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10 Doing the Unthinkable

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 26, 2021
    11:45 AM
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I'm Cameron evasion and I'm Mark Howard this is talking points we are on the still the 1st quarter of 2021 whichever are the Book of Isaiah this week lesson 10 titled doing the unthinkable This covers some of the most familiar yet still every time you look at it powerful continent in the book of Isaiah there's been a lot of good stuff before but this is you know the suffering servant and the sacrifice of Christ and it's so important this is the central pillar of our faith and so this is a lot in this in fact yes pastor out it doesn't cover lots and lots of chapters but there's enough content in here that I would imagine there's multiple is still a span of Jeffers and there just always so much in all of this so we said this before we're not going to be able to. And our purpose in talking points isn't to plumb the depths of the right passages but at least to bring out thoughts that you could hopefully bring out a little bit more fully in 7 o'clock and we'll get into this little bit more we look at the 3 points and why they are in which you know how much priority should you give to them because in this lesson I feel that there are some points more important than others even though they're all important almost like one big point in a way a little bit but we're not we're down to one we're going to have 3 points but we'll get into that the 2nd let's actually start with the word of prayer and then Pastor how would you can walk us through the 3 points of the all right Heavenly Father thank you so much for the opportunity to study together as a church family thank you for the scripture that you give us and thank you for the christ that it reveals to us Lord help us to see him more clearly through our study today and proclaim him more boldly for he prayed in Jesus' name amen amen All right what are talking point well how are lesson. Benz I see a 50 to 50 the end of 53 and. The quarterly actually leads to 51 pretty well out and I just have a hard time when I'm going to this has been a nightmare of trying to go through and leave big sections out or just unaddressed it all but I understand why they're just so full there's so much stuff in it so what I've done is I've drawn out 3 pointers one that as I read through Isaiah 51 even though it wasn't the reading but it was in that sandwiched in between there and I wanted it for context. I drew a point now that isn't in the quarterly So we basically have in our 3 Talking Points is number one our salvation was Jesus choice I think this is an important point we don't have spent a whole lot of time to spend on it but we this is drawn primarily from Sunday's lesson and Isaiah Chapter 50 and then our Talking point number 2 is that God is on our side this is drawn largely from Isaiah Chapter 51 with the lead in and then our 3rd point which really encompasses and you'll notice in our notes God is on our side there's nothing by that from the quarterly you get to number 3 Christ gave Himself for our sins is what I call that and it covers smudgy through Thursday basically the but only that but if you have the you know the the hand out here to study notes you'll see that number one takes up this piece of the page number twos even number 3 starts all through the front page going to turn it over whom it isn't but I want to give too much away because the subsequent page of notes that goes along with it because they couldn't fit these in here exactly so see clearly what in 2 are important points and they have been hit on in other parts of Isaiah but that 3rd point where you know you said it already that Christ gave Himself for our sins is so central to this lesson and to the entire plan of redemption it is so pivotal that it becomes the lion's share of this week's study so. We did you we did you know go to the right dog so we're ready to go into these because we've only got so much time of the clock and we always just so that you guys know we always have prayer before we start and I know we did that but then i'm thinking was that the prayer before was it during that well let's move on we got to cover let's move on with talking point number one our salvation was Jesus choice when you go into Isaiah Chapter 50 what you see is a lord introduces it and then the actually according picks up in verse 4 where it says the Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak these are the words of the Messiah speaking to his people God's people are in captivity and the Lord is not talking to them about the mission that he is undertaking as Messiah in the stand up points are when you come to verse 5 he says the Lord God has opened my ear and I was not rebellious contrast that with his people who are in captivity because of their rebellion then he says. Nor did I turn away I gave my back to those who struck me and my cheeks to those who plucked out the beard I did not hide my face from shame and spitting for the Lord God will help me therefore I will not be disgraced therefore I have set my face like a flint and know that I will not be ashamed now there's so much more that could be covered here but the idea is these be him these these experiences he's talking about that we saw of Christ go through with being struck the plucking out of the beard the spitting on the face are extreme demoralizing disgraceful things to do somebody demeaning things to do. And yet what the Lord is saying is I'm going to go through this knowing ahead of time that they're going to