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  • January 16, 2021
    4:15 PM
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Welcome to the afternoon evangelism panel. For opportunity to gather. And direct us and we thank you for the opportunity to share ask your blessing on these panelists as well bringing the stories back to their minds that they need in Jesus' name. Or care so panel I appreciate each one of you being part of the panel and what I'm going to do for the 1st question is let you each response so this one is going to be in order instead of out of order the rest of it's free for all but the 1st one I want to start with you Pam since you're to close to me and I'm going to ask your name where you are and why you love gardening so if we could go through the list of that where your name where you're from or where you're currently. Out and why you love gardening and then we'll throw it open to some stories after that my name is. In middle Tennessee. Blessings fire and I. Number one because I love the lifestyle and number 2 because I love the contact I have with peek through the. My name's Tom wire and I'm a day Star 6 years and a star 6 the start of our 6 middle or 6 school year and one aspect that I love about farming is the failure aspect because you always get a redo right you get a redo next year it's like every year that comes by we get a redo like right now we've got an acre of potatoes that we never dug up you know as a little bit of a failure half the field didn't get irrigation the other half we cultivated in the beginning and then the weeds took over and. Well we get another try next year so it's a lesson in falling down but getting back up. When Amos Donald Martin and I currently I'm at Red River outpost in Stanton Kentucky and one of my many favorite aspects about agriculture is just how much of a character building activity it is you know not just for us but you know for his students and young people that you know we're able to work with and you can just teach so many character and practical life lessons through the various aspects of Agriculture. My name is Gabriel Moore clover I reside in Somerville Ga My wife and I own a restaurant called the vineyard budgetary café we run a program called the challenge we put people through a plant based diet for 10 days a beautiful last 4 years the reason why I love the culture because I look at it in terms of evangelism I love evangelism. Culture is a heartbeat the health message and if people do not have good high quality protein they're not going to see the results so that's reason why I like I love agriculture because it's such a powerful entering were using the health message into people's lives in order to. Inhibit total transformation so my name is candor Nystrom and I'm from Idaho and I really love agriculture because it's something that allows me to live the health message but also be a blessing to others and I just love the witnessing opportunities. I am from Bristow Oklahoma where my husband and I run an Organic Market Garden business and there's so many things I love about gardening and agriculture but I think one of the things that I love most is it's a lifestyle that allows us to work together as a family and to really connect with the Lord and with others thank you I think this is working out well so you can cut mine off after I asked my question I will be talking much I think it's I think it's doing good thank you guys this is not easy to balance this movie microphone so my question for the panel next is written this. Might be seen as uncomfortable like I'm going to go out and you know but from your perspective how can you turn that explain how you view this in your context. And give it a positive spin that I know you. So I look at witnessing. Like a different different spent I love the verse in Exodus chapter 3 verse 11 when Moses acts God when God told Moses to go on to Pharaoh and go tell Pharaoh to let my people go and axes 311 he says Who am I that I should go into Pharaoh and God had to remind him because I sent you so I look at it as I am an ambassador Ambassador for God So often times when we do our fit challenge in different locations I go in I go in try to find the mare turning the part you know most prominent people and I say I need to have a conversation with you let you know we're doing and I said you know yes because I'm an ambassador for God We have a health message can literally transform people's lives so that's how I look at it I put a different spin on it and plus I got a sales background I spent 10 years of corporate sales so that probably helps me out a little bit but I look at it as I'm an investor for God because Moses was not confident going into Sheryl but he says be I'm sending you I me quitting you so you should be able to go in confidence so that's my spin on it well I think along the lines of the story of Moses' I tend to be a shy person but you know God like you said God said who created man's mouth I created man's mouth I will give you the words to say and so for me what I really like doing is especially at farmers' markets I would just go around and talk to everyone that I could and just get to know them and once I got to know them and they realized that I cared about them I would start dropping spiritual conversations dropping things to try and get them to work towards God and you know that was sometimes that was a little scary but we know that when we were following God's will that he. He equips and he enables and that is just really encouraging to me one thing that we often do is separate the practical from the spiritual and you know in agriculture and in health food work and you know in ways that some people don't realize it we're actually witnessing to people like let's say that you're teaching young people how to grow food you know the different