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Growing Microgreens 101

Robert Sullivan Michelle Sullivan



  • January 14, 2021
    10:45 AM
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We'd like to welcome you to the my programming classes day one and then 2 this is going to be the start so just introduce ourselves we are Michelle and Robert Sullivan and. We have being growing market greens commercially for a couple of years now and we're just glad happy that you guys have chosen to register and to be here today to be part of this seminar near We just really sorry we're back able to actually be there in person we really wanted to be there in passing. But you know we were expecting that the u.s. u.k. travel ban would have being lifted think 31st of December but it didn't happen from what we could see. So we were unable to attend and then the u.k. is currently in lockdown. With all restaurants closed again that nobody's allowed to go out. For him so I wrote where you usually find us anyway but thanks to technology we're actually able to still be that be able to present and. It's great because obviously the we have some people that are registered for this cold and so it's great that we are able to still be able to give you the information that you want even though we know that and I do believe that at the end. The technology does offend us we've been told that the should be a question on session right at the end of the 2nd day of the names so the folks question that we just want to tackle is what from what group actually 2 questions was how much agreement the question is why why one program is a 1000000 things you can be growing very much so what months ago well the gratings as you can see quite. A plumbing for the roof to come out I had. My greetings and these really are pretty much ready to harvest and you see we just grow them to come to the. Ever think that this plant needed to get its life going was actually found within the seat and you'll notice that when we get to the section on the soil we talk about that we talk about the fact that you know you don't need any nutrients in the soil because everything is contained within the seed to get to lease to the state and then we actually come along this probably about the market greens from what we understand is that. There's been much research on that about. I could greens and some people will use them a super foods because they are supposed to be $40.00 to $40.00 times more nutritious than the mature plant so that's a pair of pack of nutrients that you can add to your plate and so it's not caught on as a super food as much in the u.k. to be communist with you it's more a case of the chefs use it a lot as a garnish and. And that's really been there our revenue stream has been from the restaurants and the chefs because it's not really seen as a super food as much over here take some kind of education however. When we when the lockdown happens and all the restaurants have to close we want to show our weather what was going to happen without my calling cells because we've grown micrograms 365 days of the year and whereas we only grow in the field for the season which is really from about May. We have we don't have songs in our sales from October when the squats go back into the clock forward because of the way that the land is here and with the forest that's behind us across the shot I want to feel and so we want to show what we're going to do because it was you know the wintertime and that was on making source of income at the time however up. In the way for our bench boxes we started an ounce of things and vegetable stuff as and we added the micro grains that we have a growing to our product list and consume a custom as the retail customer has started buying micro grains which is quite interesting so. There are some people out that do understand it super green or super food as a super going to save on their health and so they have being ordering these soldiers to grab a packet of microwave. Along with a bench for 15 or so I assume that sitting at the vet's office and putting on their sandwiches and things like that which is being a blessing but what it meant is that because of Covidien the lock down we've had to scale down our grabbing so we don't grow as much as I could things and home but anyway this is them this is a micro grain 40 times more nutritious and. Yeah that's it minute and so why grow them. Into the market a quick way into the home to my. Growing and the lifestyle you know that we read about and the way to aspire to that we kind in the writings of Ellen White talking about the sort of agricultural lifestyle what you know if you've got a still walking movement if they're working inside you're still working in the soil and if you go off on the timing you can be out there you know 24 hours if you want to and you can be funny but if you haven't got maybe but you just kind of small space inside your house you can start growing some stuff and it's a start it's a means to an end so it's not the main thing the main thing is getting out there in the soil but it's a it's a means to an end it's just part of the pathway and it's a good way of drumming up some revenue you don't have to put too much in and you don't have to start with too much investment you can really start and we started and we'll show you a picture we started growing literally which was like a little side cover group I'll see if I can pick Chad into this that it wasn't even a room it was a bucket of cold air you had to have the heating on thing no and that's where we started because that's all we had we didn't even have any lights or anything like that we just had like a lamp it was it was there all night and it was a lamp and that was that one bulb clipped sort of lamp with one bulb but that one ball was. 6500 Kelvin on that and a guy is a nice guy you know that's what we used to grow up with so it's a quick way into the market and it's a good way just to you know get the idea of growing and things like that and also potentially it's a good way to drum up customers which later on once you get more and more established for customers you can then turn to more of the growing that you're going to be doing out in the field because you've already got a customer base from the Michael Green what that's like maybe if you've already got customer base fungal failed then it's just another product. Yeah whereas for us it kind of happened the other side of the other way around because. We weren't fully established in the far outside as yet. And we've just come out of season and we needed to continue to create revenue and so we just took it to the Lord and a lot made it's really testimony that we have to share probably another time but it was amazing how God opened the way and pointed us in the direction of growing Michael and literally from the moment that he did that I can share this a slightly and long story short the Lord had pointed us to a wholesale guy customer customer and we ended up walking away with a 2000 pounds per month. Michael Green Michael Green contract so so to speak but we didn't even have the space to grow that much I could greens and that again is it just another testimony for another time how God then supply the funds for us to be able to scale up from hardly anything to mess it for him filled with everything and so. It was it was all his doing we couldn't have done it by ourselves so in this section we're just going to be talking about Michael Green sea as in what Ferrante as we grow and also. The seating densities the amount of grams per tray and also how long it would take to germinate once you've put it on the side so we actually grow quite a lot of Michael Green So I'm just going to go from top to bottom and like I said before this is being sort of trial and error. Depending on as a scent the warmth of the room size of the room ventilation Darr all these things humidity all these things do make a difference but then you meet Rocket. And yes I did say rocket. Grow. Hams per train and that will take about 3 days to germinate arrogant. For some people. Or a good business such thing it's actually rocket anyway. 