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When Lady Liberty Lays Down the Torch

Carlis Clinton



  • February 28, 2021
    10:00 AM
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This morning I want to start by saying something that is my humble opinion that society as we know it is changing so fast to right now that it's hard to comprehend let alone keep up with the new reality that we have to face almost day to day. So as a pastor I can't help but feel that I have to address these things more and more lately especially the see how they are these things are taken they're intersecting with Scripture and in particular with last day events and it's into this intersection between real life and eternal life that scripture speaks from Genesis to Revelation and is up based on what I said a moment ago eternal life seems to be getting closer and closer to us and so I've often wondered as a pastor you know since we have been protests laming this soon return of Jesus for 16170 years now as a church that how would I have a since. Of the imminence of the return of Jesus Sure we believe is coming soon we've been preaching for years and years but how would I know this is this this return is imminent because as the scoffer said in the book of Peter he says all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation and the answer to that question I think is this all things are not continuing as they have continued from the beginning of creation things are very different right now things are changing rapidly and and much faster than I had imagined that they would it's almost like we're living in some alternate reality more wondered are we going to click out of this will life ever be normal again you know it just everything seems very strange and so for me I think it's helpful to see not only where we are at right now in the stream of time but how we've arrived at this position. How we've arrived at this alternate reality obviously I can't get all into all of that today but I do believe if we can see the road in between where we were and where we are now and how we arrived here it helps us to be able to navigate particularly as believers from this day forward and so I think right now we're living in a very unusual time as most of us would agree we're living in a time that the prophet Isaiah spoke of in Isaiah 60 verse 2 he said this the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people and this verse is exactly where I believe we are right now we are living in very deep gross darkness I mean this world is in a very challenging time but the good news is this verse doesn't stop right there it continues own the rest of ur 60 chapter 60 verse 2 says but the Lord will arise over you His glory will be seen upon you so his darkest things might be right now Jesus is going to rise he's going to shine he's glory upon us and that's the hope that can boy yes up in these troubling times just as Jesus said in John Tepper 14 verse one he said Let not your heart be troubled we've got good reasons rather than sisters to have great hope for these challenging times when vice you Few would to pray with me. Lord this morning it's a privilege to be here to share your word and feel a great responsibility and so we're praying today that each of us here today will have ears to hear and that Lord you will be a channel through me as you have spoken to me I pray that you will speak to these folks today a pray for humility and pray for your Holy Spirit and we're asking for your presence here among us in this group today in Jesus name a min I want to share a quote with you from Volume 9 of the testimonies and. Says this is page 11 You've probably heard it several times over the course of this past year says the agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating their strengthening for the last great crisis great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid once the conditions in the world shows us that we have got some more travel troubling times that are right upon us and whether we realize it or not we are in a revolution in our country and a revolution by its very nature tear things down and that's where we're at right now is in a revolution but I believe as a believer in Jesus and in his word that this revolution that we're in the middle of in this country and to some degree in our world it has to be met with revelation. A revelation of God's word and a revelation of God's Son And so while it's true that nobody knows the day or the hour of the coming of Jesus it appears to me in my humble opinion this very soon. And so the 7 Navitas church as you know we have our roots deep they run deep and Bible prophecy and they were in deep in the produce the the preaching of the 2nd coming of Jesus and the prophetic message is it we share Of course fans its foundation in the 3 angels message in Revelation Chapter 14 verses 6 through 10 and 11 there and so it's a comprehensive message that as you know you should be very well aware of it begins with the gospel and goes through several things in it culminates in this group of people giving a warning to the world to avoid the mark of the beast and to receive instead the seal of the living God And as you know the mark of the beast and all of its ramifications is found in Revelation Chapter 13 I'm going Vikki if you would turn there please in your Bibles Revelation Chapter 13 and in Revelation 13 if you're going to there's 2 beasts found one is described in the 1st 10 verses of the chapter and then there's another beast that described in the last 7 verses of Revelation Chapter 13 and when you do a study the Bible is unfamiliar I'm sure you have it reveals of course that a based in Bible prophecy is referring to a nation or kingdom and so there are these 2 nations described here in Revelation Chapter 13 we all know the identity of that 1st base and so I'm not going to get into that and we should be familiar with who the 2nd beast a Revelation 13 