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Acquainting Agriculture: Grow to Know Him

Angela Boothby Anna Perea



  • January 15, 2021
    9:30 AM
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Really excited that you all are serious Jesus is still a god led curriculum maybe you'll hear a little bit a brief. Example of what we went through the real story. He's been leading and he gets all the glory and the credit I mean for real the saw the connection the timing has been just precise and no one on this earth can orchestrate that though we give God the glory for sure let's start off with prayer Dear Heavenly Father worried I want to preserving we're all here because you're doing marvelous work and we just can't wait to see where you take us and we're so excited to be serving you thank you Lord for choosing us human not just leave this work in jewels but to give us the privilege of serving so that we can share in the glory in the in Jesus name I pray. All right so welcome to the agriculture curriculum unavailingly where we are with Agra sharing with you this special curriculum the theme of course is education so you can see apples bread we want to vote learning and excitement so I don't like the old saying goes necessity is the mother of all invention and that's exactly how this particular was developed teachers kept voicing than their needs they kept asking where do I began how much is it going to cost what resources are out there is anyone there to support me let me ask that. You know all right I can grow but I can't teach or I can teach what I can grow right. Though we all got together and Agra sponsored see where God Julie's meeting with a group of teachers from all over the United States in fact we have a few here right now and we were 2 minutes developing an agriculture curriculum that would provide the solutions to all the needs voice agricultural agriculture curriculum that would not only show students how to successfully grow a garden but that would also draw their hearts to their creators. So we decided let's create an agriculture courage doing so after a lot of writing we get all of us through that and rewriting and tossing around program names and setting goals and action plans and then scratching them all out we came up with acquainting agriculture we would like to present to you that so we chose the name acquainting agriculture because it shares the essence of our program the purpose why we plant and grow a garden the size of Agriculture is an inanimate non-communicating violent endeavor it's not a Monday you get your hose and go to work kind of thing this is something way more this agriculture is working it's working on you it's working on your heart. This agriculturist the killing the purpose for which it was originally designed at the beginning of time and this agriculture is acquainting it's acquainting you with your creators so after a lot of thought and work we came up with this design of the book what our focus is we want to get the students outside of the classroom all set as much as possible to free them up and to help them see right directly in front of God's creation his lesson book and so we made it very compact you can see examples of the 6 by 9 easily fit in a backpack it's easy to carry as you're working in the garden thank you Vanno I. And 30 enough to write down your note to really even need a day to pass that around we had 2 designs are thinking talk spiral single lot more easy to follow and remember where you're at the kind of open books that it was a spiral inside so we we always we review is just the revised so the book contains $36.00 weekly lessons to be used during the $36.00 weeks of the school calendar and each lesson provides a themed spiritual component. A science lesson or health and I get some activities and there's ample room for journaling and for spiritual connections that they made right there in the garden and there's over $250.00 original black and white illustrations that help the lessons come alive yeah and it also allows students to color because. Everyone got a lesson in color always most students do so they can cover their heart's content and the most accommodating design if you have half at around 2 is that the book printed on waterproof pages. Isn't that I love that too. Yeah because they can be brought out into the messy garden they can get wet and Lenny and then they can just be wiped clean and actually float should be seated well in the garden but. If you think of dropping the bubble or is over. It never mold it's actually made out of a plastic base and the printer of that water pre-pay for. He also developed the waterproof Bible so that people than him take their rivals with them everywhere they go on outback trips and how many of you have room to buy was water got on it and all your notes are just they just disappearing on the our hands of elegance 3 separate levels of the curriculum to provide for grades k. through 4 or 50 am for a 93 and I'm sorry 9 to 12 Thank you 912 so it's a complete see through 12 curriculum and the 1st section grades k. through 4 is called planting with Jesus you can see over there the 3 different levels grades 5 through 8 is called God in the garden and then grades 9 through 12 your high school level probably grow to know him and each curriculum builds upon the other it becomes more complex to set the students developmentally and thought So currently the high school level is near completion so that one will be printed Yes ma'am. So here's our piloting program jewel of a paper airplane so certainly what we're doing to be able to make sure that what we are proof developing is actually practical we needed it in the field being utilized by