8 grams and take back to 3 days germination broccoli Rob there's a difference in broccoli and broccoli Rob but anything broccoli Rob is about 10 grams someone's You may want to pull back to 9 grams but about 10 grams and that's 2 to 3 days germination Basil is 5 grams it's very very fine you hardly put any seeds on the tray top 5 grams and really your looking the best part of a week it does take quite a long time to germinate coriander is 30 grams you put them in jail coriander. There's no such thing as cilantro but anyway it is actually in the u.k. and the rest of the world known it's called coriander. And c o. Brianna 30 grams so again that's quite a lot and coriander again takes a good week sometimes 10 days is quite slow. Sunflower seeds 75 grams per trade again vial are spread all over spread evenly 75 grams and again will germinate probably in about a week $5.00 to $7.00 days. Pea shoot 150 grams Squier lump again that's 150 grams and then you would need to soak the peas. As my front yard tell you the different little variance as well because with the piece you do so presoak them some people don't get all big discussion should you or should you not Anyway we found in our trials that when we soak them you get bigger yields so we circum so learn 150 grams of dried sea soak them then put them overnight soap then put them over the trade again that will take a good. 3 or 4 days to germinate red cabbage 10 grams per tray $2.00 to $3.00 days germination. Rambo radish and China rose radish which is we did the China rose there again both about 30 to 35 grams I think I put out for tea free grounds but about 40 to 35 grams and again to 3 days for germination. But as we got. Curly cress 10 grams takes about 2 days it's very very quick clearly grass is very very quick read mustard frills 6 grams not a lot. But again takes about $3.00 to $5.00 days to germinate Ok the next one is an assertion that takes 50 grams of seed and that's dried seed which you then soak just like the peas and actually I forgot to say sunflower seed as well he said 75 grams of sunflower seed you soak it before you seed it and send a sturgeon 50 grams of dried seed soak it overnight I just took it for a couple of hours. Drain it and then apply that purple she says is 5 grams again hardly any seed but purple She said The thing with that is that you actually. You put your 1st layer of soil on your tray then you put your seeds and then you put another layer of thin soil on top just a very very thin layer on top that's for purple she says. Actually it's not for purple she said I just got confused because I got to the same round it's not the it's actually Lemon balm Lemon bomb is 5 grams that we do Lemon on 1st. Ok Lemon ban takes 5 grams of seed so that's not a lot of seed put that on the soil and then you take a small amount of soil and sprinkle that over the top and for germination you don't stop Lemon than you actually put it straight under the lights so they go straight out under the lights they actually grow sort of like real plants that's Lemon bun and then red then Sorel 10 grams of seed and you put again a small amount of soil on top of the seed that you've spread out and then you can put that straight out under the lights as well so those are the 2 the go straight out under the light why I don't know but that's how people grow them. Cold Robbie 12 grams. And it takes about actually Colaba takes about $2.00 to $3.00 days to germinate red Russian kale 12 grounds of seed again $2.00 to $3.00 days to germinate. Broccoli calibrate is 12 grams and. Rate as well that's 12 grams could be only kind of do those together and they'll take about 2 to 3 days to germinate they're very quick and then you can fill us by like a broccoli mix I think Johnny not Johnny seeds and oh there's a company that's actually America I just can't remember the name of this. True truly false truth market or something like that but you can buy a broccoli mix it's the same thing we can get it in the u.k. But again it's 12 grams and about $2.00 to $3.00 days germination now the only other things to mention is purple Basil Lemon Basil cinnamon basil and Thai basil they're all the same 5 grams of soil straight 5 grams of seed and again it takes $3.00 to $5.00 days for that really to germinate and what I do with the basil is what I do. With the other don't cry at ease we don't battle. Like this and how we know they're ready is because it will be an inch long or about Internet half long you know you'll sort of weigh it up how long you want them to be but we don't we have them about inch inch and a half and we actually grow them we don't grow them in these 2 inch deep trays we grow them in the one inch deep trays because they don't need a lot soil. But that's all takes forever to grow if you prone it you'll know down. That's seeds. Ok in this section we're just going to speak very briefly on growing material for the mica greens. It's a bit of a. I want a controversy it's not controversial it's just a lot of people got different ideas on what they use we actually grow in soil so we grow in a Pete was going to say Pete basis Limpy paste it is peak is just people it's a multi Campaspe but it's actually just peed as it says on there 100 percent. Sagan most Pete and actually in Scotland we do have a lot anyway. No recycled materials you know and the benefits for us is that as far as we're concerned as far as we know and I think this is where the contention comes. With the research that we've done anyway marking means they don't actually need. Nutrients in the soil because they're not growing to a plant they're just growing past the cotton leaving that actually not even going to the cotton Laden which are the 2 to truly eaves by the time they hit there you would have already harvested them so they they're just growing the shoots that's why the micro shoots my greens so they don't need any extra nutrients in the soil now I know that doesn't mean that there are people collapsing there are people that grow my greens in proper compost with all these different and Piquet's and blah blah blah and that's fine but you know if you Mark Green is in the ground all sorry