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Jesus' Encounter with the Blind, Dumb Demoniac

Benjamin Ng
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  • February 23, 2021
    7:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord for preserving our life throughout this past week thank you for friends and family thank you Lord for this Chinese New Year and a time of holiday season for many of us and I pray Lord that even though we are in this festive new year that you would draw close to us even now as we study your word that you would guide us and lead us with your spirit we pray in Jesus' name amen. So Jesus he's at it again in this story in this encounter and we start off by going to Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 22 he's a body heal someone here and the Bible says This then was brought under him one possessed with the devil blind and dumb and he healed him in so much that the blind and the dumb both. And sore so that word dumb there meant he could not talk you was a mute and Jesus healed him so that now he could see and talk as well and then we look now at what happened as a result of his healing that healing was pretty quick but what happened after that Matthew Chapter 1223 continues and all the people were amazed and said Is not this the son of David verse 24 but the Farriss heard it and they said This fellow doth not cast out devils but by bills of Bob The Prince of the Devils so the people that were standing around that saw what happened they were amazed and they said what is not this the Messiah is not this the son of David that's what that word Son of David meant you know this was King David and this is what it meant for the Jews to call him the son of David look at this next Bible text in John Chapter 7 and verse 42 has not the script just said that Christ cometh of the seed of David and out of the town of Bethlehem where David was you see that word Christ that would Christ that is not referring to Jesus Christ but the word Christ itself means must cya So when they said is not. This was what is it that is not this the son of David it was referring to the prophecies that pointed forward to the Messiah that would come from the seed of David So when the people saw Jesus heal this man they said wow this must be the Messiah they were declaring that Jesus must be that promised one that they're all waiting for. But look at how the Farriss responded in contrast they reacted quite differently they said what do you remember all this man he's casting out devils by the prince of Beal's above bills of Bob which is another name for Satan they were not willing to accept what Christ had just done and instead they accused Jesus by using the Prince of Darkness his power for costing out this man that was possessed with an evil spirit Now look it's one thing to not accept what Jesus is doing but when the man that was clearly possessed with an evil spirit with the devil and that was blind and he could not speak and he was harassed in every way is now there clear of his past sickness spiritual and physical it is clear that a power more than human was present however they refused to accept that Jesus was divine They refused to accept him as the Messiah so the only other option since there was some sort of power in play at that point the only other option they had was to conclude that Jesus was in league with the devil could you believe that they were treading on dangerous ground you know it's one thing for a person to have a personal bias and a grudge against someone but when their fruits like what Jesus bore when their fruits are so clear we've got to make sure that we judge people by their fruits and not by our own personal opinion of what we think of them. It's so interesting that the common people were the ones that were ready to accept Christ as the Messiah and yet the religious leaders the ones that are studying the Bible the ones that are meant to know the prophecies of the coming Messiah Well the ones that rejected him and yet in this case they said what he's using the prince of the darkness the powers of the dark and darkness to cost out this evil spirit so how does Jesus respond let's keep going Matthew Chapter 12 vs $25.00 to $27.00 and Jesus knew their thoughts and said on to them every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand and if Satan cast out Satan he is divided against himself how shall then his kingdom stand and if I by bills of up cast out devils by whom do your children cost them out there for they shall be your judges Jesus replied that it did not make sense for Satan to cost himself or his comrades or his evil angels out of somebody he was going against himself it didn't make sense look even common sense and common logic when you put $2.00 and $2.00 together could have figured that out that Jesus is not using the the powers of darkness to cost out a man that was possessed with an evil spirit. And then he continues and says What if Jesus was casting out demons with with the powers of darkness that how about others because he was not the only one this is probably not the 1st time it's happened but how about those that also cast out evil spirits as well were they also using the powers of darkness as well how come they want being condemned that by using the power of Satan right so Jesus was exposing their clear envy and hatred and jealousy of him that the Pharaoh sees had against him and in their hatred they were blind to the fact that they were walking a very dangerous path. You know envy and jealousy it really blinds us so easily it distorts our view of other people in makes us think outrageous thoughts that we wouldn't normally think and it makes us in this case an reasonable in the case of the fairest sees that it would ultimately lead them to crucify Jesus at every opportunity that they had you know I want you to consider this this case in the Old Testament this is a story of death than Cora and of Byrom and is found in numbers 16 Ok and one which is going to read one verse from there so you're not familiar with the story you can go back and read it later a number 16 but they came to Moses and Aaron and they said look the children of Israel they are all holy they are all fine they don't need a leader you are the ones that exalt yourself pointing to Moses and Aaron you are the ones that exalt yourself posts