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How to Be Unimpeachable? Lessons From the Prosecution & Defense

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • February 13, 2021
    11:45 AM
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Well good morning again. And it's a blessing to be able to worship together and be in Judge House today we're going to actually have a message that I wondered whether or not I should preach because you know how many you've ever heard of g. rated films. It's not gee I mean I've heard of p.g. What's that mean. Not that how many p.g. 13 this is like 13 and below. Said you know really watch about our. That's you can't watch it without parents and this is not that is this is this is x. what x.. You should never watch it to begin with right. Now that's really we're going to look at the most x. rated chapter in the Bible today. Because we actually live in an x. rated time and. The Bible is written for times like we live so let's pray together and the child armistice today is how to be unimpeachable wasn't from the prosecution and the defense so let's pray together. As the Lord blesses Father in heaven today we do need your blessing and we ask that your blessing would also be in the leaders of our nation today is actually deliver a concern concerning impeachment and. May we also deliberate with a focus that you specifically give us not something that comes from Washington d.c. but something from the headquarters of the universe in Christ's name we pray Amen. Well love him or loathe him the 45th president of the United States. Still continues to garner quite a bit of attention. And even though cancelled by big tacky and a lot of the media he remains central in the minds of many and what he's doing over the past few days the nation is watched as he goes through his 2nd impeachment proceeding and actually today as we worship he will possibly be acquitted or convicted or they may in fact call more witnesses bring more charges against him. But this is not the encouragement that I want to talk about today I want to talk about an impeachment proceeding that's going on concerning you and you and the person next to you look at the person next to you and they actually have a lot of evidence and it's pretty bad news. And. God has an impeachment brief both in the Old Testament in the New Testament for the Israel of the Old Testament and the Israel of God in the New Testament. And there's even bet there's even more troubling news and then is that you are guilty of high crimes. And treason and of misdemeanors all of you as no one that is not guilty. Today and this is the case that is clearly made once you see the evidence. You will hopefully be shaking your boobs so let's pick up the proceedings then are told about in applied both to the Old Testament Israel and Israel God in is equal Chapter 16 so turn will be there to verse 15 in. Term of university. But you trusted in your beauty played a harlot because of your fame and poured out your harlotry and everyone passing who would would have it you took some of your garments and adorn the multi colored places for yourself and play the harlot on them such things should not happen nor be you taking your beautiful jewelry from my gold in my silver which I gave to you which we were reminded of in our offering appeal my gold and my silver which I gave to you and made for yourself male phallic symbols literally in the to knock images and play the harlot with them you took your embroider garments and covered them and you set my own oil in my incense before them also my food which I gave you the pastry of fine flour oil and honey which I fed you you set it before them in a sweet incense and so it was the Lord yes. This is an indictment against Israel and the Israel again you think God is not interested in sexual issues very interested and in fact says in the New Testament no you know that friendship with the world is adultery. And there are these impeachable offenses are the high crimes and misdemeanors are the grounds for divorce and does God have a church he talks about in the New Testament being a Laodicea that is rich and increased with goods but really wretched poor pitiful and blind This is about you and the person sitting next to you it is about me but you might need some more evidence verse 20 and 22 Moreover you took your sons in your daughters whom you bore to me and these you sacrifice to them to be devoured were your acts of harlotry a small matter that you have slain my children and after them up by causing the past of the fire. And all your abominations and acts of harlotry you did not remember the days of your youth when you were making and bear this was the practice of ancient Israel they were actually worshiping Moloch and it says back in Leviticus Chapter 20 I will set my face Leviticus Chapter 20 against that man who is a practicing these things 1st to say to the children of Israel whoever of the children of Israel or of the strangers who dwell in Israel whoever gives up his descendants to Molik he shall surely be put to death the people of the land still stone him with stones and I will set my face against them and I will cut him off from the people because he has given some of his descendants to Molech to defile my sanctuary and profane my holy name and if the people of the land should in any way hide their eyes from a man when he give some of his descendants to Molik and they do not kill him then I will set my face against that man and against his family and I will cut him off from his people and all who prostitute themselves with him to commit harlotry will smaller Molik was not only idol worship it was idol worship with sexual immorality and this is what not only ancient Israel is accused of it is in fact with Laodicea is accused of and the Israel of God Some of you look shocked and remain a come to church today