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Logo of Talking Points, 1st Quarter 2021: Isaiah

09 To Serve and to Save

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 17, 2021
    3:30 PM
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I'm Cameron evasion and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points little kind of different talking points to it is a little different We're actually outside this time and we're not crazy because notice there's no sun The man is not a Michigan outside the City California outside we're on the campus the local and the university here with added hope group of believers here to the campus and we're so excited to have been here doing some training and one of the elements of training that we've just cited to do with actually record it episode of talking points with a live audience here in the beautiful environs of Southern California and so this is exciting 1st time we've ever done that before but we do have a lesson to go over this week yes and it's quite a list and there's a lot of mail here in and we're breaking a little ground this week well in that this is our 1st talking points where we actually have just gone back to talking what we should be clear I didn't mention that we're into the 1st quarter of 2021 this is our topic is the book of Isaiah and the spectacular lesson is Lesson Number 9 titled To serve and to say now the lessons we're going to give you details what this lesson covers but as Mark just mentioned this time we're not going to do 3 talking points we're going to actually do only 2 because there seem to be 2 main lines of thought developed in this week's lesson in the in the lesson where it comes from in Scripture really brings that out so we're going to talk about that and more detail here in just a couple of minutes but before we do any of that can you start of off with we're prayer Absolutely let's bring our Father in heaven we are so thankful for your many blessings to us we thank you for the blessing of your word and we pray that as we go through these talking points then this resource will prove a blessing to those who are leading out in the study of your word across the world that it would help people to become ready for the soon coming of Jesus we ask him pray this in his name. Amen amen. I know we mentioned that there are only 2 talking points this week so Pastor Howard you want to tell us what those 2 The basic idea is or as we start our lesson here in deal does that mean that every government down to that's right all right yes sir 2 main talking points this week number one incidentally is the quarterly brings up let's say a chapter 41 Isaiah Chapter 42 a lot of the information there also goes 200458 is here 49 we're really going to take the bulk of what we do from Isaiah 41 and 42 but our 2 talking points point number one that we're drawing out is that predictive prophecy is God's claim to fame if you will and you'll see what we mean by that is we get into the lesson we draw now from Tuesday and Wednesday in this quarterly and then our 2nd talking point and last starting point is that we are God's chosen and he is our deliver something to say White years could see could mean that him to hear me have 3 talking points because the way we did that. And that is drawn from Sabbath through Monday's lesson so actually this is a the 1st time in the Isaac already we're kind of flipped and not gone with the chronological narrative that's why it was like if you took note there to say the winds there is not the beginning of a lesson Porter Lieber he will be touching on the Sabbath the material that is covered but for the talking points that came out as you were preparing these notes it really drew 1st of all from a Tuesday Wednesday lesson right so one of we go there Ok so if we take. Open our Bibles in go to Isaiah Chapter 41. The Bible says keep silence before me o. coastline and let the people renew their strength let them come near let them speak let us come near together for judgment and that through me at 1st because the very last verse in the previous chapter. Says but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and you've got the same verbiage rate here in fact the same phrase in the Hebrew in verse 01 of chapter $41.00 but in the context of Chapter 40 is talking about those who put their trust in the Lord and the Lord will renew their strength with the idea as ever or Nurul of vigor of evil thought of mind or body or both but when you come to Chapter 41 in the context what he's saying when he speaks to the coast lands and you can see this we go on he speaks to he speaking of the Gentile nations right any challenging them God saying I want you to renew your strength in some translations say bring your best argument get your get your thoughts together your best thoughts in come near he says let them come near let them speak let us come near together for judgment and then he begins asking these questions who raised up one from the east who in righteousness called him to his feet who gave the nations before him who get now time doesn't permit us in talking points but in the lesson you might be able to flesh out a little bit teaching. That in this particular passage the Lord is for telling. Interesting we enough that the Babylonian captivity has not even taken place