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Adventist Education: The Educating of Jesus

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 20, 2021
    11:45 AM
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Let's pray Father we're here before you. With all of our great need flaws and foibles and so much worse than words could even describe it times but Lord through your divine grace being transformed and this morning Lord seeking to be instruments of transformation thank you for everything you've done in these last few weeks taking our young people down to an outdoor education and what your glory and beauty was manifold and blessings so many people in rediscovering the power of your presence in physiology and natural law through our immersion program and now Lord I'm praying lay your healing hand on his do more than we could ask or think and bless us as we take on some challenging subject matter this morning in Jesus' name amen you have your Bibles open them up if you would to Jeremiah Chapter 40. And I'm going to go after this a little different than the 1st service you know there's an old adage out there and it says this you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him what Ok you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink how in the world did they come up with a saying like that there's a reason. In Jeremiah Chapter 40 it's all over. Never can as it had enough. You need to know and I won't take as much time as I did in the 1st service but you need to know the before Zedekiah was made king never can answer who had Daniel back in in Babylon and who had his equal going with them never again as are made Zedekiah promise in the name of his God that he would not rebel. You need to know that and about 3 months after an epic an answer is gone the rebellions on and it will last 11 years and about 9 to have the years into that God will direct never can answer back this time after a siege of about a year and a half Jerusalem will fall nobody wanted to destroy the temple now we can never knew this was the true God and yet the fury of those soldiers and the wrath of the king was meted out on the people now Jeremiah survived through a faithful message in the provision of God His servant Baroud from which part of our scripture reading came was lamenting that his his senior prophet was in jail and things weren't working out and God said Look quit looking for good things inside this system it's not coming to you but I'll give your life now in Jeremiah Chapter 40 we have never use our Dan who is the personal emissary of the king to Jeremiah take good care of him the word was clearly enough communicated and Jeremiah was not on the on the execution list instead he was on the most favored less he was a v.i.p. and I want to read this with you Jeremiah Chapter 40 says the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord after nebulas our Dan captain of the bodyguard had released him from Rama when he had taken of bound in chains among all the exiles of Jerusalem and Judah who Judah who were being exiled the Babyland now the captain of the bodyguard had taken Jeremiah and he said to him the Lord your God promised this calamity against this place and the Lord has brought it on and done just as he promised. Because you people sinned against the Lord and did not listen to his voice therefore this thing happen to you now I want to know why does not use our day and get off was so much confidence and so much cockiness and so much need to tell the prophet why this happened I want you to think about it why does there have to be this encounter I can have no doubt but amongst the annals of Babylon and the communiques of the king there was this knowledge of the actual and see of Daniel's God and how many of those Babylonian soldiers felt a bit remember remorseful that they had destroyed the temple of the Living God and never you know czar Dan is compelled to say to Jeremiah This didn't need to happen now it's important this morning that we start here but let's go just a little bit farther flip over a chapter or 2 and now Jeremiah after of being in choice he can go back to Babylon and live a v.i.p. life navvies our Dan of the king will take good care of them or he can be a faithful prophet and shepherd and stay with his people he choses chooses the latter and in the prospect of it all the Babylonian emissaries and proteges of the king leave and now what's left is a little remnant and that remnant led by get a liar and some what will turn out to be very proud men say to Jeremiah We need a word from God Now go to Chapter $42.00 verse 5 Then they said to Jeremiah May the Lord be a true and faithful witness against us now I'm going to pause right there could you pray like at God. You witness against me if I don't do what I'm saying I'll do in your presence and in the presence of a witness at the heart of this journey this morning which is a very difficult journey to make. I want you to understand that what the Scripture says is true what God builds up sometimes he tears down and it goes against everything in his person in the same way that a parent who would like to do so much for a child finding that child in rebellion watches like the product will as things are torn apart and wasted and yet in the larger lesson of self discovery and coming to oneself God does allow it but we want God to witness against us if we do not act in accordance with the whole message with which the Lord your God will send to us whether it's pleasant or unpleasant We will listen to the voice of our Lord our God whom he whom we are sending you to so that it made go well with us when we listen to the voice of the Lord our God