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How to Make a Living Growing Microgreens

Robert Sullivan Michelle Sullivan



  • January 14, 2021
    9:30 AM
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Hello everybody we just want to welcome you back to the 2nd session for growing Mike Rains in this section we're just going to cover all things admin all things admin. Invoicing websites labeling logos and many more so stay tuned for us when we initially started I think we 1st. We did mention that the Lord orchestrated things in such a way that we were able of Iran. To secure an order from a wholesaler now for Michael to supply them with Mike agrees now just to give you a little backdrop when we actually went to that meeting with the wholesaler we were looking to provide the wholesaler with any migraines actually the point of the meeting was we were just looking at what's the viability What's the possibility of what we do what would we have what would the process be and also how many months to greens you know potentially do we think we may be able to grow all these questions we didn't have any answers to so we thought well the best person to talk to is probably a wholesaler he might know because if he has migraines and this particular wholesaler did have Michael brings So we ended up calling him and then meeting him in this particular. Fruit and vege wholesaler which was in Glasgow which is about 3 hour a hour's drive away from us. Yeah they start their working day at 12 midnight so we had to go the early hours of the mornin and meet with this this gentleman you know we just called actually because we prayed. As a testimony but we we prayed and through a series of events we got to the point where we called. The director of this particular company just to ask the question if we were to the play with my greens what would we have to do. We didn't know if there'd be any regulations or anything that. Things that we have to fill certificates to show I don't know something. And the end of that conversation was oh why didn't you come down and see us so we did we have to be there for like 6 am or something like that because they start dropping said they start 12 and they go through to about everybody's gone by 9 am. He said to commit 6 so we got there 6 we were just hoping to walk away with just a little bit more information Yeah yeah and that would have been good but while we were there. We could see the spirit moving and very quickly very quickly because the meeting that we had only about 1520 minutes yes 15 minutes maximum I think. Literally we sort of went in there with a couple questions but then he started asking us questions and the end of it he said Well Ok he showed assist. List of mica greens they want what they want what they order what they're on order and then said Well if you can supply any of these on here. We will we'll take them off you so yes at the end of that meeting brief meeting. God had it orchestrates and we ended up coming out of there with a order for 2000 pounds worth of mining greens and. Every month so that really did that sorry to interrupt that that was not even the full capacity of what they actually ordered from this entire property wasn't even a quarter of what they get a monthly basis from their current playa and he said well we'll just start with this and see how you go and he allowed us to pick the Mike Green that we felt comfortable growing to him so we picked p. sheets and just easy stuff the stuff because with the exception of Amaranth's because bearing in mind at this time we didn't have any infrastructure at all you know well. We didn't we had that one shell you know we didn't know if you know we didn't have a No we had no life that one like her we had that one round the Yeah Yeah but I will grow like that was a lamp light but we didn't have the United States for something like that is what you call them we had nothing like that we had no wrasslin shells so it was exploratory going there year Yeah but as I said we walked out of the with that deal and very quickly we had to get on our knees a to thank the Lord and then be to the Titian him to provide the infrastructure which he did which he did amazingly And that's another testimony so well yes so wholesalers. Is a quick way if you're interested I mean obviously you know some of you listening to this might just be interested in growing my green sea cells and for your family and that's fine you know just to add to your salads and things like that but if you're interested in probably growing it commercially you know then going to a wholesaler is a good. Because you don't have to be a jack of all trades you can just maybe major on 12 or 3 different Mica greens and. You know you're going to get paid you're not going to get paid this is from our experience you know to get paid the full whack because obviously your just. The other end of the scale and the wholesaler is there you yeah you know he's a middle man of middle man yes so you can but you can shift a lot of the you can ship a lot microgram and plus it gets you into the flow of. Growing the cycle you know and and it gives you an opportunity to get all of your different processes down because believe you me there was so much to learn in such a short space of time here we were at the end about about yeah I came day and the same night we were out a lot lot this is not this can be a please a lot however. Very quickly we managed to get a system in place and you know we had to get we had to have a systematic perceiving day we had a harvest day in fact harvesting the morning of delivery so that wasn't so difficult but making sure that we had everything he did have been time so that we could supply but he did give us it all the way he did say to us well since you're ready just let us know and I think we started supplying