yet. And that's one of the fascinating parts of what we're about to look at is this what God is for telling in Asean $41.00 that is 150 years before it took place. So the Babylonian captivity hasn't even taken place yet but God's for telling the deliverer who would come in and rescue his people out of Babylonian captivity live from the things I know he was up in here and Cyrus came from the east and God raised him up and so God is just challenging the Gentile nations he said You bring your best argument let me ask you some questions very similar to the job I was going to say Job ago quickly referred to a big job 38 you know the Lord it's your job out of the world would have said Who is this Who darkens Kelso by words without good help. Prepare yourself like a man I will question you when you show us your meat and the same litany of types of questions Where were you when so the Lord is basically coming to a conversation saying you put your mind together and write home address me I'm going to talk to watch what happens here in verse 5 he says the coast lands again the Gentile nations saw it and they feared rightly see the approach of Cyrus coming in conquering him and they feared and it says they drew near him came everyone to help his neighbor and said to his brother Be of good courage of the sounds great at 1st but know they're helping each other with her servant so the craftsman. My pages live are 70 because you have good craftsman encourage the goldsmith he use moves with the hammer inspired him who strikes the anvil saying it is ready for the soldiering Then he fastened it with pegs but it might not totter Ok so beat I did the imagery here is this does for telling the raising up of King Cyrus to deliver his people he's for telling the Gentile nations seeing the conquest of Cyrus and being afraid and so what do they do they turn to their idol they actually make more idol gods in it's it's almost I think I don't know the Lord's not being a little humorous where he's saying Ok to turn to the little gods they strike it with a hammer it's ready for soldering and old then they'd fasten it down that it might not totter like if you've got to fasten your god down so he doesn't totter maybe go find another gun well and threw in a zillion is the most in some ways mocking the bill yes why are you guys believing that it's also as they were talking about you take out a piece of wood and you burn part of it because you're a bit of the other part you worship the God of almost taunting the other gods and challenging them to take on his supreme he's clearly challenging and so what he does and again. We're going to delve into this middle path like in verse 8 it contrasts he talks about them going to their idols but then he says but you Israel are my servant Jacob whom I have chosen to sense of Abraham my friend so he turns his attention to Israel. Talk to Israel about how he's their god how he's going to bless them how he's going to deliver them and then fear not verse 14 if you're not you worm Jacob. In the the idea the lesson highlights a little bit but the idea of calling Jacob a worm is just you know Christ Himself through the Psalms in a messianic prophecy refers to himself as a worm and the idea Well the idea is speaking of the weakness of humanity without God that's all those doing it God is trying to say even in the context you know even though you Jacob you're you've got to get to remember the cat in the context there captive they've been captive for 70 years in Babylon they're helpless they're weak but goddesses says to the were you to fear not you were to be made of his reply will help you says the Lord and your Redeemer the Holy One of the Israel I will make you into a new stressing something you know a setter he says he tells them about how he's going to use them and strengthen him and provide for them then he comes back around to the Gentile nations and he says in verse 21 in this in this is picking up on those 1st thoughts where he says keep silence for me close and get your arguments together and bring them right you see that fleshed out here in verse 21 he turns back to them he says present your case says the Lord bring forth your strong reasons says the king of Jacob let them bring forth and show us notice what will happen let them show the former things what they were that we may consider them and know the latter end of them or declare to us things to come show the things that are to come here after that we may know that you are God's and so. Would this brought to my mind in fact in his not highlighted in the lesson but it is within the context of the reading is Isaiah 46 and as a pastor evangelist I have often referred to Isaiah 40. 