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02 Identifying the Seven-Headed Beast

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • February 20, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father What an awesome privilege it is for me to be. Back in California to be in my home state to be not far from where I went to school. To see some old friends people I haven't seen in a long time. And above all to happen an opportunity to open the holy book. The Bible and to share with this group what you have put in my heart how you've helped me as I have wrestled and studied and tried to understand Revelation Chapter 17 and you've opened this door not only here but these messages will be on audio verse people can listen around the world we thank you for the technology that you've made available to spread your message in these last days these closing hours of history and we pray for your blessing Please be with everybody here help be made the Holy Spirit take control. We pray in Jesus name Amen. Kid. Today's focus this morning's focus is on. The 7 headed 10 horn beast identifying the 7 headed 10 horn Beast So let's look at our Bibles and let's look at verse 8. The angel just said in verse 7 he's going to explain the mystery of the woman and the Beast verse 8 says the beast which you saw. This was the 7 and a 10 point peace that. John saw earlier and the woman was writing on this beast he said the beast which you saw. Was and is not and shall be what he shall a said. Shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into prediction and they that dwell upon the earth shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world and when they behold the beast that was and is not and yet is take it people have been reading this passage and pondering it and trying to figure it out for a long long time I recently read a book that gave 9 different interpretations of the 7 heads so there's a lot of views out there a lot of theories I've wrestled with different theories trying to understand this myself and I'll just let you know a little bit about me I am not a person that that relishes speculation I am not here to just try to give you a whole bunch of human opinions I think that you know there is that there is a place in certain areas of life for human opinions but when it comes to Scripture we need to try to put aside human opinions and see what the Lord has to say and so my goal in my book and our ministry Whitehorse media is not to to just come up with all kinds of ideas but it's to direct people to what God says to what he says in his book I wrestled with Revelation 17 for a long time I've written many books God has led me into writing that's my field I've written a lot of books. And when I was wrestling with this site I kept thinking to myself I can't put this into into a book unless I really know what I'm talkin about I don't want to put something out and you know put my name on it and send it out and give white horse media a black eye it's not what I want to do I don't want to you know create a whole bunch of controversy. I want to help people to understand Jesus in the Bible in a way that makes sense and brings conviction to the heart and brings us low at the foot of the cross and helps us to open up to the Holy Spirit to change our lives so anyway I've wrestled with this and certain things have finally come together and nothing the dots finally came together and that's where I felt like it was time to go public and to put it in a manuscript and to send it out so you'll be the judge as a result of the next couple couple of meetings and you can see whether you think this is typical or not so I'm good to you Ok Now one thing that really has impressed me in trying to understand these mysteries is the fact that in verse 8 we have a beast that goes through a series of phases there's a was he was that's a phase he is not that's another phase and yet he will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into preditions so phases this is really convicted me that we need to understand these faces we all go through phases of life in our lives you know we have this little baby phase and then we grow up we have the. Professional student phase. Where we go to college. Go to a university then we have you know later on we get married we have the children phase professional phase and then the declining phase as we get older I had to in my life there was the sunny Southern California phase when I used to as a teenager go down to Zuma Beach and go swimming and lay out in the sun and now I'm in the cold faves of North Idaho living in temperatures that can get down to 0 so faces faces are very important in people's lives and it's the same with Revelation 17 this is a critical point in order for us to understand this chapter and who this beast is we have to understand that there are phases. One phase the was the is not and then the Ascend fades now another critical point that I've discovered and I call this the Revelation 1713 connection and that is that Revelation 17 verse 8 that we just read is a perfect parallel to Revelation 138 and I've concluded that one of the best ways to understand Revelation 17 is to connected to Chapter 13. So let's just let's turn back a couple of pages to Chapter 13. And look at verse 8 1st see it says all the while upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the layout slain from the foundation of the world you see the connection. 178 talks about the beast that was and is not and when he sends the whole world will wonder after him whose names are not in the book of life and then Chapter 13 verse 8 talks about the beast and how the whole world will wonder after the beast whose names are not in the Lamb's Book of Life so 17 a 3rd teammate parallel perfectly and when you look at Chapter 13 we also see a series of phases if you look at verse 1. 