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Jesus' Encounter with the Man Sick of Palsy

Benjamin Ng
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  • February 5, 2021
    7:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for seeing us safely through this week thank you Lord that we have this opportunity to come once again to study your word Lord we don't take it lightly this privilege that we have to commune with our Heavenly Father and with Jesus Christ our Savior Lord. I just pray that we will build again that audience with you this evening that as we pray in faith Lord that you'd come down and speak to each of our hearts so tenderly and so clearly that you would guide us study and that our thoughts as it is lifted heavenward that your thoughts would be brought down to the us and to communicate with us so God is now Lord please send us your Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus' name amen. So the study that will be starting together this evening is Jesus' encounter with a man that is sick with the palsy you know Jesus he has often and he was often found healing people and tending to those that was sick homeless the little children and for those that were just less fortunate than many people out there and often he was found preaching and teaching as well and the reason why people were so opens his teachings was because he ministered to their needs he he met them where they were and only after he fed them or he healed them then he said Come follow me and he truly fulfilled all those prophecies that were given about the Messiah from the Old Testament that would point people back to the scriptures of what he was doing and in Mark chapter 2 where our study is found this evening this was also another case so much up to 2 we start in verse one the Bible says this and again he entered into Capernaum after some days and it was noised that he was in the house and straightway many were gathered together in so much that there was no room to receive them no not so much as about the door and he preached the Word and so them you know Jesus was famous already by this time standing room only no internet back in those days no no where where you can go live over over these way airwaves that we have today there was nowhere where you could post and say everybody I'm preaching here I know be so nice if you could all join us Jesus didn't have to announce in fact Jesus most times had to go to these places wherever he was going secretly But why was Jesus so famous Well we go back to Mark Chapter one Verse 21 to 22 this is what it says and they went into Capernaum and straight way on this. Sabbath he entered into the synagogue and taught and they were astonished at his doctrine for he taught them as one that had authority and not as the scribes you know in March up the one we're told that Jesus went to church he was found there teaching and when he taught he taught with such authority people were amazed they were impressed they were they were being convicted by the Holy Spirit why because men never spake like this man and so the sort of teaching that he brought was not those drys spiritless traditional preaching he preached straight from the word and the Holy Spirit accompanied every word and so that the 1st indication that the reason why Jesus was so famous was because the words that he spoke were captivating and it was like one of the healing balm that people were searching for but what else in March up to one continuing verse 23 The Bible says this. And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit and he cried out saying let us alone what have we to do with the valve Jesus of Nazareth they'll come to destroy us are you know the who the the Holy One of God and Jesus rebuked him saying hold the peace and come out of him and when the unclean spirit had torn him and cried with a loud voice he came out of him verse 28 and immediately his fame spread abroad throughout all the region round about Galilee so he was healing he was casting out evil spirits and when people saw that his fame spread out it was the impressiveness that the solemnity that the greatness of his preaching and then the healing accosting out of people with evil spirits and then also Mark Chapter one we find something else Mark 132 to 34 and even when the sun did set they brought on to him all that were diseased and them that were possessed with devils and all the city was gathered together at the door and he healed many that was sick of diverse and diseases and cast out many devils and suffered not the devils to speak because they knew him and so he was healing not just those that were possessed by evil spirits but even those that were physically sick and so as Jesus was preaching as Jesus was healing his fame spread abroad everywhere and even at the end of March up to one we see his encounter with a leper and look what happens after Jesus heals this men who had leprosy but he went out and began to publish it much and to blaze abroad the matter in so much that Jesus could no more openly enter into the city but was out was without in desert places and they came to him from every. 