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02 Preparing to Teach Sabbath School

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 22, 2021
    11:45 AM
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It's good to be here again with the beautiful woman in the area here with me I hope. We have our seconds self well as was mentioned even Angela Lynn and my wife I talked to my wife just before we started tonight and she was telling me about the snowstorm. That we're missing it's hard not to bring that up we work for Michigan but here we just brought it it's already happened yes the Lord has got blessings for everyone trying to gloat I'm just saying and we can see at least the issues here and we're the way we are and another presentation tonight about sadness brings out the school to life and all the different ways I was with you blessing individually and collectively the church will and we had said last night that we also are running this you know if you if you're watching and you're like well I'm not and will be in South school and teach them a school don't think it's not going to be very applicable for you as well what we're talking about tonight really is how to get more out of study scripture. And we've got a lot to cover but before we do that we should probably give the word a prayer she will jump into hard proposition. That we follow think you so much for yet another opportunity to talk about this important Ministry of Sound eager to know is there a specific area focus will be some small lesson study actually exams with Bible Study Bible lesson is built help us do this know how to get the most out of our own personal and our corporate reading of scripture and study of you were pretty and she says. Her and. That's your hour and I'm going to say something as we're starting to like me ask you the airship or it's you know well you know it's it one of the reasons that we really were looking forward to coming out here and doing this is we've talked about doing he and at least an addition all. Segment we're talking points each quarter where we fill in some gaps in things you know because we do talking points there are things that we discuss this really look at that out and then we always knew after words in this happened last November is currently not unknown to went really well do it in we always do you know we hit and I wanted this to be more like you know it's not in as much a production like here it is in years or 30 minutes and we're polished and cut that out because now he's getting Larry King here it isn't maybe ideal building a new t.v. which we're going to try to accomplish. But it's a lot of the discussion that we have in the reaction is how we prepare for time. And so you just maybe getting a little. Church Well let's talk to you at about 7 school you know and. Almost when you say the term sounds cool it comes across a lot of people as need to quit his term itself is old fashioned It's a generation but it's not now right and said it was cool tunes is essentially he said on with American context probably an all time low for him for being so influenced you know to be clear these 2 things I really like mitigate that man as you explain why you did something when you're in the east in Kalamazoo church clear you have in your tendency now well you know let me give you a little background so recklessly about this last. Week we sometimes Mr you have a joke about like if someone says 5 more minutes of his and you say zip prophetic book is going to go buy me a truck or if someone's going to you know do you need help you were there our company were in attendance rate of 100 like Will that have been journalistic numbers when it really means 10 you know and we joke about this sometimes but the same thing happens like when I was in the well you already how did it where you use the word Kalamazoo I usually say is I only the church that started again yesterday now miss you but. The point being the most recent church that I passed through there was on the books I think the number was 390 s. or 370 ish up or 300 right and as a pastor some guessing what size church you bastard It's so tempting to say about 400 Yeah right can a rounded up evangelistic. But the reality is you look around the church and it didn't take long at all to realize we might have almost quarter of the books we got no we're getting in the pews right and so we started doing a thing about taking into the we were doing it by the people's names working on the front of their faces right just the back of the head how many people have seen your intimacy. And so asked the deacon society running track and what was interesting is. We did this for weeks or months and you can start to see trend lines develop at an average pretty much mean a day we had on an average attendance at the worship service about $160.00 well. And I hate to say that this is very typical book membership in the attending membership and that's the worships or it was to say that when you start learning like if we're going to take we want to make sure we get the most squeeze the most out of intended as possible so we learn not to take attendance you know even on that good evening live o'clock 1126 like you know the few minutes right before the sermon starts is the peak at 10 as it is that deacons deploy the numbers or if we did it at a Nelson time in the morning he missed a certain section of that and so you know what it can be communicate to people why we have this many people the books we have this new people the pews and how do we do this I started actually posting just like we do with the top 5 dollars and often giving Why don't you have a thermometer for a fundraiser somebody everybody knows what our status is why don't we do that with people to just say how many people actually gave the church last week and start putting the bulletin like last week's attendance was such and such but then it dawned on me that it was at that sermon tell and is not. Really representative of all the church life and there's this whole other thing happens it's equal time by the way most if not all seem to have Mr Just. The 2 elements to the Sabbath day that community worship time with this is the worship service and self which you know other average is going to be you know the 11 o'clock service let's say and then you have the Sabbath school which is a $930.00 so between 930-1230 you have 3 hours and exactly have a better Sabbath school the other half of that was the worship service most meaningful we attended a worship service and only then they lead to the last half of the war seems silly getting an order but what's actually. Sound was we started getting the students to school and would you believe that when we started singing teens who said I was cool it was significantly lower than that in the worship services to the tune of say I think it was about 90 or so and that was all the kid classes and all the various lessons studies all around out of all of about 90. Plus what we do to get the word out was written both start burning in the same school. And then we would be old flipped out and said you know there's this other thing that we're told is you know the prayer meeting is like bread to the soul is the heart of the church and the true and to what is the phrase she says that the real attendance the real participation