about 4 weeks later. Somewhere around that 2 to 4 weeks later to give ourselves some time to you know used to the cycle and we had to get to in fact we had one shelf we had a little wind for a small win phone. Which bought us one shelf which had how many rungs maybe 2 or 3 something like that and we had a light so that. But that was it and we needed to we had to fast the 1st week seeded but here we had to have on a cycle so we needed to get the next lot seated but we didn't have any more space or lights or trays or anything for that so. We had to pray and we decided that we what we would do we would work out what exactly that we needed to be able to supply this particular customer and we needed 6 ounces and pounds what would that be about $8000.00 from the worth of infrastructure things like that anyway and. So we can have that and we just need an entire last tray so we got an unease and I just prayed and said you know to help us because this guy's expecting this stuff and you know we've committed them and we need to you know and we feel we believe that you brought this to us you have to now supply the way and so that's exactly what happened we we prayed and we felt led to. To contact somebody that would maybe able to help us and they did and within 24 hours of that telephone call we had the 6000 pounds in our bank account so you know as we sense of the wholesalers could be a good way of just getting in the door and for you to hone your skills with growing the market greens you know on a regular basis a couple things just to think about when you're doing wholesale delivery or getting your product to the wholesaler you know you may have to refer us just again different context if you just around the corner from the wholesaler that's fine you can just do that yourself or maybe the wholesale looking come to you for us that wasn't the case because the wholesaler was 3 out of hours away and the times arranged needed to receive it they needed on the last day early hours of the morning and they needed it as close to midnight as possible and you know help message interview thing. You can be it's impossible for us to be doing that so we had to hire the services of haulage com and it just sticks me we would drop it off like. Late in the our funding on a Wednesday and then they would need something like 10 o'clock or something and I think they would get there about midnight 1 o'clock in the morning or something but everything is children stuff there were they would take fish backwards and forwards from Chaplin down to Glasgow and then from Glasgow go out to the wider country and our stuff would go and I think initially we had some issues. Because they said that the book has the smiling official in a fish that's not good for Michael Green was so we had we started writing the book that is in French consumer if. You know you just bake it so we make it you know yes so all these different things. May or may not you know they may come into play if they don't raise a lot if they do these are a learning experience find exactly go with the flow direct customers by that we mean. Direct trade customers so those would be your chefs your restaurants your cafe owners those types of things yet said so you know we would see the revenue that we had from. The wholesale on the wholesale It was kind of like the bread and butter money but you know we we felt if we could get into the restaurants that would be really good because then we cut that middle in fact to middlemen The Because how because you've got you know the the grower would normally go to the wholesaler and then the wholesaler would sell to the distributor and then the distributor would sell that into the show the restaurant and that's how it is here I don't know how is that that's how it is him and so we would sell to direct to the restaurant and we cut out the whole set and the distributor and you can get that and price price so we found that. It would be quite good because. We would have obviously the whole sale going on and then when we got into the restaurant that we mentioned as we mentioned earlier the restaurants that just swung the doors open and they were really happy with the product they said that the taste with better the texture of the actual market greens were better because what they said is that because the competitor was selling high growing 100 pointedly the actual micro greens they seem to be a little bit limp they didn't have they want as robust and so I think that was a problem with their shelf life as well so because we were growing in soil I'm wondering whether perhaps the soil I don't know what it is about the so but I'm thinking it may hold more moisture for a longer period of time to make it available to the plant because there's no nutrients per se in so that we're using because it. Is just people obviously there's something in the people the mica greens like and you know the cause them to have that more robust situation going on and so they had the flavor that I mentioned already you know they had the flavor that has lasted and they were rebuffed they were lasting longer and so the word just got out their votes were just like. We were looking like a green team telling all their friends and their chef friends and we went from the wholesaler to Edinburgh Edinburgh is also about 3 hours from here. But there is a lot of micro greens being used by the chefs in Edinburgh and said that actually we're going to be talking a little in a little while about social media because what I did is I actually went on line to see who was using micrograms so shall be safe at the social media but they were using it a lot and so we went from one whole saida to handful of restaurants in Edinburgh to then supplying 7 towns. Throughout Scotland which was of a single guy then we had Edinburgh done the Perth in the nes royal