treat me this way but I'm not going to be disgraced by it I'm not going to be deterred by it in other words I'm sitting my face like a flint this is telling us about Jesus' own determination to come to set become the sacrifice for the his last children into things to strike out stick a stick out to me here and this stuff out and struck you. And struck me and hit me as but when we were discussing this earlier you know the lesson brings out the point how like turning the back and plucking at the beard and spitting on in the Middle East that knows disgraceful friends I believe this is good for health is the universal truth clearly this is dishonorable disgraceful you know abuse that he's taken here but the idea that anywhere in the world if you spend space nobody's going to like oh thank you for the help of it but the point is that in spite of that universally understood degradation right he then said it doesn't just say but I was so I had to go through this thing the active choices I'm doing this you know and you know it reminds me of Psalm 40. Verse 6 and 7 says sacrifice and offering you did not desire my ears you have opened burnt offering a sin offering you did not require verse 7 the key when I said Behold I come in the scroll the book is written to me I delight to do your will so it's not just the God the Father have your living at the Psalms Yes of course in Hebrews Paul applies that very clearly like that was that's a mindset of Jesus and so it's not just that God had a plan that Jesus begrudgingly went through and went through the motions Jesus was partnering with the Senate volunteering to go this is the part of our mindset that's right and again the setting is faces of flint not only did he did he was he going to go he wasn't surprised by the way he was treated he knew how he would be treated shamefully and in spite of that base of that right he was determined that nothing would deter him from his mission and which is power if you're going to see that unfold as we go on now there's a great verse in verse 11 of Chapter 50 we're talks about the Swack in this part of it kindling we just don't have time to get into it but Ellen White uses this phrase a lot about us have trying to have things our own way instead of yielding to God's way that encourage you do a little study on that phrase ology and Ellen whites writings and study the passage you know our 2nd talking point. Is drawn out of when we move into Isaiah Chapter 51 the Lord begins in this character of Messiah of promising not just his immediate release from there or rescue from their captivity in. Babylon at this point. Where it's being foretold but where he's going to restore his people verse 3 in and he's going to make her wilderness like Eden like he's talking about the restoration is going to come not just to his people because if he goes on he talks in verse 5 of Chapter 51 my righteousness is near my salvation is gone forth and my arms will judge the people of the coast lands will wait upon me and on my arm they will trust me talk about the. Gentile nation is talking about ever the Gentiles coming in in the final establishment of His eternal Kingdom he goes on to talk about how his righteousness will not be abolished itself ation his righteousness in verse 8 will be forever so in all of this in this context. He says in verse 10. Are you not the one and now speaking are you not the one who dried up the sea the waters of the great deep that made the depths of the sea erode speaking about the parting of the Red Sea in Deliverance and in the reasons not to cross over for the redeemed to cross over verse 11 so or in the same way the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing and course if there is any 7 school teacher out there worth your salt at this point in the study you will either lead out or have so much seeing that glass exhaust there for the redeemed of the lower right and Clomid thing there you go is going to. Get the guitar out everything but think about the weight of that you know and of course the song is stuck in our heads if you're no good evidence around the campfire at some point but it's drawing from this we're talking about the joy that will come for those who follow the Lord through this redemption path that he's in carving out and come back to to again hearkening back to the deliverance from Egypt from slavery in the same way the slavery of sin right and the ransom shall return with singing you know the kind of singing in joy of being free right and then in verse 12 he says oh Even Oh I am he who comforts you who are you that you should be afraid of man who will die or the Son of man who will be like grass and forget the Lord your maker has stretched out the heavens and he goes on several times in Chapter 50 you want to talk about his power as God and then basically how he is on the side of his people and that's what struck me you know throughout all of this Jesus making that choice and setting his face like slant and then this talk about the new or thin and the redeemed coming that he's he's like if God is for us as Paul makes him against this who can be against us well why are we worrying and that's what he's asking here I'm on your side well it reminds me through this whole I say a study. We've done how many times of the Lord's contrast his own divinity versus the right to the futility of these other so-called gods or you know sparks of your own can link that we're aging and he talks about like I'm created this thing that I'm in charge of things no I'm the one who's got the plan for the future everybody else is going to die I'm eternally life like so and I was just thinking