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Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • February 18, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Black History Month message with health focus so glad to be with you for this message we're going to get right into it lots to cover. Their scripture reading is going to come from Deuteronomy Chapter 34 in verse 7 the Scripture says and Moses was 120 years old when he died his eye was not dim nor his natural force abated a message the Sabbath is untitled liberation lifestyle liberation lifestyle let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word Lord ask once again that you just make me a nail on the wall and Lord upon a nail acid to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter was not be seen or heard Father instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus's name Amen All right so we're go to a book of Deuteronomy and this is towards the end of the 40 years in the wilderness the liberation of the children of Israel happened. After the 10 plagues shocked Pharaoh and his kingdom they were let go and had been wandering for 40 years and Manna was falling there was a cloud that guided them by day and a pillar of fire that saddle them by night it's a miracle after a miracle after miracle and the leader for the children of Israel was a man named Moses' he was a prince of Egypt raised in the pharaohs House spent the 1st 40 years of his life learning the ways of the Egyptians He is believed to have been a great general and a great scholar of the Egyptians you didn't stop learning on t.v. or 40 dozen You started your trade they took education very seriously and so Moses was very well educated and then he was really educated by God 40 years watching sheep in the wilderness. Here we come to more at the end of his life the Bible says in Deuteronomy 34 and Moses went up from the plains of Moab on to the mountain of me. To the top of physical that is over against Jericho and the Lord showed him all the land of Gilliatt and to Dan and all NAFTA lie in the land of Ephriam and but NASA and all the land of Juda and to the utmost sea and the south and the plain of the valley of Jericho the City of Palms on to Czar and God and I believe this is a supernatural sighting that takes him up on top of the Mount. And he allows Moses I believe to supernaturally see the entire land hundreds of miles of the Promised Land Moses gets to see it from the perch on me both verse 4 says I'm a lawyer said unto him this is the land which I swear on to Abraham and to Isaac and on to Jacob saying I will give it on to the I seed I have caused me to see it with mine eyes without shout not go over there 80 now 120 years Moses been in the struggle 80 years directly with the children of Israel and when he gets to the end right at the border of the promised land God says he cannot go in. Verse 5 says of Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of mobile cording to the word of the Lord and Moses dies right there and what happens of course to Moses is that he disobeyed God. He struck the rock when his was the speak to the rock and that sin was a grave sin that took it as a challenge to him and. Aaron dies right away when that sit happens and here now Moses' dies. Deuteronomy 34 Verse 6 as any buried him God that is buried Moses in a valley in the land of Moab over against Beth Peor and look at where the last part of his verses but no man knows of his suffering occur and to this day no man knows of his supper liquor and to this day no one knows where Moses was buried or let's look at this a little bit well when you look at it here this is a mountain evil appearing in the red you see how he would have been able to see all of the promised land from this side of the Jordan if you go to Israel and wherever look and they are able to cross into Jordan this is the sign you see the Arabic and this is Mount me moral of Moses' Interestingly enough there's some Franciscan monks who controlled as you know going to guardians of this site is holy to Christians where they say Moses is buried so they had a look at that here so this is where Moses died here on this mountain. But the Bible tells us. And we'll just get into the 4 we get into the deeper into the talk but what's fascinating is the Bible says no one could find a Suffolk or and I would imagine they would have looked for it but the Bible tells us what happened in the New Testament book of Jude which is only one chapter the 9th verse of that chapter says yet Michael the Archangel When contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses' durst not bring against him a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke you what happened to Moses why he can't find his Suffolk or is because he was raised from the dead by Michael the archangel who fought with the devil the devil was trying to say that Moses sinned he does not deserve. To get eternal life it is not deserved to be resurrected. But Michael the archangel who we also know is Christ Jesus Himself says the Lord rebuke you not rebuke you and that was it here's what I will ISIS Christ did not stoop to enter into controversy with Satan he might have brought against him the cruel work which is the deception had wrought in heaven causing the ruin of a vast number of its inhabitants he might have pointed to the false and told false leads told him to eat and that had led to Adam sin and brought death death upon the human race he might have remained reminded Satan that it was his own work in tempting Israel to murmuring in rebellion which had wearied the long suffering patients of their leader and then and in an unguarded moment had surprised him into the sin for which he had fallen on the power of death but Christ referred all to his father saying The Lord rebuke you Jude 