and be impeached but this is what the scriptures says both in the old and the New Testament now it gets worse because not only are you accused of tyranny and treason and misdemeanors and high crimes you also are accused and guilty of incitement of insurrection. What does it mean to incite means the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone else to be a model Offaly and notice where the incitement is. In the next suburb verses 2326. Then it was so after all your wickedness whoa whoa to you say if the Lord God that you built for yourself a shrine and made a high place for yourself in every street you built your high places at the head of every road you made your beauty to be abhorred you offered yourself to everyone who passed by and multiplied your acts of harm to you also committed harlotry with the Egyptians your very fleshly neighbors and increase your acts of piracy to provoke me to anger kills so you can see that not only was it in the Capitol building it was at the head of every street and now these and teachable offenses are being incited among the whole populace. It gets even worse and by the way Rex insurrection as I was listening to the trial the other day is a term that that is defined in the law that involves taking over a country with a shadow government having some plan with what you will do when you take power and in this case taking power was taking power through sexual immorality the administration coming in was saying we're going to have all kinds of acts acts of sexual immorality on every street and it's going to be Ok. That's insurrection but then it's broadcast internationally as well verse 27 through 29. Year old Therefore I stretched out my hand again to the ministry allotment and gave you up to the will of those that hate you the daughters of the one Philistines they even were ashamed of your you lewd behavior and you play the harlot with the Assyrians because you are insatiable because you played the harlot with them and still were not satisfied Moreover you multiply your acts of harlotry as far as the land of the trader of Cal the a. So notice now not only is the immorality within the kingdom it is now being spread broadcast internationally as part of the policy that needs to be given to those who receive funding does this sound familiar at all. And yet the scriptures are not applying this to the government they're applying it to the church the big problem in the world is not the Democrats or the Republicans it's Christians who are immoral. It's Christians who are idolatrous and the Bible is saying that's you and the Bible is saying that's me. As well as saying very clearly both in the old woman who says. Play the Harlot. With the Assyrians with the Kal demons and it says you would not even receive payment but rather would pay for others to have sex with you a prostitute receives payment but you don't even receive payment you go and pay. So we're God's reactions to the high crimes of his bride remember last week as we study we see that God tried to be with his people closely but they didn't listen then he sent his prophets and one of the prophecies sent this before is the kill which informs poses a challenge or Maya chapter one through 3 Jeremiah and also is e.q. what we're reading right now the 1st chapter is up to this and is not just picking on the metaphor of a woman here it also talks about the men who are in there were rooms and is equal Chapter 8 who are looking at pictures. Does that sound familiar people or look at pictures is there a huge Internet industry open our graffiti. That Larry Flynt's a style lastly that he defined himself as a person in charge of all that the Ravi Zacharias inside the church just get out and for all the things he was doing with women around the world as a great Christian apologist but at his funeral as people were watching it they said hey wait a minute I know that guy he's the guy that took advantage of me in Thailand he took advantage of me in India he took advantage of me everywhere and now all this list has come out of all of these people that were supposed to give him massages for back problems but he was immoral with them he was outed by an atheist who was more ethical than Ravi Zacharias he said man I like to talk about the Democrats or Republicans about the government and God says No I want to talk about you I want to talk about your issues you're guilty. Of high crimes and misdemeanors tyranny and you're inciting to insurrection and if you stay quiet about others you're doing the same if you let the camp McCall's your cancel you do not talk about these things and you are aiding and abetting and you are just as guilty as Leviticus 20 So what does God do verse 27 back to verse 27. Behold therefore I stretch out my hand against you in the menace your allotment gave you up to the will of those who hate you so I'm going to diminish what you have I'm going to allow you to be at the will of the people you are having immoral conduct with the Philistines 1st 35 to 39 gets even more graphic oh than harlot hear the word of the Lord thus saith the Lord because of your filthiness which was poured out in your nakedness uncovered and your harlotry with your lovers and with all your abominable idols and because of the blood of your children which you gave to them therefore I will gather all your lovers with whom you took pleasure all those you love than all those you hated. I will gather them from around against you and will uncover your nakedness to them that they may see all your nakedness and I will judge you as a woman who broke. Her oath of wedlock. And shed blood and I will bring blood upon you in fury and jealousy. And I will give you into their hands and they shall throw down your shrines and break down your high places and they will strip you of your clothes and take your beautiful jewelry and leave you naked and bare. Sounds a