2nd year or you're here. For mation you will get faster at it. And love. The last 2 things that have to do with probably control. How you handle the far post was really getting the food the. Idea. I was being a. We will take you to. The s.c. before I leave the. Way to the. East to. Live. In the dark. Wanting to be able to have the coolest part of the day what you want to. Eat. And he only put them in the cool when he and he put them in the Kool-Aid you know the fluctuation in temperature education the big cuts a day in your life so you will be. Is what you want to keep it so if you believe you know a little they are going to be air conditioning in your car before you actually get. To make sure that it is cool they are not going to cut into your face life. Suit then. This would be. A. Chilling is not to say. To me. This is going to take its. Place on a little. Particular as it is one that I really want You can't believe because maybe he did buy the bees but the power turns from yellow to the other to leave the basis of the presentation of your flights and so if you have any kind of brutality I'm starting to see you. In the center of your flock you say you. See believe. It does matter. It isn't even. Symmetrical that you say. It. Again and this is. The cemetery where they're not supposed to you can just pull those out and then use that and it's. If you can fix it and make it work some magic just find something out still use. You want to do cut a smaller scale can you feel. Maybe you don't have it but what it takes to be able to produce the body to be able to be super picky with. The people to use for me 6 I was in my belly and it is indeed a well defined little one to find out you know you yourself you little bit to the person next to like it you know so many bunches of snatching things to add to my order to buy them off of you and we do have a discounted rate for each other so we sell them to each other as if we were Florence and then we bring sell the product for the retail price so that's how we work at. It To cut was. An insult to the Olympic business summit. Chiles he was constantly my son. And so I don't think Alec answers on this necessarily but tips that have been told to me it is still cheap a single digit is the absolute specialty was a. Patient resources available and. Have been doing this for years and have tons of experience on this group and you can get. Just. Associating with them so it doesn't believe it's like $2.00 a year to email them 1st and say and ask a woman and she may be. If you had to scan. Tell me. To get. You to use the p.c.. To trade they want you to use it as a suggestion and we're here. I deal with the right places I'm going to be killing. You even though he's a bit expensive to join the poll. To say. That you do that because it was mentioned to you the police say. Even to you. What I said will be to you just to give you exactly what the person is going to. Say. And it's usually between $65.00 and I. Believe. It Yourself it was in a time. That $6.00 a share whatever. We must keep between $70.90. But really what you believe you have to look. To to produce the pie. And we. Were in the market to you so you have to really do some digging for that. Little resource that is easy to use it is example of the box a new is to. Believe it was. Looking at the juicy cat was. Chilling and the. Writing to you this was from December 29th so the prices reflect that it's winter break and we're going to thank Goodness like. For. Certain things and I realize that it is our winter prices. $0.50 to a dollar more than. Than what you would see in the summer so if you go to school u.s.d.a.. Says it will be the 1st link that pops up for you wrong. And you can keep track it gets updated every week or every few days so you can use that as well as. Eat. What they did. Say was the you to eat is we want Sally to eat of this food. For. You. And it's 60. Each because 68. To keep. You. Any money to achieve the one to 2 years you believe is a key to the many standing ovations and the little list because. It is really complicated so easy to believe that you can be really simple. And just give the uncle. Tell you Peter to want nothing more and you can keep it down at a pretty pretty reasonable cost. Even to the least service you are willing to see to. It isn't a place is standing you're going to pretend to the amount that you would pay both the sale price and. This is a big money. So you don't feel about doing this because this is just industry standard and it is normal to do a little bit of a surprise was expensive as what you paid for it so that you making money on that they needed to be. Easy to believe. It is. Said that it takes. To produce one way so. If you consider that you are going to be it's going to take you up on time obviously you can't charge as much. To. Just kill you and Alie wage that is going to pay you for producing that and then you could have a design team a design fee is $40.00 because I don't actually. I don't spend. 2 hours working with people on their designs so I'm going to believe you're going to pick him things are. Waiting for the big issues later the little utility. To make the money they don't want to have dead space they're so sad to see and that is your little. Piece so they are not changing it to say that. The industry. Spends. Money this is. The storm OK's mostly. 