the drift here me loses the pulses to the body right it's just a low and you can understand that it's a good metaphor you know it's good and so it started taking prayer meeting attendance and then I think shook out usually around 1315 or so and you question is how many people who are your church it's like it's a couple whose look at the people see so sad the school used to be in 7th heaven search not in a terribly long ago even right here in North America it used to be the big thing that would be it was the central part was party and church white people attended this or that they were doing intelligentsia and in the late eighty's it it's. Transitioning to rhythmic 136 fifties ish we're church services which is are we catch up actually eclipse us humans who in Western Europe but even to this day you go to other parts of the world feel which by the way most of the 7th Heaven is church is other parts of the world if you look making the vision post teach roughly 6 percent of all the membership in the same dept should you need 94 percent of most out of just are not here but you go to places that we would to be able mission field like in Africa or South America is a good bet and will hold Sam's who is going to be a bust it's the he was the c.e.o. your brother was on the other one when you were truly essential submissions for the General Conference and a great summer now and 1st your service was started at 9 30 am and he said Oh well who are just number of the members had to travel up to 4 hours to be there walking up being riding bikes whenever and it $930.00 there was standing room only numbers they were trickling in they all came they got 4 hours early 3 the morning go to the we did for a 4 hour walk so we'll get all in places that sounds it's right to set a school the scene isn't a cd and it was you just church members they were bringing their interests right in this city and that's another thing to talk about it's sad business coverage up to it seems so foreign to us no the best the big people wouldn't get their frames do we have this by the state with the status quo that means come on bring you back and bring your kids anyway but that's not where we live or at least in our Western Kotex absolute news since we have all you Charlie many reasons for that we're not going to try me just that we all would be but we talked last night about that in General Conference has an initiative called The Sabbath school a live movement on a little bit about go to and we're going to tell you just going to highlight with the with the main idea of service who are alive and this is where they're emphasizing primary sets. It's reprogramming school. Fellowship and Bible study for a so treated a lot of places that just jettison the mission altogether for the fellowship best there is only tangental it's a really big Bible study and of course it's always going to be the primary goal We're looking also injecting we here you know we. Have with the whatever you want to call the service food program before the 7 school classes break out there are many churches for some time is going to come superintendent remarks and superintend marks for my experience in so many churches has been basically chicken soup for somebody solace to say we have a good living but we don't want or we never thought up this morning to say just forgot I had to renew remarks to liking in a church that was a really good to do this so but it doesn't often tell you the blessing in it it's in the place of mission right and I think that's one of the reasons there's not talk about mission that many churches have just pulled it together as you just mentioned he just was diverted to listening to talk about missions but we will tell you it will be features we'll call it will bring in so sometimes they'll Princeville mission calls on radio but we need to read the new time for us to really talk about it last night we talked about how we're trying to revitalize mission and get that Are we talked about we should smile I talk about local mission right and you talked about a local mission element coming up right here with the upcoming restoration right and I don't know if we did a great job and so we're going to do a better job in the days we have to close up in this period here Bradley oh couple of days and so we said Ok well you guys tell me that you're Superman and going to fill in the gaps so we don't miss this whole thing you know when it comes to restoration you know we talked about last night being was standing in get out and I don't know if I did a good job with that So tell me what do you know you know what would. He told us for the 1st one of the day it's Ok when you're the situation it's uncertain smile right then minister. How soon is it coming up the search everywhere is a serious leak is a lot and it didn't go it is part of restoration of extreme living here you know is going to be exactly not an optional short sleeve on the plate it's part and parcel of restoration if you're a guest of a Big Easy that begins with when my favorite February 15th as Davis week starts to be seen as a. Monday February 15th you know ask you quickly I'm curious about this myself what's involved with the soup this week how can people get you know as soon as it was he was based on the community and that's essentially what we want to find out what is turning him into a son lots of health care workers friends of ours and just feeling burnt down to murder and others coming down and then again trying to really struggle so it's really you know not having support the thing and so we can meet some house and encourage me to move and so as soon as we can space and really focused around health care we can give him support and so we are now seeing 10000 care packages for our sand that's in Alison's here but just because you just you just you know it make it so we are packaging. Who's we is what seeing these bags and how you can feel it getting it in time resent. People coming it is a serious when you get in to talk is about people together. At the beginning so you need. To distribute it to us it was obvious he was stripped down you know right into us what's happening including to. Ok let me pause button and let me just say this sometimes you were like oh you nervous about like me would equal and I don't want to get this out but worst case scenario you can put stuff in banking. In our very discreet work I mean I'm listening to your stuff but it's not making you sound like something that Jesus would do if it is indeed Jesus which So if you're going to we're going to be seeing those. Kids together. Here where you just wish teachings or you could possible hear you. Yes we do not want to discuss near enough to suit the universe so we'll be in Atlanta once an hour and then one square mile and mark your cd or leave it was business you have to sit in the house and call your peers that particular need at this time and you figure out what the themes get back at least you get seeing somebody who is going to minister to hear. That's awesome and eat when the time you should be giving me the 2000 and. 10 so we need missions when you sit down and say you did one reason and you will see all of these and I'm sure when did you increase it because you did it with the good the new distribution to do with the things that we needed to make this is