3 quarter Jesus was so famous he could not go into the city it could not it could not support the crowds that were coming looking for him he had to go out into the desert place the Bible says He was a famous teacher he was a famous preacher he was a famous healer a hope in the midst of all the oppression that Israel was facing at that time under the hand of the Romans and so people were gathered to listen to this amazing man sent from heaven and so as these people gather together and march up to to Jesus began to preach the word to them healing was important but it isn't the Gospel friends true and total healing begins with the Word of God and we're going to see that in this encounter this evening Jesus knew that the physical was only a small part of the equation because he needed to minister to in a man to speak to their hearts and minds and so as he's preaching and people are gathered even until the door what happens Mark Chapter 2 verse 3 and they come unto Him bringing one sick of the palsy which was born of $44.00 men bring their friend to Jesus he was a paralytic he couldn't walk. He needed his friends or I should say this man needed for Christians or for deacons or for deaconesses to help him yes last week Jesus was the one who approached the man that was lying by the pool at Bethesda But today this story it aligns more with the mission that Jesus has given to us in the present time we need to be the ones that are bringing people to Jesus people rarely will come of their own accord and I should say that this man was brought by 4 friends that he had met at church because it's too often that we bring people to church but they are not our friend they are a ministry they are a number and the someone that we consider friends you know what is a friend a friend is someone that you hang out with that you eat with that you socialize with and it's not just on the Sabbath day you know friends we got to have these sort of friends in our church and these are the sort of people that we need to be so others who are sin sick that are looking for Jesus friends are those that you invite to your birthday party to your hangouts and and all these things and this man he was blessed with for a father I hope you have such friends this evening but if you don't don't lose hope Look you got to pray God give me such wonderful friends and I know that God will answer such a prayer request not because he wants you to lean on the arm of flesh but friends we are made a social creatures we need especially those that are leaders in our churches and those that have been longtime Christians we need to be those sorts of friends today but let's continue Mark Chapter 2 and verse 4. And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press they uncovered the roof where he was and when they had broken in up they let down the bed where in the sick of the palsy Lay You know they could not come in because of the want the press people were blocking the way they could not get in and so what did they have to do with great effort they had to pull the men up on to the roof I don't think there was stairs that lead up there they had to pull that men up on to the roof not only that when they got there they had to uncover the tiles of the roof or whatever it is and then they had to slowly and gently with the remaining amount of strength that they had left to put this man down at the feet of Jesus it was urgent it was urgent this man and he must have been at the end or near the end of his life and so they couldn't wait for Jesus to finish his sermon they had to bring him and put him at the feet of Jesus you know friends this is true evangelists that effort it takes a lot of energy it takes a lot of strength it takes time if we want to see souls say into the kingdom and friends if only our evangelists efforts were that urgent today so many other things are urgent in our lives now days isn't it but this man his friends saw the urgency with which they had to come and put him at the feet of Jesus they were unashamed to interrupt Jesus' Sermon look when someone breaks a hole in your ceiling I don't think anyone is just going to ignore and keep preaching as if nothing happened right you going to stop you just going to be Santa never going to sit there and there was a serving there waiting to see what's going to happen is Jesus going to turn this man away of course he isn't. What happens next march up to 2 verse 5 when Jesus saw the a faith he said unto the sick of the palsy son by sins be forgiven the friends can you see faith can we see faith you know in Hebrews 11 we like to say faith is a substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seem but yet here we can in Mark chapter 2 verse 5 just in case you didn't see it when Jesus saw their faith Jesus said he saw their faith look he did not see the faith of the crippled man not the one that was lying in that bed or that rug or that cloth that they were holding know he saw the faith of those 4 men that were bringing their friend and laying him at the feet of Jesus but you know friends what did Jesus actually see did Jesus see the word of God were that were they singing scripture songs were they reciting Bible texts is that what Jesus all know what did Jesus actually see well you know even though Jesus was busy preaching he did see these 4 men come to that friend he did see just as he saw who was it Philip that was praying right in John chapter one he saw all these form in common lift this man from his house or where he was and they brought him to the house he saw that they could not get in through the door all through the window to packed he saw when they lifted him up he saw when they brought that roof open he saw when they lifted gently laid him down and let him down through the roof at his feet