growing polite 5 days once you germinated it's not really there that long anyway we grow and meet and but a lot of people actually grow in various materials various. These are some samples that we had sort of these grow felt materials that you can get. So for example you know instead of the soil or compost they'll actually put down a strip of this you know it's not reusable once you've used it that's it it's finished but you know these are materials which you can use again these are neutral they don't have any nutrients in them so for example the white one is actually 80 percent viscous and 20 percent so yes. And then so the other world one is. What is out here just Walt. This world I mean that's good material to fit and then the purple one is a mix of all sorts acrylic cotton wool viscous polyester so it's a good blend but these are all meant to be good in our trials we didn't do this and the reason why we didn't go with it. We found. With the chefs that we were supplying. They were really gay migraines and they were saying that the my having to they were getting and it comes from one particular supplier they were finding that the product in last long number one and also they found that the product didn't have the same a strong flavor and strong taste and we know because we did a bit of research we found that that particular supplier they grow on these sort of mediums they don't grow in soil and we were finding with ours we don't know why. But the taste. Like for example when we go Basle you know you could smell a battle of the other side of the room it's really that strong and we were finding as well that the taste is really good and 2 there were lasting more than a week whereas most Michael greens were just lasting a couple of days but ours was lasting you know up to 2 weeks in the fridge and we just put that down to the growing medium because that's the only thing that that's different plus the Lord obviously because without him you know none of this is going to work so well so we do believe that God has blessed in that way and so we continue to use the peak base growing medium so people grow median However you can use these other alternatives some people actually do more of a hydroponic kind of thing but you know. Experiment and see what works for you this is what works for us and take it from there so that's soil. Ok so in this section we're going to be talking about traits so it's not. A long section of the talk about. Growing trees that is now I know in America and other parts from a lot of research that we've done people normally grow migraines in what they call 1020 flaps 1020 trays 10 inches by 20 inches. In the u.k. you can't get them they are just very expensive so we didn't go that particular route but we did instead was got a tray that was probably about half the size so I'm just going to show you that now so these trays Let me show you and show you. We decided to get 2 types of trays thank you to each growing microphone we've got for the 1st one is a tray that's got holes in it so you can see. You know and then the 2nd tray that goes underneath does not have any holes and the purpose for that is that the one with the holes this is what we're going to have put our growing medium in and put our seeds on and so when we water the water will be able to drain out through the hole and go into the face tree so that's the reason for that now the other thing that's different what we did with ours is that we decided to get 2 different thicknesses as you can see so one of those probably like about an inch and the other one quarter about 2 inches deep so that's the depth. Because what we found is that some micro greens they don't mind having quite shallow soil for example you know red cabbage broccoli to be honest even the radishes and they don't mind Basil Hazel Basil Basil Yeah even a battle they don't mind the one inch trays but then if we're doing peas. If we're doing Sunflower which shoots if we're doing Mr Show. I don't know maybe because they take a little bit longer in the soil they seem to work better in a deeper depth but again it's up to you to you know to do your experiments and see which one will work for you. You know so just recently I started doing our radish varieties trying to Rose and Rambo style doing them in a one inch depth and they seem to be fine so you just don't have to experiment so once warped we've got the depths now let me just give you very quickly the dimensions. Just in case somebody says oh what's that I mentioned. So you're talking about nearly 10 inches as you can see here 10 inches. By. What are we looking 15. But again remember that's the lip but then that's the same how you would measure at 1020 flat so we're just going all the way across so 15 and then 10 so that's our that's our growing. Those are growing trains 2 different steps one inch or 2 inch and then the other thing is we use cranes one with a hole so the water can drain out and the other one so that water can drain into it. That's the drainage. So today this is what we've all been waiting for the actual practical side which is so in the seeds for the Greens so today as I think I mentioned before we're actually going to be doing seeding some China rose radish. Michael Green seeds and we're going to be doing about 30 people. Thank you for the tea 5 grams of. Trying both reading so I'm just doing 4 phrase for today so I'm just going to quickly thank you and I think I mentioned this before. I did that on. Thank you. And the last one. For back to. The writing for Ryan is something right there a bit you don't have to be exactly. When you're in the way but some things like Basil for example you really need to stick to the actual weight itself so on the do. That's on their own. To do a little bit. Of Ok so that's the. Thanks the seeds done and then I just stuck to put them aside so that soon as I'm ready so the next thing we're going to do is fill the phrase with the soil now I didn't mention this actually I think I might have the soil the growing medium that we use is so it is peat and. For each tray with work out the average amount of soil that you need for each trait and it's roughly. That much. I think it's like. I can say pretty much the leader in our Something like that. You know the problem. Or about. 