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Natural Soap Making

Janitza Densmore



  • January 13, 2021
    1:30 PM
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Our loving Father as we attempted to teach and receive a blessing sees the little hearts and minds we open and readily to absorb and help me to say the right words and that I don't forget something that's important please help me learn tell me. If you got an email with a handout I sure hope you printed it out. If you did not print but. I only have one and I'm not sure if they have heard about my this thing Ok I'm going to put it right here for now I talk and you can take notes. There's a few basic ingredients that most of them are readily available in your kitchen oils. Coconut oil Tom or will olive oil there's a large variety of oils that we can use but you have to know what you're doing I am personally a John Cook I mean are you one of those that don't measure in your kitchen Well this is not a recipe you want to jump cook this is a recipe you want to master and make sure it's precise because it's a chemistry and I'm not a chemist I'm just mom but this is a chemistry of combining the triglycerides the fatties in the oil with the lie and making it into a salt Ok. When I'm at home I don't wear gloves. But I am to teach you safety as well when you're 1st learning you get nervous you're fumbling you're not sure I'm sure what you're doing so for my nervousness sake I am willing to wear them I do recommend it if you're. Injury are prone to break or fall or the say lie the needle mole in your skin Ok I have everything here pre-measured I kind of cheated at home because I'm trying to cram everything in this class so can you see this recipe and see. Ok. We have 12 ounces of coke and then 17 ounces of olive oil and 10 ounces of Pong. On the right here there says several scale Thank you Jason there's a scale of different sappiness acacia of different values that you can do if you want your soap really harsh like a laundry soap and you wanted to take all the oil off your clothes then you make a a lot harsher if you want a basic so like a bathing soap then you want a milder soap something that's going to leave some oil back in your skin because as we wash we wash our natural oils off so you want something that's going to leave a little bit of extra oil in your skin to moisturize if you use are so you won't see the ocean very often because it naturally will leave a 1st image I see you see there highlighted number 7 That's a 7 advocation standard that we're going to use We're going to leave 7 percent of the oil in our batch without binding into a fall so it's it'll be free floating in the so I don't want to do think you slimy soap is not going to be like that but it's going to be free floating in yourself and when you Washington leave some oil on your skin it's not going to dry you out Ok. The reason I started making cells is because my husband. And the military got heavy metal poisoning and ways I started doing all these studies where are we getting these heavy metals where is this coming so I just I researched everything are well water pipes are toothpaste our foods I know I was in our foods and then when I discovered soles and I go wow all those beautiful colors that you buy in so there are sides there rust from different minerals Mica So it's called children do you realize that your skin is an organ just like your mouth every little. It's a mouth so when you bathe with these old you're ingesting that in your skin so that's why I started making soap because I wanted to know what was in my salt I wanted to make sure that I was getting. The best for that we needed it doesn't have any arsenic or any lead or any. Mercury none of that and even the salts that you buy that have fragrance in them these fragrances are something that we don't want fragrances this I got this off a website fragrance also may contain a percentage of natural essential oils but due to the cost of this they're made of synthetic materials now and manufactured there's more than $3000.00 materials that can be used to create fragrances and they don't tell you what it is because it's a trade secret they don't want you to know but these. Fragrances contain fat late and fowl it is a group of synthetic chemicals that are used in many things including making plastic more flexible the you want to be that on your inside I don't. So let's get started. We have liquid soap I mean I'm sorry we have liquid oils and then we have solid oils so the trick to working faster because I am a mom of 7 and I'm always on the go what I have discovered. That I use far water and hard ice. And that when we're making so you want your Orioles at a certain temperature and your lie low solution at a certain certain temperatures if you printed out my flyer when you get a moment I'll probably still be there you can download it in print. You want to have your both liquid around a 100 degrees so we're going to start if my stove is hot. Is there we go. Start warming that up side take the so I do. What I have learned to do is I melt my solid oil 1st and when those are just about done melting then I go ahead and add my olive oil and that will help to cool down my