Now that's quite a set up to what's about to happen now at the end of 10 days verse 7 the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. And I'm going to skip over some of that because I've got to cover a lot of ground verse 11 the short version was stay in the land verse 11 Don't be afraid of the king of Babylon whom you are now fearing Don't be afraid of him declares the Lord for I'm with you to save you and deliver you now I'm going to skip over a lot go to chapel or 43 but as soon as Jeremiah whom the Lord verse one whom the Lord their God had sent had finished telling all the people all the words of their god that is all these words Azariah the son of Hush I and Johanne in the son of Korea and all this version says the arrogant man said to Jeremiah. You're telling a lie the Lord your God has not sent you to say you're now you are not to enter Egypt and reside there now let's have a little empathy for them over the last 20 years the shadow of Babylon has hung over the city and 3 times never can answer came he took Daniel in the 1st group is equal in all the rich and all the tradesmen in the 2nd group and in the last group he did a lot of murdering if that's the word for war and when it was all send out blood ran in the streets walls were torn down houses were burned the Temple was destroyed. And after all of that you'd think there'd be some credibility but Jeremiah's got to confront the elements Chapter $44.00 the culture was so bad that even after testifying that God would witness against them which he did we find this encounter verse 7 and Chapter 44 now then Thus says the Lord God of hosts the God of Israel why are you doing great harm to yourselves so as to cut off from you man and woman child in front from among Judah leaving yourselves without a remnant provoking me to anger with the works of your hands burning sacrifices to gods in the land of Egypt where you are entering to resign verse 10 but they have not become contrite even to this day verse 11 therefore that says The Lord of all is the God of Israel Behold I am going to set my face against you which is what they witnessed and prayed and asked for for whoa even to cut off all Judah skip down to verse 17. As far as the message if you have spoken to us this is now. Another dialogue with those who want to run Egypt instead of doing what God said as far as the message you've spoken to us in the name of the Lord we're not going to listen to you but rather we will certainly carry out every word that has proceeded from our mouse by burning sacrifices of the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her just as we ourselves our forefathers our kings and our princes did in the cities of Juda and in the streets of Jerusalem for then we had plenty of food and we were well off and we saw no misfortune but since we stop burning sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings sure we've lacked everything and we men are and by the sword and by famine and then the women get in the picture and there's quite a fierce conversation that follows in that chapter which I don't have time to go over friends how does a culture go so far off that after a prophet has announced decade after decade and it comes true how does it go so far off after people say pray for us and he takes 10 days to do it and God witness against us and we don't as a how does a culture go so far off. That they misconstrue and read twist the data and say the god the Queen of Heaven is the one that was been really taking good care of us this morning if there was a need for men and women of wisdom it is today for there is nothing new under the sun we are swimming in boatloads of data and wisdom is the great need now let's go one more place before we jump a little farther in let's go back to 2nd Chronicles Chapter 36 2nd Chronicles Chapter 36 and let's understand before we get going the big picture 2nd Chronicles. Chapter 36 looking at verse 15 and 16 this is all the same time period in verse 11 we start with the discussion of Zedekiah which is the one who promised before God to never get As or he would rebel and he did. And finally verse 15 the Lord the God of their father sent word to them again and again by his messengers because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place but let's think of those arrogant men and women that we just read about in Jeremiah 42 and 43 and 44 but in spite of those constant message jurors and message eans they continually mocked the messengers of God. Despised his words scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people and there was no remedy. Whoa now. Let's get on with the educating of Jesus I've taken a few minutes in each of these sermons to remind you like Paul did in 2nd Corinthians 11 was some foolishness you could say and yet a desire to link somebody might watch this sermon that hasn't watched any of the rest so I need to remind you I receive my salvation I receive my calling or occupation and I receive my lifelong wonderful marriage partners are Christian education most people don't get that much the other thing is that I am married to a teacher and in my opinion the best teacher in the world but it's all right with me and there's a bunch of other best teachers in the world out there my father in laws and education of Superintendent I pastored an academy church for almost 20 years I sat on education board for the same length of time. I've sought to build up the work of God However I can wherever it can wherever I go but more than that my education costs more than most people my mother started fighting my father when I was born 56 years ago saying he'll go to that school no he won't back when 7 they haven't