is well and what prophecy tells us as if these 2 nations these to be asked will join their forces together they will consolidate and the end result is not going to be very good. And so a close examination of Revelation Chapter 13 verses 11 through 17 looking at this the characteristics of the 2nd power of this describe there it brings us to the conclusion that this 2nd beast the 2nd nation is none other than the United States of America so with that brief explanation based on my confidence in your prior knowledge I want to take a look at a specific part of this message in Revelation Chapter 13 dealing with the 2nd nation the United States look with me if you would it verse 11. John says then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth he had 2 horns this is political and religious freedoms a Protestantism in reply but probably can ism it says he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spoke like a dragon it says so after this verse things began to escalate very rapidly we're going to come back to Revelation 13 in a moment but I want to I want to divert for just a moment the United States as you know was founded on the principles of religious and political freedom and this passage says that this lamblike nation would eventually begin to speak like a dragon and you know the way that a nation speaks is only through its laws that's the voice of a nation and so we're not governed by a king or a dictator but we're governed in the United States by laws and these laws at least in a best case scenario are laws that are based on common sense good morals and the best intentions of all those folks that live in this country and more importantly to us as believers that these laws do not contradict God's laws. Matthew chapter $22.00 verse $21.00 Jesus says Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's and when things are going well we can be faithful to both of those responsibilities but there's going to come a time according the bible prophecy where we will not be able to do both There's going to a time when we can't go along with what the government says because it will be contradicting what God says and in that juxtaposition as followers of Jesus we are always to follow God's word over any other word to follow God's law all over any other lull and so this lamb like Beast the United States will come to a place where this major change in its character and he will no longer have this lamblike facade but instead is going to speak like a dragon. Now it's very difficult in perhaps impossible for any of us to know all the details of how all these things are going to play out but the Bible does say this that some point Lady Liberty is going to lay down her torch and when she does the dragon will be free to speak. As I said a few moments ago a nation speaks by its lot and so the country that has stood for liberty and justice for all is going to take own an entirely new voice and in dragon like tones laws are going to be enacted and freedoms are going to be revoked they will come as a surprise to many people and as we read from the quote earlier they're going to Tappan very quickly things are going to start to escalate and this new voice is going to 1st demand allegiance to these laws they're going to mandate religious observance which is going to be ridiculed as it is now this is short time before we will be forced to observe religion as the dragon will dictate and those who had the audacity to stand for God in His Word are going to have penalties and imprisonment and other things imposed on them the own them until finally the rebellion has to be met with more decided measures the Bible says here if you look at Revelation Chapter 13 in verse 16 and 17 it says finally will not be allowed to buy or sell Revelation 1316 and 17 he speaking of the 2nd nation the United States causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slaves to receive a mark on their right hand or their foreheads and that no man may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name so these rigid measures are used as leverage to force these bible believing Jesus' followers to buy out down to this amount go mation of religion and politics and so you can easily imagine that those who will be willing to take a stand will be considered extremists will be called names will be ostracized will be penalize And if we continue to stand firm as we will as I pray that we will this drag. In speaking lay em will resort to the ultimate punishment against rebellion and that is death look in verse 15 now. He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the base should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed so you can imagine the shock wave that already bright across the world and Daniel said it this way and Daniel Chapter 12 verse 20 says there will come a time of trouble such as was never was since there was a nation even to that time so brothers and sisters Lady Liberty has laid down her torch and she is in the process of picking up a sword the dragon is beginning to speak so let me explain. This last year should have been a dramatically I opening experience for all of us our government in this free country with good intentions has subjected us to religious restriction. Has shut down businesses has forced people to where mass has confined people to their homes has forbidden people to prevent us spending time with dying and sick loved ones and all of this these things that have been prevented in a free country and to to many and there are some legitimate reasons for some of the measures that are taken as there's there's some wisdom in those things but there are some questions that remain. And when I say a statement like this some would say it's maybe conspiratorial and it's certainly not my intention for it to come across that way I'm just stating some facts there are a lot of things that just don't add up in the point is things are changing very rapidly in our country there's been an