solid oils there in the liquid state so I can work faster it's getting not. So here we go we have 12 ounces of coconut. As you do the oil it's good to be close doesn't have to be extremely precise I have a friend that makes a lot of soap you learn from me and she says chaff so she just went to my class and she instead of weighing things out she measured things out Ok this is our a cup and a half and that's how she makes milk. This is my son Jason. Ok so we're going to go ahead and continue while he helps me here we have prom or else something that you want to learn and you will learn each different oil has a different sap and if acacia value I don't know just different oil for the sake of having different own oil you do different on oil because each author will incorporate something a little different one will be more sudsy one will be more gentle to your skin while the other one will be a mole and like all the oil it will leave your skin feeling smooth and. There we go. But each one combines different with a lie so you have to you just can't substitute. For example I can't substitute all of oil with. Some flour or oil even though they're both liquid you have to know what the stuff and if occasion value if you want to get consecutive every soft side today I learned in the grafting class that if you want. Golden Delicious if you have to go to a from the Golden Delicious because there's only one so if you want to get consecutive every soft and you want the results to be the same each and every time she you want to have a good sap an affectation value scale and those are available online. If you get that handout printed out on the very top or you can write notes now it's called the sage dot com They have a like populate or that if you want to create your own mind of oils to make your own so you can go there says Ok I have 3 ounces of olive oil 2 ounces of buy back to all and 3 ounces of some flour oil how can I make this into a bar of soap and it'll tell you how much lysine you this how much water to use. So you can you don't have to be precise and follow this recipe you can play with it and that's something I encourage have fun do it in a safe manner. And I sure hope this hurries. I've been in the car where it's nice and cold. Say while we were given that supplement we're going to go ahead and start with a lie I'm alive I said I have a few I wanted of water in a few ounces of ice to speed up the cooling process ly is very harsh there is not a color as a natural color like you say oh I want a really pretty green soap so I'm going to put some. Peppermint leaves in my so. The lie will car burn that the lie will kill your green it'll be brown Ok it will still have the nice peppermint scent but life is very hard what I have done in the past is I make a batch of soap with no sense no I added to. Nothing in it other than so once it is solidify and done then I shred it and I re batch it and then when the law is you know wasted or kill or out of there then I can add some herbs and it does not damage the color as much Ok we are still working here with the. Can you see it smell thing that it is kind of slow. I didn't think to bring it in earlier. Make sure it was while that's working but it's working the next project now the next step is the dangerous part children but I want you to pay close attention because it can be done safely as you see I have things that are very basic that are found in your kitchen this is an all vinegar container How about when are going to clean out my washer and I cut the top off or you can use a pitcher but I don't have a pitcher big enough for your life to Lucian when I'm out home I do this normally in the kitchen and I tell my children when the law is mixed I'm cooling off I have my own Duck Town to her away or I have my in the sink stay over way Ok I've got set up had 7 children so I've had to deal with this with the children I recommend a good accurate scale let's talk a little bit while we're waiting on this some of the tools that are indispensable and accurate scale. This one I have for years and it has a tear but tear function means that I can put 5 pounds on an impressive button and then the scale thing there's nothing on it so I can put my pot on it and I can measure things straight in the pot without being weighed the pot being weighed only ingredients and that's really helpful to have but not necessary. Something else that I found to speed up my process is a good stick with you and you here that have 1st my. This is. What being that mix really fast the fast and I can do it I have taught I'm a show to make soap and they don't have electricity so they'd use one of those all fashion cranks do you play with one of those in the bathtub minder my little girl she's got one of those the place about the I made soap with one of those at house Ok other tools you want a nice long spatula everything that you use needs to be silicone I will I don't recommend wood I have use wood but sometimes ally Will Leitch the color off the wood so you want a good I bought this one at any commercial restaurant supplier I've made so for many years so I've developed my own things my one needs you can buy beautiful salt malls but I found them impractical because