Deeside which is where down the hall is where the Queen's concert is. In the shadow to being Aberdeen City end up in shire. Yeah and what we were finding is that. Whenever we would speak to a chef. They were always they would we would always let them do a little taste test of the Michael greens and that really did blow their mind that was all those other become when you talk I wish I was just filming it they would open up the cloth thingy and they will go there it's the 1st thing they do they smell it. And then oh you know about the time explaining to me you know the no taste and they go you know yesterday's average of a video I wish I had just filmed that with my phone and found it on social media especially the micro Basil and the micro cilantro and you know coriander because the smell and they would just love it yeah yeah very very strong so when people have done the little taste test and then they would ask me how much you know it was and I would tell them and they go Wow So it's going to be a lot more you know Ally and it wasn't just one or 2 people they require like she was saying the same thing oh we thought it was going to cost a lot more and others would say oh it would be prepared to pay more yeah you know and you know I'm telling them No it's like you know to validate whatever I think it was 210 or whatever things might have and say Oh well I think you know I'll pay you more you know because it's a really good product so if we had to then go back and think Ok well you know what is the law trying to say to us you know maybe we didn't really know what the pricing structure why we didn't rent has to take a step in the dark and so we've been incorporated all up our price selling price to 3 pound a cup yet and so what we found is the by going to the chefs and. Recklessly. We were up to getting a better return as it were on our investment. And 7 foot or so dollars and 7 cents per mile being tough small club. Quibble And yes obviously again it's all context because if if the market or where you live you know if there's about you know $100.00 of a market green grows then everyone's competing on price. Price for yes then you may have to keep your price low but I'm thinking about $5.30 for the big or large Tuck which would be the. The red red things are on the station and then. You think they're not but do your due diligence you know check things out you know look at the context where you are and then also which we always do I mean just pray because the Lord knows is you know this whole agriculture thing is not it's not and I understand when I say this is not it's not a money thing you know it's a God thing and so if God is asking us to do this and if God is saying which we've read and I'm sure you've read the quotes. By doing this sort of work you know it's God's plan for us to be some sufficient You know this that the other then God will bring the business you know it's his business it's his calling so we don't have to worry but obviously we need to do our work and do it diligently so you know we may have to if it means that we have to drop a price not a problem we need to pray and ask God bring more constantly we've given God will do that we've got you know the way the force well. Whatever if we if we seeded up and seem not rather than throw it away you're just going to other restaurants say here to try this year and whatever that's right so the restaurants have been really really good for us the wholesale was good we don't do wholesale anymore we really just major in the restaurants and I found personally from you know when you're dealing with a wholesaler dealing with one person which is fine but when you're dealing with restaurants then you're dealing with 2030 chefs that any one time you know it's a head chef anyway you know and that means that in terms of just being able to interact with people because at the end of the day you know where the line with the salt and you know it gives you a lot more sort of exposure to people and people exposed to you and your ways which is really good but the main way of getting all of these revenue streams every single one of them the man. I mean way is prayer is prayer on our knees that's how it's been you know we realize Lord this is your business you have asked us to come and do this so we're asking you to provide a way and don't get me wrong it's not as if you know we're not sort of treating God like a magic genie or anything like that but the point is we take God only have to wait Yes exactly yes but wait but we do take God at His word and he's got tons of promises in the Bible which we can claim that the 1000 ways that he can provide for you which you know nothing the other revenue stream that we've seen just recently actually you know before I do that want to do that on the other one as well as I'm shocked Oh yes. Over here in Scotland anyway again so about context we don't have what you would call farmers' markets. That are not on the Sabbath yet that and you know they're all on service to all of the most markets here are all about is like there are a lot of us except except one if you have got that then I would say you've got the market to farmer's markets as I said you don't have to but we did look at shops and so there was a. Fish out of a few shops that we that we tried health food stores they weren't for us they were they weren't big sellers really we have seen people the benefit really well actually shot you know yeah we have yeah oh yeah people in America in fact Yeah yeah for us as a set up to happen from just doesn't work it just didn't work in that way and then the last thing is vege boxes that's the last one and we'll just speak on this very briefly but. Again. We don't get a huge amount of. Uptake and that's why we had to scale everything down because of culture that you know we're all in this together