he saw their faith but wait. All that I talked about we don't usually call that faith what we call that friends what do we call all that I've described the men bring that format that man the foreman pulling them up to the roof and breaking the roof and bring him down what do we call that that's not faith what we usually see we see we call that works isn't it yet the Bible here says When Jesus saw their faith you know there's a really important lesson for us to learn from this verse and the story Faith isn't true faith until it can be seen faith isn't true faith until it is not a festered in a works faith finds expression in the way that you live your life not just for yourself but also for others true faith will learn to live for the salvation of other people for truly faith without works is that no works no faith broken works broken faith good works good faith friends what is your faith like today. Or should I say What are your works like today when Jesus sees your works when he saw your work for this past week what did jesus see can he declare that he saw faith or are the works that you do more to do with the world and nothing to do with faith. Are your works guided by love for Jesus and love for man in service to humanity or are your works all about me myself my time my life my work my studies Me Me Me Me Me Does your works lead people to the feet of Jesus and not just you sitting at the feet of Jesus. Where Jesus can heal them. You know the condition of your faith by looking at your works and maybe you might say Well Ben you don't understand you're a pastor of course you know your work is to do that that's why you're paid but I have to support my family I have to you know my my my parents sent me here to k.l. to study this is what I'm doing yes but friends are not just asking about that how about your free time how do you use your free time what has been the tenor of your life in how you've used that free time this past week has it been to be a blessing has it been the result has it been that you've brought someone close. To Jesus even though you worked you studied how about all of the time that you have that goes beyond just your work and your studies how does Jesus see your works can he say like what he saw when he when he said when he saw those 4 men when he saw their faith then he turned to that man and said Man Nice sins be forgiven the you know friends most of us we we live self-serving lives isn't it we do fall for the most of our life for the most of the week you know when you work even though you might be working in ministry you still paid you know but what do you do beyond that for some the doctors what do you do beyond being a doctor for some of you your accountants What do you do beyond just crunching numbers. For foreign ministry even and not just seemingly for yourself but you know that still calling what we call what a company right but what do you do beyond just your own life even though you had to study you had an exam coming up this week what have you done to be a blessing beyond. Just your own 4 walls you know the heart of a true Christian it beats for the lives of other people and not just for themself to save them to be a blessing to vent to let them be healed to let them see the beautiful face of Jesus Christ our Savior this is something that we really need to think about this is what you need to consider is not just about all God I did not sin this past week I didn't steal I don't lie I didn't cheat I didn't commit adultery I didn't kill I wanted my parents now I'm keeping the Sabbath but so many of us we've just lived for ourselves what is the condition of your faith a man he is never saved by works but a man without good works will never be saved right except of course we have the rare occasion of the thief on the cross who had not any opportunity to display his good works and his love for Jesus because after Jesus said all I'll see you shortly in paradise you died but friends you can know whether you are saved you can know the condition of your faith by simply looking at your works and you know what also is interesting friends when Jesus sees the faith of these 4 men then he looks at this man sick of the palsy and says Your sins are forgiven you. It was probably like the man that we studied last week you know because of what he'd been doing personally and privately in his own life that has caused him to be to contract this sickness that he couldn't walk anymore it was probably his fault he'd been practicing some secret sin and he needed to hear the words of Jesus saying to him I forgive you Jesus knew his need and the 1st thing Christ said. And did was to relieve him of his mental anguish you know guilt had probably been plaguing him for so many years because of his own vice and sins and so Jesus he forgave him 1st and you know that that sort of weight that we carry is a bigger weight than many of us carry with physical sickness the guilt that we carry is something that we carry with us wherever we go and even when we try to sleep it becomes difficult and so Jesus knew his need and he says I forgive you but what happens as soon as Jesus says that march up to 26 The 7 but there were certain of the scribes sitting there and reasoning in their hearts why this man thus speak blasphemies who can forgive sins but God only and they rose up quickly to condemn Jesus not realizing that they were actually sitting in the very presence of God at that very moment they