when I'm a shelf I make 50 bars of soap plus so having a whole table full of these that are beautiful molds doesn't do me any good I got to have a quick and I got so here it is here's my secret 3 inch p.v.c. pipe and you can find in the plumbing section of these little cab see if I can remove it. They call test after test out they use these to task the pipe to make sure they don't leak and I have a really fancy contraption called us and when you add that acts like my my gas said Ok so I put that on top of the test pass I have had subs fill many times and I take my food and push it down and then stood in tightness my lid on my bottom and this will probably in May I normally cut myself in about one inch bars that's about probably 1618 inches so depending how full we make it I can make 14 viruses open one sitting and then I made this before we come to the one I have has 4 or 8 are needed just want something to stabilize. And something else we use our towels Why do you need all towels all blankets no comforter once we pour the soap in here we're going to cover it up and we're going to let the lie in the oil for mine. And it needs to be hot. This to get pretty warm so you want to keep it warm you want to cover it up you want to cover it like you would a baby keep it and I have I had a closet in the locker room that I made these to fit right on the bottom shelf so I make the sofa wrap it up and put it on the shelf and 2 days later I was going to touch the tooth once and 2 was room temperature than I know myself with stones. But you want to keep it covered and you don't have to have this Ok if you want to just make soap in your kitchen and you want to try and I don't want to invest any money Blanka. And just find one that flared out so you can actually pop that so I don't you don't want it to be coming and you wanted to be sloping out so you can pop it out Ok so we're getting there I try to break things up. That'll help if you want to if you ever want to try beeswax shred your beeswax and the best way to shred your b.s. way shred your piece by act as oil here shredder a little bit and then get that shredder working and when you or the shredder it helps to clean it out afterwards so I didn't have to wash them pretty hot wire but if you all it helps to shed some of that bees wax off. There is a subject that is making class I'm not sure when but if you can attend that I would that would benefit you because part of the process for soapmaking is infusing all ills and she's probably going to go over that in that class how we infuse oil you take that and you put it for example an olive oil and you leave it there for 12 weeks every week every day you take it to make sure that Herb is being more strife by the oil than yours lol you gonna see that oil change color and personally I like to use dry herbs I don't want to incorporate in the morning sure anymore but I have heard I've never done it because I always use dry that when you're doing that sometimes you get a layer of some of mold on the top and people just take it off and use so I prefer not to do that so I always use Drakkar this go ahead and start with a lie as this is moving along here something very very very important in this process is that you want to mash or your liquids 1st then you add your life your solids to your liquids if you ever add your liquid to your lie it'll be like a volcano Ok I don't want that you'll be hurting you you can go blind from lie. Praise God I've never had a man in my eyes I have had to get in my skin. And I just rinse it off in this thing where I'm usually next to water. So we're going to add 10 hours to the vice there were so fine they're probably getting me twice is what I needed have you enjoying the meal I'm really thankful and I let them know they've been very kind to us Ok so I've got some Let me move a little closer I've got my little scale here this scale small and I can only weighs 20 pounds on it so when you see that someone you know Ok there we go so here's my button now I'm going to Terry and they will clear it out to 0 and that's one I don't have to try to calculate we're going to do a balk 10 ounces of Oz. Ok we're almost a little bit a long way to find Let's see what we can do 9 and a half ounces. Ok good enough 9 o 5 so we're going to call that 9 ounces of rice and tear and add our water. And we're going to add 4 ounces of water just so I can't get the water I want to put it in some burgers quite shocking and tension Ok Thank you Lord for answers on the doubt that it's good when a term I still ask them to politicize and I have my life I already weighed out from home I have 5.51 ounces of why you used to be able to buy just fly Home Depot or Lowes in the plumbing section called during all the ads colors to that so you can't use that you have to try to find it online but then you have to pay a high price for shipping to this it is caustic. There are several people that if you're in the big city sometimes they'll be a big supplier for a chemical supplier some some farm suppliers area. An a.o. h. the. Technical name or they just call it liar potassium hydroxide e m hydroxide sorry sodium hydroxide potassium hydroxide is used for liquid soap some making solid soap I make