as we talked earlier about like you know if the Lord Terri's I'm going to die and who's going to watch over my children well the same God who washed over me in the washing of my pants like he's on the throne yesterday today and forever and so Jesus then comes getting back to our point about the suffering servant he you know that especially in the final hours when he gets to get something he doesn't see through the portals of the tomb but he knows. He can trust the Father and His plan because he even though he now is stuck in this frail humanity in this terrible circumstance there is someone throats of the very thing that he was telling the children of Israel to rely on he comes and himself relies on and demonstrates the victory that's right in with us if you don't have any kind of like Well now if this all works out and they're going to go we're going to be singing and it's just very. Do it in the right to happen and nothing's going to stop this powerful so that leads us into actually this what's called the suffering servant poem which actually begins in Chapter $52.00 and verse 13 of the Bible says I'm going to read through verse chapter 53 Verse one behold my servant shall deal prudently this is Chip 580 you're going to read a story to 13 my servant shall deal prudently he shall be very exalted in extolled and be very high which you know you would expect like them a servant they know the Jewish people know as a reason this is the Messiah he is the coming King he is going to be high he's going to exalted the exact of a king but then notice where it turned the gears kind of switch here just as many were astonished at you so his visit was. Mark his appearance more than any man and his form more than the sons of men so shall he sprinkle many nations King shut their Mels at him the idea of shutting their mouth is they will have something to say they're going to be astonished at what they see it's not going to be what they expected from a king for what had not been told them they shall see and what they had not heard they shall consider and then in Chapter 53 it continues who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the lord been revealed so what he's getting into here is this coming suffering servant this coming King he's going to he's going to appear in a way that's going to be astonishing and it's going to lead people to disbelieve because surely if he's a king he wouldn't be suffering this way well that's a good thing which actually is 3 then goes who has believed our report like how can this possibly be the thing but that's exactly what it was in this is where the lesson is you know the whole lesson this week is doing the unthinkable like why would Christ come in then suffer the way that he did that some thinkable so much so again King shut their mouths people are astonished his village is visitors Martin says just as many were astonished that you. So the idea is he's going through this this period of suffering now before we dive further into this you know as we're delving into 53 I found it interesting that in getting ready for this lesson I was it 53 is one of the most powerful prophecies in the Bible people have. Fought against it because of its clarity and those who don't want to believe Jesus was the Messiah I mean I was a 53 as you're going to see is so crystal clear. Barnes in his commentary on his in $53.00 come came away with $33.00 fold observation that I've included in the notes and this observation goes something like this 1st of all if the common interpretation of Isaiah 53 is correct and points to Christ as the Messiah it proves the Jewish rejection of the Messiah of Jesus as the Messiah was false because he fulfilled these very behaviors so they don't think this fits them the Messiah they think if it's somebody back and says that well beyond the Jewish nation Barnes goes on in his next point of observation to say if the passage was written at the time it was claimed around $750.00 b.c. in their belts it settles all controversy with unbelievers not just the Jews but for unbelievers because it is so particular in the minutiae of details comprehensive in scope and accurate in fulfillment regarding the life of Christ that it couldn't have been the result of conjecture or accident now because it's so precise or some people have said well it wasn't written back in 750 b.c. or even if it was. The guy Jesus of Nazareth He was an imposter who just read it it's obvious that it was all about life after that would also be the right. And so Barnes makes the point that it would be impossible the fulfillment couldn't be a work of an impostor seeking to act out the ancient prophecy and some of claimed because it would have been impossible to shape the course of events that are outlined in the prophecy other Sunni externalities Yeah it would be like his control couldn't do it he couldn't do it so he's saying this is irrefutable evidence finally he says a correct exposition of this passage gives the Christian a full a more full and complete view of the Atonement and the whole doctrine of redemption so we're going to draw out some of that out as we highlight the different versions of Isaiah 53 but let's remember that this was the very passage that compelled the e.p. in your music become a Christian he said Who here is other let's get back to right so this is a good we had sadness to point 8. 