things in agriculture well even if these young people are in religious don't know anything about God don't care anything about God they're actually learning the principles of salvation through their work in the field they're learning about patience you know when you're planting seeds and you know they're waiting for those seeds that they've sown to grow they are actually learning about how seeds that are planted in the heart do not always immediately germinate they have to be cultivated and watered by the Holy Spirit and just different things like that you know with healthy food when we prepare healthy food and we sell it to people we are actually educating them. With you know the health message and we're helping them to be closer to God by having healthy food in their diets and just different things like that a couple of years ago we experienced a unique situation we were working on actually an agriculture related project in a country that was closed to evangelism and we were in a position where we were very watched all the time through probably any avenue you could imagine and I remember there was. Another person who'd been there longer than us who was trying to kind of help us learn the ropes of how to operate in this country and he put a very positive spin on the situation whereas. The natural feeling would have been to feel like you know very. Vulnerable or. Feeling like your personal and private space was very much being encroached upon he was like This is an incredible opportunity we don't even have to pay for a hall to have meetings or you know pay for some radio time our lives are being watched all the time what a witnessing opportunity every single thing you say or do could be heard by somebody and our lives are are showing them what Christianity really looks like and I remember that really made a deep impact on my mind and I kept that thought with me as we've come back to the states and I really love agriculture because I feel like. Our lives are on display all the time and because we're able to make such close connections with our customers with our community with the people around us as we're providing a service that's really needed and wanted our lives are continuously witnessing we continuously have opportunities to show others what a connection with Jesus really looks like and it's been a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others so. I'm wondering. What has helped you for strong relationships with your customers if you Vangelis was really just being a friend what are some thoughts and stories about how you formed those strong relationships Daystar having a school in a community a very small community. Kassab alley is basically the size of Manhattan almost identical size footprint of Manhattan with 300 people living there. And. A lot of elderly people and people who need help and we do outreach into the community. As much as we can when they send us e-mails we have an e-mail they can send requests to if they need any help with cutting wood or anything anything and they're always so appreciative that we're there they're so appreciative that there's a farm there in their community and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from people in the community of how grateful they are that we have had this school and a school the farm one thing that we do every Thursday at Red River outpost is something called t.c. I told all community involvement I might be getting the acronym wrong but we basically go out in the community and we start off by knocking on doors of our neighbors we start in our neighborhood or neighborhood with you know the people closest to us and we just get to know our neighbors and you know ask them what are what can we help you with and you know we've done a lot of various things like clean gutters paint roofs clean up trash yards but you know in just going in we're just stop at different neighbor's houses just to visit with them you know we young ladies that institution bake bread so we give fresh bread away and I'm sure you know as we get the produce in the growing season we'll be giving produce but it's amazing just how we've been able to minister and witness unto these people by seeking to just get to know them and be friends with them is people and meeting the physical neat and it's so amazing how naturally without us having to bring up spiritual topics they feel confortable to ask us to seek our help for the spiritual need and it's amazing all the also I'm witnessing opportunities that have come just by you know being involved in the community and being 1st being friends with these people. Are our main outlet for delivery for our produce is through a c.s.a. which means we have families that are getting. From us every week or every other week for about 10 months of the year and so that gives us 2 Mendus opportunity you know it's really it's really not that hard to make friends with people you know you have to do is take an interest in them people like to talk about themselves you know you ask them about their job you ask them about that and as as we have been able then to then have spiritual conversations then you can ask them Do you know is it is is there anything going on in your life that you'd like us to pray about and I'll just tell you one experience I was wishing my son had been up here Joshua on Tuesday this week he delivered to a customer that has been a customer artist since 2000 we've had a lot of conversations he had tended our daughter's wedding he came out many years ago to help us put up one of our 1st 2 powers as we've had a lot of he has a Jewish background actually but he's been quite secular anyway Joshua texted me here after his delivery he texted our family group to say that this man's wife had died very unexpectedly she had been diagnosed with something and 6 days later she died super unexpected