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01 The Birth of Talking Points

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 22, 2021
    2:45 PM
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My name is Gary debate sure and I have to be the director of the Sabbath school and personal ministries Department of the Michigan conference and I'm your countered you know this is in this is talking about talking point yes it we're not actually doing it talking points right now but we be talking about talking points and what really that is and kind of the background of it and I'm guessing Mark is a lot of people don't even know what talking points is or what it is we're talking about right now so it will ever sound exactly so what we're going to night is kind of pan back a little bit and you an overview before we dive into specifics about the importance of 7 school ways Sabbath school can help you benefit your local church you know personal life and all those kind of things tonight we're going to talk about where we come in connection with have a school and our own personal you know what brings how this whole thing started exactly what is that all story let's start with prayer I don't or let's pray to get his Father in heaven we are just so thankful for the many blessings that you show up on us Lord all of which we are undeserving We pray Lord that you would bless our time now this evening and throughout this weekend this weekend we pray that it will be time that would help to draw us closer to you would help us to glorify you more in our daily lives and would enrich our walk with you in every way Father thank you for hearing and answering for we ask you prayed us in Jesus' name amen. So maybe we should say a little bit as her leading into for those who don't know what talking points is it's. As Ryan had mentioned we both work for the Sabbath school and personal ministries Department of the mission conference of 7 their midst and so we want to start with this to tell you. How we got into the positions we're in a little bit of our back story and what that is yes some of you may be like what in the world with as I was researching this trees do you know which is a fair question because there's a lot of conferences you know we have asked that a sample person misuse Department or at least weights arranged like we have in Michigan and I really believe the Lord is in what's coming with Michigan and the joke off a deficit of sorts Mr Bartlett but why is it that way and how do we have any part of that and that's kind of a burden at least for the beginning here this evening so don't go 1st you go 1st and then you'll you'll know how with the mike I can strike I can't conceptualize this this part of the back story personally. Because I want I want you viewers to know how we got involved not just in our position in the conference office but in ministry because I think it will help you to realize that no matter where you're coming from God can use you in ministry as for myself I was raised in a 70 evidence home and my mom and dad were 1st generation step dad this they became 7 damages your personal Bible study they didn't go to Vangelis to meeting or something that they had a couple young friends that met with them and give the Bible stays Navy in 7 they have just shortly before I was born. My mother and father then divorced when I was about 6 years old and I lived with my mother and that's significant because my father stayed in the 7th Day Adventist church my mother left the church about the time I was 14 and till I was about 26 years old and during that whole time I just really religion had no part of my life and so as much as I grew up near knowing things about the administers I was never baptized and so I didn't go to church I married a girl who was not a Christian and we're still married. But I mean so we went through that experience before I was. 26 years old and through a series of events as a jet going overhead you don't get this every week on tough enjoy Who is this why it's us right so anyway anyway my wife and I. After a series of events when I was about $26.00 and she was about $24.00. The Lord converted us both which I praised his name for because it doesn't always happen that way because my wife and we were baptized together on the same day with my brother Jim so you may know him and and from that point on I felt immediately like I ought to be telling people about this stuff that I'm learning about Jesus about the Bible about prophecies in. Taking on stories making it. It I was in college I was actually working as electrician I was taking night classes and I was majoring in computer programming and accounting and we were learning Cobol if anybody remembers that back with computers as well I'm going to feel when we assume that something good. Came and really can you run Y2k but that's a whole nother. That's all the other thing but I was alive for that. Anyway but when I was converted and I knew that that wasn't the path that I was going to go on I just wanted to find the quickest avenue to ministry and I looked at going and getting my religion degree switching majors and what have you and I ended up going to Mission college to train to become a Bible worker and that's what I did I became a Bible worker in Alabama and from there I became a Bible cation a pastor in Ohio and how conference which meant I had a full time job and I worked on the side as a pastor and I did that for about 3 and a half years and then from there I was called to ministry in the mission conferences full full time pastor and that was 2003 and I've served there well I should say that in 2009 I was asked to direct their evangelism training school and so that's where I had my roots as an evangelism going to training school when I 1st started and then from there I was asked to come into the conference office in the south as one person ministries part and as you. Fill in your side of the story here a couple things I want to add into that and then why dat experience helps me or helps raise us and we're not. The only thing that's probably similar in our stories is that you are apparently my parents became 7 devils before me like your parents did but the rest of our stories are widely. Different but I like to joke on the most 7 devils person ever you like 910 or anything like Nike generation and so I mean I'm actually only 2nd generation might be parents were both in their younger years like teenager 20 whenever they converted and they stuck with the faith they married to each other had me and then so I was. I was born in happiness hospital you know it's admin It's across the street from the church that they are still part of to this day and went to schools all my life never had you know family leave I didn't have a broken home and none of those experiences to make in the conception it's a really clean clean story I said and so anyway continued on that doctrine by the way I just clarify for whatever Margery said but the