the beginning we have. To create to get to see you so what we're doing is we're offering sign ups are students and other people want to be part. Meals with people who have seen you be people just you and your friends can you know that you can only encourage you for those who aren't you there are people who you know who are you who would love to know about an opportunity like this so 1st of all about sign yourself if you think you know it is all I mean. I've done it we've both been treating different types of indigenous to go in one of the most unpopular is just knocking on doors calling you calling and asking people they're interested in Bible study and it's people like Oh I'm sure. Bided that this is going to keep cool Who are they hoping it meant the person saying we just want to give these to be a blessing to you like seriously you know always resist these reward Exactly yeah exactly like anybody if you're phrasing everything else this is one of those things I would be anybody that's it would be a good joke then watch it is that 1st baby with 15 who called it a grocery she was you know the 2nd we're going through all the meetings then you. Know you can get next week is going to be the best was before this you. Know it's going to be willing to reveal who it's the quickly the service will be 1st and then with the speaker it's. Nice to see you so you know and so it was it would be understanding that there would still be with me he would say what does it mean for me what is the cause how is he trying to you get to see the suits. Standing out. In the walls and you sometimes we just. At that point where we see we actually want to do this research in the last year and it was to link up with something like this it was you get to be nothing I mean you actually go and work on you to come and make something to be here and it's reaching even if you need to standing out the lights she writes things and it's. Nice to meet each evening. You meet me this is a good reason to stick to the losses with the seriousness with all the meetings and I'm really excited with it and I'm expecting that other people that we're excited about it too and they're going to lose jewels they could be participating to meet biting people and you don't want to be with you because you're weak when you have it so you don't miss it you will give an idea that the good old. We're going to be here we're night unsellable and will be here we're about this for sure in the next couple days too if there's anything we need to let you go the tone the minute you do tomorrow getting to you both if they say yes I mean. You know that is that is. I'm getting disappointed to be here when they do you know we both have got to be speaker restoration before it's creative it is me yes I really like that I mean when I was going to the let's meeting the needs is almost 2 different worlds of people into different and so we make money says it's just really neat so he didn't have this even when a serious illness as you it is just very well and it's not just as a person is your guy you know he's going to do it it is you know that anyway in fact I was talking about that we were talking about that earlier in the it's a little frustrating to me because the substance of Christianity is not just going to church in this new sermon or even going to satisfy it's ministering to people like trade minister to people and if that's missing everything else is just formulas so I just would encourage you guys to get involved to take up we've been going to go back to we were going one of the reasons that was isn't as alive as it should be is that mission missing not just theory of mission but the practice of making gets around the stuff so highly encouraged all the mission what we talk about mission being one of the components of 7 school live another is fellowship and I think by and large a lot of people experience the fellowship in 7 school and the sunset out there to look ways to get to talk about that cheerleader to be put in that 3rd element is Bible study in prayer which you mentioned last night this is really a look at the cornerstone of example even even like you know I don't know that there's any church where it isn't the largest time commitment of the status quo program is going to be devoted to getting into the Bible and studying the Word of God and that's as it should be that's a that's a big big but if that's the largest component of samples then we really need to spend some time in making sure that there is high quality even experiences we can have that we're so it's vital that we have that sound. Stuff that's right in the game there's a lot we can say about The Sims We want to be and we made yourself clear in the week but we want to 0 in on tonight is this. I think one of the reasons one of the primary reasons that people don't get as much of it I have to confess that before I was in the suit was a little part here I was not a fan of hers which in a minute we're going to tell you this time you just tell me anyway but I was one of those guys just like now I just don't get it when you like 13 weeks on The Book of Jonah seriously I mean you know you do something more interesting than that and I'll be honest with you right there much of the reason then I felt that way in that you may feel that way is it really was giving my attention to the lesson book in the lesson book is you know the who. The quarterly is technically called Eve adult Savage's Bible study guy. And one thing that dawned on me you know personally going to the sales compartment I can't be like you know I'm partly not going to exactly know how to read for a representative but what I realized is is I only did it in really began to study the passages of the lessons were based on it. And expect the Lord to teach me something to those passages I mean listen there's so much about scripture I don't know and I don't know when the Lord comes in we'll be trying to figure out the return of the tsunami like you know I've already been there done it again ever but that will just have you ever noticed this and I'm just you know. People sometimes say you know this is a great guru like it's written when the other one is like I don't know where the author was always so I don't like him so the whole thing becomes based on the writing in the Quarterly that you know a lot of people best what makes who breaks a good study is how well it's written with us. No of course contributors are solicited but I mean one of the things we talked about I don't know if we're going to go into your muscle for just a minute is. Just forget we may as well permit it yet because I started so but sometimes but there isn't an author there's a primary contributor and he goes through editing and there's editors and useful team people like this isn't just a guy sitting down writing it and publishing as the works of the whole process and in the last year we've had single contributors we've had a lot of education was like multiple to bitters whatnot and so. Those are variable things you know took the word of God is the component that's always the same this is a movement right we're going to actually talk more about the lesson has been gather other tomorrow and then on sap and in our post-game analysis and in it we've been we've been wanting to be able to talk to our viewers about the fact