0 in verses 32 to 34 is where the Bible specifically says this is the passage in the scripture when you think about cutting it off on a tangent and I don't want to do that and we will model this in Sabbath school with all our people do it too much but it Acts Chapter 8 he had been up to Jerusalem and been worshipping in the temple and he knew the Judaism stuff but he knew there was this suffering servant of companies like is this just about Isaiah or is there and he said Well and then for me open the scripture and preach Jesus to him and that's where it locked him into the face of Christ. Anyway. Everything that we're about to cover now in this Isaiah 53 I would highly urge you to make this the centerpiece of your lesson study this week you know there's just like we have 30 minutes on the clock and so you may say well you know they went through this 1st point but I'm going to spend more tonight I don't do it that's what I'm saying no more than if you have 30 minutes when you finish what is it on this if your if you have an hour spent so the bulk of it needs to be this because it's so accurate it's so to the point and it's. I don't know inconceivably clear that you could walk away and not have a deeper walk with Christ because of it so as we continue on Isaiah 53 picking up that id. We've touched on a little bit who has believed our report it just was that the concept of coming King going through suffering was was foreign to their minds and to anybody's mind like if your kid got a king he's going to be or you're Redeemer in your victory and you're champion you know champions don't suffer and die and so it was an it was in astonishment to begin with then it begins to describe his ministry So 1st to grow up before him before we go are you going to circle back to this because that was a great point that we talked about earlier how the juxtaposition who's believed or import and to whom has the arm of the Lord yes yes yes like the only people who believe this report is the people who the arm of the Lord has been revealed to the orderly brings it out it was in the court of us Tuesday's lesson and just shares that as you mention the juxtaposition like who has believe your report and to whom has the arm or a lord been revealed it's on the 3rd paragraph on Tuesday at the bottom it says in this context the parallel between the 2 questions implies that the Lord's arm or power of salvation is revealed to those who believe the report so this you can only enter to the true experience of it by faith in the one who whom it's people killed Iraqis as Christ so that's an important point that's exactly right so you have to believe the report but there's plenty of evidence to believe that we're going to see some of that verse too again thinking about this being written around 750 b.c. there are bells the Bibles for telling the coming of the Messiah verse 2 says he shall grow up before him his father is a tender plant and as a root out of dry ground he has no form or coming to us and when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire Him couple things are brought up there he's going to grow up he isn't coming as a grown man who is growing up and enduring all the things that we adore and I think of Luke chapter 2 where it says He Jesus room wisdom and chest answer in favor of God man you have that growth process that's being foretold and then this idea of a route out to dry ground. Well well the coat comeliness in. Holt. We didn't cover this in the intro mark but let me just throw this in there if people want to take the you know take another perspective on this if you compare Isaiah 53 the suffering sort of thing that starts in 52 and then into 53 about the ministry of Christ how he comes from heaven but he sit down and he has no form or comeliness and he's abused all his close stuff and but through his abuse and suffering he is exalted finally But you look at the difference where Satan of course Lucifer exults himself and is sent down but he has all this beauty and all this kind of stuff and pride in his heart and he's going to be set like the great controversy parallels in this too and anyway I would be tempted if there's a whole way you go there's less on that I don't miss it but this is just a couple weeks where the less is so much so because it's really the heart of Isaiah and it brings a lot of what you were making a point of verse to about yeah I'm going to write In fact I've got in the in the outline there's a great statement that I wanted to review them just we don't have the time here but it's in the quotes about the suffering of Christ you know might use that language his visage was so marred more than any man in his form or the sons of men and we did talk as we were going over this that that visit being marred was not just his physical suffering but I believe he applies that in one place not this one particular to what he looked like in the 70 after going through yeah and then another place after the temptation the wilderness so I can tell you specifically that that is in desire of ages page $685.00 And what's interesting here it's paragraph 2 where and 3 that several of the phrasings of Isaiah $53.00 she quotes not as applying to Calvary and of course Calvary's where his physical death occurred in the in the sufferings but beforehand was laid on Him you can find is that he was numbered with the transgressors the nic when he was laid upon us all. Always laid on him appears to soul crushing out his life all of those as if the phrases she applies to the garden of guest $73.00 being the idea that not of course she talks about Calvary too and it was a physical tortures of it but she also says the the pain of the cross she was barely felt physically because of the agony of soul that he was under and so that morning of him yes of course was physical but what made Christ sacrifice so powerful was not merely the physical suffering he endured which