reality is I stayed either personally convicted or just culturally connected to the 7th heaven or search for my entire life and so I went through admin to schools elementary school through academy went to college and appropriately enough I got a degree in religious education which is something I was very much steeped in was well prepared for that and then I got a job working in an admin assistant to Sion administers school and church and live actually to be a chaplain of a church. A boarding academy which had a church on the campus so you're doing kind of double duty there you're the pastor of the church and you're also the Bible teacher and chaplain of the campus with me didn't work 7 days a week and it did that for 7 years and I went to another without any can be pastors we both had to actually do academies Yes And so so I did and I did get my formal degree you're talking about you went to a mission college I went to an to an accredited you know denominational school went through I got my what was my predicate well. Here's the catch though right. The religious education degree I got from undergrad and then got a religion master's with an emphasis in evangelism but I did not get a master's of divinity through the seminary I went all through southern So I got my undergrad and my graduate work through southern So I do have a master's degree it's in religion but it's not it's not the India it's not in the seminary Exactly so if I want to go back and do that I have to do some other coursework and I couldn't go straight into a demon and this is boring everybody I know but anyway that's my background with that and so I came into ministry just because that's just the natural transit it was that was the only thing that flowed naturally dominoes fall it's where you end up and I sometimes wish I had that thing like man I was strong out on drugs and then the lightbulb hit and I know that now you know and I don't but I tell you what though I firmly believe we need more testimonies if I was born in the church and I'm still here that's right I think we've got clinics where you are member I was doing some training with church members on how to give your personal testimony and I still remember one of the church members who came to me and she said Pastor I I don't. I have a personal testimony I grew up in a church I always loved Jesus I came I was baptized I was 12 and I just continue to grow in my experience he said you know you just told me you protest about it and so yeah a lot of times people think I've got to have this gangsta God or I live naked in a cave or else. That's the back of us but. What is the was like big like it in order to be a testimony it's got to be this big dream is actually are you hearing it's a miracle of a changed life right and the Lord changes lives all over the place and if you want to change life and Lord Jesus you get well and to bring it back to how our stories come together and so I come to the mission conference after working so really conferences through the Church history it was just a super to came into the Sabbath school person Minister's Department which yes now bringing this to a confluence the Sabbath school 1st Minister's Department at least in our conference is essentially a new entity it had the elements of personal histories was connected with Vangelis it was a bit jealous of the person ministries as a department and then Sabbath school was. Like I should use the term redheaded stepchild but the idea being it's like that when I think it's it's always been said yes but the idea of being like it's a good thing everybody but it never was the sole focus of anything it was always somebody like 4th responsibility and other things that maybe this department and they have status quo in this department and they have subsequent Well let's just clear up a little bit 1st of all let's talk about personal ministries 1st Ok so that you're clear our viewers are clear personal ministries in every church should have a local person ministries do it or we're the conference of affiliation of that but the person ministries leaders role in this is a surprise to a lot of church members is to get every single member young and old this right every Baptist member active in local missionary service right because that's the mission of a Christian and so if the foundation both of us have that background and passion for background in and passion for evangelism and so that's one of the reasons that our conference brought us into that capacity and I've been doing the training with the menu and you training on evangelism what have you but then Sabbath school. As you said Sam school had not been with that department Sabbath school had been pretty much a distribution of materials right young people need to offering envelopes and attendance cards and they called the conference office and that's because what would happen is the Sabbath school the leader would be with another department and he would have enough responsibilities that would just keep them busy in the hope Plus if you think about it and this isn't anyone's fault no friends local church it's just the way things happen but if you know. If there's nothing really if you don't really expect much to happen New Why do you need why do you need anything to be managed if there's nothing really happened right so it's like we know it's absolutely this is the time when we go over the quarterly study and that's it and we lament the fact that it's when the incline crowd of older people and it's less and less focused pastors aren't really involved people skip out on it it's not really but it is what it is right and I think that a lot of people probably wouldn't overtly you know outloud say that but there's interest in Sabbath school and I appreciate at least the mission conference saying you know we do not want to see that happen he wants and his will to be because if you think about it this way and this will get into kind of our recent stuff with. Me in the Sabbath school link with personal ministries because a lot of people don't realize how personal ministry Santa School is I don't see any inferences you should read councils on Sabbath school work this is your homework assignment over on recounts I was aware but there's multiple quotes where this system is white says the purpose of the Sabbath school is the in gathering of souls with a building or a church like bringing in people and how many people if we're being honest with ourselves really look at Sabbath school as an evangelist it missionary initiative that's an outreach to most people probably have the mindset that Sabbath school is for the sake the fact when you have new friends or something how many if you have somebody who is a new Bible study interest or just came to a set of meetings or whatever you're inviting for the 1st time to church you're invited I just said it and church it went even crossed our minds to invite them to Sabbath school you say what time to start is going to be that when you're