that we have challenges with the way the lessons of put together sometimes are not like it's always a challenge if you don't usually didn't go because you don't like oh the curly there's no problem with it just go with it and quit your complaining and everything to know that but there are. The challenges you may run into are not enough reason to jettison it and then the the bottom line is that if you study the scripture then the quarterly lessons are based on you can have meat in due season or fly net solutions and that's our kind of work go with talking points and as we're going to talk about this meeting this evening how to get the most out of. The corner that's right specifically and in order to get in with the flow clearly because the framework here is that the order to get the most out of this we need to make this the primary success rate right now so as we're going to talk about we're going to get very practical here in a minute to tell you and we talked with this in talking points typically the way we go or work flow I make up the outlines but we've both done them and we buy. I do it a little differently and I say that because you're going to do it differently than than I do more than Cameron does. Own i want to give you just a general idea of what I do when I get ready for work for us to film the talking points and in a camera way and with maybe some things he does similarly or a little differently or whatever else but the very 1st thing that I've become accustomed doing that I'm in the practice of doing now is that when I get to that lesson the very 1st thing I do is read through all the passages that the lesson is based on now there are certain apps you know there's a 7 school that there's a couple that was collapse in fact the General Conference is working on developing this is in process right you know that my brother works in steps to Parchman on an app that's going to have a lot of features that are missing currently so you can use make notes grab a pencil and it will actually see one thing that drives me crazy now if any of you are using both of the apps at this problem with I I like to use my i Pad and i have an apple pencil Now right now right in there and every time and they can know when I move over to like my Bible back to it or whatever else it refreshes and loses all my notes so what's up with that So anyway I'm going about their fixing them with it you know we're going to get into this just touch later but there are obviously we're in technology age and there's a lot of different apps and settlers who was one of them so what I have on my phone just you know is going to open up the home screen you know if you can show that get no big deal but one of the little folders Oh absolutely have is just s.t.a. and you click on it when you got to him No I've got because the church manual I've got to set it back up which tells me to some so tell us anywhere you are in the world you've got some other media ministries on there and one of them of course is to set up a school so you click on that got right there and one of the things I like about the Saudis who have is that you can just click on whatever lesson and inside a lesson like you're going to recommend reading the Bible passages and you just touched the passages. And they show up so you don't have to even have a separate Bible out but when you have your but you have yourself a school and you have a Bible out that sewing you could have your color white folks maps you know why you stick out and so all the resources you need can be so easily accessed right now also there really is no excuse not to have good information and good study habits you know so well so I started I started actually doing now with that particular app and backed because it will take less than 3 and this quarter's study guide for example on children 7 uselessness is really for this study 0071390071030 Lizzie a 740 and I don't go into that in the am in a temple in the sticks and all the techs are a bit as I could just read straight through those particular passages and then I discovered this some of the lessons we'll see read for this week's study but within the lesson then it adds other tips in the stuff so I just got in the practice of going through it in reading before I did anything else why read through the whole police interview she just say oh yeah I wanted my take on I wanted to get you know what am I getting out of these past so I read to those desperate and sometimes I have to read around them and get more context for example. Step number one and return the passages that the lesson is based on Now I know people who don't know what to study for do we do not. Have it people say I don't know I just don't I have I don't want emotions because I don't own their secret meeting plans or some Bibles for Perhaps you continue reading plans in a recommended but open wound that according to you is a great. Take the passages in the courtly in that communicate basis there's no shortage of things you can study. In Harvard every day have a lesson you have some text you know basis to it so there's always some stuff so I will read you those passages in as I'm reading to pass and use my make notes of my. Was immediately hit several times to meet once a month that's fine make them a set piece of paper something use a notebook but I will jump down the things that jump out at me or grab my attention or anything that I got going to those passages before I've ever done into less and one of the reasons I feel that's important to specially for 7 school teacher is that the Holy Spirit will direct your thoughts to things that are relevant to the people you're ministering to and the contributor of the lesson is you joining the lesson probably had thoughts that would relate to his church or the people he minister jur she minister to or they minister to but it may not be your group of people so sometimes. Sometimes teachers or or just keep Stay with us and feel like I've got to come up with the exact same conclusion that the quarterly directly contributed by gum for being over come up with a different idea in the newscast of scripture if in fact hear it well yeah sometimes we do the talking point yes we come up with our points sometimes I go to the us later we go with a whole new set of points yet we're not like an exhausted everything there isn't 3 points well kind of like is your mission you need to go League sometimes you think will be a dozen times I've written enough and if we're to see the same lesson in each of a story I can almost guarantee that. More than half of what we come up with is going to be different in this is the other person to but that doesn't mean that one is more valid than the other one is better it's just me just different and so felt like it was a given nugget maybe doesn't your head exactly to seeing new emphasis all or would need is one carbon copy 1st right and then you could just read through the thing because that's really all leave us hope you like and everything is there to see if we didn't miss you with your nephew Oh there's a we all have yours may hit us all good. But we need the books of the Bible God they're exactly what got the message board because the books the point we know that we're going to speak the same material the Lord is going to you know bring food. With different pieces of