6 verses 9 in tin where again the Lord issues a challenge. I was here 469 when she hit me dead remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me so let's pause just to 20 seconds write him a short little context he's making the point that there is no one like me right what makes you so different god like that's what he's about the basis of what makes you God versed in declaring the good from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure so we hear what the Lord says is the thing that makes him God knew 2 things I find is scripture that he will highlight that make him God One is that he's the creator and the other is that he can't predict the future and this is exactly Isaiah 41 what he's challenging the even nations to have their gods do like other gods have until future Tell us what's going to come the best because guess what I'm for telling me comes to pass he brings up this whole thing about Cyrus and I know it in our lesson delves in a little bit into this prophecy of Cyrus It's a fascinating prophecy and I want to highlight that well isn't it interesting too that God has you know an occasion you think of like the children of Israel in the time of Moses when he goes before Pharaoh and he can counterfeit to a certain level certain things but when it comes to those 2 elements creation and prediction. No other even. In Gelug being can do these are things that only a god can do and so he says Ah here's the litmus test and notice this right here we think about nothing is done privately no private interpretation God does it a full display he says write it down Mark the date on the calendar sit back and watch all the nations can see is not done in the corner and he said this is my evidence of divinity. Well we ran out of time on our memory card while we were there in sunny California so. Figured all's not lost right to start going to pick it up right here in Michigan one slight difference being what was the temperature that I think is in the $7077.00 or something and the only difference is only 77 or so degrees cooler here. So it's 77 below exactly it's practically the same No it is right around I think this morning it was around negative we had our house it was 11 below this morning at 11 chilly but Ok but this is still this is a great exciting lesson we basically made the case for gods are in fact our 1st talking point of 2 which was unique in this particular week is that predictive prophecy is God's claim to fame and we hope that that is in some passages in Isaiah 41 where God is challenging the nations to come and predict the future and all know that your gods and Isaiah 46 were used that often in evangelists means what have you where God says there is none like I mean I know in the end from the beginning. Now one of the most fascinating things in this week's lesson is this prophecy of Cyrus and you have to understand that this was predicted 150 years before Cyrus was even born and it calls him by name God calls him by name tells how he's going to deliver his people. So amazing in fact is this prophecy that Wednesday's lesson just goes over the skeptical views of Isaiah skeptics have a hard time and try to say that Isaiah must not have been written by as a at least a 2nd part of it because the predictive element is so accurate well in the lesson on Wednesday the 1st paragraph says the fact that Isaiah accurately predicted Cyrus by name disturbs all who do not believe that prophets receive predictions from God Well logically so that would shake your framework. To cope makes up the theory that a quote 2nd is a another prophet living the time of Cyrus wrote Isaiah 4 doors so it's got to be another guy so it just doesn't square with the. Worldview that happens all the time rate somebody reads a book and says yeah you know what I'm going to pretend I'm that guy right there in the us and of the book. And what it literally that's what they come up with and it's kind of like the prophecies of Daniel they look at it and they say well it had to be written later because it's so accurate which for the believer that's got to be a pretty big validation to say that the skeptics have to come up with some examples of jail possibly be what it says well let's look at some of that and I've bulleted this out in our handout you can get this on our Michigan s.p.f. org website on the resources page but some things that are fascinating 1st of all that this prediction took place that Cyrus would deliver God's people from Babylonian captivity number one before Babylon was a thing it was keep it in mind if I just before sometimes we think oh it's before Cyrus and it was before the power that Cyrus was even fighting against Babylon couldn't do anything yet Ok so before Babylon was a thing in before the Babylonian captivity even took place like I'm going to deliver you from a captivity that hasn't even come yet exactly and so there's so much in that but Jeremiah had foretold 70 years of captivity in captivity did come Babylon did go to this great nation and we touched on that in previous chapters of Isaiah and so now God predicts this deliverance from Cyrus and if you look at Chapter $41.00 for example verse. 