probably I would say she was in her. Maybe late forty's fifty's. And so I immediately reached out to him to just say we are with you. And we're praying for you you know what can you say there's like nothing I just crying face and I just said we're really weeping with you and I don't know what happened but I just want you to know that we feel your pain and you know and that we would be praying for him which I always you know I just choose to speak to customers as if they are Christians you know that's my boy that's that's the way I would say anyway he wrote me back a lot of text and he just told me that he was so thankful and blessed for our prayers. It's. You just draw near to people sometimes I think we do so little and yet when I when it comes back they feel we do so much one of the things that I thought is very unique about being in this kind of lifestyle in this kind of ministry is that people already have a level of trust in you because you're providing their food to them and so it's like you already have this capital to work with even before you've gotten to know somebody and then as Kendra was saying as you spend time with them as the saying you take interest in them it's fairly easy to build a lot of reporter and we've had many customers who have become like family to us over the years. I wanted to share one particular story that has it's been a journey that has happened this year in particular we had a family that was part of our c.s.a. for several years and I honestly did not understand why they kept signing up year after year because they were the people who like always gave us the negative ratings on our surveys that we would send out via like you know are you satisfied you have some input for us they always had something negative to say and they were like the only customers we had that we could not satisfied with it so I just always thought well they just won't sign up next year but they did they kept signing up and last year we really went the extra mile to make the effort to make sure that their family that we met all of their needs and did everything we could to make them satisfied and this year when they signed up there was a really marked difference in in their attitude towards us and they were extremely friendly and would come at the very end so we could visit for a while and at the end of our c.s.a. season they said. We want to come to the farm we want to get to know your family better we really want to spend time with you we don't want to wait until next year to see you again and so we invited them out to the farm and we made apple cider together had a great time and she texted me right after they left and she was like We want to come back when can we come back the kids want to come back they want to make sure it's at a meal time they really enjoy the beacon food so we have them back a 2nd time just actually a couple of weeks ago and this time I was really praying I was like Ok Lord I think this is definitely an opportunity that we need to take advantage of and I feel like when you are involved in friendship evangelism sometimes it's easy to not be brave enough to kind of go to the next level with that because you don't want to ruin what you have going I know that I've struggled with that a lot in the people that I've been reaching out to you in a friendly way and you know you have all the reasons in your head that sound like good reasons I don't want to say something that will offend them and then they won't be willing to get together with me again or you know I I just don't want to push too much but I feel like sometimes especially in my case I use those as excuses to keep from doing maybe what might be the uncomfortable thing or doing something that takes a little more bravery and courage and really asking those spiritual questions not just waiting eternally for the perfect opportunity to use you know try to go a little bit further down the road with them but really work on creating those opportunities so we were really praying before they came this time and they came and we had a great visit again but I started asking her questions and you know I asked her if she was connected to any it's a home school family and home school groups in the area I'm you know not homeschooling my kids yet I mean I am you homeschool your kids from the time they're born but anyway I am not connected to the home school groups in the area so I was asking her and she said No really they weren't connected to anyone in the area and I was like oh what church do you go to which is like well we don't really go to. Church we've kind of been home church in the last few years since we moved here and it's like all really that's interesting and then the husband says well it's not because we haven't wanted to go to church but we just haven't really found we've visited all around a little bit we haven't found a church that we're comfortable with and my husband and I looked at each other and were like This is our moment you know we can take advantage of it so we invited them to come to church with us and actually at the time our church was closed because of covert but we as were coming back from this trip told them we would contact them and let them know and they seemed very open to the idea whether or not they come to church with us we realize that this is an opportunity God has already opened the doors for us to take this friendship to a deeper spiritual level so we're thankful for that opportunity and just praying that will take advantage of those moments and have the courage to speak those words at the right moment. So for me last year. I mentioned earlier this week I did the internship the diary singers and the place that I got the most contact with customers was farmer's market and so my focus was really on farmer's market. I really tried to talk with as many of the customers I