life and different perspectives on things and it's totally fun and in fact that would be the best if you every step is the best Every individual is really to get into themselves and the teacher was to what it dynamic discussion even well you know another thing is I think you know up in times the Holy Spirit will give you what you need to convey to the ones you're teaching but I can't tell you how many times up to church members you probably have to like me have this or that some are listening to my toes and say let me tell you some a step on my toes in the Lord showed to me before I preach to you mercy you know not just of your teaching but the Lord brings things out that you need to learn right for your own spiritual growth so that study of scripture that's the foundation of Sabbath school and that's what will bring you to the words living in power for you know you read the story in a sequel of the dry bones in these wills living words is speak my word of the moment right yet so. There's not another word in sounds absolutely it even I would go directly that people would be tempted to say well I mean I hear the Word preached so why do we need to go study it with you let me tell you friends there's a different dynamic in a in a small group sadness who study of the Word of God in your is you know just listening to someone else present something that they've studied out we may think you need to hear and so when you study something for yourself you get something done you have the conversation with the leader but the teacher of the class presents what he did and then you have the dynamic of everyone sharing you're going to get so much more out of that function and been you will have a presentation slick as the oratory might be as well after Does it make really good use there's a place that not denigrating the region we need the preaching but study in the Sabbath school is different than listening to some and they're both very good for scripture even. So those who the best as you say make the notes of things that jumped out at you. You're going to in some cases I do that so I've been in ministry for over 20 years I read your stuff and I'm like where. There's a goal with this and even though the lesson started with Chapter 7 you know say I'm going to like I go back to 6 again and see the setting was whatever else you're going to have to do that in some way or study and I think this is one reason that's not the primary reason is not for everybody perhaps but one of the reasons I think there is less Scripture really being studied in service cool is because I hate say it if your teacher did not have the time or make the time to study scripture and so they are leaving on the person who wrote the lesson to study for. And that's not going to make for interesting sounds. So can he Is it possible you can tell someone is presenting something that's not coming from within them like it's not going to take you there kind of like it's like a cover song like you didn't write anything you do in your personal life I think there's a lot of that happening with your kids in the 7 schools like you're trying to convey maybe with conviction but it's not their conviction you know and I'm leaving it to them I know some people who do that not because they neglected to study but because they're in secure in their own stand with scripture like I was it is good as this person is it for the Lord will give you what to say The Lord is no respecter of persons the Holy Spirit will use you and move through him in bringing out the things that then he wants you to learn who wants to bless you so that's one of the dangers if you use the danger of having like professional you know scholarly contributors academicians always presenting these things because the mission Yeah I'm pretty sure it's a word somebody would do it the way. That it is necessarily a good telling you know you talk best point though is that you miss something so something and I couldn't possibly open up the Bible and come up with it with these this was his contributor and he's and you don't have is a scholar so I just default to whatever they've come up in and begin in this lesson study of this very core nothing you can see contributed editors or those 2 together but there's been more than one occasion where we've come into a point. Me worry for it's that was going to lead out there then we had to step back until it is this really with the past just trying to say and I think we might get into the example that we will when we get in or post-game analysis we bring up some some examples we don't be afraid to say we but let me reserve judgment on this even though it's been stated let me go see who goes check your work see how we got here you know let me read the Bible in the context we're going to be coming to or whatever and see we're there the flow of thought is in if expelled even as much to present but at least you can see for yourself what the Word of God says it's right Ok so. In addition to going to the passages one thing I will do is how we can come to terms especially with this idea study of going through commentaries to get some historical details and I'm going to recommend a few there are some commentaries I like better than others and I'll tell you why in a minute he caliber guns commentary 1st of all one of my favorite apps is called Esau I have a very expensive now called love us and it's great and one of the things I like about love us is it has a 70 of us by the coming tour in it but Esau is free and there are a lot of free resources like these come to seek out the buns commentary in and cut commentary a lot of or some of them is high in your music and part commentary one of the things I find what I appreciate about both of those commentaries is then more recent commentaries as as the Atlas faith has grown a lot over Philo Junes feeling need to get back against it because the outage as a lot of their commentaries are trying to shoot down have is the ology But these some of these counters like the barns in the in the car coming to are written early enough that their new does not is most of them so good to me it's actually more fair explanation scripture and they're just a great resource in a free Usenet in the sort of Jamieson false Brown come to rely close and of course. He said there was one commentary there other commentaries I'm not limiting commentaries but I do usually read through those commentaries and it gives a good background in it helps to fill in perhaps some gaps or explain some things and I'm going to take with the commentary says some of these commentaries just like it's gospel truth other back in the passage and repeated again and oh and so often times they give enough light they like Oh I see it is what it's saying and it just really helps to solidify in your own mind clarifying what it is you are your son in it and if you mention Obama make sure that we highlight that we have the best commentary of all asleep inspired commentary of the screen prophecy and so for instance when you study anything you're studying the bible is going to be touched on to some degree or another in the least the concrete is serious know it Peter it's probably just through great we know there's also a taboo phrase for some inspired come tearing us we see them no matter anyone's but they are it's common in