9. I like this this is for all for patriarchs and prophets prayed for 7 years as the savior entered into no dispute with his adversary but he but he then and there began his work of breaking the power of the fallen fold and bringing the dead to life here was an advance here was here was an evidence that Satan could not controvert of the supremacy of the Son of God the resurrection was for ever made certain Satan was the spoiled of his pre The writes is dead would live again and so we know for a fact that Moses was raised from the dead because he appears to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration when Alijah Alija never tasted death Moses did and they represent those at the 2nd coming who will be translated never knowing death like Alija and the right says that died will be resurrected I just give you this little bit a little little commercial here just to remind you that death is not a does not have full Sawyer over the christian those who die in Christ will live again and Moses' is one of those people in fact is it interesting he was not allowed to go in and see the physical earthly promised land of Canaan. But when Christ raised them from the dead and took him to glory he could see the eternal Promised Land Deuteronomy 34 and verse 7 says I like this and Moses was a 120 years old when he died because I was not dim nor his natural force abated and Moses was a 120 years old when he died shocking in fact Moses didn't start his ministry till he was 80 years old. As I was not dim nor his natural force abated someone sent me a a clip of a man from Mesa Mesa Arizona maybe basic California but one of the mesas and I'm 111 years old strict vegetarian vegan man African-American Shockey The man is in his right mind running around doing everything rez walks a mile every day just powerful something it happens something God doesn't and I like what it says it is not just that Moses lived 120 years because it's not to God It's not just about lifespan it's about your health span how long will you be able to be healthy to serve him Moses serve God right up until his last minute up until his last breath the Bible says I was not dim. It was natural force abated How did Moses live so long and healthy. Cut to the chase he lived the liberation lifestyle he was liberated from Egypt Egypt since Moses lived the liberation lives out and let me tell you something after being in bondage and slavery the children of Israel had risk for certain diseases so it's been black history month I'll just show you to some statistics for African American health African-American a 50 percent more likely to have heart disease than are white brothers and sisters 40 percent more likely to die at an early age from any cause 19 percent could not afford to see a physician that's from the Centers for Disease Control when you look at 3 major disease entities here in the United States and around the world growing high blood pressure diabetes and stroke what's fascinating is if you look at this. The top bar to darker like purple bar here African-Americans what you see is at every age high blood pressure. Is higher all the way to the lifespan and so it really gets much higher between 50 and 64 years of age same with diabetes same with stroke risk it climbs in your entire life something different happens and this is really frightening and scary stuff if you start to think about it starts at childhood in fact the average life expectancy by race and ethnicity the shortest living people in America are African-Americans what 75 accord it is a study but it's 87 Faison Americans and Los Angeles County where I work for health department. In the l.a. County they did. A study on life expectancy and ran some numbers and found that the average life expectancy from that point forward for an African-American male was 69 years not even 70 years before Asian females like 87 years. I made them and have been hired in that huge the spares the life expectancy and hard to compare men and women women often will live longer but bottom line is there's a huge the spirit of disparity in life expectancy moles lived to be 120 years of age how to do that well there's a lot I mean this is only one part of what would normally be a series what I'm going to focus on diet because I can't get into some of the other parts of this that I wanted to but. One of things that he ate the way God prescribed Moses followed God's instruction on what to eat and here it is Leviticus is part of it is a lot more to it but 2 verses Leviticus 723 and 25 part of the Law of Moses it says speaks of the people of Israel saying you shall eat no fat of ox or sheep or goat or 25 every person eats of the fat of an animal of which a food offering may be made to the Lord shall be cut off from his people so you were never supposed to eat the fat of an animal that's profound because what we found out we're going to do a little bit about this meat and cancer. Have some strong evidence is the scent of cancer research. From the United Kingdom which shows processed meats like hot dogs and bacon and salami a class one carcinogen group one carcinogens kind of like cigarettes are that's pretty scary stuff grew to a carcinogens are like pork beef and lamb. So this is pretty shocking stuff because we start to look at it as a lot of the things that a lot of people think you have to eat to be healthy and to most to groups of the highest risk of developing cancer meters in both of them and one of the reasons is the the Bible also says I should have stuck verse in here but by the laws and you know it was the the blood of an animal because in the blood is the life of the animal so you know it was in the blood of an animal and what we found is that it's not just the fat of the animal it's also the protein of the meat that breaks down. Into carnitine