lot like the lay of the sea a dozen wretched poor pitiful one and you know the sort of Lord actually says it's sexual immorality in the lay of the sea in church that is causing problems. Now you might say I want to look more deeply at these words I would encourage you to go back it's almost x. rated Like I said and you can look deeply at these words and you'll understand sexual meanings that the translators who were more in the Victorian Age didn't want us to really appreciate it they wanted to kind of wash it up a bit but look at verse 36 for instance just say the word God because of your filthiness which was poured out in your nakedness and covered literally means than arial diseases that were being exchanges exchange with the flow of been to more intimate activity. You now not only are guilty but you're spreading your disease to other people and so I have to step in because you stepped out I got to step in and this is God's people and don't think we live in a time where everything that you've ever done will not be figured out so already figured out it's already in a bank it's are in the fall it's going to come out. There's more than just Larry Flint that's interested in doing it. And it's going to come out when you try and make a stand. Most of you will remain silent and still be days. That's what the Bible is teaching here can you see it by the way did you notice that it says that even though Israel is having sexual activity with everybody they're never satisfied. You never get enough of what you don't need. Is one of Dr nobody's favorites and. There's no satisfaction this is not having a good time. This is not something to be so I wish I could have no Solomon thought that he got into this that it worked out well for Solomon when asked I got into this if you want to have all chapter about men instead of women look at men as a 2nd Chronicles $33.00 the whole northern tribes in some area did this and now even the southern Judah is involved and it gets even worse. Verse 40. Through 43 they will bring up an assembly against you they shal stone you with stones and thrust you through with their swords they will burn your houses with fire they will execute judgment on you the sight of many women I will make you cease playing the harlot You shall no longer higher levels so I'll lay to rest my fury toward you and my jealousy shall depart from you I will be quiet and be angry no more. Because you did not remember the days of your youth but agitated me with all these things surely I will recompense your deeds in your own head say if the Lord God as you shall not commit mood this in addition to all your abomination. Literally. It's saying here that you will load your husband. For sanctity and can you hear the pain of God behind all this. Jerusalem Israel my bride. I'm supposed to only be having intimacy with you and here you're doing this all throughout Israel and all around Israel this is a taxable wounded lover someone who never wanted it this way. How many of you have ever had someone be unfaithful to you sexually. I remember I was in college there a young lady this would be the one and one night she went out and got drunk she slept with my roommate. I never slept with her I wasn't that tired. And I didn't want to be that tired till after I was married but all the pain. Was like getting hit by a truck run over by a train it was like having every organ taken on just squeezed until you're dead and some of you know exactly what it feels like. And that's how God feels. And that's kind of what you hear here is that. Like I said it gets even worse in verse 46 through. 59 I won't go through it all but it basically says. Oh I didn't even read as x. And indeed you know use this proverb like mother like daughter you are your mother's daughters loading husband and children who was their husband Jesus God. Is the sister of your sisters who love their husbands your mother was a Hittite your father was an am right your sister was summarily or your other sister was Saddam so now it's saying that you're actually worse than Samarium as a Northern King it was a last drive you're worse than Saddam. A lot of times we like to talk about this being out of the church we had a sermon a couple sermons ago Randy Stephens Jr was talking about how terrible Saddam is and all this is in the name look that's great we like to be holier than thou but this text says it's not out in the culture it's in your church. We like to talk about everybody else but God says the only reason we're having problems is because you don't you you're not pure in your life. Impeached. You have been impeached and the Bible says the reason is verse 59 you have despised the old by breaking of the covenant you took an oath. I'll be married to God I'll live fully for him. But you've broken the old. And so impeachable crimes come of our being brought up and you're most assuredly everyone in this room room I hear has been convicted and is guilty of these crimes all have sinned friendship with the world James 44 is adultery. I told you it was going to be bad. I told you there was bad news how many thought it was not going to be this bad. It's been you see the Bible does not mince words and you must have the assurance of damnation. Before you can understand your need of salvation you must understand your iniquity and sin to be poor you can understand his rights isness and your need of it and when I had to start as I said there's bad news but I also said there's good news praising God. I said I'd start with the bad and it was worse than you thought. You know when guilty of high crimes treason and misdemeanors you big cited and been a part of an insurrection and as Laodicea you fully deserved to be in Pete that's bad news you're guilty as charged and so my are you ready for good news is it. Good news is there any good news in this chapter. Yes there is for him but 1st some