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03 And There Are Seven Kings

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • February 20, 2021
    3:00 PM
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Dear Father in heaven thank you for providing a place for us to meet the wind is blowing hard outside but that has not stopped us from having a meeting and we're thankful for that thank you for the chance to be here and we pray for your blessing we pray for the Holy Spirit. I pray Lord that you will be the teacher above and beyond anything that I say that that ultimately your voice will be heard my goal is to wreck people to direct people to you and to your word so we pray for your blessing now me the Holy Spirit in lightness and give us to sermon as we look at the Word of God in Revelation Chapter 17 in Jesus' name amen. Ok well I hope you can you can tell after last night's meeting or this morning's meeting why many people have been captivated by Revelation 17 it's quite a chapter and the more you read it and just digest it and memorize it and think about it I think you will sense that there is tremendous power in this chapter and I'm convinced that a better understanding of Revelation 17 is going to help us to get ready for revelation 18 which is the final loud color we call the loud cry that goes out to the world of a right before Jesus comes so God has given us this chapter for reason he wants us to study it he wants us to learn it as much as we can to understand what it says and to what and to understand what's happening in the world and the main reason ultimately is that it would it would help us help us spiritually bring us closer to Jesus and help us to get ready to stand when the final winds blow when the final storm hit is Ok so we've just read. Verse 10 and verse 11 again the angel told John that 5 that there are 7 kings and 5 have fallen one is and the other one has not yet come and then he also refers to the beast itself that the beast was in is not and yet he will come back and he will go into per dition now I'm going to share with you my view on this I realize that there's a lot of different views out there in the world and I've I I feel confident that what I'm going to share with you is solid information if I didn't I wouldn't be talking about this subject I would talk about something else so I'm going to share with you the results of my study and hopefully it will be a big blessing to you that's that's my goal now earlier today in part 2 I zeroed in on verse 9 the verse right before verse 10 and 11 and verse 9 says here is the mind that has wisdom the 7 heads which are the symbol are 7 mountains on which the woman sits and I talked about earlier what I call the symbol to literal principle that when in the prophecies of Daniel revelation there is a symbol used and then there is an interpretation we see this in Daniel 2 in Daniel 7 in Daniel laid in Revelation 17 we see it again and again and again that a symbol is interpreted literally and so I've done that with the 7 heads are 7 men Winton's And as I mentioned the Greek word for mountains can also be translated hills 7 mountains are 7 hills and historically the 7 hilled city of Rome has been famous or infamous and it's a fact that the different. Phases of the Roman Empire whether it's Imperial Rome it sat there in Rome whether it was Papal Rome during the Dark Ages sat there in Rome and even today the Roman Catholic Church its headquarters is still inside the city of Rome now here's another very interesting point that I've discovered and I think it is solid and this is another principle that I have that I've come to adopt in my study I mentioned earlier the weight of evidence principle where you look at all the clues and try to come to a conclusion I also believe in what I call the Daniel and Revelation principle that when we're studying especially Revelation 17 which is a portal to Revelation 13 that we should stick with the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to try to put the pieces together and then we have the symbol to literal principle and here's another principle I call this the dual application principle now I'll show you where I get that and I just to clarify I do not apply the dual application principle to the time prophecies to the 1260 years or the 2300 days in Daniel 8 or the 490 days in Daniel 9 I don't apply this to time prophecy I apply it to certain other sections we do know that that Jesus used this principle in Matthew 24 when he talked about the destruction of Jerusalem and how then he also applied that to the end of the world there was a dual application what happened to Jerusalem is going to happen in a larger sense around the world we see that principle many times in the Old Testament and let me show you where it is in the Book of Revelation now it's very interesting if you back up to verse 7. Revelation 177 says the angel said to me why did you marvel I will tell you the mystery remember that word mystery of the woman and that woman is the false church and of the beast that carries her which has 7 heads and 10 horns so notice we have a mystery we have shirts and we also have the number 7 now I've discovered in my studying revelation if you go back to chapter one Revelation Chapter One we also find another mystery another church and another set of sevens in Revelation