25 verse 25 says I have raised up one from the north and he shall come from the rising of the sun I'm sorry and he shall come from the rising of the sun and he should call in my name and so you get this picture of the. Delivery deliverance in fact verse 2 says who has raised up on from the east so God shows the deliverance coming from both the north and east and it's fascinating that Cyrus was a Persian king who was ruling in media which was to the north of Jerusalem at the time of the deliverance and so you've got both of those directions foretold again before they've ever even become a thing God foretold it. He called Cyrus my name as we've mentioned if you go to Isaiah 44 Why don't you read very tournament yeah verse 28945 verses 1334 all of those he says who says of Cyrus he is my shepherd that's capital in this is the Lord speaking he is my shepherd and he shot perform all my pleasure saying to Jerusalem you shall be built into the temple your foundation shall be laid until you into Chapter 45 or one bust says the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I have held now as he's calling him the anointed he is my servant holding his right hand for what purpose to subdue Nations before him and to lose the armor of Kings to open before him the double doors so that the gates will not be shut now we're going to get in bed a minute or you want to cry but now this well yes so so here you've got Cyrus Kolbein name again he wasn't named yet except for by God and it's not that his parents read this in the Bible like he is and I said it's not like. It Anyway that alone is fascinating and then you mentioned you read where it says to her open to form the double doors of the gates will be shut if you look at 1st the previous. Verse 27 Chapter one Verse 26 says he confirms his word to a server performs a council who says to Jerusalem you shall be inhabited to the cities of Juda you shall be built so he's the one that's going to make it to be one of the decrees it went to restore Jerusalem and then you are going to highlight the next verse says who says to the Deep be dry and I will dry up your rivers so there's an interesting cause Quest context to the conquest of Babylon how he made it not only where he would come from what his name would be but even talking about drying up the rivers the waters and going through the double doors that this is clearly going to. Be left open there in we know from history now this is prophecy it hasn't happened right but we know from history that that's exactly what happened with Cyrus went into Babylon there's a moat. Around Babylon there were double walls in Babylon and he decided to go through the riverbed and he diverted the channels there's a river to dry it you know dry up the river and on the inside historians say that for whatever reason he probably had inside people the gates were left open so he went to the riverbed into the open gates into the city in Concord where we also know what was going on inside the city at that time as you compared to Daniel Chapter 5 you know this the Belshazzar's Feast this great reverie all this kind of stuff so very defenses are Dell in their feelings and Cyrus has this plan to divert there and it all works out seamlessly according to the prophecy Absolutely and so what's interesting here is a lot of what we're reading is because Cyrus is going to conquer the Babylonians and but conquering the Babylonians doesn't free the Jewish people right right where it talks about him making this decree who says to Jerusalem you shall be inhabited to the city of Judah you shall be built. How this came about so God foretells these Cyrus being the deliver but then some other interesting events take place in in the fulfillment of this which are just fascinating. When when Cyrus conquered Babylon and set up you know a Babylonian rule Daniel was brought in to you see give the Book of Daniel and get some of these pieces been Daniel was brought into Persia now he was a he was in Babylon the Persians. Let him retain his leadership brought him in and you read out of course the whole story of Daniel why is it you know I have always pictured on how you view the night of revelry and what not and then yes you can use their front and center so he actually happens with not just a thing he talked about he was there standing there and imagine that very night you know the the fortress is you know yes pushed in and so Cyrus and the whole army comes in to take over a battle on and there's Daniel standing there and he's of course one of the high appointed leaders in Babylon and you were and how do you you know I wonder if you was like you know that the handwriting on the wall the whole thing and Daniel is like. My name is Daniel I am not with him I don't know exactly how it worked out but yeah somehow he survives the transition from Babylon to me to Persia and the Lord had him in place for the Such a time as this if you will you know absolutely and then. When he comes into Persia the king on the throne was Darrius to me you know historians can tin can to contest the personhood of various The media is a made up person because history doesn't record by that name we believe history according to the name of sides are these the 2nd the interesting thing about say is there actually is was that he was the uncool Various the mean was the own call of Cyrus the Great so no dairy is comes into this situation in his princes try to pull one over on him and get Daniel framed to go into the lion's den and you remember the story the law is the means of persons can't be changed Arius was not happy about this but he couldn't change the law and he couldn't sleep at night he went out 1st thing in the morning Daniels the God who you serve able to deliver you Yes my Lord God sent His angels shut the lines mouths you think about the how powerful that was of it evidence of Daniel's God and His protection whatever else well that story got to Cyrus and that connected Cyrus to Daniel Daniel in the scripture and games Daniel an opportunity to share with him those things that that were predicted and I don't have it