could but one thing that I did was at the very beginning of the season is I went and introduced myself to as many vendors as I could and I thank them for what they were doing I thank them for trying to provide a better product a local product and that really you know that was putting value on them from the start and then the next week I'd come and I'd say Hey how are you doing and every week we would come and have a talk to our friends at farmer's market so there was the hot sauce lady there was the herbalist lady there was the baker there was the lady that sold all of oil and all these people became my friends and eventually you know after a couple weeks they'd start you know I'd after I'd visit them for a while you know they'd start time knew what was going on in their lives and I was able to encouraged. And pray with them. Another thing that my fellow interns Brianna and I would do is at the end of market we would go around and barter with the other vendors and you know if if people didn't want what we had or they couldn't give us anything we just gave to them anyway and that. Sense of generosity people seeing that you are willing to give really had a lot of impact and you know we need to give because you know Jesus gave everything for us so why not give a little produce. And anyway at the end of at the end of the season I went around to all of my vendor friends and I told them I was leaving and I was going back home and I was able to encourage them and pray with them and many of them cried and said thank you so much and that's just the power of building friendships and you know in a way that worked for me at farmer's market yet what I hear Christ method alone will bring to success are reaching the people say Remember when there's one wizard a goody showed a sympathy a lot of times will jump all that show that sympathy and Spirit of Prophecy defined as that longing desire for that individual be say what must I do to for the individual to have a connection with cries in a minute senses knees and when the confidence and you begin to follow me I'm as one example a lady came into the restaurant and happen to be not busy and she was sitting at a table off to the far end always believe anybody stepped foot in that door that God sent him there so I literally went to her and I just sat at the table and I said What brings you here and she started sharing me I just came from a doctor I'm having all these health issues I've tried everything and nothing works and nothing nothing and she just was so discouraged and I looked at I have you try God's plan and she looked at me like What is that so I started going through what we do in our challenge step by step and she goes Well how much as and I told her if I should i can't afford that and I said don't worry about that so we're here to help you and I said my church I can go to my church and maybe a response to you so we went to our church and they end up sponsored her she went through the program she did everything we told but she did she lost weight credible results she was so thankful and she said nobody in this world cares and you took the time to sit with me you took the time to to work with me for these 10 days and she wanted to come to our church and give her testimony so she came to the church going to church sponsored her. And she gave this powerful testimony it wasn't a dry eye in the room you know it just was powerful testimony and what didn't happen all we did was and I want to mingle with ms one is only good as we started talking we saw there was something I need that we actually could film because she was having health challenges and we end up signing for the program and then now if we knock on that door if we haven't sooner in 2 years we'll knock on that lady's door and she's going to bite us and introduces her family have been there several times that that is the power of doing just simple evangelism it's very beautiful this is going to bring a smile to your face but talk to us to talk to the group tell some stories about how you juggle so many things to do with Sheard and taking time for people so it's an efficiency issue very how do you deal with that in your own maybe some stories about. Well one thing comes to mind anytime someone comes to the farm and they need something and it's not in our store I'll just stop doing whatever I'm doing now is just make it a point. Even though it's busy and there's like so many things I need to get done and they want just a bag of lettuce or whatever it is all stop and take the time to go into the greenhouse and just get them the items that they that they want. You know because I think their minds me of a quote in Christ questions where. It talks about there is need for personal labor for the souls of the Lost where you know oftentimes in the. In the dissemination the Gospel there's there's too much sermonizing and too real little heart to heart work that we should come close to men individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of a turn of life and and that comes by that that one on one like brother was mentioned here you know Christ method alone and it's a one on one situation working with that soil you know there's a there's a ploughing of the heart that needs to take place 1st before the seeds are even planted you know the parable in the bible of the Sower in the seed is going out he's done say this or went and sold seed on the path and in the thorns and on the rocks it said some seed fell on the horns and some sea fell in the path and on the rocks he was sowing seed in his prepared field and we all have a field we all have that field of influence that group of people that we come into contact with that's your field. And to work with them on a one on one basis is the best way the text comes in mind he just wrote for the mastery is temperate in all things so to have in