3 columns but it's for the retail giant ones for the wholesale Fiat ones for the mass marketing client and so if you have that again it'll tell you straight up what your prices are going to be. A I still eat Chinese food is which is the grocery store or the. Police Service so you can if you want to be still I would suggest that you go to the. Privately owned a grocery stores these are your mom and pop stores you pick what street with police manager at the store it's pretty easy to work with. What it. Takes a and places the law to say you have to tell you. Directly from the little bomber so what you have to do you have to find that the. Seller you have to be childless boost in Washington. Thank you isn't it and if you're interested in learning more about. All the instructions for getting the Chinese products. To China get the contract to. 16 stems and it ended they paid the buyer $7.00 for the stands and then the gold is still trying to run and. Just $14.00 for you in the end you get half. The case right so keep in mind if you do. You may be leaving your body not is a silly book a book a. Holiday Sale. He. Was going to be $62.00 but. In order for Charlie's police to come pick up. A little case back to the grocery store and you know to be profitable for me I had to be at least shipping 3 days. A week which I would like to do that yes. I do believe that. The in. Any way please be aware of your book a visit. To the retail price would be if you do a mass marketing. And produce a law that. Says to be able to. Get. 50 percent. In value on this. You can also use the please email. Handouts please usually between $7.00 and $10.00 a week and you do to be silly son that was easy to do to ensure we need to list which is somebody's son. You know doing subscriptions or something like that and we didn't have to pay sales tax you may see the sales tax is 8 percent to every sale so you want to figure out you still see. And make sure that you include. You know have your cost listed costs and then add on that sales tax like they do at the grocery store. It's going to be a mock up of the whole sale. And you don't want to forget if you're if you're doing something like the license corruption case a. I e D's is for that I only buy things from double digits $1.00 to $3.00. They. Keep the place where he was to make sure they didn't have rainbows cause a surprise on top of their cars of if if you're going to be using supplies Ok. Sent into a completely different way to talk about the color they do waving to please. Help is. Essentially to make your season a bit longer. The big issue in. The mean is that everybody wants far in the spring that's when they think of far less costly but you're still struggling to get to get stuck to the season a lot of times the foster family called and told me. I was you plan really carefully he says it was she. Says Where. It's a close. If you need some education she came up with the cool and teaches a. Essentially what it is a plan to explain because the. Elites was to wave with us and then. Swim to the place. It looks like it still was under the ground is the roots are continuing to grow. And so are you pleased to. See the rain that was still saving money next to a seedling that was started. With beliefs you'll see the was planted in the fall should. Looms like weeks before the well that was started in the spring was relieved to be getting a head start so if you're lucky to have some of these deep. You are really going to have to study this. Figure out how to make this work for your fire because that is the trick to getting. The scene and once you out in which case you know that really helps to. See. What you can to prove to live the Eagles the playing field in the u.s. to. Exclude it take. 2 weeks out to. Give you. A little. Bit. Like to play and see if they go blue I think it's going to you know maybe freeze spending killed that's going to be the same thing with any of. You a little. Tender. Hearted and you also just make sure you take the mission that might be a show for you. To Jill mostly deals. At least and you. Can even. Talk to this is we are. Obviously very slowly and I'm still playing the plants because these plants at least indestructible when it comes to the cold they can handle it. And say. Yes. Yes. It is a. Don't ask why I don't know why but to me maybe he. Didn't use it they say. I didn't read it though because I constantly have people asking if they can come and take pictures in the fact that we're going to turn it into a revenue source at some point. I want to move them to the farm and I happened in the snow. To be able to do because you didn't have the pieces of information. You didn't use 2 pieces of information you didn't you are so silly you will let me I say. The city l e 6 piece I mean it's slightly closer so my window was about sure 2 weeks on either side. Kennedy digits and each year with the way this is difficult to get to Egypt is an easy way to say. Believes it was Ok and she goes through maybe like I was some of the time was to to do this magic. To be really challenging you to go to the building to lead the suspects occurring in Tunisia was a evil tell you this. Is to say. To somebody even if it was. A little 6 but even to please my father. Son 7 I'm going to plant them anyway in zone 6 the entire. City. The only thing you can do it is. Only going to eat when you 3 it's not going to survive the winter. To lose to eat. What you actually. I do a big big that's a little bit risky still to be clean to listen. To you give me an adult Ilian teams say you want to do in your successions. Leads to. Listen to the elites please. Kill 60. Sprayed. Such that you're really putting them in the Will 60. 