Chapter one Jesus is seen by John in a vision and he is walking in the midst of who remembers what of the 7 golden candlesticks That's right Jesus John sees Jesus walking in the midst of the 7 candlesticks the beginning of the book and in verse 20 Revelation one verse 20 Jesus begins to explain what John just saw and he says he's going to explain the mystery which we read in Revelation 17 so here's a good mystery and Revelation 17 is a is the mystery of pointing to an evil power so this is a good a good mystery the mystery of the 7 Stars which you saw in my right hand and the 7 golden candlesticks and then Jesus said the 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches and the 7 candle sticks which you saw are and what are they. They are the 7 churches right so there's the symbol the 7 candle sticks and the application is they are literally 7 literal churches now as I was studying this it hit me that when you look at Revelation one and Revelation 17 you have 2 mysteries great mystery in chapter one mystery in chapter 17 you also have 2 churches you have the true church of God and then you have the the bloody woman the a prostate church in chapter 17 so 2 mysteries 2 churches and we also have 2 sets of 7 we have 7 heads on the beast and then we also have 7 candlesticks and 7 churches so you can see a parallel here 2 mysteries 2 churches 2 sets of seventh's. And when you look at the 7 churches in verse 11 Jesus specifically refers to those churches in verse 11 Jesus told John I am Alpha and Omega the 1st and the last what you see right in the book and send it to the 7 churches which were where. Which were in Asia and they were if you look on a map in Bible days in the 1st century you'll discover that there were literally 7 real churches there in Asia or Asia Minor which is now the area that we call that we call Turkey or that's called Turkey so the 7 camel sticks were literally 7 literal churches and you can you can you know look at the map and you can study history those churches were f a says Smyrna Pergamos thigh attire if I can remember them all right and then the Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea And as I put these pieces together it seems to me that what's happening is that we have at that time we have Asia as the location of the Church of Jesus Christ or the 7 churches of Jesus Christ literally they were right there the true church and then we have the false church over in Italy. Sitting on the. It within the city of 7 hills so are you following me 2 mysteries 2 churches 2 sets of sevens and 2 literal locations God's church was in Asia and the Apostolic Church was in Italy to literal place it's now here's where the principle of dual application comes in if you've studied Revelation Chapter $2.00 and $3.00 most people recognize this and our church recognizes this the Spirit of Prophecy recognizes this that the 7 literal churches in Asia have another application. That they That's right that those 7 churches also represent 7 phases or periods in the history of Christianity starting with emphasis which was the early church moving into the time of Smyrna moving into the time of Pergamos into the time of Tyra the type of Sardis the time of Philadelphia and the time of Laodicea and which which phase are we in right now we're in Laodicea right all the way over here in America we are part of those 7. Those 7 phases so the phases of the church reach all the way down even to living in the United States. And to me that's that's very significant and it's just fascinating I don't have time to go into it right now but I've recently been really reading and restudying those 7 churches and it is amazing I have a new appreciation for the fact that the Book of Revelation is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ when Jesus gave that Revelation to John he looked down the stream of time he saw the history of his church and he described with stunning accuracy stunning accuracy what those phases of his church would be he saw what would happen in f.s.s. and Smyrna and program most of that Tyra the rise of of jazz the bell in the inside Tyra and what would happen in Philadelphia with the open door I accept before you an open door he shuts the door he opens the door and then goes all the way down to Laodicea Jesus saw it all in advance he thought perfectly and it just gives me a deeper respect for the Lord Jesus Christ and for his. Supernatural infinite knowledge where he sees what is going to happen throughout the history of his church of his own church so I think it's pretty clear from that verse and that passage that we can see there is a legitimate dual application principle are you following me we have 7 literal churches and we have those same churches also apply to the history of the church and that is is very solid information now let's go back to Revelation Chapter 17 in chapter 17 I see the same principle apply to the 7 kings that in verse 9 the 7 heads which is the symbol are the 7 mountains where the woman sits there is a literal application to the literal place where the literal where the woman has her headquarters. Just like there were literal churches in Asia but here we have a dual application in verse 10 the Angel continued and said and there are 7 kings so the heads represent literally 7 mountains and then the dual application is the angel also applies them