was tremendous but it was the incomparable spiritual suffering that crushed out his life because you know he goes on to guess any talk about my soul is horrible even to death he's bleeding great drops of blood and not a hand has been laid upon him that this is a spiritual dimension we can even appreciate if we leave it just on the physical That's right in that comes out as we look as we look through some of the points in Isaiah 53 again just touch of what I was about to mention the no form or comeliness is a great statement and desire of ages page 43 were element just comments that that Jesus purposed that no attraction of an earthly nature should tall men to his side only the beauty of heavenly truth must draw those who would follow him and that's the true truth today you know we often think that we're going to get more people in our churches by making more and more services more this and the other and there's nothing wrong with that inherently but we forgot that the power to draw is in the character and so that only the good I call it a graphic design but the real thing is going to come into it's right in fact Ellen White talks about how Christ would often be going places in his garments she called them travel stained You know and we I mean the all we just know and his draw him to draw to Christ was his character so but then it goes on to talk about a man of sorrows acquainted with grief so this isn't talking about the physical suffering for a so much as as the emotional. Suffering you know Jesus. Same temptations and trials that we do and more so far more so as you mention the anguish of the separation from his father on the cross he knows what it's like well if you notice you know quite the idea of Acquainted with a grief Well there's a chronology to as if you 32 because you talked about how when he was sick he didn't come in the middle form ready to go straight to the cross he had to grow up and that's right and then he transitions in verses 3 and 4 about his public ministry about how he related to people he felt their grief and sorrows and you know then he goes to heal them right he took their eye elections then it talks about how he's wounded and then he talks about how basically it's a microcosm prophesy of the entire scope of Christ's earthly ministry and one of the one of the fascinating things about the passage is in verse 3 it says he is despised him rejected by men. A man of sorrows acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not esteem him. And it goes on to say in verse 4 yet we esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions So in other words we look at him as like I don't want to be associated with him he's lowly and he's not popular and he's this and the other and the point is being made the passage that the reason he's not popular is because of your sin another way I know I'm going to distance we distanced ourselves as a people we distance ourselves as individuals from No I don't want to confess Christ our people today who won't confess Christ because there they don't want to be Christianity is so embarrassing is going to make me look simple minded It's embarrassing because of you you know well if you think about Peterson who of course was the one that's just themself with cursing what the there on the day of Pentecost he's restored and what is he preached to those people not only was the messiah here he happened to die but you crucified Him That's right the onus is on our side our choices our sins did this to him and this is very clearly brought out here so the you know the man of sorrows and we hit our faces you know we didn't esteem him but it was our we didn't esteem him because of his. Like I said all of these. Real coaches that were upon him but he was carried he's born our grief he's carried our sorrows he was smitten by God for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement for our peace and I love the wording of it it's not the chastisement of our peace it's for our peace in other words if there was any hope that we would ever have peace he had to bear chastisement so we can have peace like all of this is just saying you know goes goes on to say all we like sheep have gone astray we've turned everyone to our own way. But the lore and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all so all of this is just emphasizing that point he didn't suffer for himself he suffered for us he was innocent and we were guilty well and then again the chronology in verse 6 the laying the iniquitous all like Sister White puts in the garden I guess I mean then verse 7 he was oppressed and he was afflicted he did not open a smelt like the lamb for the slot and this is a foreshadowing of his standing in the trial very rightly or statements in the New Testament about right not opening his mouth and the reason was not because he didn't have an answer but he's already given the answer there's nothing more to say so he's just like let the evidence be what it is and use confident and quiet and again foretold 150 years beforehand that this is exactly how things laid out and so why not be able to giove yours this is what I say 150750 and so when Philip could show this to the Ethiopian eunuch for example yes just like you just compelling evidence like that he is the Messiah you come to version 9 and talks about how he was. His great was with the wicked but with the Richard it is death that this doesn't happen other words he's crucified between 2 thieves he was had this ignominious death and he's get put away somewhere you're not going to be buried in a rich noble I mean you read about the kings of Israel who were unfaithful I mean were