only up hold yourself. Above everyone else and no one asked you to do it. What was they thin Koren about I'm saying that they are the ones that had their own agenda to to put themselves brothers in this position Numbers Chapter 16 and verse 3 says it this way and they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron and servants of them you take too much upon you seeing all the congregation are holy every one of them and the Lord is among them wherefore then lift up yourselves above the Congregation of the Lord in their envy and jealousy and their pride of the position that Moses and Aaron had they they were blinded and they accuse them that it wasn't God that put them there it was they themselves they forgot the miracles that God did through them in Egypt with the 10 Plagues they forgot that God worked through Moses of the 4 the Red Sea and and so many other miracles that it was evident evident and clear that Moses and Aaron did not have their own personal agenda but that God was with them and they forgot because why they were generous of the position that they had and in this case the Farriss you know when we come back to the story they were envious of Christ that he was gaining popularity that he could read their minds that he was doing great things and people were following them and not the Farriss themselves and so they accused Jesus of using the Prince of Darkness as power for his miracles friends we have to be so careful that we check and recheck ourselves that our actions are not born of jealousy or envy or hatred it leads us to do the most heinous sins and accuse people of such such an reasonable actions but let's continue shall we Matthew Chapter 122830. But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God then the kingdom of God is come unto you or else how can one enter into a strong man's house and spoil his goods except he 1st bind the strongman and then he will spoil his house he that is not with me is against me. And he that gather it's not with me scatter with a broad You can see very quickly here that you know Jesus he heals that man that is blind and that is dumb and even though that's the title of our our study this evening that's only just the beginning but really that the rest of his discourse and the rest of his interaction is with the Pharaoh sees that accused him for casting out the demon from this person by the prince of Bilbo's above by the prince of Satan by the power of Satan Pardon me but yet in this in this text or we just looked at here in Matthew 1220 to 30 Jesus gives another alternative another possible alternative to their accusation if by any chance that I do cussed out devils by the Spirit of God then the kingdom of God is Commons you the possibility is that God's Spirit is working through him and not the devil's power of course look for us that studying it we know that it is the Spirit of God Jesus has already established that it makes no sense for Satan to cost himself and to work against himself and then he gives an illustration of what no man can enter into a strong man's house and spoil or steal his stuff until he binds the strong man and then he can do whatever he wants Jesus saying what he just bound the strong man and custom out that was the devil and he did it by something that was even more powerful than the strong man which was what the Spirit of God and then he says what if you're not with me. You're against me if you don't gather with me you're scattering abroad what is he trying to imply by this what is he trying to say look who was with Jesus it was the Holy Spirit he cast out of this man a demon by the Spirit of God by the Holy Spirit and if they weren't on his side then they were on the opposite side they meaning the Pharaoh seas which is the side of Satan Jesus in essence was saying what the Pharaoh sees were doing the work of the devil Jesus turned it on its head a very quickly didn't he instead of you know the Pharisees came and said hey hey you're casting out the man that's possessed of the demon by the prince of bills of up but he turns around says In actual fact by you saying that you are really working in league with the devil himself We've got to be so careful that our envy jealousy our hatred of someone that you know it doesn't make us to work on the wrong side on the wrong equation and instead of working the works of God we end up working the works of the devil we don't realize that if God ordains someone and we start speaking against them we are speaking against God even King David when he was anointed as King by Samuel the prophet and then he had to run for his life because the current king King Saul was seeking his life trying to kill him and when King David had the opportunity to kill him he didn't he says I'm not going to raise up my head against the Lord's anointed he still said that Saul was the one that had been chosen by God and I got to be so careful and we got to be so careful. In the way that we speak that we don't end up doing the devil's work by accusing someone that they are doing the works of the devil when in fact it is our envy and our jealousy that is blinding us but let's continue shall we Matthew Chapter 1231 to 32. Wherefore I say unto you all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven and some men but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven on cement and whosoever speak of a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven him but whosoever speak of against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven him neither in this world neither in the world to come Jesus he talks about the blasts for me against the Holy Spirit you can speak against me but be careful not to speak against the Holy Spirit that you are to produce it or to be to it a tribute to think the power of the Holy Spirit to the power of the devil they were treading on dangerous ground Jesus was warning them that they were going down the path of unpardonable sin and look we will be looking at the details of the unpardonable sin in the study but Jesus wanted them to know that they needed to be careful that they did not attribute the power of God to the power of the devil calling the Holy Spirit a devil of power but let's continue. Verse 33. And we all wait of us 37 of Matthew 12 either make the tree good and it's fruit good or else make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt for the tree is known by his fruits or generation of vipers How can you being evil peak good things for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak of a good man out of the good treasure of the heart to bring it forth good things and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart to bring it forth evil things but I say unto you that every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account there of in the day of judgment for by the words that I shall be justified and by the words that shall be condemned look this is a good teaching situation in a sense Jesus was saying what you are the mean that the tree good and then the fruit will be good or the trees corrupt and the fruit corrupts the tree is known by its fruits and usually in that in this text if you look at it individually bite cell verse 33 we think what actions but really this whole time in this whole story that we've been looking at Jesus is not talking about actions he's talking about what are words that's where when you go back to that very last verse verse $37.00 for by thy words you'll be justified and by your words you will be condemned we need to be so careful. What we say we need to be so careful with our fruits that is what we speak in this context in this context there was no actions from the Farah sees but Jesus did have fruit though he did have actions Jesus was telling the Pharisees look at my life look at what I've done he was walking the works of God he was healing a person that was possessed with an evil spirit and instead of condemning him they needed to be praising God just like all the other people that was standing around watching this miracle unfold they needed to be demonstrating great of faith in Christ as the Messiah instead of accusing Jesus of using the power of Satan they had to be careful with their words. And you know friends. This message really is for mean you know I have a quick tongue as if there's one character in the Bible that I can relate to it's Peter the Apostle and quick to speak you know thinking before speaking that was the whole mark the trademark of of Peter that was what he was known for and you know he wasn't the only one I mean there was John and James but you know John he became such a meek person so quickly but Peter was there ever impetuous person ready to speak up but you know friends there's nothing wrong with a quick tongue there's nothing wrong with speaking quickly. The problem is the condition of the heart. If you have a quick tongue with a good heart blessings will come out quickly from what you say and not there's nothing wrong with that but if you have a quick tongue with evil hearts Well that's where you go learn to be quiet as much as possible to begin with of course being quiet does not solve it all the time but Peter he said much as a disciple of Jesus Christ well while Christ was living on walking the earth and and the disciples were around him you know there was a time when Jesus told the disciples that he was going to be crucified and after 3 days he would resurrect and Peter said be it far from the Jesus no this is not going to happen to you why he wanted a earthly kingdom and if Jesus was going to die well the thoughts of an earthly kingdom would be dashed right so he said definitely be it far from me Jesus you don't know what you're talking about Definitely not and he didn't believe he was quick to respond he caught spoke up so quickly in the midst of this teaching session that Jesus was having with his disciples What did Jesus say in response to what Peter said though Matthew 1623 he turned and said to Peter Get thee behind me Satan. It's an offense unto me for Val say verse not the things that be of God but those that be of men Peter was always speaking before thinking at this time his heart was not right with God yet he had not been converted there was another time when when people came to to Peter and said Hey why doesn't Jesus yamas the pay tribute money should he pay and Peter responded without thinking again of course yes Jesus needs to pay thinking without speaking and Jesus. He had to show Peter that his response was wrong and he made Peter go and fish the calling out of get the coin out of a fish and pay the tribute money always ready to speak always outspoken Peter was and look like I said there's nothing wrong with being outspoken and having a quick mouth if your heart is good your heart is converted and the problem is that's where I too often identify with Peter Jesus even told Peter before he died that he was not converted 3 and a half years walking with Jesus and he was not converted look at what it says here in Luke 223132 the Lord said Simon Simon behold Satan has desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat but I have prayed for the that by faith fail not and when the want converts would strengthen vibe rather than that's why Peter was always speaking these foolish words he wasn't converted but you know after Peter's conversion Peter was still quick to speak he was still quick tongue absolutely the problem is not speaking quickly remember the problem is the stream from which it flows from in Acts chapter 2 after Peter was converted he stood up to justify the $120.00 that have been in the upper room praying together in confessing this since they got it because when they began to speak in another language and so many people were coming on the day of Pentecost to come and celebrate in Jerusalem everybody heard in their own tongue and like impossible these people can't know our language from where we were born they must be drunk and Jesus Jesus part of me it was Peter that stood up in the midst to justify these people that I've been preaching in a sense and he stood up. And began to preach a powerful sermon which at the conclusion of it $3000.00 were baptized so there's nothing wrong with a. Quick tongue and ready to speak the problem is what the stream from which it flows from so friends I want to ask you this evening what sort of words do you say are you with c. and sarcastic all the time are you always condemnatory are you always speaking bitter and angry words are you cursing a lot are you speaking words are not true about other people lying or even gossiping Jesus saw the problem with the ferrous these when they came and they accused Jesus after they hear he had healed