5 in our comps but whatever but again you work this out soon. So we roughly filled to that line and then thank. You. I mean before we measure this we use that to do this by guesswork and obviously it took a little bit longer and then we were also wasting a lot so while doing it this way you know exactly the. Crater's got the right amount and then I just even lays out some people use different methods either in their hands I just get the big lumps out. And then. Just thank you just shake them a bit just so that it gets more evenly. And that's about it but it still looks lonely so this is where this device comes in. And you seen this before and basically I May 5th is just out of ends of wood and the idea was I could use it to press found in the trade I'm not pressing through hard but as you can see I'm not just to flatten them so that. When we put it in the. Sea It's it's got a flat surface you see. So now that's a nice event flat surface and so what I do now after I've got even service I then. Water not not too much as you can sing but I'm just all telling excuse that even quoting. And that said the 1st go so that's an awful lot of water. And of the same thing. But again there's no real. Techniques for this so they say as much as possible. Because even as possible so whatever techniques. Work to do that. The only way you know normally the trolls are and get involved in this is this is actually quite easy for them to say. They like doing the same thing thank you very much for the phrase and it's easy to be honest so it. Makes me redundant. And the last one so. So. So that said nice even spread. Now with the right age you don't need to put another layer of soil as I was explaining some of the other things you do. But then you don't so now all we need to do is another quick spread of water not too much thanks excess and that said. As you can see this is why we have the flood tree because before we used to do this when we 1st started to be the floor getting soaking wet so. If you have a problem. But if you don't you can just use smaller trains that's how we used to do it and we didn't have any of this so. These are all watered These are ready and the next stage is for these to get ready for germination so stacking putting on the shelves and then ready for germination. Ok so now these are all water and I'm going to stack them so then they're ready for germination and they'll be put on the shelves on the side so that again. Which is putting them. On top of the each other. Much and now these are ready to go on to the germinating shelves. So now these my green seeds are ready for stacking and germinating So it's just a simple case of taking them over to the rack here sometimes I have them even higher It really depends only because the room is warmer at the top but we place them here and then what I do is the top one needs to be covered so this is where this particular device comes in handy again I use it with an entry plank tray I just put inside and I'm literally just stacked on top so that gives a little bit of weight keeps out the light and make sure that the scenes get all the right pressure that's needed so for China rose they will take about $23.00 days to germinate again it depends on the warmth as we mentioned before the temperature that's in your place as a set in temperatures gone down to $23.00 So that may be more 2 to 3 days but if I can get the temperature up in here extra lights then it might be even sooner they do germinate quite quick and. Once it germinated then we will remove these and put them under like but for now they'll stay out they'll stay here should I say and then I sometimes eat and get ready to Germany Ok so it's been a couple of days since we've put the micro greens and their trains on the actual germinating area which was dark. Sometimes I have the lights on it doesn't matter as long as the trays all of the secrets are actually covered that's the main thing so as you can see at the moment all of the trays of germinating this is China rose since all germinated nicely to be fair I could have actually taken these out may be yesterday. They would have been ready now what I also did was I weighted the top crane. With. Caution you. Take this off. The top train was weighted with an entry tray that had a piece of wood weight and the idea of this is obviously just so that it presents down on the other trains and just keeps everything intact so that there's not really much air or not battery any light getting in there so that's what we use Some people use instead of this which I made because I use it actually to press the trainees which I showed you the video some people just put soil in here or some people put sand some people put. Cement but anything that's quite heavy that can weight down the actual Mike Green transfer as a germinating that would be really good as I said the main thing is to keep everything dark so now we've got the great germinated I'm going to move up. To over here. And as you can see. If I mentioned it for all of these trades and I could actually put a little bit more seed on the last train but all of these are germinated you know as a business that I could have taken and. Taken the lids off you know maybe yesterday but that's fine it's not a problem at all and then from here we leave them under the lights as I mentioned before I'm going to talk about. The actual lights that we have and. The brightness the Celt in one of that I'm going to speak about that later in but we leave them under the lights and the only other thing that we have to do now is water them sometimes i actually change them around. After a day or 3 I just switch them around because obviously they are going to be growing towards the light ever so slightly so every now and again I just come in and just switch them around so that they're growing more even but other than that keeping them under the lights and then obviously watering that's the only thing that we need to do it just to keep an eye on things we're trying to Rose radish is not so bad because you don't have any fungal problems or anything like that so you don't have to spray any mold spray or anti for fungal spray you just need to work water them and and they'll be fine but other varieties which we will talk about in the video you would have to do like sunflower sunflower shoots for example you do have to use an antifungal spray just when you find a couple of them but I'll show all of that that later on so. That's the uncovering and now they're ready to continue growing. Ok so in this section we're going to be talking about lights extract of fans and also room temperature for the migraines so as you probably know one of the main features for. Growing migraines is having lights now these lights some people say they grow lights as a term they are growing lights however grow lights are actually used in. I think hydroponics and other forms of growing where you can actually grow like a lettuce indoors using lights and they have different. Color ratios color schemes these lights are not grow light in that respect if you try to grow a vegetable under these light it wouldn't grow talk so this light is actually classed as daylight so it's 6500 Kelvin and it 55 watts I don't think the what's actually matters so much but the fact that it's daylight and the fact that it's 6500 Kelvin that means everything and then the other thing is their actual th's. So these particular ones actually are any d.t.h. But we've also got the fluorescent ones. Someone actually on the other side of the room just over here so we've tried the early d. and the. And the fluorescent. Fluorescent does give off more heat to your room whereas that early days you get the same light but it's not as warm in here so you know we'll talk about temperature in a in the a little bit so I don't know pros and cons some people say every day but I think the whole world. It's going l.e.d. anyway and there probably won't be the t. 845 story to be able to find some troops around much longer but anyway 6500 Kelvin and 55 what