teachers currently And so what we have are teachers all around the world they're giving Yeah they're using that they're giving vital feedback so we can tailor these lessons to the educators need we've got them all around the world including the United States Canada the u.k. Remey of South Africa and Australia. Institutional school self supporting schools homes schools and all other kinds of groups are putting these lessons right now as a practice for the last several months during this last fall semester and they're going to continue piloting throughout the spring semester and our goal then is to have a complete lesson available across a complete curriculum available for all 3 levels by the summer of 2022 the next next summer there. We see God leading at a fast pace he's delivering this highly book for a world hungry for knowledge for him through the basis of Agriculture and we feel privileged to be used by Him to help aid in this great work that average started. And so our team we want to make this curriculum as complete as possible the least amount of work required by the teacher. Many of you are educators you know you've got a lot on your plate you want to simplify this much as possible so we don't want to be confusing for you we've put together a teacher's shit that will help ease that burden inside you'll find the teachers guide. And the students feel guided and we are proud to be able to partner with Born to grow and where I have called I think there come up and share one of the mazing contributions it is to have worn to grow in this teachers to it will make your life so easy and then we also have on there the councils of Agriculture compiled by John's icing on the Ellen White writings on either culture and there's a lot of resources we'll have a list of for you to further assist the teachers so it'll be one of. Them story about anything else type deal. We're going to go in to each. Portion of that shit now to kind of further explain the teacher's edition of the curriculum what it's going to do going to help you navigate through the school year with extra detail that helps you to have some suggestions on the side to make teaching a lot easier and they'll also be a student feel guy that allows students to talk right in the garden with plenty of space to drill down their thoughts and objectives and the skills and object lessons as they discover it. A lot of the activities and discussion topics that what they're doing can be then. Realized and remembered through this crash. So I give us time over to Angela. To explain how this curriculum cycle works so that it's not a redundant thought every year the same that actually expand and I'm going to hand this over. We want you to understand that this curriculum is not. One grade and done right what we wrote is not this says 5th grade in one book or this is 4th grade and one book Ok the point of this curriculum is to teach them how to be self-sufficient gardeners they come out and they now have the skill set now yes on the teacher's guide on the sides we give you ideas of how to incorporate English and how to incorporate math and if you learn how to be a standard based teaching something that Melissa mentioned in the panel yesterday to go through your standards and see what used to at least look at the end you can use the guy who came to assist you to make your own curriculum for your students and the fact that you have had to go on living and those ideas will be there about you know how to do some more journaling or how to do some extension activities but this is a gardening curriculum not a 4th grade curriculum right so therefore I think in the mindset of a teacher who is an Adventist educator who often works in multi-grade studies my mom teaches cases 5 there's no way that she can have one book as she repeats every year when she might have asked him for 5 years straight so therefore and the Adventist world we live in cycles and that is how we survive in multi-grade settings so the way that it works is you have your aides in your piece Ok so let's say that I get Billy and 1st grade Ok We're going to start with a year so Billy gets this workbook his 1st grade here now Billy the next year is going to be in grade 2 and we will be doing year but I get his little sister Sally Ok and Sally gets the 1st and 2nd grade book of year. But it's not that they build on the it's just it's different extension activities we're still the curriculum is always trying to teach them how to garden so there are some things that will be repeated because we're trying to help you as the teacher to be able to garden therefore you still need the logical steps that always happens but the activities and different other branches we can take you are numerous as you know if you piece with a garden so therefore Billy got year when he was in 1st grade right and then when he was in 2nd he got Year be here a curriculum again but now he's a 3rd grader he thinks differently as a 3rd grader he can hear the same material and process it completely different and it's not repetitive or redundant right does that make sense and Sally is not because she got your view that she doesn't understand or thought yes no it's the same stuff and just different ways Ok I can be confusing and then and middle school same principal So he really will hear and 4th grade and Billy will here and 6th grade I mean 50 I'm trying really well here in 5th grade 7th grade and 6th grade and 8th grade so what you I guess the way that maybe will help you think about this is maybe not a and b. But just like. The fact that. And the fact that it's just more ideas literally isn't building itself it's built on a cell from elementary school to middle school to high school