of the real issues versus. All these outward acts of infidelity all these out would work out where acts are really a part of a central problem I haven't yet missed mention but it's right there in verse 30 object to 16 read it with me how degenerate is your heart said the Lord God The promise keeping judge and own I just way seeing you do all these things the deeds of a brazen harlot you have heart disease bad heart disease you need a new start your valves are completely filled up with the Cried of a brazen heart your hard hearted I think we need a new start program. Brazen hearted. And not only that it's gotten so bad you have memory loss Look at verse 20 through 22 actually I think his 1st 22. And all your abominations in acts of harlotry verse 22 you did not remember the days of your youth when verse 43 you did not remember the days of your youth but anticipated with me with all these things and surely I will recompense your deeds on your own heads and the Lord God. So not only have heart disease it's not only affecting your vascular system it's actually affecting your head and you have hippocampal problem you can't remember anymore like you used to your heart heart of this has infiltrated your entire vascular system including your mental fin Soria and you really can't even think about it or remember what you need to remember. But praise God God has a new star program even in this chapter I want to see the new Star program in a chapter. Book it is in verse 16 through 63 I'm going to call are in are when I'm going to add another r. R r plus an r. nevertheless per 60 I even though you don't remember it I will remember my covenant with you in the days if you're you can you say hallelujah I will establish and everlasting covenant with you what even though I'm an adulterer even though I've done all these things even though I'm convicted even though I'm in peached even though I have high crimes and treasons and misdemeanors and even though I have incited insurrection even though I'm a part of a system even though even though I did this all my life you have hope for me. Yes I do and what is it I remember my covenant with you you broke it on your side but I remember my side of it I will establish an everlasting heaven with you then you will remember what it's after God remembers that now I start to remember after God starts being faithful are continuous faithfulness on his side of the Covenant somehow it starts my mind to begin percolating and I start to remember. That's why we worship on the Sabbath day right remember the Sabbath to keep it holy It's a time to help us remember his covenant you will remember your ways and be ashamed you receive your older and your younger sisters wait what a minute not only do I have something for you I have something for some area I have something for side of how you like to talk about them all but you were doing the same thing they can be saved just like you I get kind of sick of people that say God can't work with someone who's had a rough life because I realize they don't realize they have had a rough life Saddam was full of pride an abundance of treasure and idleness and if you don't believe that you're in the scriptures you're just flat out wrong and these are talking about you. They're not talking about somebody else talking about me. So God remembers spurs on their remembrance it's going to help bring not only them back but also others that they like to talk about back. Because of my covenant with you I will establish my covenant with you and they shall know that I am the Lord that you may remember that the 3rd our Remember remember that you may remember and be ashamed never open your mouth again because of your shape no pride whatsoever at all but instead what was going to happen and why are you not going to mouth open your mouth more because your shame when what does it say when I read it with me when I provide you an atonement for all that you have done said the Lord God can you say hallelujah so that when I provide you want to tell me you can do it you have no ability to do it here and pieced. But I will provide for you and that one is what it meant will come back together again will be at one hour provided for you. Sanctuary term sanctuary term. Atonement you look at up through the pensive I'm just reading through the whole Bible one of the resigned priests on this is because there are some troubling passages I know you're going to come across and I want to preach on and before you get there. I mean I'm getting texts from different people what about this what about slavery what about this when I send them text what about this have and I feel like 30 texts week I've never knew this was in the Bible in like Christ the Lord you're starting to think you're starting to remember when I saw this I was like whoa this is like Hell of a summary of all the prophets It summarises Hosea it summarises Jeremiah and Sarah Morris is a kill all your one chapter so that way even though it's the longest chapter in a secure even though it's $63.00 verses it has the core of the of the problem but also the solution Hallelujah. The sanctuary term throughout the sanctuary you have the were determined at home in the summer for every single cent we've mentioned there's a specific sacrifice that goes with it. There's a way of escape there's an atonement I will close view I will cover you I will feed you I will give you a new start. So what exactly does this atonement mean what verses have I missed. The 1st 15 verses 14 verses you're not paying attention are you and I saved it till last because it shows something that the New Testament talks about as the 1st love. Love is of God It is not of you you have nothing to do in generating love love is of God And let's look at the 1st verses here. And see that. Go back there. To verse one again the world Lord came to me saying Son of Man because Jerusalem