we leave violets on 24 hours a day 7 days a week when we're growing commercially so some people don't some people only have them on for like about 12 hours and then have them up at night. But we don't and it means that I think we get a quick growth germination and then harvest as well versus if you've only got them on for 12 hours each day so the height as you can see here is probably about 8 inches. Between the train growing tray and the actual lights themselves this is what we decided to go with some people have a grown up of about 12 inches some people have even more but we wanted to maximize the space because we are growing indoors and we wanted to make sure that we could get as much trays because when we're growing commercially that the moment everything slowed down because a cove it. But just prior to code it when we were doing more we were actually in another room and all of these trays are full so you've got 12345 growing areas and so we wanted to make sure that we could maximize the height in between each growing area so at the moment as I said there's about 8 inches between the tray and the and the like what else do you need to know about the alliance let me just see just trying to think kind of moment no that's about it actually yes so Leitrim poor and any day or present doesn't make a difference also you just need to bear in mind whether you have them on for 12 hours or 24 hours again this is all entirely up to you. All right let's move on to the next one which is extract a fans now when we 1st time growing we're going to have an extractor fan but very very quickly we realized that we didn't need an extractor fan why because. We would have the door closed it was actually our dining room would have the door closed and whenever someone left the growing room or Michael Green Room door open you would get this smell of this growing inside your house it just really does smell a lot and so we realize that that's probably not a good thing to have. And so and not to stop but also a lot of research that we would do in it was the lead in to the fact that if you're growing indoors you do need that air to be taken out recycled and taken out of your growing room and fresh air coming in so the extractor fan does that so this is our extractor fan here is not plugged in at the moment because even though we're still growing the numbers of trays that we're doing it's not as high as it used to be so I've met many of you bring this up so that you can see it. So this is the extractor fan here that that we got we bought this off of e-bay. I believe it was about 70 pounds again you can just do the conversions and look around and see in your area how much that might be but for us it was 70 pounds which is quite good and why did was I over calculated how much what the volume rate was so this far exceeds the room that we actually have but that's fine I would rather that it's over compensating and it could actually you know this could probably do like a whole downstairs and it would be fine to have this on but why. Just using in one room. Yet but this we have this plant don't normally we don't it comes with a sensor I don't know but a new sensor so as you can see on the dials I just have it on so it's just on all the time so again we have this on 24 hours a day 7 days a week we don't turn it off so I don't see the need of having the sensor however it does have a sensor you can set it to a certain temperature when it gets to a certain temperature you could have it so that the extractor fan will kick on so let's say it gets to 28 degrees then extract a final kick and you know hot there will come out fresh air will come in. I don't have it by that I just have it running all the time and I have it on maximum fan roughly there or there abouts. So the other the other part of. What you told me extractor fan. Is. This thing I think this actually came with it I can't remember if it did. I think it did but anyway one and it goes to the extractor fan and then the other end obviously. It goes out straight outside and normally we just have an open window and it goes straight out of the window and obviously what's going to happen is it's going to it's just a hose an extractor hers I think it came with it is probably the same as what you probably use for room tumble dryer has something like that but this one is a. Plastic with them with. A steel inside. But you could just get a complete metal one I think it's what they have been America and places like that but. Yet and I just make sure that all of your stale air is being taken out and then everything is being recycled all the time now. Extract and you saw there was a setting there for the temperature the temperature for your growing room for the migrants as far as we've. Found out in our research should be somewhere around $2524.00 degrees. That sounds serious I don't know what that is and Fahrenheit but that's Celsius so. And the humidity of your room should be I mean this is really low 23 percent it should be about 40 percent you know that these are these are rough averages because the types of things away growing you know radish you know they don't really need sort of too hot sun some seeds actually do need the temperature a little bit more but if you are around we found anyway just with our little trials and tests and this is the thing when you're going migraines they're very forgiving so you know if you don't have 24 degrees you have 28 it's fine to me. That my friends aren't going to collapse. You just trial and error to find your optimal. Growth temperature is for us with the humidity that we have which is as a said about 40 percent is kind of good $24.00 degrees is really good now in our when our. Humidity goes up that's a good 6070 percent which we've had before we've had a really really high. When we didn't have this much on the map to show you so when it goes really really high. Actually no not when it goes high ever since it started going high and what we use is a do Mitt d. humidifying nothing you've probably seen them before and so you know the idea is we have this song and we actually have it on so that again we just leave our car doesn't quit and we just leave these on 24 hours a day we don't turn them on or off and what we do is preserve our collective the moment but we normally have this pipe that comes out the back of the dehumidifier and we have it going automatically into so a bucket it's a bit bigger than that and I don't have it hears in the other room and so what it means is that we can once a week when it's collected enough water that is it right at the top and then we need to take it out and throw that away and then go again so dehumidifier it just constantly taking water out of the year it's amazing how much water actually comes out but when you think about it it would be because the only other might be green their living organisms the living plants so not only are they growing but at the same time as you will see in one of the other videos we're constantly watering them as well so there is a lot of water that's accumulating in the room and if you don't get that out then that can lead to fungal growth and mold and things