and then creates t.m.a.o. which is pro-inflammatory increase the risk of cardiovascular disease will get into that but the iron in the meat itself is also dangerous so this is from Canada it's as iron and state to blame for risk of all timers study suggests excess red meat bad for the brain how does that happen well the one thing is that heavy metals even when I was back at Oakwood studying general chemistry I remember my chemist one of the chemistry teachers Dr Hammer way back then was saying he thinks it had a lot to do it heavy metals like aluminum and I just read another article and one book I just read on the brain it talks about how when you eat take in heavy metals iron zinc aluminum if it comes into your diet in a certain forms it actually begins to affect the brain and can increase the risk of all timers disease this is why even people have colds take tons of zinc all the time you actually have to be careful there may be some connection in this regard but when you look at this. This study suggests that Jess excess red meat is bad for the brain and it's because of the iron and the iron and meat is easily absorbed in fact your body cannot control how much are you take so doctors will often tell you oh your iron anemic go eat meat because yes the meat will give you iron fast but you can't control it so you often wind up with extra iron and so whatever isn't reasons we think. People postulate that women might live longer is because of their monthly menses they actually get rid of I excess iron that way. So iron and heavy metals are not good for you iron is also oxidizing like iron rust on it and on your car if it gets in your body it also oxidizes and when it oxidizes it can cause damage and increase risk of things like cancer. The inflammation that comes in is linked with also timers and this inflammation can come from certain foods especially because the saturated fat in the meat actually allows for these toxins to come in. And there's a whole bunch of stuff on the brain and inflammation. But you can see false armor suffers brain inflammation ignites a neuron killing forest fire and this may also be related to Parkinson's and other things so the you know we don't as heavy meat diets that Americans have combined with some other things may really be contributing to somebodies Neurological Disorders and memory disorders that we see. In and one of the other things that's interesting is the study showed it as a large lesson while the fat lubricates your appetite that in fact in a saturation fat dulls the brain just wants to keep appetite hormones like leptin an effect useful in your in. The times of scarcity they say evolution we don't believe in evolution but in time scarcity but not so much in the well fed society so when you take in a lot of fat and actually stimulates your appetite it makes it harder for you to control your appetite. And you can see here one of the other problems with high levels of fat particularly animal fat and diet is that it gets into the interim you create what we call intro mild cellular lip is that means you get fat inside our muscle cells in fact it's inside the muscle cells it blocks the insulin receptor you see what a key is plugging in there when app is blocked it depends it and can't open up to allow sugar to come in one of sugar can go into a cell it stays in your blood and what does that mean you get high blood sugar that's diabetes lot of people don't know that diabetes is actually a disease of fat messing with the insulin receptors Morden it is just simply an increase in kick take of sugar if you took a lot of sugar and ran you'd actually burn up all the sugar some of it would be stored as glycogen but most of it we store is glycogen but without without the ability for the sugar to go into the cell because of the way fat disrupts this cause problems so what are ways to reverse that bts is the decrease of specifically animal fats and oils processed oils as well so we also learned that when you eat a diet high in fat saturated fat it crosses the blood brain barrier you have fatty acid mediated had with inflammation and what I call epi genetic programming it actually begins to actually change how you function will get into that too much but I will I'll give you this one and this one is really a scary one for every quarter pound of beef there are $1100000000.00 bacteria per quarter pound of beef $100000000.00 and he's and the toxins exist even after the meat is cooked or even placed in acid like a stomach saturated fat meat products help the end of toxins cross the got into the blood stream causing all of this inflammation we're talking about the information that helps cause heart disease and strokes and maybe even dimensions of across the blood brain barrier. And nutrition facts out or run by Michael Gregor certain foods such as meats appear to have a bacteria that can trigger inflammation dead or alive even when the food is fully cooked. Most of the long time because Moses was the manna when everybody else was craven. Quail and the meat and the flesh pots of Egypt so meat consumption by at this here is what is interesting except for beef African Americans eat more of every type of meat. Than most Americans do hard to read out but that's literally what this is saying so is that higher and take of meat and a lot of it really is some of the poorest argue for squalid meats come from places like fast food joints and so forth which is very high in fat off and high in hormones high and salts deep fried to give it even more fat really causing problems here's what here's what other White says about this she says God chose to restrict the diet. Of the children of Israel for their good even promised them that he would take all sickness away from the midst of them if they would be obedient and follow Him