to know her abominations that we do that today thus saith the Lord God of Jerusalem your birth your natively are from the land of Canaan your father was an emirate your mother was a Hittite and as you're a native of the on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut nor you washed in water to cleanse you know are you rubbed with salt nor wrapped in swallowing clothes no I pitied you do any of these things for you no one had compassion on you but you were thrown out into an open field and you yourself will loathe on the day you were born this is your beginning you were discarded you were no body you were nothing you were born and cast out of your mother without the cord being cut and you were left there with the placenta in a field and you were about to be eaten by jackals and the virus by animals and then eyesight remember where you came from. What did I do in that situation verse 6 and 7 but when I passed by you inside you struggling in your own will I said to you in your blood lives yes I said to you in your blood lives. I don't care what you did and in care what you're going to do I want you to live. Not not I don't care but you know I'm saying I made you thrive like a plan on the field you crew you were 2 or 3 and became beautiful your breasts were formed and literally your pubic hair grew but you were naked and bare so that 1st time of vulnerability when born Israel was born God chose to Deuteronomy 7 not before you because you were greater a number than all the other people or because there was anything special about you but I just chose you because I chose you. Not only that at times of vulnerability I helped you when you came of age when you were a teenager when you begin to develop physically I pass by you a get a look at you verse 8 and indeed it was the time for Love You were an academy you were in college and so I spread my wings out over you and coverage or nakedness can you say hallelujah. I mean this is what the purpose of Christian education is and godly parenting is that this event. In other words when you get to this 2nd vulnerable time you need to be covered by Christ righteousness you need to be covered by faithful mothers and fathers not only in your home but in Israel people that care about you so much that they know whether or not you have a relationship with God They know whether or not you're coming to the corporate service and believe me the corporate service is every bit as important if not more important than your private devotional life you see then when you're in the New Testament closely. You so me someone that doesn't like corporate work I'm going to tell you they're having problems with their devotional life that's throughout the Scriptures so here's Israel comes out of nowhere then goes with God into Egypt gets that in Egypt and then comes the Sinai he covers them he has an old I swore an oath to you and you entered in an account with me that's set to 1020 of Exodus that is this oh they swore an oath I love the Lord with all my heart and my neighbor as myself to remember that though I was you with water. The Red Sea. I anointed you with the oil. I clothe you with the border cloth I put sandals the Badgers Can I close you with fine linen covered you with silk I adore and you with ornaments and put bracelets on your wrist and a chain of exactly what happened when they left Egypt. They took all the gold and all the silver they couldn't put in a box to carry it in the backpack they wore it and God told them the wear it put on the jewelry as you plundered the Egyptians for the last 400 years and you get reparations for your slave work but don't keep wearing it when you come out hope you'll understand that I'm the one who delivered you. And I'm going to have an offering during that 2 minutes. And I'm going to get more than $60000.00 committed. Everybody's going to give up their silver and gold and it's going to be put into a sanctuary and everything that was axed Earl is now going to be internal. There's going to be gold there's going to be silver and that's coming from all your jewelry that you took off and is going to go into the sanctuary is going to build the sanctuary internally and that's true there's Badger skidded you see it there banters ends and all the scholars say that this is just a picture of all the things that were used not only in the century but in the new Star program let me explain it to you the exodus was the new Star program they were dying of the diseases of the Egyptians which we know from the Journal of the American Medical Association 2009 where heart disease or hypertension or diabetes or obesity were all the things of the new star and they put God put them on a diet it was called manna cements and they're made out of coriander seed. It was a plant based diet and he gave them water and they went to the Red Sea They had water on the outside hydro water on the inside and they won and then they went to the sanctuary and then they got into the sanctuary there was that lamp stand that was fed with the oil oiled grasses. And then they had those cakes they had a bread table to show bread and then they would have this incense that was attended to by the priests who were dressed in linen and this was the new Star program you see is. How we can see the love of God here what he's saying here is you did all these things you were so unfaithful to me with everybody and you never satisfy but guess what I want you to remember my 1st love for you and my sanctuary system for you I want you to see that I had in place the antidote for everything that you've done wrong or ever will do wrong can you say hallelujah to that I'm going to tell you something this is why the New Testament says and 1st time for 19 we love. Because he 1st loved us so that was me we love because He 1st loved us you see say this with me too even though Israel forgot. God did not say