at an event Well of course the great master told rules it's got its own classification but the reality is across Main Street USA You know it had been system that Sabbath school is seen as a you know a study club for members and the church worship services we have all the special features you can have special music you're going to have all these different speakers you can have announcements and then sound is going to that other thing that you know you've got to crowd all the other stuff into the service because if you try to put in sad people say when nobody comes out of school don't you let me start I don't even know we're going in that later this week but if we don't be a little bit touched on it because. You know. It's. Going to. So how does it work together is the ideal is that if every church member is a member of the Sabbath school and the Sabbath schools primary objective is to win souls to and gather folks in to be a sole winning tool of the church then really the Sabbath school should be not only a bit if it is a member personally by Bible study encouragement prayer but it all should be training and equipping and deploying for service right that there should be a dynamic a living organism for soul winning in that Sabbath school in fact we have some and I'll probably share some of these resources some older. Satis will resources and books that were produced by the General Conference and you open up and they have like a diagram of the heart the heart of the church is the Sabbath school because you have to study you have to pray or you have outreach you have the personal touch and a lot of that has just come to you know the e.k.g. on the heartbeat of Sabbath school basically flat line and on places and I don't believe well the Lord one so just so our viewers are aware the General Conference has an initial Sabbath school alive and we'll be talking about that a little bit more on exactly and so we'll save that for later but the idea is that Sabbath school and personal ministries are not 2 disparate items that were just jammed together to make a title that the Sabbath school is supposed to be the conduit for personal ministry in the local church and every local church has a Sabbath school is supposed to have a person ministries leader they're supposed to have members who are missionary minded right in the Sabbath school is supposed to harness all of that for the Endeavor have souls That's right so we're going to talk about that a little bit but the one reason I want to get our back story is like I said I want you guys to know that the Lord has a job everybody has I don't think others make tackler minister but I have I think the Lord has brought me a place where I can have some level in influence and move the work and inspire people and so can you and that's what I want to encourage I mean as I pointed this out you know I had an experience where I came largely from outside the faith where you're like 1900. Right I had a limited formal education in religious things. If you had lots of formal education I'm linear to a fault in your dream if I'm old and you're young and those are those are those are generally those oh you know the. Point is that the that that the Lord can use every one of us any will if we're just willing to be right want to get that across in we're going to talk about ways that can happen let's bring her into I mean one more thing is we're talking about Sabbath school I don't want to viewers get the idea like oh I don't teach them a school so this isn't for me I don't go to satisfy all that often so that is it isn't for me what we're covering tonight and through the weekend what we're going to be covering we're going to be talking about things in the Sabbath school but a lot of it we talk about are going to be things that will help you in your personal spiritual walk and I think this will be beneficial to everyone I met in it so let's get a little bit more recent obviously the big big rock in the jar the big story headline of the last year has been you know this pandemic and what its impact is hat one church is a local congregations conferences Yes In fact the general conferences had to postpone their annual not just in the fields but the General Conference action for NASA years so it's just making waves all through every level of the church and the local church and their programming their services has been greatly affected by this and from our perspective of the mission conference we were forced just as plain sight as everybody else we had to you know react in real time and just all these things and as time went on and as the weeks you know especially I'm thinking about about a year ago this is February right now only 21 and it was in the end of February going into March of 2020 when we started having to deal with the new realities of coping protocols and lock downs and different states having different things and of course Michigan was it was one of the strict States and so this really had a snap and is we had you know hit we stop at church services or Life Church services and you're all familiar with that. Before we do that. If you recall it was stuff it started not which is like full service to dead stop there was that kind of a little in Down it went from like 250 even the next week is 100 Give me right it was 50 to me and relate and it felt like the crowd was bigger than the Abraham you know bargaining kind of thing when you know the number until it got to a point where I think the smallest ever got was 10 and they could only meet in certain rooms or in small you know and so the church basically decided you know what for the health of our own people and for the consistency across the board we're just going to stop doing for the 1st time right in person services and probably Wherever you're watching this is probably had some variation of that experience and so what happened was and also then our conference office went on lockdown this right and then you only only essential employees right were permitted to go to work by the state right so even going. How are the initial. And I forget how long it was continuing we we were sent employees yes that enabled us to do what we did to satisfy we try to communicate you're going to have part of that so one of the things that I noticed it and I'm ashamed that it should I should have noticed it immediately but it took me about a week or 2 before I realized like what are we doing here because I you know you start saying Ok you can't meet in large groups and then you can't pass a bill if he can't you know right has to offer but and you can't have this you can't and willing it down to taking all the interactive elements away you know and so now all you basically have is people who can't really communicate with each other interact but they can go to a room or look at a person delivering a sermon and people would say oh no we have virtual church and we were. And basically church was reduced to a sermon Yeah that's it yeah virtual church but