this balance in our life you know our body tries like homeostasis going to balance our life needs to have this balance as well and often times sometimes evangelism is placed at the lower priority of things well I need to under-perform I need to I need to and it didn't make money and then I if I have time then I will do evangelism then I will go talk to my neighbor then I will go do these things but it should be the opposite because the command in Matthew 28 is go you therefore and all the world not because there is covert 90 or because there shall we need to go on and there obviously we wise but it reminds me of a story I wish I had tomatoes that were trying to to transplant and here I am we got from the restaurant and I'm going to put these tomatoes in no matter what that was my goal before deciding goes down I had about 20 plastic put in you know am I going to put these things and I needed to go in. As I started you know getting everything ready my phone rang. I picked up the phone call and it was a mother of a brother I was studying with in the class in the community didn't hear from for a while but she said My my son is having suicidal thoughts and I need you to could you talk to him and so here I am I'm like I look at the tomato plants and I look at my phone and I will absolutely call her call him in the next 24 hours. And then I see how to do it and it seems like you know I don't know if you have or had this experience where your mother tells you to do something and you say Ok You know I'll get to it and as you start continue doing what you do your mother just standing there like don't you just hear what I told you to do and that's what I felt like I was just look at I mean I'm I want them I do want like what is more important these tomato plants or this sold so immediately I repented I literally picked up my. I took off to this guy's house and praise the Lord I was able to sit with him for hours and talking off the ledge and that showed me that even though those tomatoes are important if I planted the general revenue support my family but the Souls are far more important and that's why we're here on this earth so that's my. I almost wonder if you know sometimes we could look at instead of trying to balance efficiency with. Spreading the gospel instead of looking at it it's one or the other looking at efficiency as a tool in order to evangelize and what I mean by that is that God has given us much counsel and there are a lot of really good farmers that are doing very well and are very efficient. And I think what we can do is we can learn a lot from them but instead of using efficiency to create. The ability to earn more money we can use efficiency to create more time to witness and I really appreciate in class you know we were going through books and courses from j.m. for to. Conor Crick more Curtis Stone and these are all worldly men who have mastered the art of being very efficient but instead of looking at you know how can we just be efficient the doctors are always pointing us you know these men have a very good method but we're Christian how do we use this method to make more time to spread the gospel with others. Well these are excellent and we only have time for about another story where we have to minutes it all goes going to throw it open to any story that you thought of that you wanted to share so I guess sampan wants me to tell this Charlie. One day at farmer's market I was. You know I was it was my job to wash all the bands and I was sitting out at the trailer behind the stand where all our c.s.a. members were picking up their boxes and this one young man walks up to me and I greeted him I said Hello sir how are you I hope you enjoy your pa Proteus and you know we just got to start talking and eventually. It got to the point where he asked me why I wanted to be a farmer and you know I told him his name was Samuel I said Samuel I want to be a farmer because I want to help people be healthier I want to spread the gospel through farming and he looked at me and he was just you know kind of shocked. And I asked him you know why do you want to be why do you want to be a doctor and he said I want to help people and. I actually think it happened the other way around here I asked him 1st when he asked me but after that happened he just started opening up and he just told me you know man if you could just pray for me because I am just out up a point where. I I don't feel like I fit in with my church I feel like I don't have the relationship with God that I would like to have and right there in the middle of farmer's market we were able to pray and I was able to encourage him and you know he went he went home and was very thankful and then when we got back to the farm I said Aunt Pam Do we have a ministry of hewing I don't really want to give him a ministry of healing I think you'd really enjoy that and so we found a ministry of healing and the next day that we were at a farmer's market and he was picking up his box or gave him that book and I told him about it and and he was very grateful. The next time that he picked up his box I asked him So have you read the book. Are you enjoying it he wanted me to know to be honest I haven't but I read one page and that page was about being still and knowing that God is God and he's like that was exactly what I needed. And that was just such a bustling we were able to pray and this relationship went on through the whole time that I was at the farm and the wash week that I was there which wasn't Newsweek to you know box he came with a president a gift for me and he just said thank you for reaching out to me in one of my darkest times and that is not me that is God that is what God can do through us just by. Giving us the courage to just say a few couple words and that was very powerful to me like I just said a couple few just