131 John said I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and upon his horns 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy So here's a beast writes to get up out of the sea and in verse 3 John that road I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death. And then his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast so we see phases again we see this beast rising up and there's a time when he's ruling and then he gets wounded a deadly wound that's another face and then the wood is healed and the whole world wonders so clearly we can see these these different phases Chapter 17 and in chapter 13 now let's go back to Chapter 7. 179. $179.00 says here is the mind which has wisdom the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits. I've pondered this verse a lot and look to different verses different views on this and I come to a number of principles that I have adopted last night when I talked in the zoo meeting about the us the clues of identifying with the bloody woman I've concluded that one of the principles that I have adopted is I call it the weight of evidence principle that you don't just look at one piece of evidence or 2 or 3 but you look at all the clues in chapter 17 of who this woman is and then you're able to put the pieces together correctly so the weight of evidence principle I have another principle that I have adopted which I call the symbol to literal principle and that principle is that when a symbol has you. Used to in prophecy and Daniel and Revelation and then when an angel or a prophet interprets the symbol we find over and over and over and over again that the symbol is interpreted literally symbol to literal principle and I'll show you this in chapter 17 verse 151715 the angel said to John the waters which you saw where the horse sits the great forest described in 71 as sitting upon many waters. And now here the angel is saying that the waters which is the symbol where the horse sits are and here's the application they are people and multitudes and nations and times so hopefully you can see that principle there that that we do if we go from symbol to literal The symbol is the water and the application is the people multitudes of multitudes of people who ultimately support and who are d.c. by the bloody woman that's sitting upon the beast so now that principle is mentioned many many times are actually illustrated many times in the Bible just quickly give some of these to you Daniel to. Never commit or had a dream of a metal man with different different metals and Daniel the prophet interpreted these medals to represent literal nations one by one which we apply to Babylon Persia Greece and Rome Daniel 7 we see the same principle Daniel 7 Daniel Daniel had a dream of 4 great beasts a lion a bear a leopard and a dragon like Beast with 10 horns. And in verse $23.00 Daniel $723.00 The angel said the 4th beast is the 4th kingdom upon the year so we go symbol literal same thing Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel had a dream of a ram and a goat and then the angel came and interpreted that dream or that vision and he said that the the ram represents the kings of media and Persia and that the goat represents the King of Greece so again symbol literal symbol literal and I believe we see the same thing in chapter 17 verse 9 revelation 79 if we follow that principle. Scripture says here is the mind that has wisdom. The 7 the heads that's the symbol are and here's the application they are 7 Malin turns on which the woman said So 1st of all I have to put this literally the Greek or the the Greek underlying word for mountains if you look it up in Strong's Concordance you'll find that it can be translated as mountains or hills. And that point says to the famous 7 Hill the city of Rome Rome has been known throughout the centuries as the city of 7 hills there was an ancient Roman emperor of this who had a coin made and he was one of the Caesars and on the coin was this was a picture of a woman sitting upon the 7 hills. Which represented the 7 hilled city of Rome so this is common knowledge you can Google this you could research it that Roman classically and famously is called the city of 7 hills and so my conclusion is that this woman is sitting in Rome and that Rome is critical to understanding Bible prophecy Now I've also discovered in my research that there are $37.00 headed $10.00 to $4.00 and beasts in the Book of Revelation. And these 3 beasts are mention nowhere else in the Bible just in Revelation and there in 3 places 3 different 7 headed 10 Hornby's 1st one is in Revelation 12 where we have a dragon like Beast with 7 ads and 10 horns Revelation 12 are 3 Revelation 131 we have a 2nd 7 and a 10 Hornby's as a body like a leopard the leopard like Beast which you read about just to read just a couple minutes ago and that's the 2nd one and the 3rd one is in Revelation 17 which is the scarlet colored beast so the dragon is red the 2nd one is like a leopard spotted body and the 3rd one is scarlet color and I've concluded that all 3 of these 7 headed 10 horned beasts all point to the city of Rome they all have to do with something to do with Rome they're all Roman and that they represent different phases of Rome. Just like we have the phases in chapter 17 verse 8 so we have phases of these different beefs Now let's just take a look at these briefly and turn in your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 12. Revelation Chapter 12. And on a practical level you know when you understand that the Book of Revelation