to 7 kings that span the ages. Now who are these who are these 7 kings the angel said there are 7 kings back to the other principle I've bench in the Daniel and Revelation principle I've concluded that the best way to understand who these kings are is to stick to Daniel and Revelation because that mention Chapter 17 takes us to Chapter 13 takes us to chapter 12 takes us back to Daniel 7 takes us back to Daniel 2 we have these timelines and these sweeps of prophecy that we need to stick with in that sequence in order to understand what this is what this is talking about now turning your Bibles back to Daniel Chapter 7. Revelation 17 links to Revelation 13 Revelation 13 clearly links to Daniel Chapter 7 and I know this is how do I say this this is deep stuff I actually have a another book that I wrote recently called approaching Armageddon this is a great book to give out to people that don't know hardly anything about the Bible I call this prophecy one o one about the sides of the times what's happening in the world that Jesus is coming very simple and easy to understand and then we have the bloody woman and the 7 headed beast I call this prophecy 10.0. This book is really not designed for the average you know atheist out there for someone that knows nothing about the Bible this book is designed for people who have some Bible knowledge and who want to go deeper and understand the prophecies of Revelation so that's what we're doing right here this weekend and Advent hope is prophecy 10.0 This is deep stuff I've concluded that Revelation 17 is like a portal to other prophecies and it puts a lot of pieces together that are very very important for us to understand so you have to really put on your thinking caps you know sort of like Sherlock Holmes and you need to really look at the clues and go deep and sometimes I say that there's 2 ways to study the Bible one is water skiing and the other is deep sea diving. And this week and here and what I'm sharing with you right now this is not water skiing on the surface of the Bible this is going deep deep deep deep into the books of Daniel and Revelation so Daniel 7 Daniel has a dream of 4 great beasts it says that in verse 3 he says there were 4 great beasts that came up from the sea diverse one from the other Now notice how many Beside there there's 4 and as I was studying this the number 4 just spoke to my mind with Gotta a numerical number here we're trying to figure out who are the 7 kings in Revelation and here we have the number 4 mentioned in Daniel 7 and in verse 17. The Daniel $717.00 the angel says these great beasts which are 4 and obviously the beasts are symbolic and then he makes the application they are how many kings for 4 kings which shall arise out of the earth now we know that in Daniel 7 the word king also means Kingdom we know that from verse $23.00 where the angel clarified Thus he said the 4th beast that's the symbol shall be and here's the application the 4th kingdom upon the air and what are those 4 kingdoms What's the 1st one to have allowed 2nd one Mido Persia 3rd one Greece 4th one row that's right and that's pretty common knowledge. Most Christians accept that most Bible commentaries accept that within the 7th Day Adventist Church we certainly accept that that we've got 44 beasts and they represent 4 mighty nations and again we're looking for. 7 The Kings in Revelation and now we have 4 kings in Daniel 7 which mean 4 kingdoms so I've concluded that those kings represent King us kings our kingdom we see that right here in Daniel 7 forth these There's 4 beasts 4 kings and the 4th beast is the 4th kingdom are you following me. So I do not subscribe to the there's a theory out there that applies the 7 kings in Revelation to 7 pope's I don't believe that. There's many views on the 7 kings in Revelation 17 and I've concluded that the 7 kings represent 7 kingdoms that are within the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to me that makes sense and it might have been the same angel who took talk to John who talked to Daniel he said in Daniel 7 there is 4 kings and they represent 4 kingdoms and in Revelation 17 there is an angel who tells John that there is going to be 7 kings. So that's what we're focusing on in this meeting who are these 7 kings Now let's go back to Chapter 17 Revelation 17 Revelation 17 verse 10 and there are 7 kings 5 are fallen and one the is and the other is not yet come and when he comes he must continue for a short space so at the point of this prophecy 5 of the Kings or the kingdoms are in the past there is one king which would be which which number is 5 or it behind which number is number 6 right the 6th King is at the point of this prophecy and the 7th King hasn't come yet at the point of this prophesy. He is still in the future now I know this takes some close thinking but verse 11 talks about the beast and the beast that was and is not even he is the 8th so just follow this through and I don't have my computer today had in a previous presentation I had all this on the screen I have slide so you can see the the visual aid and we do have this on our it will be on our white horse meat a youtube channel soon so you can see this but you have to follow closely that when it comes to the kings 5 kings are fallen and the 6th King is and the 7th one has not yet come and at the same time the beast was and