and we'll see how God leads through this pandemic from January to March it was just it was just snowballing and so we were just just coming down from that and we were Ok it is what it is but then we decided just as a thought we were just of an out of season book because we had a salad from a in the Knesset we went to visit. Israel January in actual fact and we thought it would be nice to go and visit them their farming family the no Adventists or anything that just you know secular folk lovely lovely couple and they have children and we just were interested to see what they were doing and they were so eager to have this come and went literally so spent half a day with them. And we had talked drinks and everything and I know they've had chickens and you know honey and everything and they were the ones that mentioned it because we said Oh so what do you do in the wintertime because you know we don't grow in the winter because we can't and they were like well they don't really grow in the wind either. So what do you do and he says well we buy in he was like Oh you never thought doing that and I thought well we thought about it but you know we just dismissed 6 we thought well that's not really what we do we don't buy and we grow. But I don't know I think a lot is already preparing our minds because then come March in fact it was just before the lockdown at the time that it was about to happen we sat at the table and we decided why don't we do a season box and we buy and you know in fact from the same company that we supplied Mike against it and so we decided to do that and literally we just got like. You know it was like a stampede and again we ended up in a situation where we were like you know just trying to catch up we were working night and day pretty much in the midst of you know and and then we again we got the system in place to deal with such a volume of customers I think you know I think we went up to 250 fits boxes and we something along those lines. And then obviously the summer came and so you know other products came to mind as well edible flowers and honey and things like that we don't do the honey ourselves a lady contacted us and asked if we would sell the honey so we agreed to do that and so yes so the vege book says we do the more year now. And projects in the summer and autumn produce in the winter and instead and then as an add on to the fetch box we have. Our customers can put market greens as an add on that's what we mentioning Yeah but again it's not a big figures or anything like that no we're just going to wait and see as I said how Coke moves and what the Lord has in store what his plan is for us in terms of continuing with my greens or a new. Another Market Street maybe for the back green Well you know over the past few months with coded the restaurants of just being up and down so when they're up there contact us again on we have so much greens and then when it down like at the moment they're down in fact all the restaurants have to be shut because we're in a full lockdown at the moment in fact I had such another thought today always looking at different ways you know I read a quote from my devotion one morning and then what she says she should be spending you know in a case that can have so many different meanings but you know to be enterprising I think is. Quite exciting when it you know and we just recently launched a new product line which is reducing or brought juice Coke press G.'s because we were juicing ourselves and you know we're drinking the stuff we like this stuff tastes so good you know we've got like the carrots in the beets and lemon going on and it looks good and it tastes good and so we were like well why don't we actually just get bottles and all this up and then we could send it like as a as a 3 day cleanse or a 5 day cleanse or whatever. And so we decided that we would do that and it was just a day I said to go but I said you know what I said we could do like a limited edition of the road uses with and we can put my Could dreams in in the like a super duper you know we're very tiny. Where we can put the we can put the radish in and then it would be like a wow you know and a spiky 40 times worn if this is. Just you know trying to be creative and think of different ways that we can you know keep that revenue going I actually think people go for it and it would be really interesting to see what the uptake would be like so watch this space and see what happens Ok but we're going to now close out this section so I hope you've been blessed out of you being informed So again this is market strings we look at wholesale we look to chefs and restaurants going direct We also look to shops or farmers' markets if you've got farmers' markets in your area and then last we looked at including Mike Green's as an add on option for your vege boxes as well and limited edition brought us animated edition I wrote you thank you again Ok so in this section we're just going to cover very briefly on some more sort of ad many type. Things that you might have to do with regards to growing like a Greens and also selling them. So this section is actually about logos and labeling. Court labels should be say because I was the one that little clam shells that we showed you the plastic ones those have got your labels on just to keep things looking professional look fit keep things looking neat and orderly and so what we did was now I know for some people they would go and hire. A logo making person but you can do that which you can do that if you have the money for that phrase a lot we didn't we didn't. Obviously we were going to be doing that but what we did was we thought to ourselves Ok what can we do. We don't know I don't be focused shop we don't own don't be focus up so you know we had to just look at what actions are there available you