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04 Ten Horns at War with the Lamb

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • February 22, 2021
    4:00 PM
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Ok we are back again for part 4 of the bloody women in the 7 headed beast this is the grand finale if you have your bible invite you to open up to Revelation Chapter 17 verse 121712 we're working our way through this chapter this information is in the book the bloody woman in the 7 headed beast which is a great resource for small groups Bible studies it's a deep book trying to understand Revelation 17 so I'll read this text and then we'll have a prayer Revelation 17 verse 12 says the 10 horns which you saw are 10 kings which have received no kingdom as yet but receive power as kings one hour with the beast these have one mind and they shall give their power and their strength to the beast. Let's pray and ask God to help us to figure this out Heavenly Father thank you so much for the privilege of being here in Loma Linda California and we pray for your blessing. As we finish up part 4 of this series please help us to understand your holy word in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God we pray a man. And a man all right the 1st time 10 are mentioned we have 10 horns here in chapter 17. First time 10 are mentioned the word 10 is used in the context of these prophecies is in Daniel chapter 2 where we have the big metal man remember big metal man that Daniel's never committed saw his dream and Daniel interpreted it it had a head of gold breast and arms of silver belly of bronze legs thighs and legs of iron and then it goes down into the toll was and how many toes do most people have 10 right 10 toes now the next time is in Daniel 7 where we go down through the history of again is but instead of medals it's beasts and we have a 4th beast. Representing the Roman Empire and the Roman Empire and how many horns it had 1010 horns Daniel 7 verse 710 horns and those 10 horns represented the division of the Roman Empire especially in Western Europe and then there's another horn and 11 thorn that comes up and he knocked out 3 and then he eventually ruled Europe through the horns during the Dark Ages so in Daniel 7 the 10 horns have their application to what was going on in Western Europe and then we get to Revelation chapter. 13 where the Crowns have shifted to the horns and we have the beast ruling through the horns of representing the kingdoms of Europe the kingdoms of Europe and so then in Revelation 17 looking back on Daniel or Chapter 13 and Daniel Chapter 7 and going back to Daniel Chapter 2 we have 10 horns again mentioned in verse 12 the 10 horns which you saw they are 10 Keane's. And I interpret this based again on the symbol to literal principle that those 10 kings represent 10 kingdoms 10 kingdoms and I. As I have tried to understand this I have concluded that the primary application of those 10 horns represent the kingdoms of Europe Europe specific we have that in Daniel 2 we have that in Daniel 7 we have one of those horns which was France wounded the papacy in $798.00 so we have a lot of of focus on Europe when it comes to these horns so I see the primary application to the nations or kingdoms of Europe that are going to receive a final Kingdom for one hour which I apply to a short space with with the beast it says that they in verse 13 it says they will have one mind they will be linked together and they will eventually give their power and their strength to the Beast now in saying that let me add that as I mentioned in the last meeting I also see a legitimate use of what I call a dual application principle and I explained that less meaning saw that Revelation Chapter one with the 7 candlesticks representing the 7 churches literally in Asia in that literal location but then also applying to the history of the church and it seems to me that it's quite possible. That we have a dual application here as well that the 10 horns primarily have a European application but it's very possible that they have a dual application to all the kingdoms of the world during the final moments of time during the final crisis that verse 13 says they give their power and their strength to the Beast now how are they going to do that how are European nations and nations around the world going to give their power and their strength to the beast I've concluded that the way they're going to do that is they're going to they're going to give their their legislative power and their legislative strength to the beast by enforcing the beast's mark upon humanity that's how it's going to happen when the nations of the world in force Sunday which is really a day that goes back to the Roman Catholic Church when they do that they are going to be giving their power their civil authority their legislative authority to the papal power by enforcing it's day and this is going to happen in Europe and it's going to happen ultimately all over the world it's going to happen in America and every nation on earth is going to follow suit and they're all going to cooperate together and that's where we're going that's where we're heading now let's make this practical if you look again at verse 13 it says they will have one mind. And they will give their power and their strength to the beast Now think about this if the nations of this world including in America that's going to speak like a dragon set up an image of the beast and basically do what the beast it did in Europe what happened in Europe America is going to do in the west and when America does that and enforces the mark of the beast and when the kingdoms all around the world give their power and their strength to the Beast Where is that power and that strength alternately going to be directed directed at. It's going to be directed at the people who say I'm not going along with this I'm not going to do it though America and the Vatican and Europe and the kingdoms around the world ultimately get behind the pope and the idea that a universal day of rest will solve the climate change problems solve all kinds of problems you know I don't know if you heard this but the pope even said that the pandemic the corona virus is a judgment upon us because we have not been taking