in bars is that this is what our selves are going to look like without the label today we are making this one right here so I only know c 3 and 0. And honey all my own here we don't want you to see how quickly this I will mouth you want to be really consistent when staring you don't want any big chunks of lie to sit in the bottom of your lie and lie solution because then when you put them and I'm going to take this office still because it is done. You don't want to incorporate any big chunks of lie on there. I want to carefully take this off it's hot. Ok. So you see we still have one little chunk right fair but that don't melt soon enough Let's go ahead and get this line here. And get stirring. You don't want to believe that. I have actually seen water boil. One of the soaps that I make I incorporate different fruits in it I put citrus in it and put orange grapefruit lemon lime and I take all those in my blender and I grind them up and when I put the lie in it I get this beautiful orange color but I've seen a boiling. Yes right in this town. So you want to good strong hard plastic Let's go ahead and add olive oil in here so that you keep me on track for the time I don't want to run out. I want to make sure that you really thoroughly understand what we're doing. Because it could be harmful if you don't yes trick them I would try to find hard plastic this in particular. Vinegar that I cut open you don't want to use something like this this will probably cave in glass would be great but I guess if you use a gallon. Gallon of. And you want a wide mouth you want to be able to have access to it something also that I found helpful but not necessary because I want to stick my finger in there to check the temperature is a little thinner moment and these are not expensive than you do you do have to calibrate them because your children do play with soundmen to change the calibration on this. So I'm what I'm trying to achieve there you saw that I put the olive oil in it was a little solid and now it's all liquid I'm trying to achieve even close to even temperatures I might not be real patient today because I have a lot to cover but I like it to be nearly 100 degrees and right now we're over a 100 or about one to well. Ok and we almost got to $120.00 about $118.00. Each or will have. I am just Mom Ok but each also has different viscosity that's a big word for everybody especially the little ones viscosity I mean thickness so you want to be thorough with your mixing that's vital it's very important so when I put different oil in here I want to mix it because otherwise I don't get a good accurate reading on my temperature. If you don't have was there moment of good way to gauge and just put your hand on the side of the pots but if you just had it on the halfway and mine obvious. You still get a warm. Ok bolt or about a 118 degrees and I'm going to go ahead and put it together if you wanted to way home or hear some of the problems this let's go this route here's some of the problems that I've come across my life is too cold and whose are too hot and I'm going to hurry I gotta be at the doctor's office in half in 45 minutes I put this in a hot water bath or in this thing full of hot water and I put this in the sink full of cold water it'll cool this down or he decides whatever you need to do you can control it was water on the outside of your container. Before I put that together let's get our additives I gotta see trian here this is one ounce of tea tree and I don't just put essential oil because they smell good I put essential oils because they do some things to the sold fetus and anti-riot cereal anti-viral. And it just works good on fungus my husband uses this soap for shampoo that's all he uses but I've had people with really bad Xom our skin conditions to use this I've had family members that have to riotous and for years have used medicine they started using the soap and no more medications because of the more sure I says this skin gets rid of that problem I want to make sure we have things ready here you want to serve beggars say it's going to be loud. So give me a few minutes once I lied once I add the lie. In Again you don't have to have a stick blender but it sure helps. Eventually starting to thicken already a you want to be a consistency of real that running phrase me as starting It's called Trace is so light 3 I don't like strangers when I add my honey. And I normally add approximately a tablespoon of honey to one pound of so so 16 ounces of so one tablespoon of honey. Don't experiment and add more and does not work you'll have an Uzi So Ok Hon why Sable spoon per pound. 