what was church where church used to be lots of things not churches I'm going to watch this guy get up and preach write it and my concern is I've wasted your time and I still do is that if we come down to say that that is church that the church is defined as everything else is optional that one essential of church is listening to a pastor present a sermon Well something else to add in here is one of things we we realized. Pretty early on was that much of what we did and when I say we mission in conference and I'd say I don't know if it's no no I don't know the exception in the North American division any rate of a conference it isn't pretty much event based in other words conferences conference departments plan events for 4 for the calendar I was there I was going to this event we could have affairs events and you know training events and Angelus to convince the debtor but if he didn't even event and all of a sudden we could hold events and everybody looked around the room was like what we just say we do here you know and that was a wake up call to me even if it wasn't to anybody else I know that was we talked about it a conference office but that is it really I mean it helped us to realize we we knew deep down that church in our work in the mission is more than events. But it dawned on us that that's really the substance of what we were doing and it made us have to look at things kind of the same thing I was saying like if yes people's like is is your church just the servant no no it's much more than that but if it is stripped of the brass tacks it's really the courts are in the same thing if they don't know we're not just about events but take away the calendars like that's pretty much all we've got and so it kind of forced us to start looking at things in a different way and that's right yeah so one of things we noticed right early on was virtual church was primarily sermons there were a couple set it in it was interesting and on the local level we have local pastors there right away they're going to I'm going to get all my sermons and my people can see me preach on Saturday but if you want to send a school you know watch pastor or 3 of you know really different things got a couple Sabbath school that were. Online and the Sabbath schools were basically a penal discussion on the lesson that sometimes did or didn't touch on the last and I remember for me specifically that we watched it was like the 2nd weekend today the lockdown as I recall you know and the lesson quarterly and I have to give a little bit of leeway here but the quarterly was on Daniel Levy now if you study Daniel having been ill I will the whole quarter was on the book right I'm going to figure that one week that week's lesson with Daniel 11 in in granite Daniel Levy is it easy to cover specially in a week but what I saw with the Sabbath school offerings I don't know that they covered any of it Daniel and at a time like this interesting stream here we have the pandemic into something as timely as Daniel 11 in all the timely points were missed and I think it's because people don't study it they're not familiar with it in oftentimes it happens and we're going to go over this this week in a Sam school lesson is if if the teacher doesn't know the lesson you just talk about stuff and I remember watching that and said we got to do something for sap as well and we didn't know how it was is going to look at the next to me that was Daniel 12 and the end of 12 and Michael stands up and we've got to do something about this and so we decided that we were going to do not just a lesson but we were going to model what we thought a sound is actually program in a local church should look like and we're looking for this this is our job here this is our department you know and so we were doing it for the constituents in Michigan Exactly and so our job as the Sabbath school department if we're to sit by and let sadness will just dissolve into nothing and just like well we got church they got to sort of let know we got a job we got to do this thing it's just wrong and then we like you think about it especially in Michigan we have over $180.00 churches and companies and if we're trying to go around and train each one we could one by one but it would take years to get around to it and you're always looking for these opportunities for trainings like well here it is we've got a whole conference full of churches that don't have local Sabbath schools right now and we have a conference of our let's provide one ellipse. Trainings around the conference you're in in what you wanted to see and this is an opportunity to model and I want to get into that learning curve but the thing that comes to my mind even if for speaking is when we started this again our focus was we work for the mission conference and this is our job this is what we get paid for this and you know I'm saying that because I remember initially we had some of the folks in the conference saying well there's only a couple of people that want you know I'm watching You Tube and you know people watching your program. And I was always I'm looking come to America buzz was Ok I don't care in other words this is if there's 2 people out there this is my job and I'm going to do this by the way if there's only 4 people watching we've already hit the general average attendance of a local. Part of their part of the reason I'm saying that is a lot of times you might not see the effect of what you're doing in ministry but that's not you don't do ministry to become famous you do need to read to minister and you don't think we're providing something even if there are 2 or 3 people who and so anyway we began our Sabbath school program now the elements I mean talk we want to bring it we're going to talk about this more we're going to have a school life a little bit but you know the status quo used to basically have the it's done the preliminaries which we're going to I think that's right but basically this is more that word oh I know and that's why I know your mouth I know it felt gross to say but a preliminary the textbook definition is the less important stuff before the real stuff comes right so the just the stuff that doesn't really count and typically the local search that might be an opening song it might be the opening prayer might be some comments or or the you know savvy school superintendent in bars or whatever and that's where. Paul Shanley painfully few people show up and then the lesson study starts and some churches completely have jettisoned the plenary program altogether I like plenary program because I want to play more versus what we were taught about we've already be using our preliminary we pile everything in the word service because we're already in we tell the Saints nobody comes to satisfy all so we already programmed them not to come even if they were through a door we have no expectation going to go it's not going to be that good so you might as well he wanted to change that yes exactly and