fully He gave them angels food morning by morning but what a pitiful sight do we see in the camp of Israel men and women are weeping in the doors of their tents and heard the pitiful cry Would to God we have died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we set by the flesh pots and eat bread to the full our souls say they loaves of this like bread that's them that's the manna God for their good restricted their diet but they rebelled against God's requirements and thought themselves better able to choose their own food than God was to choose for them and they would not submit to God's requirement the result was disease and death in the wilderness. And here's what I'll I says this really profound church just so will it be in in modern Israel God has given them the light upon health reform in these last days that his people mayor of reform are unnatural habits and come into a more healthful condition where their bodies and minds might be preserved in a good condition of health for their good in this world and their eternal happiness in the next world a redeemer proposed to lead the people of God through to the heavenly Canaan if they will be led by him. In these last days these true they're even more important as Moses eats this way Moses writes the 1st 5 books of the Bible maybe even a book of Job he's a great prophet the Bible calls him. A great discernment he's willing to sacrifice himself when the children of Israel act up and God is ready to wipe them out he steps and Moses is a powerful example and so the devil knows that it's really important that he in order to beat us want to play weighs in on trying to is on the issue of appetite so great controversy page 338 says this We must exert all our wisdom and subtlety This is from the chapter we're Satan himself speaking of the white is tell you what Satan says a about God's people great controversy page 338 we must exhibit was are all our wisdom and subtlety to deceive and snare those who honor the true Sabbath we can separate many from Christ by world and us lust and pride they may think themselves safe because they believe the truth but indulgence of appetite or the lower passions will confuse judgment destroyed and destroy discrimination it will cause their fall and still a white in the book great controversy basis as a saint understands that if he can get us on lust was a little bit another part of his series of we do it as a series or get as an appetite. It could cloud our judgment and we won't be able to discern things and will cause us to fall so how what does the devil do well he's working to work through the. Reward pathways of the brain to get us addicted to certain things so that we are powerless to shake it off Romans 7 Paul says the good that I would I do not and that which I would not that I do or wretched man that I am sure of the live in me from the body of this death our bodies are designed and Dr James Collins it is in my health most of the time Jesse James callout California I heard him preach Rudel many years ago when he said Your body will conspired to kill you. It is because Satan has figured out how to hijack the reward systems of the human brain and here's the thing I don't get to talk about it today but when you're stressed out like many African-Americans are you know you're stressed out is struggling what life you deal or what issues other photographs deal with that stress will cause you to eat poorly as well stressed is Dessert spelled backwards and so a lot of times the divorce the dessert to man is that what is the devil do well he gives you what you want it Lays potato chips a combination of salt sugar and fat. And the tobacco industry got in trouble because they lied about their product not being dangerous or addictive as I got sued and they lost but the food industry who did much of the tobacco industry actually bought into after they started the drug will they say educate me just one they say once you pot you can stop so to exploit our biological preferences with formulas that maximize salt sugar and fat content there's a great book by Michael Moss if you go to our slave Project website we interviewed him just recently Dr Columbus Columbus Battista I really great interview manufacturing addiction. Is junk food really cheap or you know so they figure out ways to make the food really get you and so today they were they work on it and you know that the number one the top 5. Addictive foods number 5 is ice cream of 4 cookies and 3 is chips Number 2 is chocolate number one is pizza and soda foods are designed to be addicting and what these companies are figured out is how to create foods at a certain bliss point so that it crunches crush and it does the right amount of salt and is a right amount of sugar and textured wood for it would fat so that you get actual maximum pleasure from the food you know basically as well as. The author of the book The Omnivore's Dilemma. Writes and his name is slipping me as another Michael but he writes in his book that these aren't real foods they're food like substances they don't even spoiled and so make figure out ways to do this amateur because what was coined in 1009 is by an American market researcher and cycle physicist Howard Moskowitz he defined it as that sensory profile where you like the food the most of the design the food so you like it the most and they create something along with it called the vanishing calories so they figure out ways of making the salt in a fatty put a satisfying crunch you can see here this looks like a Doritos I would use it a pleasing mild feel and the food is designed to addict Now here's where it gets interesting the so many foods have a what they call a vanishing calorie So what happens is you eat it and it actually like melts in your mouth like Cheetos do and so your brain