6 big silly elitist. To be. Killed. When you actually put in the seat in the pub. To listen to the ease that you could do. To please keep them even see that you mostly didn't succeed we'll tell you. To do include. Insulin to get. To the to speak. Ill and we really talked about how. You say to the transition. To the to any old teams. Maybe planting. And it is the ills this is planting 10 all of these are the ones of your sees it and these are to. I think you're pretty deep. In the thing explains so you. Keep it in the big 6. Ok. For you. You. Are whatever and. You to listen to it to these things. To. Themselves. It would seem I was using an excuse not to play and they'll be like it's my team day and so do we tell next year to start that. Even though. We believe in stretching the planting dates in the direction. You eat is exactly. To do you maintain time. To complete. This was to. Cut the but I did. And I didn't know the plating dates and all that kind of stuff so it came to be late to late disturbing seeds well to leave them to be 6 to 8 weeks to establish those plants before the fall straight. Into the trades it trades in trades. And start losing their lives. And it was Thanksgiving weekend n.w. even in the green the ground is completely frozen. We make you. Ill. To get the money. To enable you. To leave us with. You to a man just. To be able to be pitchforked and we're to believe. In. The soul when we've finished with the Take it was just. Such a. I didn't think it was that they need to be made illegal it's still. Illegal and it didn't get. Into the until this week a chilly way. To wait. To be sticky in the. Way of sanctions and stuff and it was even this which usually wins and I was willing to meet. You. To. Do it anyway and you may be really simple. Effective it is to just plow even some of the big obstacles that you face. In. The road. To consider when you're extending your season on either side. Is the force of the winter so. You'll be. Coming into the cold when it comes to. Cars to the fire so the specialty because you've got the paint. And things like that you have to cut a little bit so that it was behind the. First place was a. Must to see. Was approached me and she said hey. You know. I'll. Keep you somebody some prime stock so most of. The World. And. I would love to. See my dad so I mean he's like you. To sell the families. Ended up being a feeling competition. To see who could solve. It we would take them away will. You tell. Somebody here. And say they decorate the entire town or even crime scene so that sale goes great. You know the farm stand. On starts to sell the customer so she got the sale so she did a lot more than me. Maybe try. To build some was the best places to look to sell the stuff and the play by. Your. Standards here and. If you can find somewhere. They didn't believe me taking it to me you can do it is. Easy. You can drive it you get to places where you feel like you produce even more than you can say. Easy to think you hit the ceiling they drive you say and you can make the case and you can sell it. And they may be making cars that. People pay to and. We have an event and teach them how to make their own fault really. Because everybody wants to make. Their own Christmas tree still. Making Business read this is a lot like to set up a little while we're going to be decided that it's easier to make this missed. Read making kids and let people buy to you as a kid and make them and then to actually put all. The other day you can do if you have a dream insult of Amaryllis is a paperweight like you play at the boxing himself and see the potted plants or cut flowers in the summer that takes a little bit more of an investment so you need to still sees it. To descend and then you begin to get in until you see what you can still see was the season and there's enough to go over for. We made it to. The Muslims. And it is just a. Clarification on anything actually. That is should have been said only email. Yes indeed the elusive things. Like social media can supply. Demand. To take a look at. Some of the education of things yeah. Thanks. To. You mention the seniors in the food. To be able to. See it is easy there may be a few. Pieces another way really struggles in the coulee to turn. Them into the food it is a medium to move really 2 dozen years anything more than the 2. That's not good either so we'll see if you really focus on a limb off your farm really fast. To say she's. Dealing with it is a stray when most of the way. People have. Different ways of dealing with this for me personally was really set any expectation with the customer early that I will not be servicing them on Saturday so that brings you down to 2 things either you get me day and Sunday waves which happen sometimes. You tell me they become a big before. You know. The client comes and picks up every day I can on the site still have a long time to sign that so it doesn't cut it to somebody but it's off my hands. Where it is it gets to the enormous cell. To see the law and says you need to make sure that you're promoting tools to be able to help themselves if somebody you know I've had. A bouquet got stuck in the fridge and it froze and they've you know this is a really big. Thanks to plus stock you know you can