can get on a trial that you can get in front but we didn't do that even so we just looked at we did a bit of searching on You Tube looked at a couple tutorials and in the end we said that what we would do is. Use a product called. Inkscape scape and only say image search would have bought me quickly say at. Inc scape you may have come across it it's for some people it's the poor man's version of the photo shop here but to me I'm like it's brilliant We don't care we don't care and so you know we had to watch a few tutorials just to learn how to use it not because these things you know I mean we've had no we don't have any skills or experience in that. But we were light Lord we're just going to see if we can you know get this done get a logo done to ourselves. And so. Do we need to show on the yes so we're just going to. Share the screen see how that works. Ok so you can yeah so. Let me just go into this is a place to find it you'll go to your Google go to Google if you use Chrome you don't have to go any distance using out or the Safari that's not it says you need to google chrome or so inch think scape draw freely and the thing with this is that it is actually a free download so that was the reap the reason. And from the reviews and things that we saw instructional videos can do the same thing with Photoshop but we didn't need to do all of that we just needed to be able to make a logo and so that's what we used so we went to. Ink scape downloaded and. And then went ahead and started praying for inspiration as it says hey you can get sessional vector graphics which is what you need which is what you need and you need you need your graphics so they have no background. Invisible background that's right and not just that like if you want to have t. shirts made or posters done you need to have that really good quality Yeah. That's right yeah so that's what we did we. We in the end made our own local using ink scape Sanders going to bring up a yeah so this is like all over the artisan grower and then. It look some people say it's a plate with a fork and a spinning Yeah it's not it's not exactly handle it's hand to look closely so I see him too but you know from a distance on our website and vice versa on an email it looks like a plate with a knife and fork but it's not it's hand tools that you would use growing obviously and the name of it and brushing we've been and came from the north because we were praying and praying and actually nothing came so we were just going say something can be found and that's fine and so we went with that and then I don't know were you having a conversation in the car one day driving along and we were just talking about how you know used to be 100 years ago you know where we were talking about the horse and cart man pioneer days where they would have to take off in the carriage and they couldn't go all the way to Aberdeen neighing in the car because it's just so far away to have to take them way too long and I think that you were watching a program about the Amish community and about how they keep the whole thing carriages and they stay so far away from the city that it's you know it's not easy for the young people if they want to to go off into the city or whatever you know and so it just keeps them to the city of Homs you know way yes and so I said you know imagine if it was still like that today we were talking in the Congress as you know you have your office and breadmakers bread maker in your office and you know Florestan and the message you have the office and grower and then we just look to us to send grow our thing that will Yeah we just love that we were like a how we could call it and so we were actually just about 5 minutes from Hansa since we couldn't just dust off the computer had a look to see if it was available on the web the office and grow darker the u.k. and it was available so we were like wow this is it this is going to be a name and everything came together so you know as we said if you've got the idea just trying keep things professional expression if a you're going to be using a wholesaler because you need to be able to brand yourself through the selling market greens or anything else but more so if you are selling direct to chefs and shops you need to be have your you know your logo and everything you need you need to have a problem plan brand so by God's grace we were able to. The logo made and then once we were able to do the logo then that meant that we were able to get all of the rest of our labeling specifically because we're talking about Michael Green's so I can just show you. Our labeling sheet again just to give you an idea we had to make this all ourselves everything we had to do from scratch so we this is not just bought from labels literally that when we got the tubs we measured the space within the top where you would a sticker and then we went on to the label company and we just found the one that matched that size yes there was a closest And so really this is how we would have to. Lay out all of our labels and then and then print that peel off the stickers and then put them on to the plastic cups that we showed you other 30 gram ones or the whole 100 gram one and so and that would be a job to children with that year yes if we were you know rush for time if we had you know a lot of my commute a lot of the king labels all kids love sticking labels you know so it's a nice little job to show them how to do it and you know we tell them it's for the customer nice and and then she's very methodical about how she goes about taking the labels on so yeah sometimes they would be upside down but thankfully these kind of because. You know we would tell them you know these are fake and they're worried it's taken from the stick wasn't so much of a problem but it will show them a need to be this way round and