it's mother agnostic law's a fair Catholic dad but you know what I went I was there 2 years we couldn't afford the bill school board chairman calls up and says Your kids will have to go home if you can't can't come if you don't pay the bill my sister burst out into tears it was more than I could take it was certainly more than my parents can take I've never seen my mother may be quite so mad as she was after that phone call I know school board chair persons I know treasures and financier's it's got to go but expand the arm of goodwill and prayer and some poor and redemption as far as you can my dad refinanced our house in the early eighties at 141516 percent interest whatever it was and it was that way for a long time yes my education has cost more than most people my cattlemen college education costs more to I spent many summer so all my summers and lots of my breaks the single most lonely moment in my young adult life came when I was stuck in my or hall Andrews University I had fallen in love with why I would be a wife and I was working my Christmas vacation in a place that was usually robust with young people and I was all alone shoveling snow and all the other things that you did on the grounds department and Christian education is continue to cost me dearly sometimes for the ones I'm serving the most life changing career experience of my life was standing up to a conference President who was not a man of integrity and to an academy leader who was not a man of integrity and they both happened to be on the job at. Same time which may not have been a coincidence and rather than going into the story as much as I did in the 1st service I can just tell you this as a little exposé of how it worked they took our seniors on a class trip somehow one of the younger members of the Cicero church got a tad too while she was on the trip now mind you if you have a tad too may God help you as you go forward in the age of ages where tattoos don't look so good on you but the truth of the matter is most parents sacrificing for Christian education don't really have it in mind that on a senior class trip their children are coming back with tattoos and this Ted 2 was put just right here on the inside of a he'll of a young female. Of an ankle I should say Can you imagine how the parents felt but it got worse than that because before it was all said and done as they were gathering the seniors to come back to Indiana Academy they tell all of them now be sure and don't tell anybody back in Sr what went on because they won't understand we're right we didn't understand and it created a huge problem and I worked for years in an environment where like David underneath saw I sought to properly support the people above me even though at times there was an absence of integrity and over issues of Christian education. The whole direction of my career was changed but I work for God and if there is something I learned as a young man it is these words the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their in most souls are true and honest people because it's men and women who do not fear to call sin by its right name people whose consciences is true to duty is the needle to the ball people who will stand for the right though the heavens fall are you that kind of person do have a god big enough for when the heavens are falling I want to assure you if the Congress president could hit a button and ejected me from his conference it would have happened except for one thing as a young relatively ignorant young pastor about how things work I was not ignorant about how God worked and I sought to show dignity and nobility in problem solving and treat all people as I would like to be treated and still do what was Rights and I'm standing here before you today because I work for God and God can take care of his workers. And may God bless you as parents may you not be afraid of how it's going to turn out May you be fearful that you will be unfaithful on the journey of a Jew stewardship that is without part without equal there are men and women who like Daniel will do what is right you are being called to be one of them because your god has the ability to strengthen you to help you to uphold you with his righteous right hand and if you have no chapters of finding out today when the trouble of tomorrow comes it'll be unnecessarily hard now. Why all of that why whole of that because the chapter in religious education history that we're about to study is not a good one now I'm reading from the desire of ages on the education of Jesus this paragraph is in your bulletin and well nothing is as simple as it sometimes sounds nothing as as complex as a person who doesn't want to acknowledge or move Here's the paragraph I take 10 points from this which I'll go over very quickly one is good one or bad number one in the days of Christ the town or city that did not provide for the religious instruction of the Young was regarded as under the curse of gone that's good if a child is depending upon you to get them to successful happy functional adulthood and you do a bad job you've gone a long way towards ruining their life now Mind you we've all survived our parents and my kids survive me. God is bigger than the parents but children are a heritage from the Lord and they're not to be set on a shelf while you pursue your goals and fulfill your dreams. Kick the bucket away you don't need a bucket list all you need is to be filled daily by The Holy Spirit and find the joy of being a dad a mom and doing what you said you do when you brought the child into the world is there still a curse is it a biblical curse Well I suspect there is what did Jesus say if you cause one of