aggressive tint secularization that has taken over our country and our culture and if you want to call what secularization a very simple definition of secularization is is an attempt to remove religious influence from a society and so for this to be successful for this process of secularization be successful the society has to erase the religious conscience and the morals of the from the culture at least to the degree that religion loses its influence among the people and right now in our land there and in our laws we're witnessing a collision between religious liberty and other liberties as well and secularisation and because we those who have a biblical worldview are now vastly outnumbered our voices are making very little difference. And if and when we do get loud enough to be heard were ridiculed were ostracized were cancelled out we are falsely categorized were made out to be purveyors of hate in and promoters of an outdated worldview that no longer has a place in our modern a secular resides and human society some of the probably most of you've heard of at least heard of Bill Meyer he's a popular t.v. host at least among some and he said this recently he says magical religious thinking is a virus he's referring to this or biblical world view says it's a virus he inquired he equated people with a religious background and a biblical world view as a virus and so let me add what's insinuated by that if you have a virus What do you do with it we're trying to eradicate it right and so that's what's insinuated here and he is not alone in this in this evaluation in the United States religious liberty was our 1st and our foundational liberty and largely the motivation for establishing this country in the 1st place and so now though religious liberty in the West that we have is suspect in the eyes of some and it's a downright dangerous ideology to many others and so this dangerous biblical perspective has to be eradicated and it's happening primarily through our secular school systems and particularly to the college and the university levels to our young people to you. In some of my messages lately I'm addressing more and more young adults because and there's a reason because you know we've been saying as a church I journey join the church I was 27 years old when I became a 70 Evans Christian and since that time they've been saying all the young people are the future of our church young people of the future our church well that day is already here you are the future of our church or you are our church right now when folks are my age in 10 years from now our voices will all be eliminated at this point you are the church now and so I feel like. I have a responsibility while I still have some voice left to share things to try and help us be prepared for what's coming on this world you know. I feel a pressure and a conviction to speak to young adults because this generation is more and more open to relativism than any generation before and relativism when it's allowed on the throne of conscience will eradicate a biblical worldview and it will destroy a Bible religion and this all goes back to our educational system is for all stands to exist educational system. More and more professors describe their jobs as agents of cultural change psychologists Nicholas Humphrey said this in a speech in Oxford and by the way I sent Nick a list of all the quotes and text that I have in the sermons so they should be available somewhere for you to for you to get in print out but Nicholas Humphrey said this in a speech that Oxford he said children have a right not to have their minds addled by nonsense he goes oh no so there's we and we as a society have a duty to protect them from it so we should not allow more pair should not more allow parents to teach their children to believe for example in the literal truth of the Bible then we should allow parents to knock their children's teeth out or lock them in a dungeon. Now I'm not against a good education I'm sure you still hear students here receiving a very good one here but many of our universities particularly our secular universities are the breeding ground of some secular humanistic ideas that completely oppose a biblical worldview and you know the college and university experience is the perfect place for this to happen because this is the place where the minds are so fertile This is the time when young people you have your 1st opportunity of freedom you left your parents' home you are now you are free from their rules you are free from some degree their religion if you choose to be and so young people young adults particular in the college days and university aides they are open to explore new ideas and new ideologies and there's really nothing wrong with that that's part of the college experience it's part of learning who you are a stablish in your own faith that's proper That's right but the problem comes with those who are the professors and they have these different ideologies and they're not sharing what they're in goals are then it becomes a dangerous ground for young people because many of our most well known and prestigious universities no longer teach critical thinking but they're merely assembly lines to poor in these extreme secular humanistic Dia's and though not all are this way and rarely will admit it many secular progressive professor of have as their goal to break the students' commitments and moral convictions derive from their parents religions after all in a secular society religion is the enemy Bill Savage who is a English teacher and a college advisor at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. Says he can achieve this goal in mind as he says this and I quote. He says after a teary eyed hug mom and dad will drive their s.u.v. off toward the nearest gas station leaving their beloved progeny behind and then he says and I quote They're all mine. That should make us fearful for the potentials in the possibilities in some of