there's like a little tap way open up the box and like that needs to be on the bottom right you know and structure and they'd be Ok with it now all of these things again these are just admin things but for some people and again if you've got the money got the finances you can pay and have labels for the ready made for you so you don't have to do any of this work you just give them the brief and then you know these companies online they will make these things up see for us the stage that we were. Funs we're not we don't have lots of farms so we had to do whatever it is that we could do just to keep. So that we can have to spend you know sir much money and center the other in for us you know we try to be frugal to figure even if we had the money and we're going to in a way that we're trying to a sudden fact you know we as we said we're about to launch the road Jesus and you know I suppose you know we have the money to get a printer to do why would we want to print play pray but not a pray take a a printer when we could just about ourselves so we decided in the end we buy a laser printer and keep everything in house yeah yeah which means that your future proofing But again sign that's just for us or know what the future might hold to not want to print some other something on nothing with printers or maybe a printer in the audience well Prince is a good well we worked out that you know I think it's going to I think was like 10 times if we'd ordered the labels 10 times we could actually for a late really good professional like the print thought that say that Yes Exactly exactly so so I hope this this this section is help just looking at labels looking a certain looking loco's and getting your branding. You can like ourselves do it yourself if you are slightly artistic we're not really down to stick but that's why we wanted our labeling and branding very simple and also you can go the route of getting a print company which once you've given them the brief they can sort this all out but I think Formica greens as I said fresh if you're going to be selling direct to chefs or farmers' markets shops you do need to have your branding sorted out and it does need to be quite eye catching the possible Ok so I hope you found a good use and. We'll see you in the next section Ok in this section we're going to be talking about. More admin sort of related stuff e-mail and also social media so those are the 3 sections that we're going to cover very briefly our Web site it's one of those things where again. You could pay and get a website done professionally. We didn't do that I guess to continue we were going to say that. We we decided to sort of build the website ourselves again through a bit of research and this that the other save ourselves a little bit of money and plus gain some extra skills as well I think we just felt that saved ourselves a lot of money yeah potentially his web design can be quite costly quite costly quite costly and those that do it professionally you know I take my hat up to them it's a lot of work. You know. It's not something that I really relish whenever I say to him oh we need to change something in the weather. Right now or really just now we get this from reading right on one thing where is the Web developer. Rather left I thought. So well. Yes obviously you know that this is this is the this is the this is the fact the last one I think was the Michael Green Yeah this is a picture actually that a customer of ours Turk and. You know we can use it here so we I think with like a some kind of fill fill you know something and you know have it in the slight edge flight of the Yeah I think you can see in here actually what we're just as we were just talking on Web site you can see some red cabbage you can see Sun she's down here. Didn't she say the. Lemon Lemon bombs some rocket or rocket or they call it every girl anyway yeah so you know we just had to do this but again web presence I think is good only because it's just the way that everybody operates so if you're running a business selling my greens this that the other you know you hand the business card or you know you give them your details you know people want to know these things you know so they go on your website and check. So that's why we did it. Yeah so this is a picture that we took actually of am like a green this is Rambo radish for those of you that have grown before you'll know the colors how they look a cousin to China radish which we were showing in the other food other instructional classes yeah and so this is our little button on Michael grains it's not a lot but it's just somewhere for our customers to go yet just to get stain of I'm a professional what's the word image look look and feel yeah yeah something and then obviously the website then goes into the other the other things that we that we sell which is here the bench boxes and this is access to the online store and the and here are the actual French boxes. And then it's just some we introduce as we said the roar juices you know the thing with the burgesses is that and under this is not about that but just a little side note is that we have this thing where we believe that when you process your produce You're always make more revenue through processed food processing so if you're if you have an apple orchard you make less money selling apples than you would selling apple juice or apple pie or apple pie or are apple without sugar or whatever you call apple sauce without Apple saying Yeah so this is just taking you through our website just some more information on there or juices. And then you can see here just some images that we have here yeah we try to keep things as official as possible because from the research we looked at that's what people like me like visual sites when they go on to them so you know that's what we decide to