deals with with the beasts that ultimately affect the world and then we see its focus its ultimate focus on the lamb who represents Jesus we see that we have a battle between beasts strong beasts and a lamb and guess who wins. Who ultimately wins the Lamb That's right the lamb wins and isn't it true that that inside all of our hearts there is a battle going on and I've concluded that when it gets repeated to make it real practical we're all babbling with that. With beastly temptations you know the forces of the dragon the forces of the beast the inner forces of deception and Satan and then on the other side is the the power of the Lamb. One of the beasts in chapter 13 verse 11 has 2 horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon and I've concluded that we're all in a battle between the dragon and the lamb the ultimate Dragon is the devil. And we all have to choose whose side we're on in this in this battle and it's a struggle and the forces of evil God represents as as big beasts 7 headed 10 horns beasts dragons things like this and I've concluded that we cannot overcome the forces of the devil in our own strength. We need the power of the Lamb to change our lives and to give us the strength So anyway that's not even in my notes that's kind of a sideline we want to make this real personal and we'll do that more as we go as we go along so revelation 12th. Verse 3. Says there appeared another wonder in heaven behold the great Red Dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns upon his heads so here's the 1st 7 headed beast 3 above here's the 1st one great red dragon Now we know from verse 9 that the great dragon primary the primary application is to the devil himself verse 9 says the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with it. So the primary dragon is is the devil and the devil is a serpent he deceived Eve and he's been deceiving people throughout history and this verse says he ultimately deceives how many people. Says the whole world he deceives the whole world and that ought to really put us on our our total is that if we're going to resist his deceptions we need to be followers of Jesus and the Bible. So the primary Dragon is the is the devil but this chapter also anchors the dragon in history and we know that from verse 4 verse 4 says if the bit at the end of the verse that the dragon stood before the woman that was a pure woman who was pregnant and he was ready to that woman was about to be delivered and the dragon was going to be going to try to devour her child as soon as it was born so this anchor's this chapter in history the child was Jesus and when he was born the devil worked through Herod who was a Roman ruler to try to kill the baby Jesus and we know that from Matthew too that when Herod found out when the wise didn't came and found out that Bethlehem was the place for this child to be born when he found out that he had been tricked by the wise men. And that they didn't come back after he told it to come back he said come back and I will tell me where the child is because I want to worship him too you know that was all a lie he didn't want to worship the p.b. he wanted to kill the baby. But God sees beneath the lives of men and he directed the wise men to go a different way after they had found Jesus and so when Herod got wind of the fact that he had been tricked or that wise men weren't coming back he sent soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all the babies under 2 years old one of the most awful things can you imagine you know I would want to be Herod on the day of judgment after he did that horrible thing and even imagine the nightmare of the slaughter of the innocents so any way the dragon works through here it did and if you look at history the devil works through the Roman Empire in many different ways that was Roman soldiers that nailed Jesus to the cross when Jesus rose from the dead they were Roman soldiers that were trying to protect the tomb that he didn't get out but you know the angel came down rolled away the stone like a pebble it says and desired mages the Roman soldiers fell flat on the ground like dead men and then they with white faces when finally told pilot that. They saw an angel come down and the stole was thrown away and Jesus rose from the debt. As the early church began to spread out in the Roman world through the power of the Holy Spirit after the Day of Pentecost their Roman Empire fiercely persecuted the Christians they butchered them sent the Christians into the coliseum they watched them get torn apart by wild animals. This was the entertainment of the Romans watching the Christians get eaten up by lions can you imagine the tail we have it easy today compared to the early Christians we have it very very easy as Christianity continue to spread it and person like Nero d.c.s. Diocletian they slaughtered the Christians probably by the millions for the 1st 3 centuries so that's why the dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns represents say 10 and the Roman empire he worked through the Roman Empire to try to kill Jesus and he successfully butchered millions of Christians now notice something and for me as I studied this you know little by little the pieces came together I want you to notice if you look at verse 3 of the Dragon where are the crowns on that dragon. It says he has 7 heads and 10 horns and there is crowns and where are the crowns. There on day heads not on the horns and that indicates that we're in the time of the Imperial Roman Empire before its break down into 10 parts. The Crowns are on the hits during the time when Rome was ruled by the Caesar's now go to Chapter 13. Revelation 13 and look at verse one. Here's