didn't realize that one greater than man was gracing their presence but let's continue verse 8. So how does Jesus respond immediately when Jesus perceived in his spirit that they so reasoned within themselves he said unto them why reason ye these things in your hearts whether it is easier to say to the sick of the policy nice sins be forgiven the or to say Arise and take up the bed and walk but that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins he say to the sick of the palsy I say into the Arise and take up the bed and go the way into the house and immediately he arose took up the bed and went forth before them all in so much that they were all amazed and glorified God saying we never saw it on this fashion. And so when Jesus he perceived what they were thinking he knew because he was God He knew what they were thinking in their hearts he immediately addressed it and he said one what is easier is it easier to say friends of men I forgive you or is it easier to say to a man take up your bet and walk which one is easier and look we know what's easier it's easier just to say I forgive you isn't it I mean nothing in a sense if we could say miraculously happens of course to the person who is forgiven much happens immediately that man would feel relieved of his burden knowing that what God had forgiven his sins but I'm telling you to say to a man get up and walk Have you ever done that have you ever gone into to the hospital or someone who who has been sick for 30 years or 20 years or even one year can't walk and you say to them men get up and walk they just laugh at you wouldn't they. Of course it was easier to say I forgive you but you know what friends the work that God has to perform on the human heart is sometimes much much more difficult than just helping a band with a physical infirmity the guilt that we carry with us the worry in our hearts a conscience stricken with the understanding that you know of having done something wrong and now I'm paying the price for it this sort of burden that we carry is much heavier than any physical problem and burden than ever we can face and Jesus knew what this man sought for 1st that's why he said to him I forgive you but God forgives you that even though you got yourself into this problem I forgive you and you know I've done stuff wrong all the time every year every week and there was one occasion you know I know what it feels like when people don't want to forgive you you know there was one time I heard this friend of mine and I went to them and I asked them please forgive me and they said you know what I can't right now not right now leave me alone and I went away from that that talk that encounter with such a heavy heart was all that I can think about you know the one of the worst things that we could ever do friends as a Christian or even as a human being is to withhold forgiveness from people that have done us wrong and they come and they apologize and they say sorry and you don't want to forgive them or you just brush them off it is a heavy burden to carry and Jesus knew Jesus knew that this man had to be forgiven 1st before he was healed physically. And you know many of us we have a heavy load in our hearts and we try to find a solution for it through drugs through partying through through games and movies or even relationships what the world offers to us is is just endless and we jump from one vice to another solution and ends up becoming an addiction and we look for temporary solutions that the world tries to offer us and it leads us deeper into vice and since Jesus is the only one that can lift that burden from us friends and the gifts that Christ you so long to give to each and every one of us is a mind that is free from from guilt and the burden of sin and of shame and of righteousness and so he says to the man 1st before healing him physically he says I forgive you only after that does Jesus heal the man physically I know it's easy for me to say because I'm not experience such a sickness in my life but Jesus longs to heal the sin sick soul more than the physically sick not because he doesn't care but why because he knows that there's a day coming that he's going to make whatever you were healed from even better because this man he just went back to a mortal body even Lazarus who was raised from the dead came back only to die a few years later right all the people that have been healed from sickness even resurrected from the dead these people would eventually die but when Jesus comes for a 2nd time no more pain no more sickness no will cry no more death and all things are made new in the twinkling of an eye and so yes God can and he will but he knows that in order for us to taste that blessedness in the future he has to heal the sin sick soul for sed and so he sees that of much more importance than healing this man physically. Yes I know that probably most people that are out there listening to this live stream this evening you know you've probably you're probably not that physically sick right now and maybe you've been through some sort of sickness I have just I think a few years ago I was sick for a month I ended up being in hospital and finally they gave me antibiotics and I was well by the next day praise God not to the point where we can't walk but friends of you realize you need forgiveness in your heart maybe your sins have nots you know struck you down physically and they have not affected you in such a negative way that