these universities in some of these places. So religious liberty that was once the greatest aspect of this country is now seen as a hindrance to true freedom of expression and is now becoming the poster child of intolerance and bigotry I came across a takes I'd like for you to turn there as it Chapter 59 as it Chapter 59 reverses 14 verse 15 other 59 percent 14 and 50. Says if some reading for the New King James Version says as if 59 verse 4050 justice is turned back and righteousness stands a far all for truth is falling in the street in equity cannot enter so truth fails and he departs from evil makes him self a prayer he is not a perfect description of where we are right now truth is falling in the street right just this is now standing in a corner with its head hung low and when someone in this culture in this society has the guts to stand up against evil he makes himself a prey or a target and that is exactly what happens now I want to read this passage in another version makes it a little clearer the near Living Translation puts the same 2 verses like this. Our courts oppose the righteous and justice is nowhere to be found truth stumbles in the streets and honesty has been outlawed Yes truth is gone and anyone who or announces evil is attacked. The prophet Isaiah says that we will come to a place that our justice system which was set up to uphold the right just and to condemn the on righteous will be reversed right will become wrong wrong will become right everything will be upside down and topsy turvy the righteous will be opposed and justice can't be found the Bible says in that my friends I believe is a perfect snapshot of our society today. The Prophet went on to say that truth is stumbling in the street and honesty has been outlawed you know honesty is now being outlawed by the cancelled culture that we're living in the truth can't be told even if it's told in the Qantas manner with the best of intentions because after all it might offend someone. And I don't know what happens here on the campus of Loma Linda University but in many universities they're adopting these speech codes and there can be some legitimate argument for a fight in favor of reasonable code I mean people can't just say anything you can't go into a theater and scream fire but but and so it's appropriate to ban insults and name calling in those sort of things but when they ban offensive speech that's crossing a line because everybody can define offensive in a different way and many are offended simply by the fact that you may disagree with their viewpoints and so people are now looking for an excuse to cry foul or I'm offended or are you can't say that right. We live in a day when merely opposing abortion or affirming the traditional understanding of marriage as a union between one man and one woman can be labeled as hate speech because it hurts someone. Brothers and sisters if we come to the place which we basically are now where we can't in a respectful way. Debate up hosing opinions and views how can we ever hope to come to it and acceptable agreement on anything and if you have a biblical worldview now and if you don't go along with this secular liberal agenda you know were pointed out to be these out there the Greylock for the past were deserving of derision and scorn. We shouldn't be able to have our jobs we should be able to have our place in society and we should have a voice in society we should be shut up we should be cancelled out right verse 15 again the prophets goes on to say truth is gone anyone who or announces evil is attacked and if that's not a perfect description of here and now what is and part of the problem that has seeped into this is this this ideology this thinking has seeped into the church and we've got you know even in the 7th Avenue Church in some places a disease that Paul called it being here syndrome we have these immature Christians who who only want to hear what their itching ears can stand they certainly don't want to take a stand for themselves and they don't want to be called to take a stand. And read a book recently called. Walking in truth in a world of lies and on page $350.00 the author Steve Gallagher says this he says Bible exposition without moral application raises no opposition Bible exposition without moral application raises no opposition you know he goes on to say it's only when the here is made to understand that truth is in conflict with his heart that resistance sets in. Don't misunderstand me it is a. Reasonable expectation that a person should be careful with the words and how we share truth and how we share things with those who have an opposing viewpoint but we are called to share the truth as it is in Jesus no matter who is offended and who tries to cancel this out we are in a place where every statement every action by anyone almost anyone for almost any reason is claimed to be an injustice or to be somehow racially or massage and mystically motivated but when you hear somebody saying you can see that's absolutely not based on reality in the majority of those cases as a said Truth is gone whoever opposes evil is attacked and so the day Razan is no more common since has all but disappeared and you have seen it in the news silly things that the politicians and others did when the 20 and 30 and 40 years ago when they were young and foolish they've taken those things and brought him up from way in the past and they've been used to push these people into the camp of being a ration all racial massage indistinct bigots and I'm not trying to say some of the things that some of these folks have done were right or moral of a good thing to do but who among us. Have not done some things in the past when we were young that we regret and that does not represent the people that we are and who we are today and the way that we look at things today. Part of what's so frustrating is that there is no fairness and how this rhetoric is dispense. A blatantly hypocritical