care of the environment have you heard that it's nature fighting back at. Its citizens the people of Earth because we haven't been taking care of the environment we've been polluting the planet and that's resulted in climate change and weather related disasters and even the even the virus that's what the pope's that. You can Google that you can find that he says he actually says all kinds of things. And so when that when the power strength of governments around the world go along with the pope's advice. And in force the mark the strength and the power of these governments is going to go against the people of God. And I've read that verse and I ponder that my thought if the day comes when the power and the strength of the governments of this world are targeting us then what do we need in order to stand up against this well we're going to need greater power and greater strength then what the governments of this world are going to level against this great and where can we find greater power and greater strength when the whole world comes against us that's right the answer is Jesus Christ and that leads us to the next verse verse 14 says these. These 10 horns in Europe and around the world these shall make war with the lamb so when the nations of Earth get behind the people power and in force Sunday as a universal day of rest thinking that this will solve all the problems on this planet what they're really doing without realizing it is they're making war on Jesus Christ and when they leveled their focus on the people of God who at that time will not be politically correct you know we're going to be considered to be extremists I thought it was very interesting and I don't want to get into politics here but I thought it was very interesting when the President Trump or former President Trump. When he the impeachment trial you know when he in his favor I'm sure you're aware of that you know he was impeached the 2nd time around and they didn't have the votes to impeach him President Biden made a very interesting statement that came out from the White House it was public official statement from the White House where he talked about you know his views on the impeachment and then this is what he said and I'm just going to paraphrase it I don't have in front of front of me but he said there is there is no place in America for violence and for extremism and he was referring to the the capital riot you know on January 6th that was the spark for the impeachment hearings and I thought about that you know I just thought that is so interesting what he said there's no place in America for violence and I can agree with that no place for violence because that's what civil governments all about civil government is to protect its citizens from physical harm but then he said there's no place for violence or extremism. And I thought what do you think of that is it the government's right now if he's applying this you know if this applies to. Terrorist extremists that want to blow up planes or who want to blow up people or you know suicide bombers Well I can I can see that but the word extremism is a rather relative term Have you noticed. Whether a person views another person as an extremist depends upon the views of the person. And so Bible believing Christians can become extremists to some people vegetarians are extremists to some people those who keep the Sabbath are extremists so it just depends on you know where a person is that but extremism is the very relative term that can be applied to many things. And so. You know when President Biden said there's no place for exterior Ms m I thought to myself That sounds scary because what if people that aren't extreme are considered to be extreme I have a good friend of mine who did a youtube program recently on the 8 Laws of health on how that would help you to build up your immune system in case you encounter the coronavirus and that video was polled by the powers that be in youtube simply because it mentioned coven one team and he was shut down for no good reason and you're probably aware of the fact that you know the big tech companies are on the move right now to shut down people that they consider to be extremists and the really the American government surely is supposed to protect us from violence but it's not the role of government to define extremism that's not the role of our government our government has that has a higher responsibility than that. Free speech you know this whole weekend that I'm doing somebody could look at that and say That's very extreme and you shouldn't be allowed to do that see what I mean and when the final time comes when the final crisis hits those of us who stand up for Jesus and for the Bible and for the 10 commandments and for the Sabbath we are going to be labeled unfairly as extremists and if we don't go along with the universe whole plan for the common good. Which is really the mark of the beast we are going to become the eye of the storm we are going to become the people that the governments of the world are going to see as extremist and are we are dangerous even though we're not just like Jesus you know the Sanhedrin determined this man is dangerous we have to get rid of him it's better for one man to die than the whole nation to perish they concluded that Jesus Christ was a threat to Israel and to the temple and to Moses and to the law so they decided they had to get rid of him. And it's coming again it's coming again and that's what verse 14 is all about these shall make war with the lamb when the governments of this world consider the people of God to be extremists and make war on them. On you and on me Who are they really making war on. That's right they're really making war on Jesus Christ himself that's love that's why when Jesus knocked Saul down on the road to Damascus he was on his way to gather up the Christians and to bring them to Jerusalem and to you know try them and ultimately kill them just like Stephen was stoned when Saul was on his way there Jesus appeared to him knocked him down blinded him by light and then his voice said his voice said Saul Saul why are you persecuting me now he was persecuting the Christians but Jesus said you're persecuting me because when you persecute the people of God you're persecuting God Himself when