hears the crunch crunch like a celery or an apple but it doesn't get the substance the fiber of filling that comes at those other things and so you can't stop eating because the brain is chasing the tired tea that fiber filled crunchy foods would give you so you eat a whole big giant bag of Doritos when you can eat a whole big bad apples like that. And of course one of the big weapons a sugar and it shows you how the white blood cells work you talk about covert all the time so we're supposed to happen is you get white blood cell approaches the toxins that say it is the virus that opens up absorbs the toxin and gulfs it puts it in the white blood cell uses vitamin c. to absorb the toxin and into starts all over again so you have to have some vitamin c. if you don't have a lot of and see if there's too much Vitamin c. inside or not in the vitamin c. inside the cell that's the white blood cell can't work effectively white blood cell able to destroy the maximum number of viruses like 50 times a concentration of vitamin c. But when you need sugar sugar compete to get into the cell and so to vitamin c. content inside the cell is low and you can't destroy as much you know it's like your white blood cells go to sleep in a sense so you can't fight infection and that's why a lot of people eat a lot of sugary stuff they stay with a cold all the time but it's not just that they have worked to market to certain groups of people Tuesday January 15th 29 Health Day News wrote nearly all t.v. food ads aimed at Hispanic and black children and United States are for unhealthy products is a new report at a time and 2017 black teens are more than twice as many ads on healthy foods as white teens researchers found food companies have engines healthier products and establish corporate responsibility programs to support health and wellness among their customers but this study shows that that they continue to spend 8 of 8 of $1010.00 t.v. advertising dollars on fast food candy sugary drinks and on healthy snacks with even more advertising for though for these products targeted to black and Hispanic youth report lead author Jennifer Harris said in a University of Connecticut news release powerful stuff and here's it by the numbers. Food out of Titan targets black youth food companies disproportionate target advertising for many of their least atrocious brands directly to black consumers and these are studies that have come out of show you have 135000000 dollars in fast food $2000000.00 and you're getting juice and 0 in water or fruits and vegetables how does it look like in the hood what it looks like this on top the health department for the area said childhood obesity don't take it lightly and underneath there's a there's a there's a girl with 2 bags of McDonald's and a hand mike I'm a shopping spree right and then even go after the Latino as they say this I you and I will not be dope or $1.00 me and condo in other words I'm loving it and so to me the targeting of the advertising is is interesting if nothing else you can draw conclusions this book is a phenomenal book we also interviewed the author this was she might have in our 1st interview last summer for our sleigh full project and she says they're supersizing urban America how inner cities got fast food with government help and what is shocking is that the government actually assisted in the flood of fast food into poor neighborhoods. So after the riots and talk about our slave who prides after the riots in the sixty's in the late sixty's Nixon said you know any act of racism is an act of Communism started small business loans to help rebuild those communities and unfortunately disproportionately the money went to fast food joints not grocery stores or other things and so fast food joints worked well there is a lower risk for the loans from the government because the high margins related to Fast food and the grocery stores the margins are a lot thinner on per product so America was supersize we created food deserts in a fast fashion is about $170000000000.00 industry and it cluster in low income neighborhoods if you go to certain neighborhoods you have Taco Bell McDonald's Pizza Burger King Windies all in a row. And it's and it's really kind of interesting but it's not just on the street it's even of what government funds themselves federal dietary guidelines are is federal food subsidies. You see here what the government actually tells us to eat on one side what a government food subsidize on the other side in this study is the show if you simply eat what the government subsidizes you're more likely to have certain diseases just if you just eat the food a government sends money to so the government is is subsidizing. Genitally modified soybean products which turn into oils and. And other products and it's also subsidizing of course cornering of corn oil and high fructose corn syrup and other things that wind up becoming these fees food like substances. Which is which is very problematic again addictive and what a classic examples of this is Ronald Reagan president out of states in the eighty's very love president here he is holding up a block of what looks like government cheese and I don't know how many people ever had government cheese or somebody out there have the government cheese was made from the parts of the dairy but a milk that day couldn't use that it took the fat. You know kind of pulled it all together salted it heavily and gave it away as a part of a government program of course people got filthy rich office I mean imagine you have a process where you make milk and all of the waste is now turned into something you can sell to the government that the government gives to poor people or white people poor black people for Latino those Native Americans even as far as when I think Guam people said