16 ounces of silver one tablespoon of honey the best that I've. Found I'm going to keep stirring something that I have learned trial in error toward the end I try not to let my 6th wonder I hear and incorporate soap bubbles because then when you cut yourself you'll see a bunch of holes in it and I'm not making bread I don't need to have light fluffy so I wanted to borrow so that's going to hold up to water I have a question yes I make something and I've tried the round. P.v.c. pipe How do you get it out without putting something on the inside I tell you how to do it Ok. I want my soap is ready I have presto size. To fit my freezer. I put my entire private I take the lid off the bottom of the ice in my freezer after it's upon a 5 after it's a solid loaf of so when the pipe is who all when it's ready to be taken out I put in the freezer over night. Then I get the loaf all over the tube out and I get a 16 or 14 a kind of dreaming or whatever you have in your kitchen put it on my counter put the pipe on top of it and give it about 45 minutes or so to sweat as the soap freezes and then it back out a little sweat in between the layers of the soap in the pipe and that'll help to slide it out and then just just wait give it a few hours before it's too slow it's off and then cut it Ok I gotta keep going here. We have a bowl to make soap today. We recently started making so and we get the line out of my and it's not it's pretty cheap it's not that cost. Yet we get the law at Wal-Mart where Wal-Mart and was I going I think I'm not sure because my dad goes for that I think it's in the plumbing section Ok 100 percent for those that didn't he or she they were unable to find a lie or Walmart possibly the plumbing section. If you're buying this thing sometimes I take this to the saying I got this cool water and put it in here and then just clean ago. Very simple truths Lino I'm just going to lay it down so we don't tip over. Ok I wanted to see this is I 1st impulse I'm still thinking and I purchased one of those just because I needed to see this picture so I want to see it without buying the book you see this industry when I say this and I drape it over here you can see the lines on tough skin that me staying in the is so light just right. When you see the house on a stick and you have soap loading you see the line of so that trace at this point I can add my additives at this point you can add. You're Herb you're ground up all you know your tapioca pearls your tumor and your tire fall whatever you want to call are addicts and whatever you want to rub on your skin for this recipe in particular we've chosen all male and honey because it's our favorite we use this word around for points and I really bugged by actually gender you name it we always resort to the tea tree oil. Some people like whole cold I'd like to I prefer mine ground up like when you have chicken pox you made put it into a sock and you put that house tuning that is for your skin in a hot bath. So I'm going to add this recipe totals $39.00 ounces of oil so I am going to add 2 tablespoons. Approximately has is quite thick but I do recommend that you. When you're in your kitchen. Some books will tell you only have things for so for me king only use it for so many things so I'm thinking why I'm making soap I wash my dishes with soap what's wrong with soap in my poking pot what I do do after I make the so I let my pots it so it's a little spice a soap that lasts that I didn't scrape off and then I fill my pot with water and the next time I'm washing laundry I don't I'm very frugal but I'm a penny pincher I've had 7 children you got to save money so I think that water and I put it in my was one all my clothes turned out nice and soft that's the best. So every time I do it that way I. And that's a solved finish up the leftover in the pot and then I add it. To my laundry. How we doing on time Alina doing good Ok. And I want to be honest with you I use up all my tea tree oil from my samples and I only had 3 quarter ounce of tea tree left and when the needed a hole and so I got a quarter ounce of lavender in here but for the most part I would use a 100 percent Tea Tree lavender and tea tree some good blend I like that too Lavender is very soothing you can put lavender on a baby's feet straight to get them to relax and take a nap or even on your own feet but you know that's that mile that you can do is on an infant. Any other questions well we haven't seen minutes here. At this point when you incorporate your essential oil I recommend that. When the morals are not all essential oils you work rather quickly some essential oils like orange for example will almost solidify your. Salt right in the pot so you want to move and get it in your mold fairly Ok I want to see that again you see that trace you see that ad that's just right at this point we're going to put it into our mold in let it rest side a question What was that website you said earlier about getting your was a lie and your oil that's called the stage that they say stop the stage dot com The h e s a g.e. that Tom. If you do canning it works really good for this. Normally when I make soap I have a hot mess this big. So I usually put this on the floor so I don't have to mow my part way up but I have a little pot to dam only making one to a normally make 4 to 8 to better time. And then this is where you want to make sure this is tight I have taught classes that they didn't put that lid on tight and we had so squirting out the bottom and. We've got I don't know have a calculated with me here I do in my bag with we've got probably over $20.00 in the central oil and the oils and the lie and so you don't want to spill it. You've got gold in here. And the other question. I want to pray to God because when I did this our home it took me 20 minutes from start to finish from the get go and I said Oh Lord please help me is going to be tons of questions and I only have an hour and I can tell you guys are now asking questions I have a question yes I noticed that in the beginning for you guys your belief and I wasn't paying attention you had to struggle to add. Oreos that were melting and I want to cook and I don't know but what was the other will say for this recipe we have. Sent out as a promise again repeat take note 10 ounces of palm oil that's a solid. 