the Beast is not and the reason why he is not is because he's wounded which we talked about and then we've got he is the 8th who comes back so here's the here's the point that at the time that the 6th King is it's at the same time that the beast itself is not are you following that the when the 6th King is the beast itself is not and then the 7th King comes and the beast comes back following me I know it's you know it takes some real real thinking to figure this out but that's what we have here we have 5 kings are down one King is the 6th one in the 7th one is coming and then we also have the beast was and he is not because he was wounded and he's going to come back as well so the key issue to interpret in this correctly I believe is that we need to establish a point of reference we need to establish when he is is the 6th King is when and the beast that was is not when. When are we talking about and I think I pretty much built a good case earlier today that the point of reference is the time of the wounding of the beast when he was wounded if we go back to Chapter 17 verse 3 we look at this earlier I just give you a quick recap verse 3 says he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness John is in the wilderness when he sees this woman and this beast this beast has no crowns on its heads or on its horns indicating that it is in a wounded state and Revelation 133 says it would have a deadly wound specifically in verse 3133 says one of the heads would be wounded to death but the deadly wound was healed and I build my case earlier that what is the pivotal year in history when the the papal beast that rule during the 1260 years of the dark ages when what was the year when he was wounded. That's right he was wounded in the year 1798 and I know a lot of times you know people kind of look with skepticism upon this whole prophecy but the reality is that these are God's words in the book of death books of Daniel revelation and the significant thing is that that period of time is mentioned 7 times in the Bible and that's a lot. That's a lot it's mentioned twice in Daniel 5 times in the Book of Revelation this is not a minor prophecy it's a major prophecy I believe that the day year principle and the historical validity of the 1260 year prophecy is solid that there's a man that I just learned about who's a pastor in Maryland and he's doing his doctoral dissertation in South Africa. All on historicism where he looks at the predator's to view that it's all in the past and the Futurist view that it's all in the future and what's called the historicity of you that takes you down throughout history which was the Protestant view and I plan on contacting this man and maybe interviewing him for one of our white horse media programs because we need to understand history and prophecy they go together. And they say the 41260 year prophecy is major in Daniel and Revelation its major and a deadly wound in chapter 13 is very important and I'm convinced that that is the key to understanding or at least part of partially understanding Revelation Chapter 17 so if we take that point John is taken away from his own time he comes down the stream of time by the Holy Spirit he's talking to an angel which is one of the 7 last play again Jules which is down near the end he's taken into the wilderness where the the woman he is now in a wilderness state like the true church was in a wilderness state in Revelation 12 there's no crowns on the heads or the horns indicating that it has been somewhat knocked out of power and so we have that pivotal date so if we start with that date and remember also if you if you study Daniel revelation Daniel 12 says that the 1260 year period is going to take us to what time period anybody know the time of the end that's right that that prophecy takes us to the time of the end Daniel 12 verse 4 and in the time of the end something's going to happen something significant happens in Daniel 12 or spore anybody remember the angel said but you are dead you'll shut up the words seal the book until the time of the end and in the time of the end the something's going to happen if that's right it says many will go to and fro and knowledge will increase. So the knowledge of God's people is going to be increasing from the 1798 onward in a way that has not been understood in the history of Christianity that God has a new light new information for his people in the time of the end and there are things that can only be understood in the time of the end that have not been understood in the past that's what Daniel 124 is trying to tell us. And I believe we are in that time so if we take 798 as our point of reference. From that point if we go if we look back it says 5 have fallen so which 5 Kingdoms in the sequence of Daniel in Revelation would qualify as being as being behind us looking at that from the perspective of $7908.00 I think the answer is pretty clear we start with the 1st 4 which are in Daniel 7 Babylon Persia Greece Imperial Rome and then what would be the next one Papal Rome exactly it would be Papal Rome during the 1260 years so in 17985 have fallen following me Babylon Persia Greece Imperial Rome Papal Rome and then the next question is Ok if that's correct if we've identified the 1st 5 kings then which is what is the king that is at the same time that the that the 5th king is going