the 2nd 7 headed 10 horns beast. We read this are ready I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and notice where are the crowds. And upon his horns on his horns are 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy So did you catch that in the 1st 7 headed beast the crowns are on the heads but in the 2nd 7 headed beast the crowns are not on the heads but they're on the horns. In other words where is the development in the history of the Roman Empire and if you study prophecy it tells us in verse 2 that this beast which I saw was like a leopard It took characteristics of the leopard in Daniel 7 which was grease his feet were like the feet of the bear which goes back to Persia he has characteristics of Persia and his mouth is like the mouth of a lion which takes us back to Daniel 7 and the line which was Babylon he has characteristics of Babylon this beast sort of incorporates the different nations and their teachings into itself and then the dragon which in the light of Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 represented the Imperial Roman Empire it says the dragon gave to this new beast the 2nd beast his power and his seat and great authority now where was the seat of the Roman Empire. It was in Rome and now the dragon gives his seat of government to the 2nd beast here the 2nd 7 headed 10 horns beast and the this new beast sits right on the seat of the ancient Roman Empire which is the city of 7 hills. Same thing these prophecies are all intertwined this is all this is all like a big jigsaw puzzle I don't feel like jigsaw puzzles or not but Revelation 171312 Daniel 7 Daniel 2 it's all like a big jigsaw puzzle and God wants us to dive deep into these mysteries and try to put the pieces together and they all help us to understand solid historical events so that we can understand what's happening in the world right now and what's coming. Somebody once said Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes it's tragic that the so-called cancel culture is you know not interested in history at least. Credible history and they're just you know they just want to get rid of history they don't want to look at history but history is the word his story breaks down to his story that's what history is it's his story and history and prophecy go together and when I 1st became a Christian and I finally did and I discovered this that history of prophecy go together that's what motivated me to start studying history because I want to understand prophecy I want to understand the sure word of prophecy what has happened in the past. What's happening now and what's happening in the future. Just like the Bible says that God was and is and shall always be it's the same thing. These counterfeits that So anyway we have now we have the crowns on the horns which indicates that the Roman Empire is no longer being ruled by the Caesars But now the the balance has shifted to the 10 horns which point to Europe the European nations that ruled Europe and this the Beast of Revelation 13 ruled through its connection with the European kids that's history that's why in Revelation 17 it says that the woman fornicates with Kings a lot of her power has come through her connection with the kings of the earth. Through legislation she's pressured big kings to legislate in her favor and that's basic basic history that takes us down to the dark ages so the 2nd beast has. Crowns on the horns indicating now we're in the European phase where the beast is ruling through the kings of Europe now turn to Chapter 17. And when I 1st discovered this started putting these pieces together I got really excited I thought wow Lord is this right are you really helping me to understand this that chapter of the 1st beast has crowns on their heads the 2nd beast has crowns on the horns and I bought to myself Where will the crowns be in chapter 17. And I if you look at the 1st verse Revelation 17 verse one there came one of the 7 angels who had the 7 vials and he talked with me and he said to me come here and I will show you the judgment of the great whore that sits on many waters. This is a powerful text and I mentioned this last night that what's happening in chapter 17 is John now encounters an angel who is one of the angels with the 7 last play. Which points us down to the very end of time the 7 last plagues finally come in chapter 16 of Revelation those plates are ahead of us they haven't come yet one of these days they're going to hit like but this world has never known just like when the template was hit Egypt there will be 7 final plagues at the end of the world. And those plagues are coming and this Angels one of the angels who pours out the plagues and he comes over to John and he doesn't say John I'm going to come back to you where you are he says I want you to come here to where I am a lot of people think Revelation 17 the whole context is John's day I don't agree with that I've concluded that the context of Revelation 17 is not John's day it's not the 1st century in this chapter John is. In countering an angel who is one of the end time Angels he's one of the 7 last to play the game feels Which brings us down to the end time times and then the angel says to John he doesn't say I'm going to come to where you are he says I want you to come here to where I am. And I'm going to show you a judgment that's going to come upon this bloody woman who sits upon the city if 7 Hills who's drunk with the blood of the saints who makes the whole world drunk with her wine. So verse 2 it says that with the kings of the earth have committed fornication the inhabitants of the earth have been made truck with the wine of her fornication. Eventually the whole world gets drunk