a couple words and that had a very strong effect so I just want to encourage you guys if you see any opportunity to reach out to someone even if it's just the heart do it because you do not know the effects that it's going to have on somebody else's life so you can imagine that I was pretty excited when we came here to tell Kendra and additional bit of that story so she left the farm in October I guess and the way the just off and on set she left I've had some communication with Sam and he contacted me he had it in his mind that he really wanted to do something with us and he had talked to Joshua and he called me the day before we were going to leave he had e-mail. Me and I hadn't responded to his e-mail because I didn't feel like I had the time and I was just going to push him off again and say see I really don't have time to talk but I think the Holy Spirit just impressed me just do it now so I said Yes you know we want to partner with you so he's a young medical student he just started at Vanderbilt in Nashville he's going to be there for years and he's working at a clinic for underprivileged families that do not have insurance or do not have. If they do have insurance it's minimal These are families that really are in a hard way and so he is a part of our c.s.a. he's young he's only 20 maybe and he wanted us to work together to give our you know these people produce and so I was just talking to him about some of the ideas that I had to help fund it because we love to give stuff away but we can't give all our produce away so anyway he was so excited he actually wrote a proposal. For a grant where the clinic or he is partnering with bountiful blessings farm to provide produce for these underprivileged families and I I wish you could have heard him on the phone with me he was just elated I keep couldn't believe I can't believe this is that something I can't believe you're willing to do this I can't believe that I sit see it we're Christians I mean that you know we serve the same God really you know and he was so excited that I said to him then I said we'd love to have you come out to the I would love to come up to the farm he said he and I said you know maybe you could come out on this Saturday on a Sabbath because that's a yes and I'll bring my guitar I said well great we can make music to go here so you know I don't know what God has in store but that's a 4 year long relationship that will happen between our farm and that clinic and hopefully it'll be much more than 4 years but I know God's going to provide and that's going to be a blessing for him and for us. Thank you Kendra for being such a good mission there. Yeah I just want to encourage everybody you know the command is to go eat therefore into all the world right so I'm not so when I hear powerful testimonies I'm not surprised because we're being obedient to what God said God says go and as you go the harvest is why the laborers a few I remember we had organized a little outreach for our church and we went my wife made some bread and we just went and I think the started we said we're going to go and just introduce ourselves to the neighbors and we went and I went literally 2 doors from the church I knocked on the door and says I'm here from the local church just want to introduce myself and he looked at me and says What church do you go to Romans 116 I'm not ashamed I'm not ashamed for the Gospel she describes I said I'm a 7th Day Adventist I think I was he took a step back and he goes your church is close to the truth in a church out there not really he said Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Doug bachelor and I said not heard of him. Heard him he goes I love me some dog bachelor he goes. I'm a Presbyterian Don't get me wrong I'm a Presbyterian but I'm really like I really enjoyed bachelor and it was. My sin my go to my neighbor's house my sister lives next door I actually go to her house and I we actually go we want we listen to Doug bash every single Sunday you shit so when I talk to him I went next time so I was talking to you both like oh you know Doug came inside the house and we had a whole bible study about the state of the dead they had some issues with some of the things and we went to a Bible study we did outraise they were calling my phone i could i was gone for like 2 hours I couldn't. Know where I was at but it was too literally 2 doors away from the house and he was they were just looking for someone intimate than the church so the harvest is why the labor is a few of the command is a go and if we go successful follow we encourage each of you to love those that are. That secular so others will hear more about what you know or when they know you here very So that's our that's this panel's wish for each of you you go home and you have a renewed interest in friendship evangelism and I want to thank each of the panelists thank you for sharing those stories and love it we're going to close now and ask your Lord's last thing to be with us through the rest of the day and now we encourage you to go enjoy some of that sunshine stretch you're just going to have a word of prayer. Father in heaven we just so we it is such a privilege to be in your service and to be able to be called a son and daughters of God and we we thank you for this opportunity to comment share our stories about evangelism to inspire the here for they may be compelled to go the harvest is wired to labors a few We see the conditions of this world we see that God is literally setting up his people for one final loud cry one final push to get people on in the ark so we pray Lord that we can be emboldened to go as Moses to go into our local localities to pray to to to fight for our little 4 and a vineyard This is our state. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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