but it doesn't depend I don't have to have a to understand b. I hope that makes a lot of have must have. And then the other thing that I wanted to just mention was the fact that we are trying to build this curriculum in a way that a child could go through avenues education k. through 12 and have the equating out of culture the whole entire time and not feel like you're just doing the same thing so the elementary school you'll see over there there's an example there's one lesson about and the $912.00 high school curriculum call pest control it's written down for the middle school level as good bugs bad element of pest control to put as just create it down but the elementary level is just kind of completely different but with the same theme and the fact that God made animals what you know mostly find the garden what evidence of you know most we find in the garden because we don't need to do pest control and we do want to get a little bit different so they don't hear 56 or 7 you know good bad back good bugs bad bugs so it will be building from elementary to middle school to high school and high schools want them to really own it and to be like I know how to garden. So we're excited this is the part that we brought all the icing on board to share a little bit about with you. To share a little bit about it with you is called Born to grow and to grow How is her number 40 yeah it is amazing and it has it's constantly developing further and more you can helpful tools to help the educators and the gardeners as well so we're excited to be partnering partnering with Paul di Sierra and when you order the teachers can there is at this. Point to grow if you order to make it so I'm going to not take much time and just let it all come up here and share really cool stuff with you that are going to really help educate all right. I'm going to say that we are super excited to be partnering with agriculture curriculum and when I saw and. All of them have been putting together with the curriculum I was blown away with how much they've been into already so this is really exciting what I'm going to share with you is. That we are developing right now in his plan to be released probably sometime in the next couple months and it basically takes you know one of the like one of the things that is sometimes overwhelming in the garden is trying to figure out when to do everything in your garden and staying on track has different season to be planted a different times and especially in the school year if you're going to be growing through the winter with your students that adds another level of complexity so what we have designed with this and it's high is everything together because we talked about you know the demonstration videos and you'll see that in a 2nd it ties everything together here with this app you get access to this with it with your teacher's pet and you get a tell and or that is based on your location so you'll put in your frost dates it'll take into consideration your lot of to where you are. On the left hand side here you'll see your list. Crops and you'll actually create your own crop like what crops you want to grow in your garden so you can click out across so you click add a crop and they'll be a drop down and you can choose any of the fall crops that we have in there so will make it very simple and easy and fast for you to choose a default crop or if you want to you can actually add a unique crop perhaps or something you want to grow that's not there. So just for the sake of time I'm not going to go through the whole process of adding a crop basically you click on it you can choose what color you want it to be and such and then you add it into your calendar those get dropped onto the left hand side here and it's a click and drop gardening Helgerson Let's say you want to grow beads you click on it and it will drop into your calendar and tell you when to see to it when to prepare your bed when to transplant and the expected harvest time based on the day's maturity for that specific variety or crop that you're wanting to grow so you can quickly and easily. Plan out your garden just by clicking and dropping the crops that you want to grow into your garden plant here that you can then follow along with your students like I said it plans it based on your location so based on your prostate so you don't have to worry about is this going to work for where. It is also adjustable So for example if you just you know like happens right and say you did it gets a plant that Cauliflower on that week you will be able to come in and just simply drag and move that Cauliflower planting to the next week and it will adjust the whole calendar for you there so you can continue to work on it with your students. You also be able to. Quickly filter down to only see specific tasks like for example if you only want to see what needs to be seeded coming up if you need to put in your seed orders you can quickly do that or on the flip side let's say you only want to see when different crops are harvested. This can be really helpful you know if you have. Yeah if you have you know during your school year maybe there's times that you know there's breaks in the school and whatever you can plan your whole garden based off of those so that your harvest times are when your students are rails so that you can have that experience together right. One more thing with a task here is we have also built into every single task where you can click on it and it will pop up and tell you exactly what to do you how to do it with visual demonstration videos on how to do each one of those tasks so any time that you're out there in the garden instead of having to flip through a book and trying to figure