you need a god or else you perish but this this man certainly had come to that point but that's where in the difficulty of forgiveness lies because many of us don't realize how sick we are how much in desperate need we really are of Jesus the world has caught us away and got us all tempted and distracted with the glitter and we forget that Jesus that's not what he looks for when it comes to righteousness that's not what he categorize as important in this world but he looks into the heart and so he heals the man 1st spiritually mentally and then only physically you know I want you to take a step back and look at this picture that we just seen Jesus in this house and it was packed with people standing room only right people couldn't get in the hall friends could not bring this man in through the door in through the window in any through anywhere just to get into the feet of Jesus you know they had been listening to the preaching of Jesus that's the reason why they were there and there was one person sick yet it was only this man Jesus forgave. It was only this man that even though there were other people in his presence it was only him that felt and received the healing stream that Jesus Christ to die is to give to everybody only one felt their need or are really I should say only 5 felt the need because when Jesus saw the faith of the fall then he was willing to heal one but you see only one experience there and here we see the comparison between the 2 types of Christians that are out there today oh yes they go to church they're quietly sitting there listening to the sermon there or inspired by the words that come from the pulpit but yet there are only 4 that are concerned and motivated and involved in bringing others to the feet of Jesus you see friends our Christian experience cannot just be tied up in going to church just once a week or rather tuning in once a week to this broadcast or for 24 hours throughout the Sabbath our Christian experience can't just be that it's got to go beyond the 4 walls and our own desires and our own needs is not enough just to sit at the feet of Jesus in your devotion. Just to make sure that Jesus guides your life and blesses us and you know for so many selfish reasons as well but how has Christ stirred your heart for those of the lost for those that are since it how has your devotions brought you to the point where you feel a burning love for those that don't know Christ and a hopelessly lost in sin. This paralytic this paralytic man was in a hopeless condition he represents the lost that's why Jesus said to the man that he forgives him what was the condition of their faith the 4 men they were the ones that sure they wanted to probably Hyo the words of Jesus right but they were in a more important mission and look I'm not saying that. Listening to the Bible and hearing the words of Jesus and going to church is not important those are very important friends and this was probably not on the Sabbath or else the scribes in the Farriss that were sitting there would have condemned Jesus again for healing on the Sabbath right and for the men breaking up the roof and all of that so no it probably wasn't on the Sabbath so you know this was Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday it was any other day other than the Sabbath that these people all gather together religious men but you see friends your spiritual spirituality has to got to take you beyond just God please forgive me please save me please help me please bless me it's got to go beyond that our prayers have to go beyond that so many of us you see there's the tale of 2 Christians those that are seeking for the blessing yes and we need the spirit of blessing but the spiritual blessing has got to go beyond what our 4 wall. Is Got to go beyond just our own life is got to go beyond my own blessings but seeking for the blessings of others. You know Christ he longs to work through every Christian for every person that names the name of Christ he wants to work through each and every one of them the fields are white the harvest but the laborers are few and so when Christ says when he comes for a 2nd time will he see Faith will he find faith will he find people burning with zeal and the love of Jesus for the last Are there going to be those that he's going to find praying for the lost and bringing those that still need saving and healing bring them to the foot of the cross does Jesus see that sort of activity today not Joe's just those that are sitting there reading their Bibles and praying and and that's it but friends the reading of your word and the praying the present you pray the experiences that even this private time that you have with Jesus has got to take you beyond just your own room and your own life because you can't miss seeing it in the scripture that when Jesus prayed he was praying for office that even when when when you ask for blessings you know in the Bible when people are so blessings Yes God gave the richest a solemn but that's not why Solomon was asking he was asking for wisdom so pray for the blessing of the Holy Spirit that God will give you wisdom to teach a bible study or to even preach or to even share or pray for coverage the faith of the martyrs to go and knock on your neighbor's donkey to know them or to share with them or even to say hi to them when you see them walking by or in the elevator. You got to pray for these sort of encounters you were asked God to bless you so