that again even though Israel for God got them and you say hallelujah. Do you know that he loves you look at that person next to you or look at yourself in the next you did you know that he loves you as much as he has ever loved anybody. That you know that he loves you as much as he loved Moses. As a murderer he loves you as much as he loved David the adulterer he loves you as much as the love Peter the betrayer. He loves you as much as he love that son of founder John the Revelator do you believe that. He provides an atonement for you just like he did for them it was you as much as of dull to Rose's room which you're a part of and so on but even more amazing John Chapter 17 John Chapter 17 and verse 23. That the world may know that you sent me and love them even as you love me he loves you as much as he loved his own son and who is saying that. Jesus is the season. And you say hallelujah that. How can he do this how can he do this very simply. For some for a because God is love let's say that together God is Love you say what does that mean we'll look at Romans Chapter 5 just remember Romans Chapter 5 therefore having been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ chapter 5 Verse one but then split down the verse 6 for when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the un-Godly he doesn't wait to your Godly. He died for you when you're on godly and according to our study today you are Barry and godly and so my I am you thankful that he died when you were on godly. Not only that go on scarcely for a righteous man the one day perhaps for a good man to my dear today but God verse 8 demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were still what sinners Christ died for us what you done for the un-Godly Yes dying for us when we're still sinners yet you say wait a minute I came today and I feel convicted I'm a sinner good because now you see the Christ died for you he's making an atonement for you even now even here even today even in this time. Verse 9 much more than having now been justified by his blood that's the Atonement mercy and justice kissed each other the cross he's paying your debt and he's able to offer you mercy having been justified by his blood we shall be saved from a raft through him that's a mercy verse 10 for if when we were even what enemies were reconciled to God through the death of his son much more having been reconciled solely be saved by His life get this straight folks your performance past present and future has nothing to do with your salvation your performance say it with me my performance has nothing to do with my salvation or so wait a minute wait a minute I want to I want to own tech a little credit no you you are impeached already you can't hold office again. You haven't cited you have been turned even if high handed all those things and nothing you've done or do or will do has anything because you're a sinner. You're an enemy and you're on godly Now let me say something else you are saved by works this is not your words you are saved by his performance in the past you are saved by his performance in the present and you will be saved by his performance in the future all of your justification comes from him all of your sanctification covering him he does it all in and for and that in and through in and through you and he'll walk in you and live in you and guide you how many think you need that kind of power leave in Mr Right now it's been and people walking around the world and they've got the extra hard drive now you need the internal hard drive. You need God's strength you need exactly what's right here there right and so does everyone else here. Is this sounding like more good news. Let's look at this a little bit more of the intellectual standing of it let's turn to the Book of Romans in the Old Testament. And that's Isaiah Chapter 53. Of this chapter shows exactly why it is he can provide an atonement it looks there at the end of his equal that this harlot. Woman is just toast and they are mean. But. Those that would. And God does who has believed our report. And to whom is the harm of the lord been revealed as a saving atoning arm where he shall grow up before him as a tender plant as a root out to dry ground just like Israel was a route out of dry ground just like they were Nobody says I'm going to become a nobody I'm going to come down here. He has no form or comeliness when we see him there's no beauty that we should desire there's no gold there's no silver there's no trappings of the sanctuary that he's he's had on his person he's despised verse 3 he's rejected by men just like that harlot woman ultimately was despised and rejected a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces for him he was despised then we did not is steam him he was looking wretched poor pitiful naked and blind on the cross why because he became sin he took your sin upon him can you say hallelujah. Surely he has borne our grief and carried our sorrows we esteem to him stricken smitten by God in the selected as he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities all that sexual immorality all those different things you did every single thing you did it is now placed on him. And we can see why we need the gospel. Alike 1st 10 in 10 and 11 please the Lord the Bruce and God was in Christ reconciling the world they were together and he has put him to grief why it was a plan before the foundation of the world to help us in the situation he shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied finally satisfaction what is satisfaction come not from. Immorality not from all those things but satisfaction comes from knowing the God of satisfaction the God of justification the God of sanctification. See the travail of a soul and so be satisfied what does that mean even now today Christ is crying out for you he's crying. He's making intercession it says in