cancel culture it just it blows my mind they say there's a promotion of tolerance but they're anything but tolerant to anyone who disagrees with what they think they are allowed to say what they want in the media and the mob gives him a pass but heaven forbid that anyone should stand up for a biblical worldview and take a stand on what the Word of God says read another book lately call the church and babble and. Erwin looser said this he said in a culture where reason and common sense no longer carry any weight observed a t. is no longer an argument against anything. That's true that's true completely absurd reasoning and arguments are now legitimate because our cancel culture and our culture no longer values reason are common since and is a 7 day avenues pastor I believe it's part of my responsibility to alert you to be aware of what's going on there will be aware of how we've arrived at where we're at right now and to equip you to equip you to be willing and hopefully and to be certainly to be able to stand for Jesus in the face of opposition whatever that opposition might be because after all according to acceptor fivers $29.00 we must obey God rather than man. This is not a message to encourage you to rebel against our government it's not that at all but I'm reminding you all that I'm reminding myself that we have to be willing to take a stand for Jesus when everyone else around us bows down to this culture you know not to be confrontational but to be willing to stand for Jesus in a way that brings honor to him and glorifies His name you know capitulation to evil discredits Jesus you know a 7 am as we see the Bible is what it claims to be the inspired word of God It's not a collection of ancient religious writings that can be discarded disregarded or reinterpreted to fit 50 more years in the whims of a secular society or even to to fall in line with government laws but. Like Cedric me Shekh in Abednego we've got to stand for the right we've got to be willing to stand for the word We've got to be willing to stand for the Lord we've got to be able to stand in front of the fire we've got to be willing to stand in front of a judge but stand we have to be willing to do. When you look at the early church and some of the prayers that are recorded in the New Testament they didn't pray for exemption from persecution rather they prayed for a bonus you look at the prayers they prayed for a bonus to continue to stand for Jesus and to stand for the Gospel and to stand for his word in spite of persecution Lady Liberty his lay down or towards she's picking up a sword. And as Christians we're being relegated more and more to silence one step at a time one law at a term I don't know if you know this or not but don't Thursday of this week the United States House passed the Equality Act And now if the Senate passes this act it will stand and it stands the potential of unleashing a whirlwind of changes to our society and potential devastation to our church and some of the the freedoms that we've enjoyed in the past there's a Washington Post article from Thursday as well that said this and it was it's said that the Latter day Saints it called out the Latter day Saints it called out Orthodox Jews and brothers and sisters they called out 7th Day Adventists for being specifically opposed to this law and as we stand for the fundamental truths of the Bible we will be subjected more and more to public scrutiny listen this quote. Testimonies 32 pages 206. Says Satan will excite indignation against the humble minority who conscientiously refuse to accept popular customs and traditions men of position and reputation will join with a lawless in the vile to take counsel against the people of God wealth genius education will combine to cover them with contempt persecuting rulers ministers and church members will conspire against them with voice and peon but boast threats and ridicule they will seek to overthrow their faith by false representations and angry appeals they will stir up the passions of the people. Someone posted just the least saw it for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago and Facebook. Said this there was a a dog headed chain reduced one link at a time every few days until this chain was so short he could barely move he never resisted because he was conditioned to the loss of his freedom slowly over time and they went on to say in this post is happening to Americans in our freedoms freedom of religion and freedom of speech are going to be the 1st to freedoms to go if they can control our speech and if they can control our devotion somehow to Jesus our calls us to discredit Jesus and His Word all the rest is coasting form it's all downhill from there that's why it's so important for us as believers and why it's even more so important for you as young adults who are now gaining the controls of this church of God driven church you've got to hang on to God's word you've got to hang on to Jesus you've got to hang on that little this is God's rim that church we have a mission we have a message like no other church right now this but time is passed into your hands please don't lay that. You see all these things happening and I'm talking about when a cake maker in Colorado he doesn't want to bake a cake for a homosexual couple based on his personal convictions and he is vilified he's taken to court they try and shut his business down you can see it and they across the nation when Florida and photographers don't want because of their personal convictions don't want to serve certain people or certain groups and they're facing our cancel culture when a teacher is replaced because he or she will not refer to a transgender student but that students preferred gender pronouns. Christian schools and ministries are coming under fire because of our Bebel call worldview and our religious rights are not only being challenge but they're being denied and if this Equality Act passed short of a miracle