charge for because it's an anchor communicate and they believe you and this is a good deal. But you have an extra bunch of everybody for something for use or something well so I would think the stick another thing in that place and so that was the other his biggest shake it is with the marches and installation is. And so we did intimidate the wind did it. And if you look at the low says we're getting into waves the winds and and. Actually the way I say it was I did photograph the range and you look for vendors of the wedding industry who want to produce some pictures for their market and then nobody gets paid. For the chance to practice there and you get a great pictures out of it and everybody markets using those pictures and you get the pictures for free. Installations and the arch what you do if you do a game to me way more usually it's not you know a suit. I'm intrigued with or anatomist lady who doesn't do the high readings and stuff and she does manage to do the more you love. She's instead. What you do is. You get the job P.J.s. It's. Always a spa and it's inside a plastic cage Ok. And then at Home Depot you can get a zip ties put in this. And you stick those a zip ties through the foam cage and then you build your Instead of building your insulation on r.g.p. build the insulation on your table and then it's movable rate so that they can pick it up for you you show them exactly those zip ties it's a tank anywhere they want on the ice and they're good to go so I don't want to get to the more elaborate and that kind of thing but as far as the simple stuff goes that's how you do it you give them you know you so. Cold way before hand and make sure that there's water pigs that you can use different things to keep those fires I generated through you know over night so that the next day they're still fresh. That's how you deal with that if you have a question Ok Ok. Ok So that is this believes that the kid should. Say listen this is Mrs. I believe. A sentiment is above you. It's called. I used it I didn't like it it is improved. In To simply because a really right. To a little bit you would use in the kitchen the use it sometimes in the kitchen. Was. The was it was easy to. See you didn't use it was the one instance we need to explain to which you typically was go to the if you're using it in the kitchen but when you're using it. You know look the fire that interest to them Ok. And was it with. The book is it a big team so that would be very interesting to respond to both just because of the price point to get it it's one of those things that it's difficult to say you know have to pick them for a 70 bowl and still be using quick to build support to build the Billy was. Like using that method because it's easy to steam your your leaves and turn a brown you haven't got to have. Those in years here handle the 40 you would be everything else that you're trying to get Fizzing is can handle down to like 45. That's I keep my eye around 430 degree mark. And that way I can stick the seniors in there for 2 hours and they'll be fine but I didn't she said she has a tea kettle that she keeps in her. Yeah I take it all that she just. Can't bring miss the basest and then put it in there for 7 seconds it works better than boiling a pot of water. And then she also instead of having a clue if she just has a cool room that she will use them too so that they don't turn brown and that kind of thing. Ya see it was you you give somebody a book a and the 1st thing they do is they stick their nose in the Ok the mother was sleeping and he said. I. Could do that was. This to me a way to deal with this because people was expecting to have some sort of the old I tell to them Ok so I was feeling that. I really don't have the words I think it's time I was big soul and he's a really good I was packin to. Say Egypt is one of my favorites 2 years back was another one of those difficult to hydrate but I really made sure that anything Oh I do use terms of eucalyptus I go you could just as was said to the book a good thing is you could you can be mindful. Of the lemon Burns basal is my favorite from the aroma it's just it's smells amazing. But as far as the slowly go. My my recommendation to you is to go sweet p.c. can sweep peas really have a strong accent. And stock has a really strong St. There's one more that I use and I'm going seen at that moment. But it was smoke a bowl lilies usually you're going to be good if you do 6 good chins or anything like that you did make sure that you're talking to your customers and making sure that there's nobody with. Cheese because if you're using willies you will lose customers over that. Was. And just make sure you keep track of whether somebody has an allergy or not yet. Have you had the willies is the cold so early obeyed there's these beautiful things probably things very scientific. Statements they hear. Try every day and it seems the flu stains the stains they can it's deeds you a just like are. You really. Stupid and the only if the part right. Relieved it's not really capsule Yeah and so you pick it up and it's not even polony Yet you pick those things ah and it don't do anything to the flower the little statins are still there you're just taking the pollen far off and so if you have something like anything at all right then you just. Take. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit w.w.w.. Or.


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