down. What's the answer to that well here is my view on this is that we have to again go back to Revelation Chapter 13 because that is the the the link to chapter like we talked about earlier from Chapter 17178 takes us right back to 138 Now let's go back to Revelation 13 and let's see if we can put these pieces together. The deadly wound is that actually mentioned 3 times and I'm sorry 4 times in Revelation Chapter 134 times the deadly wound is referred to that's a lot we see it in verse 3 I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast so there's the 1st reference we also see it in at the end of verse 12 it talks about the 2nd beast would lead people to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed and there's a 2nd reference we see it at the end of verse 14 that talks about an image of the beast being made the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live there's a 3rd reference to the wound and notice in this verse he's wounded by a sword and then the 4th time is in verse 10 verse 10 is another reference to the wound verse 10 says he who leads into captivity and that's what the Roman Church did it led millions into spiritual captivity during the Dark Ages he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity so he's going to reap what he saw those and then it says He that kills with the sword. And how did the Roman church by and large put people to death during the Dark Ages it did it through the sword of the civil powers that's what happened they pressured the Kings to implement their will and like let's say you were living in England or France or Germany and if you didn't believe in the Roman church if you didn't believe in the pope if you were considered a heretic the pope would tell the king that if you don't put these people to death these heretics to death we're going to place your whole country under in an interdict and nobody can be saved in your whole entire country unless you carry out the will of the pope and so the pope's used pressure spiritual pressure and pressured the Kings to use civil power to inforce and to carry out death decrees that's what happened in Europe for over a 1000 years and the text says he that kills with the sword he must be killed with what. With the sword and it was the sword of the French government the civil authority of France and an army of Napoleon that knocked out the political power of the papacy and $798.00 it all fits does it that's what happened and that happened again in $798.00 so verse 10 describes the growing of the beast into captivity it's like he's going into the wilderness his crowns have been knocked off he's being wounded he's under judgment following me and so that's where the 5th king went down. In verse 10 now who is the 6 King Well look at the next verse at the very time that the 5th king is going down the 6th King is coming up same exact time in the sequence of Revelation 13 verse 11 says I saw another beast a new beast and remembering dad Neil Daniel 7 it says these 4 beasts are 4 kings and the 4th beast is the 4th King them upon the earth so when the Bible says in verse 11 I saw another beast we're seeing another king or another kingdom that is rising into power. That's what's happening another another beast or kingdom He's coming up as the 5th king is going down the 6th one is coming up and he's coming up out of the earth which represents a territory where there's not a lot of people the obese in Daniel 7 came up out of the sea or the water and Revelation 1715 says that the water represents people multitudes nations and tongues lots of people but this beast now is coming up out of the earth out of a territory where there's not that many people and he has 2 horns indicating a separation of power or a division of power and those horns significantly they do not have something on top of them that's right they have no crowns now in this in this case when you compare this with Revelation 13 verse one where the where the beast in Revelation 13 has has crowns on its horns the crowds represent civil authority monarchies the governments of Europe. That are ruled by kings where as this 2nd beast in chapter 1311 he has horns that do not have crowns which indicate that the government of this nation is not a government that is ruled by one particular King it's not a monarchy it's more of a different kind of democratic government that is more of the people by the people for the people and those 2 horns without crowns it says are like a lamb they're lamb like and the ultimate lamb the primary lamb in the Bible is to it's Jesus Christ right he's the ultimate he's the final or the you know supreme lamb the Lamb of God and the fact that this this new kingdom coming up out of the earth at the same time that the 5th king or the the beast is going down and being wounded this God this new beast now has 2 horns like a lamb This is amazing that this is the only time in Daniel in Revelation where a Big East is given a lamb like characteristics which would be which would indicate Christian characteristics characteristics that somehow tie in to Jesus Christ it's amazing that there are no beasts not the lion the bear the leopard the dragon like beasts there's no beast in the Bible that represents a nation that has characteristics like a lamb except this nation it's the only one. And significantly also a lamb is not a beast of