from Lord I mean we're going to see some things we haven't seen before hitting right here at home and California home for you in 2018 the Assembly passed a law all explicitly banning the sale of any books or material saying someone's sexual orientation can be changed. You can't put literature out suggests a lull now suggesting that someone might have a different sexual orientation and that orientation can be changed at least here in California there's more and more talk of stripping churches and religious organizations of our tax exempt status if we continue to oppose this alternate way of thinking so please brother and sister don't close your eyes to what's going on in our country the enemies of religious liberty are playing hardball now and we have been warned it's going to get closer and closer to our doors in a less we like Daniel we purpose in our hearts that we're not going to be defiled that we're going to be prepared and if we're not we're going to fall a praying to this new Dragon Speak in our country you know the fact is we really don't appreciate religious liberty like many have because most of us have never paid any sort of price to obtain it and when you don't pay a price for something you don't appreciate is much I don't know if you can see this little bitty cheap plastic metal that I have I would own a Carnival cruise many years ago. And I won this one this medal in the extreme beanbag champion that's me of the entire Carnival cruise that that that cruise I am the champion of that cruise I have the the cheap plastic medal to prove it so now you know I have just before us 7 avenues paster this morning you've got a Carnival cruise medal winner that's the only reason I hang on this little cheap award but you know we don't appreciate religion slim body because most of it had paid a price for it comes easy that's all we've ever known is freedom of religion freedom of speech and so we've had it easy in the United States and I think it's a big part of why God has been so patient with this nation he's extended the door of mercy I mean he's given us explicit warnings and I think this past year is a wake up call to us all or should be God has been patient he's been very merciful with us. Let me here quote with you from does our skin the last day of its paid 16 and this explains part of the reason I feel such a burden for this says great pain should be taken to keep this subject before the people the solemn fact is to be kept not only before the people of the world but before our own churches also that the day the Lord will come suddenly unexpectedly the fearful warning of the prophecy is addressed to every soul no one should feel that he is secure from the danger of being surprised and so for me. As a pastor and Lessing to Kentucky at this point I'm doing my best to keep the subject before. The downhill slide that we are own right now it's been iced it's been Griese and we show no sign of slowing down in fact the speed in which we are decreasing and these things are taking place are happening more and more frequently the last movements brothers sisters will be rapid ones and churches in ministers are caving at an alarming rate February 11th of this year just a couple of weeks ago Pastor prolific writer Max Luke a 2 issued an apology concerning a sermon he preached not last year or the year before or the year before but in 2417 years ago he shared some things about what the Bible says about homosexuality and so it's my feeling he carried to the pressure of the cancel culture and I admit I don't know the background I don't know what led up to this I don't know you know why he felt it would be appropriate to him to extend a public apology 17 years later maybe said something really offensive I don't know but I've read enough his writings in the past I don't really read him anymore but I've read enough of him in the past to not that I can even imagine that he would have said something is so offensive the 17 years later he needs to issue an apology but brothers and sisters that is the power of our offended society that is the strength of this cancel culture that we're living in language is being used it's being weaponized now in our society and religious liberty is now being described. As a privilege and not a right and so there's a big difference in those 2 because you know if we can if society can reclassified in such a manner it's easy to take away a privilege right correct it's more difficult to take away a right so rather than sisters it appears that we could very well be the group that meets Jesus a lot so now is the time that we've got to prepare to stand to be prepared to know when we didn't know what to expect we've gotten to to be ready not to be intimidated by the things that we're going to be facing prophets and kings page 537 says the present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living rulers and statesman men who occupy positions of trust and authority thinking men and women of all classes have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us they're watching the relations that exist among the nations they observe the intensity this taking possession of every earthly element and they recognise that something great and decisive is about to take place that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis is coming my friends. In appears to be coming very very soon so this is not a time for us to hang our heads in defeat it's a time to proclaim Jesus as if we may not have another chance to do so. You know there are those out there who are are longing for a light in this gross darkness it isn't compas this world that we're in there are people that are desperate for a hope they're desperate for a sliver of some of something beyond what this world has to offer us we've got a prickling Jesus boldly we've got a perch a proclaim him clearly from an unflinching faith in the power of His Word and in the power of His Blood acts of the Postle one and says