so part of that is putting the good stuff back and sat a school guys have a mission features Let's talk about encouraging let's have training and elements and let's have a way we get on to that so we wanted to say well we've been talking about these things but this is our opportunity to put it into practice let's actually build a Sabbath school program for people to click on and watch and not just hear you know the rote recitation of that week's lesson again right but actually see a savvy school program and they've got a global mission reports we play the mission spotlight a local either a local church or look at the let me just pause on that mission spotlight Yes so people don't understand other people say why do we do that anyway it happens way over and some people don't understand that when you talk about anything it makes people think about it you know when used He's talked about mission and when you show people mission features from around the world it reminds us we're in worldwide missionary movement and you start to see this this aha from the members that that begins to generate more of a missionary mindset and so if for no other reason that mission just like feature on a regular basis gets people thinking oh yeah this is why we're here every week you're going to hear happy Sabbath they're going to mention of the 7th day sabbath That's right well you know yes we're going to say that every week because this is a sad thing same thing we are a missionary movement in the spirit but I remember as a little kid going into the worship service in the very beginning to have the you know I don't know exactly what technology has. But I want to say reel to reel but I don't think so but it was some sort of thing but you know it's not like the music would come ashore this is mission spotlight and there was going to be in somehow the truck would run out of gas but they would make it to a destination of a sick person we could just the minute and it was inspiring you're right we need that kind of mission mindset revival in the 7th that was church and in Sabbath school is the great vehicle for that so in Iris mission program we're putting our sample program we're putting together a model we wanted when we 1st elements to be fun so we start with like one sentence like what. I'm going what I was going to say we would just open very simply wouldn't have long you know throw it out you know don't say it you know they said they were not going to say that. But we basically say I've examined every one it's a wonderful day here's mission spotlight boom and you go into it and then after that you remind people that by the way the mission isn't just for a mission even though we've come to equate it that way mission oftentimes is a thing we pray for or we pay for but it's way remote it's always in the island or some jungle or something where the reality is here's what mission looks like right here and here's. If this shop. If we interview someone right play another local testimony video move that thing lots of the that initial part of the program was only about 15 minutes or so max speed have basically global mission or local mission and then my personal mission yet if you want ideas you can go to the Michigan s.s. pm dot org website and go to the resources page and we have testimonies that we videoed with an i Phone or you around Michigan and or a d.s.l. are something very simple it doesn't have to be and we just videoed people stories you know what I'm together as local testimonies that our church members could use if they didn't have a local testimony right course we encourage them to have local tests of course of course of course so anyone that mission program I'm going to have a lot more into that when we get to the south was alive the Sabbath school began with a testimony to Sabbath to yes we do we have some exciting here I would hope we got a lot of it's right mission work on the low end and some upcoming things we're going to advertise and talk about but the point is that the Sabbath school is supposed to be a living organism from soul winning work that's right and but still the biggest block in the jar the big rock in the heart is the study time I will study element of the Sabbath school program and that's where once the churches started to open back up again we didn't ever want the Sabbath school program we were producing to become a substitute for the local No or stand on watch and 7 exactly were going to want to create a competition we wanted to complement and help out and use it as training for some opportunity so we stopped doing the full program where we made that point throughout you know here to this is not for us so get in one of things I want to say is as we did our Sabbath school program I mean we we had done precious little video work and I say this in fact one of the things if if any of our viewers do You Tube videos or have watched anybody who has a successful You Tube channel like a like a Peter McKinnon or somebody who's been talking for what have you just huge viewers know everything else and you listen to these guys talk about how the. And I'm saying this because I've known people who say I want to content now but I want to get all this and I think they're going to spend all kinds of big dollars to get all this big fancy equipment and you'll get a guy like Peter we can in his make an undertow what the guy makes He's a photographer as I mentioned and. But you know they'll tell you that the 1st thing you have to have is content and also I mean when I started it was a terrible video poor lighting didn't know any of that stuff but it was content the people came to the content and so we didn't have a clue what we were doing and we just kind of ended so just really like yeah well we had it you had an old d.s.l. or how to d.s.l. are and I had a newer d.s.l. Are there were similar and so any of different you know so you had a Canon t 2 I really like records 12 minutes before it stops Ok we're doing a Sabbath school program the lesson studies are doing is about 55 minutes for our house program and then I have a Canon and I had a 5 year mark for you and I sold that for our other cameras and some people going to do that but anyway I did it only took 30 minute videos and so he would have to stop and so he that is if you ever had a 3 camera in then our 3rd camera was an i Phone so we get a 3 camera set up of course the the color is different all out of the lot and Kay I'm never going back and forth but if you ever saw any of our our episodes. We filmed it in the lobby of our conference office because the company was a shadow the whole thing became a studio in our lobby we have these big windows Now if you've ever done any kind of video anything and I hadn't done a lot but I did enough to know you don't want natural daylight that's constantly changing your scenery inside Gammons like you're but it's real and it's natural and so we want to be warm enough it's if you want to be personal it was you know no