that you can be a light but a set on a hill you know friends all these things this is faith it starts off small like a mustard seed but you know what happens it grows into a big tree where all the beasts of the field and the birds of the air they end up lodging under there and use the providing for them he wants the us to be like the fountain of living water after we have drunk from it that it overflows as a spring and a stream that flows out to bless other people friends Christ he wants us to be a light that is set on a hill so that when others see they will end up praising God He wants us to live just beyond ourselves and our own lives but be a blessing to other people more than just going to church more than just growing in truth more than just walking with Jesus day by day all of which is important and necessary to the Christian of they want to grow but now he wants us to open our eyes and to see beyond our own pitiful and meager existence to realize it's not just about me myself and I but it's about others it's about bringing our friends our neighbors all those that passers by every day to the feet of Jesus. And so where do you start today friends where do you start if you realize when you honestly reflect when you look back in this past week that you've not lived for anyone but yourself you cannot pray for anyone but your own family and blessings of safety and prosperity then where you start you pray he wants you to pray God wants you to pray Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven the Lord's prayer as an evangelist prayer. The Lord's Prayer is a prayer full of faith pray Father just help me to just repeat these words and maybe this prayer is to famous you know I remember when I was in England for a few years growing up we would recite this prayer every day or every week in school and it can become meaningless but now as you pray it can change change can change the way you look at this life you can change the way you begin to live this life and you know his will that is done in heaven you know who does you know when you you pray die will be done On earth as it is in heaven who does the will of the Father in Heaven is Angels and so he Bruce tell one you know what it tells us about angels there are ministering spirits it's a very last verse of he was Chapter one I'm sorry I don't have the verse in front of me but it says that they are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those that will be heirs of salvation and you know who are those all be heirs of salvation those that are living in this world today he wishes for us to be like angels and that's why in Revelation Chapter 14 the 3 angels messages are not done by a literal angels but by people who represent angels going throughout the whole world telling people about the Gospel that my dear friends is learning to do the will of God today you can start by praying you can start by asking God help me to do your will what does that mean I don't know and you don't need to know but if you pray for that God will answer all friends he will answer he will show you his will so clearly there will be no mistaking it we just got to start somewhere and so for decades. You know. You can pray Sunday morning that Jesus is Tuesday night we have psyches we have preg roups that people get together in small groups to pray throughout the week you can find a prayer partner and do discipleship together I know my wife she's starting with another person I don't want to name them but you know they're doing devotions together in terms of as they read they share and I know another couple of people that pray together every day friends pray and as you pray God will show you his well you reveal it to you in order that not only will he do that he will set your heart on fire with the love of Jesus and the love for seeing souls saved into the kingdom of heaven is not about a number it's about friends on earth the sons and daughters of God All are called to salvation but we need to be his instruments today May God help us to that end let us bow our heads shall we as we pray Father in Heaven Lord as we see this man that was sick of the policy we really see his friends and we realize that not only yes we are sin sick and we need you Lord to relieve us of our burden but when you do father you calling us to be like those friends as well to have that sort of ministry to learn to bring people to your feet Lord Father we know that that's where the healing is found that is where it really matters and so a lot I pray that you please be with all of us help us to see beyond just our own personal lives help me a lot it's so easy to be selfish. Help me to see Lord that. There are people that are out there that are just not as fortunate to hear the Gospel and Lord you're calling every single one of us to be that light for you today so Father please help us to carry that light to the end of the world but we've got to do it by starting from. Sharing that light with all those that are around us roommates or house mates family members that have not accepted you our neighbors and even the communities that we live in Oh Lord please help us to be that blessing help us law to just not be filled with self and selfishness but to look beyond all of that and so guide us Lord with the Holy Spirit and your will be done on earth today. Just as it is done in heaven. Is our earnest 1000000000 price. We pray in Jesus. 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