these little ones to stumble and be better for you that what a millstone and by the way this is not your little pest and where you grind up something in your home this is the ox and moved millstone if that millstone would be hung around your neck and you'd be thrown in the depths of the sea think twice before you have a baby have it in the context of Married Love do it God's way and enjoy the privilege and make your children rise up and call you bless a curse for the absence of religious instruction the good news is there was religious instruction in Nazareth number 2 reading on yet the teaching to become form along concerned we could say with outward appearance that's a problem there's nothing wrong with routine learning but as soon as formal becomes the directive as opposed to a live vital we have a problem number 3 the mind was crowded with material that was worthless to the learner how do you determine worth how many of every play the game Trivial Pursuit Why do we think people who know trivial things are the smart ones. I know people that when I've played Trivial Pursuit with I need on my team because they know every Hollywood actor from every show for the last 60 years. Worth is determined by goals and values and if the value and the goal is a happy life here and a happier life on the other side maybe we ought not to use material that is worthless to the learner relative to our goal which is heaven we've gone far enough down the road of creating young men and young women who command big salaries so what you're not you're worth. As recorded on your bank statement and your not your worth as recorded on the diplomas hanging on your wall and you're not you're worth based on what kind of home you're going to your severed lunch you know what kind of car you going to go there in your None of those things they're all going to burn. Last night someone in our church was laying in bed they were woken precipitously this morning all of the glass shelving hanging on one of their walls came crashing down the smaller unit 6 am and usually things on glass shelves are worth something and usually things on glass shelves are fragile the person said to me as I walked in the door a church in this morning said I thought about not coming and then I realized it's all gonna burn. And our job is not to create the biggest bonfire. That was another member who told me that once the 4th thing is that it would not be recognized in the Higher School of the courts above now Heaven is a school if you haven't done well in school here and you don't like it that's Ok make a success of life with the education of life however it comes. But heaven is going to be a school and Jesus will be the master teacher you'll get to do some teaching the angels will do some teaching but heaven is going to be a school and you know there are entrance requirements and what we're teaching should pass the mustard on entrance requirements if it doesn't fit the value system then it ought not to be recognised here because it won't be recognized in the higher school learning 5 the experience which is obtained through a personal acceptance of God's Word had no place in the educational system they were absorbed in the round of externals listen I want to tell you how the brain works when I was a young man I went to summer camp actually before I went to summer camp I had an uncle who had a boat and if you have a boat you should learn how to walk on the water right and so I was bobbin out there in those big wooden boards or like this way and this way and there was a rope between them and I was supposed to yell hit it and then I was supposed to drink half of the lake. Some of you have done it and then I was supposed to fall down and be plastered on the face of the water until I remember the logo of the rope and it was all supposed to be fun. I did it a few times and decided it wasn't fun and I quit I'm the oldest of 4 children and I have 2 younger sisters and the next sister in line decided she was going to try it this happened at Camp as well same kind of experience but then one day in northern Wisconsin a little resort called St Germain called the Coxes Estoril resort in St Jimmy I hear the horn going and there's this little there's this orange boat out there which seems to be a monk of going around and around and behind the boat is my younger sister walking on water. That only meant one thing. I had to go back down there and Bob in the water and figure out what I had got right all those other times waiting for the experience that was supposed to be worth it I stuck with it until I did it because there was no sister there was going to be doing some I couldn't do. Later on I worked a camp and I had progressed beyond the basics to where I wanted to try to do it on one ski and I tried it and I was this way and that way and drinking water and everything else but I was bigger and stronger and knew how to hold my breath longer and eventually my body was up on the water with one ski and I'd watch those people out there big rooster tail is coming up behind me so I went out there and I leaned on the ski this way I didn't get too much and then I hung on for a while even on the scale this way and I didn't get to much and I couldn't figure it out eventually I was tired and I stopped I went home to the camp had my supper forgot about it all but the next day when I manage to walk on the water again all of a sudden something clicked and I had watched many times and so that day when I had the rope in my hand I just kind of leaned way then and then I went around and I leaned way in and pretty soon it looked like I knew what I was doing. I want to explain something to you especially if