with the wine of Babylon and that impresses me that God once the wine of Babylon represents the teachings of Babylon the deceptions of Babylon the false doctrines of Babylon and God. Once an hour wind to be pure He wants are like Jesus a new wine goes a new wine skins God wants us to have a pure faith a pure teaching a pure doctrine as we follow the lamb through the Holy Spirit and have faith in the Bible. That's God's plan for his people so 1st 3 says so he carried me and the next word says away he carried him away from the 1st century away from the island of Patmos away from the time of the Caesar's away from his own time in the 1st century he carried him away very far down the stream of time down down the ages. In the spirit he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns This is very interesting Now if you look at verse 3 carefully. The question is. Where are the crowds. In verse 3. In the 1st piece the crowns are on the heads and the 2nd piece the crowds are on the what the horns and in the 3rd beast and I thought to myself if this if God is bringing John down to the end times and if this beast is now in a in a judgment state where judgment has begin to fall upon her and is in a wounded state. Which is the conclusion that I was I was coming to then if that's true then when we get to that that b.s. there is not going to be any croutons on their heads or the hearts. And I you know I was thinking about that. And when I 1st thought about that I started I turned the pages of my Bible and my heart was pounding I thought Is this really right so I got to chapter 17 and I looked down and I thought sure enough there's no crowns on the heads or the horns and that told me that this this beast is in a wounded state now it's still there. But it's wounded but as we keep reading this chapter which we'll talk about later on the wound eventually gets healed and the kingdoms that 10 horns give their power and their authority back to the beast and as we already read it will ascend it out of the bottomless pit and go into prediction and I tell you if that is happening in front of our eyes don't you think God wants us to know it if the beast is ascending and coming back and getting back its power. While. So I've concluded that. The 3rd beast. Is another phase of Rome. Where the beast is in a wounded in a wounded state. Now I notice something as I looked at this the word wilderness came out to me I've just thought about that word wilderness verse 3 says he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman. So chapter 17 is down near the end of time one of the 7 angels with plagues and John is carried away from his own time into the wilderness and I thought there's got to be some significance to that God doesn't put words in the Bible for no reason. Have reason and I'd rather have one word from God than 10000 words of men. Should. God's words are powerful so what about this world and so I thought about that and during my whole journey of trying to understand Revelation 17 I prayed prayed Lord help you know understand these mysteries help me understand the Word of God This is so powerful this chapter so then I realize that the word wilderness is used 3 times in Revelation. Revelation 17 we just read it and Revelation 12. Where another one many flees into the wilderness Let's take a look at that Revelation 12 and she goes into the wilderness. Just mentioned twice. Revelation Chapter 12 describes the woman that God wants us to be a part of this he doesn't want us to be part of the blood it woman who is decked out with all the jewels of the earth he wants us to be part of. Pure woman who's clothed with the sun. Clothed with with Jesus standing on the moon reflecting the light of the sun that's God's purpose for his church and during the course of Revelation 12 when the dragon discovered that the child got away and went up to the throne he turned his his fierce forces on the woman. And it says in verse 6 that the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there for how long. 4200 threescore days for 1260 days so the woman is in the wilderness for 1260 days in verse 14 says same thing to the woman were given to wings of a great eagle and this is the good woman the pure woman that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time times and half a time from the face of the circuit and that said time is a year so is time times is 2 years half a time is a year and a half it's a half year so that's 3 and a half years which is the same thing as 42 months which we read about in chapter 13 verse 5. 3 and a half years 42 months 1260 days you've probably heard of this prophecy it's mentioned 7 times in the Bible 7 times 1260 days it's a major. Pillar a Bible prophesy. And the true woman during the 1260 is in the wilderness because she's being persecuted by the dragon In other words she's sort of she's down she's not out but she's down. Well the false woman during the 1260 year she's up. And she's persecuting. And drinking the blood of the saints but in Revelation 17 there's a reversal. And now the bloody woman goes into that wilderness. And that would indicate if the true woman is in the wilderness for $1260.00 what would happen at the end of that period after the $1260.00 she's going to come out so the bloody woman gets knocked down and the pure woman comes up. Hallelujah. There's a big lesson for us in that as we near the final days God wants the true woman to continue to rise with his message and eventually the 2 women will clash in the final final times now. As I mentioned the 1260 as mentioned this period is mentioned 7 times in the Bible is mentioned in Daniel 7 verse 25 chapter 12 or 7 Revelation Chapter 11 Chapter 12 are 6 and 14 