people persecute true Christians they're persecuting Jesus Christ Himself and it's amazing to me the way Jesus talked to Paul I've just been reading the book that I could actually Apostles and Jesus said Saul Saul why are you persecuting me he said it's hard for you to kick against the pricks which means it's hard for you to go against your conscience you know he had seen Stephen with his face glowing like an angel and the Holy Spirit spoke right to him saying this is a man of God and he was hard for him to wiggle around and the convictions of conscience that this man was a man of God and he shouldn't have done that but he resisted his conscience he kept resisting resisting resisting and the way Jesus talked to him to me is just a phenomenal he said Saul. Why are you persecuting me it's hard for you isn't it to go against your conscience and that just shows me the the. The what's the word the Meghnad. The. Generosity of Jesus Christ the King of Kings Here's a man that's persecuting his own people and he reasons with him and says Why are you doing this it's hard for you to go get your conscience isn't it Paul and then Paul said Who are you. And then the voice said back I'm Jesus I'm the one you're persecuting I tell you we serve an amazing Savior and during the Final Crisis when people are trying to kill us just like the people were just like Saul was trying to kill the Christians when people are out against us they're you know making war on us we need to have the graciousness and the tactfulness and the kindness of Jesus who loves his enemies who loved Saul even though he was persecuting his own children and that amazing we need the character of Christ to relate to even our enemies in a Christ like way while the show make war with the lamb they're really making war on Jesus when they make war on the people of God and then it says and the lamb shall overcome them. For he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and they that are with him are called and chosen and faithful This is what Revelation 17 is really all about it's about the past it's about the present it's about the future but it's about preparing us to be the people of God who can stand up in the midst of the storm that's going to hit us thankfully only for a short space and when that short space hits and all the forces of the devil are making war on us and ultimately on Jesus we can take comfort in the fact that we are the people of God and that in making war on us they're making war on Jesus and Jesus is going to rise up off his throne and he's going to defend his people and stand for them and he's going to overcome all the forces of evil and conquer them because he is king above the Kings and Lord above all of the Lord's. Hallelujah. So can you see the practical power of this chapter you know Revelation 17 is is mighty and it's designed to bring us into the presence of God and deepen our Christian experience and get us ready for the Final Crisis when the 7th King hits us for a short space. Now here's another thought and here's the one of the main reasons why I wrote this book the bloody woman is 7 headed beast verse 9. Describes the mind and verse 13 describes another mind verse 9 says here is the mind which has wisdom so one mind. Is the mind that's a wise my. And then in verse 13 there's another mind. Here it says it says these have one mind and they will give their power and their strength to the beast the mind of verse 13 is a a collective mind. It's a group think. It's the mind that is willing to go along with the majority. That's the bad mind. The good mind is the mind that has wisdom that submit to God that submit to His Word that is led by the Holy Spirit and that is a humble mind a humble mind rather than the mind. Of the devil that's going to be linking all the nations of the world with his own mind ultimately it's Satan's mind which is a proud mind Satan has a self exulting mind Jesus has a humble mind Satan wants to be like God and Jesus said learn of me for I'm gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls 2 minds and this chapter is really designed I believe to teach us that we that we all have to make a decision which mind we're going to have are we going to be are we going to have a mind that is being linked to the devil and that's what's happening right now with the whole thing about extremism and you know the Pope's in cyclical and the high tech companies going down on freedom of speech their minds are being linked Can you see that they're linking together and they're looking at life in a certain way and they're seeing Bible believing Christians as dangerous. That's the wrong mind. It's not the way to look at life it's a big mistake and Satan is working right now to link peoples minds all around the world with his mind and at the same time God is working to link human minds with his mind. So we have to choose who's mind are we going to be connected with are we going to be connected with the mind of the devil or are we going to be connected with the mind of the infinite God and I'm convinced that the way to be committed connected with the mind of the infinite God is to submit humbly to the authority of his word through the Holy Spirit let the Holy Spirit give us the mind of Christ let him teach us the word of God let him teach us how to have faith in God and not to go along with the majority. That makes sense. There was a time in my Christian life a couple years ago when I went through a terrible struggle. Actually 2 years earlier than that and went through another struggle and been through a number of struggles in my life terrible struggle and one of the most valuable lessons that God taught me through my struggles is not to rely on my own thinking but to rely on what he sense. That's what brought me through was trusting the promises and his grace is sufficient for me is power is made perfect in weakness there I can take a man many nights I lay in bed at night. And if I've got you know some conflict going on in my head or some struggle I think to myself I go through Psalm 23 from Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me to lie down in the green pastures He leads me beside the quiet waters he has stores my soul he leaves me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake I've been through