you're an educator The reason the brain should not be continually cramped with information. Is a god made the brain to do things when nobody else was telling it to do it and the owner of the brain wasn't telling it to do it God can take those down moments and connect dots and create experiences but when the experience is constantly being directed by somebody else and there's no room for an encounter with the living God And when there's no time to think only to process other men's thoughts which by the way if you read the book of education is not the goal God does some amazing creative things and goes beyond the instructor and the instructor he to keep if unease to moments of Aha to ideas creativity ingenuity but let's keep going. There were no quiet hours to spend with gone I worked once with a man who I think is now a vice president of one of our colleges Russell last night and I believe if you go to Keene today Russell maybe Dr Laughlin I don't know is one of the vice presidents very Was he and I shared a little time at the front desk at Andrews University when I worked for James White library and it was a poignant moment for me he was a year or 2 older than I Maybe a little bit more and he said to me Ron I always want to get an honest a home a good oh God I'm not working with a cheater. And he said No Ron I don't want to take time from God and I don't want to take time from my wife for my academic successes. How many times have I cautioned somebody going off to school not to Bal down at the idle an academic achievement with the offering on the sacrifice being communion with the master educator in the designer of their very being our school systems are not to press and push to where it's an unnatural decision to be with God number 7 in their search after knowledge they turned away from the source of wisdom do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom. We're swimming in data when John insists gospel and he says in effect we could fill more than all the books when why refers to the books of her age as the frogs of Egypt that are everywhere what would she say today you couldn't live long enough to do one small percent of what there is to study the difference between knowledge and wisdom is the difference between Newey knowing what matters and what doesn't. And how to use it they didn't know the great essentials number 8 of the service of God were neglected too busy learning to do too before God It is the 1st paragraph of the book education that the great aim of all education is the joy of service here and anticipation of the higher joy of service and have a number 9 that which was regarded as a peer your education was the greatest hindrance to real development and that must be the most painful sense of the whole paragraph the arrogance of get a liar and his crew that would defy inspiration in the name of data. Superior matriculation of the information this perhaps is the great sin of the 21st century it is the arrogance of academia of course it's not limited to academia but it is the arrogance of the specialists. Too far removed from the inspiration and the humility of knowing one's own self to where what they're holding up is actually the greatest hindrance to the real development of the person without humility there is no knowledge worth knowing. A number 10 under the training of the rabbis the powers of the youth were repressed their minds became cramped and there. So you know what Jesus didn't go to school with them and that's probably the hardest thing for me to tell him he didn't go to their schools would he go to ours so let's study now for a moment about his education because that was pretty negative So what was his education like Jesus gained a knowledge is we may do the same book his intimate acquaintance with the Scriptures shows how diligently his early years were given to the study of God's word but you're too busy to have family worship with your kids you're too busy to help them study to listen well then you're too busy we're going to give up may need a different job may need a smaller house may need only one person working in the home at least for money. It was the study of God's word this is the great expansion of person that is the 1st cornerstone it's not in the way wouldn't it be wonderful if our universities produce such business students that they were known not only for their ability to manage finance and take risk but they were the men and women of sterling integrity that any organization could hire and there would never be a doubt when the auditors looked at the books. The 2nd thing spread out before Jesus was the great library of God created works he had made all things studied the lessons which is own hand had written in earth and sea and sky you talk about all ball home ball too busy to walk out into a nice guy too busy to pause and ponder the answer. To busy the 3rd thing well he was familiar with poverty self-denial and privation and while that's not something we need to automatically create this experience was a safeguard to him in his industrious life there were no idle moments to invite him. No aimless hours open the way for corrupting associations so far as possible which is not totally possible he closed the door to the tempter But let's go a little farther this idea of useful work the exercise that teaches the hands to be useful and trains the young to bear their share of life's burdens listen to what it does this is inspiration it's not data it gives physical strength and it develops every faculty. All should find something to do that will benefit b. but make them beneficial to themselves and helpful to others God appointed work is a blessing and only the diligent