prey the other nations are beasts of trade that prey that conquered each other but this is a new kind of nation 2 horns like a lamb and if you're taking notes you might want to jot this down Matthew chapter 22 verse 21 I have another talk where I go into great detail we read this whole section I don't have time to do it right now but Matthew 2221 is an amazing statement of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God as he was dealing with the Pharisees and people that were trying to trap him he he asked them to hand him a coin he held up the coin and he said whose image is on the coin they said Caesar's images on the coin and then he said this is this marvelous statement he said give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's and that statement coming from the lamb coming from Jesus Christ essentially separates the things of Caesar or government from the things of God that have to do with the church and if you study history you'll discover that that principle is the underlying fundamental principle that was woven into the Constitution of the United States government that the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights that says that Congress shall. Shall shall not have a law shall not be able to pass a law to a stablish religion or to prohibit the free exercise thereof. That principle is the principle of Jesus separating the legitimate authority of government and the legitimate authority of the church give to Caesar what is Caesar's give to God the things that are God's Congress shall not make a law to establish religion or to prohibit the free exercise thereof it's it's brilliant it's brilliant that Jesus made that statement and the main government in the history of the world that has incorporated that principle is none other than the United States of America that's why we have freedom in this country freedom of religion freedom of speech of speech freedom of the press which is declining these days I'm sure you're aware of that. We're getting closer to speaking like a dragon which is what the text says it would have 2 horns like a lamb but then it would speak as a dragon and the struggle between the 2 horns like a lamb and the voice of the dragon is in full sway in America right now full sway we're right in the middle of this crisis and it is it is growing I have another little book called The United States in Bible prophecy and I deal with this also in the blood of women that I'm convinced that this beast in Revelation 13 years leaven can apply to no other nation than the United States of America we fit every detail of the prophecy and it just again. Amazes me at the 4 knowledge of God I tell you we serve an infinite Being We serve an infinite God. John didn't just come up with the Book of Revelation He didn't just make this up remember when John wrote this book he was an old man he was a fisherman he wasn't really an educated person he never went to college he was a fisherman and now he was told that he was on the island of Patmos and when you read the book of Revelation this is not the Book of a man who's you know taken classes on how to write on how to be you know a literary genius he didn't have any of those classes the entire book of revelation was given to him as a vision and he just wrote down what he saw and in verse 11 he said I beheld I saw this beast coming up now how did he know that there would be a great nation down at the end of time that would have a separation of power that would base its constitution and its Bill of Rights on the principles of Jesus Christ that He taught in Matthew 22 verse 21 how in the world did John know that well he didn't he didn't know it he will it was revealed to him by God gives me a great respect for the Bible and for the Lord who we serve Now Ok so at this point I think we've at least to me it makes sense that 5 are fallen which is Babylon Persia Greece Pagan Rome Papal Rome during the Dark Ages one is at the same time that the Roman Church went down the United States was coming up standing for freedom so there's the 6th King now then the next question is well if America is the 6th king then who is the 7th King that will come for a short space. On the right now so far makes sense Ok so the plot thickens. You know this is just to me this is very in interesting information so I thought about that I thought I thought Ok Lord I've got the 5 down I know word 798 that's the point where the wound takes place 4 times mentioned in Revelation 13 and I know who the 6 King is now it's America coming up standing up for the principles of freedom but then who would the 7th King be who hasn't come yet and who's coming for a short space Ok I've heard a couple of a couple of ideas let me let me share with you my view and you can you can judge it in the court of your mind and see if you think it's right Ok You look familiar that's we know he could see you sometimes you can't see people with their masks on and thinks but. I didn't mean to do that Ok so here's my view of the 7th King. I've noticed since I've studied this that the 4th King being Imperial Rome and the 5th king being Papal Rome both on the city of 7 hills that between King number 4 and King number 5 we have phases of the same empire the 4th King is the Roman Empire in its imperial phase ruled by the Caesars whereas the 15 is Papal Rome in it's papal stage ruled by the