and Revelation Chapter 13 verse 57 times according to his equal 46 and numbers 1434 a day in prophecy represents a year so we have a 1260 year period this is very important the period began in the year 538 when the Eastern Emperor Justinian the Roman emperor Justinian GAEV. The bishop of Rome which was implemented a total power in Europe lot of history behind this and then going down 1260 years it took us to the year 798 when during the French Revolution an army of Napoleon entered went to Italy entered the Vatican took the pope captive abolished the the Vatican the Pope people States and declared Italy to be a republic for France and that happened in the year 798 a lot of history behind this you can read this history in the book the great controversy which is a very powerful historical book that has stood the test of time. In spite of skepticism about that book it remains one of the most powerful books on planet earth today that gives us the history of what happened. With God's church and the enemies of guts church so back to Revelation 17. Verse 3 says. He carried me away in the Spirit came to the wilderness and I saw this woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 of foreigners but there are no crowns on either the hits or the horns and I've concluded again that this that the 1st 7 headed beast represents Imperial Rome ruling through the Caesars sitting on the city of 7 hills the 2nd 7 headed beast represents the shift to Papal Rome. The Roman Catholic Church during the dark ages where that church still sat on the city of 7 hills right on the seat of the dragon just like prophecy says and the rule switched to the Crown switched to the. Powers of Europe where the pope's and the King's work together to rule Europe and then the 3rd 7 headed beast in Revelation 17 John is taken away from his own time waiting down the stream of time down to be the final times or at least closer to the final times and now this woman is seen in the wilderness she's under partial judgement she's lost a lot of her power. She's down and the true woman is up. But she will ascend and the Beast will ascend out of the bottomless pit and come back so I've concluded that the that this 3rd 7 headed 10 horn beast and Revelation 17 represents also the papal power in a wounded state. It was. It is not and yet it will accept it's going to come back. During the final moments of time now some people ask me Well Steve. And I wrestled with this if the if the woman represents the Roman Catholic Church and I talked about this all last night there's a whole lot of history behind this look at all the clues it all fits together and I mention this last night that one of the points that kind of softens the blow on this is in Revelation 18 verse 4 it says come out of her my people and that tells me that within the Roman Church God has a lots of people that are his people that are godly sincere honest people that believe in Jesus and are doing the best they can and they're the right people but they're in the wrong place. And they're inside of her and they need to come out and also tells us this is a this is a woman which represents a church we have 2 churches we have the their peer church in chapter 12 and the immoral church in chapter 17 and when you look at history what happened was people many people within the Pira church decided that the righteousness of Jesus wasn't what they wanted they weren't satisfied with the white robe of his righteousness and they wanted the garments of teams and so they shifted gears and eventually this woman as there's a falling away she's a fallen woman and eventually instead of being clothed with Jesus righteousness she's called with purple and scarlet and all the gold the jewels of this world and that reflects a change that took place within a stream of Christianity where a group within Christianity decided that they didn't want the righteousness of Jesus and they didn't want the simplicity of the Gospel the simplicity and the purity of Cleave garments that are white and pure and they were tempted to go after the kings of the earth to commit fornication and then she ends up as a fall and woman as a bloody woman clothed with all the the jewels of the world and I tell you there's a big lesson for us in that that we need to maintain our connection with Jesus and with purity and with truth and with righteousness and not go all the way of the Harlot. Go the way of the the woman. Now again some people say well how could the woman be the cap the church and the Beast also be the Catholic Church in its wounded state how can they represent the Catholic Church. And I've wrestled with that and here's my conclusion in Daniel that it's my conclusion is it's composite imagery in Daniel 2 the nations are represented by by a metal man but in Daniel 7 those same nations are represented by beasts same nations and then a little horn pops up with eyes like a man and then in Revelation 13 that a horn with eyes like a man is called The Beast and then at the end of Chapter 13 The Beast has a number which is the number of man the number of a man so Daniel 27 Revelation 13 goes back and forth back and forth back and forth between imagery that represent that's like a man or a human and imagery that's like a beast and I've concluded that in Revelation 17 it's the same thing I call this the Daniel and Revelation principle that we look at Daniel revelation to put the pieces together and so we have all we have a woman. That is a seductive woman that seduces the world that puts on a human face and smiles and offers her wine come drink my cup but underneath that woman underneath those smiles underneath the temptress underneath what she. You know her her charms her feminine