Jesus fire so it's an inspired moment through I think we're going to grow the ideas that I know I know we need some kick back on so we'll see where and focus disappears they're going to be wrong so the point being we go there we have the Bible itself which is supposed to be accessible to everybody right child to adults like and then you have the day you know he could be the Bible as this great. Bright spotlight. That the Lord has given us and then the focal limbs of the Spirit of Prophecy will take that same light and focus it and make sure that the correct understanding and proper application is given so any time you see something the Bible and. I just saw it just this evening before we can start of this we're discussing something we have studied up and then you go to the deep study to look particularly wants to you know and no matter how I've never seen it fail when you study something thoroughly you look at other come to recently bought a computer goes goes up you come to the corrector state we open up the sphere of prophecy global jihad and all this like you call. It was long dark hole right and the end of it be your shoes that you were just waiting you know meeting or something but she's already here so I know I know and so if you're going to the point let's have right to the point so I'm studying for the talking points we're going to be recording Lesson Number 9 on Saturday afternoon so we're going to get. In as we go and as I was going through it I was reading about oh I see if what you want is a pretty one talks about deliver from the east and there's a lot of messianic. Overtones there but there's also wrote There's also who took a little crazier set to get this love. But it's one thing that's been fascinating to me in the book of Isaiah is I've read much of Isaiah with. Overtones those those messianic that we've already hear you know but what I haven't seen is a lot of the literal classical interpretation of the passages like there are literal fulfillments the child that's promised right called Emmanuel and he's going to you know her cards and let me show eat until he knows about well how did a literal application writes him in many of those is anyone really reading that today and that delivering the east literal practical application we talking about we go to the lesson was king Cyrus So anyway he gets me into this as I'm reading the commentaries he gets me in this deep dive anything you've ever studied the Persian kings you know that there is a lot of. Confusion like for example the Bible speaks of various The Need To this very day their use the means existence is question mustn't Bell shares refused to be in the fountain under the you know but there hasn't been anything like that that there is need so I'm doing this deep dive in reading in that one person exists one person thinks that and the thing that was fascinating to me was in Isaiah 41 this delivers it no need for his righteousness we are seeking so. Iris in some of the some of the commentators were like you know he's a Persian king he's not one of God's people why they were gracious and well then some of the others were making reference to the fact that Cyrus was known for his benevolent characterise cetera et cetera and then and then I found it interesting in the commentaries that it it basically revealed that Cyrus was the nephew of various media who was the king who went through that whole Lion's Den experience right then and so I thought well that you know he wasn't just oblivious to the god it is you know you know in Scripture Cyrus is posted as giving reference to the Lord Joel was going to Israel cetera anyway so I'm going to there's not really this person contradiction when it's all said and done when you see that vote up here and it's all said and done as you said I went in I looked in prophets in Kings and in wait makes a very clear point that in just up there up here and calls. There is the need to call Cyrus Therese his nephew as part of its needs 523 so there he was sitting there a good actor my study however I can say that after doing the study he gives more more confidence will really sound white because I saw it in scripture I saw that the general idea of Breman among the different scholars and then another interesting point she made was and I'm probably getting hit in your lesson by the way here to his office and you spot 23 it was not long before. Reverses came Babyland was besieged by Cyrus nephew of Darius the coma and maybe General the Combined Arms members just weeks off it would leave you know him going to moment knowledge but then she gets his great point on page 557 where she says that basically Daniel's deliverance from the Lion's Den was used by God to create a favorable impression upon the mind of Cyrus the Great and. Somes was the one that released these relays from captivity so if you know whole Lions didn't think Indian is going to be like why is this whole thing out in English like you just wait I'm just moving the pieces on the board because this has to happen this because I foretold that Israel would be delivered by Cyrus and I need him ahead of time and it's going to happen that way but this has to take place he couldn't print an hour anyway as other old is in the side. That's a very So the point being studied the passages. Read what you need to read in commentaries of bill yourself of those corresponding chapters in the topic of e.g. series in any given point out you can search terms there and find out Ok this they might be some other writing the she referred to something that didn't wasn't included in the complete big sousaphone flick the series just happens to correspond be entire Bibles course but there's some detail stuff that might be in other places yet again all you said. Is what I like to do before I go to the quarterly logically Mel now I have a candidate in the now I don't know how it was when you came in just when I was when I had my homiletics classes preaching classes they would always tell you to gather every stitch of information you could and then tied your information tolerability Yes and that meant keep 10 percent not cut out 10 percent of the point is you to Mass all this and then you can relate their own to what's important so part of the reason for that study of the passages that I like to do is I want to own it I want I want to have points that jumped out at me and things it and then as I go through the quarterly the contributors comments I'll go through highlight underlined You know I I've given Ryan a couple sample pages Sariah if you want to throw those are going to throw those up on the screen and I forget I think at the age of 343530 something and you'll see this is my quarterly in Cameron's is similar just sloppy or not he can. But. I always use different colors that get red and yellow This time high layers of these different things didn't but the point is I'm I'm going through the quarterly now and I'm jumping down every thought that I have isn't going to highlighting different things still not determining necessarily what I'm going to bring out his talking points so we've already gone through the passengers read commentaries own writes comments now I'm going to the quarterly and I'm still highlighting in after I do them going to whittle it down even further but that's my own practice not of the view