like that and you might greens which you do not want and then you know you have to spray them and which is not a problem but to ease all of that the easiest thing is to have the dehumidifier so. Dehumidifier we have running 24 hours a day we don't turn it up and we have a pipe. Which lets the water out into a bigger plastic tub and we. We get rid of the water once a week so as a dehumidifier the room temperature is about 24 degrees centigrade and the humidity we need to keep at about 40 but again depending on where you are you may be able to get away with a lot higher or lower all depends and then the other thing is we have the extractor fan and we have that running 24 hours a day as I said before Straight out to the window or something like that and we have fresh air coming in the last thing is the lights and the lines that we use they are the t. ates you can get 1598 it's just the length the size of the the tube and we've used both we have both the fluorescent and the. The fluorescent and the any d.c. And these are $6500.00 Kelvin and it's $55.00 watt they're not officially grow lights but obviously they grow the migraines but they don't need to be grow lights in that sense because the micro Greens they're just reaching out for light and then you know where going to be harvested and before the cotton even stage we don't need the mite I'm going to turn into a vegetable or anything like that we just needed to grow up a little bit more so that's the life's hoping hoping that that information you found useful and interesting and I'll see you in the next section. Ok in this section we're just going to talk about the growing times Pacific to each Michael Green seed now actually we're not going to talk about it or one do is signpost you to the p.d.f.. That you should have by now not sure if you've downloaded it already and on that will have each seed Ferrante that we grow and the specific germinating times and also once have germinated clotted mentions on the German in times anyway but at least on the p.d.f. as you can see you've got the German in time and then also once they're under lights the growing time it varies dramatically from just a couple of days to about 6 weeks so that information is very very critical expression if maybe you're only going to grow you know p. and cabbage and some other things then at least you can know this let me just also add in there as much as it is a reflection of what we do and what we found. Definitely just trial and error you know as you grow then you see as I mentioned before your environment might be slightly warmer might be slightly cooler might be less humidity more and so these things are going to change so this p.d.f. is just to give you a. A rough guide to the growing times for Michael Green's Ok so in this section where talking about watering watering might Greens now if you remember when we actually seeded them we did put twice alone a small amount of water just a little shower of water but that's all dried out now since germination and since we've actually put them under the lights they dry out quite quickly so you know what I do is just take a look this is where we have the 2nd train and you can just sort of see I don't even think there's a little bit of water inside there but for example actually the roots. Of the roots coming out and they're. Still quite wet very much present all this one little bit dry out you know so I'll probably give. Actually both of these just a little bit more water so it's just a case of checking every day or every other day and seeing which arises have sapped up all their water now for example China wrote the radishes trying to Rose and. Brown The reddish they drink a lot water piece shoots sunflower shoots. They drink a lot of water some things done so for example Basil that doesn't drink hot water at all if you put water there it will probably be there you know the following week it's just drinks very very slowly and also things like Lemon Bar on red wine sorrel red mustard frills they don't really drink a lot of water but each state you can take a look and just see now obviously. When we are in full commercial production which went on at the moment but when we are in full commercial production. You can't do things by hand which is what I'm going to do now we actually reduce the spread of this because it's a lot quicker but when we 1st started this is how we used to do it and even though we were grown commercially we didn't have a spray hose so this is just a show you know you just use what you have and we used to have a jug just a little bigger than this and water and I would have to keep going to the kitchen back and forth back and forth water dripping all over the place. But it's part of joys of of growing and so anyway I've looked at these and I've seen that probably I can give a little bit more water on his I'm just going to this is called bottom watering by the way so lift up. A little bit of water. And then we can put the straight back down and I'll do the same over here a little bit of water not too much you know because I was if you put too much when you close it it's going to just spill down to the next row which we've had that before a new low. And by experience that you don't really want that to happen you want the other things to be as dry as possible up top Having said that some people don't bottom water some people actually water from the top if you've got a hose you can just water that on the top and they're all sort of the Mark Green that will come down to the ground the ground they will sort of fall over but they will come back again and the reason for that is the term. You know they do look like this or dead but they do just come back so. I'm not sure why people actually top water we did for a while and it was just a lot of mess water all over the place with water on the floorboards or whatever the place but we didn't mind but as we were learning we were like Ok We'll continue to see if we can find a better way and that better way was using the trays at the bottom putting the water inside that tray and then when you close that no water spilling either way so that's bottom watering which is a say that really you know every other day something about that but just keep an eye on the different varieties of micro greens and as you can see that they need watering If this like he's trying to fall over then just top up water again so that's watering migraines. Ok so in this part of the Michael Green growing this is the exciting plant this is harvesting time here so. It's very simple we have a tray Have you want to harvest it's all ready to be fair I could have let this grow another day or 2. You know but it's still harvestable quality so it's not going to be a problem but that's just me I like them to grow a little bit more for them so. Our. Customers we grow the is to put in a container. That. Will hold 30 grams. That's this here for 30 grams this container I think is contained and take up about 50 but we put 30 grams of Michael greens inside here just a clam shell very simple and we have a nice label which I'll show you shortly Ok we do have a we do have another. Container that is 