that psalm over and over and over and over again during the night season and it has been such a blessing and some time ago I remember thinking to myself as I was going through these different scriptures I thought praise the lord my mind has found rest. In the conflicts of life in the battles that happen right inside here my mind has found rest by trusting in God's word and that's a big lesson that I have learned and I hope that you will learn that lesson as well now got a little bit more to do before we finish this little bit more as we keep reading. Verse 15 1st will can read verse 15 1st 16 verse 16 says and the 10 horns which you saw upon the beast the shell heaped the whore and shall make her desolate and naked and eat her flesh and shall burn her with fire for God has put in their hearts to fulfill his will and to agree and to give their kingdom to the beast. Until the words of God shall be fulfilled and that's when the beast power is fully healed when the 10 horns who have no kingdom as yet they finally unite and they give their power and their strength to the beast and that's when the deadly wound is completely healed that's when the beast completely rises up out of the bottomless pit right before it goes in to perdition now what's happening in this verse is that the 10 horns which support the beast give their power to the beast their strength to the beast in force the mark of the beast in verse 16. At some point they their eyes are opened and they reversed course they realize that they've made a terrible mistake that they've been supporting a woman that is a harlot they've been supporting a power that is a beast they've been supporting a power that is at war with the lamb and with God that the people that they've been warring against are really the people of Jesus Christ. And they realize that and then they turn on the beast and on the whore and it says they will ultimately destroy her they will hate her they were make her desolate and naked and eat her flesh and they will burn her with fire and I've thought about that and I've concluded that. The big moment of revelation happens during the 7 last plagues when they all unite together against the people of God and think that the universal Sunday law is the way to go. And they're getting ready to kill God's people then what happens is probation closes up in heaven everybody's made their choice in their minds either the mark of the beast or the seal of God either the devil or Jesus and then the plagues begin to fall one by one upon the people of the earth. And the 5th plague of you remember the 5th plague in Revelation 16 the 7 last plagues which is from remember the 7 angels with the 7 plagues is how we started this chapter they eventually come down and the 5th plague is darkness upon the seat of the beats and where is the seed of the beast it's Rome that's right and what's going to happen especially I believe in Europe is that when Europeans see darkness fall upon the Vatican and the news agencies flash breaking news darkness has fallen on the Vatican cause unknown when the people of Europe see the Vatican in darkness just like the darkness of Egypt their eyes are going to be opened and they're going to realize that this power is in darkness this power has deceived us and that's why we're getting to play. And especially Europeans who are right in the closest proximity to Italy and to the Vatican they're going to turn on her and if the Bible says they're going to burn her with fire how many of you remember when when Notre Dame was burning remember that. People around the world were watching the fire as it was coming up from from from Notre Dame and when I looked at that I thought you know I couldn't help but think this is a prelude to the time when the Vatican is going to be on fire and people are going to turn on her because they're going to finally realize that this power is not the voice of God people around the world today they look at the man dressed in white with a little yarmulke on his head you know the skull cap he's dressed in white all the time and people look at the Pope who's now the most influential person on planet Earth and they look at him and they think he's the voice of God He's the man with the plan he's got the solution to the world's problems he's put out his in cyclical on climate change he's trying to save the environment he's the nice man that's trying to bring us all together and to keep sending a as a universal day of rest and all those people that don't cooperate are the extremists who need to get you know be put out of the way for the common good that's where we're heading. And they're finding it to realize that that voice coming from the man dressed in white is the voice of the serpent it's the voice of the dragon it's the voice of the devil and the woman. What she offers is the wind of Babylon and the whole world is drunk with that one and when they finally realize that they are going to turn on her and it's not going to be pretty it's not going to be pretty and that's what the Bible says 1st 17 says For God has put it in their hearts to fulfill his will and to agree and to give their kingdom to the beast until the words of God shall be fulfilled. I'm convinced that the words of God are going to be fulfilled in the midst of all the different ideas in teachings that are in this world we need to be locked in to the words of God because these words are going to be fulfilled and God is even going to use the wrath of his enemies the wrath of those who are trying to kill his people when that wrath is turned against. The woman he's going to be using people's wrath against the woman as part of the execution of his judgments against a woman that has led millions of people astray. It's a scary thought. But it's what the Bible says 1st a team is the last and last verse in chapter 17. Verse 18 says and the woman which you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth and I'm convinced that that great city the primary application of that great city is the city of Rome itself. Going all the way back to the time of imperial Rome that persecuted the people of God Papal Rome during the Dark Ages that persecuted the people of God And finally when Papal Rome. Gets its power back its political power through the 10 horns giving