all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven prayers and tears and inquiries go up from sold longing for light for grace for the Holy Spirit many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in people are longing there waiting to hear about Jesus and the transforming power that he has and this message that we have now in the 70 avenues church it is never been more pertinent it is now it's never been more important it is now young people you have the torch in your hand Lady Liberty has laid it down you've got to pick it up you've got to take this forward with the rest of us we're going to be slowly fading off the scene you've got to stand brothers and sisters. We can't we've got to keep this light of Jesus burning brightly in this world of darkness you know the things that I've shared today are not to get us to put on our political war pain and hop on an elephant or or hop on a donkey but instead to put up the blood stained banner of Jesus before it's too late. You know whenever you're in a boat or raft or a canoe and your own a river. And you can see in the in the distance there there's coming a waterfall and you and you knew about it you knew was going to be this huge waterfall and there's a point is you're in that boat that there's a point at which before you reach that point you can you can paddle to the side you can get your boat to the side you get safely off onto the shore but there comes a point when you can't do that anymore once you pass that point it's too late and you're going over the rapids and brothers sisters we're at that point in my opinion of no return so it's time we've got to buckle our seat belts is the ride is going to be fast it's going to be breathtaking and I could be wrong but I would rather warn you then that the waterfall is coming then to watch you and I go hurdling over the edge. Prophet Isaiah said we read a minimum go truth this fall in the street and rather sis's when there is no truth there are certainly no self evident truths and we say we have in this country and all of our liberties are going to be lost one by one and so now while we still have a narrow window of opportunity we have to stand for truth and the truth as it is in Jesus for Also merely Jesus is the truth these are the days that it's going to require courage is going to walk require conviction is going to have to require a clarity of the vision and the mission that God has given his room that church. We can't be distracted by trains or anything else we can be discouraged from our duty that we have right now the United States was born and birth and given liberty and justice for all and as I look at scripture I see the United States has has had this in experience if divinely appointed Valley appointed nation by God we've had. Definite privilege we've had exceptional purpose and it was birthed as a lamb but as the Bible says it's going to start to speak it's going to undergo a change it's undergoing a change now it's going to speak like a dragon and brothers and sisters I believe Lady Liberty has laid down the tortes So fasten your seat belts we're in for a rocky ride but it's a ride just going to in in the coming of Jesus Luke 2128 says. And when these things begin to come to pass then look up lift up your heads for your damn Sion drop and the King is coming the King of Glory is coming brother and sisters he's going to shine he's glory upon us he's coming to redeem his own blood bought people who were found standing when he comes he's gotta find us standing Jesus is the answer not only to my brokenness but to the brokenness of this world and this Gospel given in loving and yet very plain and unadulterated clarity is what it is all that we can offer this world but guess what that's all this world needs that's all it needs that's what they're longing for that's what they're looking wistfully to heaven for is this Gospel that we have and then put to kill or just before Jesus comes the 3 angels message this is where we're all. Stand for Jesus today while it's easy there's no dragon breathing down your neck and there's no keying threatening to throw you in a furnace so as we close today or I close my portions of service I want to ask those who are willing to take a stand with me in just a moment. And I want your stand in your mind if you're willing to do this to be a symbolic gesture to your brothers and sisters around you and to Jesus our Lord on high that you're going to purpose in your heart by his power and through His Holy Spirit that you're going to stay and you're not going to be one of those who bowed down to culture you're not going to be one of those who who give up on Jesus and who think we all hope is lost because it's not. You have got to be a group to stand there's a group of us that are passing off the scene which you brothers and sisters you're holding the towards and only you can do that now the church arrest in your hand God's rim that church rests in the hands of this group your age right now please stand with me now if you're willing to to say those things to G.'s I want to stand for you lord I want to stand I want to be willing to stay. Because probably father. This afternoon is a beautiful day here but we know that there are troublous times coming but we're not without hope we've got Jesus we've got your word and so we have the sure foundation of those things we've got the peace of your spirit that abides in our hearts and so Lord we have a group of young people and some of us who are not so young here today but we're taking a stand now those who are on their feet are saying Lord we acknowledge here before you we don't have the power we don't have the courage the maybe the conviction to stand like we should we're inviting you please to give us that courage give us that power give us that conviction and Lord help us to honor you in the way that we take our stand. This is my prayer in Jesus name him in. 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