and Hebrews that we crucify Christ a new one we keep doing things we shouldn't do and he's up there crying out he's standing at the door and knocking. To the lay of the sea and sure to say let me in let me in you're going to die in your sins let me hand let me am I We want a lot of men. How many realize now that you've been in peace don't try to lawyer up. You've been prosecuted and you have been convicted but I got good news for you the same prosecutor prosecute you as also your defense attorney and also in charge of the court can you say hallelujah and there's no other than Jesus the advocate we haven't advocated with the Son Jesus Christ the right Jesus. To see the travail of a soul and so be satisfied you know my mother would try. Out for years for me so that my grandfather a little my grandpa and I hear him in the other room he couldn't hear anything here. In fact he didn't want to hear most of what I had to say income only had hearing aids but when I came home and take him out in the well listen to me but that night he wanted God to hear about it and he would begin crying out for me for my brother all got their last. And they explain why we were a lot and. I remember when my grandfather died and I realized that he would not be praying for me anymore. Broke my heart and that's when I really except God allowed him to do things in my life. That I never had before and now my mom's can. But the blessing is I've read dedicated my life to God. Those tears are gone but God still his tears are still there he's still crying out for you and for me because he wants us to take advantage of the Atonement he wants is to be at one with and. He wants us to be satisfied he wants is to be justified he wants is to be sanctified he doesn't want us to bear our iniquities he wants to bear those for us do you want to let him do that. So how can we have access to the economic you know the check say with me for God so loved the world that gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him You put your faith which is a gift to you also he gives you the faith that you get back to him that whosoever believeth in Him shall not but have. The devil doesn't want you to believe. He wants to call more witnesses. The no no no no no no let me call some more witnesses how we want to be ready for the the more witnesses. And as he calls more witnesses find bring the witnesses yes yes bring the witnesses on because our confessed my sins Yeah I stipulate it is in the record I'm an adulterer I'm an adulterous I am immoral I'm everything the text says but I plead the blood of Jesus I've confessed my sins and if I confess my sins He is faithful and just to cover those sins literally and then finally what blot them out and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I confess them in the outer court. And he covers way with the blood of the cross. But they continues to apply that blood until they're finally blotted out on the Day of Atonement. At the end of time Hallelujah. However thankful for that this is the Atonement in all its glory our great scripture reading. Will come to in just a minute but I want to read one other thing to you before we come and then we're going to sing the most of this this is from a book desire of ages page 568. I looked up every reference to impeach impeached impeaching impeachable and there's all kinds of gems I'm just reading you want desire is 560 the saloon the souls that turn to him for refuge and we want to turn to him for refuge the souls the term for him or his Jesus lifts above the accusing and the strife of tongues. How many can say hallelujah no man or evil angle can in peace these souls can you say hallelujah in Christ you are unimpeachable. Even though you're guilty. It's too good to be true. No one can impeach these souls Christ unites them to his own divine human nature Hallelujah. When they stand behind the start beside the great sin by bearer in the light proceeding from the throne of God the most holy place. And then she called this beautiful powerful text from Romans chapter 8 who you shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect you're going to win the election guys. You are going to you're going to be a royal priesthood a kingdom of priests and a holy name and you say hallelujah the next election cycle you are a king in a priest you're not impeachable it is God that justify it who is he that condemn it it is Christ to die again rather that is risen again and victory over sin and death right who is even at the right hand of God who lives to make intercession for honey say hallelujah there this is the gospel of his equal 16 there was Ben was a band really bad wasn't it but there's good news was a good really good the best news ever for let me give you a tip as we close in fact we're going to put it up on the screen or one or one and Associates one up. He was ministering to the young Levite. And is found in that text that. Irwin's mother in law read for us in Revelation Chapter 10. Or 12 verse 1011 and you can see it on the screen we're going to learn a song and they're going to teach us the song but look at verse 10 Revelation Chapter 12 verse 10 now Earl of voice sang in heaven now salvation and strengthen the kingdom are God in the power of his Christ that go for the accuser of the Brethren I want to Zion that word accuser is Rex The impeach are same kind of words of the brother and who accuse them before God a knight has been cast down can you say hallelujah and how does that happen they overcame him by the what by the blow the lamb is not enough to just talk about the Bible and but also by the one. Word of their testimony to say wait a minute I want that one. I want that atoning sacrifice I want Jesus in my life and that's the secret to testify that I I'm on godly I'm a sinner. Who in the world. Make you commit. 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