vary from their little bit will basically if I can refer review what you just said there is you've read the Bible passages themselves 1st then you look at the supporting college carry then you read through the contributors items and start making notes and while that book and all do that you're saturated your mind with all that's covered in this week's lesson and then you start to pull it down to like alright if I were to sum up this week's lesson in a few points what would it be like bullet points or so don't talk so I really need to interject is this really isn't a given but the very 1st thing I do is ask the Lord to show me what he wants me to get out of the lesson and I don't want to take that for granted. All my study all the study the world is not going to give me the thoughts I need to have near if I don't import more from that is just for me personally in it for being able to teach others and so if you're not a sensible teacher and you're just this is your own personal study the Lord wants to reveal things to us he wants to make our walk with him closer and stronger and so I always ask him or show me what I need to see and hear and I may not get what the next guy gets and I may not going to many points maybe mine will be as brilliant but they're going to be brilliant for me you know they're going to make a difference for me and I just really want that to be clear like you don't study the Bible primarily for others 1st and foremost it's so you can come closer to the Lord and if you're closer to the Lord that's going to come across well in a city be it becomes a form of it's personal. Testimony and since that like years of my study this week here's what really touched my heart is what I understood and I want to share with you so you're not teaching for the sake of just you know convey these facts or getting through these day you're trying to say friends I was blessed by this I was really moved by this it really opened to us now we're sure that with you and not only you only then I don't I can't see the screen but Ryan you can take the pages down now you haven't I'm assuming he has he told me up when I'm up and you tell me when to take and I told him you said that it's like Mark's probably going to forget so you just feel you know taken off the screen never has been a role so I don't know without a bit whatever the point being that the Sabbath school instruction in this that was cool interaction is going to be so much more powerful when everyone especially the teacher but also the members of the class themselves are studying. For their own personal benefit and they bring those to the class with that discussion Tony class is really going to be a lot more more moving what more substantive effect yet and I'm just looking at my notes on this particular pick this one I think we showed the question in in this particular lesson it's asking about King has you He didn't want the sign from God even though as it told him you have a sign from God and it asks the question in the end even if God would have given a has a sign you want to do you think he would have believed and so I jotted down Luke 1631 not even if one rose from the dead and the point is you know that's where the parents reared in a rich man and less risk he said if they won't believe most of the prophets you know where they believe the one that is nowhere in the lesson but the Holy Spirit brought that memorandum bringing up as an example to say when you are going through here the Lord will bring things to your mind and I don't even know he used that in talking points but when I was going through this I jotted it down and then as I'm drawing my lesson together I pull from all these different things so. After I read the scripture and commentaries sister Wright's comments go through the lesson. You. Then what would I like to do is I like to step back from the lesson in ask myself how would I outlined this like what are what are the authors mean points and sometimes up to summarize it but it also looked Sundays this month is this Tuesday like what was his main point in then I can look at what all those mean points in the uses those in what I've already studied to draw out what main points what I mean. So I don't know that everybody has to do that when I'm dissing home how I typically do it isn't trying to outline the lesson as it's written quarterly and then finally I want to determine the 3 most important or practical or relevant points from my standpoint in if you're teaching a class that relevance is going to have to do with what you know about the people you're interacting with every week they're going to be things that are very specific to your group so I'll throw out those 3 That's why I say your 3 points maybe to my 3 points maybe have 4 points maybe just have 2 points but we generally like to go 3 points what are the 3 most practical important relevant points for my own study that I can cover in class after I've done that that's my final kind of distill down step wasn't the finals next what to think about this number one in this particular quarter laissez the contributor to the handy to being that if you're into each week's lesson of into Friday has a summary thought it basically is $2.00 to $4.00 sentences that say where is flow because you've got to realize when you're right you can be a sudden it's where you're outside of that we're still to write a quarter of lessons on a book the Bible or particular topic or something you people don't think in 7 part chunks right you think it a slow fall and you say how can I compartmentalize break it down in 7 so it's not like every week's lesson has 7 points usually there's only 2 or 3 for the most points or to be tried or sometimes even one clip is broken down into pieces so I think it's fair to say you could have but. Standard it is she got all the teachers helps but at the end there's a summary of about 2 or 3 sentences that is about us trying to cover this week and so if the author of the contributor did that surely you can do the same thing say if I only put summarize this always less than is basically talking about is a business ends and so if you can do that it's going to be a lot here and Mark why is it important to have. Only see 3 but each week we try to do 3 talking about why is that number or why is it why not 7 or 8 what at 12 why. What's the benefit of summarizing it making it as well so he talked about this a little bit in a bit we will see more about it but most Sam a school classes run right around 45 minutes some give or take but that's you know some I know sometimes the 35 minute I don't have a school time but usually some are in the 45 minute mark and if you've ever taught class you know that 45 minutes it especially if you were to talk about this but teaching the material is a different thing because you're not just going to be reading it or monologue you want to involve the class and that takes time you know people looking up passages and maybe reading passages and that takes time and so we just 3 points seems to hit the sweet spot for being able to work not just in a 45 minute I mean we want something that I mentioned yesterday it happens a lot where a set of school teachers time may be cut for whatever reason you know if you want to get through important material I believe these lessons especially when you've