pope's it's a sort of in a pos state Christian Christianized phase of the 4th King and if you look at the look at verse go back to Chapter 17. And look at verse 11 again verse 11 says that the beast that was that links it with the Dark Ages he was during the 1260 he is not because he's wounded the deadly wound it says even he is the 8th and he's of the 7 and he goes in the prediction and the reason why. He's the 8th is because he comes back and we know that from verse verse 8 the beast that you saw that was that is not he will ascend so I see the beast itself that was during the 1260 wounded in $79.00 he comes back which is basically the healing of the wound so the 8th King is another phase. Of the Roman empire you've got 4th King Imperial Rome 5th king Papal Rome and then he's wounded and then the 8th King is Papal Rome who comes back he a sense out of the bottomless pit so I thought about this and I thought I thought Lord if the 4th King is the and the 5th king and the 8th King these are phases of Rome then why couldn't the 6th King and the 7th King represent phases of America if Rome goes through phases in the 4th King 5th king and 8th king then why can't the 6th King and the 7th King be phases of America and if you go back to Chapter 13. Revelation 13. And I'm going to try to wind this up pretty quick we can take a quick break and we'll come back to the last meeting. If you look at Revelation 1311 what happens is that this lamb like Beast in verse 11 he has to horn like 2 horns like a lamb but finally how does he speak he speaks like a dragon now have we gotten into that phase yet know where we're getting there you know but not quite I mean where we're moving the 2 horns like a lamb are still intact to some extent on religious freedom freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom to peaceably assemble these principles of freedom in America are still here but they are tottering and we are rapidly moving in to the dragon like stage which will be the final stage of the lab like Beast and if you look at Chapter 13 and keep reading beyond verse 11 what happens is of then surely this this lad like Beast not only speaks like a dragon but it sets up an image of the 1st beast and the image in verse 14 verse 15 says he had power to give life to the image of the beast that the image of the bee should bowl speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed so the lamb like the smooths into another stage where it speaks like a dragon it sets up an image it uses force and the image comes comes alive and it speaks it passes laws. And ultimately the law that is passed is described in verse 16 he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive the mark in their right hands or in their foreheads so the final conclusion of the lamb like beast it shifts into a final dragon like phase where it sets up an image of the 1st beast and in force as the mark of the b. And another thought on this that the this dragon like stage of America is given another name in chapter 16 verse 13 and in chapter 19 verse 20 it's given a new name anybody know that name. That's right it is then finally called the false prophet it's given a brand new idea. And I've concluded that the reason why it's called the false prophet is because when the mark of the beast is in force. Protestantism in America is going to prophesied and it's going to say that if and so will the Vatican the Vatican and America will unite together and say that if we just go along with the mark of the beast. If we all go along and I think you know what the market the beast is I'm assuming you do you probably studied this have a whole chapter in my book on called the mark of Rome and Sunday legislation and how Sunday will be seen as a universal day of rest that will benefit you know the environment and that's kind of the direction that we're going in right now you know that the Biden ministration is full bore on solving climate change and if you look at the Pope's in cyclical that came out in 2015 right in the middle of that in cyclical Pope Francis says that we all need to keep Sunday and if we all kept Sunday this would be healing for the environment healing for relationships healing for our relationship with God and I don't know if you noticed this or not but when the pandemic hit and the lockdowns took place people noticed something the environmental focusing people noticed the fact that because of all the businesses being closed all over the world that guess what the skies started clearing up in India the water started getting cleaner the smog started going away and people have realized that lockdowns have actually benefited the environment it's good for the Earth maybe not good for your business a prettier church but it's good for the environment and so the pope is capitalizing on this and he's saying he's pushing for a universal day of rest to help post lockdowns to bring. Healing to the environment. And what's going to ultimately happen when the final crisis hits and that's where we're heading a Final Crisis people are going to say that keeping Sunday is good for the environment it's good for families it's good for our relationships with God and with each other and they're going to make a prophecy and the prophecy is that if we all go log with the universal Sunday law it's going to be good for our future. And let me ask you is that