out you know what most how farm parts of that plant that Mike Taylor or whatever it as you can just quickly click on that task you know pop up and tell you what to do how to do it. Once your garden plan is plans like this you also we're building out a weekly checklist that compiles from the plan so every week you just you can just pull up a checklist with your students and it will tell you that you need to be seating this make sure to prepare your bed because you know you need to translate till next week right you expect to be harvesting this right now so you can easily just follow that checklist throughout the year once again just taking that stress off of you as a teacher trying to keep on track of everything. And then you can view your whole year at a glance like this or you can actually switch over to a timeline view of your crop planting schedules as well this can be very helpful for example I was going to turn on another carrots here and you can see you can easily plan a weekly like a continual harvest of carrots if you want succession plantings of a certain crop so that you can have a continual harvest coming out of your guarded. One more thing here. Really quickly is because we know that you all are growing you know the school years often through the winter right and so winter gardening is has its own little quirks and challenges and so we have built into the. Automatic harvest delay estimated harvest allays over the winter because that's growth slows down over the winter so for example if I move my radishes over here into October it will automatically delay that harvest time for you so that you can accurately plan your gardens into the winter with your students as well. So that's a quick little overview or super excited about it we really want to. Hopefully putting this into your hands will take a lot of the work of plenty of the garden off of you and be able to actually get your hands in the soil war with the students. And something that I really thought was cool as well as this fancy town there is because to have demonstration you know you don't always have something that you can help but to have it is right there you can share it with the children. Just treated better. Yes So for those of us how do you rest a discussion was justified in the boonies and I don't have great Internet and I can just pop on my phone was working on a a way that you would download it before you went out to the garden and be able to have that information right there with you yeah I think I wanted to mention was just the fact that as a teacher often. Planning your planting is just as crucial as planning when you're harvesting right because I work at a boy economy currently and if my harvest is again a homely while then I just kind of shot myself in the foot right so what I love about this calendar gave me so much relief like Paul just President was to us last night you know and Melissa hadn't seen it because he wasn't able to be in a lot of what this knows everything possible because she was like I'm missing link that I've been really heavy on the high p.s.a. all of Anna's hard work as Christiane but I'm like. So God just bought it together. Gives them a testimony of how God is. So I just want to mention that because you can move around that thing to plan your heart because there's a big music program coming up. Holidays all those kind in the school calendar awesome a school calendar and stone once you have the school calendar it's done so. As to be set in stone as the way back to world works. So I just can't thank you enough. I'm in full agreement I have worked out that school kind of planting founder and it's taken me weeks of calculating and chanting dates and back in color in squares and writing stuff down and getting really confused so. Question. Your eyes. There's a. Razor. Wire or. Lines right I mean it's. Like every right. What. Is. So great. Other than one off my live reports. Try to draw what actually does work or I work in that group. That really. Use the. Seed actually. Bought. The. Quality everything. That was ever a little while it is the really important little bit of the book as will be an exceptional level of luxury through no law we've got a list already are what really. Hold it for years although the. Ending very well rounded any. Other resources available to you but do you have a website development redeveloped. Currently in order but haven't already. Read Oh we have a website for only what we want to be a little more user friendly so we're doing that and maybe you do that just. Fine. You go do that I would also add that I have an org that evil I mean. Do you not that we know that by you me there is going to be. Maybe an Iraq war. But for those of you all of a know to do that. All right that we will be on agri by. The year all mothers are there you are. Right the list. That will be. Your to do that act. And then a part we're always available via e-mail a lot of you are utilizes. That more that more Islanders are really there while. Really great use that. I would. Always have them are. Providing me well every. July and are the ribbon there to do what I do like how do you do. There is a lot of information. What further developed. By this is we want to develop programs great. You know as well what is back. So I. Or a lot of information really hard your new army what it is how I. Was in all of them programs. That. You have an edge here. By. Right. Or person. Is what we're. Working right inside you. Know I have. Armed guards. Working alongside volunteers. To help. So. I'm so we know she's leaving. That grow is based on the concept that I. Really develop what we want x.l. to practice to have the thing up high so therefore you said grow is