they were given government cheese as well so. There's a horrible food and I don't have time to get into cheese with cheeses She's one of the worst food you can actually eat it is increase addictive it all by itself because it actually has compounds in it case a more phones that actually function like opiates like heroin and like very low grade little bills but it is it treats a real can recreate a real chemical addiction never mind it's full assault. And it's saturated fat cholesterol is really a big blob of that and of course tons of hormones so in the countries where they don't eat cheeses and milks women actually have a lower rates of broken bone due to tell you need calcium from milk and lower rates of certain cancers the casein in the cheese and in the milk that protein that casing the milk protein casein is actually a cancer promoter so if you eat a lot of it and you have a barren cell that that that mutates and it gets hit with all those casein that's going to grow and develop into much more likely grown development to cancer and so dairy all by itself is one of things that you do have to watch out for and as and as Dr ca said Your body will conspired to kill you if you if you if you do if we just give ourselves everything we want our bodies will conspire to kill us and so the other thing that Moses did we don't get I guess that was skipping a lot of stuff I want to talk about alcohol and marijuana and some other stuff we don't have time to do it all in one talk but the other thing that Moses did was he trusted in God Moses didn't carry the burden of stress he would lay things out at the at God's feet he was able to talk to God face to face as we're about to read. And I want to challenge you to probably 1st the most important step in being healthy is to put our trust in God that at our church here where I'm filming this last Sabbath the children's story in the spotlight was on African-Americans for Black History Month and it was really powerful to go through Harriet Tubman's a germ of truth. To baseball player. Jackie Robinson and. So you use somebody else and show how Christian how these people believed in God That was the source of their strength to fight obviously Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers and others were pastors and Christians but to show you that our own a Rosa Parks these people because all in the name of God and that was their strength it was a liberation a lifestyle I want to challenge especially as we are early still in this year that you really go back and focus on putting God 1st whatever you're going through he can give you victory over anything Moses'. City could even speak he did not want to go back in the old Pharaoh most is what in there was God's man the 10 Plagues hit Moses' want the children of Israel out of Egypt it was an impossible task that was even without crossing the Red Sea or having man a fall from heaven a challenge like Moses' to take God seriously. A time on earth is running short is one reason why how what we need is becoming more and more important we need the Cern meant because we're going to be the same is going to throw deception at us Revelation tells us that there are 3 unclean spirits revelation 16 that go forth to deceive the kings of the world to gather them together the battle of the great day of Armageddon if we're not careful the spirits that have gone are going to deceive us we need to be able to be to have the sermon Daniel and the 3 boys were not fooled enough because this core part of us starts in Daniel one but he chose to refuse the king's meat and the king's wine We are in a time when the devil is going to try to deceive I'll read the last few passages here derogate around me 34 and verse 8 says and the children of Israel wept over Moses what for most is in the plains of Moab 30 days. So the days of weeping and morning from Moses were ended Joshua the son of Nun was full of the Spirit of wisdom for Moses had laid his hands upon him and the children of Israel hearken unto him and did as the Lord commanded Moses and there rose not a prophet since in all Israel like unto Moses on the law whom the Lord knew face to face Reza leaven of Deuteronomy $34.00 and all the signs and the wonders which the Lord sent him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh and all his servants and to all his land and all that mighty hand and all that great terror which Moses showed in the sight of all Israel the Scripture says has not been a prophet like Moses he spoke to the Lord face to face brothers and sisters we are in a time when we got to speak to God we've got to be connected to him. And yeah this liberation lifestyle like a liberation nutrition and lifestyle is really important for this earth it's very important but we've got to begin to see the heavenly Kanan coming into view it's time for us to stop playing with God and take him seriously Time is running out you know you see it and as we stand on the precipice of eternity are you ready for Jesus to come that's the question in everything we do how we eat what we watch what we listen to everything we do is either preparing us for the seal of the Living God or preparing us for the market beast we get to choose let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word they have a truth ancient truth a lot of still hold up even scientifically today or a blessing on your people or that we would be able to live for you will be liberated from the things of this world all the bad habits and addictions and I Lord our bodies would not be allowed to conspire to kill us but instead Lord would give our whole being We'll mind body soul over to. This is our prayer and Jesus is precious and. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave it be a w w. Or.


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