400 grams. Fall pains things like that actually do peashooters we've put in there and we also in the big containers we put Mr shims as well. And mustard frills red mustard probes but anyway so we're going to 0 that. Sense. Ok And then we're going to. So there's and I'm doing this year old fashion way now when we're doing you know lots of trainees then I actually use a handheld device I shouldn't just hide it here but turn this is just easy for just giving 3 or 4 trays is going to be a problem. So 30 grams right there 3031 I was make sure that it's at least 30 or over now so my greengrocer's say when they cut they put it into another base and then they actually dry them I could arrange with a friend we used to do that. But what we were finding was that the quality would go. And I think it was just honestly by a mistake all of a sudden we realized all the quality was a lot better if we didn't do the whole Fanning and all that sort of stuff so we just make sure that they're put in a uniformed way so that we have the stems facing one way and the head's facing the next way that if you can see that. Ok. I'll just do the come home again so that you can see just grabbing quite a bit always down to the bottom if there's any think that. Question to cycling. 31 again. And again as you can see stems down one end and the actual belief structure all on the other end. Would be the problem. Thank you it's. A little bit more than 10 grand. Gesture to touch. 32 so that's 5 as I said I was always trying to make sure that we've got at least 30 sometimes 3132 that's not a problem but as long as we've got extra and that's how they are. Yet and as I was saying this is the other cutting the vice that I would use if we're doing you know lots of commercial lots of treys it just saves so much time. Is something that I thought about and then I saw. Another person another grow on You Tube using the same thing and I thought well if you can use it then thank you. And it's a game changer seriously. Black and Decker rechargeable battery you know all day long and literally I'm not going to do it now but literally today and you would just cut a lot and I would just hold the trail like this and just control or you can use the quick fix that yeah. Which we will do which is much better with. Ok so. Again just moving on quickly so the last thing that we do after we promised it is just put on our. Labels. And that's it. That's the hardest thing from here obviously once you have the labels in then we'll just be packing them in boxes or if it's the night before we'll then put them in the fridge in the refrigerator or out in the garbage just to keep the national cool and then straight out to the customers so really that's your. The micro green growing process from the day one seeding all the way fruit to harvesting You'll never guess what that is the and off Mike Green one of one session Ok so. I said we're hoping they found that us and I think now we've got a few minutes we can just dive right in if anybody's got any questions now's the time and God willing we'll see if we can. Hi this is a role again from Texas just following up on the question I asked earlier no we had a technical troubles you answered the why micrograms and praise the Lord for the ways lead you very much enjoy the magazine's one o one session as well we took serious now it's thank you so much for that valuable information I wanted to add one more question to the revenue question as before it is kind of a 2 part question do you guys recycle the peat moss after you harvested the micro greens and if any of your customers ever requested that you include that they can cut it themselves in the package once they've received shipment Yeah that's a very very good question and let me just answer the 2nd half very quickly roll what you asked in terms of revenues so. That's our peak just from Michael Green's we were doing a bow $2500.00 pounds of greens a month that that was not long after we actually started it was just a few months in and we hadn't even really I mean we say that we were sending in to 7 different towns but we hadn't really even touched these towns this was just a recommendation we hadn't done any formal going around. Can you hear us Ok yeah yeah you know any or any formal going around and actually you know we haven't even touched it in permitting Yeah so there's a lot there's an opportunity but there was a lot more potential and. To our answer your question from earlier the wreck that you can see in the video. At the room that we were using had the equivalent of 6 of those brackets so the wooden frame with the lights and everything going on and so if those if those were failed completely and you got 6 of them. We worked out that that particular room will give us about fine 1000 pounds per month in revenue. That said it's foam and then the other 20 your question on the peat we don't recycle what we found is that once you've used the product once that's really it because you know there's seeds and roots that are involved in this that the other bloke but what we do do is we put it all on our last pile and then the other question was to do with. If you can give that as a package item to the chefs we had looked into that but it was just down to demand we were prepared to do it we only had one chef that was looking at. Us growing the micro greens and having them so that he could have it and he would have the heat and the tray and everything the problem with introducing Pete into a restaurant is that here the health and safety department wouldn't really allow for that and so I was actually doing the growing for that particular. Particular chef and he requested study grow in a completely different medium and we used. To call the coconut. When humans Yeah we actually go in to make a light and make it could be allowed in the restaurant but they couldn't have done in the restaurant range about answer your question wrong yes thank you very much I have a few more but I'm an email you directly to be respectful of those behind me God bless you both and God bless you both thank you so much for sharing We appreciate it thank you Ron thank you yeah my name is Gerald and I'm from Texas and I was just curious on your when you said you grow wheat grass do you grow that into brash the Christ or one ish the try and how much. Does one Korea we graft yield an ounce is now sadly we're not going to be able to answer that question in full for you I assume you've been on our website and you've seen that it said we cross coming soon. We haven't put it to speed yet. A new line is going to be going along with our road using and yes. But watch this space and as soon as we have done all trials and all the information then we'll be sure to share it with you guys that are great yeah I mean if you follow up on you if you have Instagram or if you can email us or something and since people information which will be in the next couple of weeks and we will be shows to share the information with you our questions Hi Thank you so much my name is Julie and I'm also from Texas and because there's so much sunshine in Texas have you had any experience or do you think it would work