do so it's good if you don't want to have an influx of emails asking lots of questions it's a really good idea that you put the information as you can actually on your website and then if you find that you're getting a certain amount of questions coming through all the time then you know something you need to include on your website. So this is just intimation and a disclaimer about the road uses and actually not just that oh no this is just clear about the project. And so then the bottom of our Web site we will because Robert is using word precedent if I mention that already been using what press on it and so we were able to use what is called Widgets what other current member plug ins Yeah that sounds a lot like and it's a plug in that Instagram plug in talks to your Instagram Feagin So every time you post it on your website as well yeah automatically so you don't so sorry about anything so this is actually the profile of information it's created from our Instagram and placed it here on on our website and then people have the option to learn more Instagram posts and to follow us on Instagram too and then at the bottom we have our contact information in fact some people use these contacts. To a lot of people for lots of different things and then you added a free bag no please no can you do this can you do that and then it's going to contact information and then opening times here and then you know I register official registration information and the other thing very quickly is we did decide to use a. A different email address for when dealing with Mike a great well dealing with everything to do with the company but specifically we're talking about Mike Green So we're really going to see the chefs and we have our car this is the information that we would give and so. Some people would would use their own personal e-mail address. That's fine but we wanted just to have something separate and and in our opinion as something maybe a little bit more professional and so. You know having said that we are using gene now yeah that's what I mean yeah but you can personally No not at personal but you can also with a lot of these when you purchase. A weapon dress you can also have the opportunity to have like you know sales at the artisan grower Dakota u.k. But again it was more cost to me thought not necessary so we can buy the novice Ok so the last couple of things we're just going to talk on very briefly now is social media conscious can quickly go into Instagram here. To come in this way because yeah so this is our Instagram feed. And you can see pretty simple really we just ran a giveaway it's very good too it's another really good way to actually promote your product what we had people do if I click with something as you come up with giving away. A try my flavor try my flavor pack which is one of each flavor of the juices that we're doing you can do this with my greens too and basically. What we asked people to do is to share this post with 5 of their friends and. Then. Obviously it's like a cascading effect and then they have the opportunity then to win a try and I say the tech but the beauty is gets our work yeah that's whatever product you can do the same with Michael Green's we've done it the same way just sharing you them most recent image from your posts that we've done with that. Actually we have to make a clean. Always good so we just you know we're just trying to keep people updated with what we're growing. And track this guy head black I'll fetch Barca's and they are the ones that we went to visit we spoke to about and in this. January that's right that's right yeah yeah yeah this is pretty simple it's just yes so we use Instagram a lot. I mean not me I mean we failed I mean compared to other people aren't and you're talking you know like we don't live on it but we do post so that people can see what we do and I want to I want to I mean it's sort of like that once a. Year. Just some labeling the reader. And his in the market bringing picture Rambler ravishing and again so it's it really I mean you can go and take a look at follow us take a look at you know what now we've found Instagram not so much Facebook we have a business Facebook seizing. And we don't we don't really get that much. Traction from Facebook we get a lot more inquiries we do get inquiries from Facebook but we get a lot more money to great inquiries via Instagram and I think that's why we post quite a lot so what we do is. Every time we pose we've got it set up that every time we post on Instagram it posts automatically to Facebook and then. You know people do say a few things but majority of a. Majority of the feedback and things like that we get from Instagram yet to show. That gingerbread prints are all the brains are all. You've grown it before you know what that looks like that takes forever to grow in our context anyway. But a nice. Nice one has grown purple she's. Very nice preference these taste like aniseed very nice the chefs love them because the colors you know it's like that so this is what as I said so it's just a way it's a free way of getting publicity and you know getting your product out there all it takes is a little bit of time fuse me to set itself up once you set up then then you can start posting such cataloging where cataloging your growing and your experiences and then as you start getting your product your mind to Greens into chefs into shops we would encourage you to get the chef or the shop to take a picture of the products posted on their own which is such a media darling you yeah and this is some of the. This is triggered is a restaurant that we supply the know. There are the can restaurant in everything. That we go so they would just share in them which is currently post Yeah you know it just keeps things alive yeah yeah Ok So that is social media yeah that's