here in the hand that what I have referenced on this is prophets and kings 556 responded Yes and. It's a fascinating. Passage and we're going to read all of it but Ellen White says 1st of all that the reign of various was honored of God and she quotes Daniel $111.00 which says to him was sent the Angel Gabriel to confirm and strengthen him so God's hand is in all this not goes on to say in the next paragraph again on page 557 now of prophets and kings the deliverance of Daniel from the den of lions had been used of God to create a favorable impression upon the mind of Cyrus the Great so you see how God is working his purposes out here says the sterling qualities of this man of God a statesman of farseeing ability led the Persian ruler to show him marked respect and to honor his judgment. And now just at the time God had said he would cause his temple to be intrusive dear built he moved upon Cyrus as his agent to discern the prophecies concerning himself with which Daniel was so familiar Why did it matter that Daniel was familiar the implication is that he connected Cyrus with Daniel through the line write an event to show Cyrus the prophecies and when Cyrus saw the prophecies they became the evidence to him that God with the God of the Jews was the God of heaven this almighty and just and in fact she goes on to say that when he saw these prophecies. She says his heart was profoundly moved to match and he determined to fulfill his divinely appointed mission this is Speaking of Cyrus the Great he would let the g.d. and captives go free he would help them restore the temple of Jehovah just soon. But no he found his identity and mission in the scriptures after seeding but fulfillment of Bible prophecy and how it was so accurate and it's not like all must of been written by a 2nd as you said clearly this is the Word of God and so. I mean we go down this route over well we don't need to but you look at the outlining of Daniel hell the image you know outlines these these kingdoms right and then you have the testimony in Chapter 5 of the fall of Babylon Chapter 6 the night in the lion's den and it's all setting the stage so that Cyrus would get the information he needs her at the right time in the right place so God's purpose would be fulfilled He led his people exactly incredible and that brought to mind the state from desire of ages 32 which here is commenting on the past in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son in just a power of that predicted prophecy Ellen White writes like the vet like the stars in the vast circuit there are pointed Pat God's purpose is no no haste and no delay God had revealed to Abraham the bondage of Israel in Egypt and had declared that the time of their sojourning should be 400 years against that word all the power of pharaohs proud Empire battled in vain on the self-same day appointed in the divine promise it came to pass and all the host of The Lord went out from out of Egypt and I think about the fact that even today against the Word of God All pharaohs proud host symbolically battle in vain when God has predicted it you can have confidence it will come to pass and so this isn't just for. Cyrus and Daniel it's for us today now obviously to put a conclusion as we have to get to our next point but Cyrus needed the love of God in the end in the surance of salvation Almost things that we thought but what brought him to a conviction that there was even was a God and that there was an accountability to him was the power of predictive prophets right and oftentimes people ask you why we had we are going through which we didn't choose to highlight of this god or himself says this is what makes me God In fact he doesn't even just paraphrasing we say that over and Isaiah how many times they say look you put out anything else that claims to be guiding the pair to me and this will be. Yes of my divinity and so when we have it on like prophecy seminars where we start with Daniel 2 in the images in the Book of Revelation in these things it's not because like we're trying to scare it's not like you have this cute little marketing thing we've come up with this is what the Lord says will arrest the attention of the people just as it did with Cyrus and how many times in your ministry Mark abusing people realize that there's a God and it had a hell of a sense of like. He knows me he loves me or his words should be taken seriously because it's real the power predicted prophecy we can as a people shuffle that off to the side as it's just some sort of the parsley on the plate when the Lord says this is the evidence that I am a real and I move people well we have very little time for our last night which we knew in fact our talking point to which is our last one in this particular talking points is we are God's chosen and he is our deliverance somebody could say well why don't you just make that 3 but the point is we knew that we were going to take more time on predictive prophecy primarily because even as a church a prophetic movement we have taken so much less time in predictive prophecy and I didn't want to overlook it the fact of the matter is that and I'm not even to spend a whole lot of time in this particular talking points you know the 41 starts out where the Lord calls his servant my servant whom I have chosen and he's talking