fanfare when the sun was shining but it wasn't warm when it was cloudy how they don't want to hear this but about vices they mark out an idea and I was right so anyway. My point is all of this stuff was a learning curve and so we had I learned on we used Premiere Pro and I had to go online and watch these online classes to help them out of you know what I was doing what were her stuff to figure out how to put this thing in and I found a way how to do the 3 cameras set up and then we had you know 12 minute clips that we had a piece together on the one in then we had to get all the sound stabilized Yeah and in the end it was a nightmare it was like for me it's funny because we've had 3 through the whole pandemic we've had a lot of discussions at the conference office and people are thinking I need to be more content but how do I do it and they're thinking all this elaborate and now they look at us who do we do the talking points like what you guys already knew how to do this is easy to do and I'm thinking oh you have no idea you don't know how dumb we are Ok well but that's but the good thing about it is we don't have to say Well you're right we both have because there's no amount of prior experience with this it's just you just figure. Our experience. Stuff is our best and so we just each week you learn something new and figure out some and some would go south and you have to fix it whatever but then but but when the full when the churches started opening back up and we said we're not going to continue useful programs we don't want to be in competition with a local church school program we want and you're just better we want to help training Well yes and we had other so so let me say this when we 1st started it it took us the entire week to have it ready for that Sabbath and we're just like right on top of this thing and then we got it down to where it took us in 4 days and 3 days and then we were having we're be able to if we got on it we came in and film right away and did the editing I think we were able to get it done in 2 days. 2 full days and we still are running a conference report to get well at least 2 departments we have several different things going on with it so we but one of things we didn't want to do is we didn't have that we knew we were going to have that much time when things opened back up be that right so that for a lot of reasons this is only a stopgap measure is a unique opportunity we want to take advantage of it but. As we talked about Hey this is going to be our last we can do this program we got more and more common individuals text messages or like little messages on line or something like that like please don't stop well through the last of the lessons at least the last month or so because we kept telling people that we're not going to be doing this after Demick laughs and we're going to meet in churches again and people started writing in the like don't stop doing this we get our sound school and ever cover the lesson we never learn anything that isn't we and then course now we're wrestling with this like but we're not we can't take the place like that taking the place of the local Sabbath school defies everything that we're right in the art so how can we do something from a conference perspective that will take over or take the place of a local shops will actually invest in and improve everyone's local set because what ideally Michael would love to see is the work that we do in the conference would be seen in the local church that when you go to the local church Sabbath school is better because they have a mission focus they have the resources they need to have the mission mindset they've got good lessons not because they've just turned off there's have a school turned on something else that they've learned to provide for themselves a better program than ever before and so for that purpose we decided to keep the lesson study discussion going but again change the format not have it be the full hour long study not to take the place but just to hit a few main ideas the not the 3000000 words talking points you know and what I want to talk about why we do it and talk why is it this form and it will get into this a little bit more to it but I want to go back even to the process. The way we did with the 3 cameras you basically had to complete 3 full. Single angle shots. And then you had to sync those up and then you would you take a editing program like Premier Pro and sync them up and then you imported them into or actually. Trying to member the process again but you had imported into a a multi camera view something or the other and then you had to walk watch through it in real time and in Premiere Pro It lets you use this program like you would a switcher live see like Ok this camera this camera this camera this camera Oh I didn't nudge this over and it just was very clear intensive so we said we can't he's going to see some bad something says something clearly he had a certain rubric of things but then when we talked about talking points or one of the things we thought was you know initially just for sake of ease let's just do one camera that will make it easier and then we don't have all as much editing and then we thought you know what in this pandemic I kind of like it because it makes our viewers they can feel like they're at the table where the real person you know likely it is something we can't do yet you know we're still and. And so those things went into that that format isn't as far as our filming format the idea of talking points are going to talk about this more tomorrow night and Friday night just when it comes to tomorrow night we're going to be talking about how. You were prepared teach a lesson but really it's going to be deeper than that want to see because I know that a lot of years ago I don't know if you can listen to clip but really what we're going to be talking about is how to get the most out of Bible study personal study of scripture because that's really what it comes down to in making something interesting and so one of the things that we joked about and we're going to repeat this through the week because it's just an ongoing montra that when when we joke about going on a Sabbath school and you sit down and because we go on as conference. Leaders in this department I don't know I can't even count the churches I've been to in our conference we thought about it in secrecy also didn't satisfy all and you see the same thing over and over. It goes Ok well you know some certain afternoon we get this Sunday's lesson Mondays lesson and then either Monday or Tuesday it's like well I'm sorry we're out of time is lot of good stuff we didn't get to this week and there is that never gets to me I was to say we joke about it kind of kind of not really because we consist of people I can't count the number of people that have said that's exactly what happens in our 7 schools in the challenge there's several challenges with that but one is that sometimes the best