social media actually let me just add one of things and that is when we 1st started out getting our projects into. The restaurants I used Instagram I went and I looked at different 30 people that post a lot of time in different restaurants and I would just go in and look at the different meals and if I could see my greens on the plate then are taken note of the restaurant because I know that they're using market greens and then what would what Robert would do if he had a blanket. Message that he would send to the restaurant asking him if they would be interested in taking a free sample which 9 times out of 10 they would you know and then probably go down there and then sort of start son's kind of report with them can and then we would usually about 9 times on 9 and a half times out of 10 we would usually get to supply them. Because as I said before there seems to be a bit of. You know a hole in the market there yet again so I hope you found that. Useful and of interest and we'll see you in the next section yet so this is the final section that we're going to be dealing with in forcing which. You know is all part of the professional image when growing market greens and selling them and it's also a good part because once you're in for it somebody means God willing but you're going to get paid so we do have a number of customers that. Pay by cash and that's fine but even when they pay by cash we still give them in voices to say that what we just delivered to them has been paid and so it's just that a smart way not just in terms of professionalism but also it keeps a record of what you've sold here so a lot of the invoicing companies that we use or have used we've used to. They keep reporting all of the sales and everything that goes on so that nobody get one but we were with the wholesaler at the restaurants we were using So overall I found that they are actually better I think when working with businesses Yeah. So we used them a lot when we were working with the restaurants because the restaurants would often want a 30 day invoice. And Zohar worked really well with that for that year and then I could see reminders Well after that most of our customers actually did pay on time there was it's very very heavily featured and I don't think there's anything you couldn't do with it and we worked with we worked with it for example of years. But then when the what's it called The Because it came and. We stopped working with the restaurant does not change then we moved over to square which was just and we'll show you you know Shana. Here is square and so you probably heard about square but they it works really really well with. Printing for prescription subscriptions recurring pain weekly monthly and all that sort of widows what we're doing a lot more of so here and I if you have people that and they also have a shop isn't it deserve a shot servicing her shop not to shop the feature so our shop actually on our website is actually powered by square although having said that we're looking at leaning over to shop if I so but this is it's not really maybe but it's currently powered by square and so they handle all the payments and so if you sell that say I don't know $500.00 pounds or dollars worth of goods on Monday then the cutoff is midnight and then you get paid the following day so it's actually there very quick actually paying as well yet which is so because some. Service providers they take quite a while I say Powell but yeah inches it's not you know you got to look at things like this yeah and the other thing just to throw in there just is where ending is we also had a card reader from square now to be honest with probably use it like twice since we since we bought it. And. But you know because the idea was we were going to use the. Shops maybe or if we could have got around to farmers' markets but because as we mentioned before we didn't really major on farm farmer's market so with enough to use it but having a card reader that's really handy if you're at a market or if you're selling on the spot then you can take a payment straight away especially some of the carcasses contactless you can do all these different things so again it just keeps things neat and with a card reader as well you can send an invoice to them via e-mail or on the phone as well text messaging has all these different features which we think use technology where you can just to streamline and make your life a are because you can't be bogged down with without men women to the growing movement to be in soil you know the company but then with all the paper things so we try if needed we try as much as possible to streamline thing streamline things yet as much as possible yes so this is the card reader that we've got and again contactless you know you've probably seen them in some small shops things like that. But yeah that's what we use but as I said we only use them maybe 2 or 3 times that whole used to be there is usually an accountant that may pay for you know an invoice the company that we sent to a company. You know very rarely would they actually use a card but you know in fact we thought that we were going to be doing the farmer's markets and we thought that this would be really good for that but there are occasions and I have been occasions where. You know we had a bit. We've dealt with smaller restaurants where the owner is the chef you know he would use a business card and pay that and that possible so that happens as well you know that's separate so we hope again that you found that of use and. And I bet say anything again as we're coming up to the end I'm sure if you've got any questions just save them are still the sections actually finished so that's the end of the Mike Green 2nd day classes. Have you enjoyed it and we can you date. 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