this man. They accuse Jesus of what using the power that is from from Satan to heal him to cast out that evil spirit he saw that envy and the jealousy and hatred that they had in their hearts he saw their unconverted state. They were blinded by their own prejudice and so even though Jesus demonstrated such clear evidence that God was with him they still went and said such ridiculous statements such as Jesus healing with the power of Satan and so for that Jesus did not excuse what they said but warned them to be very careful. Not Be careful because he was a Son of God rubber you can speak anything against me he said but be careful that you don't speak such foolish words against the Holy Spirit. What was their ultimate problem. It was their hearts and Jesus. He always cares about our conversion about our hearts he doesn't care about the outside he wasn't care he wasn't offended that is like how dare you you say that I'm using the power of Satan you know he was upset he wasn't angry but they were going down the path of unpardonable sin committing a sin that God himself could not forgive you know James the book of James he spends a whole chapter talking about the tongue we've got to be so careful with what we say look at this in James Chapter 3 starting in verse 6 the Bible says this The tongue is a fire a world of iniquity so is the tongue among our members that defile it the whole body and set it on fire the course of nature and it is set on fire of hell for every kind of beast of burden a serpent and of things in the sea it is tamed and with been tamed of mankind but the tongue can no man tame it is an unruly evil full of deadly poison there with bless we God Even the father and there with Curse we men which are made after the similar toot of God out of the same mouth proceed of blessing and cursing my brother in these things or not so to be James he identifies the problem of our tongue he had done to find is a problem with what we speak with the same mouth we bless God and then we curse man this things should not be he says we've tamed all the animals on earth but we can't tame our tongue we can't and you know maybe you tell you my speeches often say yes yes as I've a bad tongue I have a bad tongue other control and I'm just going to be quiet. You won't you won't be able to tame it because it's a problem with our hearts he continues James chapter 3 in our verse 11 does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter Can the fig tree my brother and bear all of berries either of vine figs so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh it's impossible it's not possible for a fountain to have sweet and bitter or salt and fresh is not possible for a fig tree to bear all live fruits you see that it's not possible for a righteous person to say such evil words and so Christ was trying to show the Pharaoh sees that they can't possibly think that they are saved because they're saying such hateful and envious words against him words that would grieve away the Holy Spirit and put them in a position where it's impossible for God to forgive them they needed to be born again they needed to be converted and you know friends I'm afraid that's what many of us this evening need to experience Christ he's dealing today with the manner of life how we live our lives but something more personal it's our words what we say Try as you might unless the heart is transformed unless our hearts are changed our words and what we say will always be sweet and bitter words it will be words that are hypocritical we're going to be trying to teach people about God and say nice things and then we turn around and say horrible evil wicked things to others. And the only way that we can change friends is to be born again you see the miracle at the beginning spot of this whole conversation between Jesus and the various he's And it was a teaching situation. We got to be so careful it's not about offending the Holy Spirit and that's it but it's what we say friends it's what we say because what we say is to show in the condition of our heart and if we say it it reinforces every single time right we got to be so careful we got to ask God to give us a born again experience you know friends we can't possibly think that were heaven bound while our tongues are still uttering profanities while we're cursing. While we continue to gossip about others and while we lie about people and and try to condemn others simply because we're envious or jealous of them we've got to be so careful with our tongue you know James says this in James Chapter one Verse 26 if any man among you seem to be religious and bridleless not his tongue. But deceive with his own heart this man's religion is in vain you know I want you to be undeceived this evening not because I have any special position but because we're looking at the Word of God and I myself you know I have a hot temper and I am quite mild as well I struggle with my tongue and the problem is not just a promise I'm never going to say that again no I will look at the heart and James says if you can't control your tongue you deceive yourself and your religion is in vain. We've got to learn to control this. It has to be tane and there's no conventional way of taming it in terms of human methods we need to be born again. The Pharisees were about to commit the unpardonable sin by what they said it was not anything they did but what they said. And Jesus he won them of this grievous sin. And it's too often that we don't sit and think about our words you know because of my quick tongue I see when I offend people you can tell you can see how that they change in their nature and you know how they react and how they come across you know we got to be so careful we've got to be so careful you know Jesus he's not done there's one last thing that I want to look at and at the end of the passage there's something in between that but I feel like it's not totally related but I want to show you something else here is this analogy that Jesus leaves with the Pharaoh sees and of course all those that are standing around listening and want to read from Matthew $1243.00 all the way to verse $45.00. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walks us through dry places seeking rest and find none then he say if I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he is come he fine if that empty swept and garnished. Then go if he and taketh with himself 7 other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and well there. And the last State of the man is worse than the 1st Even so shall be also and so this we could generation now look that the teaching of this this is the story of parable or analogy or call it whatever you want to the teaching of this analogy is what went on when an evil spirit is cast out of a man and you know he goes around and that evil spirit comes back and he finds that what clean swept but what else it's empty he goes and takes what 7 other with good spirits worse than him self and they come in and have it this man's heart again and the last thing the man is worse than the 1st. Now what should we be filling our hearts with if the wicked an evil spirit is cast out what should we be filling it with while of course what it would be talking about this whole time the Spirit of God We need to be filled with the Spirit of God The problem with this man is after the evil spirit was cast out. He did not invite the Spirit of God to come in after. I want you to think about this right Jesus is not talking to the man that just had the evil spirit cast out of it many of us think he's talking to him but he was done with him at the very beginning of our encounter that we looked at this evening he was talking to the fairy sees the heart of what he means I mean how does that relate to them right look what is the problem with this man in this analogy the evil spirit was cast out and the house was kept what clean it was swept it was nice and tidy but the problem was it was empty. And that's the thing friends. How do you relate this to the Farah sees you see the problem with that man in the analogy is he didn't invite the Spirit of God to come in and we already know that you will know them by their fruits the fruits of the fairest seas was an evil fruit because they were they were condemning Jesus after doing such an amazing miracle that they were condemning him for using the power of Satan and it seemed like they weren't doing anything in a sense right but Jesus said no you guys if we could fruits and the problem is what you are not inviting the Spirit of God to come into your hearts they were doing nothing to invite the Spirit of God in and look obviously that evil spirit he came back and he found it clean he found it swept a nice and tidy and he found it empty and it's not as if the man invited him back in they came back in themselves look if we want to change the way we speak we need to invite God's sweet spirit is not enough just to be clean is not enough just to be empty the an empty of wickedness but you've got to be filled with righteousness and that my dear friends it takes effort it takes what it takes effort it takes energy. It takes an Amen a desire. You got to invite the Holy Spirit in you got to pray with a mouth that where we just cursed we got a we're going to use that mouth and say God you got to give me your spirit not just God help me to speak good words you got to give me a spirit to come in and obviously the ferry sees. They did not have the Spirit of God They were not possessed with the evil spirit do you see that while these That's what they were thinking Right I'm not possessed or not as bad as this man is right he was obviously blind and dumb and he had it work and spirit in him right but Jesus makes it very clear it's not enough just to be empty of evil spirit because sooner or later something is going to inhabit your heart and I tell you it was a same fair a cease that would be in pilot judgment whole crying out what crucify him crucify him crucify him they were filled with hatred and envy and malice they were filled with all the wickedness of Satan as they were crying for the blood of Jesus to be spilt and they said his blood be on our shoulders on our children and our children's children you know friends it's not enough to just get rid of bad things you've got to fill the emptiness with that which is good you've got to fill it. Not enough to be set free but you've got to invite Jesus you've got it invite the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit into your hearts that means you got to got to take time to pray that means you've got to take time to spend with Jesus that means you got to go to that door and open that door and invite Jesus in you got to be praying for his spirit. To be born again is not just some theory out there it's something that we have to be proactive in allowing Jesus to take full control or else sooner or later the emptiness will be filled up with something much worse and friends today Jesus is the only one that can change our hearts and even in this Chinese new time in this festive season we're going to make sure that we still spend time in His Word we still going to spend time in prayer we want to make sure that we are filling our lives with his spirit evermore. And only that no matter what sort of tongue you have quick or slow if you fix the hearts you can be rest assured that out of it will come fountains that us wheat that a French that that satisfy everyone that comes in its presence I know that I need that experience once again the born again experience we need that every day friends we need to commit our lives to Jesus every day and allow him to be in control Let us pray shall we. Father in Heaven Lord so often we don't think twice about what we say we let words just escape our lips and sometimes we had that tinge of regret not realizing that Lord so many of us are not filled with your spirit but were filled with the world and wickedness of Satan father please forgive us and help us Lord help us to see that. The reason why we don't have have words that bless and bless only is because many of us were not born again lot of pray that you please be with all of us that he. Help us to experience born again experience help us to be created in Christ Jesus again whole Give us a new hot take away that stony hot from our hearts and give us a heart of flesh one that is soft and receptive to your spirit so far the police bless us all and Help us Lord even as many of us we struggle with the time. Help us to be overcomes more than overcomes through Jesus Christ our Savior. Jesus name. In. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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