points come out on Wednesday or Thursday. So they never get to them all the time like this is weekend week after week so the idea was we need to teach people how to find the key points in the lesson and make sure they cover them no matter what time you have or don't have because I've been in churches where the Sabbath school teacher may be well prepared for his regular 45 minute class and then something goes awry in the superintendent's comments and they get on a roll and take an extra 20 minutes and suddenly the same school teacher has 20 less minutes right now seen it happen in him so the idea of talking points was if we can help them to draw out some key points then they'll be able to cover those key points even if they get shorted on time so the idea was we want to give a resource that will help. Especially helps Sabbath school teachers or people personally study the lesson for themselves to get more out of the lesson and for the teachers to cover the lesson in the time allotted right because as Mark mentioned there's a lot of variables that happen the locals that was school and I mean sat was Schools are different across the board every local church does a little bit differently some like them and she don't have a plenary program at all somehow on ones that are very formal other people have of you know maybe only 30 minutes and some people have over an hour for their study and so you get search services are more uniform you know you can have an opening him you know you're going to have certain things but south the schools a little bit of the Wild West right now and there isn't a lot of past or oversight there is a lot of conference you know consistency and so in fact you know and my guess is that the way things happen in your local church and see how school is because that's the way they've just kind of developed over time it's not like how many local churches. This is compassion time here I've got to ask this question I'm going to ask you this so this is around is it live up here this we are it's on the air and it's when I was a pick when you in the evidence turrets pastors typically do multi-track districts your past 2 or 3 churches and then as you spend time in ministry oftentimes you get to one bigger church and we both have been in that situation but when you work multiple churches you preach in one church and then you go to the other church and you always miss Sabbath school and less you have a full Sabbath in a church but whenever I was in one of my churches for the entire day and especially when I went to just pastor in one bigger church I always had part in Sabbath school but I was shocked to learn that a lot of pastors and members had told me this and I thought you're crazy until I got in into the position that I'm in and I realized that a lot of pastors just even if they have one church skipped their Sabbath school. We're going to ask you yeah so what was your practice if you know when I had a multi church district I was unable to be acceptable because they had the alternating circuits I understand that when I went to the one church I was in Sabbath school every single week there and in fact I would take on I wanted to I had confidence a unique answer that night right away praise the Lord and I want you to know that I've been the other way I've made some joke and I've gotten out of it but I'm happy to say you know but the reality is what I would my practice would be I would go to every local rest of the time I know we're not moving on I like this because I I viewed them as the Pastor I want to be an overseer all of the stuff I want to know what was going on in the church and you have you know that's the night Nehemiah you know surveying around the walls I can't tell you how many not just pastors but elders and church members in general don't have a clue what's going on in their youth 7 they don't know what's going on the children subscribe to they don't they know they might have 3 or 4 different lesson studies going on and they just stick with the one that they don't know what's going on and so there's a lot of like not knowing it and brother Mark you can probably about this. You know what to say when the cat's away the must play Oh yeah and. No I was very oblique the craziest elements individuals have a bone to pick or have an axe to grind or have some sort of theory to promote Well they're not going to come take on the pastor know they're going to the past you're going to wait yesterday at the other church and they're going to infiltrate a Sabbath school they're going to come and they going to take a seat they going to and they're going to wind their way into some sort of like problem if you're like I was just thinking of of. And this fishing comp a church or conference is divided into 12 districts you know though you know when you have a say as a pastor you have 2 or 3 churches the pub a pastoral district but then there are 12 you know groups of districts are 180 so what do you typically would like 6 or 7 pastors sitting out there 6 or 7 pastors under us district superintendent and when I was superintendent I had 11 of the churches have that very thing going on and I had one of the members come to me at a prayer meeting and say from one of these other churches they came to our prayer meeting sometimes they said you know what to do it ourselves will we get this guy he wasn't even in and ministers member he had he was telling stories about how you're going back to the Genesis 6 and said the Giants never slept with angels with human women and had this offer to do any of bringing in these books he was reading off at the time that he was not an Adventist and had nothing to do with the 7th Day Adventists the lesson study or anything but this and but he was an outspoken person and sat and we're going to talk about how to deal with so that the point is yeah as if I want to if you're a pastor you're watching if for no other reason then to just maintain the semblance of orderliness in. Doctrine make sure you know what's going on in your sad part of your Look be there and know know the names of people involved and so I would hope that's not your only reason I mean Sabbath school is should be one of the most vibrant parts of the church and it's one of the greatest. It is for the pastor to get people involved inviting friends right missionary focus it is beautiful pastors because it's not even expected to be pastoral but you want to win brownie points to show up right nobody's expecting you win and then you can have you build credibility and you can actually be teaming with your with your lay people and ministry and moving the church not just for a pastoral direction you know there's a lot of ways the pastor can help move the work it's absolutely even if he's not leading out it lot of people I can't run it so I can't be there is that there's a lot you diverted to that question that's right there where we're you know I don't know what we're talking about but you put me on oxy you know so anyway