allowing them to go on. So and. I'm sure you've heard of. And. Like $1000.10 yes you raised $2000.00 yeah little. Rascal Well the same kind of concept of you know just how you know how. That hot Ira but it's an Army base so my thoughts were the fact that I why not why not just hire me on right so you're sacrificing for the parents it's a sacrifice you know they are doing a lot of other parents. They're going to have to let their child go for a year but then that's how it's to go if. They're going to go to school such as let's say violence I want to start our culture program and yes I was raised on a summer riding kind of farm but this whole thing with which is very. And so you going to our army or using a power anywhere they don't use a without being only they don't go and do it but they help me so in a year's time I know that they're on there like you right so you know I you know you said Bro workers would be the ones like all that or the people that have gone through there is a program at all that it made that year is Yemen even here they got away from my all of our young adults were raised and firemen their whole life out of it my life my whole for you boy and I said you know that when I go I want to pull Well now that Hul is right so he has access to that to spit right at them of cool or I don't eat meat Andrew or I you make sure that all you have to do as I have ever will be to write and at least I think that any and I think I usually what we want more than anything obviously is right that's the point of a pace Carol is not what they did to live off in the boondocks and go there are so they want to snack other whether that is a farm on the do not they would always market or that's going to have a well we don't care but we want to have that initially the meeting is essential It's just that those within about. So the idea is for you that row like qualifications to make you grow work would have some kind of weather that I grew up with mom and dad where I went for Hans. Program. Or. Something that we have us up or maybe that are also stuff that's on your i Report right so maybe they present their case to ask me that it will it just looks like a pipe or a worker but you know. How I. Got to school and the schools to provide housing and and lives. And then. Raised Me seeing every cell phone bills car parts you know there needs to be a little bit of money. That I've. Had So I just we just wanted to just because. We are we have the spirit we want to understand our hope and that's why let me guess. That. When we read finished this was your smallest done and then we'll take one. And then the last thing that you liked and one of our goals have these farms that. Sells. Better. Practice. I know I haven't found. That very. Exciting to actually see or. So are your review that. You wanted the agriculture program. Every school to not. Worry. Got. Serious now that maybe now is our. Water. That you know we need it. Last week. Russia was. Just one viable entirely that is why. Maybe it was but that was more to the. Point. They found. I mean. The. Way they were maybe. Let me that maybe maybe. That made. By. Adding. As it was. They really want to make sure is that. You know that you know feel like they've got a nice day you might try and run Fortune go out. Very large. So they might use the help that make things. Right out you believe. Whatever word you to Asia and the Bible that. You know that it. Really. Saying. I'm not all. Of a controlling race really Yeah I have not yet Man The question was are they why don't they meet. They are waterproof. I mean I. Like having. Ice you. Know they have a lack of a bob. Why. They have an. Idea where they say. Well. That was. My Abby. Like that but with my life. That they're a visionary. High school level you did you had a garden. You need a school that you're learning here at. New. York you know me develop. For you know they all are in that. So there's a very. Very level. $40.00. That is that. This. Is the. Next Great belt. Or the development process. Those were each. Gender guard. That something's I have a 1st starting. Or grading all the development stage. The question was. Where. It's so. Hard. So we had a lot especially lot of tests because I wouldn't know how to write that pressure and. Why. A way to avoid that and the simple fact that you just have a lot you have a lot of work she said that was never what we want this past to be so we felt like this could be taken just as their participation and their attitude to the market and it just the way that they are kind of like an art an art class or a music class. Hi I'm actually the one that is working on news to a middle school and elementary school and also works. So the teachers guides are not right now I'm still working out formatting exactly what these. Right now what are. You really quite on site. Breakdown of what you need to do especially for teachers who are doing the very 1st time when they need to start. When they need to tell you and their soil as well we cover those things in the lessons you. Have already before school started you will not be able to successfully grow things just because we have such a short time window and those winter crops the timing. So those. Guys as 1st essence do decide to do. That right or am. I may I need to toss you maybe. Or call me some time. To help to like formative assessments I mean you can also be using just. Simple things. Journals sites what you see a lot. Used those journals to. Use them for Reading Rainbow charts those. Were science for your cross curricular. I need your contact information. This is still something that. I'm going to card. After another. Yes. Every. 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