12 ounces of coconut oil that's another solid I melted the 2 solids into the pot until they're words like quid at that point I added the olive oil it was semi liquid it was kind of cold so the jelly at that point we added that. And that varies This is a very basic soap. 17 out of. If you get on the website or somewhere they have this e-mail no handouts Ok so I'm going to show you now what I do. Normally our home I would have a plastic bag for another Test cap and I just kind of put it over the top to save my child from getting yuck or my blanket or whatever I use. Both and I just wrap this like a burrito. And I brought red because Red means what I don't read mean that children dangerous. O.p.l. I have water. Pearls Yes a quarter cup and that's just my preference you can add more you can add less I don't like too much but I do want to see it I do want to feel it on my skin to use I have a little question I have you have type need to make this so and I have been making it and then I read old good that special day toils are usually soft tallow which is that the animal fats usually hard are supposed to be any way to improve the you know to make it more drier this particular stove. That all vegetable based because they can melt a little bit after using it make a drier feeling like this though that doesn't melt so to speak to make it harder harder I would add probably add a higher content of coke and a coconut oil and then southwest sides Wickens just yeah and you can can change that in play with it and I would know if you're trying to achieve something don't go make a big bash like this made 3 ounces 2 ounces 5 ounces and experiment and then once you get the soap the feel the need to lie then multiply it times however much you want to increase your recipe so I can put in a lot of money into something that might or folks I just want to let everybody in there are those within our family exclusively using this recipe for probably $10.00 hears and we really love it and it's really more to write in on the skin in the chapped hands in the winter it's a it's really a wonderful city. And I think all of you for being good lesson learned. See an ask question fill free to experiment anything any 5 a thing your kitchen cabinet you can add to your soap Ok I have put Tomorrow I have put charcoal I have made Also I left it in I found a rosemary somewhere on the campus and I broke a twig I made what I called an herb Silver had roles to Mary and a rabs I know a kitchen sold you know like your peel garlic and you want to get the garlic smell off of you so worked really good. I have a question yes ma'am so I have just recently started making soap and I had a few silks crack on the top and I haven't yet figured out why can you tell me geez how did it happen to you or what might that be happening you had a crack on the top of the mold on top of the stalk I had of the top in the mold and I could see it as it was did you have it covered I did I have had it covered before you might want to cover it more because it's like a volcano erupting it's getting cool on the outside and inside still very hot so you want it is the way God created Chris told he put it inside a rock and they cool slowly and I say cool you have real smooth crystals but when things cool really fast and they tend to be ugly and odd shaped so you you really want to help it to cool slowly and if it's a flat mole then it's going to cool a lot faster because you only have an inch an inch and a half of oil so it's going to call really fast at 1st only I think you really want to insulated. Weather like newspaper a layer of cardboard something that is going to. Make it called a lot slower and I'm Ok one more question you talked a little bit about using Perl to be oka. Can you expand a little bit on how you go about using time when when you add it you know what all you add all the are added to and add trace when it is when you start getting that glossy look and when you drip your oil over the top and it looks like gravy with line running you stop caring you add your essential oil your honey your old meal your charcoal whatever you're adding at that that's called Trace at tray at a light trace not a heavy trace you don't want to be real thick because then you can't hear it wanted to be still kind of runny but starting to thicken Thank you. I have another question you mentioned. High tree the line made with Saddam is for a hard tones and then the potential potassium one is for leak which somehow you main leak which filters for no no no I have never attempted liquid so I have I have had some of my students go past their teacher and I am crazy to do that and strive potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide they made the