worker finds true joy and glory in life and lastly on this subject matter the approval of God rest with loving assurance upon children and youth who cheerfully take their part in the duties of the household sharing the burdens of father and mother such children listen to this May every pastor rise up and say you go parents such children will go out from the hall to be useful members of society one of the reasons 7 they have a churches are still working amidst all the pressure of a secular hedonistic culture is because there's a lot of parents doing a good job praise the Lord but I'm calling you in the name of Jesus Christ to go a step farther the for thing Jesus had responsibilities Jesus desire of ages page 73 did not shirk care and responsibility as do many who profess to be his followers it's because they seek to evade this discipline that so many are weak and inefficient where you want to raise weak and inefficient kids parents. Is that who we want to produce teachers is this our goal of pastors week in inefficient kids then you know what they've got to bear some responsibility but you know what if nobody brings their kids out to church excess at church time we can think it's got to be a good sermon and a good special music and not too long of a prayer and we got what we want I'm here to tell you the pastor's main job is simply provide work for all the members that's Christian service page 72 it's my job to do what I can to let you find your fulfillment in the service of Christ if you won't bear any responsibilities you'll be weak and inefficient I knew this for my kids they had responsibilities I brought my boys to the work me and they worked with me and I wasn't nearly as efficient keeping 3 young men in line as I would have been leaving them at home but now they're part of my efficiency and when they serve the church they're serving partially as a legacy to their fathers duties friends if you don't ever take up any responsibilities at church what kind of role model are you leaving for your kids oh somebody else to do it now this is a bigger church oh the Lord pity the bigger church pastors because everybody's job is nobody's job and there's a 100 other people to do it and I don't need to do it why don't you pray why don't you ask God what you're supposed to be doing I know this the church work is the organized work of salvation of fortress of God in a revolted world and it's also have foot soldiers and infantry men and the tenets and captains and corporals. And all the rest so that we could do something I could not be much prouder than I am of this church right now after 2 weeks of such intensive service I want to tell you the people who worked at this program the immersion program are the last 2 weeks they will be blessed in magnificent ways the 1st of which they've already received for the joy of their service but there are all kinds of churches that can come back to life if people will bear a few responsibilities and Jesus did in his youth why not us empathy so long as he lived among men the savior shared the lot of the poor you know I stood on this platform a few days ago few weeks ago and I said if there's one thing I would do over's a parent Well there's more than one but this is the big one for me so long as he lived among men our Savior shared the lot of the poor he knew by experience their cares and hardships and he could come for and encourage Jesus was the fountain of healing for the world and through all those occluded years at Nazareth his life loadout in currents of sympathy in tenderness Listen to this paragraph you have to fall in love with our Jesus the aged bring your kids to church there's only old people there they say well cumbia a fountain of mercy to the whole people the aged the sorrowing the sin Burton the children of play and their innocent joy the little creatures of the groves the patient beast of birth and all were happier for his presence he whose word of power upheld the world would stoop to relieve a wounded bird there was nothing beneath his notice and nothing to which he disdained a minister you know when your kids go to stepping on the ants my church school teacher told us to stop. We don't mean to be wanton reckless killers of the most amazing little insect that the wisest man said we ought to study not destroy. Empathy how many of our kids are growing up self-centered with locked hearts they've got everything they want life isn't hard they don't very responsible if they don't know the joy of service they know the joy of being served which isn't going to work with a spouse someday least not a self respecting one especially you ladies listen to me meditation and prayer develops the mental and moral faculties desire of Ages his quiet simple life desire of ages the more quiet and simple the life of the child the more free from artificial excitement the more in harmony with nature the more favorable to its physical mental vigor and spiritual strength you have little kids in your life the last thing you want to do is introduce them to the virtual world unless of course you don't want mental Viggle vigor moral and spiritual strength duty and destiny he was doing God's service just as much as when he was laboring at the carpenter's booth as when working miracles for the multitude now I have a question written in my notes and I'm going to ask should we be surprised with such a varied education that he would turn out so different than the religious rulers of his day and that conflict would file what's the Bible say in John chapter one verse 11 he came into his own and his own life Ok now in the last 5 or 10 minutes this is where it gets really heavy after the flood God started over