we were just saying we're talking about why the talking points can do because it again it's not a 2nd lesson study or take the place of but for satisfy all members assess be sceptical teachers superintendents the leaders. We want to help them see how a Sabbath school. Study could be developed not dependent on the 6 sequential 7 day outline right and not dependent on I have to have my full 45 minutes or the whole thing is lot right how do I know what the extract the key ideas are the main talking points and so if you have 10 minutes if you have an hour you can develop them fully get a good solid study out for your own benefit but also for the class and if the class members are thinking along the same lines you would really inhibits the quality of the saddest discussion and learning experience for everyone right if you just learn how to study your status listen better now you have a talking points is more that's right that's how we came to it and we've said we're going to see throughout this week our intention wasn't in the isn't that the talking points become up with are the only things anybody can use for that as well because we've gone into churches since and people say I'm sorry your talking points or I didn't see it this week or I didn't use the points you are sorry I did and I went another way yeah you're allowed to do that and in fact in some cases we would want you to do so we're going to talk about that a little bit more as we goes on but that's really why we came up with doing talking points. So anyway as we continue this week what we're going to be looking at is some specific diving in because this was just an overview of where it came from who we are and how it got started it all and why it's such a big burden for us right because I really believe the status quo as I've mentioned is this is God's ordained vehicle for you know organizing the church for service to is an established ng us individually doctrine and collectively moving us towards that missionary mindset that God wants us to have and we have talked about the you know the pandemic and initially how it was groups of $100.00 groups of 50 years and what are we going to do and we look at each other thing and what are you going to do that is that we're going to do is sad but if you know if you can't you're going to satisfy the dinner I remember the whole church should be meeting in a really really kind of them groups like this so I guess we're just going to close and it's like no no that's the point is that Sabbath school can be so much more connecting with individuals more quick and nimble and moving adapts to circumstances yet at same time personally rich in quality and just such good stuff and that was cool so clearly it's a burden for each of them getting ahead of ourselves and we are getting ahead of ours. We wanted. And in the days of the series are going to talk about how to plan a Sabbath school lesson how to that's really the last or participate in a sub you know there's a way to participate in a class a way to be a good part as we're going to talk about all of those things turn out getting the most out of Bible study before we finish tonight I want to talk a little bit about restoration Oh yes are aware of restoration we've both in the past in speakers for restoration but it's a revival is it's like still 2 weeks or it's one way it's one week they're going to sit down it's no hour no no no because not only There's usually an element that's right right so this year and what's a kickoff day for that week of service. The 15th of March February is what I'm aiming to wear and so the idea is much in line with what we're talking about you know the Sabbath school just having that mission focus and restoration is really honing in on that with the theme of this year and also with the week of service press of prior and listen don't be this is I'm looking at but this is going to be like church right it's like Ok we can service that's going to be like you have a school they're going to call it a very limited leverage ratio and right I know how you people think so we That's right and we clarify the right of people this is not before restoration this is heart restoration and listen don't try to save your conscience just skip out on the week of service and then come in like you're going to be a holy kind of good or you're my blessing. If you want to be a blessing to the week of service and that will help the restoration week to be a blessing to you the speaker is going to be Michael Mann sitting standing in the gap and it's a theme it's all him and I think that has to do with correctives not his is how we can each be a part of standing in the gap and reaching souls for Christ in this time that we're living in so I want you to put it on your calendars we're going to talk more about it as week goes on but it's going to be a huge blessing and I know from being in evangelism training and both of us working in person ministries that there's a part of us wants to come up with 101 things to do other than outreach when outreach comes up oh I'd love to go but I keep you know this thinking and I just in this thing today and my mommy to help and that the cat doesn't feel well or whatever happens to be just thoughts about yourself. Right I'm married to a wife and I can't. Just. Put it on your calendar and you're not going to regret doing it that's what you'll be blessed you'll be blessed so so right now we're telling you now so you're not like oh if I want it this is the other thing I've heard is as a pastor Well I want to know her earlier well guess what now you do know there is and I know you're going to be mentioned again so yeah I'm just going to be part of it and be part of satisfy obviously not just adults that is why you're here but some day and maybe some of those watching right now are part of a local sabs class that isn't on a big university campus as they have a large church there are multiple options for your and you know middle of nowhere somewhere and that's you are basically the only one who can help move this but there are ways that you can be benefited personally by starting your Sat was less and better and participating or leading out in class with Vangelis was the only guy in miles and what happens Ethiopian eunuch great their Lord so you might not have a lot of people around you might just have one that's right and that mean. A man has. So we got a lot to cover this week in our time is coming to a close we need to close tonight with the prayer list only Father thank you so much for the opportunity to be here in little in the California group and thank you for Sabbath school in all of its interation Zen Lord we want to do your work well so plus bless us as we try to reexamine what is set up a school what has it been and what is it become and most importantly what do you want it to be and how can we be part of that so teachers Lord as we continue to bless us with your Most.


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