charms underneath what lurks underneath is the same 7 headed tend toward beast that has persecuted the people of God for ages. And today. Could talk a lot about what's happening today and the connections between the United States of America and the bad. Lot of connections going on these days are you aware of that you know when President Biden was inaugurated. He asked a Jesuit. Priest to pray at his inauguration. Father Leo O'Donovan and I listened very carefully to that prayer and in his prayer he referred to Pope Francis and how Pope Francis said that we need to dream together. Together and as we'll talk about later on the Saturn in that's what Revelation 13 is all about as you keep reading the chapter it's about the 1st beast representing the most powerful religion in the world right now and the 2nd beast representing the most powerful nation in the world right now the Vatican and the United States and how they are going to be coming together. Just like the Jesuit band prayed we need to dream together and do this together. Well there's a time for togetherness. And there's a time for separation. You know there's a time to come together and so and a time for social distancing. There's a time for our for out a mask and there's a time for the mask to be taken off so we can see the face of what's really there and what's underneath in Revelation 17 which is a beast. When God's people in their early centuries stood up for truth it was it was risky for them but they were willing to do it they were willing to get thrown into the coliseum they were willing to become the sport of the Roman Empire they were willing to die for Jesus because Jesus was King of Kings and Lord of lords and he died for them. And they were willing to do anything and everything for their savior. And we need to be among that group today. The Roman Church puts on a fair face before the world but underneath Revelation 17 tells us there he is the beast. And again that doesn't mean that that's not doesn't mean that Catholic people are bad. God has lots of people in the Catholic Church that are his people you have lots of people and lots of different denominations that are his people. Many different and we need to be the people of God as well isn't that right we need to be standing for Jesus now I'm almost done here I've got just a little more time. And let me ask you based on just the quick history lesson that I gave you when that what was the year. That the the bloody woman and the Beast received it's deadly wound. It was the year 1798 lot of history behind this you know the French Revolution was really a bloody the reign of terror was a bloody reaction to the history of the 1260 years where the Roman church ruled Europe through the kids. And finally the French said enough and they threw the baby out with the bathwater they threw out God they threw out the Bible. Which a lot of people are doing today they're giving up the Bible entirely they're seeing the problems in religion so they're giving up the Bible and that's a mistake that's what the French did but the French finally. You know went through this revolution gave up the Bible gave up Christianity burned Bibles let a woman through the streets of Paris which state named the goddess of reason and the result was a bloodbath if you give up the Bible in favor of reason the result is that the Haster and that's what the French Revolution teaches us. And so in the polling and sent his general Barrett the egg to the Vatican in February 17th $98.00 and he knocked out the church took Pope Pius the 6th captive. And the Vatican received a deadly deadly wound in the year 798 now snow the 1st 7 verse 10 and this is going to I've got 2 more verses to go and I'll give you a teaser for the next meeting I have no idea at $330.00 how many people are going to be out there. Awfully you'll all come back as I take part 3 it's going to sizzle. It's going to sizzle. Bursts 10 says this. And there are 7 kings. 5 of them are fallen. One is and the other is not yet come. Out of the competition here with the train. Can you hear me can you still hear me I think Oh. I know the devil doesn't like what we're doing. The devil doesn't like Bible prophecy the dragon hates. He would love to distract us away from these truths but he's not going to win a train is got. 10 there are 7 kings 5 are following the one that is and the other is not yet come. And when he comes he must continue for a short space I have concluded that the only way to understand this verse is to correctly identify the Is moment we have to know when it is. He says 5 are fallen and one is and the other has not yet come. The only way to know who. The 5 bar and who the other one is and who the one is is to know when the is is what I mean what time period are we looking at and a lot of people struggle with this and trying to figure it out and I think a big mistake that many people make is starting with John's did they say well in John's day fiber fon they go back to Egypt to Syria Babylon Persia Greece and they get confused but that doesn't make sense the the the claim of Revelation 17 is not John's Day John takes us is taken away from his day like I said down to the end times with the one of the 7 angels that have the 7 play and when you look at the was not sequence connecting Chapter 17 with Chapter 13 it's very clear that this prophecy is built around just the 1260 days. And it takes us to the time of this chapter takes us to the time of the wound where the woman is in the wilderness she's down there and the other woman is that so if we take that point of 1798 the point of the deadly wound as the point of the prophecy then we can go back from 1719 look and look at the 5 that have fallen