a true prophecy or a false prophecy that's right it's a disaster it's a disaster it's not going to work it's not going to work it's not going to solve the problems of this earth it's not going to clean it's not going to help the environment in fact it's going to result in more judgments which are ultimately going to lead to the 7 last plagues the final 7 last plagues so I believe that's why America is eventually given a new name and the new name is the false prophet because during the final crisis which we are on the verge of right now the idea is going to be put forth that if everybody goes along with the pope's recommendation for Sunday legislation to help battle climate change and even more reality and all the things that are happening on this planet that is going to be a false prophecy because it's not going to solve any of the world's problems it's just it's just not and so go back to Chapter 17. Revelation 17 verse 10 says. There are 7 kings 5 are fallen Babylon Persia Greece Pagan Rome Papal Rome during the Dark Ages one is that's America and the other is not yet come at this point he still hasn't come but he's getting closer. And when he does come which is the 7th King which is an apostle date form of America denying religious freedom denying the Constitution denying the principles of Jesus Christ going along with the papal power and prophesied that if we all keep the day that goes back to the Roman Catholic Church it's going to solve the problems of this world. When he comes and when that dragon finally speaks How long will he continue he's going to continue for a short space and that has really impressed me and given me courage that when the forces of America and the Vatican in the context of a global crisis finally come together and the mark of the beast is inforced and all the powers of darkness are targeting the people of God who don't go along with the mark of the beast we can encourage each other when that final crisis hits and we can say hold on don't give up your faith heap trusting Jesus hold on because this 7 King is only going to last for a short time if we could just make it through you know make it through that final short space through trusting in Jesus Christ he is going to come down from the sky with power and great glory and deliver the people of God So that's what I've learned from this from these 7 kings that the 7 kings not here yet we're almost there we can see it happening we can see the dragon starting to speak in America and we know that when the final crisis hits it's only going to last for a little while and when that time finally comes Jesus Christ is almost here. I'll close the section with Chapter 19 verse 11. $11.00 to $16.00 when the short space finally hits we're going to be looking up. Looking up saying Lord we're in the final space it's time for you to come down. Time for Jesus to come down down from the sky Chapter 19 verse 11 says I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he who sat upon him was called faithful and true and in righteousness he does judge and he makes war Jesus is coming down to make war on all the global forces of evil on a Pa state America in its Dragon stage upon the power that sits on the city of 7 hills in forcing the mark of the beast Jesus is coming down and then the world is going to come against the people of God membered says if we don't go along with the image of beast we're going to be killed and Jesus says not so fast. It's time for me to come down and deliver my people he's coming down to make to make war he judges a makes war his eyes are like a flame of fire on his head are many crowns he has a name written that no man knew but he himself and that's because of what he went through and get 70 in the cross nobody will understand what he went through he's clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and its name is called the Word of God We need to follow the Word of God in the midst of all of these issues and the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses clothed in fine linen white and clean out of his mouth goes a sharp sword that with that he should smite the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron and he treads the wine press and the fierceness and the wrath of Almighty God and he has on his vesture and on his thigh a name written King of Kings and Lord of Lords Hallelujah Jesus is going to come to what I can see have gone a little over my time so we need to have a prayer and then I guess we'll have what about a 15 2nd break. And then we'll just we'll just keep on going your way to keep on for last part Ok let's pray let's pray. To your Father in heaven thank you for the Study of your word thank you for the prophecy of Revelation 17 that tells us what's behind us what's happening right now and what is coming for a short space. When the mark of the beast is in force and thank you that you've given us this word that it will only be for a short time when everything goes crazy and we don't need to be afraid we just need to hold on and trust in you that Jesus will come down from the the sky to make war on the devil and his angels and the evils of this world to deliver the people of God. Pray for your blessing as we finish this painting and go into the last one please help us to understand Revelation 17 Jesus' name in. 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