taken the time to prepare the work is giving you something to share you don't want to have to be like well I want to share but I'm not going to use your good so coming up with 3 points makes it I can share 3 points in 5 minutes or less so if somebody said I had we almost have no time or have 5 minutes we can you do quick review of this week's lesson could you do it almost bought each week if I had 3 points as you're good as right if I didn't and I was like Monday Tuesday Wednesday as you say where. There's the bell. So that's so great to be important Make me to suit Yeah and so those those those points I want to emphasize this is well you want to draw out the points that are the most practical important element to you as the one preparing the lesson these are your talking points Navy not be our talking points they may not be what we covered they're what you're covering that's perfectly fine that's part of your preparing the lesson talking points is just giving you an idea out you can come about you make some people say I like the talking points I use when you're pointing to my own great that's fantastic you know what that just make the class cover that the lesson in Greece we talk about this tomorrow we talk about actually giving us covering that you know in place of insanity you know but. Make sure you're teaching scripture to people and it's going to be received as a blessing in something I made a note of here is the talking points need to be points not evangelists sermon titles you know a bit like it in their twenty's Oh I earlier talked about it was to kill him so you know you could be talking about it was the title it was Ok So Wednesday is lesson here in the January 13th the sun the sun all that has a literary should that makes it a good place to share. Chooses lesson another gene it doesn't tell you anything Ok it's not a point and so a talking point in Honestly we're both evangelists so this took a little bit later as we had these advances going to a this is a sign of some ugly What are you talking about and so we had to come up with an actual point so for example this sat with mornings coming less and less Number 6 our 1st talking point is I say it 14 reveals the great controversy it actually says something about me needs an explanation but it says something minor to God's discipline is redemptive. Just even saying that you like Mitnik a lot of the number 3 a remnant shall return in other words make your talking points. Points yet debated to have clear statements and. And then once you have those points make an outline of your points that's what we do we make outlines available to you Well it's use Michigan assist and our resources page and you're going to put your You're going to outline your points and then you get this. Fill in text you want to bring in coaching the lesson. Experience which you never notes that you'll want to be able to teach the class. And then one of the things I have here that we do not cover in talking points is on teaching the lesson not want to come up with discussion questions for class and in talking points we bring up the talking points but if I'm leaving a class this is important and this is why. You don't think a lot of 7 school teachers use these open ended questions that have no right or wrong answer and it's like so what does what do you think about this and is just if we're going to talk about this tomorrow we talk about you know keep saying that but we talk about teaching but there have been 2 is the trick to this like if you had to this lady would be like you know what is tomorrow that's not so I get. So you want to ask questions that have the right wrong answers that you can actually control in class you want even to control the flow you don't want to ask a question is a teacher where the thing's going to get away from you when you get a poet back you know that it's only in the phrase What did you think about how did you feel about it like oh that opens up so that we can be right no be controlled everybody wants to contribute news 20 minutes in huge chicks who knows what it's not that you can't ever as something a little open and it is just again as we talk tomorrow about actually teaching the class the teacher has to be able to keep things moving so that they're able to cover the lesson you want interaction but you don't want interaction to the point that you as teacher can't cover us interaction began to structure the board intended. That the lesson be conveyed and that's not the primary or responsibility of the sets with teachers so. There's a lot there I don't know was a lot but I hope that people couldn't easily digest it all because of you are not going to get out I got to go get all this I going to have an idea what you're done but the reality is that everyone should be able to access this information not just depend on like well I guess it's that on Sundays lesson that's it and b. take the extra time and study the Word of God Look at the commentary inspired and otherwise really do your own study even as just a member because even if you don't expect to believe it out it's going to be great if you do you individually but especially as teachers you know have a responsibility to make sure you know what you're talking about and you get up there in front and it's not for the sake of showing off it's not to present a 2nd sermon on the day but it's to lead a quality study of the Word of God so that everyone will be blessed and savvy school by God's grace will come alive that's right our main point of conveying what we did was to give you some ideas some things that we do You may not follow what we've outlined here but hopefully it's giving you some practical ideas of how you can get more out of your own study of scripture but the number one thing you've got to do to get more in Scripture is Studies which is a myth and there's just not as much of that was right on today a trillion people so I keep I can understand it listen. The Lord Jesus says. That you shall know the truth. And I just want to encourage. Trust the Lord he wants to teach you he must teach me most to give us a rich experience. Bible says that faith is believing that God is and is the reward or of those who diligently seek Him when you seek even Bible study believe is going to reward you that's part of things and he will guarantee it means on his own words you just want him said I will send you the spirit can we do this and I was that is is it's a fact to trust in. Put it right all right one close group absolutely desperate father knew of and we just are thankful for the privilege we have of being able to know you and your Son Jesus Christ whom you have sent to him and no use to your word and to be able to study your word in law and I just pray for those who watch tonight that something that we have shared would be a means of helping them to know you better to know you were better to get more out there study the word that hopefully it would be helpful to those teachers tonight who are watching that they need find some avenues in. Assisting them to better prepare their lessons and more for all of us we just want to continue to grow up into the likeness of Jesus who we love and admire and who we want to spend eternity with or we pray the stings in his name and for music.


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