their power and strength to the beast the deadly wound is completely healed and the final deceptions really they stream they come out from the city of Rome itself Rome has been the source of the of the. An incredible amount of horror and deception and evil and lies that have come against the people of God for a long long time and that of that woman and that beast and that city is it eventually going down. And so is all of the people around the world that choose to drink her wine and choose to go along with her deception that are willing to have their minds linked with an evil mind with a with the with the devil's spine ultimately instead of the mind of of Jesus Christ and it's fast and he would have time to study it right now but in Revelation 18 it talks about when when she is burning and the smoke of her burning is going up it says the merchants of the earth are watching the kings of the year are watching the heaven that is watching read Revelation 18 and read about all the different groups that are standing a far off it says and are watching the smoke of her burning. And that tells me that there's going to be a real place right there in Italy where that smokes going to go up and people are going to look at that and they're going to see the final judgments of God upon a power that has led the world astray has changed the day of the Creator changed the law of God in force today as a mark and lead the whole world into sin against Jesus Christ and that's what's happening in the Book of Revelation in Revelation Chapter 17 and in chapter 18 and ultimately. Our safety zone is the lamb Jesus Christ is our safety zone the devil has a proud mind Jesus has a humble mind and 2000 years ago on a cruel cross Jesus took your sins and my sins he took the sins of the whole world into his mind and indeed was hard and he suffered he agonized he bled and he died on a cruel cross to pay the price and that is a revelation of infinite unfathomable love. It's a love that we can't even understand and when I was going through my dark days the Lord just taught me that he loves me no matter what he's going to help me as long as I just trust in him he's going to bring me through he cares for me his love for me his commitment to me is non negotiable as long as I'm willing to continue to trust in him he won't leave me if I don't leave him. And as we wind this up I want to encourage you that Revelation 17 you know with all these different forces and the kings and the horns and the dragon and the woman ultimately it's primary focus is the Lamb It's the Lamb of God and Jesus is the lamb for you the lamb for you he took your place he died for your sins he paid the full price and his death is enough to save every single one of us there's not a one of us that's too far gone or too far down or to send Fuller to dark or to you know to messed up there's not one of us that's too messed up you know I pray for the pope to some people say you should pray for the pope and I pray for Francis I hope that somehow God will open his eyes too because I believe God loves him too he loves President Biden he loves everybody in government he loves all the kings of the earth He loves people that are inside the bloody woman he loves all of us and his goal is to get us out here and to get us up there and to be with us forever and the good news of the Book of Revelation which is the revelation of Jesus Christ is the chief this is the lamb and he is the king. He paid the price and he's coming back he's humble and yet he is the lion he's going to put down all the world forces of evil and protect his people and get us out of here if we trust him and hold on to him and say Lord I am yours or I accept you as my Savior I pray for your Holy Spirit to be in my life I ask you to forgive me for all my sins and I pray that you'll write my name in your book the Lamb's book of life and that you'll keep it there and that no matter what happens I'm going to follow you instead of the ways of the world so I can be with you and eat from the Tree of Life in the midst of the paradise of God sound good Hallelujah praise his name so I encourage you to give your life to Jesus make him 1st in your life make his word 1st in your life and you'll never be sorry pray for the Holy Spirit that the Spirit of God will guide your mind and help you and prepare you to link up with an infinite mind with God's mind and to get you ready for whatever is coming in this world makes sense all right let's let's close with prayer here you can kneel if you like or if you don't have room just by your heads. We are just about at the end of our our weekend. Thank the Lord that He is good to us he loves us he's given us the chance to be here and to hear these wonderful truths from his word to your Father in Heaven Lord we sense that the Spirit of God is in this please. Lord we we long for the day when Jesus will come when we won't have to struggle in this world with the pandemic and with old age or with sickness or with people getting hurt or children crying and all the things that are happening in the deceptions that are around us so we just pray that Jesus that you will be aboard of our lives King of Kings Lord of Lords the Lamb of God The Lord be with each person here help us all to make that big choice to surrender our lives to you to accept the Gospel to accept that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead he went to heaven and he's coming back more get us ready you use us that's part of the 7th Day Adventist movement the movement that you have raised up to teach Bible truth to teach the 10 Commandments to teach the Sabbath to teach the 2nd coming. Help us to learn these truths of your word and Lord fill us with your love your grace just like you you were kind to Saul even though he was trying to kill your your children you were still kind to him you asked him why are you doing this it's hard for you to go against your conscience or give us that kind of grace and kindness as we relate to others even those who don't agree with us or even those who may want to hurt us. Help us to be like you so we can reflect your character. In this world of sin. In the midst of the darkness the light shone. Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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