buried in the tombs of these men and yet Jesus even though he's crucified between 2 thieves then here comes just a very many and put them in a tomb a new tomb the Bible's very clear nobody has ever laid in a rich man's tomb just as prophecy had said I mean the fact that he did it is one thing but the fact that it was foretold $170.00 ad in his arms through that about his close up being torn how they're going to gamble for his right as he's going to be with the wake of his death but then he's going to be buried in the Richmond. This couldn't be faked to go back to Barnes point it's already filled in Christ. No that makes it interesting thing in verse 10 to say it please The Father to bruise him well this isn't you know the God is not a sadist what this is saying is that the father in the son had compact it together to save humanity this was the only way and Jesus isn't John 1017 Therefore the father loves me because I lay my life down other words it's this was the only way in Jesus' willingness to do this was God's way of having his children restored to him and so I think of 2nd Corinthians 5 where it says God was in Christ reconciling the world himself father and son were united and in that sense it please The Father to to bruise him and then we come down to the last couple verses was like 6 verse 13 says and the Council of peace shall between them both right idea that God wasn't just sending a son they were in this United points right versa live and he shall see the labor of his soul and be satisfied by his knowledge my righteous servant shall justify many for he shall bear their iniquities therefore because of his willingness to do this because he's going to justify many therefore I'll divide him a portion with the great and he shall divide the spoil the idea of dividing a portion and the spoil that's what Victor you have some one in the battle right and so what is saying is he will come off it Tory is because of his willingness to go through this because he poured out. And it keeps on him because the porters told death and because we could read him because again he was numbered with the transgressors and because he bore the sin of many and because he made intercession for the transgressors because of all these things so it's it's we see the victory in verse 12 and then backtracks and says This is why he's going to have victory because he came he died he was number with he bore their sins and then he were their sins as a sacrifice and as intercession intercessory and I thought it was really fascinating. Comments you know 47 they have as we say intercessor Jesus our great high priestess final work of atonement the holy place most of. Place epicenter the writer the one called so to a lot of Christians but Albert Barnes in his commentary on Isaiah 53 Verse 12 he was a nun 7 am and says it may not refer here to the mere act of making prayer supplication but rather perhaps to the whole work of the intercession in which the Redeemer as High Priest presents the merit of his atoning blood before the throne of mercy and pleads for the people this is the closing part of his work in behalf of his people and of the world and the sense here is that he would be thus blessed with abundant and why extended triumph the victory the spoils because he made intercession beautiful well and we don't think of this but the intercession of Christ as an extension of his death on the cross is not just a thing you can infer here the New Testament makes that clear there always pointing not just to back to the cross but up to Jesus in the holy place in the heavenly sanctuary you know we've got to go on. Well to so I mean that's that's a synopsis of the chapter and our conclusion is really looking at this you know the question is asked. He was taken from prison and judgement. Unfair trial he's cut off from the land of living who's going to declare his generation and the implication is he's not going to have any offspring he's dead he's got who's going to declare his cause who is left to you know he's not going to have any offspring any children what have you but that question is answered when you come to verse 10 and he says when you make it so often for Santa center he shall see his seed What's his seed his descendants The Descendants he's cut off he's dead he's going to have who are his descendants all those who are born of God So the Bible is looking forward and saying he will have a seed to proclaim his generation those are his descendants those are the ones who are born of God who are born again that's you in me we can declare his generation in the part in the salvation of souls That's the great work of Jesus and that's a great work that he established the church for its incredible friends this chapter is so rich and so route full of good conversation and good study that this is going to be a fantastic study just personally but especially in our status of classes so God bless you as you start here look a little bit extra time this week sorry but not sorry it's good stuff but we do need to close now so as far as forward prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for this rich study that you've blessed us with thank you for not just the literary insights and the interesting prophecies but for the fulfillment of it in Christ thank you for his sacrifice thank you for his success and thank you for his continued ministry of intercession on our behalf today that we can have the joy there was laid before Christ help us to be those who will declare his generation Lord help us not only see but to give this message for praying to Jesus.


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