and figure out who they are and then we'll know who the one that is in 798. And we'll talk about this in the next meeting and then we'll know we'll be able to figure out who's the one that's coming. That will come for short space by the way I'll give you a little teaser. You know when the French took out the Vatican in 1798. There was another nation that when the Vatican was going down there was another nation that was coming up at the same exact time and the French were the ones that sent a big statue across the ocean to that nation. Now the name of that statue. The Statue of Liberty That's right the French recognized the power and the authority and the growth of the United States which rose up as a nation to defend the principles of religious freedom which had been denied during the Dark Ages. That's why our Constitution was established. Denying government the right. To. Legislate. To establish religion. In order to prohibit the free free freedom there of. Our Constitution denies government the right to deny freedom of speech. Freedom of the press and the freedom to peaceably assemble. And these are huge issues. That the world and the church needs to look at so anyway we'll continue this this afternoon now I want to I want to finish with verse 8. And I want to bring this bring this home. Instead of the other train. Time that I got a much time that you actually got for me. So much at a time $1030.00. 7 Teenie. Says the beast was and is not and he will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into production and they that well upon the earth shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world and it's I already read this 1st parallels Chapter 13 1st. 138 that says all that well upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain from the foundation of the world if any man had been near let him hear what's Jesus say Jesus is saying that in the final times the majority of the world are going to be deceived by the beast they're going to wonder after the beast they're going to follow the beast they're going to drink the wine the wine a fabulous and God is looking for people who don't do. That and these people their Vera names will be in the book of life the majority of the people of the world their names are in the book of life. But God is looking for people whose names are in the Book of Life the lamb Jesus has a book he has his own book and in that book are the names of his true people his true followers and I've decided I've concluded that the most important thing in my life more than anything else is to make sure that my name is in Jesus Christ's book and that it stays in there stays in there and it's the Book of the Lamb. The lamb and that's points us to the one who loves Catholics who loves Protestants who loves Republicans loves Democrats who loves. Atheists who loves evolutionists who loves people at Loma Linda good last people last year. To love 7th Day Adventists who left Baptists who loves everybody who loves those who have money and those adult. Jesus loves us all and on the cross on a cruel cross 2000 years ago but Lamb of God paid the price for your sins and for my sins for the sins of the entire world and cheese needs to be the center of our lives what you say he needs to be our our lives are our joy our bread our butter our Everything is Jesus Christ I know who brought me out of the Hollywood Hills I know who changed my life. I know who work through the book the desire of ages that I read in 1979 and showed me get salmon am across. I know who inspired this book the great controversy. I know who's left me and who brought me to Loma Linda to have a chance to share his work with you today and I want to encourage you that she says loves you he knows everything that's happening in your life he knows all your ups and downs and ins and outs he knows your battles with the dragon and with the 7 headed 10 horn beast and with the struggles you have in your own heart in your own mind he knows all those battles and he is totally able to forgive your sins to change your life and to bring you through what ever struggles you're going through he he is above all the kings he's above all the Lord's and he can help us solve his grave this is sufficient for us His power is made perfect in weakness last text of the 1st 14. 14 says these shall make war with the lamb and the lamb shell overcome them for he is Lord of Lords he is above all the lords of this world he is King of Kings he is above all the kings and all the nations and they that are with him those that are on his side. Our called God is calling us they are shows that he has chosen us and they are faithful faithful to cheese us because he is faithful to us may God help us to understand His Word to stick to the Lamb. To avoid the wrong why. And to be on cheese aside when everything breaks loose. And the persecution of the past is revived. And all of the powers of darkness. Are targeting. The people of Jesus but we will overcome by the grace of God because one bigger than this world is on our staff. Let's not let's bury heads and pray. To your Father in heaven thank you for the privilege of being here and Loma Linda to speak to your people to be in the shadow of this this university here. To have the awesome opportunity to open the Bible and to teach the Word of the Lord and I pray that you will bless all of us help us to dive deep into your word and to be connected to Jesus through the Holy Spirit as we trust the word of God please bless us all bring us back this afternoon give us a good remainder of the Sabbath we just thank you for your love and parades Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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