out the door without the lights. Have you ever Yeah that's yeah that's a very good question and we did we did a trial we did the trials that we did they were both indoors and outdoors and we grew. In our in our tunnel in our Caterpillar tunnel and here it worked fine in the middle of the season when we had full sun as a matter of fact they grew quicker and the yields because what we were looking at was the yields you were getting way more yield the greens were actually slightly bigger as well and yeah oh yeah that would work fine in somewhere like Texas or some of that has full sun absolutely Ok thank you. Oh my name's Daisy I'm from Austin Texas and my question was is watering a laborious process when you have a large amount of commercial commercial goods and if so could that be mitigated would it be worth it to do hydroponic system to make to automate it make it go quicker and if so what would you recommend you know again that's a very very good question and it is very very labor consuming. As I said I used to do it by hand as in with a jug and that would take hours and then we started using a hose and even then that would still take it Ok so yeah I could get it down probably about an hour to do the whole room. But even so we were actually looking for any sort of automated way of doing it as yet we haven't found a proper automated way because that the problem that you have is that you still have to keep checking your Michael greens every day because some plants even the tray next to each other one can take up all the water and need watering and the tray next to it has still got water so yeah I don't know of any fully automated system that would work but I yeah. It would be handy I all thank you very much appreciate your time. And now I have a question with the uncertainty that we live in and with the best times I remember you mentioned asked one of your biggest fans. What is the future like for Michael Green's from your perspective in terms of you know for some of us that are trying perhaps we would like to go into this type of a sense but then again with the opening and closing press times it's very. How do you feel about this and what is the guys. That were like to start the business year again yeah very good question but I think the thing is 1st and foremost is that the way that we look at things is that this is the Lord's business number one and he will always make a way and he sees the future and so he knows what exactly we need and yesterday it may have been restaurants and tomorrow it could be a market stream that we've never even thought of but as long as we're doing what God is asking us to do then he will figure out all of the ins and outs and just to just to share with you the day that we that over here and we went into a national knock down we realized that all of our revenue all of our revenue disappeared overnight and we had no revenue to look to and so we said that we were just closed down the Michael Green we would just turn off all the lights and as a matter of fact that's what we did. And we just got on our knees and prayed and to cut a long testimony short. Within the same week God provided another revenue stream where we had even more customers than what we had before so what I'm just trying to say is that. We can only make the case for certain things but as long as you know as long as we're doing what God is asking us to do then he will make a way obviously we got it they want you diligence we've got to check things out see what the markets like to do research in your area see what the competitors are like if there are any competitors to your pricing and work things out but at the end of the day you need to leave it all in God's hands the other thing is that your context could be different for us because we all get u.k. and where we're based in new case apogee know if we were in London chances are we have a huge consumer interest because you find that down south and in the cities folks are a little bit more and some of the head of the game in terms of seeing as a superfood but in Aberdeen it's not really cotton is much. So that's why revenue comes from rest front and chefs but where you are could be completely different situation and folks may know about migraines and if that's the case then you have a market that you can go straight into. So we hope that helps thank you. It's cold here so I was wondering when you're harvesting so you Kyra's scissors and put them directly into containers you shame when you do more you harvest with this year's So then would you put it into a main container and then put him a couple more times and put them in smaller containers or out. So yeah that's correct yeah Ok And what would happen Caleb is that when we're using the the shares yet the mechanical she has obviously used those the market greens do get shuffled they get you know knocked around a bit more so you can't now put them in one you have to have them in one way but at least you could get you could get past the hurdle of having to dry them because as I say they're a good nearly a year we were drying them all the time and that was my long process it was long but for months now we haven't been drawing them and so we don't dry them until we just harvest with the scissors put them straight in and we're good to go but as soon as you've got them all mixed up in a bar and in some kind of ball then you probably you will need to dry them all you know just just a bit and then get them in that moisture in the package is going to affect its shelf life. Ok thank you with that was another thing that we were looking at and that's fighting to get these right little moisture strips that you can put in the in the bottom not the container as we were looking into it but we haven't actually used them yet whereas you know then you could put them in with a little bit more moisture about them and they should be fine and it should just never absorb that moisture and that should extend the shelf life in the u.s. you may be able to find a company that can supply something like that for you yeah thank you. No I'm from Indiana I have a question about. Reusing the seeds are you able to use the seeds a 2nd time so to speak want to cut. Plants themselves they want to grow that so you can. Yeah that's a good question what we found is no that's us I mean it may work but we found that you know with the varieties that we grow that once we've cut them the one that's really here there isn't any. Like yeah that's sorry yeah actually and the lemon Bam was the only one that looked like this are very gross and red things are yeah a little bit but again with the red thing some of the Eels you know you find that the yields of. That is taking up way too much real estate in your brain because it's going to take a long time to grow anyway it's not you know remains are all yeah it takes the month to grow so the majority of the seeds that we grow you're not going to get the repeat heroes to harvest again. Thank you. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verses or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w audio verse or.


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