who to start with come on who is the patriarch of Israel Abraham when Abraham received the promise that those that bless you all bless and those that curse you out curse you not friends that blessing is for us finally. About the year 1050 or so b. c. there is an actual country where the king the 1st king is a washout because of his pride the 2nd king becomes a type of Jesus His name was what David how many years is it until Jeremiah Well let's do the math let's just say for generalizing sake that we're at about a 1000 b.c. during the days of David and never can it comes the 1st time in 606 b.c. 6 o 5 we get somewhere in the range of 4 to 500 years whenever it as can as are shows up off goes Daniel we're going to retrain him send him back to Jerusalem but that didn't work because Jerusalem rebels all the time so never can as it comes back he takes that he takes his e.q. and all the rich people and all the the tradesmen and he goes back again and says that a kind of promised me in the name of your God you won't rebel within months of being gone Zedekiah rebels and then weaken as it seems to put up with it for a long time but after almost a decade he comes back and finally he destroys everything could I ask you something did what God planned did he Tara up with your in doubt do yourself a little Bible study this afternoon and find out who never can answer was and whether or not he was God's servant he has chosen instrument and that's why Jeremiah tells that it Kyra he stuck inside Jerusalem with this spineless King and he tells him If you would just go over to the that baloney and your life will be spared. But he's afraid he's never learned that God is real and he won't do it so finally just before never can as it breaks in they run one of the back gate of the city they make it all the way down to the plains of Jericho and never can as was meant catch him and what do they do. They bring all of his sons in front of him and he watches it will be the last thing he ever sees and then they poke his eyes out it's curtains now let's do it again. From the Commandery store and rebuild Jerusalem that command comes in for 57 b.c. up until the time of Jesus what do we have about another 400 to 500 years it's a matter of fact the 70 weeks prophecy is almost 500 years ago Jackley Jesus comes to confirm the covenant. They destroy him I wonder in the annals of evaluation if that might not look like since he's the cornerstone that something's really been torn down they're doing it with their own hands but after he dies and after Stephen is stoned they have about 40 years and the Romans come and what happens France it's all destroyed again now this last little bit here I believe is true to humanity and true to the types this April on April 17 Well let's start with the easiest way to say this on April 18th which is a Sunday morning will be the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther standing at the diet of forms saying here I am I can do no other so help me God my conscience is captive to the Word of God to go against conscience is neither safe nor prudent. And I've heard many say that the Reformation is over the Reformation is what dead is it possible that the spirit of the world should so invade the Christian Church the Protestant church and perhaps even the Adventist movement. To where some of the things that God has built up. May have to come down because we've not hearken to the voice of the prophets. I'm holding 3 books in my hands this one here is the story of our church published in 197195660 this was a curriculum book Man it's no little book. 580 pages I don't know how you could go through our school and study this book and not be proud of our church but I want to tell you what like the rest of society we've done a good job of looking at the bottom of the shoe of our church we've done a good job of castigating and criticizing all the people that have come before us and somehow suggested they've subjected us to a journey of legalism I'll tell you what we have only begun to discover the Christ they knew and the love of Christ that constrained them to go into all the world and this kind of book used to be a part of the curriculum of our middle schoolers I'm holding another one called our story of missions published in 1031 by a former general conference President w a Spicer this was an academy and college book and it is amazing theology of the great commission starting with the apostles and going forward to the exploits of godly men and women and young people in the name of the 3 angels message this it was a part of our curriculum and now I'm only one my wife put my hands last night and interestingly enough it was one of her aunts books published in 1981 called a true education reader and would you know if she didn't notice this but when she handed it to me it's actually for the 4th grade which is the grade my wife teaches it is for silent oral and memory work and this book is I opened it up. Could not help but be a vaccination against the superficial reality of our age and yes it's untitled a true education reader is this pump is this arrogance or it is an attempt to recognize that something very different should mark the experience of our young people in our schools we are not to be one knock off from the Common Core where to be looking to Jesus and the inspired word there are 4 specifically inspired writings education councils on education councils the parents and teachers and students and the book fundamentals of education when is the last time if you're a parent or a teacher or a pastor you have read them Have you ever read them know Jesus did not attend the schools of his day and while I do believe in