good cells I have never tried it the only way that I have used this open is that I have shredded it and added to water and then it makes I don't want to sound growth but it is a thick. Almost jelly slimy but it works. But I prefer it like this something I want to mention don't think that because your soap is a year old it is ruined as long as it doesn't smell rancid The harder the so the longer it's going to last when you put it in your shower I mean you're going to use it and then melt and it's going to do its job on your body but then when you said it is going to be hard when the water hits it is not going to melt away right away so the harder your bar of soap is the longer is on the last. Are we done no more questions why the wonderful group of students. The question How long is it after I make the so from here to here. 6 to 8 weeks 6 to 8 weeks partly because I sell so I don't want somebody to tell me I use your boss open a chapter my skin off because the lie was still somewhat active so I wait 6 to 8 weeks I taught a class or not some dear Amish friend of mine the ones that originally introduced me to soap making. And once I learned how to do what you call body soap instead of laundry soap she wanted me to teacher and within a week they were using that body so. But you know they do think the difference I wanted to make I want to make sure that it's good and. The ph level has dropped in that lie solution has evaporated if you will lose that's why you add a little more. If you're wanting a soap to smell real nice you out a little more essential oil because some will dissipate some will be an arsehole I have the blessing to have a soap room I have a room that's going to it's going to have a little sink and fountain I have shelves and when I cut my bars of soap I have shelves that I put a layer of wax paper in my lady's Barsa So on the wax paper to cure for 6 to 8 weeks the whole house smells wonderful because this is a new soap. Here's an e-mail question I have and then never ever made so so I have my free Sam and I love it so I then basically their main oil so are you using fear are are what makes you so of them but they essential oils that you use is just given you know and they are all mine to smell and that is abstract chemistry you have to so just for Ok the essential oil is not so much for the smell but for the van afraid of it Ok Tea Tree essential oils and made from twigs and leaves are grown in Australia I am that's what I understand and it is a house with fungus and helps with bacteria and how would you know that Indra it helps to relieve a lot of skin issues that I might be fighting so I want that benefit when I put I don't just want soap to clean me I wanted to be good for me yeah and that's something I want to share because we are here not only to learn things for our physical body but also for our spiritual body. Our only cleansing agent is Jesus Christ he is the true cleansing agent. Jeremiah 20 to assess for those you wash me with night or which translated would be sold out or lie and take the much so yes die iniquity Yes Mark before me say it's the Lord don't just wash with soap on the outside have decent washes on the inside. Lie has been used for cleaning agent for centuries you know I make lie as has anyone. Do you burn one. You never get poison ivy you know how to get rid of poison ivy you take clean house the ashes from your stove you don't want to burn. FISA roofing or you just want good hardwood ashes you take those ashes you mix it with water and you rub it on your poison ivy What are you doing you're taking the bait in the water and then it's pulling poison I was in oil I've got in our skin basically and we're trying to get it out and when you put ashes which is potassium potassium hydroxide in your skin and it will pulled all from the poison ivy out from your skin Ok so you take the ash and you make a paste your rub it wherever it might be you put it on several times and it will pull the poison ivy out so how we make the Ashes I mean how do we make why take ashes straw rock you want good there and you put those ashes on tab This is how the old timers used to do it in a barrel and you pour water over all those ashes and there will be 2 at the bottom of the liquid that would be a life solution it can burn but if it's put Tasm hydroxide this is sodium hydroxide this is that is what you would use for a liquid soap. If you have a for example I have a glass stove in our cabin and when you spill something that cooks on it it's a mess to clean take some ashes moisturise it with water use the pace that scratch your glass and it'll cool that oil right out straight. Any other questions I got 2 minutes. Yes. I have right now I use now brand now. My husband. Because I'm a grass' so I use a quarter of a 16 ounce bottle every time I mix. On e Bay usually. To find the cheapest place and buy and since I got to clean up I appreciate all your questions I hope I was clear still free to ask questions I don't want anybody getting hurt trying to play with it make it fun enjoy it bring your children and just do it in a safe manner went to be was a star but you are my Mrs thank you so much I'm glad. 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