about the nation of Israel but it transitions with that concept of a servant as you come into Isaiah Chapter 42 and will spend the remainder of our time on that and I want to make the saide way what's really happening and we might even look at this whole in this context you've got Cyrus in his deliverance of liberals from the east in the north and whatever else well there are strong parallels in Cyrus to Christ you talk about the conquest of Babylon revelation mirrors that Abol of us fall in the Revelations well in Revelation Chapter 16 talks about the river great river Euphrates being dried up to make way for the Kings from the east will Christ is coming from the east like Cyrus came in so you see those parallels and that's why the lesson goes here and why is it goes here. And I don't want to diminish the importance of you know the 42 behold my servant in the covenant and even Isaiah 49 the lesson touches on the same idea of the Messianic prophecy but we have spent and we will spend we're not into if 3 yet we're going to spend more time on the messianic prophecies and I really wanted to look at the predictive prophecy element now and I see a 42 just if you want to read the Percy versions they're quickly Sure. Well it's true or 6 or where you want to go because we're going to her 62 but yes hearts and 1st one behold my servant whom I hold my elect with into my soul delights I have put my spirit upon him he will bring forth justice to the Gentiles He will not cry out nor races voice nor cause his voice to be heard in the street of Bruce Reed he will not break a smoking flax he will not quench he will bring forth justice for truth he will not fail nor be discouraged till he has a stepless justice in the earth and the coastland show wait for his law thus as God the Lord who created the heavens and stretch them out to spread forth the earth and that which comes from it who gives breath to the people on it in spirit to those who walk on it I have the Lord have called you in righteousness and will hold your hand I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people as a light to the Gentiles because it goes out about opening blind eyes in a prison house and those who sit in all of the I mean just a very powerful prophecy but very clearly messianic in fact Albert Barnes in his notes on as if 40 to one makes this point he says the entire description is one that is exactly entirely applicable to the Lord Jesus it is as applicable as if it had been made after he had appeared among men and as if it were the language of biography and not of prophecy it so accurate could enter and of course this is why in Matthew Chapter 12 I mean Matthew clearly applies this prophecy like Jesus' ministry was a foeman me to see that his his manner of ministry not crying out or raising. Voice in the street it was a oftentimes a one on one audience was his audience not failing of being discouraged till he's established just as he kept on it faithfully and ministry and. You course bring for justice the brainchild Gentiles the smoking flax not quenching a smoking flax the lanterns oil lamps had a wick made of flags the idea is if it's flickering he's not putting it out if there's somebody who's struggling Jesus would minister them in such a way as it would be kind and gentle I mean just so clearly of the ministry of Christ but the thing that caught my attention the most is I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the Gentiles like I'm not going to give you to make a covenant I'm going to give you as a covenant in the imagery of the head is just that it's in the Person of Christ bringing humanity into himself divinity to many in himself that he himself becomes the coming of God between those peoples fascinating. Well that are like the Apostle Paul said and if you choose to 14 for he himself is our peace who has made both one and has broken down then we can say he gives us peace and right facts which is great too but the pieces found in him as a person that's rain is r.p.n. are receiving him as discernment and so. Maybe to summarize everything that we've been looking at all this this week's lesson has been predicting the coming of a deliver and we see inside a type of Christ who would come later and the fact that when God has predicted in any case the all the proud host of Pharaoh battle in vain to stop it name and deliver Cyrus came to deliver is Jesus is delivered Jesus is come in in Jesus ultimate deliverance is coming is 2nd coming and it will all happen just as God has predicted a bit what a powerful way to close this down and we need to transition out but what a great lesson this week and we want to thank you for joining us may God bless your local status quos as you study these things out in person let's close in prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for another reminder that you not only exist but you speak to us and you draw us to you through the power predictive prophecy and that you have a plan for us and it is for our good and not for our destruction Lord help us to find in you not just peace in a worldly sense and call but help us to find that deep spiritual heart long peace that only you can provide Let each of us know you know and see you when you come soon for prayer in Jesus' name.


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