homeschooling. I also believe that part of the schooling involves the serious integration into the collective family with lessons to be learned outside of the family circle and while that's a personal choice along the way should you choose to homeschool still support the efforts of the local elementary high school college or university program I'm holding in my hands a book written by an Andrew let me just check I believe it's Nelson this book was given to me Yes Andrew Nelson ph d. I had a retired pastor call me up this week and say run I've got a compiling a compendium of all these quotes from an old education class I took he said there have been teachers that have wanted me to give them this book but I have refused but I want to give it to you I've been listening to the messages I want to give it to you he brought it to me and God started connecting some dots. This professor is in this book a century of miracles one of my favorite books everybody should have this book some of you have sent me this book from faraway places Thank you I don't need any more copies but if you could find it I want to encourage you to get it I'm looking at page $110.00 and I'm looking at Professor Nelson and on the right hand of the page is a little handwritten picture of a little handwritten list of 12 things he was praying for in the founding of Mountain View college in the Philippines in the 1950 s. after 5000 young people were or people were joining the Church every year and they needed a place in these kids to college God answered every single one on the list it's an amazing miracle of God's provision to establish the work of our hands when the work of our hands is not departing to the left or the right and while it's not easy today to be an advantage that cater it's not much easier to be a pastor or administrator trying to find the balance between support and challenge my kids and my kids have been frustrated with me to the nth degree because I wasn't terribly sympathetic to their critiques of the teachers and if they needed to talk to the teacher go talk to him some of the teachers I've worked have been very frustrated with me why because I'm challenging them to be men and women of integrity and not when the school the child the parent the institution friends. When Dr Gary Suds was doing his research. And this is a strange twist of fate because I looked at him he actually encountered me for the 1st time when I was in the midst of the conflict I described at the beginning of this sermon that's the 1st time he met Ron killing he thought I was an enemy of 7 they have miseducation he never told me that but he actually sat in on a meeting with me in the conference President. When he went to do is graduate work his doctoral work he included me in his studies and captured a phrase that I heard him use over and over again and this was the phrase by God's grace it was my privilege to give it to him I said that the 70 avenues educational work was the crown jewel of ministries of the 7th Day Adventist Church. But you know friends the jewel has to be protected. The Jewel has to be polished the jewel has to be held up it has to be is constant has to be set in the right settings. Friends. Jesus has one more work to do and so let me tie it off this way we all know there's a shaking coming right here heard of that how does it come how do we get it shaking spare props it makes it super clear the shaking comes because of the straight testimony. And other words there's a prophetic voice that jars the system enough. To some choose separation overpreparation. In that shaking she says it will look like the church is about to what fall God will shake the chaff out and he will garner the wheat into his harvest he will pour out the Holy Spirit which creates the message of the 4th Angel in Revelation 18 the loud cry we need an army of youth rightly trained it must begin in the home it must be properly cared for in the school it must be nurtured and the collective conscience of deviation from the divine plan must be announced an encouragement given from the pulpit faithful labor must be done. For God must have a group of young men and young women who will answer the call and whose lives will bring a credibility to what they're saying that can't be resisted gainsay or denying the education of Jesus is to be the education of all by God's grace for those who cannot stay at home and where the limits of Home Teaching come into practical understanding there are to be schools who don't cramp and repress who are humble and not proud who subject matter allows for reflection and whose offerings me cut the mustard with the accreditation system of heaven is not easy there are people listening to me today who sit in prison responsible positions none more responsible than you as a parent and I'm calling on every person listening to me here today to walk in the footsteps of the Master Teacher grace and wisdom how about this friends how about if we just fly a beautiful orthodontic pressure slowly gradually with a goal of making this crooked place and straight and may God help us with sweetness and beauty to walk in the path of the master educator if you're in education today and you haven't read those books I mentioned then you're walking blind and maybe ignorant. Jesus will turn back the battle at the gates by God's grace. Wherever our circle of influence goes we'll do the same May God help us. To be faithful humble and teachable. So they can teach is whatever we need to know in this 21st century and. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons they visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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